Thursday, October 18, 2007

BSNYC Thursday Fun Quiz #3! (Special Self-Promotional Edition)

Don't worry, it's only one question, and it's an easy one. Think carefully and click on your answer. If you're wrong, you'll see Pee Wee Herman dancing with Grace Jones. If you're right, you'll see the maillot jaune saluting his adoring fans:

The December issue of "Bicycling" features an interview with which acrononymous entity?





Yes, awhile back I mentioned that I have always dreamed of being published in "Bicycling." Well, that dream has finally come true, proving that the best way to get people's attention is to taunt and mock them. And not only am I interviewed in that esteemed publication, but there are also obfuscated photos of me and a bicycle belonging to me. This should provide a good opportunity for anybody I have mocked here to mock me back.

The December issue will be on the stands on October 30th, but subscribers should be getting theirs any day now, so if you're curious keep an eye out for it. Thanks everybody for reading, and thanks to "Bicycling" for the fun opportunity.


bother yam said...

Good on you!

Into the lions' den. Did you taunt them. I hoped you taunted them.

Danimal said...

Are you serious? Why not just sell your name to oscar meyer and peddle that big hot dog around. You can't be serious. Are you serious? I'm confused. It's pure brilliance if this is farce. There I think I covered all my bases.

Polygraf said...

uh oh will celebrity ruin you? Damn 1988!

BikeSnobNYC said...


Yep, I'm serious. I'm confused, too. How is being interviewed in a magazine like selling my name to a hot dog company?


GGehrke said...

What we need is a Style Man vs. Bike Snob trackstanding showdown.

I'll be watching my mailbox for this issue. Should be good.

Eric said...

Really? Total bummer. But I'm not too cool to subscribe like polygraf, so I'll look forward to mocking the article when it gets to my apt.

Anonymous said...

Proof positive that the power of the blogosphere cannot be underestimated. I just hope that the bike featured is a fixed gear, it would be... apropos.

mamsterla said...

Today Bicycling, tomorrow Time Magazine's Snob of the Year.

Jim said...

Can it be long before Velocity begins running ads for their new metal flake Deep Vee stickers on your website, and you start running a contest to "Win this Ten Thousand Dollar Bike?"

For my part, I'll simply note your blogging was *much* better before you were famous. I hope you enjoy your celebrity hell with the likes of REM. After that, of course, drug rehab and a VH-1 Behind the Scenes special await, followed by your Comeback Blog, which the critics will love but which won't sell as well...

BikeSnobNYC said...


Don't forget the much-publicized crash on one of those Colnago Ferraris in the Hollywood Hills.


Wunderkind said...

the only way this isn't terrible news is... no this is terrible news.

what breaks your heart more, knowing that you're walking down a path that can only end in a full time job reviewing carbon bottle cages, or knowing that so far like 60% of your blog's readership subscribes to Bicycling?

Jeff said...

When you end up in rehab will you give Lindsay Lohan my number? I really do think she is cute.

Polygraf said...

Eric I never said I don't read the mag ( I do as well as Dirt Rag and few others regularly).Ease-up.

Anonymous said...

I hope they ask you how to "Get fit in 40 days" or tips for "Killer Abs" or maybe "Nutrition Advice for Soma Valley Bike Tours"

Either way, I'm sure your interview will be "more insightful than Robert McNamara in a smoky room"

Anonymous said...

Congrats man! Sell-out or not it's an exciting opportunity and great to be recognized for your contribution to cycling (and helping me get through the day at work).

My only concern is that now it won't be as special to read your blog everyday and feel somehow elitist.

Now your readership is going to go through the roof, you'll get offers for sponsorship, end up selling purple anodized chains in banner adds. Microsoft will buy out your page, fire you, get some FG'er to take over the blog. Then I'll have to go back to working through the day. See, it is horrible afterall.

julie said...


Tom C said...

BikeSnobNYC Has now Jumped the Shark!
Dont worry Bicycling.comSnobNYC
I'll still get the mag, Ill just steal it from My neighbor.

mimi said...

a picture? of you? what if people start to recognize you on the street as you commute to work? you might have to keep an eye out for aerospokes and top-tube pads, not to write about, but to run from. take some self-defense classes or, maybe, you could camouflage yourself with a large florescent messenger bag and a funny hat.

either way, they're going to be out to get you. your loyal and devoted fans that understand its all just in good fun will be there for you, but man, you crossed the line out of anonymity.

congrats, though, from me.

