Thursday, September 20, 2007

BSNYC Thursday Fun Quiz #2!

Because I believe standardized testing is the backbone of our educational system, I've created another quiz. Like last time, just read the question and click on your answer. If you're right, you'll see the item. If you're wrong, you'll see this image of pro cycling blowhard John Eustice trying to figure out just what it is Bob Roll is trying to figure out. So grab a #2 pencil, sharpen it, and use it to defend yourself against predators while you take the test. Good luck.

1) The owner of this bike got it in trade for:

--A laptop computer

--An iPod

--A pair of Iron Maiden Vans

--A gallon of Thompson's Water Seal

2) Which of the following was an actual TV moment?

--NYC messenger appears on "Ellen"

--Critical Mass riders appear on "Oprah"

--Tall bike fabricator appears on "American Chopper"

--Brakeless fixed-gear rider appears on "Judge Judy"

3) Which TV and movie star made a "cameo" today on Fixedgeargallery?

--Gary Busey

--Vincent D'Onofrio

--James Gandolfini

--Will Smith

4) Which is a real bike crew?

--Baton Rouge Louisianimals

--BKLYN Bikereckers

--Wolfpack Hustle

--Whale Pod Shuffle

5) Which is a real "track bike boutique?"

--Chop'd Ryzrz (Chapel Hill)

--Sir Skidz-a-Lot (San Diego)

--No Brakes (Atlanta)

--56x12 (Boston)

6) You can buy a track bike by which fashion designer?

--Donatella Versace

--Paul Smith

--Marc Jacobs

--Marc Ecko

7) Colored anodizing went out in the 90s along with grunge and MTB suspension stems.



8) Large-brimmed hats fly off your head if you ride fast. So no cycling clothing company would make one.




Eric said...

I'm really bad at these...and I'm not sure its a bad thing.

pete said...

Crap. I am another child left behind. I failed.

Gram in PDX said...

speaking on the ridiculous fortyninesixteen hat, though the front only aerospoke is a nice touch though, does anyone remember the helmets that they made in the early 90's, I want to say by Bell that were essentially a giant six panel hat with a bill? I distinctly remember my LBS telling me they had to take a few as part of a helmet order, and the 'cross-color' looking things sitting around for years becausethey were so big that they made you look like a 3 year old wearing Shaq's hat.

Eventually, the shop owner tried to just give me one, and now I wish I'd taken it just so I could laugh at it. If you remember anything about them let me know. Nice page BSNYC, if you ever feel like it, you should clown on some of portland's CL ads, there is plenty of material here.

Josh said...

CD jewel cases are the new spoke card.

davidh said...

Oh my god, what a gallery of horrors. I can see why you are moved to blog about this nonsense. I would go crazy in NYC.

JDC said...

I wish the famous designer bike was from Mark Ecko. He could paint it black and orange, with a giant SF on the headbadge and call it the bike that BALCO built. Or the Bonds Bomber? There could be pine tar instead of bar tape...

Or maybe... he'd let the public decide what to do with it?!

Anonymous said...

gram in pdx -

are you talking about this?

todd said...

Move over front Aerospokes- looks like "Spin Rage" is the new saddest thing on a "bike."

Check it out:

Aaron M said...

I actually got most of those right without having to guess. Of course, most of those are old news...

And nobody will ever convince me that anodizing is ugly. I would kill for a turquoise threadless stem.

Anonymous said...

how come the brim on the 49/16 hat is centered? i thought that off-center was the new centered...i'm selling my fixie but watching more ellen; she's high-larious (and quite informative).

Scott said...


The victim was "grunting" and "whooping" while spinning, prompting a physical response from another member of the gym. Whooping? Really?

What's the world coming to when something so hilarious enrages a person to the point where they tackle another person and slam them into the wall? I mean, if someone were whooping at my gym, I'd nearly die laughing.

Whooping. While riding a stationary bike. That guy rules.

Philip Barrett said...

Man I love this blog! As the lone fixie in an obviously backwards city (Dallas, TX), full of high tech carbon-fiber, titanium & gears-a-plenty I had no idea I was so hip & trendy.

I thought I was just riding a somewhat corroded (Italian tubing), slightly mismatched conversion. But no, I'm a fashion leader! How cool is that?

bikesgonewild said...

...hey, half right...just like back in real school if i recall...

...eustice to producer, "how come he got a leather jacket & i didn't ?"
...producer, "shaddup, whiner, roll raced the didn't"

Gram in PDX said...

The link that anonymous 1:50 sent doesn't work for me, but after a short internet cruise I did find what I was looking for. Giro made it from 1994-1996 (before being bought by Bell) and it was called the "Fat Hat." I may be creating false memories but I believe there was even a beanie with a propeller top (or maybe that was our joke of how they could actually sell).

Either way there was one for sale on ebay Canada a while back, pic links are:

The item number was 220133277775.

Now fortyninesixteen needs to get giro to reissue it, sideways of course, and have the color spectrum to match the 2008 velocity rim colors, with the option of machined or non-machined brim. Sorry about the grammatical errors in my first post, it just tells me that I should not do anything before at least 2 double shots of espresso...

