Friday, February 27, 2009

BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!

Before beginning this week's quiz, I must make two corrections in the name of responsible "journalism." Firstly, in yesterday's post, I stated that the Lotus rider spotted at the Tour of California was listening to motivational audio on his iPod. However, yet another reader who managed to get a shot of this great cyclist points out that it is quite clear from the bulge in his pocket (that's his rear jersey pocket) he actually opts for the Discman:

(The "lone wolf" smiles beatifically.)

I'm tremendously embarrassed by having made this mistake, since it's common knowledge that the Discman is the audio player of choice for the "lone wolf" cyclist. However, in my defense, I was thrown by the white headphones, as well as by the fact that the player wasn't in the traditional "lone wolf" location--that being secured to the bicep area with Velcro. Incidentally, a number of readers expressed curiosity regarding the setup of the Lotus. According to still another reader (!) who managed to get close to the man and his machine, he is in fact running/rocking/rubbing/rolling/slaying a freewheel, and the brakes are actuated by twisting the attachments at the ends of the aero extensions (sensuously, one would assume).

Secondly, in Wednesday's post, I mistakenly identified one of the celebrity participants in the World Naked Bike Ride:

A higher-resolution shot sent to me by "bkjimmy" reveals that the rider in the propeller beanie is in fact a certain professional golfer and not David Alan Grier:

Now, I'm not a golf fan, but I'm guessing it's either Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson. Also, you can see Joachim Phoenix in much greater detail--right down to the ersatz knuckle tattoos.

Moving on, it's now time for a quiz. As always, study the item, think, and click on your answer. If you're right, you'll know. If you're wrong--and I almost hesitate to do this, because it's so awful--you'll see "The Triathlon Song."

Thanks for reading, and ride safe--unless you're doing Monster Track, of course, in which case "Nobr Akes!"


1) Which phrase is not a part of the sales pitch for this Toons custom?

--"The pure freshness!"
--"...she will shread the street or track."
--"Hand-painted MKS Sylvans with hemp double straps not included."
--"For those who have the heart to stand alone."

2) Where was this baby spotted?

--The Tour of California, Solvang
--The Macaframa premiere in Sacramento, CA
--Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
--A free fixed-gear conversion clinic in downtown Los Angeles

3) What is this gnome doing?

--Singing a song about the joys of cycling
--Making fixed-gear cogs
--Sabotaging somebody's bicycle
--Balancing a Fixedgeargallery submission on his head

4) This bike, for sale on the Austin, TX Craigslist, once belonged to:

--Tyler Hamilton
--Laurent Jalabert
--Bo Hamburger
--Bjarne Riis

5) I recently spotted a Spalding road bike. According to the Fixedgeargallery, what famous punk frontman once owned a Spalding?

--Henry Rollins
--Ian MacKaye
--Glenn Danzig

6) What's the most reasonable explanation for the seat angle on this Trek?

--It's a hill-climbing bike and the saddle is actually level on extreme grades
--The rider follows the old bike-fit rule of thumb which states that an imaginary line drawn from the nose of your saddle should intersect with the front strap of your frame bag
--It's hanging its saddle in shame over those Spinergys
--There is no reasonable explanation for the seat angle on this Trek

7) Who said the following?

"Dont get me wrong, I Love Cycling, and have been one myself since my brother got me my Bianchi Spelissimo back in 1989. Greg LeMond is one of my heros…although, Miguel Indurain was quite a great cyclist when they were battling. I just want to see Lance come clean and retire already. There are many cyclists these days that I would like to see succeed, and he has done his time, and done well. Let some new blood come up."

--Paul Kimmage
--Joe Lindsey
--The "Yellow Devil"
--Levi Leipheimer

8) Which is not a quote from a recent "Men's Fitness" article about fixed-gear bikes?

--"it's like a mobile spinning class"
--"you mustn't stop pedaling"
--"you feel more like a part of the bike"
--"brakes are for 'woosies'"

***Special retro-collabo bonus question***

These "shoes" were a collaboration between component maker Race Face and which footwear company?

--John Fluevog
--Dr. Martens
--Steve Madden
--Spear's Specialty Shoe Company--Custom Made Clown and Theater Footwear Since 1983


Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank all the little people who made this possible...

