Friday, September 26, 2014

BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!

Before anything else, let's follow up on the saga of New York State Senator Diane "Find A Fucking Bike Lane and Get In It" Savino:

[Redacted], who writes the blog, Bike Snob NYC, drew attention to Savino's comments on Twitter and on his site on Thursday.

"A state senator bragging on Facebook about engaging in acts of road rage is inappropriate, alarming and representative of a disregard for public safety," [Redacted] told DNAinfo New York.

"It's an insult to her constituents. It's also totally ironic because the conversational thread that inspired her comment is based on a total misreading of comments I made in which I excoriated reckless bicycling."

Wow, that guy is really eloquent, ain't he?  He should give himself a raise.

Well, predictably, Savino has explained her comments away as a "joke" while continuing to blame cyclists for the ills of society:

Reached by the Daily News, Savino said her comments were meant as a joke but she continued to express frustration with bicyclists who don’t obey traffic laws.

“Unfortunately, those who don’t follow the rules of the road create problems as we saw with that terrible tragedy in Central Park,” Savino said.

And who could blame her, considering we're out there doing 40mph and all:

“Minimally, there’s got to be greater enforcement,” she continued. “And bikers have to take responsibility for what’s happening. They’re moving sometimes at 40 miles an hour. We just went through the whole process of reducing the city speed limit to 25 miles an hour, unless it is otherwise posted. That should apply to bikes as well. We are all in this together.”

Yeah, that's right.  FORTY MILES AN HOUR!  Are you fucking kidding me?  I guess if 46mph is "Fred 'Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo!'" speed then 40mph is "Politician full of shit" speed.  And yeah, sure, even when we're not doing 40 we're routinely cruising around the city in excess of 25mph, that's completely realistic.  After all, according to a certain cycling app, it's only the AVERAGE SPEED OF THE WINNER OF THE GODDAMN 2014 PARIS-ROUBAIX:

At this rate, look for the winner of the 2015 edition to come screaming into the Roubaix velodrome on a Citi Bike.

And how about that "fucking bike lane" we're supposed to use?  Well, a Streetsblog reader was kind enough to upload a photo of the bike lane out of Savino's Staten Island office:

All else aside, who the fuck still drives a Hummer?  Even Escalade drivers think Hummer drivers are douchebags.

But wait, it gets better.  Did you know Savino has a boyfriend?

(Sorry fellas, she's taken.)

Yep, he's a dreamboat named State Senator Jeffrey D. Klein:

“It was very, very cold,” Mr. Klein said.

“We went socks shopping,” Ms. Savino added.

Who, back in 2008, threatened the author of "No Impact Man" with bodily harm after cutting him off with his Mercedes:

At this point, you brought your vehicle to an abrupt halt, not to avoid hitting me, but because you apparently needed to communicate something to me. You rolled down your window and said, "Get your hands off my car, you fucking asshole."

I said, "You were veering into me and going to crush me."

You said, "You better not touch other people's cars. You might find that touching other people's cars is more dangerous than traffic."

This gave me the impression that you were threatening me.

So I think it's fairly obvious that both of these people are complete and utter pieces of shit, which I realize is redundant inasmuch as they are politicians.

Oh yeah, Klein is also my representative in Albany.

So I've got that going for me.

Which is nice.

Penultimately, here is an article which you should absolutely read but which I hope you'll never need:

And lastly, hit-and-run victim Dulcie Canton is about halfway to her fundraising goal, so if you're inclined please help her make it the rest of the way:

You have my full permission to feel smug after that.

And on that happy note, I'm pleased to present you with a quiz.  As always, study the item, think, and click on your answer.  If you're right that's great, and if you're wrong you'll see apocalyptic cycling.

Thanks very much for reading, ride safe, and watch out for state senators.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

("I'm Frank Dickof, my surname is not a verb, and I approve this message.)

1) Wall Street Journal reader Frank Dickof needs everybody to know he doesn't like residential developments that feature bicycle amenities because he's Frank Dickof, dammit!


