Thursday, November 19, 2015

Test-Cycle Chronicles Part II: The Indignity Of Riding Mountain Bikes While Other People Are Doing Actual Work

As you know, I am currently in possession of a Marin Pine Mountain 1 all terrain-style bicycle:

As a semi-professional bike blogger, I take my semi-vocation semi-seriously, and part of that involves subjecting bicycles to semi-rigorous testing.  For example, last week I rode the Marin Pine Mountain 1 in the woods for a few hours.  Then I drank beer.

A lesser blogger might have left it at that, but I'm ever so slightly better then they are.  I'm also perfectly comfortable ignoring emails with subject lines like "WE NEED THE BIKE BACK NOW," and so yesterday I resumed the testing by riding it again:

Somebody has to do it.

Even though I have the use of a luxurious motor vehicle with both a bike rack and a bank lien on it, I prefer to ride to the trail, which is pretty convenient from my little corner of the city.  There are a few ways to go about this depending on whether or not you want to ride on some dirt along the way, but the fastest route is maybe eight or nine miles, mostly on a paved multi-use path:

Now if you'll forgive me for a moment, I'm going to share a real estate tip, so if you're not a New Yorker you might want to skip this paragraph as it won't mean anything to you.  However, if you love to ride bikes recreationally yet you insist on living in New York City for whatever reason, the Northwest Bronx is probably the best spot you could possibly choose.  You can hit pretty much any type of riding you want inside of an hour, and if you're into that (apparently) oh-so-trendy multimodal thing you've got easy access to the Metro North.  Plus, unlike Brooklyn and increasingly Queens (not to mention the suburbs), you can probably still afford to live here.

Now you know.

Anyway, given my proclivity towards riding to the ride, I like mountain bikes that aren't too onerous on the road.  Before taking delivery of the Marin I was worried that the "plus"-sized tires might suck in this capacity.  And while yes, it does suck to ride 3.0 tires or whatever they are on pavement for multiple miles, it sucks no more than it does on any of my other mountain bikes, so if you have similar concerns then you don't need to avoid the "plus"-size tire thing on that basis.

The trails I usually ride sit on a ridge, which you've first got to climb:

The multi-use path takes you near the trails but not directly to them, which means you've got to put in a final mile or two of road time--and yes I'm riding on the sidewalk, because drivers treat this road like a highway, and you're about as likely to encounter a zebra here as you are a pedestrian, which means you're not bothering anybody.

So fuck that.

Once you're at the top, all that lies between you and the trails is a chainlink fence:

It's tough to see, but there were a bunch of wild turkeys running around in there:

They were about to be joined by one more.

Opening the gate, I let myself in, and then promptly "marked my territory" if you know what I mean:

If you don't know what I mean, what I'm saying is I urinated.

Gotta let those turkeys know who wears the "jorts" around here.

And yes, I was totally wearing jorts:

With almost ten miles of sluggish spinning in my pallid, stubbly legs I was ready to tear up the trails like a city employee tears up a parking ticket:

Then I realized I'm a giant "woosie" on the wrong side of 40, and so instead I rode sensibly and within my modest abilities.

As I mentioned, this part sits on a ridge.  In fact, the geography of the entire area is defined by ridges, which means there are lots of roots and rocky outcroppings, as well as plenty of short, steep climbs:

The reason I wanted to try the Pine Mountain 1 is that I figured a rigid bike with wide gearing and wider tires would work well for this sort of terrain, and of course I was exactly right, because I'm awesome.  It climbs very well, it's got great traction on leaves (of which, as you can see, there are many right now), and and it also rolls right over this sort of thing very easily:

"So what?  I'm an awesome mountain biker who lives in [insert cultural backwater near wilderness area here].  I could ride that on my road bike."

Good for you.  You're good at mountain biking, I live in a city that will eat you alive.  If the contest is life then I'm still winning.

