Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Life Imitates Art, Art Does Not Appreciate Ensuing Verisimilitude



Lucas Brunelle:

He parlayed a hardscrabble upbringing on the mean streets of Cape Cod into a career as an IT specialist who spends his weekends documenting his unnecessary risk-taking:

He's skitched and skidded his way through Africa:

But now Brunelle has taken out a pedestrian while running a red light (shocker), and it seems he may finally have met his match in the form of this taxi driver who has thoroughly kicked his ass:

A bruised and battered Beacon Hill bicyclist lambasted as “a joke” the $1,000 bail a downtown judge set today for a taxi driver he and other witnesses claim savagely beat him before trying to run him over as Lucas J. Brunelle was calling 911 on behalf of a woman he’d just struck with his bike on Tremont Street Friday night.

Wait a minute.  Brunelle thinks the bail is a "joke?"  But I thought this sort of thing is exactly what makes urban cycling so much fun!  At least that's what he told "Bicycling" magazine in that interview:

Fuck bike advocacy. It's the cars that make shit fun. Without cars, we couldn't do skitches off SUVs. We couldn't get bruised and cut up; we couldn't commiserate. I love traffic. It's an evil river, sure, but I love the city streets.

Sounds like that cab driver did exactly what Brunelle wanted him to do.  If anything, Brunelle should pay him $1,000.  Guess that "evil river" isn't so cool when he's the one getting wet.

So what happened?

Brunelle, a cinematographer and bike racer, called the chaotic scene, “a group ride gone bad.”

"Group ride gone bad," eh?  I guess we know what the title of his next video is going to be.  Anyway, who would have thought a "group ride" running red lights during rush hour in Boston could possibly go bad?

A woman walking in a crosswalk on Tremont Street with her sister Friday shortly after 6 p.m. was hit by Brunelle on his bike when he ran a red light, according to police reports released today. The woman was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital with head injuries after, Brunelle claims, he flagged Chandler down to help him help her.

“I was trying to get a taxi for (her) and this guy comes out and hits me and then he tries to run me over with his car,” Brunelle said. “I said, ‘We were on a group ride. Someone got an injury, they’ve got to go to the hospital.’ He started getting in my face and ‘(expletive) you’ and so I shot back and I said, ‘(Expletive) you.’ He gets out and he attacks me. He tried to run me over.”

Okay.  So Brunelle hits this poor woman and then tries to send her off in a taxi?  Why, so he could continue his "group ride?"  Yeah, I'm sure it's a real treat to get hit by Lucas Brunelle:

"Hi, I'm daredevil cinematographer Lucas Brunelle.  Every seat I have is as sharp as a razor, so I always play to roll.  Here's $5 for cab fare, a travel packet of Kleenex for the bleeding, and a waiver for you to sign so I can put you in my next video.  Sorry for the inconvenience and have a nice day."  [Remounts and rides off into sunset.]

Wham, bam, thank you ma'am.

By the way, none of this is to excuse the taxi driver's behavior in any way, but I don't suppose there's any chance Brunelle or some other member of his "group" may have gotten him riled up earlier in the ride, is there?

No, of course not.

Wow, Brunelle's cinematographic oeuvre is really going to bite him on the ass on this one.  Unless the taxi driver's lawyer is completely incompetent he should get off faster than a premature ejaculator in Amsterdam's red light district.

What's most amazing to me as a New Yorker though is that neither the police nor the media seem to be blaming the cyclist in any way:

I was especially amazed that it's only a $20 ticket for running a red light on a Bicycle in Boston--a ticket which Brunelle didn't even get.  Meanwhile, in New York City, if a taxi driver runs into a woman on the sidewalk and severs her leg all he has to do is blame a bike messenger and he won't be charged:

I guess that's why Brunelle only visits New York City to make videos and then leaves the local cyclists to deal with the ill will these sorts of exploits generate.

