Thursday, March 6, 2014

Prop Comedy: Keeping It Up

Further to yesterday's post concerning the Fly6 integrated camera/tail light thing, I mentioned I was having some technical issues.

Sadly, on my way home, the technical issues continued.  Placing the Fly6 on my seatpost, I turned it on.  However, instead of getting the swirly "Knight Rider"-esque light indicating the camera was rolling, I instead got a blinking light indicating I have no idea what.

Now, when I plug the Fly6 into my computer, my computer fails to recognize it.

Looks like I will have to ask the company for some insight, but in the meantime I am reminded of why I hate incorporating electronic gadgetry into my bicycle-cycling.  It's been ten years since I've used so much as a basic cycling computer, partially because they always seem to break, and partially because at this point in my life the only information I really need while riding is the time of day.

I only hope Fly6 doesn't want the camera back for inspection, because there's some embarrassing footage on there that is totally not mine and must be from a friend who looks a little bit like me and who asked to borrow it for a few hours.

Anyway, we shall see if the Fly6 needs to be FlyDeepSixed.

Also, various commenters yesterday had all manner of questions, observations, suggestions, criticisms, and so forth with regard to my traveling bicycle, as pictured here, because we're all bike dorks, and that's what bike dorks do:

Perhaps the most vexing of these comments was one accusing me of using too many locks, which seems like an odd thing to say.  The fact of the matter is that, when I returned to the bicycle, it was still there in toto, which would seem to me to indicate that I used exactly the right number of locks.  Furthermore, barring imminent zombie attack, I really can't envision a situation in which a surfeit of locks would pose any sort of a problem.  By the same logic, I'm also using too many spokes.

Nevertheless, it is true that a determined thief can outfox even the most diligent owner:

And I've learned via the Twitter that the iconic bicycle above has been liberated from the basement of the Alamo and is now on sale via eBay:

As of press time, the current bid is $25,602.00, and I'll be disappointed if it doesn't ultimately go for six figures:

Though already the seller has doubled his investment:

Comes with an autographed photo of Paul Ruebens, a photo of him signing the photo, letter/certificate of authenticity, warner bro plans/spec sheet on the red cargo boxes.  I am the third owner. I bought it in 2010 for $10,000. Selling because my family is getting larger.


Sadly, all my money's tied up in bitcoin, but I wonder if he'd sell, separately, the photo of Paul Reubens autographing a photo of Paul Reubens, because that sounds delightfully "meta."

Anyway, twenty-five grand is certainly a bargain for Pee-Wee's bike, especially because you know it has everything: the lion-face loudspeaker, the oil slick, the breakaway handlebar grip...  Moreover, I bet he's continued to upgrade it over the years, and I wonder if it has a "Le-N-Lo," as forwarded by a reader:

The Le-N-Lo is merely the latest in a seemingly endless procession of inventions marketed by men who refuse to take old age lying down--and by "take old age lying down" I mean "get a freaking recumbent already:"

Hey, I can certainly understand not going gentle into that good night, but if you actually need to prop up your body with a telescoping strut in order to finish your ride, then it's probably too late for you to go recumbent, and you may be about to do a full Tom Simpson.  In fact, Tom Simpson would be a great posthumous spokesman for the Le-N-Lo:

I'm sure an English person is going to get upset over this, but I stand by it.

Oh, and lastly--Kim, if you're reading, someone is looking for you:

Kim from Brooklyn - m4w - 37 (Flatiron)
age : 37 body art : tattoos facial hair : beard

We met on the street when you asked me about my pink handle bar grips, and we exchanged numbers. You had an amazing back tattoo of the Virgin Mary and giving you oral sex was always a good time! Remember the first time? That was so much fun! Going down on you was one of my favorite things to do.

I was a bike messenger who used to come visit you and your dog in Brooklyn and it was always comfortable, relaxing, and fun there. We had fun together, I just want to apologize for losing touch with you over the years, and that I always had fun with you!

I'm bummed I lost your email address years ago, I wanted to say hello and tell you why I was all crazy back then. Your dog's name started with an F and you rode a custom built bike, which you always looked good on. (It's true!) [I even remember the color!]