As far as the plus-sized tires, I'm obviously new to them, so on my last ride I kept gradually lowering the pressure until I figured out where it needed to be:

Therefore, on this ride I had it more or less exactly right from the beginning, and thus freed from the distraction of the stop-and-futz I was better able to appreciate them:

When I ride a mountain bike that shifts it's this one:

I appreciate the suspension fork until it begins to annoy me, which it invariably does after awhile, because while I appreciate smoothness I am at heart a rigid bike person.  It suits my uptight personality.  So I end up going back and forth between rigid and bouncy by switching the fork from time to time:

It's like when you're in an unheated swimming pool and it feels really good, but then you jump into the hot tub and you're like "Aaahhh...!," but then it's too hot after awhile so you jump back into that cold pool and it's delightfully bracing, but that makes you crave the hot tub again, and so you keep going back and forth until you either pass out or become infertile.

If that makes any sense to you (which if you're sane it almost certainly doesn't) then you know how I feel about suspension forks.

Anyway, it's only been two rides on the Marin so far, but I suspect the plus-sized tire thing may be the perfect alternative to this "problem," since it smooths things out considerably while still riding like a rigid bike.  In other words, I think I like it better than my hardtail.

By the way, if you want me to be more critical of this bike, deal with it:

I've got seventeen (17) kids, limited time, and a basement full of bikes that need to be ridden, so if I thought the bike would suck I wouldn't have bothered with it.  But I didn't, and it doesn't.

Yes, at this point in my cycling life I'm as unflappable as a Yonkers deer:

I always thought deer were supposed to be timid, but these deer display no fear of humans whatsoever:

Anyway, after I'd "shredded" (cut carefully with safety scissors is more like it), I took a little rest:

(Pallid Fredly sat on a wall, Pallid Fredly had a great fall...)

And headed back to the gate, which is a portal into a magical world of unbridled consumerism:


Not only is it already Christmas here:

But it has been for like weeks now.

There was even Christmas music playing over the PA.

Part of me finds it disgusting, but part of me wants to move into the Shrek Holiday Hut and take all my meals at the Cheesecake Factory:

But instead I went to a popular overpriced supermarket chain:

You'd think they'd enhance their smug corporate image with some bike racks, but this is Yonkers so I guess they figured "fuck that:"

Anyway, it's hard to imagine too many people climbing up here in the first place, semi-pro bike bloggers excluded.

Once inside, I purchased baby formula and broccoli, as well as treated myself to an artisanally corporate taco repast:

It's important to buy the fancy baby formula because the other stuff's made from ground-up cat bones.

Hey, the kid's got me as a father, he doesn't need any more strikes against him.

Sadly I'd brought my tiniest backpack, which meant I had to purchase a bag in which to "portage" the formula, meaning the total bill came to around $246:

Though it was worth it for the gratification of explaining to the checker that no, I did NOT need my parking validated, for I did not come here in a car thankyouverymuch:

("Yeah, but you still have one, so...")

Once I'd lunched, getting home was merely a matter of spinning along this for awhile:

Until I reached the New York City line, where the paved path simply ends and you're on your own:

Abandon hope all ye etc. etc.


Unknown said...

I strenuously deny all accusations or insinuations of mechanical doping. It is utterly ridiculous; nothing could be further from the truth; and I won't even dignify it with a response.

Anonymous said...

Greetings, peeps

Old timer said...

Across the line! (Check.) Arms raised! (Check.) On drugs! (Check) Blood pressure; cholesterol; Multi-vitamin; low-dose aspirin. What am I on? I’m on my bike heading for the bakery. What are YOU on?

N/A said...

The best thing for Wild Turkey? A couple of cubes of ice in a nice glass.

Anonymous said...

Scranular Conditions: Muddy. Tooop Teen! FULL GASS

P. Bateman said... taco.....

Slider said...

In there.

Unknown said...

81. Some people have low susceptibility to advertising and marketing techniques. These are the people who aren’t interested in money. Material acquisition does not serve their need for the power process.

weasel said...


N/A said...

"In there"

... like swimwear?