SeattleM&M said...

Doing a magazine interview is "selling out"? If so, I think the Snob is severely undervalued. Now, when BSNYC becomes a regular feature, that might be selling out (even if bike mag columnists really don't get Beverly Hills homes and party with "Hilton" and "Lohan"). But, it would also make me enjoy my subscription to Bicycling a lot more. Ironic that the Snob has aparently become a hipster icon -- and more ironic still that he shall now lose that status by becoming popular. Sweet, delicious irony.

Prolly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chazu said...

I contend that your writing is enhanced by your use of substances banned from the blogosphere. When your B sample comes back positive, you'll need to write a book in order to raise the funds to support yourself until your blogging suspension ends.

We are all going to see your face during your book tour. Maybe you can "out" Style Man during a book signing. Do it in DC; it will be more scandelous that way.

(Hi Tyler! Hi Floyd!)

Anonymous said...

Congrats BSNYC! Ingore the sellout comments. Selling Out? I didn't know props through a few lines and an obscured photo in the mainstream media came with a six-figure contract, ghost writers, a McD's Happy Meal toy deal, a special "BSNYC" edition Huffy on sale at Wal-Mart (exclusively), and a percentage of the front-end on Bicycling mag sales.

Prolly said...

BSNYC, you look like a hipster man...

Anonymous said...

I am going to call it now..... bike snob is vincent gallo

Chazu said...

When they make the movie, insist that you are played by Will Ferrell. Yes, it will be expensive monetarily, but cinematic craftsmanship is priceless.

Mr. Ferrell, you'll need to start with LSD to build a base....

bike=good said...

you're white?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute.

The December Bicycling magazine with BSNYC's interview is coming out "any day now"?

I just got the November issue in the mail this week.

Dang, even my magazine subscriptions are slow!

There is no hope for me.

I'm going to go put streamers on my road bike bars. And a kickstand. Yes, a kickstand would be nice.

Might as well.

It's not like I'm ever gonna be fast at anything.

Congratulations BSNYC on the national exposure!

Prolly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
josh said...

White deep section rims, white saddle... are you wearing Vans?! Man. At least you've got a brake on that thing. Be careful not to get your parachute pants caught in your chain.

(I still love you.)

BikeSnobNYC said...


Those are NOT white rims! They are silver as god made them.


Anonymous said...

the link doesn't work anymore prolly...

Prolly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nobody said...

2 things-

Congratulations! It's good to see that a person can acomplish at least one of their goals.

And, wunderkind: "what breaks your heart more" it's BRAKES

Polygraf said...

BSNY- are you a trust/hedge fund baby who left williamsburg right after 9/11 and bought a stylish brownstone in Park Slope? I was hoping you were a burly 6oish red bearded recumbent riding, tobacco chewin, helmet mirror wearing old skool god, but nnnooooo........

Good looking out w/the scan Prolly.

BikeSnobNYC said...


Sadly no. No trust fund, no brownstone. Just a modest abode with too many bikes and a wardrobe swollen with lycra.


Prolly said...

Shit. Sorry guys, I may have gotten a friend in trouble. Had to take the pic down. My bad.

Anonymous said...

Um, "69" is cool becuase, ummm. Well, when you reach puberty, you're likely to find out.

street pedaler said...


Which architecture school did you attend: Columbia or UPenn? Or was it the creme de la elite, P-ton?

Congrats to you.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Prolly et al,

Patience, patience. When the issue comes out you'll be able to hold it, gaze upon it, scan it, and photoshop jokes at my expense on it. Plus, you might also learn a few new flat-fixing techniques.

I'll content myself by counting my millions.


Polygraf said...

anyone who can dish it out as well as take it this gracefully deserves to run for office. BSNY and Obama what a stylish ticket, both of you can sport leather vans.
Much Love, many afternoons made bearable by your blog.

BikeSnobNYC said...


Thanks very much for the compliment. I'm certainly due for a dressing-down. I'm luck enough that people would even care enough to do so.


PS: They weren't Vans.

Clayton said...

Was the Pee-Wee Herman link inspired by the NAMBLA drop? If so, hillarious.

also, random fact: Allen Ginsberg was a member of NAMBLA.

bikesgonewild said...