Anyways, who knows if you're even still in NY, but I just wanted to post this because I was thinking about you. (If you have an inkling of who I am, get back at me!)

Just trying to help.


Fluidj said...


Fluidj said...


Fluidj said...


le Correcteur said...


Freddy Murcks said...


dinguirs comfort

le Correcteur said...

Fluidj, you stole my podium spot!

Fluidj said...

all three of them even
menage et fois gois

Yeah Cleveland! said...

So what's the story with bar shifters? I'm still getting used to brifters. Downtube shifters were the only way to fly.

John D. said...

How can Le-N-Lo use the word Specialized so many times on their website?! I bet that site is gone by tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Still happy from yesterday's podium adulations!


Anonymous said...

le an lo
huh huh

balls™ said...

After reading this post, I am haunted by images of Pee-Wee going down on Kim from Brooklyn. Tattoos and all.

It kinda kills my goofy tiller effect.

le Correcteur said...

Is there some web site where you can get ultra cheesy generic music for bad backyard inventor infomercials? Must be, because the Le-N-Lo folks sure found some.

But what I really want to know is what happens when you're using one, and hit something in the classic "fly over the handlebar" category. Does the bike go with you? Does an airbag deploy from out of the black foam pad?

BikeSnobNYC said...

Yeah Cleveland!,

I figured if the case got badly mangled in transit I'd have a slightly better shot of bending the thing back into rideability with the bar-end shifters.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

dancesonpedals said...

freds rule

Yeah Cleveland said...

IE bar end shifters

fhfr436 said...

I like how the Lee-N-Lo uses "Specialized" "Trek" and "Scott" in the text of the website.

Fluidj said...

I wonder if BSNYC always uses the same locks in the same position when he locks up?
Do you??
What's the significance of the pink lock?

Anonymous said...

Pee Wee bike seller needs to include the pen used to sign the autograph with a DNA certification. THAT would be worth it for the very nichiest of niche buyers.


Comment deleted said...

Try as I might, I cannot come up with a feasible pronunciation for "Le-N-Lo".

I'm going with "throat warbler mangrove" for now.

WIZ !! JAY said...

That guys got quite a cockpit. Nice handlebars too.
Boner Bracket?
Dick Break?

Anonymous said...

As to that posting - TMI, TMI, TMI.


BikeSnobNYC said...


They gave me the pink lock after I won the Giro d'Italia.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Anonymous said...

Performing anilingus on Tom Simpson's dessicated orifice.

RoadQueen said...

Snob, RE: Fly6 problems:

Have you tried replacing the batteries?

Rusty Red said...

I hope the Fly6 folks get that glitch figured out before the ship mine! I have lots of up-the-nose booger films I need to make and I can't have any camera problems hindering my work!!

McFly said...

You know what else weighs less than 3 lbs. and takes care of pain on the bike and is a cinch to install?

A 7.5 Lortab.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

"but in the meantime I am reminded of why I hate incorporating electronic gadgetry into my bicycle-cycling. It's been ten years since I've used so much as a basic cycling computer, partially because they always seem to break, and partially because at this point in my life the only information I really need while riding is the time of day."

-Amen to that sir.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Well I guess I do still use a cycle computer but that's about it.

crosspalms said...

Shermer's neck, geezer's back, losing Kim's number and email: Is this the kind of desolate future we face if we keep cycling?

Anonymous said...

Nice hand-drawn phallus on old Tom...

Kim said...

Left hand= Cup Balls

Right hand= Stroke Lower Shank

Tongue/Lips= Work the head/rim

2-4 min tops

Dilson de Carvalho said...

Quite a "shark" on Peewee's bike. I bet his alignment was perfect.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Re. Pee Wee's ride: That's where a fin belongs on a bike.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Me and Dilsen proving that great minds think alike.

Anonymous said...

L-N-Lo. Now I can go riding with Bernie

Anonymous said...


What was Pee-Wee Famous for? said...

A picture of him signing the picture. You find something new everyday. Closely examining the photo, the one in the photo, you'll find it's a picture of him singing someones ass with a magic marker.

