Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Ethics of Craigslist: What's Your Integrity?

It's that time of year when many cyclists start thinning the proverbial herd in order to make room for new cattle for next season. If you want to avoid the shipping hassles associated with eBay and the low financial return involved in selling to friends and riding buddies, you might find yourself tapping that filthy conduit of raw sewage that is Craigslist. Of course, the business of selling a used bicycle often involves balancing honesty and self-interest--especially when the customer is clueless, as Craigslist buyers so often are. Following are some hypothetical questions for you to ponder. Some are based loosely on my own experiences, and some are completely fictional. There are no right or wrong answers here. This is simply an opportunity to peer into your own soul.

You are selling a cyclocross bike. The buyer arrives and informs you that he is looking for a bicycle to use for entry-level triathlons. He doesn't know what "cyclocross" is but is ready to buy the bike. What do you do?

--Explain to him that this is not what he's looking for
--Don't say anything and sell him the bike anyway
--Explain to him that this bicycle is not ideal for his use but sell it to him anyway
--Tell him you're sickened at the thought of your cyclocross bike being used for triathlons and throw him out of your house

You are selling a bike old enough to be considered "vintage." The buyer spends an absurd amount of time scrutinizing the bike and grilling you about the provenance of the components. You ask him if he'd like to take it for a spin and he refuses, explaining he's only a collector. You:

--Answer his questions and encourage him to buy the bike
--Refuse to sell him a bike that won't be ridden
--Ask him if he's got an XO-1 and if so would he like to trade
--Invite him in for a bike geek tea party with your life-sized cardboard cutouts of Grant Petersen, Tullio Campagnolo, and the kid from "Breaking Away"

You are selling a road bike. The size is 57cm and was clearly listed as such in your ad. The buyer turns out to be 5'4" and can barely straddle the top tube. You tell him it's too big for him but he takes it around the block and wants to buy it anyway. What do you do?

--Take his money
--Reiterate your concern and make suggestions for adjustments, but take the money anyway
--Refuse to sell him a bike that's too big for him
--Also talk him into a matching 130mm stem you've got lying around in a color that perfectly matches the frame

You are selling an old fixed-gear. You really have no use for it and figure you'll sell it for a fair and attractive price. You immediately get an email from a person ready to buy, you agree to sell, and you arrange a meeting for the next day. An hour later you check your email and you have 30 more replies--clearly you're sitting on a hotter commodity than you thought. What do you do?

--Reply "Sold" to all of them, delete the ad, and sell to the original person
--Go back to the original person and ask for more money
--Tell the original person you just found a crack in the frame and then re-list the bike on eBay
--Tell the original person to get lost, keep the old bike and watch the PistaDex closely

You're selling a bike and you also have lots of spare parts. Your potential buyer is on the fence but wants you to make some parts substitutions to close the deal. You don't mind getting rid of the parts, you're just not sure you want to do the labor. What do you do?

--Agree to make the swaps, take a deposit, and tell him to come back in two hours
--Say "Sorry, the bike's being sold as-is"
--Say you're happy to sell him the additional parts and that he can either install them himself or take them to a bike shop
--Throw in the extra crap for free

You're selling a mountain bike. You come to terms with the buyer and also agree to swap out some parts so the bike will fit him better. He leaves a deposit and says he'll be back in two hours to pick it up once you're done. It's clear from your interaction that he knows almost nothing about mountain bikes or bikes in general. What do you do?

--Swap out only the parts that you agreed
--Swap out the parts that you agreed as well as some other minor stuff that you'd like to keep which he'll never notice
--Swap out the parts you agreed, replace the relatively new cassette and chain with old worn out ones you've got lying around in the parts bin, and replace the relatively new tires with some older ones
--Swap out only the parts that you agreed...and at the last second, the wheelset

You're selling a track bike. It's a race bike, brakeless, with tubular tires, a 49x15 gear, and clipless pedals. The buyer is a newbie who has never ridden a fixed-gear bicycle before. After the transaction he insists he is going to ride it home eight miles to Bushwick in the dark in his sneakers. You:

--Suggest he take the subway instead
--Offer to install an old front caliper you've got lying around
--Take his money, tell him to be careful, and hope you don't read something in the Post tomorrow
--Challenge him to a race and tell him if he beats you to Bushwick you'll give him back $50

It's post-sale and pre-pickup. You're taking the old beauty for one last spin when you discover some defects you weren't aware of. Which warrant telling the buyer about?

