Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Indignity of Commuting by Bicycle: Commuting by Bicycle on Wednesday

Firstly, Happy Ass Wednesday!

Secondly, yesterday I mentioned the Knog contest:

Subsequently, I realized it's totally rigged.  See, the idea is you're supposed to submit a picture of your favorite place to ride, and surely they know that in this part of the world we're having the worst winter in decades, which means that more likely than not your favorite place to ride is currently colder than a witch's vulvanus and totally inaccessible beneath fourteen feet of snow.  So clearly it's biased towards Antipodeans and other people in warm climes who understand the metrical system.

Thirdly, a Tweeterer informs me that New York City is a pretty dangerous place to ride a bike:
In other words, we win!  Still got it, baby!  Brooklyn may have gone all soft and artisanal, and gentrification may have robbed us of our character, but at least we're still number one when it comes to getting run over.

Speaking of getting run over, I'm still testing the Fly6 integrated tail light and camera, which is painstakingly designed to capture on video the moment of your death by rear-end collision so the police can ignore it and your demise can become a YouTube sensation.

However, I seem to have hit a bit of a snag.

See, when you plug the Fly6 into your computer, you get a bunch of files.  Those are the videos of your ride, which it breaks up into segments.  This time, though, despite the fact I underwent a baronial commuting "epic" of many miles, when I went to view the footage afterwards only the most recent video segment was there.  I'm not sure if this is because there's a problem with the Fly6, or if it's because I fucked something up when I deleted a bunch of old videos.  Once I've figured it out I'll let you know, but in the meantime I've lost some incredibly valuable bike lane-blocking footage:

(On one hand, they're blocking a bike lane.  On the other hand, they're installing cable, putting in a new plate glass window, and delivering refreshing Arizona iced tea, so at least shit is getting done.)

As well as my daring professional sporting stadium fly-by:

Where they're doing lots of crucial off-season maintenance:

(Rest assured that this hook-like thing will be good as new for you baseball fans this spring.)

I also forded a mighty river, though I did pause to enjoy the signage:

Fortunately no gong sounded, but if it had I would totally have left a draw:

(My draw that I made.)

This reminds me that someone actually won this drawing but I haven't sent it yet, and I plan to remedy that immediately, if not later.

Alas, like walking into an action movie 45 minutes in, my video begins just as I find myself locked in a baronial "Cat 6" struggle:

Actually, he only looks like he's going fast because he's in the drops, and seconds later he was passed by this guy:

Nobody was going to pass me though.  Launching a blistering attack, I dropped them and then began picking off food delivery guys slowly scanning buildings for addresses with handlebars dangling with deliciousness:

Finally, with one more match to burn, I unleashed a second attack, leaving them all stuck behind a left-turning Decor Corporate Services truck:

By the time the truck finished pushing its way through the crosswalk, no doubt endangering lives so that it could deliver leathery swivel chairs to office buildings, I had nearly a block on them and my victory was all but assured:

By the way, you know who's worse than Cat 6 blogger douchebags "puttin' on the Ritz" on 5th Avenue in stratospherically expensive Inspector Gadget jackets?  Stupid asshole luxury SUV car service drivers who do this:

Basically, they bully their way into the intersection as the light changes, forcing pedestrians with the right of way to walk through a "people funnel" so some douchebag can get to his office, where he will spin around in his leathery swivel chair while toggling between spreadsheets and porn:

Oddly though, your average schmuck is much more bothered by bike salmon:

I too find salmon irritating, but every so often you come across one who inexplicably gives off a good vibe, and this was one of them.  He greeted me in a friendly manner as we passed, and then the Fly6 revealed that he casually tossed some refuse into a proper trash receptacle:

I bet it went in, too:

Go in peace, Salmon, you are one of the good ones.

Yes, the truth is that there is a time and a place for bicycular lawbreaking, and like porn or the right pair of drugstore sunglasses, you just know it when you see it.  Consider Midtown Manhattan, where you must compete with an onslaught of yellow cabs and express buses:

If I can slip through a red light under these circumstances you're goddamn right I'm going to do it:

This affords me a few moments of breathing room, during which I can check the time, change lanes at will, and adjust my "downstairs parts" if necessary.

Hey, we all need to take advantage of those fleeting moments when the streets belong to us.  A blogger adjusts his "downstairs parts," a pigeon swoops down and grabs a half a bagel, and a pedestrian crosses unmolested by furniture trucks and SUVs:

Though when he gets to the other side he's tackled and arrested for jaywalking by the NYPD.