L-N-Lo actually seemed pretty good. You lean against it, let of of the bar, relax and doze off. Sounds like a great way to ride.

Beginning of the capcha is 492436 Nice measurements.

w said...

How dare you defame the blessed memory of the blessed Mr. Simpson! A pox upon your house, I say!

Ford, Bike, Nude, Photo - NO! said...

I'm still repulsed by the mental image of Rob Ford sitting on a bike nude. That's about a grizzly an image as the human mind could be tortured with.

JB said...

Didn't you skewer the Le-N-Lo already, snobsy? I've seen that someplace. Maybe Tilford uses one.

That Tom Simpson pic looks naughty.

Phil Hughes said...

Sounds like the good people at Fly-6 should have done some more performance testing on their product before they shipped it to a popular bike blogger. My takeaway is that it is a worthless piece of crap that will last about a week and then break. It has the same life cycle of an Apple product. Which is a bummer because I really enjoyed the ride footage.

the commentariat said...

So you described her bike, her back tattoos and her dog...I would enjoy hearing a more detailed description of her pink canoe.

I asked captcha how I was doing after this morning's training ride, and captcha said "isfulin weak."

Anonymous said...

A chick from Brooklyn that allowed some degenerate bike messenger to stop by and eat her box, no strings attached? That shit must've been nasty.

Peter Mcmanus said...

What is the difference between Tom Simpson and Jack and Jill? Tom Simpson didn't make it back down the hill.

Anonymous said...

Website provides clarification:
The Le-N-Lo [say "Lean Lo"] is the perfect bicycle performance add-on for any serious road bike enthusiast!

Picture of Rob Ford signing a Rob Ford Photograph is on Ebay said...

Buffalo Bills have announced their canceling their annual game in Rob Fordville, effective, well, now.

Spokey said...

By the same logic, I'm also using too many spokes.

are you kidding? I counted 32 on that rear. My daily rider wasn't even offered in that few spokes.

robot alemal concluded. I just thank the almighty Lob robot is done with that.

CommentorBot9000 said...

"Now, when I plug the Fly6 into my computer, my computer fails to recognize it."

I guess you kept unplugging without ejecting it (the Fly6 thing)first.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 1;35 for COD.

Just wiping my lunch off the monitor...

Comment deleted said...

Anon @ 1:57: thanks for the clarification, but by God, I will *not* say "Lean Lo". There are some things a gentleman just won't do!

JLRB said...

Pee Wee's bike is a travel bike

I wonder why it doesn't have canti breaks


Anonymous said...

Have you tried banging on it?

Regular guy said...

Right now, my lunch will be the best extra 2.5 lbs. I will put on my bike.

Unless I go for the Indian buffet down the street, then we're talking 4-5 extra pounds and I might need that torso prop thingy to keep my gut from rubbing on the top tube.

Anonymous said...

With all those locks it looks like your bike has a bondage fetish.

JLRB said...

you know the old number of bikes needed, +1 and all that. I am certain that the purchase of the pee wee bike will cost $26,000 (or whatever), plus legal fees, child support and alimony.

Harkie_Chuegel said...

1 lock per 3 inches of headset spacers, it's just a safety recommendation like tire max pressure, so you should feel free to add more if necessary.

Roille Figners said...

Could've been 17th but got interrupted.

Glory is fleeting.

Paul Bowen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul Bowen said...

I'm not a man who cares too much what others think of my appearance, as anyone who has seen my wardrobe can attest, but the thought of my clubmates' faces if we pulled away from the caff and I winched a...a...a fucking Robo-cock into position and rested my sternum on it...dear me.

dancesonpedals said...

word of the canoe

Mik said...

is Kim a chic or a dude?

DB said...

Please get your Fly6 replaced or figured out ASAP.
Thank you.

Kim said...

you DO know that's two words, doncha?

dancesonpedals said...
word of the canoe

Paul Bowen said...

Gosh $300!? He's kidding right?

Roille Figners said...

Correction: Finding your bike still there in toto indicates that you do NOT have too FEW locks.

