Thursday, October 22, 2015

Vision? Zero!

Great news!

New York City has more or less achieved "Vision Zero!"

Well, if you factor out all of the murderous drivers, of course:

If NYPD’s goal is encouraging cyclists to help prevent traffic deaths and serious injuries, we have good news: New Yorkers who ride bikes have all but achieved Vision Zero. In fact, cyclists were Vision Zero pros long before the initiative launched in NYC.

From 2000 to 2013 (the most recent year for which official bike crash data are available), cyclists killed eight New York City pedestrians, according to DOT. During that time frame, drivers killed 2,291 people walking. There were two reported incidents in which people on bikes struck and killed pedestrians in 2014, when DMV data show drivers killed 127 pedestrians.

All told, cyclists fatally struck 10 people in NYC in 14 years, compared to 2,418 pedestrians killed by drivers, making cyclists accountable for .4 percent of pedestrian deaths.

The above was in response to the following (now deleted) tweet:

I'm not saying the police shouldn't ticket cyclists, but I am saying they shouldn't be tweeting, because if you're going to constantly put your foot in your mouth there are more discreet ways to go about it.

As for Vision Zero, it doesn't seem to be working out all that well.  It's enough to make you want to check out a Citi Bike and skip town--which was working out great for this guy until he reached Oklahoma:

Apparently, it’s not just Big Apple motorists who hold a grudge against Citi Bike users, as a Manhattan man found out the hard way while riding one of the two-wheelers cross country.

Ooh, the "reporters" at the Post aren't even bothering to conceal their bloodlust with this one!

Jeffrey Tanenhaus, who quit his job as an event planner in early August to embark on the Citi Bike trek, saw the ride take a bloody turn in Oklahoma this week when he was punched in the face by a bike-hating pickup driver.

I didn't know there was any other kind of pickup driver.

He noticed a pickup truck slow down as it came up behind him and, having grown accustomed to being a roadside curiosity, Tanenhaus assumed the motorist wanted to ask a few questions about his bike, which has a New York license plate affixed to the front.

How endearingly naive.  If a pickup truck were to slow down as it came up behind me as I rode through Oklahoma I'd just assume the driver was preparing to knock me out, tie me to the bumper, and take me for a drag.

“But the guy just starts launching verbal abuse at me — how much he hates bikers, and I need to get off the road — a lot of expletives thrown in there, a seething rant about bicyclists,” he said via telephone Wednesday.

The pickup driver then sped off. “[It was] the first time hostilities had been exhibited in the whole time riding,” Tanenhaus said. “I wasn’t even in his way.”

Ah, but you were on a bike, which is the same thing.

The bully then “got out of his truck and punched me in the face,” Tanenhaus said.

I'd have just assumed the assailant was Keith Maddox, but last I heard they locked him up:

Anyway, I was kind of nauseated by the somewhat gleeful tone of the Post article, though I suppose I should at least be happy that they didn't mention whether or not the victim was wearing a helme(n)t.

As for me, I'd never, ever want to ride across the country.  I mean seriously...America?!?  Don't you watch the news?  Drivers shoot 4-year-olds here, for chrissakes!

Not only that, but I don't have a cause to ride for, like this guy does:

And yes, he is riding for a cause.

Care to guess what it is?

I'll wait:

Well, if you guessed to "raise awareness about domestic sex trafficking" then you're correct:

Half way point in miles! 2/5th of the way done in time. Bicycling the four corners of America to raise awareness about domestic sex trafficking

Though he might want to tone it down a bit in deference to the victims:

Speaking of riding for really long distances, the 2016 Tour de France route has been unveiled, and you're never going to guess what it is:


I didn't see that one coming.

Also, totally unlike years past, there will be some giant climbs:

Notably for the hosts, the finish to the 12th stage on July 14, France’s Bastille Day, will take place on the epic Mont Ventoux, a windswept, 15.7km climb that averages a punishing 8.8 percent gradient.

Yet there will also be some flat stages in the beginning for the sprinters:

The opening stage is almost certain to end with a sprint finish, as are the third and fourth stages.

I'm not sure why they refer to the route presentation as an "unveiling" when at best it's just a reminder.