Anonymous said...


hillier99 said...


kale said...

Finally Top ten!

Anonymous said...

Yeaaaahhh boooooy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Helper Monkey

Anonymous said...


first real comment

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i used to rub Foodogs

Anonymous said...

All You Chain of Hate Breakers Suck Mi Dos Pelotas

ant1 said...

6 posters at 1:43. that may be a record comments/minute.

ant1 said...

almost forgot, 1st metacomment!

Anonymous said...

one, please!

Anonymous said...

never meta comment i didn't like

Anonymous said...

Woot! Woot!

CommieCanuck said...

"Don't get me wrong, I Love dressup, and have been an asshole myself since my brother got me my mom's cocktail dress back in 1989. Greg LeMond is one of my heros…although, Miguel Indurain was quite a great cyclist when they were kissing. I just want to see France come clean and retire already. There are many cyclists these days that I would like to see succeed, and he has done his time, and done well. Let some new blood come up, like Tyler Hamilton"

Anonymous said...


db said...

Question 4 should've included Zabriskie as one of the choices...

Anonymous said...

Snob - Did you notice the two road bikes in the back of the truck? The truck driver is eyeing the Lotus like a dog catcher eyes the neighborhood hound...He's hoping to make it three road bikes crammed in the back of his truck...

Anonymous said...


6 tied for 1st at 1:43

That puts me on the podium with a time of 1:45.

I'll take it!

Anonymous said...

Notice those are also white New Balance beauts, not Reeboks.

CommieCanuck said...

Quiz error:

The correct answer to #6 is, "the rider has a prostate the size of a gnome,as seen in #3"


"It looks like it may have been used (or possibly mis-decaled) by Dustin Hoffman (another famous rider with CSC at the time) as there is the faint outline of "D Hoffman" under the Tyler Hamilton decals on the top tube.


Strayhorn said...

The Colnago with the 650 front wheel hurts my dignity - but not as much as my score on this week's quiz. Oof.

And, just in time, it's supposed to be cold, windy, and wet all weekend. Yay! Another weekend on the trainer watching old movies on TCM. Maybe I should take up golf.

Anonymous said...

Did not so good today.

kale said...

The $750 Tyler Hamilton bike comes with HIS SEAT!!! I'm gonna ride that one on all my naked rides... and get scabies.

So here's the breakdown:

Glen Danzig is a Spalding-riding douche now.

With the Tri-song, there's been yet another attempt by tri-culture to alienate as many people from it as possible.

For lone-wolf culture (as my dad informs me) the late nineties are the new 80s. Which means that in 6.9 years there will be a singularity which will occur, wherein the retro-culture becomes avant garde, causing the submerged city of R'lyeh to rise from beneath the sea, and Cthulhu will awaken and wreak havoc on the earth

Anonymous said...

As a fat man (who bowls) from Milwaukee, I really appreciated the bowling clip.

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

jolene is yor parents in town tonite

Anonymous said...

I feel something coming up, but it isn't new blood.

Anonymous said...

Just catching up from yesterday--
AP, wow. Are you okay? Hopefully the door sustained a little damage too. And as for the pooch-reserved, but up for the chase. I would expect nothing less.

Antoine--*chortle* you are a bad boy.

Innerlighter--Tri curious? First weekend of May, you're welcome to join me.

CommieCanuck said...

Kale, Tyler's LOOK also comes with his blood bag in the down tube, and a free copy of:

"You're Busted, Broke, Divorced, and Look Like a Ferengi: What to Do Now"



'just sayin'

CommieCanuck said...

As mentioned yesterday, those who claim to be tri-curious are really just gay.

Anonymous said...

they yor parents tew red but paw aint so maw is free if thats what yousaskin

Anonymous said...

yez ah iz, red

Anonymous said...

If he's gay, perfect. We can split the hotel bill.

Anonymous said...

"Like a mobile spinning class" was priceless.

True story: I was visiting a friend at his cottage, it was a beautiful summer day, and we were heading out for a ride when we invited his sister-in-law to come with us. She couldn't - she had a spinning class. Uh, OK.

To be fair, she had agreed to meet two friends there. One was an old-timer, the other new to the class - she was worried that she wouldn't be able to keep up. Having been introduced to the concept of being dropped in a spinning class, we realized we were out of our depth and hit the road.

leroy said...