Anyway, once I got to my destination I locked my bike and once again did the old "sinus upskirt:"

I'd have put more locks on it, but I only had three:

Hopefully it's enough.


Anonymous said...



Yeah Cleveland! said...

19 American degrees. Feels like spring.

Anonymous said...

Show some love !!!


Anonymous said...


dcee604 said...

Top TEN?

Anonymous said...

We're being entertained!

Freddy Murcks said...

Missed the podio because I was commenting at yesterday's post about the lateness of today's post.

wilful Lablequ

jf said...

Your travel frame has those S-and-S coupler thingies, so couldn't a thief just steal the front half of your bike without breaking a single lock? Or are the couplers themselves locked?

Crusty said...

First timer!

BikeSnobNYC said...


Yes, in theory the thief could steal half a bike, though it would be hard without the little hook spanner wrench coupler-opening thingy, and ultimately I'm betting (perhaps foolishly) not worth his (or her) time.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Anonymous said...

top ten?

babble on said...

Mmmmmm ass. :D

Podium kisses, vsk XX

dcee604 said...

jf, why not just take the entire bike? Just lift it over the short pole and done.

Anonymous said...

I do love these fly6 posts.
Well done, Snob.

Blog Drafter said...

Haha, cool post. Lol'd at work yet again, leading to murmurings amongst the townsfolk.

Seriously though, that shit looks dangerous, be careful!

(berry damitat)

Kenny said...

I'm somebody, and I wait patiently for my prize drawing.

Thanks to all who continue to not spam my email that I posted in order to achieve my triumphant vioctory. I know that was of concern to a few of you who thought I'd immediately get spammed with drug ads and such.

Oh, man, I hope I didn't just jinx it!

BikeSnobNYC said...


Because, cunningly, I have employed a bike rack that only looks like a short pole from the side.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Kenny said...


Anonymous said...

What size is that? A 52cm? It's not too small for you?

BamaPhred said...

Baronial Lock Job

I was off-foffing, and missed the break.

I thought about the short post, but does not the post have a slot where you can pass your lock through, preventing a possibly lift off?

Jed said...

Ninja locking skills fail?

BikeSnobNYC said...


It's not a post, it's a bike rack.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

wishiwasmerckx said...

Missed my chance at a podium finish because yesterday's post and today's post have the Knog ad placement at the beginning, and I did not recognize that the new post was already up!

Damn you kids and your internets.

Captcha, what kind? issnap kind.

bamaPhred said...

Vindicated by the Snob. And that would be possible, not possibly, but I'm a dumbass and really don't care.

babble on said...

Blog drafter- aren't you supposed to be watching porn or something?

Cleaveland - XX :)

Jed said...

Damn...conned by a cunning blogger. With a short pole.

BamaPhred said...

WIWM, same thing happened to me, miffed to be sure. Was that you I tried to bunny hop and ran over instead?

Anonymous said...

Dammit, now I'm craving salmon.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

I like the fly6 narratives too. Let that thing do the photo-taking while you concentrate on avoiding taxis, trucks and whatnot.

Nice pink whatever that is. RoadQueen will love that. She likes pink stuff.

BamaPhred said...

Ha, my rural-ness is completely exposed, so ashamed

lloyd said...

" at least shit is getting done..."


oh; and -

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Wednesday Signage:


Regular guy said...

Wow, is it still winter there? No snow or ice to be seen. Around these parts, we're still dealing with 1-2" slabs of ice all over the streets.

Starting to warm up though, gonna be an epic slush season.

Beth said...

Peace on earth, and goodwill towards salmon. My cockles are warmed.

mikeweb said...

In re: the pink Knog lock protecting the hand chamfered Brooks saddle. Shouldn't it be through the rear triangle?

Also, I think that uploading one of these videos of the Cat6 action edited and overdubbed with some audio of Phil Ligget race commentary would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Snob, what's up with the tiny frame?

RoadQueen said...

Holy shit, top 50. Still have to read it. FML

the Jimboner said...

Puffier and puffier.

grog said...

Quick draw McGraw.


mikeweb said...

Regular guy,

Most of these photos are in Midtown Manhattan. Since a lot of rich people live there what they do is scoop up the snow with pay loaders and truck it out to East New York and Brownsville and dump it onto streets in front of schools and hospitals.