Just once I'd like them to announce that the Tour de France will last for four days, be contested entirely on prone bicycles, and go nowhere near France.

Equally as unsurprising is that Toyota is recalling a bunch of cars again:

Though I was kind of surprised by the reason:

TOKYO — Toyota is recalling 6.5 million vehicles worldwide to fix faulty power window switches that can potentially catch fire, the automaker said on Wednesday. It is the fourth recall involving that component since 2009.

Wow, so you open the window and the switch goes on fire?  That's practically James Bondian!  Flaming window switches seems like the sort of thing it would be hard to design on purpose, let alone by accident--though apparently it's because there wasn't enough grease:

The automaker has had trouble sourcing window switches made with the right amount of grease. Earlier recalls for the part, which is made by a Japan-based supplier, Tokai Rika, were ordered because too much heat-resistant grease was used to coat the switches’ internal mechanisms. This time, the parts were found to contain too little grease.

Shameful.  That would never happen at Cipollini, where the man himself lubes every moving part of every bicycle with his own secretions:

Makes the competitor's ceramic ball bearings seem like rubbing two pieces of sandpaper together by comparison.

Lastly, here is an emphatically locked bicycle that was spotted recently in Manhattan by a reader:

That is Pee-Wee Herman-level security.

Let's hope it was more effective.


P. Bateman said...

Boom goes the dynamite

P. Bateman said...

hey TedK - GET SOME!

Ted K. said...

70. Thus primitive man for the most part has his security in his own hands (either as an individual or as a member of a SMALL group) whereas the security of modern man is in the hands of persons or organizations that are too remote or too large for him to be able personally to influence them. So modern man’s drive for security tends to fall into groups 1 and 3; in some areas (food, shelter etc.) his security is assured at the cost of only trivial effort, whereas in other areas he CANNOT attain security. (The foregoing greatly simplifies the real situation, but it does indicate in a rough, general way how the condition of modern man differs from that of primitive man.)

Spokey said...

at least a podi

Spokey said...

whew thank lob ted doesn't count

jodphoto said...

#6 woo hoo

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...


N/A said...

What's up, peeps? Another day, another blogulatory posting.

Spokey said...

don't remember this from the original, but this audio of Keith Maddox sounds like he's driving a train, not a pickup.

DB said...

That's some serious lockage.

Roille Figners said...

Top tent. Noseriously... my camping gear is the best.

Victor Kaminski said...

vsk said ...

Oceans 12.


P. Bateman said...

i guess we now know what the Fred Woo-Hoo distance is: 6,000 miles.

preferred Fred celbration? punching midgets dance.

Anonymous said...

They forgot the pedal locks, too bad.

Schisthead said...

That's pretty rough--cars 2418, bikes 10.

If this was a kid's soccer game, they would have called it after the first month.

Roille Figners said...

All the car recalls lately - the reasons getting all the more outlandish all the time - well yeah those are not actually the true reasons. It's all to install tracking devices at the behest of governments, principally the US government. Eventually those pesky defects and recalls will affect every manufacturer, darn the luck!

You heard it here first!

BamaPhred said...

I long ago resigned myself to the catcalls of passing motorists. However, if they stop, get out, and press the issue, I'm deploying that very real can of bear spray on the occupants and hot dialing 911. I'm not letting up until the sheriff arrives.

janinedm said...

Jokes on that Diamondback owner; the lights were completely unsecured.

dnk said...

104th precinct deletes the tweet...

Anonymous said...

What, no column for car on car or bike on bike murder?

P. Bateman said...

@roilli - that why you should only drive old cars. i'd suggest old land cruisers in particular. great for bikes too. can roll one right in - wheels still on it and all. no racks needed.

N/A said...

Hehe, that's like $300 worth of locks on a $200 bike.

N/A said...

Racks are always needed.

babble on said...

I had an interview with the Managing Director of CityGroup, (a division of ShittiBank) and he said to me "Hasn't anyone ever told you how tempting it is to run you cyclists off the road when you're waiting to turn right cause of the bike lanes on Hornby?" I wanted to ask him "Hasn't anyone ever told you how tempting it is to kick you in yer shrivelled little nutsack?" but unlike him, I restrained myself.