Anonymous said...

So what pressure then?

99 prob but a fred aint one said...

LOL Bib shorts thug life

Slider said...

"Anyway, after I'd "shredded" (cut carefully with safety scissors is more like it), I took a little rest:"

Are you talking about the hack job on those "jorts" of yours?

And those legs hurt my eyes. How long has it been winter there?

P. Bateman said...

lord those tires look really darn wide. they just look like they'd be slow and hard to maneuver.

i guess if you ride slow then its fine. but i like to ride with a razor is in my ass, so not sure i am ready for 3 inches of fat tire.

leroy said...

Oh great, now my dog wants to know why we can't move into the Schrek Holiday Hut and eat at the Cheese Cake Factory.

And by "we," he means me.

He's not giving up his box at the Met and bottle service. They're doing La Boeheme on Monday.

Roille Figners said...

Yonkers deer don't care! Yonkers deer is like "Uh can I help you?" Yonkers deer is like "No, YOU run away!"

Day Drinker said...

Yum. Wild Turkey. With a splash of water, please.

Roille Figners said...

Yonkers deer is all "I'm standing here, go ahead, make your move, make your move..." Yonkers deer is like "Got some food for me motherfucker or are you just gonna stand there looking stoopit?"


Bryan said...

Mountain biking while I am working? Yeah, screw you. Oh, that's kind of your job? Double screw you. Some people have all the fun. If you can't tell, I'm just jelly

Thanks for the travelogue/bike review! I'm just about ready to hit the trails again...if it ever stops raining/flooding. Spoiler alert, I don't think it will. As soon as the trails dry out and the local mtb trail hippies schedule a work day to clean up the mess, it just floods again. There are some dirt paths though around the city I might check out sooner than later.

P. Bateman said...

have a couple racoons behind the house now. one is a young guy (or girl, sorry, i haven't attempted to sex the wild racoon) and i dont think he knows he should be afraid of me. just looks at me and damn near came up to me the other night i guess looking to see if i had any food like a dog.

i guess he has no real reason to be afraid. its not like i come out blasting with a shotgun.

tell you what though, that would probably be a real surprise to him if i did come out and shoot him in his little masked face. a real shock indeed.

Unknown said...

Kudos to all the HUU MONS who have been filling up the podio and keeping Ted K from posting paragraph 81 for a few days. Though I'm also happy (of course) to have finally seen a field test of the "REBUTTAL" portion of my code. (It failed.) And even happier that in order to change his destiny Ted was forced to stop insisting on podio and accept non-podio. (Like a bitch.)

herzogone said...

I always thought jorts had to be denim, those look like khaki cargo cutoffs to me. Not quite the same ring to it. Maybe khaki kargo kutoffs? Perhaps not the best abbreviation...

Roille Figners said...

How about "khorts"?

PS Yonkers deer is all like "Your" [sic] "in MY house now!"

N/A said...

The less-specific "shants" is the best way to go.

N/A said...


Piling On said...

It has antlers. All you got is a cheap multi tool. Ain’t no need to be timid of you.

Anonymous said...

It was a struggle to get the Whole Foods in Palo Alto to install a convenient bike rack, too. City staff eventually succeeded. Now it's full all the time.

N/A said...

You get all those bike racks in front of the Whole Foods, then where are all the Suburus going to park?

Lumpen Fredetariat said...

On a day like this, the only thing that would make this blog better would be a comment system where we could vote for the ones we like, of which there are many. Not Ted K of course.

JLRB said...

I totally get the cold pool hot tub thing - where is my straight jacket.

Did you ride the 8 miles of paveyment at the lower pressure, or did you drop pressure for the leaves and then pump back up for the paveyment way home?

BamaPhred said...

Be careful of those tame deer, its that time of the year, if you know what I mean

N/A said...


Mickey Mouse's knuck tattoos:

N/A said...

