Friday, December 9, 2016

BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz! (Wait, sorry, that's a mistake, there's no quiz.)

Well, it's been two days of serious bicycle-cycling here at Bike Snob NYC headquarters.  "Epic" isn't even the word; indeed, "epochal" only begins to cover it.  It all started yesterday, when I used the WorkCycles to attack a serious kitty litter run:

That's 16lbs of cat piss-absorbing power you're looking at right there, and the WorkCycles itself probably weighs a good 50lbs.  Now keep in mind that, according to a popular Internet mapping application, it's a solid 125 feet of climbing from the Petco to my home.  So you can only imagine the massive amount of power I'm now capable of producing.

(I also had a dozen eggs, some chicken thighs, and a six-pack of beer strapped into the baby seat, but who's counting?)

Then this morning I grabbed my other grey and orange bicycle and headed up to the mall-adjacent singletrack that laid me low just a few Fridays ago:

I crossed the New York City line into Westchester early this morning:

And I returned to New York City via a different border crossing a few hours later:

In addition to a tire pressure journal I also keep a detailed log of the time I spend outside the city limits, because I'm hoping if I spend enough time riding in Westchester I can claim residency and stop paying New York City income tax.

It's hard to imagine how I could possibly top all this two-wheeled excitement over the weekend, so I probably won't bother trying and instead get to work on that six-pack.

Speaking of excitement, here's the kind you don't want to experience:
First things first, apparently everybody's okay, so thank Lob for that.

So now we can engage in armchair commentary and pass judgment based on a few seconds of film, because that's what cycling and the Internet are all about.

Okay, "Aaand that's why we wear a helmet," really?  Firstly, I object to the wording, because it implies they all share one helmet--which would be awesome, but which is clearly not the case based on the video.  Secondly, the lead rider went pretty wide before diving into that turn, and while using the whole road makes sense on a closed course it's a bit of a gamble on a public roadway when you don't have a clear line of sight.  (And when you've got other riders on your wheel.)  I mean sure, the driver totally cut that turn like drivers do, but I'm not sure the riders should be congratulating themselves for their prudence here.

And that's what you call a "hot take."

While we're on the subject of how shallow and judgmental I am, a reader left the following comment yesterday:

Jeptha Johnson said...

You have talked about this guy in the past somewhat dismissively but a lot of his points seem similar to your own. Just wondering what you think now that he has been given a feature in Bicycling magazine


"This guy" is a certain "Mr. Money Mustache," and here's the aforementioned Bicycling feature:

Personal-finance blogger Pete Adeney, aka Mr. Money Mustache, retired at age 30—in part by investing money he saved by riding his bike. He explains how embracing frugality (yes, even at the bike shop) can lead to happiness.

And yes, the guy makes a lotta sense:

You’ve said that no one besides Tour de France riders needs a bike that costs more than $1,000.

For people who haven’t bought their freedom yet, it seems odd to prioritize moving further up the toy ladder. I mean, if you look on Craigslist you can get a kickass mountain bike for under a grand. I think the key is to separate being a bike athlete from being a bike snob. I have a lot of respect for people who become great mountain bikers by getting out there and building the muscle and the skills. The amount they spend on their bike does not increase that respect; in fact I think I’m more impressed by someone who uses a non-fancy bike and is still a badass rider.

Expensive bikes are so common, though. When I go to Hall Ranch, my local trailhead, every single bike is a multi-thousand-dollar one except mine. I feel sorry for these dudes, making payments on their SUV with high-end roof racks, their car, their house, maybe even the bike. And the bikes barely make any difference in your riding—I’ve ridden a $10,000 demo bike and I felt like I could climb technical stuff slightly better, but most of that was just because it had 29-inch wheels.

He's also got an excellent post about bikes on his own site.

Anyway, to address the reader's comment, it occurred to me that the reason I was dismissive was that I had read about him in the New Yorker, a lens through which pretty much everything becomes pretentious and off-putting, so my view of him was thusly prejudiced.  And indeed, it turned out I was even more right than I realized, because Mr. Mustache himself has since annotated the article and it turns out the New Yorker writer is full of shit:

Or maybe they're both full of shit, but I'm inclined to believe Mr. Mustache since the New Yorker writer, Nick Paumgarten, is demonstrably a bit of a putz, as evidenced by his "think piece" on the 25mph speed limit.

So there you go.

Lastly, here's a brief history of Fred helmets to 1995:

After that, the sport basically just imploded.


BeerDrivenCyclist said...

Podium scraniii!

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...


CommieCanuck said...


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Whoo-hoo Non-Anon Podium!