Keep it funny y'all,
-Gram AKA Graq in PortTowneLand or the PTL for short.

Russ said...

That Paul Smith bike comes to what, $4,000 US? What a bargain!

JackH said...

So the 'Wolfpack Hustle' do 30-40 miles a night 'No problem'. So they are only out for a couple of hours? What do they do for the rest of the night?

JackH said...

Err, Russ, it actually translates to $5264 plus postage and taxes to get it into the US.

But it's Paul Smith innit?

The irony is that the people who usually buy Mercian's have beards and cycle in courdroys - but certainly not Paul Smith ones.

Anonymous said...

Off subject but Floyd Landis was found guilty, 2-1 vote to uphold.

Philip Barrett said...

It's Paul Smith, what did you expect? His shirts are $300. It's a cool story though, his bike racing aspirations. Plus "riding through the Derby countryside" means this fashionista isn't afraid of some serious hills.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jack-

RE: The Wolfpack, yeah um, usually it's a couple hours of riding time along with a couple hours of waiting/trying to look sweet in tightpants while drenched in sweat.

a friend of mine joined them once for kicks and said they were like the special olympics of group rides. even worse than a team in training/aids ride group.

mr.complaint said...

So a 1970's Raleigh Super Course frame with Sugino crank and Mikashima pedals is a pretty good trade for a used iPod. Who did he trade with, his dad?

Anonymous said...

Philip Barrett, what makes you think that you are the only fixed gear rider in ALL of Dallas? It's just that kind of pretentiousness and self delusion that makes some fixie riders sound so stupid. 'Yeah like i live in a city that has over 1 million people in it and no one else other than me does what i do, i'm soooo special!'

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 5:13pm,

Mr. Barrett may have felt he could speak in generalizations when making what seemed at least to me to be an innocent, good-natured comment.

Are you the other fixed-gear rider in Dallas?


Anonymous said...

this is the first time I have seen this, but it looks to me like the guy on the "fuckin' eight hundred dollar bike!" rode into and then under the van. Does anyone know? Was it the cyclists fault?

Philip Barrett said...

Thanks BikeSnobNYC for the defense. It was meant to be sarcasm (or dare I say funny)? Although I still have to say I've never encountered another fixie here, even though I live 4 blocks from what must be one of the largest LBS' in the US & down the road from a velodrome.

But no one riding my old conversion could be described as "sooooo special."

Anonymous said...

Damnit, there are 3 of us in Dallas!?!?!

Anonymous said...

By the way... Philip is in Frisco, TX. (not to be confused with 'Frisco, CA.) He is correct in describing the bikes that most ride in these parts, although I really don't think he went far enough. The turkeys up here damn near completely disassemble their $7k Colnagos to cram them in the backseat of their BMW Z4s. Apparently you can spend this kinda cash on a bike/car combo, but not get a rack.

*revisiting a BSNYC blog from a few months ago*

Also, comin' to your defense, brother.

fattie-kun said...

To anonymous at 3:37 PM:

By special olympics you mean slow or retarded (or both)? Cuz I've been wanting to ride with them. I could hang with mid-paced regular group ride. All the fixed kids are raving on how fast they were, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,
I've Actually ridden with the Wolfpack crew a couple of times, and those guys are pretty quick. The last time I rode we averaged 22 mph for 42 miles out to Encino. Tight group with some experienced cat 2 racers. You shouyld try it 'fore you knock it Bitch.

bikesgonewild said...

...why do all you people need to remain anonymous ???...get a handle on yourselves...don't you get confused talking back 'n' forth to each other w/out knowing whose who???...

...and don't call it frisco...dammit...even if yer in texas, which speaks for itself...

John said...

The Wolfpack is more of a ride than a crew. The peeps who do it are a nice and diverse bunch who have done a lot for L.A. cycling. Anyone is welcome to ride, so if you're in town, try it out and see if you can stay with them.

I'm no fashion person but I like Paul Smith stuff -- well-made, classic, and generally considered to be a good value despite the price. The shirt may cost $300 but it will probably look nice 10 years from now. I think the bikes look great and are nicely spec'd.

Mercian riders are more likely to be wearing wool, not corduroy.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, an innovation in spoke cards. The bike in the first question employs what I recognize as the packacking to a set of Ernie Ball Super Slinky electric guitar strings. They're 9-gauge, though, and I imagine 12-gauge would be more hip.

Jes said...

Thanks for the shout out (although sarcastic) to No Brakes!

Anonymous said...

BSNYC collects everything that's wrong with cycling and then forgets to flush.

If you find yourself interested in this, tell an adult.

Philip Barrett said...

I'm with you John, I think the Mercian bikes look pretty nice and there's a certain bespoke (haha), Saville Row silk tie'ness about them. When James Bond rides...

JoelMatthews said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bikesgonewild said...

...anon regard to the bike pictured in the first question...dood, now that, is some esoteric guitar slingers knowledge... the way, the owner of that bike said, "yo, yo", in his comments about himself & the bike...

