Monday, September 21, 2015

Helme(n)ts and Tickets: The Two-Pronged Approach to Cyclist Safety

Happy #piggate Monday to you!

Did you know the NYPD are ticketing you in order to save you?

In August, officers from the 24th Precinct handed out 135 summonses to cyclists for violating bicycle laws — such as running red lights, cycling the wrong way and riding on a sidewalk — up from 52 citations during the same period last year, police said. 

That vigilance is paying off, with 12 injuries from collisions involving a bike or a car last month, compared to 20 during the same period last year, according to the precinct.

My first reaction upon reading this was to drop to my knees and thank the NYPD for saving us from ourselves.  But then this thing I have called a brain kicked in, and I found myself asking the following questions:

1) Statistically speaking, does the difference between 12 injuries and 20 really mean shit?

2) If summonses are indeed the key to preventing injury, might this tactic be employed to better effect against drivers, who are the ones causing the majority of traffic-related injuries and deaths?

3) If this precinct is seeing fewer cyclist injuries, is it worth considering this may be the result of bike lanes and other street enhancements?

Nah.  See, it's not about safety.  It's really just about winning and losing:

When bicyclists run red lights, they could get seriously injured and are putting themselves in "unnecessary harm," said 24th Precinct Capt. Marlon Larin at a meeting Wednesday. 

"I don’t think bicyclists should be able to [run] a red light. A car’s going to win," he said. 

Thanks for clearing that up.  So next time I run a light I'll be sure to do it in my car.

But hey, if you've ever gotten pulled over by the police, you know they're Just Doing Their Job:

The precinct gets a high volume of calls from residents complaining about cyclists who aren't adhering to the rules of the road, Larin added. 

"We also have to take heed to the complaints we get," he said.

This I believe.  See, people complain about cyclists because there aren't that many of them, but they don't complain about drivers because they've been beaten into submission by them for generations.  That's why it's easy to kvetch about the new Citi Bike rack that just popped up, yet nobody complains about the murderous drivers who at this point are an accepted part of New York City folklore.

It's also unfair to say the police don't ticket drivers, because they certainly do.  Unfortunately the problem is at they ticket drivers the same way they ticket cyclists, which is to say they park themselves at an intersection where everyone commits the same relatively benign infraction, flip open their ticketing pads, and let the ink fly.  And in the NYPD's defense, what choice do they have?  The most dangerous drivers are speeding, but the NYPD isn't allowed to go chasing after people and go crashing through fruit stands like they do in the movies.  So instead we get the "Sitting 'round the ol' fishin' hole" method.

Nevertheless, let's take a look at some fun-tastic driving here in New York City this past weekend:

A man and a pregnant woman were both struck by drivers in separate collisions which occurred a block apart in the Bronx on Saturday.

In the first incident, police say a 26-year-old man was crossing over Union Avenue at East 155 Street around 3:30 p.m. yesterday when the driver of a black Ford Taurus intentionally hit him then fled. Witnesses told the News that the driver, 25-year-old Josue Gago, had been arguing with the victim before the incident. One witness said Gago "just got in the car and ran him over," then left the scene.

That's brilliant.  Gago obviously follows the news closely and knows there's virtually no way he'll get in trouble.  It's a total "gimme."

Then, this:

In the second incident, which occurred one block away and about two hours later, a pregnant woman was struck by a driver on E. 155th Street and Prospect Avenue. Witnesses say that the driver was distracted by television news trucks who were there to cover the earlier collision. “He was looking the opposite way at the news lady," witness Gina Tirado told the News. "He wasn’t paying attention."

Also brilliant.  "Ogling the hot news lady" is a completely acceptable excuse for running over a pregnant woman, right up there with "she came out of nowhere" and "mistook the gas for the brake."

And of course, according to the New York Post, both of these were "accidents:"

See that?  It says so right here:


No word on whether the pregnant woman was wearing a helme(n)t.

