Thursday, August 13, 2015

Safety First, Common Sense Last

All right fellow cyclists, time to hang it up, because Bob "Oatmeal Nuts" Ryan has the last word on why bikes don't belong on the streets:
Yeah, Bob, we're not yelling at you because we're mad at you; we're only yelling at you to let you know you're making a complete fool of yourself, in the same way we might yell at the forgetful senior who's left the house without putting on his pants.  Honestly we don't care either way. We're just doing all this for your sake because we're nice people.

Anyway, it hardly warrants mentioning that his argument is self-defeating, in that if you're going to use deaths as a metric for what doesn't belong on the roads then cars should be the first thing to go.  But what's also interesting is that back in 2012 Ryan admitted he's washed up and doesn't know shit:

On February 14, 2012, during a podcast with Bill Simmons on, Ryan announced that he would retire after the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Said Ryan, "I really and truly believe that my time has come and gone; that the dynamics of the business, of what it takes, what it means to be involved in the sports business with all the Tweeting and the blogging and all the stuff, and an audience with a different taste - it's not me anymore. I'm not comfortable." Ryan indicated that he would stay involved with sports in a part-time capacity after retirement, but is not interested in continuing at the pace he does now. Ryan's last day as a Red Sox reporter was July 16, 2012

"The Tweeting and the blogging and the rock music and the kids today with the pants hanging down..."  Yes, the world is a bewildering place, and I'm sure all those bikes whizzing by while he's trying and failing to parallel park only add to his confusion.  Might be time for Ryan log off Twitter once and for all.  Because it's never too late to put on some pants.

Speaking of the safe and dignified mode of transport that is the motor vehicle, a Twitterer informs me that all heck broke loose over a parking space at a Denver Walmart:

(I love it when news stories like this have car ads in front of them.)

DENVER, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Denver would like the public’s help identifying two people involved in a vehicular assault that started as a fight over a parking spot at a Walmart.

“Especially at Walmart, you shouldn’t be doing stuff like that,” said Walmart shopper Donnie Martinez.

I agree completely.  Is nothing sacred?!?  Schools, funerals, Denver Philharmonic Orchestra performances, sure.  But not at Walmart.

During the fight the female suspect drove an SUV, possibly a Chevy Suburban with custom rims and hit the man. As the victim falls, the other man in a red hat yells at the crowd then jumps into the SUV and speeds away.

Investigators said the victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

“We believe it was over a parking space. Maybe one space was sticking out too far. Some sort of something. Something unnecessary,” said Denver Police spokeswoman Christine Downs.


Anyway, the victim has since been released from the hospital, but no word yet on the condition of the custom rims.

And while we're on the subject of driving, I was recently watching "The French Connection," which of course contains that amazing car chase:

Because we now live in the future I found myself multitasking by reading about the film on my smartphone while watching it, and I was fascinated to learn this:

Though the cast ultimately proved to be one of the film's greatest strengths, Friedkin had problems with casting choices from the start. He was strongly opposed to the choice of Hackman for the lead, and actually first considered Paul Newman (out of the budget range), then Jackie Gleason, Peter Boyle and a New York columnist, Jimmy Breslin, who had never acted before.[Note 3] However, Gleason, at that time, was considered box-office poison by the studio after his film Gigot had flopped several years before, Boyle declined the role after disapproving of the violent theme of the film, and Breslin refused to get behind the wheel of a car, which was required of Popeye's character for an integral car chase scene

One less car indeed.  Had Breslin been a driver we would not have had Gene Hackman as "Popeye Doyle."  This alone makes up for all that other crap you read in The Daily News, including Bike Snob Daily News's review of the old Citi Bikes.

Now let's talk about dick breaks:

Further to yesterday's post, in which I mentioned them, one reader noted the oft-cited rationale that dick breaks on road bikes are not about sheer stopping power; rather, they're about improved "modulation:"

(Click here for the correct pronunciation.)

Don't buy it.  You're playing right into their hands.