Just kidding! They don't have hospitals in East New York or Brownsville.

Anonymous said...

That pink dildo looking thing on Snobby's seat is a Knog Sausage:

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 2:07pm,

Surly stopped making the Travelers Check. It was the closest to my size they had left. As a bonus, small frame packs easier.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Spokey said...

sorry I'm late. Was listening to snob being interviewed by outspoken cyclist.

oh, and that S&S spanner is not unique. I have several that look just like from when I stole the 'ol man's tools. I think they're something for cars. The arc is larger but I think they would work.

also, what's the big deal with cars blocking bike lanes. They block the car lanes too. Or has vision nada reduced quadruple parking to mere double parking?

robot sez 8544 32955648. I think it is suffering from random bit errors.

Blog Drafter said...

Babble, no porn at work. Achtung! Verboten!

I did read an interesting article about Skunk Cabbage this morning. Pretty funky.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 1:51pm,

Too small for delicate aesthetic sensibilities? Yes. Too small to make it work for full comfort and riding enjoyment? Not at all.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Anonymous said...

Snob's too small traveler's check has been discussed at length.

I am intrigued by BSNYC "which bike do I ride today" decision making process.

I think the anonymous cross bike, which I'm pretty sure is an old Redline Conquest, is the preferred choice for a lock to a pole bike.

Those S&S couplers are easy to open with a flat head screw driver and a hammer....

RoadQueen said...


Pink bike lock is called a pink sausage?!?!?!


I LOVE IT!!!!! Snob, I think for the next recognized holiday season, you should get me one. :)

(Or, a coupon for one.)

(Or, throw some of your weight around as a famous semi-professional bike blogger and ask Knog to send me one. Tell them I won a contest or something, I'll play along.)


Anonymous said...

Is the pink Faggin up and runnning yet?

RoadQueen said...

Holy shit - talk about epic. Locking up the pink Faggin with a pink party frank aka "sausage".


Anonymous said...

Those stats are screwy. Last time I heard an annual kill count for cyclists in NYC was a couple years ago and it was 27 for the whole year. Ass-uming the kill count was a standard one; this stat translates to only 10,000 riders in the five boroughs.

Anonymous said...

Are those bar-end shifters and sti brake/shifters? belt and suspenders?


wishiwasmerckx said...

BamaPhred, that was you? I can tell by the tire tracks on my face that you are rocking some sweet Continental Gatorskins. Based on the skidmarks across my nose, I am guessing 25 mms?

Anonymous said...

You guys give criminals too much credit. Very few would recognize those are coupler and that the bike can be taken apart.

dancesonpedals said...


No hospitals in East New York?

What about Brookdale...oh wait it was a trick...Bdale doesn't really count

faid essotour

babble on said...

Road Queen my darling, here are a few party frank photos to brighten up your day. It's a fairly safe for work kindov link.

Sorry McFly. I'll try to find something for you and da boyz next time.

Dooth said...

Nice ride, Wildcat, looks like you took the Grand Concourse bike lane to 161st, passed by The Stadium and over the Gong Draw Bridge.

CommieCanuck said...

The problem with the pink sausage lock is that if a thief manipulates it slightly, it gets much thicker, yet longer and you can just life the bike off the pole. This problem is even worse with the black one.

38/10000 deaths is high, but this does not account for the number fucked up by cars, which is likely 400-500/10,000.

At least twice that number in autos are fucked up from that new car smell.

CommieCanuck said...


Serial Retrogrouch said...

...Snob, I just recently weened myself off porn, now you go and introduce me to sinus upskirt!

...when I get home tonight, I'll be looking up (you bet your ass pun intended) some sinus upskirt with some hankies.

RoadQueen said...

WOO! :D Babble, thanks for that - who doesn't like some tease with a promise to please? ;-)

I wouldn't feel TOO bad about the boyz...they get to look at the equivalent every time they see a female. Boobs are much harder to hide than the trouser snake.

Not that trouser snakes aren't hard. I fuck, you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

So 38 deaths/10,000cyclists/year means that if I graduate from university at say 25 years old, commute by bike to work for the next 40 years, I have a 15% chance of being killed? (38*40=1,520) 1,520/10,000=15%

Vernal Magina said...

How about that Ryan Callahan, huh.

Anonymous said...

I like that we have a mathematician among us.
Good job, Anon at 3:04.

balls™ said...