@ BamaPhred:

I can't watch that video here at work, but I bet I know what you mean. I have a large wooded back yard that is popular with the lady deers most of the year. The past week, or so, there has been a huge well-antlered male sniffing around every morning.

Carlos Caliente said...

Wild Turkey 101 also makes an excellent Manhattan.

For a real treat, make it a Dirty Manahattan by adding a dash of the juice from the maraschino cherry jar. Or beef it up a bit by adding some Luxardo maraschino cherry liqueur.

A Jack Daniels Manhattan will give you heartburn, but not a Wild Turkey 101 Manhattan. The day after you've had a few WIld Turkey 101 Manhattans, you may feel strung out like the last days of Pantani, but no heartburn, I guarantee it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"advertising and marketing techniques" wink, wink. Sounds like Ted could only resist a Good HORS DONGIN' in his dirty shack/jail cell for a day, and now he has come beggin'......

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

That Yonkers deer must be colorblind as well. Figured as soon as he got a glimpse of that hunter orange stem and fork he'd be assholes over elbows for the next township thinking you was a hunter.

Anonymous said...

Always enjoy the ride journals even with a "review" tucked into them, but...

I'm having a tough time getting past my horrid memories of assembling Marins in the early 90s. These things came out of the box beat to shit... never mind the second rate frames that with their puked-on X-mas tree paint jobs, every component had to come off and be fixed. When you're 16yo and getting payed piece-meal, a grudge will live a long time. I have neutral feelings about Giant and down right nostalgia for Bridgestones for the same reason. I'm amazed Marin even exists in 2015... guess that's "unbridled consumerism" for you.


Now I'm all nostalgic thinking about a secret special at a ski resort bar I frequented in late-'90s. Utter the code "Al Bundy" to certain bartender and receive shot of Wild Turkey 101 (kickin' chickin) AND a can of Oly for $2.

That was awesome.

Anonymous said...

"That Yonkers deer must be colorblind as well"

All deer are color blind.

Piling On said...

"Be careful of those tame deer, its that time of the year, if you know what I mean "

Mr. Rock Machine

Suggest this will be an informative video for you to watch. Living in a city that will eat you alive indeed.

Mexicocina said...

Snob, my girlfriend and I are avid readers of the blog and we were driving around the Bronx stalking you (not intentionally, but after we started seeing some areas that were recognizable from photos and entering the coordinates in our BSNYCStalkerApp, I guess it became stalking) - and really, is it affordable? All the areas we recognized seemed insanely expensive!

I guess I should just say we were in and around Riverdale, Kingsbridge, Woodlawn... Our dreams of moving from Queens, setting up camp on our sidewalk with a camera and autograph book and pen and waiting for a putz on an orange-forked bike to whiz by were dashed. Were we in the wrong area?

We'd do independent research on this but we're way too lazy and we want to make sure we're close enough to you that we can buzz your house with our GoPro drones while still sitting in our his-n-hers Barcaloungers.

trama said...

"The trails I usually ride sit on a ridge, which you've first got to climb:"

I see no climb.

I'd walk that anyways


Anonymous said...

The Pine Mountain 1 has received positive/very positive reviews even when it was ridden much harder outside Moab.

Dorothy Rabinowitz said...

Butt Conditions: Pallid

lost in the wilderness said...

wonder if i can change my name to Cultural Bywater?

Anonymous said...

Do you think it'd be alright if I just stayed here tonight

McFly said...

Careful in those moist leaves will end up under the knife of a smoking hot orthopedic surgeon like I did.

Jared Fogle said...

A judge has sentenced former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle to 15 years and eight months in prison for trading in child pornography and having sex with underage prostitutes.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt sentenced Fogle on Thursday after he pleaded guilty to one count each of travelling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor and distribution and receipt of child pornography.

Fogle agreed to the plea deal in August after authorities raided his suburban Indianapolis home in July.

Prosecutors sought a 12½-year sentence, while Fogle's attorneys sought five years.

The 38-year-old Fogle admitted paying for sex with girls as young as 16 and receiving child pornography produced by his charitable foundation's former director.