Oh great, now everybody knows about Spears.

Yeesh, the wait to get my custom shoes is going to be awful.

Honestly, you would think Shimano would make an SPD in an extra wide size with additional room for the toes.

But sadly, no.

Ride safe this weekend. Isn't there something in Prospect Park at some un-Godly hour?

hillbilly said...

yes, cadence "cup" - 630 tomorrow morning

Anonymous said...

Tennis is like Pong without the knobs.

Did they really say "musn't?."

Like "You musn't stop pedaling massah!"

Anonymous said...


Matthew Ruscigno said...

A fast and funny week. Even the comments have been above average funny. Thanks all you funny people.


Anonymous said...

After listening to the Triathlon Song, I feel like I need a shower and boil my headphones.


Anonymous said...

I had a pair of those Raceface/Fluevog collabos. In tan and brown. The cleats ripped out of the soles.

I also had a pair of corduroy Jnco's. WOOOOOT, teenager in the 90's.

Anonymous said...

Lotus man needs some calf inplants....or some calves.

broomie said...

I kicked ass on the quiz!, good thing because, I'm a triathlete and even I don't like the triathlon song. That being said,all the triathlon jabs are starting to hurt. Since we don't have time to drink, get high, have girlfriends, or a social life the internet is all I have left.

Oh, and yellow devil is a yellow dork.
Commie Canuck your paraphrase was awesome.

bikesgonewild said... lone wolf lotus peddler...
...discman or cinna-bun ???...that body & those white new balances scream so-cal "cafe" training...latte's & sugary treats...

..."Like a mobile spinning class" was priceless."...agree...absolutely great line...

...i ask you, clown shoes or bowling shoes ???...why not both ???...even clowns need recreation when they're not out scaring little kids...

...& speaking of bowling...thank you bsnyc/rtms for the "
***Special retro-collabo bonus question***"
link...i can already tell i'll be watching a lotta cool trick bowling vids over the weekend... depeche mode, i "just can't get enough"...

grog said...

Thanks BSNYC.
Musn't mobile spin.
Happy Trails

CommieCanuck said...

stuffed beaver on America Day

Anonymous said...

Holy crap these dudes are loving life:

They don't make bicycles like they used to.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Tiger's a little "longer off the tee" than that picture.

Anonymous said...

SPIN DROP: Did they wear helmets to the spinning class?

Anonymous said...


We all love your blog, but do you have to whore it here *every* single day?

Surly Bastard said...

Jeezus I got every question wrong. I totally sucked. I even studied last night which makes it all the more painful. But it was funny. Yeah, mobile spinning was the best. The Tri-Song was horrifyingly funny or something. Maybe just horrifying.

I was going to kill myself after failing the test and hearing that the cyclocross park in Louisville just got eaten by the Stimulus Package, but after reading Commies' Yellow Devil satire I snapped out of it by almost choking to death on my own drool, which made me feel like I didn't really want to die, life was beautiful, blah, blah, etc., etc.

Great week RTMS, thanks , I feel like a Trillion Bucks now ... but who doesn't?

CommieCanuck said...

it's a recession, gotta keep dem ho's workin' every day.

Anonymous said...

I liked the option of those new "flifflop" hubs on the Spaulding. Can you use those with a crabon fork?


bikesgonewild said... dave zabriske...the recovery slowly begins...
..."About 11 p.m. Tuesday, while deputies watched Zabriskie's car parked in a driveway, they watched a man, later identified as 30-year-old Arthur Roll, come in and out of the residence several times to get in the car"...

...jeezus, yer dad a bike or a car or some goddam movie statue thingys but don't let it go on this way...
...has the roll family no dignity left just 'cuz you shaved yer dome ???...

Surly Bastard said...

BGW: Bob Roll is probably in DZ's other car driving around with Hell Boy strapped in the passenger seat for company right now.

CommieCanuck said...

Mutt..those are French-built hubs,
Philippe Phlop.

CommieCanuck said...

Wow...Bob Roll's Dad is younger than Bob Roll. Maybe Red Neckerson can explain this.

Anonymous said...