Tiny cracks around the spoke eyelets
--Don't tell

Bottom bracket shot
--Don't tell

Chainring bolt missing
--Don't tell

Headset pitted
--Don't tell

Possible hairline crack in frame
--Don't tell

Seatpost seized in frame
--Don't tell

Quill stem seized in steer tube
--Don't tell

What is the window of time after closing the deal and parting ways that you'll address any problems or defects the buyer finds with the bicycle?

--Twenty-four hours
--One week
--Thirty days
--Caveat emptor, sucka! Take it to a bike shop.


Anonymous said...

Ahh First, suckers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


thejakesnakes said...


TOMMY GUN said...

Bo Hamburger!

Anonymous said...

..oh dear, BSNYC must be on vacation and someone from Bicycling is subbing in.

Anonymous said...

"Challenge him to a race and tell him if he beats you to Bushwick you'll give him back $50."

Brilliant. Although I'd have to ask him to wait 15 minutes for the race to start so I could alert the media, my friends at the bar, some guy with a video camera and a chase car, the kid's parents, and of course you (think of what a great post that would be the next day).

Anonymous said...


Heckler said...

"-Challenge him to a race and tell him if he beats you to Bushwick you'll give him back $50". Talk about thinning the herd...That, plus "at the last second the wheelset"- excellent, absolutely hilarious, it's going to be a great day.

Josh Nadas said...

craigslist is the final frontier for the salesman with no morals. once a friend on an "impulse" paid retail price (80 bucks) for a department store huffy. The rear axel was snapped, the bb loose, and the bike looked like it had been to beriut and back.

sometimes people just can't see the crap they are buying on the list, and they have to learn by doing. why do we avoid touching a hot stove? because we burned ourselves last time. if you buy crap trying to be cheap and skirt paying retail... you will pay for it some how.

clayton said...

Josh Nadas: I recently saw a bike on ebay with a starting bid well below it's value and no reserve. it was for pick up only, so i figured the the bike would be going for a lot less than what it was worth. I then browsed craigslist and saw the exact same bike posted for a more appropriate price. i contacted the craigslist seller, and as far as i could tell, it was a different guy who saw the situation the new ebayer put himself in and took advantage. i mean, the guy on ebay was in trouble either way, but to jump in and offer for sale a bike you don't even own (the auction had 2 days left when i foung it) is just wrong wrong wrong.

Anonymous said...

My CL sins: sold a single speed with a ramped cog (but with good chainline) and a bike with a tiny crack on the seatpost. Both were warned, but I'm still going to hell.

Jim said...

Normally I'm pretty ethical, but if I was selling on Craigslist... when in Slobovia, do as the Slobs, right?

Cross bike question – sell it to the triathlete anyways, and tell him, “this bike is perfect for racing.” Triathletes enjoy punishment, he'll take the bike and like it.

The Collector – tell him he can't have the bike because Eddy Meryx once rode it in a charity century event in Piscataway. Then when he doubles his offer, let him have it. Grudgingly.

Old fixed gear – tell the first guy to piss off, by “fixed gear” you meant it was an old ten speed that had a broken cog, but it’s fixed now." Then spray it with White Rust-O-Leum (everything - tape, tires, wheels, chain, seat) and re-list it on Craigslist as the prototype which inspired Mission Bicycles, from San Francisco. Because they’re trendy. Say the bike is "really fast," and you’ll accept nothing less than $950, but the bike goes to the high bidder. Then watch the offers role in.

The guy buying the track bike – take his money, give him the bike, and see if he wants to buy some old tight jeans that belong to your wife, from before she birthed your evil spawn.

Defects question – the only defect I’d make the buyer aware of, is if his check bounced.

Anonymous said...

Jim - I had to clean my keyboard! You're funnier today than the snob.

mm said...