Still, if nothing else, I really hope Brunelle's cameras were rolling during this episode, because the resulting footage is probably almost as good as this.  I'd also like to make a personal entreaty to Brunelle, as one aging Fred to another:

Dear Lucas,

You're getting too old for this shit.  Come on.  Ripping around town with a bunch of people 20 years younger than you?  Your reflexes aren't what they once were.  Fortunately the pedestrian wasn't killed, and fortunately despite being assaulted you're up and riding.  This is a great opportunity to take back some of the silly stuff you said about "bike advocacy" and admit you're a little too old to be shooting the rapids on the "evil river."  Instead, do your part to help tame it a bit.  Come on, you're a cyclist!  You're one of us!  We break your balls a little bit but we still love you.  Embrace your advancing age and acknowledge that pedestrians should be able to cross the street with the light and not worry about getting clobbered by some old dude making promotional videos for Cinelli.


--Wildcat Rock Machine

Speaking of the "evil river," remember Dulcie Canton?

Well, I recently received the following email from her informing me that the NYPD has closed her case, and they're blaming the media while they're at it:


I just wanted to thank you for reminded your readers that NYPD still lax when it come to prosecuting reckless drivers who kill maim or injure cyclists and pedestrians! My lawyer and I found out a few weeks ago at the 83rd precinct monthly community meeting that they CLOSED my case! The head detective attributed this closure to the fact that we went to the press and when the owner of vehicle heard, he "lawyered up". Detectives never questioned him! We only went to the press four weeks after crash when it became apparent that NYPD was not cooperating! Richard Rivera Jr. only lives a stones throw away from precinct and where the crash happened!
I have joined the TA Group, "Families for Safe Streets" and the 83rd precinct is on our "shame list". We want to see NYPD and DA start enforcing "Vision Zero".
On top of all of this, I'm having surgery on shoulder Friday. The bike shop I work for Adeline Adeline closing and not re-opening! I'm recovering from injuries, holidays coming, I now have to look for a new gig.


So basically the message from the NYPD is "You shoulda kept your mouth shut like a good little cyclist."

Her relief fund is still open, by the way:

Between "Line of Sight" and "Vision Zero" there sure are a lot of blind spots.


Fred Nifacent said...

Way Early - Podio

CommieCanuck said...


CommieCanuck said...


Fred Nifacent said...

everybody must be lining up at the parade this morning

Joe K. said...

The lead out was a surprise and I missed the sprint.

I'm in Froome Place.

Fred Nifacent said...

Is the "River of Evil" under the mean street of NY (Ghost Busters II) or is it the East River? I'm a little unclear.

Joe K. said...

In the middle of the day
I go biking on the street
Through hoards of traffic
An evil river so deep
I must be biking for something
Something I’ll video tape
But the crosswalks are there
And pedestrians cross

And even though the evil river is wide
I ride down every evening and I videotape
And try to cross to the opposite side
So I can prove that I’m better than an ape

(My apologies to Billy Joel who was civilized enough to wield a Porsche rather than a bike riding cycle.)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Scranus. This just makes my head hurt in so many places at once.

wishiwasmerckx said...

...and rounding out the top ten; now for the "real" comments...

Anonymous said...

vsk said ...

Middle 20 !!


Spokey said...

top dozen

still say it's illegal to post before an honest man is up and has quaffed 2 cups.

meltyman said...

Dissing Brunelle and raising the Dulcie story/fund in one post? Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

p.s. It's here, no excuses, get out your plastic -- and while you're here how about a click for little Allison Liao?

Richard Breaks said...

Unfortunately, Dulcie Canton and everyone else should no that "vision zero" means zero vision, as in "see no evil, get an donut and harass some people that they've profiled as being drug dealers and steal their money instead." Investigating crimes requires work and professionalism, which are things that the NYPD seems to lack.

Spokey said...

Kind of hoping a future report about how Brunelle wins $1M (US fun coupons) against the cabbie followed by the woman ped winning $1.1M (US fun coupons) from Brunelle.

Bryan said...

Fuck Brunelle. I watched his Line of Sight on the yutoobs and was utterly dismayed there are people like him who think only about themselves to the point they put others at risk.

Euro Spondee said...

I was out and about on Market St in San Francisco yesterday afternoon, and was most gratified to see a phalanx of SFPDs finest pulling cars off the road east of 10th St where they are all supposed to make right turns to keep Market St flowing for bikes, taxis buses and the cute old F streetcar. When I came back an hour and a half later, they were still at it.
So not everything in the world is completely terrible - at least one PD figures it can make its ticket quota from our four-wheeled friends.

