Friday, October 23, 2015

BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!

(Justin Trudeau, via reader James.  Another victory for the International Fred Party.)

Okay, let's get right down to brass spoke nipples.

Heads down!  Pencils up!  Both feet on the floor, and strap on your testing helme(n)ts!  AND SPIT OUT THAT GUM!  It's time for a quiz!



I'm not messing around today.

As always, study the item, think, and click on your answer.  If you're right you'll know it, and if you're wrong you'll see the maillot jaune and his BMW mobility system.

Thanks very much for reading, ride safe, and keep that testing helme(n)t on until Monday!

--Wildcat Rock Machine

1) Which city plans to go car-free within four years?

--Duluth, MN

2) In the event of a large-scale disaster, bicycles will be a crucial link in the Emergency Cheez-It® Distribution Chain.


3) What misfortune recently befell the cyclist who is crossing the United States on a Citi Bike?

--Assaulted by a driver in Oklahoma
--Attacked by a mountain lion in Colorado
--Bitten by a snake in Nevada
--Endured a sixteen-minute lecture on his poor component choice from a roadie in California

4) This cyclist is riding across the United States in order to:

--"raise cancer awareness"
--"raise awareness about domestic sex trafficking"
--"raise awareness about lowered awareness"
--"end the plague of atopic dermatitis within our lifetime"

5) San Francisco may let bicyclists:

--Treat stop signs as yield signs
--Treat red lights as stop signs
--Treat speed bumps as launch pads
--Treat BART trains as toilets

6) On "Back To The Future Day," DeLorean Bicycle held an event called the "Time Travel Fondo" led by actor and avid cyclist Crispin Glover.


(Mind?  BLOWN!)

7) The Tour de France 2016 route has been revealed!  Where will it go?

--Outer space

***Special "Ticketing You In Order To Save You"-Themed Bonus Video!***



P. Bateman said...


P. Bateman said...

taste like victory.

Unknown said...

71. People have many transitory drives or impulses that are necessarily frustrated in modern life, hence fall into group 3. One may become angry, but modern society cannot permit fighting. In many situations it does not even permit verbal aggression. When going somewhere one may be in a hurry, or one may be in a mood to travel slowly, but one generally has no choice but to move with the flow of traffic and obey the traffic signals. One may want to do one’s work in a different way, but usually one can work only according to the rules laid down by one’s employer. In many other ways as well, modern man is strapped down by a network of rules and regulations (explicit or implicit) that frustrate many of his impulses and thus interfere with the power process. Most of these regulations cannot be dispensed with, because they are necessary for the functioning of industrial society.

Knüt Fredriksson said...

Top 3 (suck it ted!)

Bryan said...

A leisurely ride to the finish. Long ride tomorrow, better start carbo loading with beer!

Anonymous said...


Spokey said...

top ah, something or other

Anonymous said...

Top tendinitis?

Jasper said...

Sometimes you have to treat a BART train as a toilet since they never bothered reopening most of the station toilets after 9/11

Tom Morley said...

Top 10

Anonymous said...

Gosh I love being a scroadie

Anonymous said...

In other news Och is still paying riders with bags of money

Spokey said...

ah, is a 71 a passing grade? i promise i'll study next week.

Anonymous said...

Bicycle law enforcement crackdown...the ultimate victim blaming

DB said...

Missed one.
There goes the grade point.
Now I'll never get into SUNY-Albany.

Spokey said...

what! i thought phil ochs ate a bullet something like 45 years ago. he's out there handing out money? haven't seen him around here.

Anonymous said...

@Spokey-what you did there, I see it

P. Bateman said...

great bonus florida news coverage that makes it sound like cyclist are a murderous gang with their Mortal Combat style "cyclist FATALITY"

i like the bmw mountain bike. kind of neat.

that 540 woulda/shoulda been sweet too but Nikasil wasnt a great idea. the e34 m5 is a good buy right now. i sold my e28 m5 for $20K 6 years ago and its now $50-60k to find one with similar low miles. e34's cant be far behind. same bad ass engine but bored out and way the hell faster.

and there is the classic car buying advice we've all come to appreciate on bsnyc.

enjoy a lovely weekend.

