Monday, September 28, 2015

Make America Grate Again

So what gives?

Yeah, I know we won some medals, but when UCI World Road-Fredding Championships come to MY country--that's Canada's Scranus, Land of the Free, excluding the roughly 2.5 million of us who are presently incarcerated--I expect nothing less than victory in both the elite men's and women's road races, if not a full podium sweep:

(Wouldn't have happened on his watch...or in his race.)

Instead we get some guy from Slovakistan and a woman from "Great" England?

Come on.

Worst of all are the sad-stack stories about Team USA:

(Yeah, Team USA did medal in the women's race, but who's counting?)

Yes, WE KNOW ALL ABOUT TAYLOR PHINNEY'S LEG, it's enough already.

Someone should really invent some sort of drug that makes you faster at riding bicycles.

Speaking of America, this past weekend I saw yet another kid wearing a helme(n)t on a tricycle and I snapped:

And it wasn't even a regular tricycle.  It was one that has a handle on it:

Which means it's basically the same as wearing a helme(n)t in a stroller--not to mention the helme(n)t was also way back on the head in the ineffectual "yarmulke" position as is nearly always the case with young children:

Anyway, when I say I "snapped" I mean I "tweeted" about it, because it's 2015 and as a blogger I have to share every brain fart I have.  This compelled someone to point out that, oh no, kids absolutely should wear helme(n)ts when they're sitting on freaking tricycles with snow shovel handles attached to them, because it teaches them to use them as they get older.

Balderdash!  (That's artisanal bullshit.)

If this were true then how come these parents don't do the same thing in other aspects of life?  For example, if your kid's playing Operation:

Shouldn't you at least make them scrub up and wear surgical gloves?

Then I thought about those horrible kiddie SUVs that are replacing bicycles now, and I noticed this kid didn't seem to be wearing his seat belt:

And yes, at least some of these atrocities do apparently come with seatbelts, like this $549.95 Li'L Douche™ battery-powered Range Rover:

Adjustable 5 points safety seat belt for extra safety.

Not only that, but the doors even open so your little shit can "door" the kid on the tricycle--which is why I suppose they need to wear the helme(n)ts.

Gotta start 'em young, you know:

"He came outta nowhere, Ma!"

By the way, seatbelts aside, if a kid needs a helme(n)t to ride a tricycle, then shouldn't a kid also need a helme(n)t to drive an electric car that goes 5mph and appears to have a dashboard and windshield made out of non-Naderized hard plastic?

And it's not like the "rollbar" is going to help, since it's at about neck level for maximum whiplash.

I mean seriously, how do you not find this fucking depressing?

I'd call it brainwashing if only it wasn't so obvious.

Though I suppose it could be worse and you could be Australian:

A shovel handle, training wheels, and a helme(n)t with straps so loose he could take the thing off like a pair of pants without even unbuckling it.

Anyway, I was reeling from all this when someone alerted me this tweet from some BuzzFucker:

You've got to be one pampered little brat to call that "child abuse," even in jest--especially when you consider the biggest threat to children in New York City is simply walking:

No mention of how many of these children were riding on their parents' bicycles, so I'm going to hazard a guess and say zero.

On top of it all, the above photo was taken in Park Slope.  Park Slope!  Where does he think all the advocates live?  If a driver were to get anywhere near that bike, 50 smugness bloggers on Dutch bikes would descend on them faster than you can say "David Byrne doesn't own a car."

I mean obviously they wouldn't beat up the driver, but they would restrain him with their reusable canvas shopping bags.

This city would be a much better place if people like ButtFeedAndrew would get the fuck out of it.


cervicalgia said...

"buzzfucker" - nice.

cervicalgia said...

Early doors and podium - unusual Monday. In complete agreement about helme(n)ts on trikes regardless of snow shovel handle. Pathetic. How many of your 17 kids will be taken away as a result of your "child abuse" I wonder?

WorldChampion said...


Trey Ollice said...

WOO! Top 10!

Anonymous said...

Came for the comments, stayed for the read.

Anonymous said...

Overall, America kinda sucks for bike riding..

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Target helmet warning:

Anonymous said...

Top ten

N/A said...

