Monday, November 16, 2009

Handy Dandy: The "Need" for Tweed

(AYHSMB saddle by Matt)

When it comes to addressing cycling discomfort, there are two kinds of riders: the kind who take some time to figure out the cause of the problem and to make adjustments and modifications; and the kind who simply spend a bunch of money to purchase a "vibration-damping" crabon replacement. As often as possible, I try to take the former approach, both because I don't have the resources to try out components like they're cheese samples at Whole Foods, and because I think it's fundamentally more sound. More importantly, I think it can be a useful way to approach life in general. Whether it's a job, a home, or even a relationship, sometimes it's better to at least try understand why something isn't working before abandoning it and moving on to another one. Why pay for crabon handlebars when some new bar tape may solve the problem? Why leave your spouse or life partner when all you may need is "Pure Romance by Sochy?" As the old saying goes, "Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater"--unless of course that baby is a Felt Curbside, in which case no amount of bathwater is sufficient.

For this reason, even though it made me sicker than anything I've seen so far this year (and I was at the SSWC, so that's saying a lot), I've been trying to make some sense of my feelings towards that Jared Leto video in the hopes that the process will somehow be edifying. After all, I'm just a bike blogger, and as such I'm really not qualified to pass judgment on people's musical endeavors. The music press, on the other hand, seems to love it. In fact, "Billboard" says that, "Grounded by Leto's convincing vocals, 'Kings and Queens' is epic rock at its most affecting:"

Clearly, I don't understand music very well. What I had thought was "bombastic" is actually "stately;" what struck me as "smarmy" is actually "convincing;" what had seemed "schmaltz" is actually "epic;" and what appeared "affected" is actually "affecting." It's no wonder then that the music business is in such a shambles--people like me simply don't know great music when we hear it. This is not just industry hype, either. Take this comment on the video written by someone named "Johanna:"

omg... I don't know why, but I had tears in my eyes while watching this... It is so amazing­ly beautiful. The song is just so amazing, and now with the video it's beyond perfect. It fits together so well. And the feelings that this video builds inside me are indescribable...<3

Apart from her use of emoticons, Johanna and I actually have a lot in common. I too had tears in my eyes while watching this, and I also experienced powerful and ineffable feelings. The difference, of course, is that while Johanna's brain interprets this as beauty, mine interprets it as disgust. Is this not then indicative of the different manner in which each one of us reacts to the same stimuli? In turn, do these different reactions--yours, and mine, and Johanna's, and "Billboard's" and indeed everybody's--not then resolve themselves into a vast and beautiful tapestry that embodies the exuberant variety of the human experience? And does this tapestry not in turn represent the true meaning of the word "culture"--the eternal act of creation and consumption and recreation, which stands as an eternal testament to the transcendent joy of human expression?

Of course not--Johanna just wants to have sex with Jared Leto. If he had released a film of himself on the toilet after eating an "epic burrito" her comment would have been exactly the same. (I, on the other hand, probably would have viewed the video more favorably.)

At this point then I was confident that I could finally get rid of Jared Leto. (It's fine to discard a component and replace it, so long as you've done your due diligence.) But with whom would I replace him? Which artist would fill cycling-themed musical void in my soul? After much searching, I finally decided to go with Fossil Fool, the "bike rapper." Here he is performing live with a guy in a panda suit:

I'm really "feeling" his reggae-infused soundway, though that panda looks hungry so I'd be wary of rolling up to a Fossil Fool show on my bamboo Calfee. I'd also hesitate before stepping to the rest of his "posse"--particularly the guy with the ice cream cone:

Fossil Fool's "posse" clearly runs deep--there's the dancing panda, the guy who pedals the generator bike, and of course the menacing guy in the background who stands around eating ice cream. With each bite brainfreeze's icy sting undoubtedly grows more acute, and after five or six double-scoop mint chocolate chip cones he's probably ready to raise his Rockport-shod foot and administer an "epic" ass-kicking:

Of course, Fossil Fool's musical superiority isn't the only reason I'm choosing him over Jared Leto as my cycling troubadour of choice; I also admire his "street cred." Beyond the nerdy thug with the sweet tooth, I also get a general sense from Fossil Fool that he tends to "keep it real." Leto, on the other hand, strikes me as an opportunist who simply tapped the "bike culture" as a convenient, visually striking backdrop in the same way a fixed-gear owner uses a graffiti mural for his pretentious Fixedgeargallery shot--though I suppose that's still better than trolling Craigslist for crash footage:

Licensing footage of big hits and crashes from sports events
Date: 2009-11-09, 6:56PM EST
Reply to: [deleted]

We are licensing video footage of extra-ordinary knockout-type hits from sporting events. Examples would be a tackle or check that laid someone out for at least a few moments. We are also looking for crashes during bike races or stunt competitions.

You need to own the rights to the video, and you must be able to send it in within a week. *Include your phone number and a description of your footage or we won't respond*

Apparently the poster is paying $500 per clip, which means this is a potential goldmine for the fixed-gear freestyle community. Fixed-gear freestylers won't go within ten feet of their bicycles unless a friend with a video camera is recording it, and so even the most casual practitioner has hours of crash footage due to the frequency with which they fail to land their "tricks." The only way they could possibly make more money would be if the producers also started paying for "bike checks" or use of the word "colorway." Then, they could all hire sidekicks dressed as animals and dessert-eating bodyguards. Even without the "bike check" bonus, there's still opportunity to "sweeten the pot" if they're ticklish or they resemble either Rosanna Arquette or Martin Scorcese.

Personally, I'm not that interested in watching videos of people crashing their bikes, though I suppose I'd enjoy it a bit more if the crashes took place during a "tweed ride," and number of readers have informed me that another one of these rides was just held in Washington, DC:

Not only that, but the Washington Post has gone so far as to suggest that tweed rides represent "a new masculinity:"

Apparently, this "new masculinity" involves simultaneously humiliating yourself and interfering with public transportation:

Around noon, Brewer rings a brass bell and the riders roll out of the alley, marking a leisurely pace down Eighth Street toward Eastern Market, gliding over the pulp of pulverized leaves, as pedestrians stop and watch and wonder what exactly distinguishes this mob from any other that organizes in Washington. A Metrobus huffs and puffs behind the bike jam, honking its horn. "You rapscallion!" cries one tweed rider, shaking his fist at the bus driver.

I'm glad the Post has straightened that out for me, since until I read that I was under the impression that the "new masculinity" was about combining ice cream and ass-kicking, or at least about not being afraid to wear shorts like this guy (as forwarded to me by Stevil Kinevil):

They are second-hand shorts, though, so I suppose it's technically "used masculinity."

It's also interesting that the cyclists of our nation's capital seem to be nostalgic for the days of limited suffrage, and I only hope that come the next election "new masculinity" doesn't involve organizing a ride to block female access to polling places. I also hope that people don't start measuring bicycles in "hands" instead of centimeters, though judging from Craigslist this may already be taking place:

TRACK BIKE: Brass Knuckle 54cm Al. - $480 (woodside)
Date: 2009-11-15, 11:59AM EST
Reply to: [deleted]

hello, this is a complete track bike 54cm (med)yes the kind with horizontal drop outs, with front and back brakes!! aluminum frame and fork, color- tan, cane creek sealed head set, sugino 75-165mm crank arms, 46 tooth chain ring, blue KMC single spd chain, NITTO bull horns,wrapped and plugged, with top mount brake levers, kalloy seat post, selle italia flite saddle with Ti rails, blue velocity DEEP V wheelset 15 tooth cog. This bike was used at elite couriers nyc for only 1.5 yrs, hit this up! going fast! (pic is not up to date, but that is the color )

As a huge fan of disembodied hands in fixed-gear photographs, I immediately noticed this one, which appears to be enormous:

Though it could be simply the swinging limb of someone in the foreground who happened to walk into the shot, it may also be that this bicycle is being propped up by the hand of the giant. Using my own hand for scale, I estimate that a 700c wheel is approximately three and a half hands in diameter. This hand, however, actually spans half the wheel, and it's not even fully-extended:

Or, to put it another way, the rear wheel of this bike is two limp giant hands across:

Certainly then a 54cm (sightly more than two limp giant hands) bike would be too small for him. No wonder he's selling.


