Thursday, November 14, 2013

Turn On Your Flashlight, Let It Shine Wherever You Go.

Yesterday afternoon I snuck out for a ride:

The ride was very enjoyable, but on the way there I had a chilling encounter:

Yes, right there, in the middle of the bike path, was a skunk:

At that moment I realized how completely ill-suited I am to life on this planet, for until then I had never in my life encountered a living skunk and I had no idea what to do.  Will it attack?  Could it be rabid?  Do they fly?  What if it sprays me?  Does Rapha make an unguent for that?

So I stood there, frozen in fear.

As I waited, it sort of lumbered around in a way that should have been accompanied by the something-wacky's-going-to-happen music from "A Christmas Story."  First it trundled into the leaves, then it sauntered back onto the path, and then it started coming towards me!  For a moment I hoped it was just a cat that had gotten some wet paint on its back like that one in the Pepe Le Pew cartoons, but no, there was no denying it, this was a skunk if I'd ever seen one.  (Which I hadn't.)  So, after soiling myself, I clipped back in and rode away frantically, looking over my shoulder with each pedal stroke like a French rider in a solo break about to be overtaken by the peloton in the final kilometer of a Tour stage.

It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me in my life ever.

Of course, the irony of city life is that while I encounter life-threatening situations while riding on a daily basis without so much as batting an eyelash, a mere polecat is enough to send me into a paroxysm.  And sadly, while New York City does its best to lead the charge when it comes to traffic violence, it would appear that London is doing its best to catch up--and while Mayor Boris Johnson may not be "finger-pointing," he certainly seems to be wagging it in the general direction of cyclists:

Discussing the deaths in a radio interview on Thursday morning, Johnson said that while there could be "no question of blame or finger-pointing", cyclists had a duty to obey the laws of the road and heed signals.

"Some of the cases that we've seen in the last few days really make your heart bleed because you can see that people have taken decisions that really did put their lives in danger," he told Nick Ferrari on LBC 97.3.

This is very unfortunate, but I can at least offer you Londoners some hope, which is that until the police actually tell you to walk around with a flashlight so you don't get run over all hope is not lost:

Yeah, that's right: to combat the problem of drivers running down pedestrians (often on the sidewalk), the NYPD is telling New Yorkers to wear reflective clothing and carry flashlights, and to avoid walking at night or during bad weather.

So that's it.  It's all over, and the cars have won.

Can't wait until the next curb-jumping incident: "The victim was not carrying a glow stick.  No criminality suspected."

Speaking of mayors, while Boris Johnson isn't looking too good right now, he'd have to run down a cyclist himself to outdo those Robs Fords:

You should make sure to watch the video, because holy crap, it's exactly like a Johnny LaRue skit on SCTV:

(Wow, that gay joke sure is dated.)

There are also some great anecdotes in the article, my favorite being the one where he humiliates a cab driver by harnessing the awesome power of cocaine-fueled racism:

Sometime after 11 p.m., Mr. Ford and the others took a taxi to the Bier Markt, a downtown restaurant and bar, while Mr. Ransom initially stayed behind to summon other aides to the bar. According to the police, Mr. Ford called the cabdriver a racial epithet, mimicked his accent and threw business cards at him.

Mr. Ransom, who arrived later, and other witnesses said that Mr. Ford and two young women were seated in a private room and that it appeared they were using cocaine.

I don't know what's more disturbing: Ford's behavior, or that Canadians are so damn polite that they haven't managed to get the guy out of office yet:

In any case, stepping away from municipal matters for a moment, Ethan Hawke with the voice of Cary Elwes in "The Princess Bride" wants you to give him money so he can sell you plastic "SnapClips" for your bike:

If you're familiar with the Chip Clip, the SnapClip is basically just that for bikes, and if you're not familiar with the Chip Clip it's simply a paper binder clip but for chips.

Anyway, this particular clip has been thoroughly tested in irregular surfaces:

Too bad they conducted the test on a bike with a suspension fork, which renders the test completely meaningless.