Two Claws said...

Two Claws Up!

CommieCanuck said...

The New Yorker has a great article about how people from Appalachia ride wheeled frames around to go between points, in the complete absence of Uber or Town cars. Fascinating.

Fourhourerection said...

Top tennis!

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

OUch!. That video was brutal.

Anonymous said...

top tendieum

Anonymous said...

Never before have I read it all and finished in the top ten.

Lieutenant Oblivious said...

11th Scranus! Damned lunchtime posts!

weasel said...

1st in the next group of 10

weasel said...

or 2nd

Hiss, Scratch and Bite said...

What PSI do you run for cat pis.

Old timer said...

Huh? What?

Powerful is the Dark Force with Him said...

CC 207 - The Donald is going to bring wheeled frame manufacturing to Appalachia. It's going to be beautiful, just beautiful.

PS: The Donald said this morning "The Wall", the southern one, is going to have doors "beautiful doors" - he said

Bryan Bracy said...

The Walz hat chick knows where I keep my tire pressure journal.

Anonymous said...

Hiss scratch etc, you made me pis myself at high pressure and I am a robot!


Grump said...

Snobby, I hope you realize that the next time you leave the city, you may be required to have your "papers" in order before being allowed to reenter (because of the terrorist threat to our future fearless leader)

Scrantus DuLux said...

Janine - Yesterday's comment. Jual Alet Sex probably has a product that will soothe that condition.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you about Bigly Combover... LOL!

Lieutenant Oblivious said...

Retired at 30 but penny pinching and looking down on anyone else who isn't? Sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe Mr. Money WombBroom will repatriate his ass back to Canada thanks to our collective decision to make Donald Trump our next leader.

McFly said...

Gunpowder also absorbs cat peepee.

BIRD SEED said...

40 pounds of bird seed on a regular old 12-speed drop bar bike.


Okay it was only about a mile so slow and as steady as possible was the only way.

Loses Loses Loses on the 1040 Makes America Great Again said...

"stop paying New York City income tax"

Who do you think you are The Donald?

PISS POOR said...

Where's the 100-lb sack of kiddie litter for the non-housetrained among your spawn?
Admit it, no parent can go through toilet training of 17 children without SOME setbacks.

Ride, Ride, Ride, Let it Ride said...

I'm hearing that a Donald crony is getting a contract to put Christmas Lights on The Wall. And, here and there there's going to be a Burning Bush.

PS: Hope the top of the thing will be wide enough to accommodate the resumption of the Tour de Trump.

Joe said...

Snob, you'll have to go further than Yonkers to avoid the locality income tax. Though I believe it's lower in Yonkers than the 5 boros.

BikeSnobNYC said...


I think once I get to Sprain I'm past Yonkers. Then it's just insane property taxes.

--Wildcat Etc.

Bryan said...

Look at that...takin it like a champ!

Chazu said...

I've been reading BSNYC since.... I'm not sure when. 2007 at least. Snob liberated himself from cubical hell and he delivers a near-daily dose of freedom to those of us who are still there. He even takes literary shots at us from time to time, which I appreciate.

As a reluctant cube dweller, I've used a popular internet search engine to search for a glimpse of freedom. My searches led me to Mr. Money Mustache many years ago. I've been reading both BSNYC and MMM for years, so I was actually a little thrilled when BSNYC mentioned MMM for the first time, and a little disappointed at the outcome.I'm glad to see another "crossing of the streams" between the two, with a more optimistic conclusion from BSNYC.

If MMM looks down on others, it tends to be "Car Clowns" as he calls them. He routinely disassembles Car Culture and makes its insanity obvious for his readers. I'm glad to see that his media exposure is widening. He's wealthy (earning over $700,000 from his blog alone in 2015), but he's begun to give back to a variety of charities. He donated $100,000 recently, and there is more to come.

I know neither BSNYC nor MMM personally, but I have an idea of who they are via what they've written over the course of many years. I like them both. How can you not like someone who wrote an essay titled Curing Your Clown-like Car Habit and who let several blog sponsor drop him when they insisted that he stop using profanity?

BSNYC & MMM 2020.

I seen my opportunities and I took em' said...

Had to go get a new string of Christmas Lights and they were all made in CHINA. Every single set was made in CHINA. CHINA I TELL YOU. Just wait until the clone of Boss Tweed gets into office and brings Christmas Light Manufacturing back to America.

CommieCanuck said...

The Donald is going to bring wheeled frame manufacturing to Appalachia. It's going to be beautiful, just beautiful.