Spokey said...

you saw that? pleez pleez gimmee a brake. don't call vice.

Anonymous said...

Had to endure a shitty PetSmart commercial only to have my mind melt around the AMAZING BMW designed POS folding "mountain" bike.

I think Hyundai would design a better bike!

Spokey said...


last good bmw was the '75 2002

crosspalms said...

Yeah, bicyclist safety advice seems to boil down to "put on a helmet and get out of the way."

Anonymous said...

Heard an interesting story on NPR's broadcast of Radio Lab last weekend. Turns out Ted K was subject of some pretty brutal CIA psychological experimentation as a young man. Turns out if you beat a dog, you might get bit.

grank said...

1) Trudeau taking a page from you, Snob. Those sure look like mountain pedals/shoes on his fred chariot.

2) Where do I sign up for the Crispen Glover Gran Fondo? This needs to happen.

BamaPhred said...

Tough crowd to podium with today.

Ticketing you for your own safety sounds like tryna beat the devil outta you with electrical cord.

grog said...

Ending the week on a high note. Eeeeeee.

David Pearce said...

I only read this blog for the comments....

But, speaking of the Cheese-Its and the Disaster Relief Trials, I'll bet that box of crackers was deliberately placed there on purpose!

Why are they called Cheese-Its anyway? I'm not sure why the crackers are called Cheese-Its, but I know you've heard the familiar phrase:

"Cheese it, the cops!"

That Disaster Relief Trialer wanted everyone to know he was all about speedy relief! Speaking of that, the rider should have an old Alka-Seltzer ad on the delivery box too, for "Speedy Alka-Seltzer" relief!

"Accidents" happen said...

Just say you didn’t see the cyclist, he came out of nowhere.

Just say you mistook your accelerator pedal for the brake pedal.

Just say “oops!”

(The deceased cyclist was NOT wearing a protective plastic hat.)

On your way then, no criminality suspected here. Have a nice day.

P. Bateman said...

florida actually could use a bit of cyclist education - everyone down here rides on the wrong side. every single damn person has salmon fever. its just bizarre.

JLRB said...

How did BMW know about cross bikes back in 1997? I thought time travel used Delorean (tm)

JLRB said...

PS - i had to pick the "components lecture from a CA Roadie" answer even though I knew it was wrong - priceless.

only_in_florida said...

Only in Florida.

Their "b roll" has no one riding a bike in the street and sidewalk cycling. I LOVE THAT FIRST SIDEWALK BIKE-CYclist!!!! What's the likelihood chopper-guy is riding because he got his license revoked?

The "interview" has a street with zero shoulder and cars flying by. I love Florida stories.

Serial Retrogrouch said...

...altercation between pedicab and cab driver on 6th ave, near central park

pedicabbie- [with thick nigerian accent ] you tink you own this city?
cabbie- [inaudible]
pedicabbie- dis city not yours... dis city for your daddy... your daddy's an elephant... dis city's for elephants, motherfucker.

had me chortling the entire circle round the park.

Unknown said...

vsk said ...

Try finding Patricia if you can. The Weather Channel says she's MOIST !!

Gonna go vintagy bike psycle riding with some friends around Glen Cove on Sunday.
I'm gonna be in trouble because the land aint laser flat and I won't be usin' no triple.

The last good BMW was the 507.


Serial Retrogrouch said...

WTF... i wanna see how they fit a folding tandem in the trunk of that beemer

Anonymous said...

