Friday, August 1, 2008

Worst of NYC Craigslist SPECIAL EDITION: Whither Salesmanship?

Watching your favorite TV show, reading your favorite magazine, listening to your favorite radio station (do they still have those?) or visiting your favorite website can be tedious business. Fortunately, there are often little stand-alone bits of info-tainment called "advertisments" there to break up the monotony of your entertainment. Oftentimes, they're delightfully creative, and even the method in which they're deployed can be enjoyable in itself. I mean, who doesn't love a good pop-up ad? It's like falling victim to the old snake-in-a-can prank, or like opening a carbonated beverage only to have it explode in your face, or like peering into a hole only to have a frightened ferret scratch violently at your cornea. And that's fun!

Unfortunately, cycling ads aren't as creative as ads for more mainstream products. Sure, there is the odd stand-out, like that CamelBak bottle ad, or the Cannondale poaching ad, or the Look panther ad. But oftentimes they're just boring. Take this Carmichael Training Systems ad, for example:

Sure, it's pretty obvious that very little creative energy went into this ad. But when you combine low energy with inattentiveness, that's when the real magic fails to happen, as one reader learned when he made this rather interesting discovery. Alas, I'd have expected more than simple cutouts from the likes of CTS. Hopefully they'll have a booth at Interbike this year and will display a bunch of shoebox dioramas.

The truth is that when you want real, honest, and innovative entertainment sometimes you have to go underground. This is often the case with music, film, literature, and art, and it's the case with cycling advertising as well. Forget the "big boys" like Specialized and The Great Trek Bicycle-Making Company. Their ads are safe and boring. Pro rider, close-up of a grossly-oversized bottom-bracket junction, self-satisfied little tag line, and that's it. Meanwhile, the true underground artists are putting their full creative energy into selling their own bicycles on Craigslist. Here are just a few examples:

Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2008-07-31, 6:53PM EDT

Designed by the French Vietnamese architect/ civil-engineer Quasar Khanh. All bicycle components (largely but NOT fully bamboo) are produced by family groups as cottage industry in Vietnam and the parts are then assembled in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). Mr. Khanh says, "Bamboo is not only incredibly strong and sensual, it's a renewable resource, which makes it environmentally friendly." And it's so CHIC!
The mudguards and other sculpted parts (the seat is gorgeous!) are steam treated, making them fluid in appearance. The corner-connections are bound in RATTAN and the pedals are made of ROSEWOOD. There is also a rattan BASKET and a cool old-school HORN. 15 SPEED. Plenty of air in tires. Not what I would call light. WORKS perfectly. Excellent but not perfect cosmetic condition. (Handles bound (over rattan/bamboo) in clear tape, for example.) Wheel radius: 26", bike 35" high, 68" long, handlebars 24" across.
"Every bamboo cycle is as unique and personal as your signature. Two well-known bamboo-cycle-riders are Johnny Depp and Kate Moss." (The New York Times) Very RARE to find one in the USA!
$1000.00 new! Asking BEST OFFER.
Pick-Up only. Please call 212 431 [deleted] to set up an appointment/ purchase. THANKS.

We all know by now that bamboo is the stuff of which dream bikes are made. Craig Calfee knows it, Ivy League students know it, and hungry pandas and African mountain gorillas definitely know it. But this ad does more than just state the obvious. It also reaches deep into the reader and tickles that desire to be simultaneously unique and exactly like celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Kate Moss. (Kate Moss especially loves to straddle wood.) It also uses ALL CAPS to EMPHASIZE certain WORDS, and it even has "plenty of air in tires," so you know that by buying this you're saving time and money (what with air prices these days being so high and all). Madone ads don't say anything about air in the tires. I bet they don't even come with it, like they don't come with pedals. Ripoff! Also, it's tough to tell, but I think the bike may have a pie plate. And if that pie plate is made out of what I think it is, I just may have to buy this myself. (My only concern is that a bamboo and rattan bike might get creaky after awhile, but I suppose if that happens all you have to do is soak it in olive oil or something.)

