Friday, July 7, 2017

This Just In: I've Gone Outside!


You're no doubt familiar with it as the periodical that ran such groundbreaking features as "The Wildest Mountain Bike Race On Earth:"

And "BSNYC vs. PDX:"

Perhaps you've even enjoyed their cultural takes, such as this humorous comparison of "Premium Rush" and "Quicksilver:"

Wow, those writers were really talented.

Anyway, you'll be pleased to know you finally have a reason to read Outside one again (well, online anyway), for I will now be be appearing there on a weekly basis.  Yes, that's right: more me!  And here is my first offering, which is all about a bike race that's going on in France:

Read it, savor it, squirt it all over your face like it's a bidon on a hot day.

Then, come back here later today, because I'm going to tell you all about my visit to Best Made Co. last night.

How lucky are you?

Don't answer.  It's a rhetorical question.  You already know you're very, very lucky.

Until later,

I remain,

Yours in etc.,

--Wildcat Rock Machine


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Ah comfortably reclined on the top step.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Hey congrats snobby. The world of print needs more of you in it.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...


dancesonpedals said...


dancesonpedals said...

ps...If I want to see bidon shots, I could probably do so on tumblr

JLRB said...

Where have I been?!?
Just caught up on the posts and am compelled to say:

I prefer scrubbing bubbles

Ralph Cramden Bus Driver wear

No way I am rocking lycra and a hoodie

Enjoyed the time travel back to 2010 when you still gave a shit about the race with the curved handlebars

Must I be outside to read the article?

Ubiquitous Snob NYC

I AM very lucky

grog said...

You are so lucky to have us readers.

The King of Park Slope said...

Ahh Outside ... I remember when you aspired to relevance.

leroy said...

My dog points out that, in the canine community, you can't ride with fixed gear and still be called Lucky.

But that might be sarcasm.

Sometimes, it's hard to tell with him.

Oh well, ride safe all - especially if you're riding Outside.

N/A said...

Like a bare celebrity ass, our dear Wildcat is getting all over the internets. Look at him go!

Nice article in the Outside, Wildcat.

Sad, but True said...

Babble, all but gone, CC MIA, Rob the Ford, really gone. Oh Canada, you have abandoned us during Trump Plague years.

Olle Nilsson said...

Hey, congrats on the gig Snob, but they're only going to print so many bikey articles, so you're sucking away potential content from this blog if there are less (other people's) Outside articles to mock.

Anonymous said...

Chamois butt'r

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, you really dropped the ball on this one. The Tour is not relevant because it doesn't include women? Name one team sport where men and women compete equally. It's okay, I'll wait while you google it. You find it boring, so that makes it irrelevant? I find NASCAR and golf stupefying, but millions of other people disagree. There's even a Golf channel, for heavens sake.

The crowds along the route are as big or bigger than they have ever been. So big that just last year many people where saying the Tour is too popular. (Go ahead and google that one too.) Its not perfect, but what is? If you don't get it, just move on. (Oh, and did you really just write that people should invest their time in gravel grinders and fixie crits? Seriously?)

Pist Off said...

That's a strong take for someone staying Anonymous. Curved handlebar bike cycle racing is a dope show. UCI downhill is the purest racing available on bicycles. Check the raw footage for Andorra last week and Lenzerheide this weekend. DH makes roadie racing look like the anorexic, pharmaceutical fruit show that it actually is.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 12:56pm,

Easy, don't hurt yourself!

--Wildcat Etc.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but that's the type of article I would expect from some knucklehead on ESPN, or an editor from Road and Track, not from the world's foremost bike blogger. Also, I apologize for wanting to remain anonymous on the internet. There's certainly no sensible reason to do that. I admire the courage of people like Mr. Pist Off who are willing to use their real name on line.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 12:56pm/7:04pm,

I think you're being a little touchy here.

My point here is that the sport of cycling should continue to evolve and grow, and fixating on the Tour to the degree that we do isn't necessarily conducive to that. It's also silly to resist the notion that one day some other cycling event or discipline won't capture peoples' imagination in the way the Tour has, and that it can't incorporate women competitors more than it has, which is basically not at all. It's even sillier to get upset at the suggestion that the Tour should change with the times. Come on, it's changed tremendously over the past 114 years, adding all sorts of competitions to make it more interesting, so why be upset over the notion that it should continue to do so? And it's especially silly to be so reverent of this event that you can't handle some swipes at it. (You're telling me this race doesn't get boring? Or that the ever-changing results due to scandal, etc. aren't completely absurd?)

I suspect some of the reason you're so buttocks-hurt may be the provocative title--I originally used a question mark after it, and Outside rendered it as a statement instead. (Which I'm perfectly fine with.) I'd suggest you put the headline out of your mind and read it again and you'd better see my point, but I have a feeling you wouldn't bother and that's fine too.

Anyway, enjoy the Tour.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

PS: Of the other boring sports you mentioned, NASCAR has women drivers, and I don't think there's an rule prohibiting women from participating in PGA Tour events.

Unknown said...

Really refreshing to read your take on this. I've been trying to express this to people but haven't found as cogent a way to do so. I often find myself trying to express my philosophy about cycling to people who are quick to become irate when I talk about things like helmets and now I just link them to your articles.

Unknown said...

Also, I would love to get in touch with you. I tried writing to the email address on your blogger profile a few times with no luck. Not sure if it's due to your understandably high incoming data load, or that email isn't active anymore.