Anyway, we'll see if clip guy gets his eleventy zillion pounds--though the world of brightly-colored bicycle portaging of small items is a cutthroat one, and he'll have to compete with the inventors of the Zip Tray, who have made the most irritating Kickstarter video ever uploaded:

I didn't go to business school, but even I know that asking for $18,000 while playing a song that makes you want to FUCKING KILL SOMEBODY is an exceedingly bad idea:

I sure hope that cat's okay.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I win?

Serial Retrogrouch said...


Anonymous said...

Ford Nation!

Robs Fords said...

Eating pussy.

g. said...

Another top 10!
Closer and closer!

Anonymous said...

Dang, Bronze. Now worse, did't type the lettas right !!

Serial Retrogrouch said...

since anons don't want their identities revealed, i'll take the kisses and the two other pod positions... thank you very much.

Yarpo said...


Anonymous said...

"I've got enough to eat at home" - Rob Ford referring to his wife's pussy after accusations he said he wanted to eat the pussy of one if his staffers.

JB said...

Ours go to 11?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


RoadQueen said...

Kisses, SRgrouch! XXX!

Anonymous said...


337 geigniza

Krakow said...

The snap clip looks like a decent enough product, but as a business it's terrible. Selling low-margin, low-price plastic clips to a niche market is not a recipe for unrivaled success. Though he does have nice hair.

Comment deleted said...

That would be one pungent unguent.

the Jimboner said...

3 nights
3 days
Parque Estadual Desengano

See y'all on Monday.

Anonymous said...

To all Robs Fords' many fans:

One needs context to fully savour (sorry, couldn't resist) RsFs' latest:

"Ford then shocked reporters when he went on to refute the allegation that he had made an inappropriate sexual advance to a woman who was on his staff at the time.

The woman "said I wanted to eat her p—y," Ford said before cameras.

"I’ve never said that in my life to her. I would never do that. I'm happily married. I've got more than enough to eat at home.""

You are all most welcome!

Marcel Da Chump said...

Le Pewloton

Anonymous said...

At least one figure of some authority appears to be saying the right things about bikes, cars and getting around town in Montreal

Anonymous said...

"the something-wacky's-going-to-happen music from "A Christmas Story.""

---"Where's Flick?".......


McFly said...

Who arranged the musical score on Project Zip Tray? Simply breath-taking.

dcee604 said...

I've been skunked.

Serial Retrogrouch said...

wholly crap! the safety tips form the NYPD make it sound like the street of the city are the stage for Deathrace 2000.

it's like a fantasy novel written for an apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

Skunks mainly are just out looking for sexual partners at this time. They are dizzy with hormones. I suppose like many male pedestrians. You can just lower your knickers and let him have a sniff and he will probably head on to greener pastures. Or he may mate with your chamois. And Assos may then want the offspring. To patent. The possibilities boggle the mind.

crosspalms said...

I lasted 29 seconds on that video. Good lord. I bet the cat is still running and hasn't looked back.

mikeweb said...

That Zip Tray song is titled 'Ultra Jap Cat'? Seriously??

dnk said...

Rob Ford to Cippo: "step aside"

grog said...

What would Recumbabe do?

McFly said...

Back when I used to participate in the Wednesday I enjoyed coming across some skunk.

CommieCanuck said...

This is all a huge misunderstanding. When Robs Fords said he was going to eat her pussy, he was referring to barbecuing her cat. After an evening of coke, ho's and beer, one can gate naturally peckish.


leroy said...

Even my dog knows not to mess with a skunk.

I mean I hope he knows.

Maybe it's time to have the talk.

Avoid skunks, be polite, stay off crack or you might wind up in municipal government in an arctic suburb.

RobFord'sPussyHorse said...

That twern't no polecat 'twas me merkin.

Regular Guy said...

Seems that Welcome Wizard has recorded 10 albums. Ultra Jap Cat is track 4 on "Awful Retard Smelly Tiny"

The masochist in me wants to listen to more, but my sensible side says no way. My sensible side will finally win an argument.

3G said...


mikeweb said...