Moving on to more cartoonish injustices, retired classics star and Hair Club For Men president Johan Museeuw doesn't think it's fair he gets crap for doping:

“I took drugs because everyone took them back then. But is it fair that only me and other familiar faces like [Lance] Armstrong and [Michael] Boogerd now serve as sinners? I think not. It makes me feel wronged. Even today I see riders in the peloton who also rode back then, but they remain silent,” said Museeuw in a Q and A with De Zondag.

He has a point.  Plus, it's not like anybody didn't know he was doping at the time:

Nothing fishy about that.

And let's not forget #gangrenegate:

Speaking of leg injuries, BMC has won the men's world TTT championship in Richmond, VA:

The 38.6km course in Richmond, Virginia, took riders from Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden through Richmond’s historic Northside neighborhoods, then continued east of town down rural Route 5 before returning to the city for a 300-meter climb to the finishing straight.


I'm not sure why people get excited about time trials.  They're the mathletes of the cycling world.


Richrd Stinks said...

I can't possibly be first. Not at my age.

Anonymous said...



Ted K. said...

60. In modern industrial society natural human drives tend to be pushed into the first and third groups, and the second group tends to consist increasingly of artificially created drives.

Anonymous said...

Ride Report: Did the 25 mile ride from white haven pa to jim thorpe on saturday. Outstanding weather! Great ride!


BamaPhred said...

Top Ten!

N/A said...

Tennis Elbow!

Anonymous said...

TOP 10!

N/A said...

I think if no Dunkin' Donuts are available, it is acceptable to hit a pedestrian with your car. I've been studying all of these accidents, and I can't seem to find anything to contradict this. My studies will be released to the public for a small administrative fee of $31.25 per copy.

Freddy Murcks said...

Top tennis.

BamaPhred said...

Just doing my job, sir

Yeah, and you're sucking at it

��You're in the jailhouse now��

Why do I feel sorry for Mr De Zongdong

Anonymous said...


grog said...

Miss the babe.

Anonymous said...

Toppus XX

crosspalms said...

Rode the North Shore Century yesterday in the suburbs north of Chicago. I was going to do the metric century, cause I had to ride 20 miles to get to the start, but missed a turn and wound up doing 50 instead. But the 50 plus the 20 there and back gave me 90 miles on a beautiful day (started out at 51F before sunrise and if it got up to 70 in the afternoon I'd be surprised). Well-organized and with thoughtful food options (lots of pickles, which I don't remember seeing before) at the rest stops. I think my neck muscles have recovered, but my legs complain when I go up stairs. Great fun.

Anonymous said...

No biking for me this weekend but did get in an epic (for me) hike in Franconia Notch. Beautiful up there this weekend. Feeling it this morning...

DB said...

Congrats, Crosspalms!
I was in beautiful Itasca all weekend at a meeting. No time to ride, but was able to spend quality time at the Westin bar.

bad boy of the north said...

top twenty five...ride safely,all.the pope's heading this way.

bad boy of the north said...


Anonymous said...

Was the fetus wearing a helme(n)t? If not, did they charge the woman with child endangerment?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the most likely explanation for the drop in injuries be that there are fewer cyclists to begin with since everyone is avoiding the ticketing cops?

N/A said...

There are fewer cyclists because they're being killed off by "accidents".

dnk said...

I got nabbed by the NYPD last week. 2nd Ave and 19th Street, running a red light.

Since you asked (ahem), here are the thrilling details: I was in the bike path, I saw that the light was red, also saw there were no pedestrians on the sidewalk or cars approaching on the sidestreet. So ---- FUCK YEAH! ---- I RAN THAT SHIT BABY!

It was like the car chase scene in The French Connection, except it wasn't: I was on a Citibike going at leisurely pace. And by the time I noticed the cops on the other side of the intersection, it was too late. One of them walked out and waved me down. "Fish in a barrel, eh?" I asked him.

He laughed: "Yeah."

Then he wrote me a $50 ticket.

DB said...

I see where Lance congratulated Johan Museeuw on the Twitter.

Anonymous said...

If more cops were on bicycles then more bike seats would smell really bad.

Pepe le plastiquer said...

TedK est un connard.

Esteemed CommentorDaddoOne said...