...the TIME magazine of the bike kultura...yes, i am guilty of perusing it...
...'style man' vs. bsnyc...sorry, no comparison...5 days a week, throughout the year, bsnyc regales us w/ his witty, satirical, erudite nature whereas 'sm' wastes magazine space once a month w/ his self-absorbed drivel...

Anonymous said...

wait a minute- somebody give me a link of the article.

i dont quite know what to think..

Anonymous said...

You are climbing like a monkey wearing crampons. Let's hope the descent is less expeditious.


SeattleM&M said...

I remember Ginsberg defending NAMBLA, but was he a member? I don't think so. Can somebody check with the NSA on this? I think by now they've collected membership lists on every group in the country.

And PeeWee? He was polishing his handlebar in an adult theater, not playing with kids. I'd be more worried about people going into a porn theater who aren't there to beat off.

Tank said...

is anyone going to post a link to a scan / online version of the article so us shitey-englanders can see too?

Anonymous said...

what exactly is wrong with bicycling magazine?

Anonymous said...


They are just using you and you are too starstruck to see it. Your readership is probably a gazillion times theirs, which brings me to the questions,'Bicycling Magazine' is still around and if so people actually read it?


Stuggy said...

Holy crap, that Maillot Jaune looks like my friend Saunders! Thank God I know he doesn't have a flat bar bike with clip-on aero bars... Or does he? We don't need to have an intervention, do we Saunders?

Anonymous said...

Why do I get the feeling that this question originated in Emmaus PA?

"what exactly is wrong with bicycling magazine?"

The preceeding marketing survey was brought to you by Bicycling Magazine. (TM)

Anonymous said...

Jump the shark? Then how come no entry in Wikipedia?

Prolly said...

Bike snob, do you write for as well?

BikeSnobNYC said...


Just that one guest shot after Interbike.

By the way, everybody should all go over to and give Big Johnny your get well wishes. Just brace yourself as you scroll:

This should put my whorish Bicycling appearance in some kind of perspective. (What kind I don't know).


Prolly said...

You sure you don't have access to the blender table?

Anonymous said...

the suckiest bike mag interviews the biggest critic of all bike things that suck. Fucking sellout. I hope at least you didn’t accept compensation. I also don’t believe that December’s issue will be released until November. This sounds fishy.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 4:04pm,

I never thought I'd cite Biblical verse in my life, but in this case it's just too apt. I direct you to Matthew 9:12.

I'm sorry to have let the kids down.



Allen said...

holy shit! that guy has so much pubic hair! i always thought to keep a girl you had to shave the balls, or at least keep it trimmed.

man, i do not want my balls to look like his, bloody or hairy.

bike snob, in the pic that prolly posted your face is down, will there be pictures of your face? do you not want to be recognized by everyone is brooklyn?

you should start doing speaking events.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Which one of those duck-like creatures is BSNYC, and why is that poser cyclist harassing him?

A Godforsaken Wasteland said...


There no amount of bracing oneself to be prepared for that....but thanks for the warning.


SeattleM&M said...

Just took a look at Drunkcyclist vs. storm grate. Lost in a revery, I emerge with this: storm grate = popularity/Bicycling magazine; bloody nuts = the once pristine, now sullied innocence of the hipster faithful; damaged wheel = broken, disposable hipster icon status. Etc.

So, do straight guys over thirty really "trim the brush"? In my humble estimation, you youngsters can be forgiven -- you're growing up in a different, weirdly sanitized world. Maybe I'll jump on the bandwagon, start lining my chamois with sandpaper, make things reeealll smooooth as I ride.

sh said...

Couldn't you have worn a gorilla suit or something?

(The guerilla uni does not count)

quaffimodo said...

I fled Jonny's nutsack in abject terror only to find it here too? Pardon me while I gouge my eyes out with a spoon....

caveman said...

since bicycling is a "bike ab work out" mag you should pitch ab workouts for single speeders. They could cross train on unicycles and yoga. fudge, that sounds gahy.

Clayton said...


I'm pretty sure Ginsberg was a member, long before the government crackdowns. Could be wrong, but whatever.

also, pee-wee was cought with boatloads of childporn a few years back.

Clayton said...


Ginsberg was a member. He joined "in defense of free speech."

Polygraf said...