Pontius Pilate said...



Paul Bowen said...


Surly Bastard said...

Top Ten! It's been so long!

ser_papa said...

Standing close to the podium!!!

Unknown said...

false start

Anonymous said...

top 10 ......

streepo said...

Good christ you're fast PP.

wishiwasmerckx said...

Squeezing in the top ten?

Anonymous said...

Cut the cr@p: GREAT POST!!! Cheers from Germany

RB1 said...

dear lord, what would happen if somebody clicked the 'enlarge' button on that lycra shorts ad - most distressing

Anonymous said...

Top--Oh well. Top top I would imagine!

Lead singer of Fossil band is challenging for top bottom front judging by that 2nd pic. Oh la la! Nice package.

Pinarello man, not so much so.

Paul Bowen said...

Is that actually his wedding tackle or is he selling those shorts because they make his colostomy bag show?

wishiwasmerckx said...

Well, you know what they say:

Big hands, big...Pinarello bibshorts.

Anonymous said...

That 30 seconds to Mars video would've been better if it ended with Jared Leto singing the last couple of verses from atop the tower of the Los Angele City Hall, scepter clenched in fist, bejeweled crown rakishly askew.

rezado said...

Excuse me... are my intestines showing?

sspeier said...

top 20!

Anonymous said...

Tweed rides always make me think of Finding Forrester.


broomie said...

Would it defy reason then that when you find you needed a 90mm stem instead of the 100mm stem you just purchased, you buy a new frame and fork to avoid having to dispose of the stem which was nonreturnable because it was a clearance item?

hillbilly said...

but when you replace something rather than fix something, you get more parts for your spare parts bin!

no wonder my wife hates me.

BigWheels said...

The ebay ad is very distressing. I happened to click the ebay link.. Many yucky views of the guy's crotchal region. Undoubtedly the seller also has 'used' wrestling singlets for sale... for sniffing purposes.

Astroluc (Find me on Tumblr and Instagram @Astroluc) said...

that Jared Leto song sucks!!

That is all.

Anonymous said...

Why no coverage of the Tour de Faso? RACE IST!

Anonymous said...

"NITTO bull horns,wrapped and plugged, with top mount brake levers, kalloy seat post, selle italia flite saddle with Ti rails, blue velocity DEEP V wheelset 15 tooth cog."

geez, those bars are naked, the wheels are black, the post looks to be selling some other bike other than described. but this one is USED BY AN ACTUAL COURIER!!! amazing, hit this up yo.


grog said...

I dreamt a RTMS rapway with the dancing helper monkey in spandex, and the long-legged assistant spinning the generator.


Anonymous said...

Yawn. Bikesnob just isn't funny anymore.

bikenerd said...

it's not often you see the words 'dandy' and 'masculinity' used together . . .

mikeweb said...

Way to go P.P. and ant1!

A post with the theme of freakishly large human attributes:

1.) The hand of the SS seller

2.) The 'wand' of the lycra seller


3.) The ego of Jared Leto

Cycle Jerk said...

I admit, I did yell "You Rapscallion!" at a disgruntled DC metro bus driver while shaking my fist. In my defense the fist shaking scared the shit out of him.

Here is my account of the ride:

mikeweb said...



Slappy said...

tweed has some wool too it you know, and for one who likes long rides in the cold and wet, nothing beats wool, of course a rain coat out of not tweed goes a long way on top towards staying warm, alas

sheriff said...