I've always disagreed with you on the one snob, but i love you just the same....

ticketing on a regular (i.e. not a crackdown) basis leads to predictable riding, predicative riding leads to more respect from other road users, more respect from other road users equals safer and more sane conditions...

yes so does more vigilance in automobile ticketing and greenly sane behavior from all road users...

....together we......can?

Red Ross said...

In other news JERSEY CITY is launching Citi Bike today. Suck on it, Hoboken! About fifty bikes lined up on Newark Ave. Think I'll check it out as long as they're not prejudiced against small bikes...

BikeSnobNYC said...

Esteemed Etc.,

I don't disagree with ticketing. I just think the way they go about it is silly--plus this specific claim is absurd.

--Wildcat Etc.

Anonymous said...

"2) If summonses are indeed the key to preventing injury, might this tactic be employed to better effect against drivers, who are the ones causing the majority of traffic-related injuries and deaths?"

Against drivers??? What are you, crazed! Really early in the day to be hitting the weed.

McFly said...

Several years between winning the Monumental Classics.

The Lyin' of Flanders.

Esteemed Commentor DaddoOne said...

Good to hear it , etc.
now... where can I get a pair of those socks?

Anonymous said...

"...the NYPD isn't allowed to go chasing after people and go crashing through fruit stands like they do in the movies."

That's old school cinema (i.e. The French Connection). In today's movies they only hit Dunkin Donuts.

Unknown said...

So let's review.

This week, ticketing cyclists may not be a deterrent.

Last week, ticketing motorists is a deterrent.

Hard to keep it straight.

I would recommend some reading on correlation and causation.

JB said...

"When we closed the entire park to cyclists the injuries dropped down to 0."

Ted K. said...

"...the mathletes of the cycling world."

Easy there. How would you feel if one or more of your 17+1? 18-1? offspring became a mathlete?

Grump said...

Remember that Time Trials are like one third of a Triathlon.

I hate them.

Anonymous said...

This week, ticketing cyclists may not be a deterrent.

Last week, ticketing motorists is a deterrent.

Hard to keep it straight.

The problem of course is that ticketing is seen as random unless there's a high enough chance that the prohibited behavior will be caught & punished for the average person to decide compliance is worth the trouble.

For example, despite ample reports of yellow stretching to a very reddish hue, the reality is that most drivers do stop for the majority of the red light cycle. Conversely, very few cyclists will even come to a full stop at one. Both behaviors are equally illegal, but we generally accept that the first is wrong, while the second is viewed as overzealous cops being picky just because they can.

We would get better ticketing of traffic with camera enforcement, but there's ample evidence that this has been gamed for profit: drivers who fully intend to comply with the law fear being caught in a split second of accidental violation, and through the political process that appropriately shows up as limits on the number of cameras the state will allow the city. Look at bike lane cameras where it is substantially unclear to the average driver what at-times necessary behavior will constitute a violation in the camera's eye (trapped in the bus lane because no one will let you merge out of it? Certainly happened to me at times before I got rid of my car, ultimately there were roads I tried to avoid as I couldn't figure out how to navigate them in a fully legal manner) and it becomes clear why society is uneasy about the technology.

We don't trust the cops

We don't trust the camera operators

We feel free to ignore the laws we consider impractical, and get angry if we are "randomly" caught in their breach

It's not clear what the solution is, but one thing that is clear is that a lot of the ideas being advocated only make sense from the limited perspective of one transmit mode.

If you walk, you have one impression of what the rules should be, which is generally not practical for driving or biking.

If you drive, you have one impression of what the rules should be, which is generally not safe for walking or biking.

If you bike, you have one impression of what the rules should be, which is generally not safe for walking or practical for driving.

P. Bateman said...

i got just got a pretty nice ticket. 90 in a 70.

that's Super Speeder material which is a designation in georgia for anything 30mph over or 85mph+ that results in some heavy duty extra fines.

but at least i'm getting some honors and recognition for my SUPER speeding ability to go with the many, many hundreds of dollars that this will cost.

the proceeds go to local hospitals so i feel like i've done a pretty charitable thing actually.

plus, the speeding got me to athens georgia a lot quicker so had even more time to soak in absolute hoards of scorching hot co-eds.

titties and charity - pretty solid weekend.

phageghost said...