2) Felt's $14,000 time trial bike is called the:

--"IA FRD"

(Via Ken.)

3) Finally!  A saddle that's:

--Sagging in the middle
--Equipped with a revolutionary tapering frontal portion called a "nose"
--All of the above

4) What is "Swagon?"

--A trailer designed specifically for roadies
--A Rapha Citro├źn H-Van that will give away free stuff at cyclocross races this fall
--A new social network from the mind of Paul Budnitz
--Basically Uber for Freds

5) The new UCI World Time Trial Champion is:

--Bradley Wiggins
--Stanley Wiggins
--Both Bradley Wiggins and Stanley Wiggins
--Neither Bradley Wiggins nor Stanley Wiggins

6) During a post-hour record publicity tour, Jens Voigt was ticketed by police in Melbourne for not wearing a helment while using the city's bike share system.


7) According to a complete moron with nonexistent reading comprehension skills, I am a:

--Single asshole
--Double asshole
--Triple asshole
--Quadruple asshole

***Special "How Do They Live This Way?!?"-Themed Bonus Video***


streepo said...


Anonymous said...

Podium! for the first time

Buffalo Bill said...

podium canucks?

Name said...

Fuck Strava

Top Five!!!

benDE said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Joe K. said...

I hate double assholes, so much wiping.

I'm kidding. It's a joke. But seriously hygiene is important and double assholes, pooping twice when everyone else poops once, should be more considerate.

~Diane Savino on double assholes.

RANTWICK said...

Hey, thanks for making my vid a BONUS question! That's just freakin' awesome.

Spokey said...

10 ? he whimpers

Orestes Munn said...

PFOS speed, hellz yeah!

I just broke down and sobbed at the Canadian vid.

Stanley Wiggins said...

First thing I do every morning after I get up, I wee. You should try it, it's brilliant.

crosspalms said...

Rantwick vs. Savino/Klein. My money's on Rantwick.

That Felt looks like a giant Pez dispenser.

3G said...

Awesome post Snobby!

You're right...all politicians are pieces of shit.

GreySpoke said...

That's Stanley, if you're nasty.

RANTWICK said...

@crosspalms - Thanks! I guess if I want to keep up my new image, I would have to kill her with kindness. I would though. With kindness.

Anonymous said...

Dickof doesn't even know how to spell helmnet. Tool.

Diane said...

Hey, poor people, find a fucking food line and get in it.

Serial Retrogrouch said...

...fack podder!

Spokey said...

I'm such a failure

got a 'D' today (71%). And I can't even complain that snobbie fucked up the quiz this week.

but looks like a great day. i'll have to cheer meself up. think i'll just pedal on down 202 and see if i can spy out joe.

CommieCanuck said...

You're right...all politicians are pieces of shit.

No. Shit is useful. Put shit in soil and something beautiful grows. Politicians are the anti-shit, they reverse fertilize everything.

Diane said...

Hey, South Americans, find a fucking Conga line and get in it.

Diane "the ditch bitch" said...

imagonnafugginkillya after iforsyerassinadich

Diane said...

Hey, IPhone users, find a fucking Apple Store line and get in it.

Spokey said...

not at all commie

i love my pols. some days there would be nothing in this world to make me crack a smile or let a eensy laugh escape if not for my local reps

Diane said...

Hey, Robs Fords, find a fucking coke line and get in it.

CommieCanuck said...

hey, debt-ridden consumers, find a fucking credit line and get in it.

Comment deleted said...

Terpstra used Strava in Paris-Roubaix? I'm not sure that's safe.

Wait, they ride on *cobblestones*?!! That's really unsafe! Somebody tell them to find a fucking bike lane and get in it.

Spokey said...

you all do (and i don't mean do in the biblical sense) m. savino a huge disservice. If it weren't for her, poor snobbie would have had to fire up his brain for today's post. that wooda fatigued him so much that he'd go out for his pm ride, forget his helment, ride his tt bike on gravel and die.