He also agreed pay his 14 victims $100,000 each in restitution.


Comment deleted said...

What kind of post-apocalyptic wasteland is that mall built in, anyway? There are never any human beings in it. This seems like a poor business model, if you ask me.

It's enough to make an (ex)mayor shoot himself, I tell ya.*

*Sorry, too soon, I know.

N/A said...

Wildcat, if you would have climbed that fence rather then used a gate, and then ended with a burrito instead of tacos, I think you could have legitimately labeled your ride as "epic".

Anonymous said...

Horses this week, Turkeys next week (there is another GOP Debate next week, isn't there?)

From Stockholm. With love. said...

Soon you'll be testing fat bikes and an era will come to an end. Sad.

Speaking of crazy deer videos.... said...

Anonymous said...

Out in the woods it's Pheromone season for deer, kind of like Summer at the beach for humans.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Comment deleted,

It's plenty busy on weekends.

--Wildcat Etc.

P. Bateman said...

@jared - well at least you'll be able to start eating better food than subway.

BikeSnobNYC said...


The co-ops are affordable. The giant mansions are not.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Anonymous said...


NHcycler said...

McFly said...
"Careful in those moist leaves will end up under the knife of a smoking hot orthopedic surgeon like I did."

McFly -- did you break your arm on purpose?!

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 2:18pm,

And I just got back from Ikea!!!

--Wildcat Etc.

Budgie Smuggler said...

How long would it take to inflate those tires with a minipump if you flat on the trail?


BikeSnobNYC said...

Budgie Smuggler,

Probably a long-ass time.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

BamaPhred said...

There was a lot of irony in that deer stomping the hunter video, but if I remember the chatter about that one the best part was his wife just kept on filming, figuring he would be ok, but I may have it confused with another one just like it. Those things can go crazy.

I wouldn't mind being under or on top of a smoking hot orthopedic surgeon. The old guy I go to, not so much.

P. Bateman said...

probably less time than its taking me to get these impossibly difficult panracer tires off my rim and put back on. i'm now terrified of getting a flat out on the road.

1904 Cadardi said...

"I live in a city that will eat you alive." Wait, I thought your city's MO was to kill you with no criminality suspected. New York is so confusing.

Anonymous said...

dewd, my understanding is that jorts are jean shorts? those are cargo pants cut into shorts, carports?

Anonymous said...

So Mr WCRM, when one lowers pressure to ride the trails, does one pump back up to get home?

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 2:39pm,

If one is smart, yes, but I generally don't bother.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

JB said...

Well, jean shorts are "jorts," and jeans are denim. So technically, any color denim shorts could be considered jorts. BUT, I propose that jorts must be blue jean shorts.

How about some negatives to the Marin? Non XTR components add 1 lb. to bike weight?

The fake paneling on the exterior of the Shrek house is pretty abhorrent.

BamaPhred said...

I found the whole Mall experience gauche, but that's just me. And the tacky Shrek house wasn't helping. I know I know glass houses and all. I actually miss the roadside yard debris outlined in "holiday lights". I suppose that's sort of a universal thing.

Fausto said...

Biking on a school day? In broad daylight? Let me know when you are recruiting for an executive assistant.

N/A said...

@ P. Bateman:
Are they new tires? I run (mostly) Panasonic tires across my herd, and they seem to be a tighter fit than a lot of others when they're new, but I have noticed that once they've got some miles in them they seem to stretch just a bit, and you swear at them a whole lot less when you're trying to take them off/ put them on a rim.

Anonymous said...

Our PA whole foods bike racks displaced some tables for coffee drinkers on the edge of a wide sidewalk. They would not convert cherished space in the car-parking lot.

P. Bateman said...

@n/a - yeah, reasonably new. i'd guess around 100 miles on them by now.

because i'm a gentleman i'll leave it CJ to make a joke about asian's being tight...

Anonymous said...