I've gotten two tickets here in NYC so far for running redlights. The first inside CP for a mere $50 for rolling through a light at a completely empty crosswalk (not a cross street) in the park. the second, a whopping $190, just outside the park on central park west, again rolling through a light at a cross walk without a through traffic cross street. Both were traps that were placed in very high bike traffic areas where most cyclists do the Idaho style rolling stop, look both ways for pedestrian traffic and if it is clear proceed through the light. The idea that they are doing this for safety of cyclists is a joke. If that was the case they would at least do it at busy traffic intersections, again there are not car crossing where I was stopped. They are doing it purely for revenues. They pick a place where they know they can nail a lot of cyclists because it is a very safe and obvious place to go through a redlight. Also, in central parks 6 mile loop there are something like 45 lights, so no one is every going to stop at every single one of those, or you would never ride your bike in the park again. total fucking bullshit.

Anonymous said...

how about a folding car?

P. Bateman said...

george jetson had one. he seemed like a happy guy.

you know who is pretty hot? his daughter judy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:41, blame Mayor De Blasio for not ticketing his Orthodox constinuents in Brooklyn...the shortfall in revenue has to be made up somewhere.

Francois said...

@P. Bateman: I'll second that salmoning is common in Florida. Just yesterday there was a guy in the middle of the left lane, in a tiny street that has sharrows…
But here in Tampa, "cyclists education" by the police means ticketing black people (

babble on said...

Heh carb loading with beer. Happy Friday!! :D

Our new PM just made governance sexy. At the very least, his particular brand of appeal will most certainly engage today's youth in a way few politicians can. Heh. Welcome to Canada's Camelot... it can't get any better than thig: He Fucking Fondos!!! I woke up on Tuesday morning with a big smile on my face, me and millions of fellow canucks.

Ha! And speaking of fellow Canucks, I saw Commie commenting on the CBC News website in his own witty way the other day...

Unknown said...

vsk said ...

This guy I see once in a while on 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn, Tommy (ironically enough ... on a Tommaso) said his first offense red light bike ticket was like $250.

I stop now. Fuck the rolling shoalers.


Spokey said...


sorry but that's just fuck-o bullshit (mostly i wanted to use fuck-o todaze). but really? judy? gimme a break. judy is so old her hair is white. she's from george's first marriage. you might as well lust after rosie.

but now think about the hot red head known as jane his wife

Barry said...

That folding bike in the BMW video was actually produced for them by Montague Bikes (current maker of full size folding bikes). That was their old design, what they called the Bi-Frame. I have one, not a BMW branded one, but from the same era.

crime stoppers said...

What a bunch of whiners. You obviously know the law. You do the crime, you do the time.

dop said...

Please, no Canadian Camelot. JFK was a shitty prez, all hype, with few accomplishments; it took LBJ to get the job done (Medicare, Civil Rights Acts)...tragically,LBJ became obsessed with Viet Nam, as so followed 20 years of hardons for JFK's little brothers to run, including that drunk-driver-drop-her-in-the-drink & college Spanish Test cheater Teddy the owl. (what a fucko)

Let Trudy the Trudeau be his own Canadian man (person?), and not an imitation of a failed American Dream.

Jesus, Camelot! Do you canucks have some kind of identity issue?

Last seen, Harper was throwing back beers and smokking crack with Robs Fords.

Henry David Thoreau said...

"You obviously know the law. You do the crime, you do the time."

Unjust laws exist: shall we be content to obey them, or shall we endeavor to amend them, and obey them until we have succeeded, or shall we transgress them at once?...It is not desirable to cultivate a respect for the law, so much as for the right.

Capulet Cycles said...

The old Montague Bikes design was called the Bi-Frame. The new design is called the Full-on Gay Frame.

Barretta said...

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. Don't do it.

1904 Cadardi said...

Pretty sure that tat says "One Less Cat". It must be a memorial to a beloved kitty that died. Awwwwwwww. Rest in peace Mister Whiskers.

N/A said...

That tat says "One Less Can" on account of that's a hipster drinking aritisianally-curated crafting beers locally canned and cased!

N/A said...

BikeSnob-speak can be exhausting.

Freddy Murcks said...


CommieCanuck said...