Freddy Murcks said...

Bryan et al. - I am not defending Brunelle, per se, but we focus on cyclists becuase we are cyclists. People who drive do stupider and much more dangerous stuff a billion times a day everyday. And that's true of the street racer punks all the way down to the idiots who won't stop playing with their fucking phones while they are driving.

Anonymous said...

So this is between you, me, and the NSA. Sit down and close the door...

Taxi interaction stories, very timely.
Last night's commute- East 36th Street before (west of) 2nd Ave at 8:25pm. I am in the "Parking lane" almost on the curb, out of everybody's way, not impeding anyone's progress.
Yellow Prius V taxi driver goes way out of his way towards the curb towards me and throws a bottle at me, all the while laughing. I ride after, he goes through lights, nearly kills a few peds in the chase to get away. Light traffic lets him get away.

Except for 7C10B plate. (I think it's available on line).
Yellow 2013 Prius V, 7C10B, not agency owned. Young Paki kid behind the wheel.
Cops and TLC? I don't need to be laughed at again.


leroy said...

Dear Mr. Brunelle:

Why not donate the cab fare you didn't have to pay to Ms. Canton's relief fund?

My dog says he'd watch a video of that.

And he's very discerning.

Freddy Murcks said...

Anon @11:04 - You might want to start by not referring to South Asians as "Pakis." It makes you sound like an asshole.

dop said...

argle bargle

Lewison Clark said...

Somehow, asshole-on-asshole violence is just not satisfying to watch or read about. Part of it could be the inevitability of it becoming a "reality" show on TV.

JLRB said...

Idiots like Brunelle get cagers all riled up and one of us gets the brunt end of it - fuck him and his childish games in traffic. If he wants to be a daredevil he should go climb a rock, MacAskill style, where he won't injure pedestrians.

Whats up with the Dulcie relief fund wanting my e-mail info? I don't need to be on any more donor lists. Post something I can fund anon - like through Paypal - and I'm in.

Anonymous said...

I'm a proud owner of the book collection and the well made cycling caps, but I have to pass on the jersey as my wife giggles at me every time I wear one. Something about sausage casing. I think she's trying to tell me my days of Fred wear are nearly over.
However, I will need cycling shorts next year, so please have the folks at Walz get to work on those.
Thank you, DB.

Abe's Pagoda Yodeler said...

Brunelle is a piece of shit who deserves worse; if anyone provides legit contact info the cabbie, I'll happily contribute to his defense/lawyering in the name of all cyclists who know we can reasonably co-exist--

as long as scumbags like Brunnelle are off the road (and trails.)

Eat macadam, shitface, and smile!

jodphoto said...


Sometimes you hit it right on the head.

I'm not trying to get all serious and shit but, when we celebrate people doing stupid shit on bikes in traffic, thats what the non-cycling public locks onto.

The mayor can't evvision any policy that won't fit on a bumper sticker, the police give tickets only to people they don't feel threatened by and the media panders to the masses, a relative few of whom ride bikes.

It's up to cyclists to change the dialog. Otherwise stupid assed rules will be made for us by politicians and enforced by cops who ride home in their SUV's.

Portland and Amsterdam are making a better effort than NYC, which as you have noted, has been voted the Best Bicycling City on the Whole Fucking Planet.

jodphoto said...

I meant "envision"

Kenny Banya said...

"Brunelle, a cinematographer and bike racer..."

Gold Boston Herald, GOLD!

Freddy Murcks said...

Chaos rains on the New York subway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Czb4rImsph0

By the way, I know it's "reigns." I used "rains" for the double meaning.

shining trapezoid said...

Once again:
HOLY FUCK I'm glad I don't live in New York!

JLRB said...

AND compare this shit Brunelle to the stupid Fred who killed the lady in Central Park. At least Stupid Fred was not intentionally breaking rules for fun. Brunelle makes Strava addicted Fred's look like good.