1964 Dossche Sport Track Bike Frame Campagnolo chris king Fixie - $800 (East Village) [original URL:]
Reply to:
Date: 2008-07-31, 10:25AM EDT

This is a 1964 Dossche Track frame 56cm square.
One of ~200-400 ever made. The builder was Belgian and died of an unknown cause shortly after.
Beautiful undrilled double crowned fork. Includes Chris King Gripnut Head Set
Campagnolo dropouts and fork tips
Super tight track geometry
Uses 3 different lugs on HT, BB, and seat cluster. Paint is original, decals in good condition considering its age.
Asking 800 OBO.
This is for Frame/Fork/Headset only
The fork and frame ARE NOT drilled for brakes

This ad has something irresistible, and that something is mystery. Apparently the builder died "of an unknown cause" shortly after crafting this. To me this suggests the bike is somehow cursed, and that some misfortune has befallen each of its owners ever since. (Note also the dog's trepidation--they see things we don't.) Sure, common sense might tell you to avoid a cursed bike, but human nature doesn't abide by common sense. It's like that story, "The Monkey's Paw." We all think we'll be the one person who manages to get away with it. The current owner doubtless thought he would, but now he's just trying to get rid of it--in fact he's probably the dog in the picture. So go ahead, purchase the Belgian Death Bike--you know you want it.

One of a kind track/fixed bike for sale (West Village) [original URL:]
Reply to: see below
Date: 2008-07-31, 1:29PM EDT

I enjoy the continous flagging, that still makes me smile. so keep it up, I am at a computer all day. Thanks for the entertainment. Copy and paste all day long.
For sale, amazing track bike. too small for me though.

Frame: Cayne Uno (steel) 53cm (fixed gear / track bike) Fork: unknown carbon fiber track (was spray painted green when i got it.)

Cranks: FSA Carbon Pro (165cm) ISIS Drive

Bottom Bracket: FSA Platinum ISIS

Stem: FSA Vision

Handlebars: ITM Road Drops

Front Wheel: Velocity Deep-V Machined (optional front brake, never had one on it) radial laced to Dura Ace Track Hub, Soma Everwear Whitewalls

Rear Wheel: Velocity Deep-V Non Machined, 3x Pattern Laced, Dura Ace Track Hub, Phil Wood 15t Cog, Dura Ace Lock Ring, Soma Everwear Whitewalls

Seatpost: Bontrager Carbon fiber

Saddle: Felt Racing

Chain: KMC

Top Tube Pad is also Felt Racing.

Here is the list of the prices not including the small things like tubes, trueing, top tube pad, and work done. along with shipping.

300 Frame and fork
40 Stem
25 Bars
175 Cranks
45 Bottom Bracket
13 Chain
60 Seat post
60 Front Rim
85 Front Hub
60 Rear Rim
105 Rear Hub
45 Track Cog
15 Lock Ring
65 Tires

1093 Total

Best Offer...

Many more pictures at or email me at [deleted] . thanks for looking.

This ad grabbed me almost immediately because the seller was antagonistic, and I love to do business with antagonistic people. Not only does nobody want to buy this bike, but people are actively flagging the ad and trying to keep him from selling it. But he's going to keep posting it anyway, and it's that unwavering dedication to being irritating that makes me want to give him money. I'd love to see a company like Felt take this marketing approach. They could use it for their Curbside (from which the seat and top tube pad of this bike were taken, by the way): "Everybody thinks this bike is stupid and phony and makes fun of it, but we don't care! We've got a bunch of money from our overpriced race bikes and we're going to copy and paste all day long like we copied and pasted the design for the Curbside from Fixedgeargallery." Plus, as the owner of both an ironic orange julius bike and a Diet Dr. Pepper mountain bike I have a soft spot for soft drink tribute bikes and this would round out my stable nicely.

awesoime single speed 52cm bad ass looking 16.5 pounds bad ass looking - $950 (Chelsea) [original URL:]
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2008-07-31, 12:19AM EDT

this bike is sick. it's a single speed with freewheel set up ( can be flipped to be a fixy. ---when stripped down to one break and light weight pedals and no trimmings ( and cutting the handlebars if you want...the bike could get down to under 15 pounds easily. ) .

So, I am selling one of my single speeds I call “Vader”---it's all black and looks baddass. i already have gotten compliments on this bike after owning and riding a strida folding bike for 4 years. Super lightweight, black anodized Giant TCR. Great ratio between front ring & freewheel. I am 5’6” and I ride it…it's a PERFECT FIT.