Bike lock porn always gives me a goofy tiller effect, if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Snob what's with all this whining about your local weather? I see no significant snow, and blue skies!

We are all anonymous. said...

I call bullshit on the deaths per rider stat. There is no way that new york is 38 versus london and paris at 11 and 8.

I should have read the comment before clicking on the boner pick. thanks for that Babble. I'm fairly sure that roadqueen has access to the internet and can access a veritable treasure trove of dick picks.

Anonymous said...


paulb said...

Not that I know exactly where you live, WCRM, or if I did, that even the threat of seatpost-in-the-posterior could make me talk, but from where you live, Macombs Dam Bridge is an interesting route choice into Manhattan.

Northwest said...

Eben, I think your 3 locks probably outweigh your bike. Some unsolicited advice, get a single long chain lock, like Abus, replace the brooks saddle with something cheaper and you will be down to one lock (and one key). If you are locking the bike overnight you might need that setup otherwise it's overkill. I also find it offensive.

Regular guy said...

Nothing more to add, but thought I'd share the no-robo-proof

intoxicat sorryno

I am sorry indeed, but give it another three hours or so and I'll be glad to.

Mono cock said...

No talent to make first commenter gruppos, but killin' it back here in da cat6. Any evidence to the contrary has been inadvertently deleted from the Fly6 (fly6-cat6, best use).

Robot text "secure layedope" damn it does know me!

babble on said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
babble on said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Aren't you worried that with such a long stem you will have a weird tiller effect?

babble on said...


I'm not sorry.

RQ - you're welcome! Nothing better than the kind of eye candy which doubles as a nice light snack.

There. Have at er, hater. Knock your socks off.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you worried that with such a long stem you will have a weird tiller effect?

crosspalms said...

As a public service, Snob can probably tell those gentlemen how to adjust their downstairs parts so they won't wind up on the Internet again. Anyway, have standards fallen so far that we come here to see pictures of people with their clothes on?

Bryan said...

That Fly6 has some pretty darn good resolution. I always enjoy the postings with pictures of your rides.

dickey said...

Three locks? Here in the land of cotton we can get away with just a good ol' piece of yarn.

BTW, I don't know what your website is on about, I didn't click any damn links, but those Fly 6 people somehow got my email.


babble on said...

Crosspalms - LOL! Damned! Silly of me... next time I'll fixfixfix it so there's a bit more to look at.

And snob could tell them how to do it on the fly, but please - that's one public service we could do without.

Anonymous said...

I calculate the chances of Snob's bike being stolen as:

[(8,3770,000 (population of NYC) + 1,013,461 (tourists in NYC on any given day)) -1 (Snob, who would presumably not steal his own bike) x 3.14 (goofy tiller effect) / 3,000,000.2 (an arbitrary number I threw in just because I can) / 247 (the number of people who covet broken in Brooks saddles)] which yields a .0398 percent the Surley will get nicked.

So there.

BikeSnobNYC said...


Let me tell you how it is.

I have a long chain lock. You don't think I have a long chain lock? If course I do. It weighs more than those three locks AND the bike.

As for getting rid of the Brooks saddle, I don't think you're from around here. No matter what kind of saddle you have, it needs to be locked, or else secured to the saddle with a piece of chain, like this.

There's also no such thing as "overkill" when it comes to locking a bike in New York, as I can personally attest.

But yeah, thanks for the advice.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

ouabacher said...

Why are those guys' Wang's so whopperjawed?!!!!

Regular guy said...

Hmmm...Northwest, as in Portland? Where the homeless help the hip and privileged get their pilfered bikes back? Yeah, no need for superfluous locks there.

Mister Magic said...

School 'em, Snob. They'll even steal the air out of our tires!

ouabacher said...

I mean, c'mon. Dress to one side or the other, not up and over the left hipbone. Granted, I COULD do that if I wanted to, mind you.

Regular guy said...

I have a long "chain lock" too, almost as hard to throw that over the top tube as my leg. That's why I keep it bound up in tight lycra.

babble on said...

Ouabacher - I worry for the ones that look like they're attached way off to one side or the other...

Spokey said...


only a few minutes from mad-happening over the river here and I use 1 moderately strong cable with some combo lock. That's when I bother to lock it up at all. Glad I'm over here in 'mericer where i can just look in at 0-version paradice once in awhile.

robot is nutty and iogoodi

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


The thing of it is, Lewis & Clark actually DID the online TV show of their time, which was to keep journals. And it's entertaining as shit because given this was before Webster and his dictionary, there were no real standardized spellings per se. Which means shit is all spelled funny and it's hilaaaarious. Get ahold of a minimally-edited version of the Lewis & Clark journals.