--Explain to him that this is not what he's looking for

--Answer his questions and encourage him to buy the bike

--Reiterate your concern and make suggestions for adjustments, but take the money anyway

--Tell the original person to get lost, keep the old bike and watch the PistaDex closely

--Agree to make the swaps, take a deposit, and tell him to come back in two hours

--Swap out only the parts that you agreed

--Offer to install an old front caliper you've got lying around

--Tell (all)

--One week (and based on what the buyer says, I would know exactly what issues would be post-buy)

Some are normal, some are nice, some are not so nice. But hey, I'm trying to make money right? If someone doesn't want to listen to me, I've washed my hands.

Prolly said...

Show them this


Fritz said...

I sold a 2002 Trek 1000 last month for $100. I guess I'm one of the nice guys, but I figure that's about what that bike was worth.

At Interbike there was a guy outside with a "FOR SALE $600" sign on a Trek 1000. He told me, "I heard there would be a lot of bike people here so I figured I'll try to sell my bike." Somebody nearby told him, "Dude, you're at a steak and lobster dinner trying to sell a leftover bag lunch. Go try Craigslist."

mr.complaint said...

I would buy or sell a bicycle to any of you.

Especially Prolly.

Jeeze guy, are all your rides that flawed?

Strayhorn said...

--Explain to him that this bicycle is not ideal for his use but sell it to him anyway

I'm biased, I see this attitude every day at work: explain to a client that he's making a stupid decision. They make it anyway. In my case I get to charge cost-plus to fix their resulting problems.

--Invite him in for a bike geek tea party

Hey, he might have a sister or brother who's hot. You never know.

--Reiterate your concern and make suggestions for adjustments, but take the money anyway

I give fair warning in all such cases. After that, it's their decision.

--Reply "Sold" to all of them, delete the ad, and sell to the original person

Actually, mark it "sold pending pickup." If the guy doesn't show (happens ALL the time) it goes to respondent No. 2

--Say "Sorry, the bike's being sold as-is"

And offer to sell him the parts, which he can do with as he pleases. Volunteering to do bike labor is as foolish as offering to work on someone's car or computer - it's endless. Unless you are sleeping with them, of course.

--Swap out only the parts that you agreed

A deal is a deal.

--Challenge him to a race and tell him if he beats you to Bushwick you'll give him back $50

Hey, you get in a nice ride and a chance to keep an eye on the noob. Plus he might offer you a beer and a beej once you get there.

--Twenty-four hours

And only if it's something I honestly didn't notice was wrong before I sold it. If he breaks a spoke jumping kerbs or scratches the finish while piling the bike into the back seat of his BMW, that's his look-out.9b

Anonymous said...

prolly, you're a fucking dick.

daddo.one said...

I bought a raleigh 25 year old sports sturmey archer 3 speed to go to the burrito shop and back (my burrito shop bike!) in the finest condition for $125 - $25 more than the guy was asking but worth every penny. Why $25 more?
Me: hey, is it still availble?
Him: nope , been sold for $100
Me: picked up yet?
Him: No the guy is coming Sunday
Me: I'll give you $125 and come Saturday
Him: My address is....

GhostRider said...

Strayhorn, what is a "beej"? Is that like BJ, aka "blowjob"? Talk about a deal-sealer!

The answer to all those dillemas is "caveat emptor, sucka!" If a potential buyer insists on being uninformed, ignorant or just plain stupid, that's the pefect excuse to divest them of their money!

mr.complaint said...

These are all trick questions.

1. It's not worth explaining anything to a triathlete. They are already experts in 3 sports. Just tilt the seat forward and send it out the door.

2. The collector is an expert too,
and his X0-1 is worth more than retail.

3. You can't fool me. 57cm frame is the correct size for a food delivery bike.

4. On old fixed gear? You mean a Track Bike?

5. Hmmm... how much do you pay for your storage unit?

6. Mountain bikes are like SUVs.... Hey! You have a parts BIN?

7. Oh this is #4. This is redundant. A Track Bike is a Race Bike.

You race the guy.

8. What kind of nerd are you? You didn't notice flaws? Isn't that why you were selling it?

9. Windows? On CL?

bikesgonewild said...

...i just feel so pressured & confused by all these questions & the thought of ethical dilemmas is considerably stifling...