Again, super light, passes the “Pinky Test”. it's 16.5 pounds as it looks in the pictures. below. i added another carbon fiber bottle cage, a pump holder, time attack clipless yellow pedals, and i switched the single brake from the front to the back instead of front so i wouldn't flip over, you can change this back easily if you don't like it ( or just buy another break and put it on ----otherwise the bike looks exactly like it does in the pic.'s 16.5 in that pic, the alteration i made ( mostly adding heavy old clipless pedals added about a pound. I have the original pedals though...the bike will come with both sets of pedals if you want so it's 17.4 exactly now ( i weighed it on a bike shop scale). this is super light. gets excellent acceleration from a red light---which is very important to me as a long time urban commuter, and a reckless ride through red light biker.

the bike can be lifted with only your pinky finger. this bike rides vey very smooth. i bought it off a bike mechanic who knew exactly what he was doing. i just decided i want a road bike with speeds. i thought about putting dérailleurs on this road frame ( the dropouts are not horizontal and even though it is a single speed there is still a chain tensioner on there if you look in the pics), but i feel it's easier just to buy a new bike with everything new. if you already have the right derailers and shifters, slap them on and you have a 2000 dollar road bike ( really light weight....just google the frame--it's like 2.1 pounds. )

this bike rides smooth. i've taken it for 3 , 30 mile rides in the few days i've owned it, and it's sick. real sick.

FRAME: 2001 Giant TCR Team Frame, Compact, Anodized ( frame doesn't scratch) Black (European Version), 16.5” / 52cm frame. ideal for 5'2 -5'6 .

FORK: Cannondale Slice ( carbon fiber)

FRONT WHEEL: A Class ALX220 700c w/ A Class Hub 20spk Aero Rim (black)--quick release. (super light--keep it locked up! or better yet, never lock it outside.)

REAR WHEEL: Mavic MA3 700c w/ Surly 32spk Flip Flop Hub (black)---quick release.

TIRES: Hutchinson Tech + Reflex 700 x 23 ( high pressure awesome)

CRANKSET: Dura-Ace w/ 42t Chain Ring & 17t Freewheel

BRAKES: 105 Front w/ Salsa Top Lever ( black ) & Dura-Ace Cable Housing

HANDLEBARS: Deda Newton w/ Black Bar Tape & Stoker Levers

STEM: Deda Newton 31 PEDALS: Dimension Metal Platform Pedals

SEAT: Fizik CP3 Pave

SEATPOST: Black Machined

MISC: Surly Singulator, Specialized Faux-Carbon Water Bottle Cage, Carbon Stem Shims & Lizard Skin Stem Guard.

This bike is not your typical Craig's List P.O.S. It's a killer bike!

the price is not negotiable. AT ALL. i can keep this bike easily, i'm fine with that. don't bother asking to reduce the price. i'm in chelsea if you want a testride. zeev

Quite simply, this ad has it all. Most importantly, it has an attention-grabbing headline. The bike is so "bad ass looking" he had to say it twice. He also knows his customer, and he's going right after the weight-weenies by advertising the 16.5lb weight. Sure, that's not especially light for a singlespeed road bike, and sure your average Ultegra-equipped geared road bike weighs something like 17lbs these days, but keep in mind that you can also get this bike down to 15lbs by cutting the handlebars. If you're still not convinced, the bicycle is called "Vader," it has received many compliments, and it's a PERFECT FIT. (It fits him perfectly so it's bound to fit you as well.)

Obviously I was already sold, but if you're somehow still on the fence you're sure to be pushed right off of it and into the "buy" pasture by the fact that the bike has passed the "pinky test." I'm not sure what the "pinky test" involves, but I think it may be what the doctor gives you if you've been having trouble going to the bathroom. Also, he was having endo problems so he wisely moved the front brake to the rear. Of course, you could put on two brakes, but then you'd add weight and have to cut more material off the handlebars.

Best of all, the seller looked to the two greats of Craigslist advertising, Amir and Kevin, and did a photo shoot. Like Amir, he clearly spared no expense, and like Kevin, he made sure you could see his ink. By the way, if you want a test ride you know where to find him. And while he's not negotiable on price AT ALL, hopefully you won't also have to pass the "pinky test."


Anonymous said...

Fuck off podium bitches

Anonymous said...

swingin on the flippity flop

Anonymous said...

third after winning the breakway earlier this week!!!

Anonymous said...

maybe, podium

Anonymous said...


Luck E. 7 said...

Bike racing is an exciting and challenging discipline, incorporating strength, fitness, coordination, strategy, precision, endurance, and guts. The sport divides roughly into three categories: road races; track races; and off-road races. There are a number of different events within each category. Events/races are also divided by age and ability. There are also winners for each individual event.


Luck E. 7 said...