BUT fuck the cabbie too. Most of those pricks will kill you to cross three lanes to pick up a fare. AND beating the crap out of someone is one thing - trying to run them over with two tons of cabbiemeat is murderous and chickenshit.

JLRB said...


Happy Veran's Day, and thank you to all of you who served/are serving.

Anonymous said...

Ive been hoping to see that brunelle guy get hurt for years. Not like life-threatening hurt, but more like,think-twice-before-you-do-that-shit kinda hurt. He deserve it because his videos inspired Premium Rush, which is another true crime against cyclists everywhere

semi serious cyclist said...

For his public service commitment he will receive for concussing a pedestrian in the crosswalk, Brunelle should arrange to team up with Heine and Team Rapha to shoot a video of a Rando group ride, all 650b and dynohub headlights, terrorizing squirrels on Oregon fire roads and stopping for dopios at an artisan roastery after 100k.

Anonymous said...

Freddy Murcks,
Anon @11:04 - You might want to start by not referring to South Asians as "Pakis." It makes you sound like an asshole.


Freddy Murcks,

The guy is from Pakistan / Pakistani heritage (saw his f/b stuff). I didn't know abbreviating Pakistani was an offensive slur.

I am not thinking of the noble Pashtun, but the bad guys.
If he starts menacing and threatening cyclists and assaulting them with bottles for no reason I am thinking the PC bullshit is kind of out the window. For all I know he's from Abottabad and is driving a taxi until the 'opportune moment'.

Sorry, I was fucking assaulted by someone who should be happy to be in a country where no one is shooting at him or compelling him to be an IED. Again, I didn't do shit to this guy.

Constructive ideas?

Dave - Everywhere said...

Usually WCR leaves me laughing my ass off but today I can't decide whether I should be laughing or crying.

JLRB said...

Anon - Call the little shit whatever you want. I, for one, have no constructive ideas for dealing with cunts who through bottles at you for no reason. Glad you didn't get hurt.

JLRB said...

Second to lastly -

Snob - if you are a whore I guess I am a john.

"Thank You

You like us! You really like us! Thanks for stopping by and ordering a cap or two. You can rest assured that your job is now done, and we are currently hard at work getting your order ready and shipped to you as fast as humanly possible.

If you received this message and a love note from PayPal then we have your order in our hot little hands. Once your cap is ready, you will receive another love note from PayPal (persistent fellow isn’t he?) that contains your tracking information. Sometimes your label will print a day or two before we ship which means no tracking information will show up. Do not fret! We are just trying to expedite the shipping process and your cap will be on its way shortly. All US orders are shipped via USPS first class mail and the post office magic means it usually arrives in 3-5 business days. Taa-daa!

Now for all our international friends, we are so happy you found little ol’ us in San Diego. We are also happy to offer international shipping via USPS first class international mail, but that service does not come with a tracking number or a second love note from PayPal. We ship international orders once a week and shipping times vary. One order may take seven days and the next two weeks. We know that you are very excited to receive your caps and the delays may be agonizing, but it is still pretty amazing that our caps can travel from beautiful San Diego to anywhere in the world travel.

If you have questions about your order, please email us at info@walzcaps.com or give us a jingle at 760-683-WALZ.

The Walz Caps Team"

janinedm said...

JLRB, I donated to that 15/16 year old kid who got his face scraped off at the Red Hook Crit 2 years ago. The emails were only updates from his mother. I received no other fundraising letters.

For the record, I agree with Brunelle this much: I have problems with bike advocacy. My biggest problem is are the ideas that 1) the more cyclists the better and 2) we should support any and all fellow cyclists. I hate hate HATE guys like him.

A couple of weeks ago, this guy ran a red light on 96th street (where people keep dying). He ran it so late. It was well after the yellow, well after that little grace period after the light turns red where the bold and fast can skitter across. It was very red and this genius moseyed (he thought he was fast and was not) into the intersection and he nearly got turned into by a taxi. Dude turned to look at me for support and I told him that he's stupid and lucky he's not dead. I'm not sorry.

trama said...

@ anon 11:04

what city were you in?

philadelphia bicycle journal said...