Don't forget knee and elbow pads for your kids, too. I'm currently producing a padded vest and socks, just in case somebody's precious snowflake accidentally comes into contact with anything, ever. Look for it on Kickstarter!

N/A said...

One of the most important lessons for children to learn while piloting their plastic douche-chariots is that running over the poor loser kids on trikes is that "it's an accident!".

Anonymous said...

Toppus X ?

Anonymous said...

Child abuse is buying your kid one of those electric cars or scooters; get them started on being fat and lazy at a young age.

RoadQueen said...

Top twenty. The bubble-wrappage of kids these days is really getting epic. Whatever happened to just letting them take their falls and then encouraging them to get up and get back on without all the tears and drama?

Thank God I didn't raise a woosie.

Anonymous said...

The Tour de Trump could one day be bigger than the Tour de France.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


BamaPhred said...


janinedm said...

Unfortunately, I do think helmets are necessary on tricycles. They protect the parents from having to catch a case when they punch out some nosy, insane person who drove their kid the 5 blocks to the playground. I mean, they will call CPS on you if you let your kid walk a quarter mile to school. I do not envy parents trying to raise heathy, independent kids nowadays.

McFly said...

I went to pick babygirl up from soccer practice one last time in the Trek Kid Trailer (she is all but outgrown it) and as I rolled up and went through a small ditch it came unhitched and rolled down a hill a flipped. Everyone stared in horror as I said "So are you about ready to roll?"

Anonymous said...


Bryan said...

That video..goddamn! Kid not only hits his brother/friend/whatever, but continues to run over him while mom giggles? Jeebus.
Anyways, happy monday. 4.5 more days to slog through

P. Bateman said...

like i always say, an angry snob is a good snob.

so, in other bicycle related news. i watched a film on netflix last night called Immoral Tales. I highly recommend pulling the family around the tv with some popcorn and tuning in.

there are a couple cool bikes featured - one with chubby tires and they are riding on gravel which is very popular these days. not sure what PSI she's running but they appear to be about 38 or 40mm tires which definitely provide a very smooth ride. Lots of rides in this film.

god bless the French for keeping up the CADENCE in DECADENCE.

i honestly cant believe its on netflix.

Roille Figners said...


Roille Figners said...

Or should I say... here

The King of Park Slope said...

Let them eat artisanal cake!

Jon Webb said...

I feel like it's just fine to let parents make decisions about what kids are going to wear on their heads while they're riding around or getting pushed around in their fake bicycles or cars or whatever. When the kids become teens they're going to make their own decisions, and very likely that's going to be in the opposite direction of whatever their parents have been pushing them to do all their childhood, anyway.

Conrad Kornmann said...

Andrew, any relation to Ted? Just wondering.

Freddy Murcks said...

Why is Rick "frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter" Santorum standing behind that child on the tricycle? The way that old Ricky "rent boy" is looking, I think it's safe to sat that the helmet is not going to provide that little girl with the sort of protection that she really needs.

In any case, I thought it was one of the goals of this bike blog to keep the child molesters away from the children? Pictures like that send the wrong message.

leroy said...

Mr. Buzz Feed Andy also observed that "it's extremely dangerous to ride your bike in NYC. That is a fact."

I tested his theory this AM while commuting on my crabon fiber wonder bike through the mean streets of NYC's Times Square.

Escaped unharmed if you don't count my dog slapping me.

Oh it's a jungle out there.

driver-kills-cyclist said...

Another weekend, another dead cyclist and "no criminality suspected."

The comments are interesting.

Dooth said...

Are Andrew and Ted related? They do share a paranoic trait.

Freddy Murcks said...

driver-kills-cyclist - If by "interesting" you mean "absolutely fucking horrifying," then I am right there with you. It was an organized even with a marked course, but it's still the rider's fault for not cowering on the side of the road while encased in bubble wrap (helme(n)t on, of course). Or better yet, the rider should have just been at home sitting his fattening ass in his La-Z-Boy, drinking beer, and watching the game like all good Murikans.

PotbellyJoe said...

Thanks for the post Snobi Wan, brilliant ad biting as usual.

On Friday my oldest child's school was doing an outdoor showing of a Pixar film. They provided free popcorn and asked that we bring blankets to sit on as chairs could block people's views.