It's no wonder Robs Fords were so flustered during that council hearing, what with Anthony Bourdain sitting right behind them glaring the whole time.

Yarpo said...

Missed the podium because I was over at The Guardian reading the article about Boris Johnson's comments after the recent cluster of cycling deaths in London.

Actually, I was trolling the 1699 comments to see if the word, "scranus" was used by anyone, but I got bored. Bored right into 9th Place. If anybody has the patience to find it, please, Snob, send them a blinky light or something.

Put that in the Portmanteau of Excuses!

Belated congrats to theEel, RB1, and Anon 12:01pm for yesterday. Polite clapping to the Anon 12:52pm's and Serial Retrogrouch for today.

John Candy and Robba the Fords, back to back!
It all makes sense now.

Holy ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! That second Kickstarter Promo...I don't think they need to die, but tying them to a post and administering a Mass Hot Carl-ing is certainly in order. Remember to wear a Tyvek Suit with a head/face cover for back-splatter protection and load those socks carefully with fresh-fresh...

I don't think that I'm the first to use, "Portmanteau of Excuses." If not, whomever you are, thanks for coming up with it, and SCRANUS!

Invisible Man said...

I am probably the only commenter on this blog who's ever ridden alongside Boris Johnson on his bike, showing him the way after he got lost: I can confirm that sadly, despite my efforts to bend his ear while I rode with him, he has a long history of saying stupid things about cyclists. His biggest problem is that he's introduced a network of poorly-designed, dangerous bike routes on some of London's busiest roads. Many of the recent deaths have been on these "Cycle Superhighways," which aren't exclusively for bikes, aren't highways and aren't super.

Anonymous said...

Legos for bikes.
I'm going to build the pirate ship on my bars. Wonder if they make those little Lego men.

CommieCanuck said...

I can't take it any more. All this Robs Ford, Blob Fjord, Robba-the-Hutt, Chris Farley tribute Mayor bullshit and outrage from Torontards.

Only half of eligible voters voted for Mayor in 2010, of the half that showed up to vote, most voted for Robba because they live in the suburbs where only people with DUIs ride bikes and there was no way they were going to vote in a openly gay Mayor. You vote in a gay Mayor and two things will happen: more lycra, and fabulous ties. No one wanted that.

Now, it would seem that voting for a GED idiot who flies off on hatred for bikes and most races other than bleached-white, could have been a bad idea.

Rob gets plenty to eat at home, and there are no stray cats in suburban west-end Etobicoke.


babble on said...

You really ought to spend some more time in Vancouver, snobbers, to desensitize yourself to skunks. They roam the streets freely here- i nearly tripped over one earlier this week. Plus, you'll find a lot of the other kind of skunk, too, in case you need to chillax after an amorous chamois encounter with the four-legged version.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Snob. You did the correct thing by avoiding the skunk.
They are one of the woodland creatures here in the Midwest and my dog gets sprayed about twice a year.
They are nasty. You would've had to thrown the clothes and bike away as the smell never really gets out.

Mr Plow said...

Rare earth magnets. How do they work?

Flyover Bike Commuter said...

A skunk?

Welcome to the day-to-day world of us cycling flyover bicyclists.

For real thrills, ride the same path an hour before dawn or after dusk. After a few such encounters- with each type of varmint- you'll be ready for the wilds of suburbia.

Yarpo said...

Oh yeah, just because they're (the Chip Clip Dip Thing people) are wearing white lab coats and holding clipboards does not mean that they ARE ACTUALLY BEING SCIENTIFIC!!!!

I don't know if they rate the Mass Hot Carl-ing, but certainly they should be warned never to do it again, or a MHC-ing will be their terrible, terrible, fate.

Mr Plow said...

Hey snob I think you may be confused on the concept of sneaking. The trick is to not write about it, take pictures and publish on the internet. Your welcome

CommieCanuck said...

Skunks are horny bastards.

babble on said...

LOL! I must have inner skunkness.

Anonymous said...

John Candy is hilarious. what ever happened to him.

Anonymous said...