I don't know who I am disgusted by more. The NYPD for refusing to investigate a clear cut hit and run. Complete with video, witnesses, and the ID of the vehicle. Or Lucas Brunelle whose agro bike riding resulted in him hitting a pedestrian and trying to stuff her into a cab. Instead of calling an ambulance.

I hope both of the victims lawyer up and sue the people who hit them until they have nothing left.

Drock said...

Jersey in Antarctic blue please or whatever shade of blue you call it.

Name said...

Anon @11:04 AND 12:47

Now you are losing a lot of support and sounding a little derranged.

3G said...

Seriously? This fucking guy again? What an idiot

Anonymous said...

JLRB thanks.
trama - NYC
Name - I am a little deranged- assaulted for no reason, you would be too... cab vs. bike - I wonder who usually wins.

I guess that's how it goes, if 10 people see the same thing, 10 wildly different opinions form.

Cyclist minding his own business gets an unsolicited bottle thrown at him.

I guess I'll just take a cab next time.

David said...

Adeline Adeline is closing? Bummer. I bought my kid's bike seat there. Super nice.

Billy said...

I heard about the ped/biker/cabbie incident in Boston on another blog, but they didn't mention it was Lucas Brunelle!

Not that it changes the story a whole hell of a lot. Cyclist is a jackass and deserved to get punched. Cabbie is a murderous psychopath for trying to hit someone with his car.

Name said...

You know that is not what I was talking about.

flank_steak said...


You are looking at the issue like the typical conscientious cyclist.

Drivers say and do nothing when their fellow cagers strike pedestrians or worse. The drivers know they have a great deal and will not say or do anything to change that deal for the worse.

In fact, cagers will jump on every opportunity to defend their caging freedoms with nonsense that the Wildcat blogulates about with great skill and ironical themes.

Either drivers accept their good deal may be coming to an end to facilitate multi-use streets, or bicyclists need to disabuse themselves of the collective guilt of the occasional bad cyclists. (All within the laws of your fair city/locale.)

But, the current status quo gets bicyclists nowhere but victimized.

dop said...

happy veteran's day

my nephew in iraq about 2008

Anonymous said...

vsk said ...

I have stopped by Adeline Adeline before too. All in all it was a really nice place that I am sorry is now gone (I haven't seen, just from what I am reading). I got a cool sprung saddle for my sister in law's bike there too and it didn't cost a lot either.

I guess, like it or not, we are stuck with a microscope on us. Cars can kill hundreds but if a bike knocks someone over? Oh boy, here come the pitchforks.

Gorgeous out.


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Loved the subway video. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Lucas is not only an incredible doofus but also an irresponsible and dangerous narcissist who doesn't deserve to ride a bike. Hopefully the poor woman that he hit will sue him. She would easily win with all of the documented evidence of his dangerous behavior. I'm certain there are 100 slip and fall lawyers in Boston who are calling her right now. Such sweet, sweet karma for his inane videos of his dangerous law-breaking riding to come back and bite him. He is so lucky he didn't seriously injure or kill the lady, but someone like him would likely get over that pretty quickly. Hopefully Lucas is reading this and seeing what his other fellow cyclist think of him. The beating from the cab driver is less than you deserve for hitting that lady and hopefully there will be more to come, you little prick.

Anonymous said...

what is a cager?

CommieCanuck said...

We break your balls a little bit but we still love you.

I think you meant brake. Lest we forget the fine cinematic accomplishment that was, "Premium Rush" which lead to this neck tattoo for me:

"I can't work in an office. I don't like wearing suits. I like to ride. Fixed gear, steel frame, no brakes. The bike cannot coast. The pedals never stop turning. Can't stop. Don't want to either. There are 1,500 bike messengers on the streets of New York City. You can e-mail it, FedEx it, fax it, scan it, but when none of that shit works and this thing has to be at that place by this time, you need us. "

or, you know, fucking email.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:04 - you can probably start by filing a police report and also reporting the driver to the taxi commission. Also, how could you tell he was from Pakistan? Anyway, I would go after the guy if I were you, that's seriously fucked up.

Anonymous said...

CC, that is a righteous neck tat.

Tooch said...