To find the exactly-right number of locks, begin removing locks one at a time until something gets stolen, then add one lock. You now have exactly the right number of locks.

dim lockno as integer
lockno = Locks.Count
if IsStolen(Something) = False then
lockno = lockno - 1
loop until IsStolen(Something) = True
end if
lockno = lockno + 1

Anonymous said...

Agreed on electronics being of little improvement to the actual bicycling. On my last club ride, a newbie found that the battery for the electronic shifting on a new bike was dead. Most expensive single speed on the ride. Remember when the rusted out cables would break on your friend's high school 10-speed, and they could only use 5th gear. It was like that. (Styling plus -- the Di2 deraileurs are a return to the look of the Shimano Eagle. Fabulous!)

Podio said...

Fly6 crowdfunder light and it's not dependable?

who would have thought . . . .

Comment deleted said...

Holy shit, Roille. Fortran? Well, I guess if you're going to program while rocking a handlebar mustache, it's appropriate.

Anonymous said...

I don't wish to cause a ruckus, but there's too many things wrong with that traveling bike of Snobby's to remain silent.

The proportions are all wrong, the Brooks is out of keeping on that bike and its nose points too high, the couplers gratingly lack the distressed look of the rest of the frame and silver on brown -- blerk, those pedals and cranks on that "classic" frame are kooky, the spacers' colour scheme is a sick joke, only one bottle cage on the seat tube when you have facility for a down tube bottle cage is a deliberate insult to the righteous, the long presta valves on those rims is prissy and preposterous, having cabling running along the upper side of the top tube is a bad idea at the best of times because it compromises the cool insouciant-sitting-on-the-top-tube-when-hanging-out practice and confoundingly this bike has those odd fittings exacerbating the discomfort, having a contemparary-looking black seat post and stem compounds the thoughtlessness evident in the rest of the ensemble and there's no sadder, dispiriting sight than a "traveling bike" which has seat stay rack eyelets but no actual rack installed.

In short, this is a Frankenstein's monster of a bike, but even more disagreeable in appearance. An abomination compiled by an obviously troubled soul.

Spokey said...


word of the


robot sez the edskend is just one of life's little pleasures.

Spokey said...


could you improve that code to handle the situation where one (or more) of your locks is stolen

robot sez neworksk cunningham but I thought robs fords was the problem

Roille Figners said...

I'm starting to like the bike criticism. I don't care if it's right or sensible, I just like how fussy it is.

By the same token here's some more code:

dim spokeno as integer
spokeno = RearWheel.Spokes.Count
if RearWheel.Wobble < RearWheel.Clearance then
spokeno = spokeno - 1
loop until RearWheel.Wobble >= RearWheel.Clearance
end if
spokeno = spokeno + 1

Bender's Shiny Metal Scranus said...

Oh Anon, just make an appointment with your shrink. Maybe you can get something done about that eyebrow tic while you are at it.

Roille Figners said...


Spokey you just blew my mind.

Spokey said...


not Fortran

with a dim and that Locks.Count has to be one of them there .net travesties.

robot nyingta inscription. Got to get that to Indiana Jones

Spokey said...


just left the conference room from that last code walk-thru. There is a suggestion to increment / decrement the spoke count by 2.

Ryan Callahan said...

Hey Phil Hughes,

How's the weather in Minnesota?

Roille Figners said...

I guess at the end you'd have to add an additional if statement:

lockno = lockno +1
' this is the additional lock
' to secure "whatever was stolen"
' from being stolen again
if IsStolen(Lock)=true then
lockno = lockno + 1
' if "whatever was stolen"
' was a lock, this is an
' additional lock to replace it
end if

So you would actually use the first lock to secure the 2nd lock.

Mgalo wasn't but

ofausi was

Roille Figners said...

Spoke count by 2... yes symmetry is good, how silly. This is why we do testing.

CommieCanuck said...

Oh man, I'd totally go for Pee-Wee's bike, but similar to Snob, my money is tied up between bitcoins, Barbie Princess Castle Magic Cookies for the PS3, and my Nigerian investments.
In fact, if it weren't for my forthcoming Spanish lottery winnings, I'd be screwed.

As for the Fly6..shoulda bought the extended warranty, always a good idea.

Blog Drafter said...