A judge has sentenced former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle to 15 years and eight months in prison...and ChamoisJuice comments suddenly stopped appearing

P. Bateman said...

@JB - as a florida resident i can assure you that yes, jorts must be of a denim material.

whether they were cut from jeans is no matter because those really long ones that the "gangsters" from the 90's liked are still very much in fashion here. as are low riders. and gold chains. and chin strap beards.

this place is so f'ing absurd.

but weather is really nice right now.

Anonymous said...

It’s my understanding that part of Fogle’s plea bargain was that he be allowed to serve his sentence at a juvenile detention center.

JB said...

Yes, jorts must be denim, but must jorts be blue denim?

Snobby's denim shorts are not blue, thus by my local statute(s), they are not jorts...

JLRB said...


A herd of the things ran across the MUP ahead of me this morning - all chick deer - scattering in various directions - I slowed down in case more came running - a big boy buck came sauntering up - ready to go get some...

Anonymous said...

Dear Snob:
When I was a mere stripling (sapling?), I remember downhill skiing !!?? in Van Cortlandt Park. At least I think I remember. I assume those rope tows and T bars and J bars and other contraptions designed to destroy crotches has long since disappeared?

P. Bateman said...

@jb - oh, i thought he had shorts of a khaki type material?

i'm leaning toward your definition that a true jort is blue denim.

hmmm.... khorts? nah, thats not good. ports? no.

maybe snob specific - Snorts.

yes. there we have it. Snob wears Snorts.

ChamoisJuice said...

Ok I don't know it's just my mania kicking in or what, but I kinda feel like this bikesnob post is directed at me...
Principal features of hypomania and mania
Mystical Experiences:
Can be experienced by believing that there are special connections between events; that there is a higher rate of coincidences between things happening; feeling one with nature in terms of appreciating the beauty and the world around, and believing that things have special significance.

I would like to blovitate about this at length, but I just pulled myself out of bed, after being at this crazy flower child birthday party that went til 5am. Hallocenogens and skantily clad hippie girls seductively hula hooping were involved. The birthday boy is actually my eskimo bro... kinda weird, but he was with that yoga burning man chick after me...I harbor no resentment, and it actually is a fairly entertaining/annoying story that I might tell at some point.
I do have a growing sensation that the women I date have terrible taste in men, present company excluded, of course.

Anyway, I'm fucking out of coffee, making some breaky, and gonna go enjoy the brief window of sunshine here in the pacific north wet, and shred the face off some mtb trails.

Bikesnob, your SPD cleats are too far forward. Does look like you fixed your bar position tho.

ChamoisJuice said...

Re: Florida men, and me leaving a gaping hole today in living vicariously through other's poor life choices, Bukowski/Palinuk type entertainment, and unabridled joy in hating on douchbaggery, I will leave you to this link to one hour interview with

This florida born wigger rose to fame in the late 90's by force of his braggadocio and huge backflips. His main sponsors at the time were Huffy and JNCO jeans. He is now a tatted, weightlifter with a hitler youth hipster hair do. He definitely fucks more bitches than you do.

P. Bateman said...

damn CJ - that interview is some real talk.

"now i'm supposed to shoot my best friend in the head. we shook on it"

was mad good.

bad boy of the north said...

yonkers deer are not timid because they are all rabid.oh,deer!

bad boy of the north said...

apparently,jared also blamed his weight loss for his!

K-Bo said...

Is that a pie plate on the Pine 1?

P. Bateman said...

@bad boy - but i thought he wanted to get into smaller pants?

bad boy of the north said...

right!did you just make that up?better copywrite that one.

Pathetic Old Cyclist said...


P. Bateman said...

no. heard that the other day.

also, something something about eating fresh....

P. Bateman said...

actually, let me go ahead an apologize in advance for the bad jokes. i did listen to a few minutes of the dr. phil/jared tapes and it really is just freaking horrendous. jail time is less than he deserves. really terrible.

Roille Figners said...

Oh that is brutal. (Jared jokes.)