The owner of that bike is a bit CDO. (That's OCD alphabetically. The way it should be.)

N/A said...

A rack in the hand is worth... $20, same as in town.

Hee Haw the barista said...


PotbellyJoe said...

Thanks for the post Snob. And not The Post as we know you have nothing to do with that cesspool of human excrement that occasionally nails it on a headline.

I know more than a few pick-up truck owners that bike, but they mostly mountain bike because, well, I don't know why, they just do.

Having ridden in Pennsyltucky more times than a man should (it's one of the few states that hold true to the theory that anywhere you stand you run the risk of being shot) I too fear pick-up trucks scrubbing speed with their windows down. It means I will either get objects or insults hurled at me. Neither one are necessary really.

I've debated getting up for the Crush the Commonwealth one of these years, but then I remember it goes from the hellhole that is Pittsburgh, to the hellhole that is Philly and in between it goes through the hellhole that is Pennsylvania.

I wasn't cheering for Cross Country Shittybiker, but I would cheer if he used bear mace the next time someone attempts to swing at him.

People suck.

PotbellyJoe said...

Also,In the last 10 years, more people of NYC have been killed by a car while waiting in line at a McDonald's than by bicycles.

We need to start ticketing fast food.

P. Bateman said...

bear mace has less capsaicin than standard mace.

too bad chainsaws aren't a little bit lighter.

i feel like if someone was going to hassle you on a bike, or anywhere for that matter, and you suddenly fired up your bad ass husqvarna xp, they would probably think: "wow, that person is completely out of their f'ing mind and i should quickly re-think this plan! that is a nice saw though..."

McFly said...

I thought Domestic Sex Trafficking was when you did it in your car down by the lake just to spice things up.

Anonymous said...

"too bad chainsaws aren't a little bit lighter. "

One of these looks light enough to carry:

Cipo said...

Io grasso culo di tua madre con le mie lacrime.

crosspalms said...

Is that Diamondback the Anchors Aweigh model?

P. Bateman said...

kind of bummed he wasn't on the unicycle.

bad boy of the north said...

did you know that there's no basement in the Alamo?

Anonymous said...

Now my pickup truck driving feelings are hurt

Old Joke said...

"did you know that there's no basement in the Alamo?"

No but if you hum a few bars I can fake it.

Grump said...

If the rider on a city bike in Oklahoma had been carrying, he could have defended himself by shooting the offending Pick Up truck. (At least that's what one Presidential Candidate would have done)

BamaPhred said...

You're correct PB, but I still like my chances. There's no replacement for displacement. Twice the spray, no futzing around in a pocket, twice the range. All I'm asking for is just three steps mister.

Gideon said...


I'm sure I could google this, but at the same time you probably already know. Can we control for the number of bikes to cars for the fatality study? This is to say, how much better are cyclists doing when we consider the volume of bike vs motorized vehicle road usage.

- Not a Robot

Dan said...

At the other end of the bike lock scale, I passed this bike yesterday, which seems to be relying on passers-by's good will / laziness as much as any actual security:

Gideon said...

LOoks like the comment section in the linked article is trying to parse out my question. This needs to be reffered to MIT.

crosspalms said...

Judging from the rust on the chain, and the tire coming off the front rim, that thing's been there a while, too! Good to know it pays to carry spare tubes...

BikeSnobNYC said...


Probably, but the number of cyclists is mostly irrelevant in this case, bottom line is who's dying and how. Cyclists are simply not killing people.

--Wildcat Etc.

Freddy Murcks said...

This really does bring a whole new meaning to the term BIKE PORN.

Roille Figners said...


Hey, "prone" is almost "porn!"

Gideon said...


There were a couple of comments on the other thread that I thought were helpful in solidifying our shared position. Particularly, looking at the obvious (but yet quantifiable) fact that bike usage has increased, but fatalities have not. Also, a commentor stated (accuracy I haven't verified) that a bike + rider would have to be traveling at 45 MPH to create a force that could cause death via blunt for trauma (i dunno if there is a control for age of pedestrian), while a 2 ton car need only go 10 miles an hour to cause death by blunt force trauma. Those two "factoids" help take weight off of any argument that may seek to explain away the fatality stat purely by virtue of road usage percentages.