2 quotes when you put them together shows the wide gulf here...'A bruised and battered Beacon Hill bicyclist lambasted as “a joke” the $1,000 bail a downtown judge set today for a taxi driver he and other witnesses claim savagely beat him'

and 'Judge Thomas C. Horgan warned Chandler if he makes bail — which Giampietro indicated was unlikely because he has no family capable of collecting the money for him — that he is to stay out of trouble and steer clear of Brunelle'

$1,000 ain't much if you live in Beacon Hill and Cape Cod. If you're a taxi driver who has to dodge cyclists, it's hard to come up with

Anonymous said...

Snob, saw your little back and forth with Brunelle on twitter. Good for you for calling the asshole out. You took it easy on him here, but that was just you being nice. Luckily your commenters, since we are all anonymous, don't have to be.

Lucas, grow up. It is ridiculous that as a mediocre amateur cyclists that you are somehow trying to inflate that into some kind of sport. How fucking stupid and non self aware can you be? That's are rhetorical question, we know the answer. Dick.

rudy jenkins said...

Brunelle features in this Nightline video from last month about Mexico City alleycats: http://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/video/bikers-dash-mexico-city-illegal-alleycat-races-26232277

Esteemed Commenter DaddoOne said...

the boston cyclist Union recently sent me an invite to a film fest they were having to raidse money - it included a video and discussion by Douchas Brunelle.

I emailed them back telling them they had lost all credibility with me and they should not expect contributions or participation from me in the future

McFly said...

Contributions and participations are my Achillees Hill.

CommieCanuck said...

I have a Rob Fordish neck canvas.

dop said...

In the sports pages, acager is a basketball player. Or it can be a car driver, referring to cars' steel cages

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 2:37 PM

Thanks. Just from all I've read, I don't think the Police would really do anything (especially since I have no injuries- would not have been able to get the plate if I was down). I haven't had any experience w NYC TLC.

The guy's facebook stuff has him from Pakistan.

There's more serious stuff going on anyway. I hope Dulcie will be OK. I'll give for her.

McFly said...

I thought a cager was a couger that kept you in a cage until she wanted to......cougar again.

crosspalms said...

Not much of a day for the usual malarkey. Brunelle is an idiot, and I hope his victim recovers OK. Dulcie deserves much better from New York. The NYPD's problem is how they look in the media, as opposed to how they do their jobs when someone gets hit by a car and there's plenty of evidence? I thought "Gotham" was fiction, maybe I should re-check the TV listings.

Anonymous said...

Hope you took the bus today, Crosspalms.

crosspalms said...

Actually it's not that bad here yet: about 39F, a little drizzle. Mighty gloomy, though. Anyway, if I'm going to be all snarly the rest of the day, might as well be on the bike instead of scaring people on the bus. We don't get the polar vortex till sometime overnight, but I dug out the big mittens to be ready.

Stuart said...

I gave to the Dulcie Fund, how many of you weenies did?

Anonymous said...

When I clicked the Bicycling mag link for Brunelle's 'fuck advocacy...evil river' quote, I thought Snobby was gonna be pranking us again with that irritating "Just Kidding" picture, but no, that fucknut actually said all that stuff. Supposedly he's being serious or at least expecting to be taken seriously.

But I'm a little confused about Snobby's comment that he's making movies for Cinelli?

Is he an ageing culture jammer/artist dilettante or is he a huckster promoting product?

The minor illegality of his frolics don't trouble me*, but it's a whole other story if he's just another huckster commandeering entire cities to make ads.

*except when the injure innocent citizens.

Pathetic Old Cyclist said...

Anon 11:04,

I don't think you really meant to say Paki. I think you meant to say Ugly murderous mother fucker.

Anonymous said...

On the contrary, i say FLOOD the PD with calls of rediculous driver behaviour! No, they wond do anything about it for a while, but if EVERYONE starts calling in dangerous drivers, eventuall someone is gonna say "woah, whats all this about? Were getting 2500 calls a day about shitt drivers, whats actually going on out there?" Because the fewer reports that get made, the easier it is to ignore the problem. Squeaky wheel gets oiled first and all that.