...however, if you'd like to stop by for tea, i've added a life size 'lance' cutout i bought from a trekshop, off of craigslist...(what great opportunities the c-list offers)...
...who would have imagined i'd only have to pay $100 bucks...

...so while dave stoller fawns over him & tullio kinda disregards him for not riding italian, good old grant p. has taken to repeating "i just don't get it" since the lance-ster came to sup....

...anyway, drop by bsnyc & i'll put on the kettle...maybe bring some biscuits...

Strayhorn said...

ghostrider, a beej is the catch-all term for the oral gift whether you are male or female.

At least on this campus anyway. Kids these days . . .

Anonymous said...

I sent Jims post to Karl R.,
says Jim has a bright future
in politics.
Scott G.

Prolly said...

beej is male-only... head is the term given to oral pleasure.


SeattleM&M said...

Today's blog performs a double service: laughs plus a sad peek into the unexamined souls of folks selling junky bikes for small change on the internet.

If you're normally ethical, but find that the tiny con artist in you blossoms large in the internet sales world, there are more impressive ways to cash in.

Check it out, you can really make a killing in home foreclosures these days. Really why beat up little kids for their milk money when you could be stealing SUV's from suburban soccer moms?

Anonymous said...

An old women was selling a bike listed as "tall race type bike, make offer" with a picture of a mint condition Miyata 610.

Its early in the morning so I figure I'll give it a shot. I offer $30.

"when do you want to pick it up" she replys.

I get there to pick it up and its not as "tall" as I hoped and wont fit me. But its basicaly brand new under a layer of dust.

I feel a little guilty and give her $40. saying I only have 20's and not to worry about change.

I then strip it and sell the frame and parts, I made around $200.


Tim said...

Morality is an issue with this posting on Ebay


PAKE fixed gear starting bid 1000$

Ad is complete with spelling errors, shitty cellphone pictures, and ridiculous overstatements (custom, handbuilt pake frame...huh?). This ad made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Nevermind the pistadex, here's the pake-a-dex...

bikesgonewild said...

...ahh, prolly...speaking of "head"...why don't you pull your 'head' out of your fucking ass & apologize to all the folks who thought you were providing an interesting link only to find they had to re-boot to clear your shit off their screens...

...i usually curb my language on the bsnyc site, but your lack of consideration deserves both barrels, close range, dipshit !...

Anonymous said...

Damn you Prolly, Thats the second time today! Pitchforkmedia got me this morning. Meg White sex tape indeed!

Anonymous said...

Prolly, you are a chamois stain.

Anonymous said...

Wait, why am I talking to a shit stain?

The correct phrase should be:
"Prolly is a chamois stain"

Triksapekatt Vie said...

What did Prolly do?

I am scared to click on his link.

spokey dokey said...

Prolly only linked to the BEST THING EVER ON THE INTERNETS. The office game has been trying to get folks to click on it. You don't have to reboot, just click a lot.

I'm still laughing, like three hours later.

bikesgonewild said...

...prolly & spokey dokey...two half-wits whose combined IQ's wouldn't add up to a reasonable number...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

prolly, you're a fucking dick.

November 27, 2007 1:17 PM

true, but that was HILARIOUS!

Anonymous said...

FU Prolly! Gargle my balls.
He posted a link that take you to hell that you cannot get out of.

Anonymous said...

Your name is now on the list prolly. Don't expect to get into Canada after your run out of the States.

Anonymous said...

Prolly definitively demonstrated his ethics by posting that link.

Spokey Dokey definitively demonstrated his taste in music with his review of the link.

You can exit the link by going to task manager and closing your browser.

Prolly -- the wheel of Karma gonna turn and grind you for that.

Spokey Dokey -- you can stop dancing now. Seriously. You can stop. And it wouldn't hurt to cut back on the Red Bull.

Anonymous said...

Somebody just mentioned, but for those who aren't familiar, you should know how to do this anyway:

Press CTRL ALT DELETE to get into the task manager.

Select your browser.

End Task.

Anonymous said...

Funny, for someone who supposedly plays it clean, bikesgonewild just went on another indignant rant a few posts ago.

Anonymous said...

Prolly = double-dipped douche.

But it was funny.

Anonymous said...

In addition to all that has already been said, Prolly is a sperm-gurgling tri-fag!!