Then where would we be come monday?

so i say "thanks diane for keeping my entertainment alive and well"

Serial Retrogrouch said...

...hey science, about this instead of riding your cleansuit on a bike: invent double genetalia instead of a double asshole... not just because double dick sounds more fun, but also, it will be double the fun... and while you're at it, take away savino's asshole... shit comes out of her mouth anyways.

JLRB said...

Hey Kunts - Get in the Kock Line

JLRB said...

Hey Jeff and Diane - Get the Fuck in the Birth Control Line

Olle Nilsson said...

How much is Fly6/GoPro paying you to write this shit? /joke

Seriously, between you and some other bikeen sources, I'm once again being brainwashed to purchase video surveillance for my own protection. Wonder if it's more or less likely to be turned against the victim than the proverbial american home protection device. For that kind of money, I may as well fill my tank and drive my Korean car to work.

Freddy Murcks said...

I guess that may in fact be how a bill becums a law.

Phildefer said...

Hey horny cat, find a fucking feline and get in it.

Comment deleted said...

A little ditty 'bout Jeff and Diane
Two bike-hating senators doin' the best that they can.

Anonymous said...

klein & stravino: privileged democrat elected douche bags. you pays your money you takes your chances.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah Klein? Let's see how dangerous you are when you're not wrapped in a car!

Spokey said...


reread this

State Senators Jeffrey D. Klein and Diane J. Savino, who both are Democrats, announced their relationship in February.

i've heard of announcing engagements, birth and such but who the hell announces a relationship?

how narcissistic can you get?

Lipschitz said...

Heed the words of my asshole.

PBateman said...

hey Dianne,

i was waiting in line at the Jerk Store and they said there was a long wait because they ran out of you.

hey Snob,

i was waiting in line at the Asshole Store. they said they just sold their last 2 assholes to your selfish ass.

hey Snob comments area,
hope you have a great day and i will as well.

p.s. - my captcha is a photo of TWO mailboxes side by side. guess even captcha knows your secret snob.

Joe K. said...


I'm indoors today, so don't look to hard.

But tomorrow I will be riding all over the place. If you see a guy in a white jersey with green details on a blue and white bike looking like he is about to die, yell for him to "Find a f--king bike lane and get in it."

If it's not me, you'll at least have done a service to another rider by reminding them that there may be Senators on the roads and they are not to be trifled with, but if it is me i will laugh, fall over and die from injury as i will be traveling 40 mph as I am training for NYC bike commuting.

With Scranus,

PS - the computer is getting all Charlotte's Webby with "Some Guencpe" which I assume means pig in iminnaDEEEATCHese

Anonymous said...

Great linked article as well Mr. Snob. Unfortunately it seems it would be helpful to get a plastic laminated version of the fine points and use as a spoke card. Also get close friends / relatives up on the procedure. Also Fly6 front and rear video transmitted to THE CLOUD and maintained for future evidence with Strava bean telemetry.

I know I've digitized this before but it's somewhat relevant vs. this week's discussion of malfeasance...
My friend was riding on 5th Ave in Brooklyn near 6th Street. A car service driver in a Lincoln station wagon was talking on his cell phone and getting close to my friend in the marked bike lane. My friend tries to get his attention to get off the phone and warn him he's coming close. The guy purposefuly does a right turn into the bike lane and send my friend crashing into a dumpster that was there.

Car service guy drives down 6th street. My friend runs down the block, bleeding from cuts and with various impact injuries.
This is when I called him out of the blue. He tells me what happened. I was off from work (actually exactly a year ago). I come and get him and the bike.

He filed a police report, had witnesses phone numbers and I think pictures of the plate number etc.
The car service guy had a police report written that my friend had hit him and ran / rode away.
We found out where the car service place was and spoke with the manager and saw the guy and the car.
Police said no action was going to be taken because the injuries weren't "serious". Damage to the bike will have to be done in small claims court (may very well exceed the limit).

Basically S.O.L. on the justice.