Now I'm not against dick breaks, and there are certainly some good reasons for dick breaks on road bikes.  For example, if you're a professional cyclist, you may occasionally find yourself descending mountain passes in the rain with crabon rims and a borderline T/E ratio, in which dick breaks will certainly perform better.  Or, if you commute in a rainy climate, perhaps you need the more predictable foul-weather braking.

Moreover, I fully acknowledge that dick breaks on road bikes are almost certainly the future, and I'm sure that as a recovering Fred and incorrigible bike dork I will one day own such a bicycle.

But "modulation?"  Come on.  It's exactly all this "marginal gains" nonsense that's always getting us in trouble--like those stupid press-fit bottom brackets, which are supposed to be a teensy bit stiffer than regular bottom brackets, but who cares when they're a giant pain in the ass?  By the way, press-fit bottom brackets sucked 20 years ago, and they still suck today:

So I'm not saying there's anything wrong with dick breaks; I'm just saying that "improved modulation" is the equivalent of "increased stiffness"--which is to say it mostly just sounds impressive in catalog copy.

In other words, don't buy the modern equivalent of that Klein.

Also, don't forget: rim brakes are disc brakes with a really big rotor that's been integrated into the wheel for weight savings.  Believe it or not, you can even still use rim brakes to go mountain biking--even thought the very idea has become unthinkable.  In fact, if the trails are so sloppy that you need disc brakes to ride it, then you probably shouldn't even be on the trail in the first place--but nobody wants to acknowledge that, because if your mountain bike is not equipped to ride through a mudslide during a snowstorm you're now considered some kind of "woosie."

Ah, bikes...  For awhile no brakes was cool, and now excessive braking is the new no brakes.

Lastly, here's the fastest bike in the world--and it's not a Venge-Schmenge:

Note the disc brakes.


Anonymous said...


Bryan Bracy said...


Anonymous said...

Je suis dans le premier dix.

Shawn said...

How did I get here?

streepo said...


Anonymous said...

I'd like to be a spokesperson for clean commenting.

P. Bateman said...

nice Klein. love those.

also, top TENsile. so strong i should go by the name Cro-MO

Anonymous said...

Top tennis?

ubercurmudgeon said...

It's a lot tougher to get "Excessive brakes" on a knuckle tattoo than "No brakes". Perhaps "Xces Brks" or "XxlB rake"?

NYCHighwheeler said...

Disc brakes = Less dish = More flex in wheels.

Or you could have more unsprung rotational weight... everyone loves that!

I've still got the old canti's on the Purple Special Ed, and Keith Bontrager says there better then V's if you set them up just right. Since I never do anything right, I liked V brakes, but it has been awhile since I had a mtb frame with rear brake studs.

After bleeding Magura Hydros until my own blood is half mineral oil, I have a new love for steel cables.

I miss my no suspension single speed with v breaks. The riding to dicking-around-with ratio was off the charts!


P. Bateman said...

wow, 145 miles per hour. that is definitely fast.

those french will cry over anything.

Dolly said...

Is that a T/A ratio instead of T/E?

McFly said...

It would take 5 gallons of oatmeal paste to coat Eric Barone's balls.

If there is any leftover feel free to run a strip down the scranus.

janinedm said...

13 deaths in 5 years? Biking in Boston is several orders of magnitude safer than enjoying air conditioning in the Bronx. Also the "I'm not a robot" quiz made me really question whether I think a taco is a kind of sandwich (arguably? maybe? sorta?)

Kenny Banya said...

Go that way...really fast. If something gets in your way...turn.

ChamoisJuice said...

Safety third!

Disc brakes rule, eric bar one can beat you at arm wrestling.

Vanity Fair had a kinda funny article about tinder.
“There have been two major transitions” in heterosexual mating “in the last four million years,” he says. “The first was around 10,000 to 15,000 years ago, in the agricultural revolution, when we became less migratory and more settled,” leading to the establishment of marriage as a cultural contract. “And the second major transition is with the rise of the Internet.”

Ehh, forgot about the birth control pill.

Anonymous said...

Apparently there has been a dramatic increase in Amish biking in a few areas, and despite no serious accidents it is considered a dangerous new thing; just like Bike Share Bikes which so far are safer than riding a bus, and yet ignoring the car-nage is the main American Spin.