If you assume that the long term injury rate for the month is really 20, and it is Poisson distributed (a reasonable assumption, since this distribution was developed for just such a purpose), then 12 injuries is a significant decrease at a 0.05 level of significance (p-value=0.039). In plain English, in only 4 out of 100 years would you expect to see a month with 12 or less injuries, if the expected average was 20.

But . . . here's the catch: estimating the long-term average from last year's value is extremely problematic, since the measurement is very noisy at such small values. So if last year was a particularly high year for injuries that month, this would dramatically affect the results.

The correct approach is to estimate the long-term average from, duh, the long-term average, using multiple years. Failing that, if we are presented with only two data points, and have to estimate the true value of the long-term injury rate, we should use the maximum likelihood approach, which yields a long-term average of ~15. Under this model, then you could see 20+ injuries 14 % of the time and 12 or less injuries 20 % of the time, and it explains the data better than one in which the long-term average is 20.

Hope this makes some sense, and I am open to corrections by those better versed in statistics . . .

Anonymous said...

"i got just got a pretty nice ticket. 90 in a 70."

1. Was that on a bicycle?

B. What units? Miles per hour? Meters per second? Furlongs per fortnight? MSD per parsec?

II. How do you know the proceeds go to local hospitals?

JLRB said...

P Bateman - Wow! That new bike of yours is really fast!

P. Bateman said...

hi anon, it was in american miles per american hour.

not on a bike. in a rental. a chrysler 200 that was surprisingly nice.

because its part of the law they passed. sort of like some states where lotto goes to the schools, its like that. i mean, i have demanded an audit of the state's booking, but i figure they are in charge so they must be honest and all proceeds are being maximized in an efficient manner.

Hans Solo said...

I just got a pretty nice ticket for making the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.

phageghost said...

OK, sorry to get all mathletic here, but I've got some further analysis:

Even with only two data points, we can formally test the model that the rate has declined versus the model that the rate has stayed the same.

The null model that the rate has stayed the same gives us the maximum likelihood estimate of 16 for the single rate.

The alternative model that the rate has declined gives us two parameters to fit: the initial rate and the new rate. Maximum likelihood estimates of these are exactly equal to the data points, so 20 for the initial rate and 12 for the new rate.

Likelihood (probability of observing these exact values) of the data under the null model = 0.0036

Likelihood of the data under the alternative model = 0.0101599100738

So the data are more likely under the alternative model, but this is not surprising since we've added an additional free parameter (the second rate). With more parameters you can always improve the model fit (or at least not make it worse). So we need a way of accounting for the additional parameter. Fortunately we have several methods available to do so.

Since we can transform the alternative model into the null model by setting both rates to be the same, they are considered "nested models" and we can apply the likelihood ratio test.

We compute a test statistic D as twice the negative natural logarithm of the ratio of the null likelihood to the alternative likelihood: 2.05328900586

This is expected to have a chi-squared distribution with degrees of freedom as the difference in the number of free parameters (in this case, 1).

Therefore the probability of getting a likelihood ratio at least this extreme with 1 extra parameter is 0.151877780942

This is not significant at any reasonable cut-off, and we fail to reject the null model.

Take-home message: the data provided do not support the conclusion that the injury rate has decreased.

dop said...

Here in the Empire State you get a reckless driving chatge tacked on if you're 20 over the limit.

Those dawgs really whipped the gamecocks.

Battle Mountain, Nevada said...

Someone here just got a pretty nice ticket for doing 85.71 in a 55.

Anonymous said...

"Those dawgs really whipped the gamecocks."

The correct term is whupped.

And what dawg can't beat a chicken?

Dooth said...

I'm curious about what set Mr Gago off on such a violent rage...he was called Lady Gago?

Roille Figners said...