But seriously, it seems we're going to have to be experts on the procedures.

We need a Big Bike Lobby.


Anonymous said...

Another GREAT post! [okay, I did skip the quiz, but only because I already knew the correct answers...]

Test Tickle said...



Anonymous said...

Be better if Felt had gone for the iFred. Sounds similar

Alias Bob said...

Unlike the NY Pest; the Gothamist has intelligent articles. Recently they quoted your "Ban the Cars" (from Central Park) statement in full, and linked it to an article about how this idea actually has the full support of all the Central Park neighborhoods....

Joe K. said...

Cops Search For SUV Driver Who Ran Red Light & Struck Child, Elderly Woman

Total crap. Only bikes run red lights.

Comment deleted said...

PBJ, it's vitally important that this driver be caught and severely admonished.

Joe K. said...

Comment Deleted,

So long as it doesn't take any officers away from watching Derek Jeter.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

The JV soundboard is great. Thanks for that.

grog said...

I got a call from Leroy's dog. He barked sternly: "find a bitch and get in it". I was nonplussed.

Reader/Commenter said...

Is there a "Politician full of shit speed" hat forthcoming?

Aaronandthedogs said...

"How can i help you sir?"
"I'm looking to buy a car."
"You've come to the right place. What kind of car are you looking for?", says the salesperson.
The man looks around the showroom floor and says, "What's that?", pointing to one of the vehicles.
"That's an SUV Sir.", says the salesperson enthusiastically.
As the man looks at it he says, "That thing is huge.
The stopping distance alone must be horrible, not to mention the blind-spots. Any chance it costs a small fortune and gets horrible fuel mileage?"
"Yes sir. Yes it does."
The man looks at it a little longer and finally says, "I gotta have that."
As they are walking to the salesperson's desk the man says, "Um, I'm embarrassed by my existence. Any chance it comes with extra dark tinted windows so no one can see me?"
The salesperson, using an empathetic tone says, "Not a problem sir, they come standard."

mikeweb said...

When Savino says 'find a f**king bike lane and get in it', I think she's talking in code about sexy fun times. The cyclists should take it as a compliment.

crosspalms said...

Diane Savino sleeps with the fishes. I mean reptiles. She sleeps with the reptiles.

mikeweb said...

Aaron, you forgot the part where the salesperson leans in and quietly adds, "And sir, I'm very sorry about your small penis."

Orestes Munn said...

I am embarrassed by my existence (who isn't?) and have a small penis (for a skinny guy), but I drive a small SUV.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get out there and go 40 mph this weekend!!!!

dancesonpedals said...

I followed the Jens Voigt link:


Just in time for the Tour de France...

Let the hardest man in the peloton be your guide.

(insert, "that's what she said")

Funny quotes from the best of Jens' interviews will motivate you on your rides or your couch.

(when I'm taking advantage of myself)

Includes the classic "shut up legs" as well as lesser known gems.

(no comment)

JLRB said...

"Say no to Jeff Klein,” the mailer reads. “Vote to end corruption in Albany!”

Please Lob, let that dynamic duo get caught up in a scandal of Virginia Governor proportions....

Dooth said...

If Wildcat is a double asshole, that makes McGuire...
Infinity Asshole!

AIN FRD said...

That bike says it is a FELT FELT on the downplank.

Vernal Magina said...

That IA FRD is the most redonkulous thing I've ever seen...

What happens when you turn?

Comment deleted said...

Vernal, and how is it that recumbents can't be used, but a specialized (oops) machine like that can?

Just give up and lie down like a man!

Pathetic Old Cyclist said...

I don't get it.....when I stand behind my elephant I can't see the moon. Therefore the elephant has to be bigger.

My captcha is Riotous Ditswel, the offspring of Savino and Klein

Telegram Sam said...