"Even with the explosion of bicycles in the Amish country, officials say the county has been fortunate in terms of serious accidents. "We have had no serious accidents reported yet," said Allison. "It only takes one to turn this into a much bigger problem. We're trying to avoid that first one."

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you again, Wildcat, Hipster single speeds on the Price is Right 8/13/15.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Eric Barone has huge cajones.

Anonymous said...

Hip, Hip, fromage!

balls™ said...

I still rock my 1996 Klein "Pulse-something" if I go off-road. It might be time for a new MTB if I ever spent more time on trails. I've tinkered it near to death, not much left beyond the frame and that huge seat post.

26" wheels, too. I might die.

IAAF_"forgot"_to_sanction_some_athletes said...

descending mountain passes in the rain with crabon rims and a borderline T/E ratio four times the human norm

I fixed that for you. 4/1 threshold is a license to dope. You don't get popped for T/E unless it crosses 4/1. 99.99% of humans are about 1/1, marginally higher if you are a teenage male.

Of course, there is the carcinogenic effects of too much Test for too long. But, the IOC does not seem to mind giving a few athletes cancer.

Good thing cycling is clean now.

JB said...

In Bicycling magazine, 20 years (+/-) from now: "The new Specialized Venge-Smenge has integrated each brake disc into the wheel itself for substantial weight savings. The brakes wrap around the tire itself to squeeze on the rims. Plus, the effective rotor diameter is maximized. This allows for wider hub flanges, resulting wheels that some say are stiffer than a preacher's prick. Also, the beefy bottom bracket transfers power directly to the road and the rest of the frame is laterally stiff and vertically compliant. MSRP is $77,950, which seems like a bargain for all of this cutting edge technology."

The real Ted K. said...

Explosion of bikes in the Amish country? Now THAT'S dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Concrete chunk crippler massacres 4 bikers, 1 car driver in Minneapolis, still at large.

press_fit_hootenany said...


Way back in the day I worked on quite a few of those style Klein's and never ran into frame/bearing creak.

Cranks creaked on the spindle occasionally, but that was easy to fix.

Replacing that bottom bracket assembly was no fun.

I was on the West coast at the time, soooo maybe East coast conditions aggravated things?

RD NoFA said...

Imagine how fast that guy could go if his puffy suit allowed him to pedal!

BikeSnobNYC said...


I'm mostly referring to the replacement issue, my bearings were worn and by then replacements didn't really exist and I would have had to get afternarket parts from Germany or something. (If I remember right.)

--Wildcat Etc.

Real Fast French Guy said...

Zi spectators say whoo hoo hoo for me, I am tre cool, no?

Captcha would not let me pick the book as food, does the book not nourish the mind?

BamaPhred said...

"Borderline T/E ratio" sly, Sir Snob, sly
Wasn't Landis at 11:1?

Anonymous said...

Mid pack fodder

press_fit_hootenany said...

Yeah Snobby,

I vaguely recall shop owner figured out not even the ex-Klein dealer in town was carry those parts and made good service money stocking a couple of them. (doubles and triples of course)

Of course, that meant the service monkey, me, had to get the old one out. Sometimes it was easy, sometimes very very difficult. Heat gun was last resort but ALWAYS worked.

Walter Palmer said...

[future post] wow JB, does that Schmenge come with extinct lion fur saddle? I'd like to buy one for Generalissimo Trump for the Mexican wall completion ceremonies.

Fred Nifacent said...

"The local success stories really don’t suggest that more cycling leads to high fatality rates," he says. "The national numbers may hide that."

Just saying

JLRB said...