Bateman - They actually call it that? "Super Speeder?" It's like they're daring you to do it! Probably they're like "speeding harms no one so let's make some dough from it" but just thinking freely here, what about a whole line of "super" crimes? Like maybe if you try a little harder you can be a Super Murderer? And of course all aggravated crimes become Super crimes, e.g. Super Assault, Super Robbery. Florida Man is gonna be all over it!

Roille Figners said...

Or do they have to be alliterative like Super Speeder? How about Righteous Robber, Aggravated Assaulter (don't mess with a good thing that works), and Massive Murderer?

Anonymous said...

More-Murdery Murderer?

P. Bateman said...

yeah, its actually called super speeder. my second one actually. they take it pretty seriously. got a lawyer for the last one - they plead it down, knock it down to 9 mph over so it doesnt go on insurance. but, cost a small fortune to get all that done and you still pay the fine. all in, its about $750 - $1,000

Roille Figners said...


Freddy Murcks said...

If ticketing cyclists for incidental infractions is a viable strategy for lowering the number cycling-related injury accidents, then shooting all cyclists on sight would be even more effective. Getting the number of cyclists on the road down to zero would seems to be the implied goal of "Vision ZERO."

I know that Nobody Cares. said...

A mostly (2/3) Portland team won the National Bike Polo Tournament in Lexington Ky this weekend. I think that is the first time for Portland. Sounds kind of surprising that they haven't won it before; but even Milwaukee has won it before....

bad boy of the north said...

I think they should call it speed racer........ya know,the mach 5.people of a certain vintage will know whom i'm speaking.

A mostly (2/3) Portland team said...

Obligatory doping reference.

P. Bateman said...

@bad boy - love speed racer's gal Trixie. her and Jessica Rabbit would be a nice night out. maybe betty rubble too.

CommieCanuck said...

Anyone driving above 55 in a Chrysler has balls of steel, possible by iron doping. That's way above woo-hoo on a product from a company that went bankrupt and now relies on eye-talians for quality control.

No NYPD fruit stand crashing, but TeeVee and Hollywood still have us believe every street corner in Manhattan has a news stand, where you can just pick up a paper and casually toss money down.

bad boy of the north said...

@p.bateman...yup,remember Trixie.cute gal.jessica rabbit,she's not bad.she's _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _/_ _ _.and betty,she's told old for me.

Anonymous said...


Dooth said...

Racer X!

bad boy of the north said...

I meant....betty's too old for me....a little prehistoric.

bad boy of the north said...

don't forget "chim chim"

wishiwasmerckx said...

Phageghost, although Unknown already beat me to the punch, correlations do not imply causation, irrespective of t-scores, regressive analysis, or other massaging of the data.

wishiwasmerckx said...

Oops, regression analysis...

JLRB said...

scranus analysis

its raining for the first time in fuckever - just in time for the pedal homeward

Anonymous said...

jaywalkers should be wearing helments.

Victor Kaminski said...

vsk said ...

Wow, totally neglected my bikes even worse on vacation in that I stayed very far from them.

If I see a cop, I'll obey laws that haven't even been written yet.
Make sure they know it's not a Motor Vehicle Moving Violation with points etc. It's not sposed to be.

I come back to work tomorrow, what's changed in the NYC cycling culture, and scene, etc?

I can at least catch up on my passed missed daily Snobs when I get downtime at work!
Mixed emotions about the daily slog back into NYC. And it's globally freezing in the dark o'clock hours of the a.m. !!
I better go and run all my V8 engines.

I am on 2nd Ave from 36th to Chrystie on the way home. Thanks for the info about Smokey the Bear!!


DB said...

Hey, New Yorkers:
Have fun getting around town while Pope Francis is in New York City.

phageghost said...


Of course not, but what I was trying to show is that they haven't even established a correlation in the first place, let alone trying to get to causation. But sloppy statistics in government and news reporting is par for the course, I'm afraid.

leroy said...

I hate it when my dog orders pizza and expects me to pay and tip the delivery guy.

JLRB said...






Blinded by respect said...