SavinoGate update: I sent a rather pointed letter to my state senator yesterday that I posted in the comments, and since a couple of y'all asked to report if there's any follow-up, here you go:

I didn't get an email but an actual phone call from her office. "Rob," who as it turns out lives around the corner from me, wasn't exactly apologetic. He was actually a bit confrontational, but this being Staten Island you roll with it. He told me I should read the full Daily News article, not excerpts on blogs (ahem). I told him Mort Zuckerman is an asshole, and he more or less agreed, and I then asked if, since he'd called, he could better articulate her position for me.

He reiterated that it was just "a joke" on a friend's account, and that she doesn't actually do such things. I asked if she's aware how social media works, and that she's a public figure. He questioned my sense of humor, and I told him it wasn't funny to me, that my life is endangered pretty much every day by people who create an atmosphere of "fuck cyclists." I reminded him that as someone who holds a position of power, she's gonna be held to a slightly higher standard. He kinda fumphered on that one. Admitting your boss has the online judgement of a 10-year-old with Tourettes is tough, I get it.

Things then took a sour turn. He told me as an aside that calling her out for engaging in ignorant, thuggish behavior while "threatening her politically" didn't give me much credibility. I guess I hit a raw nerve there, comparing her to Michael Grimm. So I asked if 1) he'd called me to argue, in which case he needed to know I'm a middle-aged New York Jew and my tsuris is a registered lethal weapon, and 2) if he understood how democracy worked: that it wasn't a "threat" to promise to work against the election of a candidate whose views I don't share. He ceded the point, but told me there wasn't much he could do if I'm a "one-issue voter." I told him I'm not, but that cycling safety and rights is a pretty big one for me and all things being equal (as it often is in a NYC Democratic primary), I'd vote for the person who doesn't think its funny to threaten and harass me while I'm legally riding my bike.

But it stayed cordial, a miracle for two Staten Islanders with opposing viewpoints (read the comments section of sometime), and he backed off a bit, telling me that the bottom line was that Sen. Savino is a full supporter of Vision Zero with "everyone working together." I told him that wasn't really good enough, or germane for that matter, and we went 'round the bend a couple more times. Basically I gave up, told him I'd judge his boss by her actions on cycling safety rather than a bad joke.

Ultimately I think with both Rob and his boss, they're just not gonna get it. No matter how sincere and articulate I and everyone else tries to be on the matter, that FB post is still a joke to them, and her irrelevant, distorted follow-up was a sufficient explanation. Maybe if she takes up cycling herself she'll see the light, but at this point that seems unlikely. It's a reminder to us that even in semi-progressive Democratic circles in the capital of a very blue state, there is still a majority who thinks were a bunch of whiny weirdos who can be harassed for fun, with impunity. Renew that TA membership and keep writing and being heard.

Drock said...

I have an ISIS bottom bracket, think I'll take this bike to the neighbor I don't like in case of drone attack. And no I don't live in iowa. Down the middle

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Telegram Sam. Very interesting.

Heard that Cadel Evans retired, didn't know he was still racing.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Telegram Sam,

Thank you for the report!

--Wildcat Rock Machine

ouabacher said...

Telegram Sam, much respect.

Anonymous said...

Being of Danish heritage, ISIS should be quaking in their boots that the Air Force of Denmark has joined the battle.

Hans Christian Anderson said...

ISIS dudes wear sandals, I think. But you're right. Tonight's meal of sand and gravel will be the last for many of them.

JLRB said...

Telegram Sam -

Nice work! One issue voter? My one issue is whether or not I think the candidate has sufficient brain power to lead. That happy lovin couple fails the basic IQ test.

I am hereby renewing my membership to TA, or was that T'n A?

Beer is proof that god exists and loves us

David Pearce said...

Dear Spokey,

Thanks so much for teaching me how to link properly!

A shameless example:

[Don't worry, you don't have to really go there -- I haven't posted anything new there yet, although I do wonder if Jessie Matthew, who fled Virginia and was picked up in Galvaston, Tex., might have had the chance to retrieve the body (if there is a body to retrieve) and have moved it out of the area. Anyway, it's all an unproven question, it doesn't look very good for Matthew to flee, but a ton of investigation still needs to be done to find out the truth, and his connection to Hannah Graham and her disappearance.]