Anonymous said...


JB said...

Everybody have fun tonight!



Anonymous said...

Using three locks is your prerogative and we should all exercise some tolerance, but a pink saddle lock? That's aberrant.

Anonymous said...

Journal entries like this:
These are a race of hardy strong athletic active men whose dew kissed loins shiver like fly bothered horses in the evening dusk.

National Report weighs in: Lewis definitely not a gay.
meriwether lewis was not gay he just thought women were yucky

Anonymous said...

Bikesnob's bicycle correctness is mitigated by his thriftiness, and the pink party frank was free.

Also, the Brooks. Compare and contrasts to the Scattante or Ironic Orange Julius, back in the good old days when BSNYC was primarily concerned with drinking beer, riding bikes and going fucking yourself.

Anonymous said...

Snobby, if only antipodean pix can win the Knog photo comp, you'd be a shoo-in to win if you entered your naked laundromat guy photo from Melbourne.

That image puts Edwin Hopper to shame.

Spokey said...

Anonymous @5:09 PM

no, no, no. more of babs. what the fuck is with the long black coat in the latest post anyway?

rapriod that robot

Flyover BC said...

Out here in Flyover country, I have forgotten to lock my bike at least three times. I was always shocked to find it still in the bike rack.

Caught a bike thief, hanging around the bike rack at the big University once.

He bolted when the cops showed up. They confiscated his bolt cutters and left a note telling him where to retrieve them, then left.

I seriously considered stealing his unlocked bike from the rack.
upon a time. The cops conifiscated his bolt

Anonymous said...

100th place I fucking rock

JLRb said...

I always spot weld my bike to the rack

Anonymous said...


Sound practice. You should also braze the saddle to the rack as well.

NorthWest said...


just some friendly / sarcastic advice. I am from around here, have lived in various neighborhoods in manhattan for the past 23 years and have commuted by bike for most of those years. I know, good for me. My 3+ foot Abus lock weighs about trhee pounds, considerably less than most u-locks. Also, I have had 3 bikes stolen and numerous parts over the years, so I am aware of the risks. But I have had no issues on my current commuter for the past 3 years with the single lock set up and the inexpensive seat. So was just passing that on.

NorthWest said...

NorthWest as in Kim and Kanye's baby. I'm a huge fan of all three. Like to post under various names to avoid the anti-anonymous backlash, which is pretty ridiculous considering everyone uses fake names anyway and we are all therefore basically anonymous (with a few obvious exceptions, e.g Babble).

McFly said...

If you will clean the Seamen out of the USB ports on the FLY6 it will work fine and vice-versa.

JLRB said...

Oooo oo oo oooo oo

I have a bike geek question - what are the benefits of the cantilever brakes on the travelers check? Why not calipers?

(Yes I tried the google and got a bunch of crap)

JLRB said...

And I wonder cause a used travel bike I bought has the same set up and they don't seem to want to stop me from moving, which is the general point of the things

BikeSnobNYC said...


The fact that you live in Manhattan and have had three bikes stolen yet admonished me for over-locking my bicycle puzzles me greatly.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Anonymous said...

RF @ 5:00:

I agree, the unedited journals are a hoot. They get somewhat tedious since one of them (I forget which) got into the habit of just copying the other's entries. Especially hilarious are their non-comments about Sacajawea, their putative "guide" who was really just along for the ride. They had the good luck to run into her brother when they were scouting to get horses to get them over the Rockies. That's it, that was her entire contribution. Deliciously politically incorrect to say so now, though, which is why I must remain:


BTW Lewis was not gay, he was fey. There's a big difference.

Bronson the Mechanic said...

Ooo ooo, I'll take this one...tire clearance, fenders.

BikeSnobNYC said...


More clearance means more tire choices which means more ways to use the bike, which is nice for a travel bike.

What kind of brakes are they and how is this failure to stop you being manifest?

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Anonymous said...

Do not take cantilever brake adjustment tips from Bikesnob. He doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to cantilever adjustment.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 6:46pm,

Yet my bikes, touched by nobody but me, stop perfectly. It's almost like I know my own bikes better than people who see crappy pictures of them on the Internet...