There's a few reason why Justin is so popular in Canadia:

1. Pictures of riding a bike and his tattoos just piss the hell off of middle aged Canadian men, who see bikes as the fourth horseman of the alpacalips.
2. His mother partied with the Stones at Studio 54. Back when it was really cool to be seen with the Stones.
3. He's wants to legalize weed.
4. He can fall down stairs at will.
5. His Father dated Superman's girlfriend before she went batshit crazy.
6. His father once told a Conservative to fuck off in Parliament, which was explained as fuddle-duddle. And people bought it.
7. While his mom was partying with the Stones, his dad called out a member of Parliament into the parking lot to beat the shit out of him for asking where his wife was.
8. He once looked like Robin Hood.
9. He famously posed with his family in furs , which pissed off PETA and Pam Anderson, and he did not give a fuck.

wishiwasmerckx said...

Fuddle-duddle? My, what passes as a scandal in Canada!

P. Bateman said...

Fuddle Duddle is not nearly as delicious as Fiddle Faddle.

Pathetic Old Cyclist said...

Cmon, Geezers, you guys are completely forgetting Marilyn Munster!! Wheter Pat Priest or Beverly Owens, she was the hottest second rate female in my pre pubescent years. Close runners up...

Betty Rubble

Anonymous said...

crime stoppers,

It has nothing to do with laws. It's called. "WE WILL WRITE ANNOYANCE TICKETS UNTIL YOU LEAVE!!!! GET OUT!!"

No police administration would dare ticket car drivers so aggressively.

Comment deleted said...

He's really good at falling down stairs. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they fall down stairs.

NHcycler said...

To quote David Pearce:

"...I'll bet that box of crackers was deliberately placed there on purpose!"

Where's Pedant when I need him?*

*Re: a week or two ago when I dared to offend a reader with my screwed up grammar!

dop said...

Forget Marilyn Munster....Lily was the bomb

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 4:23pm,

Oh, here in New York they at least treat the drivers the same way--sit around at an intersection and pick off a bunch of drivers for the same little infraction one after another.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Roille Figners said...

Getting here late and I'm ALL FULL UP WITH COMMENTS!!!

So I see Trudeau there, and I wonder "Hey are there any pictures of Putin on a bike?" The answer is no, but if you search for "Putin bike" you get this, which is hilarious on several levels.

RE question 5: Hmm do you think public comments on the SF proposal will involve very many predictions of the apocalypse and/or TEO-Twacky?

Anon 11:31 you might say his power process and the transitory drives or impulses associated therewith were disrupted and frustrated by the necessity of following a tightly-regimented network of rules and regulations (explicit or implicit) that constrained and bla bla bla bla

D. Pearce you're onto something - the lucrative market in paid product placements (or as we call them, "integrated value-enhanced brand presence instances") in the Disaster Relief Trials is just getting off the ground. Ask me for details!

I like the BMW folder and plan on ripping off the idea next time I build a frame. Can't get sued by myself, right? Screw S&S with their bureaucratic risk-averse nonsense.

Jane his wife... always fucking playing chopsticks until you want to smash the piano!

Warlock Pinchers - glad to see the link to the OFFICIAL VIDEO and not some poor-quality knockoff!

OK that's it... bye!

Freddy Murcks said...

Roille - The Warlock Pinchers were a poor-quality knockoff. Fer chrissakes, they didn't even have a drummer, just a shitty drum machine. They were good fun, however.

leroy said...

Ride safe all and remember to enjoy every single mile!

If you are in the Bronx Sunday, don't miss the Tour de Bronx, New York's largest free bicycle ride.

It is a hoot!

Unfortunately, I will not be able to marshal this year. If you ride, spill out a few drops of energy drink for me at Orchard Beach.

My dog refused me that small request.

Claims he doesn't believe in sandy paws.

Anonymous said...

Big changes coming to Portland.

McFly said...