Old school code:

IF bike is still there

GO home


GOSUB {# of locks) + 1

GO to lock store

LOOP (Until) {# of locks) + 1


GO home, complain to wife.


REM **shithead**

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 2:57pm,

Now THAT is how it's done, and the top tube-sitting comment is both accurate and inspired.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Anonymous said...

What's the point of looking the front wheel if the front of the bike can be quickly taken apart with the s&s couplers??? U need one more lock!


BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 3:37pm,

It's a King Solomon situation if you think about it. I lock Biblically.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Ben said...

Clearly the Le-N-Lo also makes up for what you lose in, um, standover height.

1904 Cadardi said...

Hey Roille, Spokey and Blog Drafter,

I have an idea:
An app that calculates how many locks you need based on crowd sourced cloud stored data on theft in your geolocated region.

Dumb. Simple. Fully buzzword enabled.

JB said...

Roille typed: "I'm starting to like the bike criticism. I don't care if it's right or sensible, I just like how fussy it is."


Dooth said...

Did someone comment that Pee Wee was famous for "singing someones ass"?

Maybe Kim can describe that technique.

McFly said...

When I rub one bottle cage I only put it on the seat tube. Scientifically its more aerodynamical. I know I know you're thinking no it isn't. Look it up.

Roille Figners said...


commentatorbot_309487 said...

Those electo-digital devices do the fails because of the shocks.

The bouncing around without the suspensions makes the electrobits sad and death comes soon afer.

I wonders about the di2 stuffs in this respectacle.

campbell fdy said...

'Put me back on my bike... cause I'm so hiiigggghhhhh'

Anonymous said...

Lock the seat in the rear triangle, locking under a top-tube that can be uncoupled may lead to uncomfortable rectal pressure on the ride home.

Have a nice day

crosspalms said...

Snob, you can probably pick up a Fly3 on eBay, but finding the 8-mm. film might be a problem.

1904 Cadardi said...


PERFECT! You have just volunteered to be the official writer for the


kickstater campaign!

Patrick Joseph Clarke said...

Hey Bike Jerk, why so many headset spacers? Are you some kind of short-armed circus freak?

Just kidding, thought I would pile on. It would be interesting if you had a Frakenbike contest. Doesn't necessarily have to look bad but just be a bike with the fewest amount of original parts.

Anonymous said...

Considering you're a reformed fred, when are you going to get a recumbent, eh snobbo?

JLRB said...

I like the fact that the headset spacers are made out of poker chips.

crosspalms said...

Italy's new prime minister has a nice bike.

Anonymous said...

aw fuggit - 100

JLRB said...

crosspalms - now everyone will start ragging on the PM's set up - too much rake, wrong size tyres, blah blah blah

But to quote "As mayor (of Florence at age 34 - little fucker), he rode a bicycle to get around the city and drove his own car, even after becoming head of the Democratic Party"

He drove his own car?!?

Spokey said...

Forget all this talk about a recumbent. I thought the same until I borrowed my brother's Ryan for awhile. It was horrible. If you can't stay upright on a D-frame don't get on one of those. The worst was trying to start going uphill on gravel. I guess I shoulda gotten a gravel bent for that.

But I will say that since then I've test ridden a couple trikes. If / when snob really puts on some years, he find something like the adventure trike is the only thing to keep old farts upright.

robot is satisfied fourima. what do you have to say about that babs?

Anonymous said...

I am captcha'd as

the derndy

JLRB said...

I sometimes ride with a neighbor who rocks steel framed bikes (with the drop loopie bars like they ride in the TDF or whatever) at age 74 and he kicks some ass. No need to change if you keep on rolling. I hope it works for me

Brad Smith said...

Better name for Le-no-lo...Bike boner.

Regular guy said...

Jeebus, its no wonder Tommy Simpson keeled over, the old ticker must have had to work pretty hard to keep the blood pumping into THAT thing.

Or is that a picture of the guy riding his bike over to Kim's place?

I agree, the Italian PM's bike is a dandy.

babble on said...