Telegram Sam,

Thank you for your info and great sticking to your rhetorical guns.

And Bike Snob,

I know this is sentimental hogwash, but that's the way I feel right now,

Thanks for making me feel really good when I read your blog!

David Pearce said...



I gotta remember to put in the "https://"

The working link should be:

dnk said...

@Telegram Sam

excellent report, and you are to be lauded for going the full 12 rounds with "Rob"

Just renewed my TA membership, thanks (got an email reminder from Paul Steely White today, but your comment sealed the deal)

Joe K. said...

Telegram Sam,

I will promise you that you received a phone call because it does two things, 1. it makes it feel "personal" and 2. it keeps it from being written and therefore sanctioned by the candidate.

TA renewed. When is Savino up for re-election? I'd help a reasonable candidate unseat her.

David Pearce said...

I can't believe it! Tech imitates life??

There actually is a bike that is named (????):


"I a Fred",
in Tarzanian!

Wow, you just can't make this stuff up!

David Pearce said...

I love this, at the bottom of the Dickof real estate story about bicycle amenity developments:

Corrections & Amplifications

Prices at the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Miami Beach will range from $2 million to $35 million. An earlier version of the article incorrectly described the price range as $1.5 million to $36 million. (Sept. 25, 2014)

I feel much more inclined to check them out, now with these corrected prices!

Absinthe Philosopher said...

Would not the one side of a double asshole only put out half the crap of a single asshole? Ergo you could say to a double asshole, "Cut the crap". That really made no sense at all... I need another drink.

Spokey said...

glad to help david

Orestes Munn said...

Onya Sam!

McFly said...

My 13 yr old likes CoC's Long Whip/Big America! There is hope!

Anonymous said...


Telegram Sam said...

Thanks all. She's up for reelection in November, but running against a no-name Republican she's gonna slaughter. Despite the stereotypes about Staten Island, the North Shore that she represents, and where I live, is low-income, diverse, minority, and mostly progressive. So for me, the tragedy is that I do agree with virtually all her political opinions, and she's been effective on a few issues I care about, like public transportation, same-sex marriage, worker's rights, etc. It's just this one blind spot and it's a cultural thing here in the outer parts of the outer boroughs where people are dependent on their cars. There's been an uptick in cycling here like everywhere else and I think drivers just don't know how do deal with it. They spend so much of their time stuck in aggressive, soul-crushing traffic that any time they're forced to slow down for a nanosecond they treat it like an attack against their family. I know this isn't unique to Staten Island, but the relative population density here amplifies it. We have urban density but suburban mind sets, little of the urbanity that makes it work in Manhattan and yuppie Brooklyn. Anyway, there are so many Manhattan and Brooklyn refugees moving here that she's gonna have to accept us if she wants to hold her seat. Democratic primaries tend to be vicious yet low turnout and you can't afford to piss off any native demos.

JLRB said...

OK Telegram - Too late for primaries I take it. I say we put you in as a third party or indie candidate. Sort of like Ross Perot, not expecting to win, just to mess with the candidate with whom you disagree. Or find someone else to do it.

Sort of like the Australian Bicyclists Party

JLRB said...

And here is the actual Australian Bicycling Party website:

Bush for a a Third Term said...

Wasn't life so much more simpler under G W Bush? I mean no one understood a word he said so all you had to do was shrug your shoulders and, like cops say, move on, nothing to see here.

babble on said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
babble on said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
babble on said...

Telegraph Sam - I applaud you and your efforts to enlighten the dozy mare and her office assistant, and agree that any germaine change to her perspective is nigh on impossilbe, unless she spends some time on a bike. Someone in a position of authority (ahem, snobbers) maybe ought to throw down the gauntlet, and issue just such a challenge. In the light of an upcoming election, she would appear churlish to reject it.