There is an older couple salmoning 2 or 3 days a week at 4:30 am with blinky lights on my strip when I leave for work. I have to swerve over into the incoming lane to miss them. I kind of know them. They are smartish people. WTF.

Dave said...

I will date myself by revealing the three Barbaras for whom I pined: Bain, Eden and Feldon.

To heck with those cartoon bitches.

Rust In Piece said...

I have a sweet spot for the BMW 2002 ti with the dual sidedrafts, though the 2002 tii with fuel-injection is a close second. I did own a garden variety 2002 in my time, but my kids hated it and would make me drop them off a block from school because they said it looked like the Mr. Magoo car and was so at odds with the fleet of mini-vans that their friends would arrived in. Finally, due to corrosion the rear swing arm separated from the rest of things... and I got a Datsun 510!

crosspalms said...

I had to look up Barbara Bain, then I remembered her. But Feldon? mmmm... me too

I think the only time my dad drove me to school was after our family moved from New York to Chicago. My mom, sisters and I flew here, but my dad drove our stuff in a truck. Before he returned the truck, he gave me a ride in it and dropped me off. I was in first grade, so the truck looked HUGE to me, and judging from the WTF looks on other kids' faces, looked pretty huge to them too. I remember thinking "is this even legal?" cause it looked like a pretty good jump from the cab to the ground. And it was!

JLRB said...

BaBaBa BaBaBarbra Bain - actually never knew who she was, but yes (Yes YES) on Barbara Eden

Has anyone else's kids subjected them to Annoying Orange? I think they modeled his mouth after Trump

Marmaduke said...

Florida has it almost right. But instead of tickets, they should just shoot these criminal bi-sicklers...the same way one of them shot a canine hero with the gun he was packing on his bi-sickle. The dangerous moron had a gun around a military dog whose keen senses no doubt spooked the idiot. The only thing worse than a dumbass with a gun is a dumbass with a gun riding a bi-sickle.

dop said...

Barbara Bain was a poor-quality lauren bacall knockoff.

Anonymous said...

Commie C provides a unique look at politics north of the NSA border. Other than riding a bike, not sure the new guy will come close to Rob Ford in providing CC with material.

Anonymous said...

CC at 335, #5 "His Father dated Superman's girlfriend before she went batshit crazy"

His father dated Dorothy Rabinowitz?

Anonymous said...

Is batshit crazy a bad thing?

Anonymous said...

Eartha Kitt's Catwoman gave me major splinter long before I was old enough to get wood.

Lars said...

In Norway, instead of saying something like batshit crazy, they say 'going Texas'.

dop said...

A biopic about Kaitlyn Jenner is going to be released in late December, as Oscar bait for the serious, art house film season. It will be called, "Absence of Phallus".

Scranus said...


bad boy of the north said...

Everyone must be leaf-peepin'.enjoy it while it lasts,

Anonymous said...

or bush-peepin

Roille Figners said...

I for one am rain-woosin'.

bad boy of the north said...

Nuttin' wrong with either .

Anonymous said...

Lantern rouge...for the weekend...

Spokey said...

hey what about my lantern? not rouge?

Anonymous said...

Staten Island Powerball Winner Sued For Dooring Park Slope Cyclist

Anonymous said...

He won the lottery when he was born took his others white breast in his mouth

JLRB said...

Good that someone is being held responsible for a dooring - or at least might be held responsible...

The guy who got doored has not been able to return to his work as a "design director for Spotify"

Other jobs at Spotify include an:

Agile Coach but it doesn't seem to have much to due with agility.

Spokey said...

agile development became the cutest / latest in a long parade of computer developer buzz words.

it's proponents claim it provides a quick minimalist development putting product out fast and promoting user feedback and direction for producing a finished* product.

it's detractors claim it is dressing up a slopping style of hacker development without regard to discipline, etc.

for example, i give microsoft a lot of credit for their early efforts in the agile programming environment as they put out version after version of windows from 1.0 that did not work well and was full of bugs.

* of course software is never actually finished.

Unknown said...

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