I threw the two youngest in the bike trailer along with blankets; having my wife and oldest follow on their bikes. We stopped at a catholic school's pasta dinner along the way to get "drive thru" meals and finished the ride to the elementary school.

We arrived, enjoyed and then with 30 minutes to go in the movie, a light turned on behind the screen and we could no longer see that corer of the movie.

My children are still traumatized as they have always bee suburbanites and this is the worst turmoil they have faced in their lives.

In all seriousness, soccer moms were losing their shit over it and I'd be surprised if there wasn't an apology sent out to parents because of it. We are that stupid out here.

Anyways, we wet to leave and I turn on my lights on the three bikes (300 lumen max) and immediately hear it from people around us, "Why is that so bright?! Why do you even need that?!" To which I completely ignore because they are the kinds of people who drive 4 blocks in their Honda Pilots, cover themselves in bug spray to protect against the West Nile virus, bring chairs when told not to in order to watch a movie they own on DVD. So their opinion was invalid. Also, one of the louder complainers about my light left in a Honda Pilot with its brights on.

If you're not part of the solution, you are part of the precipitate.

David Pearce said...

From the Department of I Don't Know Whether to Laugh or Vomit:

You gotta hand it to those grunt commercial photographers who have to photograph all those little kids and their fake "parents", and coax smile after saccharin smile out of those little and bigger tykes. How do those photographers do it, and don't suicide right on the stage first thing Monday morning in front of the first child contestant and their gaping parents?

Where are the tooth-guards for god's sake. O, the humanity!


Although as The Cursing Mommy is wont to observe, there are many little things that give me hope for the future. Like this five star review (and the only one by the way) from the Australian kid's bike / snow shovel:

­č玭čç║ ­č玭čç║ ­č玭čç║ ­č玭čç║ ­č玭čç║

Great little bike 27 February 2014

We bought this bike for my son for Christmas. He loves going for walk with us while he is being steered on the bike.
The quality is great and it was fairly easy for my husband to assemble.

PotbellyJoe said...

Also, it seems my "N" key is failing. so:


Anonymous said...

It would be best if we could prepare children for the adults aspects of cycling - like squandrously debating the best tire pressure for mixed sand/gravel.

Roille Figners said...

Sounds like "Andy K" has had his power process supplanted or surrogated and made obsolete by the machinations of industrial society.

These kids are gonna grow up weak because there is no adversity for them to master. One time someone told the story online of how their kid kept dropping or throwing the sippy-cup on bike rides. I had the unmitigated audacity to tell them it might be because THEY WERE GIVING THEIR KID A SIPPY CUP TO HOLD ON A BIKE RIDE. Like in other words the kid is not going to die of thirst without the drink in hand constantly, and hey you might just solve your problem AND the excessive need for bathroom breaks at the same time. Know what they said? Thanks? Hmm great idea never thought of that? Yeah I guess I got carried away with my good intentions for my specialuniquesnowflake? Nope that is not what they said.

On the positive side, I was recently fixing a flat and trying to listen for the sound of air escaping so I could "find the hole" -- uh huh-huh-huh, you said hole -- yeah, hehehe, the hole, yeah yeah -- and was unable to do so, because of the exuberant dude teaching his kid how to ride a bike in the nearby parking lot, which "pulled my focus" like a blue thing, except whatever that is for ears. It was actually pretty awesome. And at one point something happened and the kid started to cry but Dad didn't make a big deal of it and soon the kid forgot all about it. I actually didn't see whether a healemenette was in use, or even see anything at all, because I was too focused on my own goddamn business which happened to consist mainly of fixing the dang flat!

David Pearce said...

You gotta click on the "comments" button to see that my five "stars" in the review above are Australian flags, otherwise the stupid Safari interprets their own emoji as question marks (Vis. ? ? ? ? ? !).

Secondly, that electric kid's Range Rover REALLY makes me want to bark (or barf, take your pick). Honestly, WHO builds these things? How much plastic is injection molded to make these ridiculous "toys". The complete opposite of the classic kid's toy of the hoop and stick, which with spareness of materials, encourages their users to run and play, etc., etc.