Commie Canuck:

Of course they are. Silly Americain zat I am. Thanks for pointing that out. I guess Mavic makes them.

bikesgonewild said... the dave z/bob roll thingy...

...i can only say that the existence of a blog-site like bike snob nyc proves that anything is possible in this life...

Anonymous said...

OK, Who got close enough to the "Lone Wolf" to see who's signature is on the Lotus? Is it his own? People, we needs some answers over here in Boulder, you know, where we take anything bike related seriously.

Anonymous said...

rob and rick roll are good crischin folk theyd never steal no car but maybe its not the rob roll i herd he was from tracy

Anonymous said...

O.K., Commie, if you liked that one:
Q: What's Irish and hangs around by your pool all summer?
A: Paddy O'Furniture.

Anonymous said...

You really really ought to be ashamed of yourself...foisting the tribike song on us; I'm not sure which is more painful: watching that or one of Opinionated Cyclists blabs.

Gnarles Darwin said...

At least I still have my good looks

Anonymous said...

So Lone Wolf is rubbing nipple twister brakes?

Anonymous said...

I do believe the Lone Wolf Lotus bike is sporting the signature of BikeSnob fan Lance Armstrong. How many times can I look at that rig and find something disturbingly fascinating?!?

Anonymous said...

The picture of "super ted" in the men's fitness article showing the "skid turn" shows the tire coming off of the rim. Is "super ted" about to pull a beloki?

Cognorant said...

"There are many cyclists these days that I would like to see succeed, and he has done his time, and done well. Let some new blood come up.""

I hate that sentiment, WTF does that mean? You know who I want to see win? The guy who's the best! If that's Lance Armstrong every year until he's 60 then guess what that means???....he's the best! If there are other cyclists you'd "like to see succeed" then they need to suck it up and train better, be smarter & faster than everyone else. Let some new blood come up.....what a douche!

Anonymous said...

It's Armstrong's signature on the Lotus.

Interestingly, we aren't the only ones filled with such morbid curiosity about the Lone Wolf.

As I was snapping a few pics of him, someone over my shoulder said to him, "Man, you're the most popular guy here today."

He carefully arranged the wheels so that the "USA" logos were upright, and instructed me make sure to notice the signature scribbled on the fuselage. It's Lance.

Anonymous said...

Lone Wolf may have a prosthetic right leg, below the knee.

bk jimmy said...

Anon 9:01

That's how a true fixed rider unseats the bead to change a tube. Carrying tools is worse than having brakes.


bk jimmy said...

Q: Why the extreme angle on the Trek's saddle?

A: To match the bars, silly!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bike snob, I really pity you having to live where you do with all those people riding bikes with no brakes. If you want to escape it all, you can come and live under my hedge, we'll give you cheese and a couple of liters of wine three times a day.

TW said...

Did anyone else notice the Delta brakes on the Lotus?

Seanywonton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Seanywonton said...

"I got something to say...
I ran over your mother on my Spalding fixie today!"

urchin said...

Tri-song: bad snobby. It was just bad enough to make me keep watching to see if it was parody or real, and then, two minutes later I've lost years from my life. barf.

To ease the pain, I bought a 4x8 piece of plywood, some sandpaper and white spray paint and made my own Lone Wolf Lotus. They're not as fast as I expected. I was better off with my first design.

Anonymous said...

I've seen that long-haired dude on the lotus track bike riding in Santa Monica. He was at Tommy's on Pico and Supelveda. I asked him where he got his bike and he said it was at some auction.

Anonymous said...


I think you stand corrected yet again. the man in the photo is not listening to music on a Sony Discman but a "Coby" brand compact disc player, he ran out of cash after buying that abomination on Portland's Craigslist...

bikesgonewild said...

...i still say it's a cinna-bun...

leroy said...

This just in, the Snuggie trend has been written up in today's New York Times Style section.

The trend is now officially over.

Snuggie, we hardly knew ye.

hillbilly said...

leroy - did you go to the ungodly early prospect park race saturday?

leroy said...

Bill --

Too early, too cold.


hillbilly said...

yeah, but not in time to race, filled up (who knew you couldn't get there at 6:25?!

Anonymous said...

(sound of toe-tapping...)

Whatsa matter, Snob? No Pugsley for today's commute?

ant1 said...

wake up snobby!

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