Off topic but i need help:
Just commuted home only to hear that aweful crunching sound from my rear wheel's bearings AGAIN! I've spent more money and time truin and repacking this wheel well beyond its worth(mavic open pro).
I have zero time for the next days and have a small window and little cash- has anyone come across Swift wheels? I was thinking about getting a set this weekend @ nycbikes bklyn for 240.00 w/ formula hubs, i thought I would have to spend just that on a rear but came across this set which no one seems to know about. I weigh 205 and I ride my fix like a mountain bike, don't yet have the finesse, if any one has some input on these I'd love to hear a few words.

SeattleM&M said...


Well, at least joining "in defense of free speech" is arguably less nutty than joining for the usual reason. Course, now that "free speech" means two or three companies can make the mass media say anything they want, maybe the first is now nuttier.

Hope it's not true re: Pee Wee, or that there's more to the story.

Oh yeah, this is a bike blog. Did I mention that I own a set of Deep V's?

Clayton said...

steering the comment section of a bike blog into the direction of child porn and NAMBLA is an exercise in free speech.

but on the subject of bicycles, do you think gisnberg would ride aero's or deep v's? hmm? he was maybe one of the original brooklyn hipsters, after all.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Whatever Ginsberg would have ridden he most definitely would have used canti brakes. Because they "Howl."

Yeah, I know, but dammit, it's my blog.


Enhancement Smoker said...

"Reubens was arrested again in 2002 in connection with an investigation involving child pornography. Public news stories concerning his case cast doubt upon the suggestion that Reubens intentionally acquired child pornography, as he stated that he was a collector of "erotic artwork" and that he had a sizable collection of vintage erotica with samples dating back to the 18th century. On March 19, 2004, child pornography charges against him were dropped by Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo after Reubens pleaded guilty to a separate "misdemeanor obscenity" charge.

"The DA waited 364 days (one day before the statute of limitations would have run out) and then alleged that some of it was 'child pornography' -- decades-old physique poses, old art photos, and yellowed nudist magazines. Some of the nude photos were of minors -- when the pictures were taken, but most of the models would have been dead of old age before Reubens was born. All of the photos, Reubens maintained, were legal when they were first published. The charges were reduced to 'obscenity', and Reubens pleaded guilty and paid a US$100 fine in exchange for probation."[5]

Wikipedia/Notable Names Database

Anyhow, congrats on being the latest Internet sensation to be honored in the pages of that crap rag...

SeattleM&M said...

That joke deserves to be the last word today! oops...

Well, since I'm here again, I'll speculate: Ginsberg would have ridden a Dutch bo.. I mean bike.

Last, a gem from today's Seattle craigslist: "I've got a great white Velocity Deep V wheel w/black formula hub and black spokes (front only). I am hoping to trade it to somebody who has a black front wheel (with black hub and black spokes). Maybe you want to add a cool front wheel to your fixed gear? I only want white in the back. Maybe you only want white up front? Lets trade!"

Fritz said...

I have incontrovertible evidence that BSNYC is actually Bill Strickland of Emmaus, PA. BS = Bill Strickland. And Emmaus is only a few hours drive from Brooklyn. Who besides a magazine editor in the middle of Amish country would spend hours at fixedgeargallery to match those bikes up with random photos of celebrities? A magazine editor has the financial incentive to discourage urban hipsters buying low-priced used bikes -- if that ever truly takes off, there goes his advertising revenue. There's more, but men in suits and dark glasses are coming my way to...... #$#^cxcc CARRIER LOST

Anonymous said...

nycbikes sucks. avoid this shop at all costs.

simcain said...

ya know i wonder why any of this matters? i started out riding my sk8board down my sidewalk on my butt. then snowboarding because i saw a burton ad in freestylin mag in 88. made my own snowboard out of plywood. skate in summer snowboard in winter.
bikes i always had em and rode em. mostly trashcan bmx bikes and a old supersport.
started riding fixedgear because of dirtrag mag. bought a pista. lost my right to drive. rode everyday to work on it.
why the bull shit...

Anonymous said...

"lost my right to drive."

I will help you to phrase this concept correctly.

You "lost your privilege to drive"

You're welcome.

Polygraf said...

Anon 8:22-
tell me more

bikesgonewild said...

...nothing is actually "wrong" w/ 'bicycling' magazine, (other than 'style man') looks to be designed for the new cycling enthusiast, which is a constantly evolving demographic, thus articles of the same nature are re-cycled regularly...hey, newbies gotta learn & if they only listen to jaded fucks like us, they'll probably take up tennis...