That's year two. Year one will convert all those Teslas to run on pure West Virginia coal.
The wall will have beautiful brass and pink granite walls, American granite, paid for by Mexicans and Canadians. Right after they carve his head onto Mount Rushmore, with a orange granite patina and brass will be beautiful, just beautiful. And don't worry about the costs, Cohn and Munchkin from Goldman Sachs are now in charge, economy will beautiful.
#1 baby name for 2017 Snob, keep this in mind you potent, fertile, bastard: MELANIA. I know, it sounds like a 1930s mental disease from the textbooks, "patient was clearly feeble-minded with a penchant for hysteria and melania, attempt at treatment by lobotomy was a success."

Don T via twitter said...

Had to go get a new string of Christmas Lights and they were all made in CHINA. Every single set was made in CHINA. CHINA I TELL YOU. Just wait until the clone of Boss Tweed gets into office and brings Christmas Light Manufacturing back to America.

It's pronounced GINAH. Rhymes with the State of West VERGINAH.

janinedm said...

MMM is fine, but I personally take a bit of umbrage with his claim that "anybody" can retire at 30. I do not order take out. i do not drive. I do not spend more than 25% of my income on housing. Etc. Etc. Etc. I highly suspect he did not have to put himself through school and/or assume loan debt, among other advantages. Moreover, doesn't this guy have books and a website that has advertising? Seems like work to me. I'm not sure you can call yourself retired if you hold a steady job telling people how you retired.

Chazu said...

janinedm - He has the option of not doing anything. His passive income from investments, rental properties, and the blog far exceed his family's requirements for living a quality life. By the same standard, Elon Musk is retired, but he's still trying to get to Mars. What's he supposed to do, buy a condo on the beach and work on his tan until he's 72, just to make the Internet Retirement Police happy?

janinedm said...

Whatever. i still think the number of people who could retire if they got rid of their car is vanishingly small. Guy was at least born on second base if not third.

Chazu said...

Last post, I promise:
Forget second or third base: I was born in the parking lot of the of the baseball stadium. Went into technology, was granted pre-IPO stock options in what became a mult-billion dollar internet company in 2000. The value of my share of the publicly-traded company in January 2000: 7.2 million. I didn't diversify before the stock market crash, and was left with about $75K. Got drunk and didn't work for over a year.

Fast forward to today: my net worth is just over a million bucks. 95% of it is in broadly diversified equity funds, diverse bonds, and cash. In fact, nearly half of it is cash waiting for interest rates to rise. I'll "retire" when I can get 5% interest on a 1 year certificate of deposit. That will generate over $20K in passive income, more than enough to cover my basic expenses. Interest and dividends on the stocks and bonds will be gravy.

So I became a millionaire twice in my lifetime. Did I mention that I wasn't even born in the baseball stadium, let alone third base? Regardless, I took the red pill and opted out of the matrix. Bicycles are part of that. The recipe for the pill is on that guy's blog.

Anonymous said...

Read Mustache's complaints about the NYer article. Most of them seem to be him being annoyed that when he is quoted accurately, he sounds like a jerk.

There are few things more humbling than seeing your own spoken words in print. It's like listening to your own singing on a recording.

janinedm said...

You're proving my point. You were a millionaire twice and you spent your money stupidly. His advice is great for those who have great resources but it is not for everyone. It's a great message and I'm all for it. I only take umbrage with the idea that this could save everyone. What it can do is save everyone smart enough to make money but too stupid to keep it. And took a year off? To drink? Jesus. I was born to a single mother in the projects on the east coast in the 1980s and orphaned at age 15. Through my love of logic puzzles and standardized tests, I was able to get into a very good school. At every step in my adult life, i have had expenses that people with support never dream of. On top of student loans, every stitch of my professional wardrobe and every scrap of furniture has been paid for with the fruit of my labor. At random times, I've had to financially support an aunt with MS for a year or two until she hit pension age. I have never wasted money on a car. I have never, in NYC, spent more than 25% of my income on housing. I don't spend more than $50 a year on the subway, and use my bike for nearly every trip. I eat out no more than once a month and I cook all other meals from scratch. Yet somehow, I was not able to retire at 30. i don't think i was wasting a retirement-worthy amount of money. I'm sure I could use the library instead of Netflix, but I don't think that is the one dumb move between me and a portfolio of investments and rental properties I can live off of. Jesus. Get out some. Meet some people. If i had your money, i still wouldn't be retire. I'd be putting it into my nieces and nephews to make sure that I'm not the 1st generation to go to college AND the last. Red pill... You guys found a way to ruin the Matrix...

Joe said...


You're probably right, but Lob-bless you if you can decipher Westchester administrative divisions and boundaries.