WHO are the parents who buy these stupid, stupid kid's electric car toys? And for HOW MANY years after being abandoned by the tyke driver do they take up nearly a full parking space in the crazy parents' garages, before finally being moved to the curb to be picked up by larger trucks and escorted to the landfill.

Spokey said...


i seriously doubt that is tymes square. i see absolutely no boobies

Anonymous said...

Future drivers of 'Merica!

Notice how many are asleep at the wheel.

I Just Brought A Car said...

dop said...


Pathetic Old Cyclist said...

Driver 12;44 ,

The comments in that sad little story about the cyclist killed in Ca. are, unfortunately, the usual bloviating fron the car set. Absolutely no acknowledgment that motorists are responsible for the carnage on the road. The blame the victim mentality is astounding.

Because of recent personal commitments, I had taken myself off the road for the past two months. I got back on the bike yesterday, an easy 17 mi loop. twice, within the same 1/2 mile stretch, only a couple of miles from home, I was nearly T boned by a motorist blowing a stop sign and another nearly passing on the right on a single lane road, oblivious of me until I opened my mouth screaming. Typical suburban bliss.

it was so good to get back on the bike again!

Anonymous said...

Jeebus, again with the helmet=bad???

You don’t want to put one on your child… fine… don’t. But surely there are better things to snob about than this?

And before you tell me not to tell you what to write about in your blog… don’t tell me what to write about your writing in your blog… :)

P. Bateman said...

ugh. stupid craigslist. not only am i going to have to buy my date i just met on there dinner, but there is this all chrome schwinn voyageur 11.8 for sale and its cheap.

stupid bike addiction.

Spencer said...

I am trying to think about what has changed in the last couple of decades that altered our view on bike helmets and kids doing anything with wheels.
I cannot remember when this all changed but do remember back in 98 when I was stopped and scolded for riding back from school with my 8 year old on the tag along, neither of us wearing helmets for the mile or so ride back home.
I mean, back, way back, on the wiener dog of time, when I was a kid, I don't even remember anyone even owning a helmet.
I do think times have changed, drivers are distracted, maybe there is a good reason for helmets now a days. I guess if I get smacked in the back of the head by a SUV mirror, I would rather it wacked the Styrofoam first.

Serial Retrogrouch said...

Anonymous @2:20,'re missing the whole damn point. just look at the two images snob put side by side... if you don't get the point being made than you got no points to make.

JB said...

Spencer, and I remember everyone riding all the F over campus up through 1995 without helments. I got a helment shortly after that, but didn't wear it regularly until around 1998 I went OTB and cracked my head on the recreational path. I think we've narrowed it down to 1995-1998. Maybe it had to do with Monica Lewinsky? Where's my grant money?

Anonymous said...

I started in the 70s. By the late 70s (at least) all "serious" bikers (touring, some commuters, not so much racers) in this country were wearing Bell Biker helmets.

I went bike touring in England in 1985. At that time you could pick out the US and Canadian tourists as the only ones wearing helmets at the youth hostel bike rack.

So I've been wearing one for ~40 years, and was really glad the time I ran into a parked car with my head. I think if you are riding faster than ~14 mph, and/or riding around faster cars, it is a good idea.

Spencer said...

oh wait, remember the Kennedys playing football on Skis? oh and Sonny Bono later the same year..yup, right around 1997...I think your onto something JB

Spokey said...


they've been around. i bought my first somewhere in the mid/late 70s. it was either the original bell or a bell biker. nice rounded job like the current nut(case?) helment. but i also wore a helment from day 1 when i bought my 65 honda motorcycle.

i think the TdF mandated helments maybe 2002 or so and they were one of the holdouts. i think all 'merican races had already mandated helments.

- - -


the real point is actually that if you are a kid sitting on your front lawn, you'd better slap that healment on before the little tyke runs you over. i tried to see but couldn't make out if the victim was wearing a dunkin donuts tee.

Freddy Murcks said...

JB - I think it was 1997 or 1998. I was fairly newly in graduate school and one of the senior grad students was harassing me for riding without a helment and a light. I blew him off, but then shortly thereafter I wrecked on campus and smacked my head on the concrete. I went out and bought a helment the next day. All the times that I smacked my head on the pavement when I was a kid didn't result in helment purchase because there were basically no helments to buy, no money to buy what little was available, and it just wasn't the sort of thing that people considered to be necessary.

