Friday, April 27, 2018

BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!


I'm pleased to present you with a quiz.  As always, study the item, think, and click on your answer.  If you're right you'll know, and if you're wrong you'll see an Australian children's song, or alt-pop hit, I can't quite tell which.

Ride safe, ride safely, and enjoy riding safely this weekend.



--Wildcat Rock Machine

(Shouldn't they upgrade their logo to a thru-axle already?)

1) Big news!  Campagnolo is coming out with:

--A 12-speed drivetrain
--A mountain bike group
--Gravel-specific ergo shifters
--A new top-tier groupset called "Super Duper Record"

2) This hub is superior to other hubs because it has:

--A "sharply digressive spring curve"
--A "linear digression increasing exponentially along its radius"
--A "tangentially opposed spoke orientation for increased lateral stiffness"
--Holes and stuff

("Come in Schrader?")

3) How much for this digital tire pressure monitor?

--Will come pre-installed on all new gravel bikes as per new CPSC guidelines

4) Dishwashers are more efficient than hand-washing.


5) Fill in the blank: "Adults Are ___________ San Francisco On Tiny Electric Scooters"


6) Lucas Brunelle is a big Hall and Oates fan.


7) The cure for helmet hair is:

***Special Crime Of The Century Bonus Video!***


ken e. said...

what!? not a chance with that helment hair!

Oh Really? said...

Not posting just to try to be first, I in fact have an insightful comment to make on today's post.

Anonymous said...

Woulda been first but I was washing my hair.

BamaPhred said...


Chazu said...

The Wiggles are my four year-old's favorite band. We enjoyed our first joint WeeHoo ride a few days ago. Between his Strider and the WeeHoo, he's experiencing his own personal Golden Age of Cycling.

( this is a weehoo: )

Anonymous said...

Was she on a kids bmx bike or a brompton? Regardless, no helmnet

Anonymous said...

Many times while ba ba da bicycle riding i stop, dismount, dance a bit, remount, and ba ba da continue on. Chick obviously knows the joy of ba ba da bicycle rides

grog said...

My cat scored better than me on the quiz.

leroy said...

Helmet hair is so old Miley Cyrus.

Ride safe all.

Of course, if you're riding in the Red Hook Crit tomorrow, that's kind of impossible.

Buffalo Bill said...

Took the grandkid to a wiggles show once.
It's kinda like going to a Grateful Dead concert, you can't really understand it without the acid.

Anonymous said...

Whizzed thru the quiz and am counting the days until the June 1 tyrewiz release. Have always wanted to know what hydraulic pressure my whiz was running.

dancesonpedals said...

Gee, he got her picture. Bet he wouldn't be so tough without his car.

Daniel said...

Wait - when did the Wiggles get a female member? My youngest is now almost 15, so we are about 10 years removed from Wiggles updates.

Bikeboy said...

What?!! No cat in the dishwasher? (We double-up at the bikeboy household, by washing both the dishes and the family pet. Sure, she doesn't care much for it... but she gets over it, and she's clean and fresh!)

Anonymous said...

aced it. combination of paying attention in class and blind luck.

HDEB said...

Wet pavement may be slippery

bad boy of the south said...

got an "a" in the quiz.still don't how to link,but if i did,i'd interject with "i got you" by split enz with accompanying video.
i thought the wiggles song was about the Bada bad.
ride safely y'all.

Wiggles-Illuminati: same thing! said...


They've had a sheila for a good little while now. There's only one original Wiggle remaining and controversially, when the Asian Wiggle left they didn't replace him with another Asian. Racist Wiggles.

Also, they've let their standards slip; at 0:55 in the video, when setting off on her bike, she misses/slips on the pedals. Never would've happened back in the day.

Joe said...

She's gotta raise that saddle

Easy does it said...

If she raised her saddle she may need then jete’, or, grand écart en l'air, as she rolls off the twin-legged kickstand.

Olle Nilsson said...

Wiggles: I was thinking she did a good job of faking it the she missed the pedal. I'm going to have to learn that trick.

Brent said...

Hi, Bike Snob,

story suggestion: not for publication: If I were a leading semi-pro bike blogger I'd look into this potential story. In the Halloween bike path terror attack in lower Manh., I think the Argentine victims were riding Citi-Bikes. As you know, in general, if you lose or damage a Citi-Bike, you have to pay for it. We also know that weird shit happens with bureaucracies. Maybe Citi-Bike is trying to charge the tourists or their estates for the destroyed bikes?

BikeSnobNYC said...

Gonna pass on that one, Brent.

Anonymous said...

hey where'd everybody go?

bad boy of the south said...

Crickets in my dishwasher...there's a song in there somewhere. oh,wait.only crickets.

JLRB said...

I'm here to litter the comment section but forgot my bike share

Anonymous said...