ERD of a 700c wheel is 622mm, putting one slightly limp giant hand at 311mm. A 54cm is not slightly more than two limp giant hands, but significantly less.

hillbilly said...

ant1, ever feel like this?

Unknown said...

The Post ignored the Philly tweed ride 2 weeks ago... and there was one here last year too, so that's BS about the world's first being in January. Great job, Dan Zak of the Washington Post!

Anonymous said...

Don't knock tweed. Whole communities of hand-loom weavers on Lewis & Harris (a small Scottish island with a split personality) depend on people's tweed jackets and trousers eventually wearing out - and that takes a long time to do. All the more need, then, for new people to buy them.
I'm not sure why Americans feel the need to tuck tweed things into socks and canvas gaiters, but at least they're Argyle socks. They're probably not really made in Argyll any more than tweed is made near the Tweed - for if it was, it wouldn't be allowed to be called tweed -- but perhaps a certain sort of American cyclist could be persuaded that only Argyll-made socks Argyle socks are kosher. This could support an entire peninsula, like Kintyre, maybe.
Anyway, wherever it's from, all this wool is very good for cycling in - wool actually gives off warmth when it gets damp. Not only that, it starts itching. This means that whenever it rains you have to go into a warm pub that has a fire to dry you off. What's not to like about tweed?

Anonymous said...

someone please get Snobby a recumbent bike to review and alleviate his long distance crotch pain

Clay Lowell said...

The best bicycling themed music video is scraper bikes by the trunk boiz, it pawns all!

This is how we get down on the west coast, more than just our burritos are epic yo.

johanna said...

omg... I don't know why, but I had tears in my eyes while reading the bit about giant hands... It is so amazing­ly beautiful. The blog is just so amazing, and now with the photos and links it's beyond perfect. It fits together so well. And the feelings that this post builds inside me are indescribable...<3

CommieCanuck said...

Yuck, check out Mr. Bag 'O marbles, geez, women, and 1-in-5 men, I have no idea how you sleep with those things.

CommieCanuck said...

And the feelings that this video builds inside me are indescribable...<3

I'm not sure what "<3" means to the kids these days,but from the side,it's either Peter Griffin's chin or testicles.

or hemorrhoids.

wishiwasmerckx said...

Anon 2:43, the entire Irish fabric trade has been outsourced to China. You didn't get the memo, lad?

Unknown said...

The craziest part of this whole post is that someone actually bid on those lycra shorts.

ant1 said...

hillbilly - yes, as long as the red ants represent ladies.

...oh, how i wish. nice pic though.

sufferist said...

Does the following emoticon:


mean boobs?

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 2:03pm,

Say what you will, but I think the guy with the ice cream cone is funny.


Daddo said...

the tweed ride is just an excuse to ride without a helmet

Anonymous said...

I'm a lass - and Ireland's neither here nor there.
The only cloth in the world entitled to use the name tweed is made in Scotland, in Harris and/or Lewis. You must be confused because so many Irish farmers wear tweed, but that's only because tweed (and/or waxed jackets) are compulsory for farmers all over these isles.

sufferist said...

BikeSnobNYC: you don't have to always be "on" for us.

Seriously though, the crotch shot and the tweed aren't enough? Those two are enough to qualify the in the humor category. Anon 2:03 needs to get his/her humor bone checked and see if maybe it's broke.

SubComandante Sasquatch said...

...coasting home amidst the team cars.

Maybe that Brass Knuckle is a Mongolian messenger bike, so measuring it in hands would be the traditional method.

Also, be aware that Mongolians make their ice cream (and liquor) from mare's milk. How they get the milk out of those mixte frames is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Folks in Minnesota have been doing Tweedy, British events since 2003!

But nothing counts as the "first" unless it's done on one of Left coasts.

Dae Flyin Scot said...