...first time in 3 years anyone in 'marin' has said, "yo, yo"...actual fact...

JoelMatthews said...

Mercian makes nice bikes:

The Smith ain't one of them.

Philip Barrett said...

I don't want to beat this to death (!) but actually the Paul Smith Mercians seem to be pretty reasonably priced considering the hand built frame. Equivalent Ultegra equipped Giants & Canondales go for about the same money.

Now if it wasn't for the crappy exchange rate.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 9:18pm,

I like that! Can I use it?


You're welcome. I only wish you guys the best. (I dropped the sarcasm there, but only for a nanosecond.)

Philip and John,

If Dallas really has no fixed-gear riders you guys would blow minds riding those PS Mercians around there dressed in the height of 60s Carnaby Street fashion. I'm picturing Antonioni's "Blowup" with bikes. Can I motorpace you on a Bonneville? (Of which there is also, conveniently, a PS edition. Is there an iconic British two-wheeled conveyance he hasn't touched?)


BikeSnobNYC said...

Sorry, Jes--typo on your name.


Philip Barrett said...

Oh groovy BikeSnobNYC, that would be swingingly fixadelic.

Confession - I'm a former Brit & Londoner by birth!

Anonymous said...

Comedy gold as always.

Fixed and fitteds, together at last!

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

I blew beer outta my nose... again...

Thanks for the laugh- Interbike preparations are making me a little nuts.

Anonymous said...

BikeSnob -
I used to really enjoy this blog but you are far-to-quickly wilting any joy I have left for riding a bike.
I naively thought cycling was nerdy enough to never reach it's current state of popularity and while more people on bikes is a good thing (in theory), more people buying bikes as an accessory to their wardrobe is killing it for me.
The only form of bicycle I can no longer cringe at is a solid, simple commuter.
God save us.

davidh said...

Anonymous said "The only form of bicycle I can no longer cringe at is a solid, simple commuter."

Oh please, get over it. What is it about a "solid, simple commuter" that merits being hoisted onto a pedestal? Are other kinds of bikes and forms of riding somehow less authentic? Any devoted biker must admit that some level of narcissism and ego-stroking are involved in procuring a bike and riding, whether you're Missy Giove, Sheldon Brown, freaking David Duchovny, or a pack-fill racer like me. We all want to sanctify our particular brand of bike and riding as a superior form of the sport. BSNYC mocks this behavior at one of its extremes, which is part of its good fun. But any segment of the cycling public is ripe for similar treatment, including hair shirt-wearing commuters.

Anonymous said...

maybe - but I can honestly no longer stomach fixed gear bikes in any form - tasteful or not. The few bad apples have ruined the bunch for me - in a big way. if that makes me shallow, stupid or simple, fine. I can live with that.

Anonymous said...

"if that makes me shallow, stupid or simple, fine."

Dood- you are definitely stupid, and simple. You need some manpris and a star tattoo so you can walk your commuter bike to the bar and shout at all the hipsters riding fixed gears- cause it's so last week. All the cool people have 3 speed commuters with panniers and bells.

BikeSnobNYC said...


It is of vital importance that people not stop riding their fixed-gears simply because they are trendy. Not only is it important that people set a good example, but if people do stop for such a ridiculous reason it means that the fashion terrorists have won.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Quiz.
we should try to enjoy our 15min of fame as cycling has it's latest fashion induced flash in the pan. We know from history it won't last. soon some new derivation of the segue or razor scooter will steal the public mind.
Unrelated thought: Cyclist can be divided into 3 main groups: Dandies (rodies, posengers, tall-bikers), Dorks (comutters,'bent riders, unicyclists, and Drunks (mtbr's, real messengers, bums on magnas).

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 9/21 11:44am,

I like that classification system, though I'd argue there are also some people who are all three. (Triple-Ds.) Like Floyd Landis. Though I think he's going to move solidly into the last category.


Philip Barrett said...

"if that makes me shallow, stupid or simple, fine"

I must be all 3 'cos until this blog I didn't know it was hip anyway!
note - previous statement should be taken at face value

'Course us bubbas down here in Texas are a little behind you big city folk anyhow.
note - previous statement is ironic

Seriously let's not go down the motorcycle road of "if it ain't a Harley..."

Anonymous said...

A nod from NYC! We exist We exist!

SKiDmark said...

Riding a tallbike makes you a "dandy"? My tallbike weighs about 4 times as much as my track bike, and with a steering wheel it is quite a bitch to stand up and pedal up hills. After riding it for a few days my track bike feels like it propels itself.

I would put tallbike riders in with the drunks, as tallbikes are usually ridden to or from the liquor/beer store.

Anonymous said...

tall-bikers are dandies just like cat6-racers and posengers, beacuse the most important thing for each of these tribes is looking the part.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how the "Wolfpack" would feel if they knew of the Neo-nazi motorcycle gang in parts of eastern/northern Europe.

Oh wait, this is America. What's Europe?

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