Fred Mercury said...
Is This you?

Drock said...

Hauling stuff, Fred's crashing, being thrifty, and helmets. Im going to count my half links.

Cat 404 said...

Favorite MMM entry:

The biotech company I work for is populated with a multiplicity of D.A.s that drive trucks like this to work - F^%&!

I love the picture of the guy holding the drill press to drill the little hole.

1904 Cadardi said...


As a regular reader of Snob, and occasional reader of MMM, I have to say you are actually kinda proving MMM's point. Specifically, think how bad off you would be financially if you didn't do the things you're doing: riding your bike, cooking your meals, paying your way and basically kicking ass. No, you're not retired at 30 and a millionaire but if you were saddled under a $600 a month SUV payment, plus gas and parking and maintenance and insurance where would you be? Would you have been able to help your aunt when she needed it? Doubtful. Would you be able to help your nieces and nephews in the future? Unlikely. Parking the car and taking a bike is probably the only reason Snob can afford 17 children!

Do I agree with all things MMM? Nope, not even close. I own a car and drive to work in the winter (I live in a flyover state with pitiful public transit and it was like 5 degrees this morning, fuck it I'm driving the 15 year old car I bought from the bank over a decade ago!) I have a nice and fairly expensive road bike that I ride in stretchy clothes and clickey shoes. *cough*FRED*cough* But I like that bike, it makes me happy when I ride it. Would I be just as happy on a cheaper bike? Maybe, but I've ridden and still own cheaper bikes and gladly traded the few months of delayed retirement for this one. I'd do it again. (also it's a locally sourced artisinal hand crafted custom) Does that make me a non-mustachian Fred that both Mr.Mustache AND Snob can poke fun at? Probably. Don't care.

An interesting difference between Snob and MMM. I've posted many things here: some dumb, some witty, some critical, but I've never been censored. Teased a few times, but never censored. I've posted a few things on MMM, some helpful, some questioning, but when they were critical (like how combining radiant heating and potable hot water is a bad idea) somehow they never make it through review to posting. I think Wildcat has thicker skin.

Either way: good for you for getting where you are and riding your bike!
ps. The Matrix 3 ruined the Matrix WAY before Chazu did.
pps. I still think "Great, who's this asswhole" when someone jumps on my wheel. :-)

leroy said...

Ride safe all. It's freaking chilly here.

And the $2,500 custom saddle warmer my dog sold me is on the fritz again. Should have sprung for the coal-fired up grade he offered.

For a non-working breed, he does kind of hustle.

Anonymous said...

Wait, his helmet didn't deploy. He must have had his hairbag turned off.

janinedm said...

1904C, Fine. Let's all hold hands and hate Australia.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you have reconsidered your initial reaction to Mister Money Mustache. You are two of my favorite people. Like you, he has many excellent analyses about cycling, our "transportation" system, and our culture. He has many, many critiques about the rest of our consumer culture, and how it creates so much waste. My financial life is a lot healthier for his observations. And hey, admitting to a mistake is a really healthy quality, so good for you.

1904_Cadardi said...


Hold hands? Sorry, I'm from the Midwest, we don't go for such things. Will you settle for a group ride we all go on separately and then hate Australia together?

Dooth said...

I know that second crossing quite well, having crossed it as recently as yesterday afternoon. It was very muddy, the Bronx side. The paved section, the Westchester side, has a few blind spot turns similar to one that crash video. When you're riding towards one of those spots, do not ever assume someone's not coming at you like a madman.

Some guy from upstate said...

Entirely unrelated to this post, just wanted to point out that one of the "guess which one is the real story" stories on "Wait Wait - Don't Tell Me" last week was the one about the Chicago Alderman laid low by a suicide attack squirrel. This provided me with the radiant glow of self-satisfaction that only comes from knowing the answer to a public radio quiz show, or perhaps final Jeopardy, since I had read about it on this very blog. So thanks.

Anonymous said...

Chazu, pray every night that Donald doesn't crash the stock and bond markets. I'm sure he's learned from his three previous bankruptcies.

Holy Roller said...

Don't worry about money, you sinners, but store up treasures in the Kingdom of heaven!

RANTWICK said...

Nice hot take; totally better than a hot carl.

Fourhourerection said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dancesonpedals said...

Technically, we're all born on third base.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've come around on MMM. Yours and his are the only two blogs in the entire internet that I can bring myself to read.

Bromptonaut said...

You were lucky!

Let's all give thanks that we have food, clean water, bike-cycles, optional helments and the Internet.