Um... anon on the podium? I am quite comfortable being wrong, having had much practice over the years, but I could have sworn I'd seen yer moniker on the podium before.

But never mind me. I am just a cunt. Inside and out, a double, triple, quadruple cunt. And that's just the way I like it.

Spokey said...

Telegram Sam

I feel your pain as they (who are they anyway) say.

when peachy lived in brooklyn we'd go visit or maybe return her after a visit. even late morning / early afternoon on a sunday was murder getting across SI to the VZ. I'd hate to think what the morning commute is like. Or rather what the morning parking lot is like.

You can blame it on the VZ. I remember SI being almost rural / farm before that thing opened. we didn't go that way a lot. just when dad gave us a treat by taking the ferry.

scranus said...


Sole Searcher said...

I really, REALLY hate that expression, 'boots on the ground'. Please all you people on the news, STOP USING IT! If I hear one more person say,'boots on the ground', I'm gonna show them a new term, 'MY BOOT'S ON YOUR ASS'!

Diane "the ditch bitch" said...

booties on the ground

booties on the ground

booties on the ground

booties on the ground

booties on the ground

booties on the ground

booties on the ground

booties on the ground

booties on the ground

booties on the ground

booties on the ground

booties on the ground

pussy in the boots

scranus said...


Spokey said...

can i sneak in here for a little centurion podia?

Spokey said...

and he whispers 99

Spokey said...


Sole Searcher said...

Now if you gave me something like, 'stiletto heels on the ground' then I think I could live with it.

dancesonpedals said...


We both have terrible state senators. Your guy Klein is a notorious dick. He's a turncoat D who caucused with R's to give them a majority in exchange for a leadership position. My senator, Greg Ball, hit us with obnoxious robocalls, followed by race-baiting flyer

Don't get me started on Ms. Park-in-the-bike-lan.

Orestes Munn said...

Ms. Savino will "get" the bike thing a millisecond after some critical moiety of her constituents indicate that it matters to them and not a millisecond sooner,

My reps to both state chambers do and I do my best to keep them interested.

leroy said...

I took Senator Savino's advice Friday and found a bike lane. Unfortunately, I also found a flattened water bottle, hit it, wobbled, and wound up face planting into the lane.

How did you wind up face planting into a bike lane, my dog asked.

Hard, I answered, Very hard.

Oh well, my dog tells me that a longish charity ride tomorrow will fix me right up. He said something about the hair of the dog that bit you.

Ride safe all!

leroy said...

And nice work Mr. Telegram Sam!

ce said...

Leroy, the bike lane, you were told to "get in it", not "get all up in it". It was a simple instruction.

Marc Bolan said...

T Rex: " Telegram Sam, he's my main man."

babble on said...

Oh Leroy, that's terrible! Are you alright? It really doesn't take much of a faceplant to cause a head injury...

Tell that dog of yours to take extra good care of you over the next little while, mkay?

Telegram Sam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Sunday scranus simple simon says serenity

Spokey said...

ya know

I really hate that "I was just joking" crap. Just admit that you were a fool. Admit you're wrong and live with it.

Why do these pols have to lie whenever they open their mouth. She's not my rep, but I'd be tempted to vote against her, fund her opponents etc just to punish her apparently innate dishonesty.

Of course T Sam is the more reasonable voice in all this.

I guess I'll go take my meds now.

Spokey said...

sorry to hear that leroy

could have been worse. you might have ended up in a deetch.

I've fortunate enough to not go down in years now except a couple times when I was trying to ride my brother's recumbent. but that was at no speed trying to get going and on a bent you're almost on the ground anyway.

anyway good luck on the charity ride. look out for those bottles.

wishiwasmerckx said...

Spokey, it took courage to admit on this forum that you have dabbled in recumbency.

The first step is admitting that you have a problem.

Sometimes we all hit a low point in our lives and succumb to things we know that we will regret later.

Please try to get past the shame and get the help you so clearly need.

Orestes Munn said...