@Esteemed - I've earned the respect of all of my fellow road users by always obeying the law when riding my bicycle. Apart from the ones who try to run me over, the ones who blow their horns and shout "get off the fucking road", the ones who drive through stop signs and cut me off, the ones who deliberately side swipe me, the ones who must get in front before turning in front of me, the ones who try and knock me off my bike by deliberately opening their doors in front of me, the ones who tell me to go and get fucked when I ask them why they tried to kill me, etc, etc. Yep I've earned their respect and I have no doubt that it is due to my lawful predictable cycling.

(By any chance you don't work for Bicycle Network Victoria do you? They justify their approach of lobbying for more enforcement and heavier fines by saying it'll earn the respect of other road users - basically they are fuck-o's).

McFly said...

Just made an offer on a Salsa BIG MAMA. Has anyone here rode a BIG MAMA? Do BIG MAMA'S feel squishy when one really starts applying the torque to the bottom end? I have never ridden a BIG MAMA and I have never actually caught my buddies riding a BIG MAMA but I hear it's fun unless you get caught. It says she has not seen a ton of action but how do I know guys have not been riding her hard and putting her away wet on the QT or the DL.


Pathetic Old Cyclist said...

Blinded by respect,

You mean to say that you haven't been egged, spanked or had a Big Full tbown at you yet?

dop said...

I was sad that I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no scranus.

JLRB said...

Those who write on bathroom walls

Claude Balls said...

No scranus? Did we recently meet?

JLRB said...

roll their shit

JLRB said...

in little balls

Anonymous said...

CC 427 "...TeeVee and Hollywood still have us believe every street corner in Manhattan has a news stand,"

Every corner now has a Starbucks, some intersections have more than one. How Dunkin Donuts keeps getting hit, instead of Starbucks, is beyond me.

David Pearce said...

Dear Snob,

Maybe Johan Museeuw is just angry because he's being fondled by the disembodied hand of the great and large Mario Cipollini?

Am I right? I say (in the disgusted voice of Charlie Brown), "Am I right?"

Boris Toriskockoff said...

I would give anything to have a scranus. I lost mine in the Gulag.

Hannah Montana said...

Free the Nepal!

JLRB said...

Those who read these words of wit

David Pearce said...

I really can't look at Professional Bike Racing, otherwise known as the P-B-R, any more. After seeing that contrived Museeuw finish and hearing the overwrought crank-by-crank narration, I can't believe in bike racing any more.

The racers don't look like me, the biking they do doesn't look anything like the biking I do. I mean, it doesn't matter if they're all hopped up on uppers and steroids or not, it's like watching an unknown species at a zoo. What's the point?

I better watch out. In another sec, I going to start questioning my watching of Professional Football.

JLRB said...

Eat those little balls of shit

Chief Kamoniwannalaya said...

I want to invite all you ladies out there to join me in Hawaii.

dop said...

Stupidest graffiti I ever saw: Some guy left a feces-smear of a thumbprint on the stall wall, drew a picture frame around it in ballpoint pen & signed it Pablo Pickasshole.

JLRB said...

This week, ticketing Scranuses may not be a deterrent.

Last week, ticketing Scranuses is a deterrent.

Hard to keep it scranus.

JLRB said...

DOP - "some guy" - is that like "it's for a friend"


dop said...

I saw it in the mens room. I'm going to assume it was left by a guy. There was enough of a smear to render the print useless for identification of the culprit, and dna testing was years away.

I say thumbprint, but I'm no expert & it could have been the index finger of a large woman. Perhaps even the pinky of a really, really large woman. There may have been a long line in the womens room, or she could have joined her boyfriend in the gents for a joint.

no one ever said...

Keep the scranus side down.

N/A said...

Anonymous at 10:17 got me to thinking that all of these accidents are a plot by Starbucks. FUCKING STARBUCKS, MAN! "Starbucks" is an abbreviated anagramized portmanteau of "Specialized". Do I need to spell it out further?

It's all a little too convenient, don't you think?


Elvis Scranus said...

Viva Los Scranus!

Three Dog Scranus said...

Try a little Scranus

JLRB said...