Fer feck sake, Argyll an the Tweed 'r en Scotland nawt Ireland ya daft teht.

then again, ya wish ya were a Belgie, so that shows just aow smaerte yoor.

Eft eht aint Scottish Argyll ehts Crap!!!

Visegripmikey said...

Music video are fine, whatever, but when someone gets in their head that the lyrics are powerful enough to express something to you, that's when it gets freaky - such as this fine song:

...shudder...go away! go away!

Visegripmikey said...

And BTW - gotta wonder if one of those anon's is BS' gf, especially when he was so quick to reply - anyone else notice that gf tone?

Salty Seattle said...

Oy.. do I ever feel pandered to.

ant1 said...

mikey - which anon are you referring to?

sufferist said...

I guess the more correct term is Argyle-style socks and Tweed-style jackets unless they are actually from the eponymous point of origin.

Salty Seattle said...


Just to clarify, it's not, usually, called sleeping.

urchin said...

Curse you, snob--since you've been going on about that damn video on multiple occasions I found myself compelled to click and observe. I'll never get that time back. Of course, can't say I wasn't warned.

"here, try this--it's terrible!"

But at least I know wearing a gas mask while biking will make me immune to yuppie windshield strikes.


CommieCanuck said...

Yawn. Bikesnob just isn't funny anymore.

No gf tone here. If it were a gf, it would have ended with that "tsk" sound they make when they are pissed off.

And we could tell that her arms were crossed.

chicks, pfft.

Magnus Scandinavian said...

If you look at that eBay listing and scroll down there are a few more images, each with a link to a supersized version. Beary scary.

Visegripmikey said...

+ the relationship stuff today...

just wonderin'...

CommieCanuck said...


check this vid out, it's horrible.

YouTube makes me anticipate retinal degeneration.

CommieCanuck said...

Oh, God, it gets much, much worse.

bikesgonewild said...

..."brainfreeze induced nonplussitude" my ass !!!...
...that is an ice cream coned quentin tarantino w/ a creative thought-frown on his face as he ponders his 'about to be latest' sf/ west coast/ quasi-hipster/ blood spewing/ vicious panda/ burrito filled/ cycling eco-epic...

...word is that it may only be shown in theaters that will palp cycle powered film projectors ridden by smarmy tweed bedecked dandies...

...& there won't be any smiles on the faces of those pandas, guaranteed...

Rural 14 said...

Ant 2nd
h1n1 benefit...delirious 3am eBay trolling = new frame...what I needed to bring me back from the abyss. Tweed frame though. Oooh. What to do when the fever breaks (brakes). Wheelbrows?

Anonymous said...

Snob says: "I'm just a bike blogger." Not a chance, BSNYC; you are the cultural critic of the moment, all things through your bicycle lens.

The music "industry" by exploiting the bicycle as a "symbol" gives you and we the commentariat the opportunity to grieve over the bones of something that was recently very alive and very cool, the music scene.

Once upon a time there were musicians of note, song writers, composers, and young punks who made real songs about something, or that you could memorably hum, or which signified something, that maybe mattered and you could turn on the radio and somebody, local at the radio station might play it for you or send it out as a dedication. And that song wasn't prefab crabon, with so many beats per second, to fit some predetrmined structure sent out by a programmer; no, it was frequently new and different and sometimes ugly and sometimes pounding and beautiful and timeless.

I think I have something in my eye.

bikesgonewild said...

...& bsnyc/rtms...i'd be careful w/ that stevil kinevil character...considering your aforementioned cycling bromance w/ the guy, if he's forwarding you photos of swarthy italians like pinarello's signor ballsacco, there may be a few great expectations in your future...

...when i say, "watch your back !!!", i think you know what i'm just sayin'...

mikeweb said...

Uh, oh.

As I'm typing this I'm listening to a story about the tweed (twee-ed?) ride on none other than NPR's 'All Things Considered'. Those NPR-ers are all about the tweed and the argyle, and hell, the herringbone too. Oh yeah, and bicycles.