Bryan said...

On the plus side, I did see commercial over the weekend ...go Al Roker!

P. Bateman said...

i wrecked pretty hard on my bitchin bmx bike as an 8 or 9 year old. cracked my head open. cried a lot. got taken to the hospital and got stitches.

haven't cried since because i guess that knocked all the cream puff out.

i do sometimes randomly just stop and piss myself, but i don't think that is related.

Frilly Chick said...

Absolutely if you're going to play doctor you should be wearing rubber gloves.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Mom required the usual helicopter mom stuff bike riding, but it was ok to play football, basketball, baseball, wrestle, karate, and otherwise pummel your brain into goo and become a lifetime cripple. But bike riding was dangerous. As concerns me, it is ok to ride in traffic helmentless. I wonder if there is a hidden message?

Anonymous said...


CommieCanuck said...

It's important to teach kids about modern life, the "L'il Asshole" SUV is great way to teach them to assess blame on pedestrians and cyclists. I went for the "L'il Texter" add-on so they have drive one-handed and learn to message their BFFs about important aspects of juice and cookies. In retrospect, I should have forked out the extra $20 for the "L'il Douche" Emissions test defeater.
Kids, they look at you with those eyes and they really only want one thing...fresh batteries.

Frilly Chick said...

Oh P. Bateman, I went through the handlebars careening downhill on my banana seat coaster bike when I was about the same age. Skidded face first across a blacktop parking lot taking all the skin off my nose and chin. My first case of serious road rash and a harbinger of things to come.

David G said...

"The accelewator pedal was stuck, mommy!"

Hamlets on tots seems near universal in my neighborhood, which is relatively "unsmug", not only on trikes but on those little scooters (like the one Marty McFly ripped the handle-post off of) that never go faster than a walk and look as stable as a tank. The teenagers tooling around the park on bicycles don't wear them, bless them, though that's probably inextricable from the graffiti and the like as an act of rebellion—neither more nor less hopeful than that.

Old timer said...

An equation - explained to me - which so simple, even I understand it. “If you’re on a bike ride, and you have a mishap, and you fall and smack your head on the pavement, you’ll want to be wearing a helmet.” I wear a helmet.

wishiwasmerckx said...

World Championship report:

You recognize riders from seeing them on TV in their team kits. Seeing them at race speed in their national kit means that you recognize no one. I could pick out Tom Boonen and Andre Griepel because they are giants and I recognize a Belgian and German national kit. Even the finish line announcers were unclear about who was attacking, bridging, etc.

Richmond sure is purrdy. The house Robert E. Lee lived in right after the civil war was a block off of the course.

The fan expo sucked balls.

The crowd was nothing like you see on TV at the tour. Four deep at the barricades, not 20 deep. Few fans on the backside of the course. It was a short 4 blocks from the finish line area to the backstretch. We would walk back and forth to see the peloton twice per lap, but we were about the only ones to do so. Americans are either too stupid to figure that out or too fat and lazy to walk back and forth. Probably the latter on account of there were no food trucks on the backstretch.

They ride their team bikes, so it was weird to see the support vehicle with four or five different makes of bike on the roof rack.

There were people from all over the world, with several hundred Eritreans...go figure.

Embarrassed to admit that I bought a snazzy Rapha commemorative T-shirt.

Saw three of the Lexus courtesy car support vehicles wrecked, two of them right in front of us.

That is all...

Anonymous said...

BBC has its "10 most beautiful bicycles of 2015" here:
but it has a halfbike in there?

P. Bateman said...

how did the cars manage to wreck?

wishiwasmerckx said...

Didn't see the 1st one, but the front quarter panel/door were kinda caved in.

All the team cars were parked outside the convention center after the race. One of the team Lexus suv's backed into another assigned to the Belgian team. I was standing about 5 feet away at the time. They were all the same model, and the side mirrors were decorated in national team colors on most of them, but not the culprit.

Anonymous said...

Has Leroy's dog ever bit him? Conversely, has Leroy ever bit his dog?

Logan Johns said...

Hey WRM, you should search youtube for kids crashing their tricycles. It's really funny.