Anonymous said...

If anyone hears about Prolly being strangled in a public bathroom by Larry Craig, would you please post the news here? It would make me very happy.

What a complete dick.

Is there any way to disable that link? Or disable Prolly?

Sprocketboy said...

I have to admit that I actually sold a Lemond Maillot Jaune on Craigslist that might have been a touch small for the buyer. And after I sold it to him, the rear derailleur ended up going into the spokes but I don't feel bad since it was tuned up before the sale and he is still talking to me...

Oddly enough, I got four inquiries about the bike, not including the annoying Nigerian scam.

Anonymous said...

well said, bikesgonewild!!

Anonymous said...

I bid on a complete Specialized Tarmac on ebay and won it for $500. I was psyched! Then I got an email saying the seller made a mistake. They meant to put a minimum bid of $1500. They would ship the bike as soon as I sent a cashiers check for an additional $1000. Obviously a scam, and I called ebay right away and got my $500 back, but the lingering question in my mind, since nobody else outbid me - "Why was I the only moron out there who took the bait?!"

Anonymous said...

to anonymous at 7:00pm

I disagree, Prolly is not a complete dick. He is, in fact, dickless.

todd said...

My favorite thing about the Pake that's on eBay for the low, low starting bid of 1,000 is that it has ceramic rims.

I almost want to write the guy to find out his justification for putting ceramic rims on a brakeless bike.

clintpatty said...

What about this ad?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, clintpatty. Prolly has completely wrecked this. I'm not clicking on any external links not provided by BS, especially if the malicious stuff isn't shut down.

bikesgonewild said...

...fully agreed...

Anonymous said...

do you folks not know how to mouse-over instead of clicking blind?

Anonymous said...

Prolly,If I knew where you were, I would kick your FUCKING ASS,

Prolly Watch said...

Prolly, Larry Craig, Beej's. It makes sense to me know.

Hey prolly, when solicitng sex in a men's room. Do you run 2 or 3 fingers under the stall doors?

And when you actually performing for your John, do you squat or kneel?

Philip Williamson said...

As far as CL ethics: I sold a bike I'd bought on Craigslist (and rode about 12 times) for the same amount I paid for it, only with a new derailleur, and before the guy came to pick it up I adjusted everything I should have done when I bought the bike. Like moved the bars and inch to the right so they were actually even. No wonder I'd hated that bike...
And I sold a pair of classic WTB tandem wheels in new condition for $100. To the only guy who called about them. And bought a pair of track wheels with NJS hubs and blue Velocity rims!!

Oh my god that was some funny shit.
I was actually laughing at the browser jumping around the screen, and then when I full-screened it to shut it down and it just kept giving me lyrics, that was pretty funny, too, but the most hysterical thing was after I CTRL+ALT+DELETEd and Firefox said "your last session closed unexpectedly - would you like to restore it?" And said "yes, sure, restore session"...
That cracks me up just thinking about it.

And then with the Fun Brigade pissing hot death all over everyone, god it was like throwing gasoline on a fire.
At least 100 times funnier than the actual post.

And Bikes... Gone... Wild.. as the last target of your Martin Scorsese verbal vomit-fest, I gotta ask... why are you reading a humor blog anyway?
Scientific research?

Phrenicphish said...

Haha, I think the fact that so many of you are getting pissed about Prolly's link makes it that much better.

bikesgonewild said...

...how unperceptive of you williamson...i wasn't the first nor the most vehement & i was certainly only one of many irritated responders to prollys little stunt...
...& while i called him out, i also offered him a creative method of dealing w/ the situation, if he was at all concerned...

...just so you've got a little perspective, pal, my first post today was a response to bsnyc's 'subject d' jour' & whether you found it humorous or not, i enjoyed writing it...i wouldn't be overly concerned either way...

...personally, i don't find a lack of consideration to be particularly amusing, but then again, i didn't find any validity to the poster last week who justified his racial slur because he found it funny...about as base & inconsiderate as it gets...

...when it comes to "scientific research", if you're honest w/ yourself, you'll apply that question to your own writing...

Nick M said...