Today's post took me on some kind of wormhole through old BSNY posts - back through 2009 - pussies through puffins if you will

Just a coincidence that [Bob] Ryan hares a name with the guy who posted about his superhuman bikecycling skillz

And it looks like the doughy fund manager ended up with just a couple of misdemeanors despite objections from the left-for-dead surgeon cyclist

I hope this link works - check out the "also known for" in the bottom right

A popular web search indicates he is still funding away at Smith Barney

sdl said...

these braking "innovations" are a switcheroo: while the dick overs those advantages you rattled off (mostly thriving in wet and sloppy environments), it's really hi-drawl-ick that provides the modulation. and modulation IS advantageous, and is not a new thing, but 99% of the time is superfluous. you know what else? for braking power AND modulation one should "run" hide-relic RIM brakes, which actually exist and are amazing, and are currently on a lot of trials bikes. here again road bikes are benefiting from (i.e., co-opting) improvements elsewhere, namely mountain bikes, but doing a piss-poor job at it except for the marketing. unfortunately, there is still a lot of distance to go in that direction, as specialized has yet to release a road bike featuring fox components. i can't WAIT till roadies start donning fox fashionalia.

Choirmaster Bob said...

JB- you had me at stiffer than a preacher's prick

gecko said...

Press fit by Profile circa 1980. Still some of the best cranks around.

PotbellyJoe said...

Just wait until the Special Guyz at the Red S get a load of perimeter disc brakes our bikes will look all sorts of weird. I expect a Kickstarter any day now from someone with this design.

Barone's crash on the disintegrating bike was frightening. The fact that he's even able to hold the handlebars after that is impressive.

leroy said...

Dear Mr. BSNYC --

Thank you for the video of Mr. Barrone achieving Woo-Hoo speed and then some.

My dog insists the video demonstrates that had I sprung for the dual helment system depicted in the video, he would have borrowed that too in conjunction with his use of my BSNYC cap and avoided all damage to my prized headwear.

I told him chapeau, but I'm not buying it.

Two helments may be better than one, but they offer no protection against wet dog smell.

Hoghopper said...

As my own mechanic, i must say that PF bottom brackets are awesome.

Billy said...

What's the consensus on drum brakes like the Nexus rollerbrakes? I like the idea, but haven't used any for long. Weather-sealed, needs maintenance once a year, doesn't grind up your wheels with road salt in the winter. They're a little mushy (is that modulation?) but can still lock up the front wheel just fine.

bad boy of the north said...

that's really "the French connection" chase scene,i didn't notice any starbucks coffee shops.maybe gene already had his cup a'joe.alas,it was 1971,but starbucks was but a wee liitle place in seattle.

crosspalms said...

New to Twitter? Try this one weird trick to attract attention: Say stupid things about cyclists! This foolproof method has worked for dozens of current and former journalists just as out of touch as you!

Anonymous said...

vsk said ...

Exactly Billy !

I was just thinking - frein a tambour! If it was good enough for a Rene Herse tandem, it's good enough for my velo a route leger!

Actually, the way to go, 'specially for the Utah going downhill guy is Hi Droll Lik dicky brakes, small cantis on the rims, and a handle operated fully modulating drum brake, cause 'you just can't get enough' as the 80s song says.

My reealy old fashioned Shee Man Oh! 6500 All Teg Ra squeezy brakes have like this much pad left (still trying to position the micrometer).


Regular guy said...

How fast is that in American? Doesn't look that fast in slow motion.

tony said...

Disc brakes are here. Stop whining.

Roille Figners said...

"woo hoo" = 40 mph

each successive "hoo" adds 3mph (so for example, "woo hoo hoo hoo" = 46 mph)

which means Barone (one more reason to use 'baronial') at 223 kph or 139 mph is actually going woo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! speed

TerpJD said...

I'm not sure how you can even parody an argument as ridiculous as "13 deaths in 5 years in a major metropolitan city." I'd bet good money that more people in Boston have died in that span of time from heart attacks after watching Red Sox games.

DB said...

Around my part of the country, Amish buggies get plowed into as much as bicycles, maybe more.
When driving country roads, always look for empty Gu wrappers and horse poop. Tells you what's up ahead.

Roille Figners said...

Oh yeah and Bob Ryan let me give you a quick thought experiment:

412 rapes in Boston in one year. Getting raped on one of our streets is not worth it. I favor life, not rapings. Women don't belong on the streets. This is rather obvious. It's just not safe for women. The country is not set up to accommodate women safely.