(On a more direct note, if you have the guys info who assaulted you, you do have the option of a social media shame campaign, but be careful for those waters be treacherous...)

Anonymous said...

A guy on a bike making dope deliveries in New York City.

Angry Beaver in Mirimichi said...

The Italian Cycling News Blog says Cipo got a Snob Jersey and the babes are all over him. No, wait, I translated that incorrectly, it's crabs that are all over him.

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to bet ten bucks the cabbie saw the doofus mow that lady over thru the light, and said I'm going to BEAT the living ShIT out of him and run his ass over! See how he likes it!

Euro Spondee said...

Anon with the taxi trouble:
Indeed, call him various cuss names, but Paki is about as palatable as spic, wop, goon and more of that nasty ilk. In England it is often followed by cunt, and not in a good way.

Unknown said...

I like this Lucas Brunelle's camera get-up. I have a website like you, Bike Snob. I am investigating ways to add content to my site that is easy to do and worthwhile.

I may strap one of these to my forehead. And run around the bike shop all day creating content. I bet the customers will love it if the camera on my head clicks regularly. The question is, how quickly can I upload searchable photos that people like to see?

Anonymous said...

And so that is how it all ends

Boston's Inferiority Complex said...

Hi Mr. Rock Machine - It's also legal to jaywalk here as long as there isn't a crosswalk within 300 feet - but even if you break this rule the fine is $1. motorists are technically supposed to yield to you too - but you'll get in a lot of trouble if you hit someone in a crosswalk - it's up to you to prove you had the right of way. Things are a little different here.

.... although, we also really dislike brunelle.

Some Guy on the Innernets said...

I was wondering when the Anti-Sheldon would appear. Surely the alpaca lips is upon us.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is those who never worked on the road/participated in an alley cat will never understand Brunelle and what he is trying to document.
Being a weekend warrior is not the same thing.

No point arguing.

Its unfortunate about the pedestrian and its unfortunate about Brunelle.

Fuck you and fuck your lycra.


Pathetic Old Cyclist said...

Anon 613 am

You're just another symptom of the disesase. Just because Brunelle has an agenda or grand vision doesn't mean Iit's worthy of pursuit, especially when he mows down Iinnocent peds in the process.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 6:13am,

What about Brunelle's lycra? And doesn't he have a day job he uses to fund his videos? How is he not a "weekend warrior?" I have "worked on the road" as a bike messenger, am I allowed to think it's distasteful to go around saying "fuck bike advocacy" while cyclists are getting killed out there with zero consequences?

--Wildcat Rock Machine

JLRB said...

And what about those out there who don't ride much on weekends and need to share the city streets with angry cagers to get to work? Fuck you and your smug alley cat
Movement - videoing oneself shod be left to the porn industry.

janinedm said...

Anon 6:13 AM: No. Just no. I ride every damn day. The last time I got on the subway was when my seat post broke a couple of months ago, for pete's sake. And I only rode it to the bike shop to buy a new seat post. There's just some of us who have more going on and more to live for than "bike culture." These are stupid human tricks performed by the kind of boring young men who spent most of their childhoods standing on diving boards saying, "Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom look. Mom look at this dive. Mom," or doing some equivalent boring daredevil bullshit for attention. Are people supposed to apologize for having relatively rich, full lives that make it possible to see non-cyclists as also being people? You're as big a nerd as the biggest Fred, don't fool yourself that you're different because of your (probable) ridiculous haircut and poorly rendered tattoos. You don't impress me.

Unknown said...

U R A cucking funt

Mark Kaepplein said...

Immature cyclists can get away with reckless behavior on Massachusetts streets because the MassBike lobby re-wrote the road rules, explicitly prohibiting bike offences having an effect on a driving license or vehicle insurance! So, those $20 tickets Brunelle didn't get for running a red light or failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk don't even get paid. There is no mechanism to enforce unpaid cyclist tickets!

Anonymous said...

The cab did not hit Brunelle. Its more like he stood in front of it and then jumped on the hood trying to stop it.

Anonymous said...

Another fact: the cab driver had a medallion for the town of Brookline, not Boston. He would be subject to a fine and firing for picking up a passenger in Boston as Brunelle wished.

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