'Mee-shell' Norris reporting...

Anonymous said...

YES!!! All Thangs Considered tweed-biking report! Right on top of it as usual. The Mew York Times will pick this up next May.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, love the NPR, but they don't need to add to their pretentious loftiness by using fancy pronunciations of the reporter's names. I'm sure that's what her mom named her, but still. Just say Michelle

Anonymous said...

$480 bucks for that piece of crap? What's the Pistadex at today?

Fred said...

Freds don't wear tweed, but we do ride in wool socks.

Anonymous said...

check out this BS! Some guy wants over 1200 dollars for his steel frame , fix geared ride!

ringcycles said...

Snobbie, I am surprised that you've not mentioned the obvious; the 30 Sec. to Mars video is the last harbinger of the fixed gear apocalypse. Now that cross over bands are making mainstream videos devoted to the "fixie culture", it is surely breathing its last PBR tinged breath. Thankfully we can all just get back to being oversold the hype of cycling goodies.

hillbilly said...

why is it purple in the subject and green in the body? and if you are pretty sure you are misspelling something, wouldn't you check?

wishiwasmerckx said...

Anon 2:43, it is kinda hard to tell, what with your impenetrable accent and all, but it seems to be that you are saying that Ireland and Scotland are actually two seperate countries. Are you sure that you didn't mean Iceland?

Anonymous said...

But sufferist, tweed is Harris, not eponymous: it'd be against the Trades Descriptions Act to call cloth from the Tweed tweed.

And DaeFlyingScot is flagrantly violating the Trades Descriptions Act enough for everyone.

Suddenly, Jane Fonda's audition in Klute sounds almost convincing....

Seems there's a gap in the market for not-very-bike pedants around here.

Anonymous said...

wishiwas, Soctland and Ireland are indeed separate, but are bestest friends.
They're both about the nearest thing to Iceland, which has much better weather and free hot water.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Snob to spot the first fixie with a tweed paddy-tubey-snuggy crossbar thing.
WeeE (the above two anons + 2.43)

boredbanker said...

PSA: do not, under any circumstances, click the "wear shorts like this guy" link. You have been warned.

Anonymous said...

pinrello used shorts reminds me of the toe formerly known as prince


Some Guy on the Innernets said...

Tweed? Please. Do I look like a time traveling barrister? I hope not.

What do you have in broadcloth? Or maybe a nice oxford canvas. Yes, that's it. I'm waiting for the Oxford Canvas Ride.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh. You gotta go to Stumptown coffee if you want a real collabo of time traveling tweed pretentiuosness with a side of hipster irony, sprinkled with cockney flair and strategically located tattoos. Gotta be a pfar outside I missed. They do pretty well for the overpriced coffee market though. I guess somebody has to pay for those suspenders and hats...

Georgia said...

Horses are measured in "hands" (one hand being approximately 5 inches). Are track bikes the new Thoroughbred?

Andy Pandy said...

Only one bid on the prince of all bibshorts, come on readers and satorial giants..... own up. Probs has a tweed chamois to evoke such a pronounced response

Velocodger said...

Someday, in the not too distant future- I see a polyester ride...

Anonymous said...

LA in the late 70s was one of the coolest places in the world; it's amazing how quickly a place can deteriorae. After watching that video, I pray the city falls into the ocean.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you didn't pick up on the best part of the Washington Post article:

"Is this mere dress-up? Folderol on wheels? Another hipster stab at spontaneous coordination, flash-mob conformity in the name of pretentious originality?"

ibn bin necker said...

speekin of music me and rikim decided to record some of cat stevens shit seein how we is all born agin mooslims and we is film jolene rolling her big fatwa on a fixie up at the hardies in hazard

when we do well gives you the links

The Cling-free Man said...