All ot those questions are pure rhetoric. The only proper way to sell a bike is in parts on ebay. Any bike is worth three times less than the sum of it's componets, all you need is a sledgehammer, a cold-chisel, an impact driver, a hacksaw and a plumbers wrench. You then wirewool the parts and sell 'em as NOS. What is left you sell as a fixie project on Craiglist. Do I have to tell you guys everything ?

spokey dokey said...

The fact that all youse guys got so bent out of shape over the 45 seconds you lost clicking the java boxes does, in fact, make it that much funnier. Worried the boss will bust you for watching Rick Astley videos? Don't get all pissy because you were doing something at work that you shouldn't have been, and it became obvious to the rest of the office.

Anonymous said...

Why Spokey Dokey, how very considerate of you -- offering an apology for Mr. Prolly like that.

I think that's jes' great that y'all want to kiss and make up with folks.

Spokey -- y'all jes' pucker up and kiss y'all's monitor and I'll tell Mr. Bikesgonewild to do the same.

What's that y'all ask?

How do y'all know Mr. BGW isn't pressing his buttocks against his monitor?

Honestly, the things y'all come up with! What makes y'all ask such a silly question?

Anonymous said...

Hey Prolly, I hope the email on you profile, JohnProlly@gmail.com, is correct because I am posting it all over usernet where every spammer in the world can get it.

Anonymous said...

bikesgonewild, I don't get how you justify all your foulmouthed insults after castigating some other guy for his vocabulary. The only difference is that even the tactless slur thing was not actually aimed at anyone, while you deliberately hurl hostility. Maybe you're a decent guy, but in your posts you just seem nastier and nastier.


clayton said...

prolly pwn3d teh n00bs.

Anonymous said...

The best answer might be to read the blog, which is great, and ignore the comments, which are increasingly uninteresting, unfunny, and obnoxious.

I also hope that Prolly meets his deserved fate in a public restroom.

clayton said...

The best answer might be to read the blog, which is great, and ignore the comments, which are increasingly uninteresting, unfunny, and obnoxious.

this is precisely why i think prolly's effort is worth commendation.

Anonymous said...

Yeesh, talk about a tempest in a tea pot!

What next? A lawsuit for emotional distress because the link triggerd a post traumatic stress syndrome flash back to a 1980s disco?

Hey wait a second....

Excuse me, I have to call my cousin Loophole.

("Oh it was terrible Your Honor, when I regained consciousness I had big hair and was inexplicably wearing one glove.")

gttim said...

The size is 57cm and was clearly listed as such in your ad. The buyer turns out to be 5'4" and can barely straddle the top tube.

I have seen bike shops have no problem selling that bike.

I usually have good luck with Ebay, but did get a wheelset that had been wrecked- slightly bent, cracks on the rims around the spokes, damaged spokes and one completely mangled spoke. The seller refused to refund my money and said the wheels were just how they appeared on the picture. Of course when my credit card charged back the full amount to him, he suddenly was all about "fair play." I told him I would certainly ship the wheels back to him as soon as he forked over the $40 for shipping- since that is what he charged me for shipping, it certainly seemed fair. I told him I could not hold the wheels for more than 30 days, so he needed to get me a money order. He never did.

I am very honest on Ebay. I just do not need the bad karma.

Scott said...


My only question about that bike is how bad an inner ear problem its owner has. I don't think I've wrecked my MTB as many times as they describe, and it's a decade old!

spokey.... said...

This has become every bit as good as any steel is real\campy\shave fight on RBR. I commend you on taking two positions leroy. YES, it is a ridiculous argument, and YES, I am working on getting in with prolly. He says if I defend him five times, I can be his friend on facebook.

Anonymous said...

Bike Snob - some of your responses are hilarious - especially that one about hoping you don't read about the guy riding back to Bushwick! I also enjoyed your characterization of Craigslist "filthy conduit of raw sewage" HAHAHAHA.
Rick - Irvine - 2006 Fuji Roubaix RC

Anonymous said...

There is an alternative that I prefer to your options for selling the cyclocross bike to the budding triathlete. Assuming you are selling your X bike because you are upgrading to next years latest, you should really set about convincing the looser wannabe triathlete that cross is where it is at!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, a rickroll for the win. Well done.

Anonymous said...

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