And Lucky 7!!!


Anonymous said...


Kind Of A Big Deal said...

I have an institutionalized cousin named Quasar.

Anonymous said...

I was still reading yesterdays...
slow poke

Anonymous said...

SIKED to race the Dead Baby DH in Seattle tonight. Bikes and drinking. What else is there to life?

Jeff said...

That last add said Vader could be flipped to a fixie? Uh, not if it's got a chain tensioner! I wouldn't buy a glass of lemonade from that guy!

Anonymous said...

The "pinky test"...I think that's like getting to second base or something.

This guy makes me realize I have a serious problem. I took my bike over to the UPS scale here at work an it weighs a whopping 23 lbs. I won't even try the pinky test. Getting rid of the tools in my seat bag will help a little bit, but I still need serious help. I think I'll start drilling holes in various parts until I get to 18 lbs, then clip the bars until I get it down to a weight worthy of commuting on. I should have known I was setting myself up for trouble when I decided to build with 853 and Open Pros. Not the lightest stuff in the world. I just don't seem to know the riht bike mechanics to give me the guidance I need to keep my commuter under the UCI weight minimum.

Matt Boulanger said...

What do you suppose the comments were that Vader's owner got "after owning and riding a Strida folding bike for four years?"

"Hey, nice bike, it doesn't look like a set of Rollerblade wheels on ironing board legs."

"Wow you kept up with me on that hill without taking a cab this time!"

"Nice bike. I didn't know you rode a bike."

Anonymous said...

"I have a soft spot for soft drink tribute bikes and this would round out my stable nicely."

I know where I can get you a (Columbia ?) Pepsi girls 10 speed from the eighties if you want to compete in the bike cola wars. It was part of a promotional campaign against coca cola.

Anonymous said...

Hey Snob, I just realized this pic Amir took of himself was while he was in the can. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Ah Jebus, more retarded hipster douchebaggery:

Created to celebrate the union of the art and urban bicycle cultures, the Rolling Canvas Art Collective will highlight and encourage the use of bicycles as a means of artistic expression.

These twenty-plus artists will recreate basic, fixed gear bicycles into one-of-a-kind representations of their creative methods ranging from sculpture and metal work, to street art and paint. The art installations will be auctioned off to the public, with each artist donating a portion of the proceeds to Neighborhood Bike Works of Philadelphia.

A public gallery opening and auction will be held on Friday night, August 1st, 7:00 PM at Media Bureau Gallery in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia. The exhibit is open to the public through the end of August.

A public online auction will begin on Monday, August 4th at 12 PM EST and run through Thursday, August 14th at 12 PM EST. Photos of the pieces and auction links will be posted online as they become available.

Jeff said...

That bamboo bike looks suspiciously like a car that a guy in my high school drove. It was completely covered in duct tape. I'm just sayin'...


Sensualy speaking bamboo is indeed chic!". Gilligan found this out when he made the first scion9thats what it looked like) w/ bamboo
In a few days that giant was ridden how many miles? He wants a roadbike with "speeds" nice.
ah a nice end to a long week.

Jordan Bright said...

Did anyone else notice that the Carmichael training website is also misspelled in the ad too? won't get you anywhere.

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure that last craigslist ad is a fake.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I'd put much value in the fit opinion of a long-time strida rider.

Anonymous said...

"Climbing just got easier" with a third motorized wheel. Reminds me of those FLOMAX ads with 60-somethings high-fiving while riding bikes, "look!, I didn't piss myself, great!"
So here we see the next big demographic in cycling ads, rich, middle aged lame-os.

Why even our coveted BSNYC blog has ads on the sidebar:"FRS Plus is revolutionizing cycle racing with a 3.1% gain. "

Cycle racing?

Under the site's info pages, are informative posts like, " I have spent 20 minutes trying to cancel my order, but your site will not let me. What is the deal???"

and apparently, it's an anti-depressant:

" Cydney, WV wrote:
Now I look forward to experiencing each day."

No one quite sells, and buys, bullshit like the internet. But to really sell bullshit, you need a good front man, none other than the winner of the 1993 Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic, Lance Armstrong.

But sports now imitate life:
" Kristy in KS wrote:
I absolutely LOVE FRS. As a woman who works full-time and I'm also the mom of two children under the age of four, I can use all the extra energy I can get! Thanks for this great product. I can really tell a difference since I started using it!"