I just killed one of my coworkers after watching that kickstarter video. Thanks wildcat. They are coming for me.

Cipo said...

Eating regular house pussy

Anonymous said...

fucking hell. NYC could make millions by just installing more traffic cameras to catch and ultimately discourage negligent motorists. On my daily constitutional I see literally hundreds of drivers well exceeding the 30MPH speedlimit on Riverside drive. Most of them are fuckers from across the river and upstate speeding to work. You never see a cop on that road and if they put some cameras in and started ticketing these assholes it would considerably curtail the dangerous speeding epidemic. Frankly there are only like two speed limit signs posted on the 5 miles of Riverside between the bridge and 72 street so that would be a fucking start. But no the cops instead post signs to tell pedestrians how to avoid being murdered by asshole drivers. In-fucking-sane.

Anonymous said...

Goddamn Robs Fords is a fucking rockstar. Impeach him! are you crazy. I say make him PM or whatever the British version of president is.

Anonymous said...

The NYPD tips don't go far enough! Since a car could crash into my living room at any time, shouldn't I walk around in reflective gear and flashing lights at all times indoors as well? Shouldn't I in fact copulate in those clothes, since a car might come crashing through the bedroom wall? I want to be visible!



Pinkman said...


attention whore said...


my bike and cat

David said...

Robs Fords: Could that actually be Andy Kaufman in there?

attention whore editor said...

JLRB said...

Robsss Fordsss "entertained suspected prostitutes"?!?

What form of entertainment? Did he do the easy John Candy impression, or stretch his skills and mock This Fucktardian



Serial Retrogrouch said...

Anon @ 1:57,

visit the corner of 96th street and riverside drive. there's a cop car that parks there in the mornings, every morning, catching motorists who make a right turn form riverside drive onto 96th st. they probably rack in thousands every day because before he's able to return to his spot, another unsuspecting motorist makes a right.

if i owned a car, and got a ticket for doing that, i'd be pissed... same way i'd be pissed if i got a ticket for running a red light on a bike. that no -right-turn sign is put there just to catch $$$.

balls™ said...

I'm so awesome, even my fleshlight™ gets turned on.

RoadQueen said...

Odor aside, am I the only one who thinks Pepe Le Pew is one of the most romantic Mo-Fo's on the planet?

Committed, doting AND speaks French.

David said...

As you can see from this documentary footage, a pedestrian started it, and the cars are just defending themselves.

Robs Fords said...

I was talking about her cat!
(That cat was the best fuck I ever had)

37 moretit

Anonymous said...

When I come to NYC over the Christian holiday, I will need to bring a flashlight and reflective clothing for walking on the sidewalks and a helment for falling drones.
Looks like I'll be checking a bag for the NYC protective gear.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

$6.99 for a bag of 10. That's way too much. I get my chip clips in a package of 50 and they only cost a dollar.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Comment #69

Anonymous said...

"And the name Rob Ford shall ring out across the land, and all shall know him and speak his name."

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Is it ok If I carry an old railroad lantern when I'm out pedestrianing?

Anonymous said...

But you would look so cute riding around new York City with that skunk in your Zip Tray.

Anonymous said...

Pepe certainly is attentive, though a bit date-rapey.

RoadQueen said...

You can't rape the willing.

Just sayin'.

streepo said...

eatin' wood pussy!

RoadQueen said...

RCT - the lantern thing doesn't work so well for the Amish on the road, but you *might* have better luck on a sidewalk.

Or maybe not.

Unknown said...

Visit the left coast again and check out awesome mountain bike offroad re;cycling in rural Oregon. I've shared fire gravel with elks and huge smokey bears on more than one occasion. With such large predators about our skunk usually keeps outa sight until such painful conditions demand an appearance.

Or sumthin

mikeweb said...


I have it on good authority from my contacts in Williamsburg that the new thing now is artisanal cave man torches.

Anonymous said...

Things I will not do before my death:

Tweet or have tweet followers.

Wear cowboy boots.

Click on that link that seems to have vanished (good work someone).