There are limits on joking, just like everything else (except, of course, the right to bear arms), and they are considerably stricter for politicians than for most of the rest of us. The joking defense is fine for indicating that one really doesn't intend, say, to kill someone, but only a fool would deny that words spoken in jest reveal thoughts and wishes,

Leroy, hope you're OK. I am going to the gym, so my wife doesn't make me plant bulbs this afternoon, but I would plant bulbs all day for a long time, rather than plant my face ever again,

Spokey said...


i agree with what you said.

but my take is that Diane was not joking. That she is simply a liar. Yes, most of the time that someone says imagonnakillya they don't really mean that whether it was meant as a joke or is just non-joke hyperbole.

Savino could have owned up to it. She could have said that she her words were thoughtless and she could reached out to make amends. But what she did was to try to duck being a responsible adult.

Of course I don't know this for a fact. But this "i was joking" is more often than not simply a lie in order for someone to not take responsibility for their words and / or actions.

If that pol is willing to lie to you about what they put on twitter instead of taking a 15 minute hit for being stupid, how can you trust them in a more serious venue and for the most serious matters we expect the government to be handling?

Anonymous said...

Hope you're okay, Leroy.

Wax Off said...

If we all had the right to 'bear arms' then there would be a lot of hairy people about.

babble on said...

Spokey - right?! In my books people who are accountable for their mistakes are the only kind I want in my life. They're the ones I hire, they're the ones I promote, and they are defnintely the ones I vote for. If you can't admit when you've made a mistake, how can you possibly correct it?

She obviously wasn't joking, as her continued annoying rambling on about cyclists demonstrates, and barring a catastrophic political mis-step she is going to be elected again. Her attitide needs a serious adjustment, and the only way that is going to happen is if she spends some time in the saddle.

There has got to be a way to make that happen.

Joe K. said...

My Dad told me when I was a younger Potbelly, "Any apology that comes with a 'but' is not an apology. It's an argument."

I think it applies in the case of "I was kidding, but.." as well...

babble on said...

That's the truth. The word BUT actually negates the phrase which preceeds it.

Spokey said...

now now now

let's not start dissing butts. nor boobies

Michael said...

Luckily that game show contestant picture was photoshopped. Had me a bit worried. Everyone knows the moon is big even if they are hazy on lunar orbit and phases.

babble on said...

Lol! OMG, what was I thinking?!

Aw maaaan! What with the long "courtesy fenders" and the winter rims, Ti Baby has suddenly become a hefty bike. Already I am looking forward to spring, and you know it's never a good idea to wish the time away.

Anonymous said...

Diane got some big ass titties.

Spokey said...

when i was on the C&O last year, it was so muddy that it clogged up between my wheels and fenders*. So I had to take them off. Interestingly between the panniers (front and rear) and the racks that have a platform, there isn't much difference. So I haven't put the fenders back on.

Maybe if someone was drafting, that bit of fender coming down the rear would help the drafter. But I avoid riding in the inclement weather (probably easier here than where you are ) and I ride solo all but a couple times a year so I only need to worry about me.

* Interestingly this has happened twice to me on the C&O. The first time I baked the mud in to the rear fender and by the time I was done, I was standing on the pedals just to move on level ground. When I got home I had to chisel these 'bricks' out of the fender.

My brother has the same bike (in fact ordered at the same time) with the same fenders and never had a problem. He does have a smaller frame. I've wondered if that slightly different geometry (e.g. slightly longer seat/chain stays for mine) makes the difference.

Anonymous said...

Well done Telegram Sam !
I would be happy to buy you lunch at the Cargo Cafe on Bay Street if it's still there.

In fact, the local chapters of the Snobiverse should meet there after a ride through pastoral SI.

Happy Monday !


Idonlikemondays said...

tell me why

Anonymous said...

Hey Savino.

How about su...(sorry, family blog) How about >>redacted<< my >>redacted<< you fat >>redacted<< >>redacted<<

Anonymous said...


Semut Jepang said...

it's a joke ? i don't think so

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