That's right, mommy doping. For shame America, for shame.
By the way, i asked my own mother about this, and she firmly denied any doping by saying, "I was the most tested, but I never tested positive, ...the cocaine was for the dog"

Good enough for me!

DadRyan said...

Be Careful on a lucky August 1st Dead Baby race day!
Don't run over any Greys Anatomists, or impale yourself on your own spokes!
Don't let HA dick heads push you around. Damn things have changed a lot up there since I left.
Vamos Dead Baby Bike Club.
This day is the day I miss Seattle the most. I have missed the last three annuals counting tonight.
Get fucked up for me!
Full Color Dead Baby

Anonymous said...

commie - It's the new mother's little helper, apparently, a little livestrong-yellow pill.

Next she'll turn a shitty trek,
into a fixie with a brake,
and go running for the shelter
of her mother's little helper...

Also, it's nice to see the placebo effect is still going strong. Not saying I placebo before or during rides, but I know a guy who does.

Anonymous said...

Bamboo is a grass!
"Kate likes to straddle grass."? No.

"If there's grass in Kate's playing field, she'll play ball."?


Anonymous said...

It looks like the commenters have all blown their load on yesterday's horn-honking post. There must have been some pinky-testing going on that I wasn't aware of.

Anonymous said...

WADA is now testing for placebos, but the test is imaginary.

george said...

That fucking Belgian vader bike is going to give me nightmares now! Thanks Bsnyc.

Anonymous said...

George - it is your father.

Anonymous said...


I've seen a Dr. Pepper MTN bike for sale here in Tulsa at the flea market (lovely early 90's web design, still in use)
for about $100. Please note the International Peace Memorial , it's a pyramid stack of bowling balls. Very moving.....

Anonymous said...

I love the Vader bike listing.

It's sick and it's a killer.
Maybe related to the Belgian Death Bike, but not afraid to come straight out and say it.

Perhaps the Belgian Death Bike doesn't even know that it's cursed.

As for Vader,if you're not willing to pay the price, you don't get on the ride. No compromise!

"i already have gotten compliments on this bike after owning and riding a strida folding bike for 4 years."

Why is this not a surprise?

Lots of people are relieved to see friends and colleagues step off the Strida and ride a more conventional bicycle. Strida's may be great, but the clown-bike aspect really puts off a lot of people.

"Hey, I like your new bike!"
"It's about time you got a REAL bike!"

Not that freaky little bikes don't also get compliments.

And dang you, BSNYC. You're right!
The soft-drink bikes MUST be developed!

I want a Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray cruiser or fitness bike.

A nice fixed-gear Moxie in orange.

More Mountain Dew BMX (ramp and street, not racetrack), and downhill racing bikes.

IRN-BRU steel cyclocross or touring bike.

Some San Pelligrino racing bikes: Aranciata, Limonata and Chinoto

Big Red: a heavy duty internally geared town bike with baskets, capable of hauling several cases of beer and many steaks for big and strong Texans and football players.
Caffeinated red juicy-fruit colors.

And a Vitamin Water triathalon event bike.

But I think we should push toothpaste bikes, too

Just think of cheap MTBs for kids with welds that look like the same brand of toothpaste, even withthe same colors, stripes, and even sparkles!

Double Deed said...

Follow me, don't follow me
I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush
Collar me, don't collar me
I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush
We are agents of the free

Go Broncos!~

Anonymous said...

Nail that shit down CTS. You couldn't organize a photoshoot or find a graphic designer...err..."desktop publisher" with mediocre photoshop skills?

george said...

Amir and Kevin. Priceless!

Anonymous said...

are bad spelling and poor grammar prerequisites for posting an ad on craigslist?

Anonymous said...

Is lack of capitalization a prerequisite for posting blog comments?

Anonymous said...

ah yes, the fixedgeargallery.

where stolen bikes get pushed into urban transport slavery.

just look at them! all tarted up like that... where's your amnesty international now, my pretty?

tuppercole said...

IRN-BRU! I'm looking for a Lucozade hangover trike.

AnnaZed said...

Ok I am insane, but I deeply want this:

I know where I can get you a (Columbia ?) Pepsi girls 10 speed from the eighties if you want to compete in the bike cola wars. It was part of a promotional campaign against coca cola.

or at least a picture of it.

Strayhorn said...

I think the "unknown cause" of death was most likely "embarrassment."

Of all the things we have done to the Vietnamese, foisting on them the custom of naming babies after consumer products is the worst. Quasar?