Subject my chamois to an amorous skunk.

Olle Nilsson said...

Seriously? No one wants to support the ziptray? Not even with the most awesomely annoying soundtrack (that's actually meant to be annoying) ever? Not even several hours after the RTMS/WCRM celebrity endorsement? Is it a protest that they blatanly ripped off the nonono cat?

Why is it that there are so many comparisons between Rob Ford and dead comedians (now including Andy Kaufman)? Maybe we don't have to concern ourselves whether he'll win another term in office.

Be careful everyone: it's an urban jungle out there. Wear reflectors and the predators will single you out.

Anonymous said...

Snob, check out bikesnob Maputo featured in this bbc documentary If you're not into statistics or swedes just fast forward to the 33 minute mark and watch from there.

Olle Nilsson said...

Anon 3:49 - I wouldn't join twitter if I was the last person on Earth. Or for that matter, if I was a solipsist.

CommieCanuck said...

Robs Fords: Could that actually be Andy Kaufman in there?

More like Andy Dick.

John Candy died in 1994. J La R was his best character.

JC's daughter is now an actor.

Jennifer Candy

CommieCanuck said...

Pepe certainly is attentive, though a bit date-rapey.

You don't hear much from Pepe any more, there was a scandal in Paris, 2004 with les rufies.

CommieCanuck said...

Why is it that there are so many comparisons between Rob Ford and dead comedians (now including Andy Kaufman)? Maybe we don't have to concern ourselves whether he'll win another term in office.

There are very few funny obese comedians any more. The best we can hope for is a bleached and powdered Gabriel Iglesias for the Rob Ford movie.

I have zero doubt Ford will get re-elected. Torontards either vote, or don't vote.

Euro Spondee said...


I unfortunately had nothing better to do this morning than read the comments on the Guardian article. I think they are all too inane, or else erudite and ironic, to use the word scranus. The SFGate blogpost channeling the NYT Sunday op-ed, however, just brought out the moronic.
And plenty of Guardian commentators were up for swapping Rob Fords for Boris Johnson - their rap sheets are surprisingly similar. Boris is usually trying to make out that he is not serious so as to camouflage the haughty ambition.

Cipo's Retort said...

No way Rob Fords ate any pussy, either at the office or at home, given how wide his face is. A triple order of Poutine, sure, pussy, no way.

Road Queen, was that real French Pepe Le Pew spoke? I always thought it was just made up cartoon stuff.

CommieCanuck said...

Zip tray..meh.
I rock one of these on my BMC. Yo.

Car 54 Where Are You? said...

That NYC Police Flyer is 16 bullets long, filling almost the entire page. In an age of attention spans as long as the number of characters in a tweet, like anyone is going to read them. I'm amazed they don't have one telling people "if you see a car driving down the sidewalk, jump in the street". At the end of each bullet they should of added "In no circumstance will the driver be at fault." Imagine Rob Fords moving to NYC and driving a car. Per "Hearts of Darkness", "The Horror, the Horror".

Oh Canada said...

Babble: "[skunks] They roam the streets freely here" Are you sure you're not talking about Toronto?

JLRB said...

I had one encounter with a skunk many moon cycles ago. Mountain cyclebiking along in rural Western PA woods at night, with my trusty choco-lab running in little circles around me - he apparently drove a skunk right into me.

He barked, I thought I smelled something, but then my nose just sort of hurt. Didn't realize I'd been skunked until we walked into the house and my wife ordered us the hell back out.

ouabacher said...

Pretty sure the beginning of the wind tunnel scene from chip clip 2013 was lifted from a Bosley hair club for men commercial. As for Andy, I think he's still with us.

Serial Retrogrouch said...

...toddler rate at 70 points.

...but septuagenarians bring in a whopping 100 points.

see, i told you it's an apocalyptic scenario... i just forgot that it was predicted in the 70's .

JLRB said...

Another Fat Comic to compare with Robssss Fordsss

ROBOT 382 eekdrop (must have seen a skunk)

Yarpo said...