Anonymous said...

You know what I hate? ASSCAR. But I hate the fans that flood into my state and back up the roads with their shear numbers and lack of driving skills even more. You'd think they would learn something watching people drive at 180 mph in a circle. Must be all the left hand turns.

Winky said...

OldSlowGuy said...

I hope buzzDouche doesen't think this is child abuse:

EricBikeCO said...

Don't piss on Amgen (see what I did there) my buzzfucker father in law rides Cat7 for them in Fort Collins' scranus (Boulder) and he never gets tested. That 20 lbs he dropped in 2 months was totally from the intervals.

Stupid Old Timer said...

An equation - explained to me - which so simple, even I understand it. “If you fall and smack your head, you’ll want to be wearing a helmet.”

Which is why I wear a helmet all the time - yeah I look like an idiot, the helmet smells really manky and I have a serious neck problem from sleeping with it on, but you can never be too careful.

Why just the other day I was walking down the street (with my helmet on) and some young guttersnipes took umbrage to "the fuckwit in the dork hat" and hit me over the head with a lump of wood, the nurse in the emergency department was adamant that if I hadn't been wearing a helmet I'd be dead - what more proof is necessary?

Holy Roller said...

The Hand of God itself grasped the steerer of Jesus's trike when he went riding, therefore he didn't need to wear a helmet.

Tom Gulden said...

"He came out of nowhere!" Toddler on toddler vehicle murders must stop

Rocklando said...

My kids wear surgical gloves ALL THE TIME.

Barry Goldwater said...

Extremism in the name of scranus is no vice.

dop said...

All we have to fear, is scranus itself.

Paul Revere said...

One if by land, two if by scranus

btw that last one was FDR

Paul Revere & the Raiders said...

Kicks Keep Gettin' harder to Find

Nat Cole said...

Get your kicks, on Route...Sixty Six

1983 David Byrne said...

Scranin' Down the House!

David Pearce said...

Snob, (no honorific, just Snob),

Snob, just because I clicked on one of your stupid links, I'm now getting advertisements for the

"Ride on Car Toy Range Rover Style Electric Power Wheel with Remote, 12V Battery… - $549.95"

in the corner of my Facebook.

I blame you.

Keep .Com (I suppose, or support hose), and Carry On.

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to hear may 'I was just in Amsterdam and.....' story?

Didn't think so.

The Ol' Dutch Reach Around said...

I was just in Amsterdam and I drank some beer, smoked some hash and woke up with my finger in a dyke. I don't think she liked it though. I'm so confused.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rock machine;

Submitted for your dis-approval.)

Wonder how much artisanal farm products they have to sell to pay for the R&D on that thing.

Anonymous said...

Also, these people kick-started US$ 1,377,990 and counting for a better Brompton.

Great Caesar's Ghost said...


Now you pushed a lot of my buttons, especially in the prevalence of driver-training toys and shopping carts. Shouldn't kids power their own cars? Or at least run and walk?

Thad White said...

Li'l Douche!! Love it.

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Hadiah bayi desainer yang tersedia dalam berbagai bentuk, ukuran dan bentuk. Misalnya, adalah mungkin untuk membenci pasangan dengan perhiasan bayi atau selimut bordir yang khusus dibuat untuk cocok bayi. Tepi mengacak-acak ditambahkan ke selimut anak menyediakan itu menggunakan perbedaan khas. Bayi memuja bahan yang lembut dan benang berwarna-warni. Selimut bayi mewah Anda datang ditutupi dengan huruf alfabet mewah atau kecil yang lucu hewan cetak. Hadiah bayi desainer termasuk selimut disesuaikan, satin bantal, dan pullover putih dan lembut dan sejenisnya. Untuk menambahkan sentuhan unik untuk hadiah bayi desainer Anda, Anda dapat menyulam nama dan tanggal lahir dari anak yang baru lahir sekitar selimut. Anda juga dapat menambahkan tikar bermain mewah untuk selimut untuk bayi Anda untuk berguling-guling dan bermain-main di. Tikar mewah dilapisi dengan kulit domba dan empuk untuk tujuan keselamatan bayi yang baru lahir. Ini sekali dapat lebih disesuaikan dengan desainer pakaian bayi.

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