Uh, what do you think the pie plate is made of? If that's what I think it is, I'll bring the bong.

Double Deed said...

More on Dr. Pepper bikes (collectors edition):

FBC Spokane said...

Unsafe at any speed

Anonymous said...

damn that's some funny fucking shit you got rolling here.

better than non-fucking.

Anonymous said...

i like the dr pepper bike, if only because it doesnt have shocks on the front or rear...

Anonymous said...

you can go to orange crush's myspace page and leave him an anonymous message (it says so):

cool handle dude...

Anonymous said...

Building one's own custom bicycle is fun and a great pleasure for every cyclist. However one must be aware that tastes differ and a bicycle design that is exciting for one builder may not be for another.

When it comes time to sell your bicycle, remember to divide your initial extimated price by 4 to calculate the approximate market value. This ensures that buyer and seller alike will be happy!

Mark said...

Hey Snobby, did you ever use the one I sent you?

Anonymous said...

Bike Snob,

Your erudite shredding of Hipster culture and flair for advertisements leads to the obvious. You ride from Brooklyn to Manhattan every morning to your soul-sucking marketing job where you brown nose a collar flipping guido boss who reminds you exactly of those douchebags who hang out with hot chicks.

No worries. I'm sure after you reveal your blog identity over your 8th PBR to that evening's 25 year old hottie donning a pink upcycled cycling cap, she can't wait to ride a few laps with you.

I just wonder if your douchebag boss knows how much time you spend every day being funny on the internets.

Anonymous said...

It is like so clear to anyone who agrees with me: the Mo in the picture is stickin' his ass out not because he wants a seat post jammed into it, but because the METHANOGENS have CYCTOCHROMES! He is experiencing flatus maximus.

Some Guy on the Innernets said...

While we are on the subject of advertisements in the bicycle universe, what is up with all those idiotic flashing ads and crude animations on sites like Velo News? Are there really that many thirteen year olds in the market for crappy wheelsets, and willing to pay $1000 more than they are worth? Or do the advertisers just assume we are all a bunch of drug addled trust funders with fifteen second attention spans? Does anyone other than the site owners ever click on those abominations?

Paul said...

165cm cranks!!! wow

Unknown said...

no, but I have a 162.5 mm attention span.

Anonymous said...

A bamboo saddle?! I can't believe anybody would deliberately invent something more uncomfortable than a Brooks !

Anonymous said...

I'm calling BS on the Bamboo bike. It looks suspiciously like a run of the mill steel $100 mtn bike wrapped in bamboo and rattan. The rear triangle and rack are way obvious. Why is it so heavy? Because it's one bamboo tree heavier than a cheap old steel mountain bike.

Anonymous said...

i had a bamboo bike on the island before i ran into the skipper. he was walking in the bike lane, drinking an orange crush and completely not paying attention. now the bike is broken and the seatpost tube is still lodged in my asshole. i look like a hipster tiki torch. ha! will work for peenuts at your next backdoor bar-b-que(er). bamboo rules!

Anonymous said...

as for bamboo...

"I know him pretty well and he's a solid dude and has been a material used to make bikes for a long, long time for whatever thats worth."

ps. i just got a new stem for my bike!

bk jimmy said...

It's nice that the seller of the orange crush bike isn't including the cost of little things like truing and other work. I bought a used bike recently--the guy charged me for bending back a ding in the sidewall, plus a couple flats he'd fixed a while back.

veloben said...


Perhaps you meant this story and not the silly one by Stephen King you linked to on Wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

Commiecanuck, fuck you.

chump said...

Snob, I think you've been had, I think someone posted the "Vader" as bait for you, just to get a rise out of you. that ad is just too good to be true.

zeev said...

hilarious...i'm the 'vader' owner. i bought it from the guy in the pics. and i've since adjusted the bike more to my liking and have decided not to sell it.

and by the way...strida's rock!!! i was just getting tired of starting to see them getting popular after owning one for 4 years and not seeing them even once a month on the streets for the first three. now it's like once a week. too popular. you see, i too am quite a bike snob.

and seriously, thanks for making fun of me ( or rather the ad i cut and paste---as i bougtht this from the original bike mechanic owner who is awesome. very awesome.). this gave me a huge laugh. i made it to the big time at bike snob!. thanks!

also if you ladies are looking for something like a mix of strida and badass looking bike guy (standing 5'5''). i've been trying to find that girl friend who loves to bike , but i still haven't found them. :)

Anonymous said...

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