Pre-owned may be a synonym for pre-used. Emphasis on used. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

you're right, you don't know anything about music, but you do know a hell of a lot about biking. So, I suggest you stick with what you know, because quite frankly my dear, your taste in music is so horrible it would make a cactus cry. So next time stick to your bikes. And no, I don't want to have sex with Jared Leto. The video is stunning, and cinematic art. If you can't appreciate that, then keep your mouth shut, punk and quit acting like such an ignoramus.

Some Guy on the Innernets said...

The Mini drivers were a lot more fun. Much more numerous, too.

flynn said...

can you imagine the knuckle tat options available to this guy? his hand could be the canvas for the graffiti mural backdrops on fixedgeargallery

Boopsie said...

This faux culture thing seems to be getting more complicated.

Is it ok to wear real fur to one of these tweed things? I mean, it seems pretty obvious that it would be more authentic, if that's important, but I don't even know about leather. Can someone help me asap? I have some shopping to do, and I need to know what I'm looking for. Thank you.

Daddy_man said...

Tweed is bad, mmm'kay

honkybucket said...

Anon 9:18,

I totally gotta agree with your assertion that snob lacks taste in music. In addition to re-examining the Jared Leto video for examples of "stunning and cinematic art", I'd like to suggest he check out a copy of Pantera's now classic "Vulgar Video", shot from the classic 1992 "Vulgar Display of Power" tour in Moscow.

To borrow a quote from a fellow fan... "plenty of madness should provide hours of entertainment in itself. Boot to the Kool!!!"

Now THAT is stunning and cinematic.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing about this unitard is there are 4 bidders.

Jim Bob Square Pants said...

My ol' lady says either that feller has got a his wang tied in a knot, or there is some extra junk in there. I'm takin' her word for it, 'cause I ain't lookin' at that no more.

honkybucket said...


honkybucket said...

Gosh, I totally and completely fucking rule.

flaco said...

just curious anon-music snob...what makes you think that you are more knowledgeable when it comes to music?

ken e. (loves rock) said...

knowledge and opinion are two different things...

(and not just the rock stuck in my elbow)

Klaus Mohn said...


Anonymous said...

It was certainly interesting for me to read the post. Thanx for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

Anonymous said...

Fred says, Fred doesn't wear tweed.

Perhaps he meant to say, that, friends don't let friends wear tweed.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and someone made the crack about barristers wearing tweed--um, not. A certain Blawg (of mine) addresses Lawyer Fashion diktats, feel free to denounce the pronouncements there, fashion and otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Finally, before I go off to palp the bike in the valley--let me offer the observation that Ben Ratliff at the NYT is the anti-Sasha Frere-Jones.

Stupid Name said...

to the Dutchess, a new concept bike designed by Wytze van Mansum, a design student at the Delft University of Technology. According to a company statement, the bike was "designed for women keen to express their style amongst the fast paced and ever changing urban vibe."

Thats right, women need a new bike designed by Delft University design student, to feel the "urban vibe".

I need to go out and buy a new saddle instead.

Swashbuckling Dandy said...

Time traveling barrister. If you are going to tell me barristers never wore tweed, I'm going to have to assume you don't pay much attention when watching old movies.

CommieCanuck said...

Professors used to wear tweed, back in the days when tenure was all about how many scotchs you could down at the faculty club while talking about your latest student mistress.
Drinking wears out the elbows, which is why they used to put on leather patches.

The more you know..

boredbanker said...

anon 9:18PM, you are totally right, jared leto is the best. Having conquered the world of acting he is now taking over the world of music (and bike themed music videos). Begs the question, is there anything Jared can't do? I also hear he could fill out those pinarellos quite nicely.

Fierce Panties said...

Tweed and crappy mountain bikes don't mix.

If you go to all the trouble of shopping at Salvation Army for your tweed at least spend the extra $80 on a 3 speed while you're there. It looks like in the early days of the Tweed pandemic that the founders of their culture can't yet police their own.

Anonymous said...

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