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Anonymous said...

Example 1.

Cable hanger WAAAY too high.
Canti arms should be out more.
And the brake pads are backwards.

Lets not even get into the bar tape.

Anonymous said...

If "feydar" works across centuries and between the lines of words, it does seem like Lewis's entries are more flowery in their descriptions of things.
Clark is like a grade-school Hemingway - "We stopped and shot some birds. Charbono was drunk so we disaplind him."

Homonymous Bosch said...

Lewis is a Scottish name. In Scotland, fey means he was fated to die.

In England, it means he had a fairy like or other worldly quality.

valitat Gesar

Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:19 for the win.
Hilarious, sir or madam.

Anonymous said...

BSNYC: hahahaha, "crappy pictures on the internet"

RF: hahahaha "Feydar"

Clark: hahahahah "& puke which relieve"

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 6:51pm,

Randomly announcing that bicycle components in fuzzy photos are "backwards" is Cat 6-level bike criticism. It's like automatically sending the first bottle of wine back at the restaurant to make your date think you're a real oenophile.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Flyover BC said...

Lots of people wouldn't admit to being an oenophile. Especially on a first date.

Anonymous said...

Not that there's anything WRONG with being an oenophile.

(lots of big words today.)

Salvatore Denise said...

yesterday, bike lane 9th & 23rd, a salmon on a citibike walking 8 little yappy!

Jerry said...

Lewis in NewYawk is dat happen?

babble on said...

Spokey - thank you. And winter. Long black coats are de rigeur for winter... :)

babble on said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wishiwasmerckx said...

There's also nothing wrong with being an onanistic oenophile.

JLRB said...


"What kind of brakes are they and how is this failure to stop you being manifest?"

The rear has Avid Shorty, the front looks like no name cantilever arms. Brifters are shimano. Pads still have some wear left in them.

The not stopping problem manifests itself when I go down a steep hill and have the brakes fully squeezed and I am still moving. Even n moderate hills the stopping power is limited.

I picked this up fairly recently and have only tested it a couple of times because SNOW SUCKS. I will be replacing cables (need to figure out how that works with splitters) and pads - soon. That might do it.

Clearance makes sense - the frame is a steel VooDoo early cross nee touring nee gravel - eyelets for fenders/racks, etc. Looking forward to taking it with me to a warm climate where the make the oinos next month!

Yeah Cleveland! said...

Babble On @ 13:56
Thanks for the XXs.
Keep babbling on...

Milk Boner said...

SEAMAN! Bad Dog! I told you to stay off the couch! Now get back on my girlfriends lower back......good boy.

McFly said...

I am diggin your 45 degree stem. I just ordered one similar to make the Raleigh more user-friendly.

Rule #26 on the pic though. That chain needs to be on the big ring. It's.......offensive.

crank said...


Regarding the video files on the Fly6, if you're using a Mac, it may well be putting all the old files into a hidden 'Recycled' folder when you try and delete them. Consequently, it doesn't free up any space, and the camera has little storage space and immediately overwrites existing video files.

I had this issue with my camera (RD32ii). I now delete everything from the command line (terminal). Probably there is another way to remove hidden files or stop this behaviour. (Or probably just empty recycle bin will actually delete them, I don't know)

Hope that helps.

Dave L said...

Why don't you lock your wheels to your frame with keyed axel nuts?

BikeSnobNYC said...

Dave L,

I only leave that bike locked outside occasionally but I change the wheels fairly often so don't want to encumber it with theft-proofing devices.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

ce said...

Wazzacunt Rocko Mehchoin, I don't have one of them pooncy pushie hats with the little brim cuz they make yer look like a poof, but that new black wool one yer tryna flog looks oroit. Only drama is the ripper weather here deadset won't let up. There's buckley's it'll be cold for yonks, so I won't blow me dough on yer hat just yet.

BamaPhred said...

WIWM, you're in my head!

JLRB and I are having the same problem, cantilever wise anyway. And fender wise too. No brake bolts to mount them to, but I do have holes. Seems like no problem.

I know this isn't a bike repair forum, but I get better advice here.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming, party frank pictures, not impressed unless it peeks out from under gym shorts leg.

JLRB said...