Seasons greetings to all and thanks to WCRM for the laughs. Happy riding in 2017.

babble on said...

Janine? I love you. That is all... xo xo xo

That crash video made my heart hurt. It's a (loose) example of the type of crach which killed a member of our tight (and tight knit) lycra-wearing, too-expensive-to-retire-by-30 biekcycle riding community last month. only the corner our not yet 30 year old friend died on wasn't actually a blind corner. And the cyclists in question did not take the opposite lane before heading into the corner as the fellows in the video did. They were riding two abreast when the driver hit them head on in their own lane, and somehow the police managed to blame the cyclists for this horrendous tragedy - by noting that they were not riding single file!!! That lone, narrow-minded, fucktarded, sad sorry excuse of a member of law enforcement had every brain-dead, menacing, murderous motorist out there in force on the interwebs, bellowing about how cyclists all ride with so much ignorance and fucking entitlement that we all deserve to die.

grrrrrr. So much fucking inanity, it's a miracle we've made it this far.

And on a lighter note? I've noticed words like, oh I dunno... DUNNO!! in yer blogulations of late, my dearest Mr Wildpussyat, and that brings great joy to this simple heart. You rock-a-doodle-dooo!

Noncents said...

Hey Holy Roller. Haven't you heard? Jesus $aves,

dem_bieks! said...

I'll "retire" when I can get 5% interest on a 1 year certificate of deposit.

That would be never, then. Let's say for a minute Republicans suddenly want to spend money like they excoriated obama for trying. Interest rates rise, followed quickly by inflation rates. You could hit the magic 5% number for CD interest but it will net about 1-2 if you are lucky.

I'm with Janine on Mr. Money. Lots of things unsaid or explained away to make it look like his life is something it is not.

Persia said...

Hey Janine, why hate Australia?

If you want to hate a large, distant, sparsely-populated continent, why not hate Antarctica? I hear the cycling conditions there are really crap.

Play nicely, cousins. Your Australian cycling colleagues have feelings, ya know. It's getting a bit tiresome, all the hate stuff.

fourhourerection said...

So how did Mr. Money make the money? Chazu, you got lucky. You're smart enough,but way lucky.

Russia clearly hacked my fantasy football league said...

I miss the departed

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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The Italian stallion

Anonymous said...

If you were born I America, you are usually born about a foot or two from home plate considering half the world lives on less than $2 a day.

Anonymous said...

My only problem with all these Mr Mustache types getting rich off investments is that they are generally getting rich off of the car clown culture by investing in wasteful corporations which proliferate it in so many different ways.

What are ethically clean investments from an ecological point of view? Generally ones which aren't very profitable.

If it's related to computers it's not clean.
If it's related to the military industrial complex it's not clean.
If its related to the medical industrial complex it's not clean.
If its related to the financial industry it's not clean.
If you invest in the bicycle commuting industry or bicycle- hauling industry it's clean but probably not very profitable. Not gonna retire early on it. The easy money is always from investing in unethical industries.

Pretty much 99% of financial investments are not ecologically clean because you are essentially investing in and encouraging wasteful lifestyles and industries.

I invest my money in my bicycles. I will always be poor.

The Italian Stallion

dop said...

Invest in scranus. Not clean.

janinedm said...

On an entirely different note, someone drove their SUV into a guy's bedroom in Queens. No ticket issued; no criminality suspected. This is why we wear helmets to sleep, people!

Also, anon8:35, that was kind of my point. Most people will work their entire lives and not retire at 30, not because they are wasteful, but because they haven't been delivered a couple of steps from the finish line. As a fairly typical American, I do not begrudge financial success. But I very much appreciate people shutting the hell up about it.

N/A said...

Mr. Italian Stallion guy, do you think it would be possible that you merely post a link to those pointless Nashbar reviews, rather than hitting us with a wall of text? Nobody is going to read it either way, but it would at least be less obnoxious with just the link. Thanks!

bad boy of the north said...

Chili today hot tamale.

Freddy Murcks said...

I've watched that crash video several times now and it looks like the lead riders were hugging pretty tight to the inside of the corner. The third rider swung wide and tried to miss the van when he saw that the shit was about the hit the proverbial f(v)an. In any case, it looks to me like the van driver was 100% at fault and that the riders did not take the corner wide. I know freds do a lot of stupid fredly shit because they fancy every road ride to be some sort of a race, but this seems to be a bit too much victim blaming.

babble on said...

Um, as per...
The motorist is entitled to do whatever the fuck they want, and if you dare to share the road, you do so at yout own risk.

Mayor Vargas said...

Thank you for your miracle Doctor Osemu Okpamen

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