DOP - might have been the pinky of McFly's BIG MAMA

JLRB said...


JLRB said...


N/A said...


JLRB said...

YESSSSsssss ss s s

N/A said...


Scranus Jam said...

Well, my scranus is tired, time for a new Snob to drop!

Here we are, entertain us.

The Man in Black (lycra) said...

Scranus of Fire

Love is a burning thing
And it makes a fiery ring.
Bound by wild desire
I fell into a scranus of fire.

I fell into a burning scranus of fire,
I went down, down, down as the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns,
The scranus of fire, the scranus of fire.

The taste of love is sweet
When hearts like ours meet.
I fell for you like a child,
Oh, but the fire went wild.

I fell into a burning scranus of fire,
I went down, down, down as the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns,
The Scranus of fire, the scranus of fire.

I fell into a burning scranus of fire,
I went down, down, down as the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns,
The scranus of fire, the scranus of fire.

And it burns, burns, burns,
The scranus of fire, the scranus of fire,
The scranus of fire, the scranus of fire.

Anonymous said...

I own 5 bikes, ranging from a semi-high end Crabon fiber BMC, to a cyclocross bike, and most recently 2 BMX bikes. I am also a cop, so you can imagine the stupid conversations I have to have at work about cycling in NYC and the issuance of summonses and all that bullshit. For whatever reason, the majority of "cawps" I work with think cycling is for kids and hipsters, and that there is no way a "grown ass man" should ever consider exerting him/herself by riding a bicycle either as transportation or exercise. I hear how cyclists "take up the whole road," don't obey red lights, blah fucking blah. Whenever I counter these arguments and point out that their GMC DEnali Yukon Spaceship Megabus takes up the entire road as well as runs red lights, they usually just shut up.
Recently there was a "bicycle safety awareness" memo that spoke nothing of actual safety but mostly about "enforcement." I have yet to EVER see a "motor vehicle safety awareness" memo.

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Biasanya, selimut tidur menyangkut 32 "x 48", dan mungkin kerudung pad boks normal. Sedangkan selimut ini luar biasa untuk menutupi boks bayi, itu tidak benar-benar cukup mengagumkan untuk bayi. Selimut tempat tidur terlalu besar untuk lampin bayi baru. dan bahwa kita semua memahami bahwa bayi terbungkus mungkin lebih bahagia, tambahan bayi konten.

Sebagai perdana pengasuh bayi yang jual cooler bag murah picnic curvy gabag baru lahir Anda, Anda ingin memelihara dia atau dia menggunakan lebih dari sekedar persyaratan yang paling dasar seperti makan dan mengganti popok. Karena bisa jadi sulit untuk keluar untuk mencari di minggu-minggu awal, Anda dapat cenderung untuk memesan keranjang hadiah bayi yang penuh dengan semua hal-hal anak Anda butuhkan dan menikmati.

Selimut penerima yang menyangkut "32-36" panjang di setiap arah, yang dibentuk dari cahaya-berat media kain hypoallergenic, seperti katun atau bulu bayi-berat, adalah mungkin alternatif terbaik. Ini cukup untuk mengikat bayi baru raksasa, dan cukup kecil untuk AN anak yang lebih tua untuk sekrup pada malam hari. lain dan itu adalah jual cooler bag harga murah gabag milky caw bahwa, jika materi Anda adalah ringan cukup, Anda akan dapat roll-up selimut dan berkemas tas popok benar-benar tanpa jumlah kerumitan berlebihan.

Hadiah bayi benar-benar menyenangkan untuk mendapatkan! Mengetahui semua orang bisa mendapatkan keranjang penuh dengan barang ada banyak hadiah bayi untuk memilih dari. Salah satu hadiah bayi ini adalah paket yang terkenal popok. semua orang tahu Anda tidak bisa memiliki cukup diapers.This adalah bayi gits ibu akan seperti! Ada juga botol bayi dari beberapa ukuran yang berbeda dan karakter untuk memilih dari, Dot juga dapat menjadi hadiah bayi sangat baik.

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