Select all images with baby carriages.... well a helicopter could carry a baby...

Anonymous said...

Oh man! "Gigot" with Jackie Gleason!
Amazing, thanks for reminding me. Think you can find a copy over at Kim's....

JLRB said...

They never did show how Barone in his minion helment stopped that crazy thing ... Long roll out/up at the end? Power slide skid? Silly woohooers were blocking the view .. Why were the guys at the top off the hill hugging each other like they barely survived?

VSK - add a parachute to the mix and the Utah guy might have had a chance

janinedm said...

I have roller brakes on my Oma. I live at the top of a hill and my bike is heavy. As I am not dead, I'd say they're good brakes. They're slow, like you said, but they are unaffected by rain. And explaining to people why you do in fact need to lube your brakes is always good for a hoot.

Spokey said...

i have no problem modulatin my front V brakes. I can easily get to the point where they are just starting a low squeal. if i could only get the friggin thing to not squeal. that's why i'm thinking of going back to canti or trying dik breaks.

1904 Cadardi said...


My old mountaining bikecycle has canti's. They squeal like a big when wet. (even when toed in)
My new mountaining bikecycle has dyk breaks. They howl like a banshee when hot. (even when freshly bedded).

The only brakes that don't seem to make horrible noises are the rim brakes on my roadening bikecycle. Go figure.

I will say the dick breaks on the new mountaining bikecycle don't require Popeye sized forearms squeezing the levers to haul me to stop. One finger will easily do it, so that part is quite nice.

Spokey said...

funny thing is i can throw a pair on the rear, make a quick alignment and all is fine. on the front i keep buying new pads, toe them in and can't get the squeal to stop. i switched to kool-stop salmon which are supposedly quiet. no good. back to the oem (avid 7-digit rim wrangler 2). same squealing.

guess you're saying just live with it.

JLRB said...

Spokey - Wear headphones

1904 Cadardi said...


Did you happen to get a squirrel caught in your front wheel? Those can get kinda noisy too.

I have a bike with mechanical diks and those are quiet. And simple. And cheap. Oh but they don't have as good of modulation as the hydraulic argle-bargle-blah-blah. Using janinedm's standards they must be good because they stop the bike and I'm not dead. Seems reasonable to me.

babble on said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
babble on said...

JanineDM Yup, I hear you and 61 lb Bea bike has seen me safely through a few hilly wet Vancouver winters. They're surprisingly low maintenance - just a bit of grease, right? - till they need maintenance. When they fail they really fail. It's not like a squeak that gradually gets louder, it's more one big screeeeech and then they're done.

Yeowza that French connection flick sent me back. Cheers, snobberdooders. And that mountain Fred. Heh. Those are some kindov boots. Man after my own heart, Barone. Ho Oi oweeee that was some spill he took. Yikes.

Heh heh. I sometimes get paid to read and share your witty words with the world. That's pretty cool. Oh yeah, and on the news this morning I learned that lol is dead. It's over. Well, old folks like me remember when it used to mean lots of loven before it was appropriated so that almost everyone used it to mean Laugh out Loud. But now the sound of laughter is more onomatopoeic, with hahahaha. or HAHAHAHA! or even BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Didn't BGW spell it out something like that, or am I having a memory plasticity moment?

Anonymous said...

Re: front canti squeal. Try a bit of toe out on the pads.

BikeSnobNYC said...


What if you use a different wheel?

--Wildcat Etc.

Anonymous said...

Pro Tip: Just the tip

Spokey said...

haven't tried that. but that's an idea. swap 'em and see if the squeal follows the wheel or not. but what does it mean if it does follow the wheel? I've also tried clean, clean, clean the braking surface.

wow when i reply to snobbie, robot just lets me slide. no picking food, pickup trucks or nuttin.

BikeSnobNYC said...


If it works keep using that wheel.

You're welcome.

--Wildcat Etc.

BikeSnobNYC said...

By the way, toeing in/out NEVER works.

--Wildcat Etc.

Bikeboy said...