His introductory news-media prefix is now "Disgraced Subway Pitchman" isn't it.

How you think the boys'll treat him in prison?

Jared Fogle said...

Hey Kids!

Say "tuna sub" backwards.

That's what I'm gonna do on your face

Anonymous said...

Lot of Michael Jackson jokes being recycled as Jared jokes.

Also, speaking of wild turkey, with older, cheaper handlebars, (like on old Schwinns) the corks from wild turkey bottles make good bar end plugs. With newer, more expensive bars, the tube walls are thinner so the inside diameter is too big for the corks. Unless you use rubber cement to keep them in place.

Dooth said...

Wildcat, back in the 70's, the Grand Concourse was bicycles only on Sundays for a few hours. You can bring those days back. Bikes only on the Grand Concourse, not the 70's, please.

dop said...

Did you ever try to chase wild turkeys?

I tried to catch those two after I'd finished a run.

bad boy of the north said...

yeah...back in the 70s,80s,'d ride your bike for a few hours...'cause it'd be stolen from underneath you..before you'd finish your ride.let's do a gran bronxdon't(TM) on the grand concourse the next time.

Anonymous said...

My first century this year - must be rutting season.

Ze Cherman said...

Hässlich die Karre aber schönes Bild das 2te.

McFly said...

NH, no but I did set the entire surgery up via social media and instant messaging. She was already in the O.R. that day and said she would do her best to SQUEEZE ME IN. My honey is convinced she has a lady boner for McFly but I couldn't be that lucky.

my2hands said...

Unbridled enthusiasm - The story of Billy Mumphrys.

Mike Skinyard said...

Killin' it on Strava.

ChamoisJuice said...

Is that a pie plate on the Pine 1?

Of course it is. Bikesnob is not really a bike snob anymore. He's more of a Bikeener. If it's got wheels, and the tires got air in em, and it gives him an excuse to get out of the house and ride around in circles in a dog park, maybe hop some frozen turds, canine or bum variety, in the middle of his baby formula run, he's all about it. BIKEEN IS AWESOME!

If the snob took his responsibilities as a bikesnob srsly, he'd pull that sunrace 11-42 cassette (which is totally awesome, that there's a $60 11-42 10 speed option out there, did not know that existed, will be my next cluster) off, toss it on the 29" wheels off his fucked up geometry on-one, and test out that marin's versatility. I am confident that he would find it would ride about 500X more confidently and stable and fun and less likely the knife the bars and send him tumbling to osteoporosis induced collar bone explosion.

He'd also prolly try and take it on an actually mountain bike ride. Generally involves a mountain. There is actually are really sweet 1500ft one, Mount Beacon, that is multi-modially accessible by train.
Beacon Station
Bout a 20 minute pedal from the station to the mountainmountain There's a fire lookout tower at the top with sweeping views of the hudson river valley, and cool ruins of a cansino and incline railway that on the Natl Historic Register. And hella sick rock gnur.

Anonymous said...

It is also somewhat amusing to me that the most desirable place to live in NYC in snob's mind is about as far out of the city as you can get before you actually cross into upstate territory

BikeSnobNYC said...


No pie plate on the Pine 1, that's the large cog.

If it's got wheels, and the tires got air in em, and it gives him an excuse to get out of the house and ride around in circles in a dog park, maybe hop some frozen turds, canine or bum variety, in the middle of his baby formula run, he's all about it. BIKEEN IS AWESOME!

That's pretty much exactly right, I'm sure plenty of grown-ups can relate to slotting a little fun into a busy day. Just top up the tires and go.

They can't all be "epics."

--Wildcat Etc.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 12:50am,

1) I'm right by the subway, about a ten minute bike ride to Manhattan (well, the northern tip anyway), have easy access to all the great stuff in the Bronx, and can get to the good riding north of the city in minutes. Why is it amusing that a New Yorker who likes to ride a bike would find that desirable?

2) If you think crossing into Westchester is "upstate territory" then you ain't been upstate.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

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