BTW, thanks for answering my comments - even tho I can be a bit of a nudge.

- Not a Robot

Bryan said...

That 6,000 mile guy reminds me of a dude I used to work with. Way too much enthusiasm going on. People need to take a lesson from Daria.

Tell 'em Large Marge sent ya

Serial Retrogrouch said...

F. Murcks... but there are so many ways to 'tandem' on that bike!

ChamoisJuice said...

Jesus, that prone bike is disgusting.

A man is checking into a hotel.
"I'm here with my children. I hope the porn is disabled."
"It's just regular porn, you sick fuck."

Old Ted K. is a cyclist who's killed a few people.

Spokey said...

ted shouldn't affect the statistics. his mail bombs spanned about 20 years and he killed 3 people. i spose if you add injuries to the 'struck by' column, that might be significant.


only way to bike that is to head down the GAP from Pittsburgh so you don't know you're in PA.

Bloc-Quebecois said...

Tedk est le roi des connards.

Roille Figners said...

You remember the Hell's Angels and how they were beating the shit out of people at Altamont? That is what you're dealing with there in Oklahoma. Basically just a criminal or latent criminal. Is angry, needs to hurt people, and you are the convenient hate-outlet in that moment. And if there are no witnesses around, and you're defenseless (so he thinks) he gets real bold. You should carry pepper spray and worse, for educating jackasses. They need it. Better late than never for them to learn: a) we hate them right back, b) they're not the fuckin' top dog, c) they need to get in the habit of thinking shit through.

A little while after Altamont, Evel Knievel was doing a stunt, the Hell's Angels picked a fight with him and the crowd jumped in & beat the living SHIT out of them.

JLRB said...

Wait a minute now, are Potbelly and Spokey disparaging the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania from NEW JERSEY!!!

But Spokey is right - the GAP is the way to go, especially since it does not take you to Philly (that shithole)

JLRB said...


Spokey said...

yeah, yeah, yeah

youse all think joisey is da laffin stock. wees noos youse jest jello-ous.

but youse can has da nort east corner next to the sitee if youse want. we donna need or wants it

Roille Figners said...


(lost a finger fighting the Hell's Angels)

Anonymous said...

Gideon, in the absence of numbers on # of bikes vs cars I suggest the following.

Lie in the middle of the road and let a car going 40MPH run over you. Now let a bike going say 12mph (average commuting speed) do the same.

Which hurt more?

bearcurious said...

They are for the most part the exact same thing (Oleoresin Capsicum suspended in fluid and propellant), with the exception that Bear Sprays usually have much larger cans, and longer ranges than those meant for human attackers. The concentration of the active ingredient varies, but a common mistake is to look at only the % of OC in it. It is important to note the concentration or "heat" as well, which is measured in Scovilles.

The US Environmental Protection Agency actually regulates all sprays meant for use on animals, and there four that are approved for this purpose.

These sprays indeed are effective on humans just like "normal" pepper spray. Really a lot of this is just marketing. For example in Canada it is illegal to carry spray meant for humans, but it's legal to carry animal related sprays, even if the contents of the can are 100% IDENTICAL. Just a loophole in the law.

Bear spray is not lethal to humans moreso than regular spray. In the bush plane incidents where the canister burst, it didn't kill the occupants: The plane crashing into the ground and exploding did that, likely from the pilot being blinded and coughing. That's why pilots nowadays duct tape them to the floats or wings during travel. In the major study in Canada on how effective these sprays are, 11% of users accidentally got back-splashed. The bear was still scared off, but the person also was hit with it, and it did the same thing as police pepper spray would: Temporary blindness, pain and irritated breathing passages.

crosspalms said...

How long before the NYPost looks at those stats and muses, Hmm, what if just one cyclist was responsible for all 10 deaths? SERIAL KILLER ON WHEELS

ChamoisJuice said...


JLRB said...

As i read the NY Post piece - "Big Apple motorists" can be proud of having the same mentality of an Oklahoma meth head

P. Bateman said...

@roille - that is a rather fun fun fact you shared there about evel and the hell's angels.

wild that he was able to take them out but lost to a water fountain...