Re: The French Connection. I have to laugh! Peter Boyle turned down the "Popeye" role because he disapproved of the violent nature of the film, and then a couple years later he support-acted in Taxi Driver. And how about Young Frankenstein, huh? He did a lot of violent monster-hollerin' in THAT one!

Spokey said...

those were milk toast for boyle. he must have been still recuperating from his title role a year earlier in the ultra-violent Joe

BamaPhred said...

Uumm, out of desperation on my squealing front canti I lightly rubbed the braking surfaces with some emery cloth. Squeal stopped.

David Byrnes Hyundai said...

I only brake for David Byrne. The foot or the hand does the modulating. My first time with v-brakes almost sent me over the top. Sometimes they squealed sometimes not. Toe in helped, sometimes. Advantage of dicks is they are easier to squeeze and stop, unless you have a really long downhill and the pads are fried and the rotors are glazed. No amount of force can make them work. V-brakes would heat the rims like crazy, someone lied to me and said that could pop the tire, right.

My setup is two discs up front and two old school drums out back.

Spokey said...

thx. guess that's workable although it would be nice to then ride the other bike without squeal and not swap wheels everytime i ride a different bike. i guess maybe i could think about a new wheel although spousy has given the go-ahead for a new biek even though i also bought a new dino eater earlier this year. so that might be the solution.

Spokey said...


scoured the rim or the pads?

Anonymous said...

Bike Boy 613 Peter Boyle - Young Frankenstein. It was Popeye who burned YF's finger thinking he was lighting a cigar.

Roille Figners said...

Seems like all I ever get out of toeing-in is to wear the front of the pad down faster until it has essentially un-toed itself again. Maybe I'm toeing too much. Still I think the REAL sources of brake squeal are insufficiently stiff break-arms, and loose hinges/bearings. But then you're talking about replacing costly parts including maybe even a FORK if they're V-brakes, and it's like, whadda I look like, DONALD TRUMP

Anonymous said...

1904 Cadardi @ 4:54, I've heard that like your dyk breaks, Babs howls like a banshee when hot as well.

Anonymous said...

Blogger BikeSnobNYC said...
By the way, toeing in/out NEVER works.

--Wildcat Etc.

August 13, 2015 at 6:05 PM

Steady on there, big fella!

Pardon the qualification, but with V-brakes at least, my experience has been toeing is the ONLY way to stop the squealing. Canties and everything else don't squeal on me.

Assuming you don't tolerate wailing brakes, share with us your masterful technique for silencing the din, why don't you?

BamaPhred said...

Spokey, both, somehow I decided something must have glazed them. Actually I use a fingernail board on the pads, to try to maintain a nice flat surface. (Don't tell spousy, she is still looking for it.) Easy does it.

Hoghopper said...

As my own mechanic, i must say that PF bottom brackets are awesome.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 9:05pm,

I claim no mastery, and it was more of an offhanded comment, AND I've never had a problem with shrieking v-brakes. But here's my experience:

I have had shrieking cantis (who hasn't?) and never got anywhere with all the various toeing tricks. Ultimately the solution was either adjusting cable height or something like that, or else just swapping brakes between bikes. (For example I once had some Avid cantis that wouldn't shut up on a cyclocross bike but were very happy on a mountain bike, and the cantis that had been on that mountain bike were in turn very happy on the cyclocross bike.)

I have also had shrieking discs, which was just a matter of swapping the pads--and the shrieking pads were also perfectly quiet when I reused them on a different bicycle.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Spokey said...

thanks bama et. al.

and i do apologize for posting / asking real bike talk when i should be saying scranus, boobies etc. i'll do better tomorrow after i fail the quiz as i once again didn't hit the books this week.

Spokey said...


never had a problem with cantis. i guess it all comes down to what side of the oyster bed lob gets up on on any given day.

BikeSnobNYC said...


Did you try a different wheel yet!?! I'm dying to know!

--Wildcat Etc.

Pathetic Old Cyclist said...

Since we're watching old car chases from the seventies...the French Connection led right into the Seven Ups, from 1973, culminating with Roy Schider under a semi trailer. It bought to mind a verrrry old mcMillan and wife that had a bike chase through San Francisco...worth watching, kinda corny

Anonymous said...