Euro Spondee,

The English have many wonderful accents, and scranus doesn't really sound too great in any of them. Perhaps that may help explain it's absence in that huge comments section in The Guardian.

I just tried saying it in a Scottish accent and that seems to work well. Try it out. Now with an irish accent. Not bad.

Scrrrranus, Laddie!
(I'm channeling Sir Alec Guinness in Tunes of Glory. It helps.)

Yarpo said...

Starting the leadout to 100th! Where's Blog Drafter?
WIWM, get ready...


Anonymous said...

The NYPD flyer has 16 bullets... however there's another in the chamber.

wishiwasmerckx said...

Thanks for the leadout...

wishiwasmerckx said...

You know snob pays me for these because it pads the comment count...

wishiwasmerckx said...

...and 100th!

babble on said...

Canada is a truly sick and twisted place. The Robba the Fords bobble fucking head sold out in hours.

Yarpo said...

I feel so Mark Renshaw-y right now!

McFly said...

Unlike RQ and Babbles favorite dessert pussy has no calories. That is a fact. Have some.

Olle Nilsson said...

I have zero doubt Ford will get re-elected. Torontards either vote, or don't vote.

I was thinking more along the lines of, he won't live long enough to see another election.

Anonymous said...

Babs, look at it this way, the bobble-head's collectible because he's on his 14th minute.

Anonymous said...

You should have jumped that skunk.... You've alread jumped the shark. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH

Anonymous said...

Canadians are really funny. THey talk like they have too many teeth, which is funny. Plus they are just funny. Melonville. I wished I lived there.

question: below where it says, "choose an identity? Could I chose transexual and/or Canadian?

Poppa Wheelie said...

I'm starting to warm up to Rob Fords after his most recent pussy comments.
If he became more pro-bike I'd vote for him here in America

Olle Nilsson said...

Anon 6:04, you inferred you're not Canadian, but if transexual works for you, go for it.

BamaPhred said...

Yeah I like the Scottish accented scranus.

Scraaanusss! Robba Fords ya English swine! Ya not be worth the powder it takes to blow ye and the rest of your becursed family to Hades, ya fat fuck.

I can only imagine how it must sound.

Euro Spondee said...

Yarpo and Bama Phred,

I think it would indeed need to be in a Scottish accent with the rolled 'r' that the softie southerners can't do.
I think a Belfast hard man would give it a pretty good shot too.

Yarpo said...

BamaPhred: sounds great out loud and scares the cats out of the room!

Euro Spondee, some Belfast accent for you:

Fhok, fok, and fook!

Gitmo Groupie said...

Ulra Jap Cat > Waterboarding. I'm still lying on on the floor in the fetal position after exposure to that sonic onslaught.

ouabacher said...

Hee hee haw haw hee hee haw get it outta my head!

Anonymous said...

Major award

Assos Man said...

Would you like to suck on THESE balls?

babble on said...

Yarpo- Thanks, but ah fok. It all makes perfect sense to me.

dancesonpedals said...

How to say SCRANUS like a Scotsman?

It's pronounced, HAGGIS!!!

Tongue said...

So it would seem that Mr. Ford can put more than just his foot in his mouth.

Anonymous said...

The Fords? oh... it gets better.

that's right folks - he eats more than enough ____ at home.

anonymoose said...

The Fords have been getting his ars chewed regularly on The Bob and Tom radio show.Perty funny.

Rachel said...

Boris Johnson is a blithering idiot. He must be if he thinks a blue bit of paint on the ground protects you from an HGV... And now he's blaming the cyclist. Cue slow hand clap.

McFly said...

Bobbin' Rob is selling Legal Defense Fund Tee's. I may have to pick a couple up.

McFly said...

Or...for your disapproval...PigSnobNYC.These skunks look funny.

Anonymous said...

Tilford's got the shingles.

Anonymous said...

Didn't read all the comments, maybe the point has already been made but skunks are nocturnal critters. Seeing them out and about in the day may well be a sign of rabies. Should probably report that to the Parks Dept, Animal control or whoever is in charge of such things there.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled snark.

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