Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This Just In: Pullin' The Plug (a BSNYC publicity update)

Just a brief word to let you know that I've been interviewed by my blinky-lighted siblings over at bikecommuters.com. If you're interested, go check it out, and please know they used the "Unknown Comic" photo despite my protestations.

We now return to today's post about ethical quandaries.


Lee said...

Yes again!

Anonymous said...

blinky lighted siblings. HA!

clayton said...


Anonymous said...

Crap! Just missed it

Lee said...

BSNYC; If that b&w photo is you, that's one tacky jacket!

Anonymous said...

almost podium

Anonymous said...

almost podium

Scott said...

I could definitely identify with your commuting rationale, especially the "why train when I can ride to work?" mindset. If only more roadies would pick up on this idea the world might be a better place.

Oh, and the description of CM was perfect.

Anonymous said...

"And I’m prone to panic, so about 15 minutes into any delay I start plotting to kill and eat my fellow passengers to stay alive."


9th...damn... i need some of that maillot jaune EPO... bruyneel get Dr. ferrari!

GhostRider said...

If I may chime in, it's true that BSNYC objected greatly to the addition of the "Unknown Comic" picture...the hackiest comic who ever walked the earth. We're certainly not suggesting that our Snobby friend is a hack -- far from it!

I'll be honest -- we were hoping for a "KISS Unmasked" moment, but were sorely disappointed. Snob, your anonymity is safe for a while longer!

Your blinky-lighted sibling,
Ghost Rider

bikesgonewild said...

...bsnyc should be easy to spot on the bridge at commute time w/ that bag on his head...

...just suggestin'...

Broompatrol said...

"Scott said...
I could definitely identify with your commuting rationale, especially the "why train when I can ride to work?" mindset. If only more roadies would pick up on this idea the world might be a better place."

Yes, my boss loves it when I show up to work red faced and drenched with sweat after 20 minutes of intervals. I like to hang up my shorts in the office door chamois side out. ;P

broompatrol said...

I once nibbled on a foot after four hours, but 15 minutes seems a little skittish

Anonymous said...

I like commuting in the winter on a road bike.

I can explain that I'm slow because I'm preparing for next season.

Next season, I can explain I'm slow because I'm recovering from frost bite.

Anonymous said...

And if I need a few days off for work-related stress issues, I can duct tape my red blinky light to my nose and tell folks I'm a very special reindeer.

Bluenoser said...

Way to go Snob. Good interview. Just how cold is cold and how hot is hot in NYC?

Lee Crase said...

Man, oh man is I glad I found your blog.
This shit be funny!


Lee Crase said...

Man, oh man is I glad I found your blog.
This s#!t be off the chain, yo!


Anonymous said...

if you use an RSS feed to win, is that that like cheater dope? or is it akin to using a powertap?

I'm in one of those neutral support team taurus wagons with the cool roof rack.

Anonymous said...

Getting quite a bit of exposure lately BSNYC.

Any chance I can purchase the top 2 inches of your blog now? I do not plan to use that space at this time but prefer to take the speculator approach and buy now when the real estate price may be low, in another 6-months that's going to be a hot commodity.

Soon I'll be rich running banner ads for chamois cream, track stand lessons, helmet mounted mirrors and carbon fiber spoke nuts.

db said...

Who the hell is that with Merv?

BikeSnobNYC said...


It's Uri Geller and (I believe) Alfred Drake.


Anonymous said...

To answer Bluenoser's question, here in the big city, hot summer days are high 80s, mid 90s. In the middle of winter it gets down into the twenties, sometimes teens, with an occasional drop to a single digit.

-Weather Guy

Anonymous said...

Weather Guy --

I thinkthe answer Bluenoser was looking for was:

It gets so cold that the exhibitionists just describe themselves.

julie said...


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