Wow! What a day! OMG snobbers thank you for Kim from Brooklyn. You gotta love a bit of lovin...
And thank you for strap-on boner dude with the rotator cuff issues, too! L.O.L. :D
I have roataor cuff issues, too, from the kersplatsky landing after my epic fall, and I learned that the only way to support weak joints is with strong muscles. Poor silly strap-on muppet is just too soft in the middle to finish his ride, bless his heart. He needs yoga.

MMMMM bike porn. If I were the wife whose man walked in with PeeWee's bike... well, let's just say we'd have to name it juicy. RCT - ++ Right? If ever there was a place for a fin!

Don't deep six the fly6 just yet... there's prolly an easy fix.
Stellar day. Loved the line about not needing gadgets. Loved it. You're so right - when I'm on a bike I am present... you made me wonder whether I REALLY even need the time of day.

I've been looking forward to reading this all day long, and man was it worth the wait! There were soooo many wicked comments we'll have to throw a big bash just to celebrate, but I Roille Figners you take the cake today. I love the code poems. I wonder if that's what the 21st century limerick will look like.

Oh! And pink canoe might be two words, but it's definitely describing a singular thing...

Marcus Welby MD said...

Does the Le-N-Lo come with a defibrillator?

Anonymous said...

Lick the balls
Stroke the shaft
Contemplate existence

wishiwasmerckx said...

Definitely describing a singular thing?

Let's see: Pubic hair; Mons Venosa; Labia Majora; Labia Minora; Clitoral Hood; Clitoris; Urethrea; and...wait...what am I forgetting?...Oh, yeah, the Vagina.

That's like 8 things...

Oh, and Captcha, since when, you say? Since McLograp? Whatever, dude.

McFly said...

Went on a snow ride today and was doing a big climb with only a 10 inch wide strip of pave and I felt like Andy Hampster and then I topped the Stevelio or whatever and came out in a housing project and lil black kids cheered me on. It was awesome.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

McFly you're ahhhsome. I walked down to Taco Bell and had a burrito.

babble on said...

Yes. :D

The pink canoe is one of those things where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Anonymous said...

Crabon + Folding bike = ultimate ironic bike

Anonymous said...

Clown bike with carpet fiber

Mlo said...

Perhaps the most ironic thing about the le-n-lo is it lets fat old Freds sit upright.

Anonymous said...

When will people learn that all those back problems and what not come from using drop bars and leaning over.

Properly positioned upright riding position and most those problems go away.

Sure you wont break any land speed records....But be honest you aren't anyway.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember that 29er specific saddle?

I guess it was inevitable:
27.5 specific saddle
27.5" specific saddle

commentator_from_russia_comments_on_you said...


If you are desperate for the content, please consider reading this post and more importantly, the comments. Some things about L.A. politics haven't changed in 30 years.

Does anyone bomb the NYC Marathon route in the very, very early morning after the route closes?

ken e. said...

after a pitcher of sapporo with my gal, my next favourite is all you folks. just sayin.
damn pee wee skipped out of his comedy fest spot.

Anonymous said...

I think this is the best Woo-hoo speed video I have ever seen. White haired geezer has got 'er PINNED.

Captian Organ said...

You ever notice that canoe's are a little wet on the inside? Even before you flip them over....

Anonymous said...

I ran into Kim the othe day on a drive.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but for all the words typed in criticism of other peoples' bikes on this site, your midget-sized travel bike is rather silly.

babble on said...

Lol! Geezer's got some BOTTLE!

BikeSnobNYC said...


Silly like a fox!!!

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Spokey said...


WCRM up at the crack of dawn today. Must be a long tough quiz in the making.

heaxen was a nice place to visit for a robot vacation but it said it wouldn't want to live there.

CommieCanuck said...

Sorry, but for all the words typed in criticism of other peoples' bikes on this site, your midget-sized travel bike is rather silly.

oh no you didunt...dropping the M-word.

RoadQueen said...

Anon's video of the geezer taking a flying lesson at 3:16 is hysterical. I was torn between falling off my chair laughing, and trying to work up some concern as to whether the old chap was still in one piece or not.

Holy Shit

There's nothing wrong with recumbents, in fact...there is everything RIGHT with recumbents!!! :D

toko laris said...

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