Son: Dad, what does gay mean?
Dad: Happy son. It means happy.
Son: Then are YOU gay DAD?
Dad: No son...... i have a wife...

JLRB said...

If my dick ever breaks I imagine I will shriek

Spokey said...

not yet. not as easy on that bike. the front rack doesn't allow the brakes to pivot out far enough and the quick release lever also interferes with removing the wheel as it jams where the rack attaches at the bottom. fixing a flat is easier on that bikes rear wheel.

but first had to make spousy's dinner, wash the dishes then two loads of wash. maybe tomorrow but first have to do a stint at the county 4-h fair and then go over to the son-in-law's restaurant and fix some electrical stuff.

but i'm not 100% lazy. the substitute wheel is sitting in front of me. but that's got a quick release where the brake wire meets the bridge wire.

will let you know how it works

BikeSnobNYC said...


Deflate tire, unscrew and extract quick release from axle, remove wheel.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

David Pearce said...

Dear "Wildcat etc.",

I don't know if you had the exact Klein Gossamer as in the photo, or just a similar Klein with a pressed-in BB, but I have to say, I liked all the pictures of the Gossamer on the BikeRadar website, it really was a beautiful gem or jewel of a bike.

If not on your blog, at least in the BikeRadar commentary about the Klein, it almost veered into the territory of the "Off the Beaten Path" blog, with all the comments about the "shiny" metal. I am an amateur woodworker, and used to be a "wood snob", liking wood and sniffing at metal, but then I got into bicycles again, and began to feel the allure of metal, especially shiny metal, and the close tolerances that can be achieved with metal.

I went back in your posts, to the guy you sold your Klein to, and from there, back to the guy (the SAME guy!) who was sucking on your wheel and then calling you a rude name. What I admired and admire about you is that you have maintained your enthusiasm for bicycles & bicycling, especially considering how everything comes around again & again & again, just like a rotating bike wheel.

So (if I may be excused for using the "Initial 'So'"), I built myself a randonneur bike on a Polyvalent frame from Vélo-Orange. I learned how to lace and true wheels, complete with Sapim CX-Ray bladed spokes, and a Campy Gruppo from 1998 off a Trek "Crabon" bike frame that was "delaminating", according to the eBay seller. At one time, I was obsessively involved with that bike, or at least the building of it.

And yet today, the bike remains unfinished, although completely rideable, and I admit it was and is hard for me to keep interested in it. Last time I rode it, I had to pump up its supple tires almost from flat. I have yet to do the diligent and difficult task of leading an electric wire from the front-hub-dynamo (SP) up inside the front fork, through and under the front fender, and then out to the fancy German light that is languishing on my workbench. And I have yet to rev up my enthusiasm to finish lacquering my lemon yellow handlebar tape with garnet lacquer flakes dissolved in DN alcohol, forcing me to ride, as I do now, with the bars in-betwixt-&-between, partly lacquered and partly not.

I don't know how you've managed to maintain your bicycle momentum and enthusiasm, but I sure do salute you for it! And I am getting back to my bike now, after a bit of a hiatus, so thanks very much for helping me regain my enthusiasm for cycling.

Dave in D.C.

Anonymous said...

Weren't Vehicular Assault an 80s thrash band??

Kendall Clukey said...

Disc vs rim test

Frickus Rungus said...

I was trying silence the squealing from the front canti on my wife's bike recently and I came across someone who claimed that a front brake cable that is routed through a cable.stop up by the headset can be squeaking because of fork flex. The fork gets flexed back by the braking, reaches a point where the pressure is greater than the breaks ability to hold and then snaps back. This supposedly happens very rapidly, over And over.
I tried switching to v style brakes and I haven't had any problems since.
The new brakes have housing all of the way to the noodle, so they avoid the fork flex issue. But they also have new pads, so that could be it... Or maybe I just finally got the right amount of toe in? Maybe I should have changed the wheel or given the pads a pedicure? I guess you just screw with it enough and randomly swap parts until you get the results you want...

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