The Pixies said...

Where is my mind

Stabbing Westward said...

You can't even save yourself.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...


Good call on the bear spray. I'll just go with the .45

On Hold said...

I. Can't. Get. That. Citrix. Song. Out. Of. My. Head.

Polyanna said...

One perfect bike ridin’ day after the next; Sunny and warm. Still enough daylight at the end of the day to see all the fun Halloween decorations going up in the neighborhoods. Lots of riders out, enjoying the end of the Fall season. Après ride: pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream!!! Ah. Cycling at its best.

69 said...


BamaPhred said...

Spokey, you're being too sensitive. Everyone make fun of Alabama. We would feel outraged, but our standard prayer is "Thank Lob for Mississippi, for if it were not for Mississippi we would be dead last in everything."

Dooth said...

If we put our minds together, we can will that the domestique sex-trafficking Fred and the bike-hating pickup driver cross paths.

Spokey said...

yeah i do get thin skinned

but . . .

i was conceived in georgia, born in brooklyn, and grew up in joisey

i assume that you now understand how it all makes sense.

that and the youngest moved to portlandia

Ulysses Grant said...

My only regret was the second attack at Cold Harbor.

Arizona redneck said...

Ask his victims. Ted K. counts...

Lassie said...

"What's that, Timmy? A jaggoff bi-stickler packing heat shot a heroic military dog? And then he crashed his bi-sickle and fell into a deep well? Well, fuck him...."

JLRB said...

Too many peoe cycling across the country for causes - can't keep up - how is the big guy of the walmart bike holding up

Woodstein said...

"how is the big guy of the walmart bike holding up"

He reports he is approaching Lancaster Pa, and nursing a bad back.

BamaPhred said...

Hello Spokey. I understand completely. From the day I was born I was a ward of the Departmemt of Defense. We moved every year, sometimes back to the same place! I thought Fort Hood (Killeen, Texas) was the armpit of the universe, until Fort Polk (Leesville. La) which is the scranus of the universe. Then Phenix City (Fort Benning) appeared on the radar. But I do have fond memories of Queens, for all y'all New Yorkers.

ermmurray said...


JLRB said...

File under, yes, people suck: Cars, guns, etc. Citibike Boy should be glad OK meth head wasn't armed

Spokey said...


yeah and joisey wasn't stay put either. moved around a bit. then got uprooted going in to señor year in high school when the old man went crazy and decided to buy a boat (with some inheritance) and we moseyed down to the joisey shore.

but anywho. joisey is jus fine. we keeps that linden / bayonne area full of oil tanks so the rest of the world don't know 'bout the good areas. 'course it would be nice if civilisation came out here and we got some nice city water or sewers (having plunked down $25K or so for a new septic last year).

David Pearce said...

Dear Snob,

I love Thursday's title: "Vision? Zero!".

It's very pithy. No, I didn't say "pissy". I said pithy. As in full of the real heartwood.

I think it basically describes all your columns: All Full of Pith & Vinegar!

Thanks, Snob. I like it! :-)

Freddy Murcks said...

Vision zero. Zero vision. Whatever it takes, man.

JuanOffhue said...

Last month I went for a ride in a rural area and encountered many pickup trucks. None of the drivers punched me, but quite a few gave me friendly waves and one stopped to ask me for directions. But I was in Indiana, not Oklahoma.

Thad White said...

I used to be pissed off by asshole drivers. But then I realized that they guys screeching tires as they pass me or yelling out the window are the least of my problems. They see me and avoid me. The real danger is the nice old lady or inexperienced teenage driver who is driving conservatively and doesn't see me. They are the scary ones. I was almost right hooked last week by a really nice truck driver who just had no clue and was super apologetic. There was a high school kid killed near me recently in Cupertino by someone who had no idea they hit a cyclist. He drove a few miles before someone stopped him and told him what happened. That cluelessness is the real danger IMHO.

Eels in my hovercraft said...

...some readers have informed me that the state of South Australia is now both [SOME WORD] sidewalk cycling and requiring motorists to give cyclists at least one meter while passing

I don't want to read the article as I cannot read South Australian or South African, so can you finish your sentence and tell me what you are getting at here?

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