...thanks for the pee wee update, enhancement smoker...always thought "big adventure" had a nice sentiment to it & i know I'D DO all that stuff to get MY bike back...
...hopefully mr. reubens will never prove to have gone down the tainted path he was accused of...

Anonymous said...

Congrats Bike Snob for the recent publication. you deserve the recognition for your good work on this blog. funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

Does someone have the page number for the article so I can minimize my exposure? Reading Bicycling usually makes me want to hurl it across the room. The folks at the library don't like that so much.

mojito said...

If you accepted payment: sell out! If you didn't accept payment: you've been used!

A blogger just can't win.

Anonymous said...

Bike Snob is:

- Male
- White
- 37-42 years old
- Resident of Brooklyn
- Commuter to Manhattan via B'lyn Bridge
- Likely married

Add to this list, and if you live in NYC, catch him with a camera!

Sean Lynch said...

Why is everybody trying to 'out' the Bike Snob?

I'm picturing stalkers lining the Brooklyn bridge with cameras like paparazzi on a princess.

Those flashes are gonna cause him to swerve into an oncomming recumbent at speed and cause a mangling of flesh, chro-moly, and digital cameras the likes of wich haven't been seen Paris Hilton stopped riding a tricycle.

Then we'll have to put up with a decade of tribute concerts to the Snob with songs by Celine Dion and Elton John.

Just leave the Snob be.

He is what he is.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 10/19 8:37am,

Well, you're right about all the facts that are already available on this blog at any rate. Then you started speculating and lost the scent. I'm going to speculate that you don't work for the FBI.


PS: What, no composite sketch?!?

"grammar nazi" said...

Congratulations BSNYC--for the recognition and professional publication of something that (I imagine) you love to do.

Like the people crying "sell out," I, for one, am (selfishly) afraid of losing blog personality I've enjoyed for the past few months.

"grammar nazi" said...


Anonymous said...

"like paparazzi on a princess."

Exactly. Welcome to the human race.

" gonna cause him to swerve into an oncomming recumbent at speed "

I hope not. Really.

Why did I say "likely married"? Because your left hand is partially obscured. If it is entirely random, that's one thing. But it is purposeful, it is because you are hiding your wedding ring. So I have a 50-50 chance with that one.

In any event; the photo of the brownstone lined street containing the dumpster and the double parked car is probably a good clue. You said that you are "well into" your commute at that point, but it is likely a diversionry tactic.

As is the "you lost the scent" comment. Clearly, that is a diversionary tactic.

Can someone deduce Snob's height based upon his body geometry relative to the bike he is on in the Bicycling mag photo?

Looking at the junction of his downtube, top tube, and head tube, I'd say he rides a frame size in the high 50's.

Come on, all you docs, med school students, phys therapists and medical examiners; how tall is the Snob?

And Snob?: welcome to celebrity.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear.

I have a lot in common profile-wise with Bike Snob.

While I'm happy to draft among the comments on BSNYC's blog, I shuddder to think of paparazzi photographing me climbing the Brooklyn Bridge in bike shorts as part of a mistaken effort to identify BSNYC.

Paparazzi stalkers awaiting BSNYC on the Broolyn Bridge: You have been warned.

Not every guy who fits Bike Snob's profile is Bike Snob and pictures of me in lycra almost certainly violate
some community's standards of decency.

Bike Snob -- Pssst... most of the construction on the Manhattan side of the Manhattan Bridge bike path was cleared up as of last night.

But now that I think of it....

You might be able to cash in on your new found celebrity by marketing jerseys reading "I am BSNYC."

It'd be an "I am Spartacus" kind of thing.

Just a thought.

meep said...

Rest assured - I'll be purchasing my copy from the generic used bookstore for ¢50.

Anonymous said...

Dear Encyclopedia Brown,

So you've figured out that BSNYC rides the same frame size as the majority of cycle racers. Brilliant! But what size person could possibly fit a 57ish cm frame? If only we had a scientist.

While the 'cleverly lying about his route' theory is probably accurate, you know what else would be a good diversionary tactic? Not documenting the start and end points of the commute.

Good call about the obscured hand implying a 50% chance of him being married. Also since you can't see his face, I'm going to assume that he's blind in one eye.

So everybody keep an eye out for an average height male rider on the Brooklyn Bridge who is prone to deception and sports an eye patch. And who definitely has a front brake.


BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 10/19 9:36AM,

Why would I take pains to hide a ring yet not hide the bike? And if I was concerned about a ring why wouldn't I just take it off like some letch in a bar?

Of course, someone as prone to deception as myself might not even have used his own bike for the photo. The bike--or indeed the person--could be a ringer. The mind boggles, then grows bored.

Whoever posted the comment that I was Vincent Gallo was closer than he can imagine. I am actually Chloe Sevigny.


Anonymous said...

yes! who said "he" was ever a guy. that'd serve all you testosterone nerd surfers that you've all been dry humping BSNYC's ego all this time and worshipping the technical know how OF A GIRL. WAH HAHAHAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

"57ish cm frame? If only we had a scientist"

Yes, leg and torso length have nothing to do with bike fit. Thanks for making that clear.

Anonymous said...

Actually, you're a bunch of dolts. The more Snob and others talk about who Snob "isn't", the more information we get about who he is. Clearly not a group of counter-intelligence analysts, are you?

Anonymous said...

I suppose Snob borrowed a pair of shoes for the photoshoot? And he borrowed a hat as well? Undies, too?!

Clayton said...

BSNYC is Daniel Lyons.

sigh. i wish i had a more interesting job.

joby said...

ill never understand how getting some notoriety for doing something you enjoy is "selling out"
its not like snob got the interview only on the condition that he hock accelerade on the blog. he got it on the merit of his unique brand of bicycling wisdom. someone explain how this is considered a compromise of artistic integrity? who cares what magazine features the interview? the word spreads and thats whats important. no?

Anonymous said...

Bravo! This interview might inspire me to purchase a copy of that ego-stroking crapper magazine known as Buy-cycling for the first time in seven years... said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

well...this is how i FOUND you - my fellow cyclng brother and freind of Sheldon Brown!

I've got TWO brakes on my fixie - so thanks for letting me know its ok

mr.complaint said...

Would you cheat an Honest Man?

Would you dress like Sheldon Brown?

Could you pull off a project as successful as BikeTown?

gttim said...

Heh, heh! He has a 69 on his cap!

He said "nipple wrench!" Heh, heh!

Anonymous said...


Just read your interview. What bars are those? They look like mustache but have more drop than the moustache bars I've seen. Also, isn't that a KHS? Sweet. Sweet ride. KHS. Let's all chip in and get BSNYC an upgraded bike. Like a Nishiki.

But what I found most interesting is the back of the magazine is the object of much of your scorn: a brakeless, narrow-flat-bar, top tube pad wearing, Painted Deep V rims with flaking paint NYC messenger.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 10/22 10:48am,

Yes! Anybody who wants to buy me a bike is more than welcome. And hey, I wouldn't have shown up in a tux, so why would I have shown up on a high-end bike?

And thanks for noticing that they also included Squid in that issue. I bet nobody says that he sold out.


PS: I'm happy to tell you more about the bars privately if you email me.

J.D. said...

Where did you get that sweet Support 69 hat? I want one!

Anonymous said...

The funniest part of your interview was that your interviewer seemed to think Style Man is as funny as you. What a knob.

Anonymous said...

link??? anyone???

T. Lyle said...

I personally loved the article. It was very entertaining to read. Sellout my ass....Snob just wanted to blog, I found out about this blog through Big Johnny, and it seems most of you did too. Good for you man! Spectacular interview.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with 650c wheels?

brycebaird said...

Seriously - what's wrong with 650c wheels (from a snob's point of view)

Les said...

Two things:

1. Thanks for making Bicycling Mag much hipper than it usually is.

2. Where can I get that Support 69 hat?

Anonymous said...

This is just a general comment after reading a generous sampling of your last couple of months worth of writings.

I think you are a damn good writer, and I sometimes catch myself laughing out loud at some of your thoughts.

Also, I certainly understand and agree with your obvious distaste for the posers of the bicycle world (or of any world, really).

But something else also comes through that I find disquieting and ultimately repelling. That is, by making yourself the arbiter of what is proper bicycle style (the kind of bike, the kind of clothes, the kind of event to partake in, etc.), you come across as just as much a poser as those you disdain.

So, goodbye and good luck.

Dan R.

zbicyclist said...

Having received a gift subscription to Buycycling (would I admit it if I subscribed?) I'm indebted to the magazine for giving you a plug.

In the fine tradition of the magazine, the interview was too short for anyone above a 6th grade reading level.

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