So now that I am past the initial why cantilevers question, the how to adjust question is pretty well covered in the usual nonesense on the webs.
Sheldon, god love 'em is all about learning the mechanical advantage zzzzz

Park Tools highlights the problem from the beginning Properly adjusted brake systems require attention to small details

Since I am currently rolling on 25s and won't need fenders where I am taking the severable cyclingbike I think I may punt and put on a pair of caliper brakes I have sitting around.

Jonah Falcon said...

Hey Babble what were you saying about how simple the deeping of the throat?

Linkedin said...

I have my Brooks attached to my seat stay with a short loop of bike chain. So far it seemes to have worked well. I've heard that Babs has a similar setup hooked up to her bedposts though it's not used to deter thieves.

JB said...

JLRB: Why is it not stopping? Are you bottoming-out the brake levers, or is it just a lack of friction between the pads and the rims?

Bottoming-out: get pads closer to rims; new cables.

Friction: clean pads, clean rims; new pads.

Disclaimer: Until last weekend, I hadn't done any bike maintenance that exposes bearings. (Now I have a "tinker" bike.)

Maybe you need hydraulic dicks?

McFly said...

140 comments! I can honestly say it was indeed Ass Wednesday yesterday. I gave something up for Lent.

That thing was not ass.

dancesonpedals said...


Inspired by this blog, I've been increasing the tire size on my commuter bike (no fenders yet) I went from 23 to 25 to 28 with caliper brakes...I saw a bike with calipers & 32s locked to a pole so gave it a shot....unfortunately, the only reasonably priced 32s with a folding beads were knobby cx worries, there's plenty of clearance for the tires, except the central knobs...after about 10 miles of riding the high pitched whining stopped & I wiped the rubber powder off my frame with a clean dry rag. knobby 32s rock and the brakes work fine.

JLRB said...

JB - Thanks for the shortcut through all the overly technical explanations!

Bearings aren't as scary as they once were. I remember having them roll all over my living room floor (ah yes, the single days). Now days it is hard to find "free range" bearings - they are usually trapped in some form of cage/retainer.

Aren't all dicks hydraulic? (Dick brakes on a travel bike would suck - too many chances to bend a rotor, or have a caliper close if the spacer fell out - and hydraulic oil in a suit case might not go over well with the TSA peeps)

JLRB said...

Dances - With all the pot holes (they should fill them with pot) this winter, bigger would be better for the commuter. This bike is mostly for travel, but I have been trying it out on commutes, when I am not being a Pussssy about the snow

[Robot proof: Abdul Icanbus - sounds like a resume for a bus boy]

dancesonpedals said...

i have some serious orange pussy problem during maintainance, especially wheel truing

JB said...

Jesus, McFly.

JB said...

JLRB: So what is the braking issue?

JLRB said...

(Dances - Not sure if you care, but your link goes to all of your photo bucket pics - thank you for your service)

McFly said...

Dancesonpedals your pussy does not look happy and content. Quit screwin with your toys and get to pettin' it. STAT.

JLRB said...

JB - Bottoming out (I know I bottomed out on the one big steep hill on the commute route) - I plan to revisit it this weekend - maybe for a commute tomorrow if the icy patches go away.

The cables look old - I'd just swap them out for starters but with the splitters it looks slightly more difficult (as in I might actually have to think - looks like I have to use two cables for each brake, etc). I guess the quick fix would be to tighten the cables a bit - I will try that before riding it again. And then maybe I will post fuzzy pictures for idiots to criticize.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your service.

Dr. Friction said...

Does your cable <a h = ">have a bend in it?</a>

dancesonpedals said...

oh lord...what will people see?

my ascent up ventoux

eiffel tower burning

lance armstrong's yellow back in a pack


Anonymous said...

canti brakes set up lesson:

The cable yoke position and straddle cable angle makes a big difference in the power of the brake.

O.G. Fred #1 Sheldon Brown spells it out in detail, here's the TLDR:

Imagine the straddle cable as the roof. The roof should not be steeper than 90 deg. Widening that angle (lowering the yoke closer to the tire) increases brake power, and also giving increasingly softer feel at the lever. a side note, if you just tighten a barrel adjuster as the brake pads wear, this straddle angle gets steeper= brakes get less powerful. Better to adjust for pad wear at the straddle cable

Anonymous said...

Handy diagram
The set up on lower left is for maximum canti POWA. The 90deg setup is normal. If you want extremely hard lever feel with minimal power, go the bikesnob method.

Anonymous said...

OMG that fuggin stem... !!!

Anonymous said...

dude, that handlebar set up is mine!

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