Thursday, September 27, 2007

Velo Darwinism: The Evolution of the Top Tube Pad

Yesterday's post prompted a number of comments about top tube pads. Along with the front Aerospoke, the top tube pad has come to symbolize the more vain aspects of the fixed-gear trend. So much so, in fact, that there is now a backlash, as evidenced by this listserv post which was forwarded to me by a reader recently:

Someone put a cigarette butt out on my frame pad.

Last night at BAR. I hope for the sake of New Haven's burgeoning and welcoming "cycling community",that this wasn't an act performed by someone I know. Because I have to look down at that whenever I'm riding now, and know that someone in this world is a selfish dick who isn't down with OPP. However, when you see people fucking with other people's shit as a joke, and then your shit gets fucked with, the pranksters are the easiest and first to blame.

While such a backlash is inevitable, acts of top tube pad violence are totally inexcusable. Before hating, I think it's important we try to understand the origins of the top tube pad, as well as its functions. Based on feedback from readers over the past few months, it would seem the main purposes behind the top tube pad are as follows:

--Protects the frame when locking bicycle to a pole
--Protects the top tube from getting dinged by handlebars (in the same manner as, though distinct from, a top tube protector)
--Protects the groin and inner thigh when skidding
--Protects the frame when resting mallet on it during bike polo matches
--Is aesthetically pleasing to certain people

Okay. But where did top tube pads start, and how did they go from being functional add-ons to being accessories? Admittedly, I still have a lot to learn, but here's what I've uncovered so far. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.

The obvious common ancestor of the top tube pad as we know it and hate it is the BMX pad. Rules required that top tubes, stems, and handlebars had to be padded during races, presumably so that young racers would one day grow up and be able to reproduce. In this prescient photo, however, only the top tube is padded.

The top tube pad proved to be quite adaptable, and was able to evolve to accommodate a number of unorthodox frame designs. It is most likely this adaptability which made its longevity as a species possible, and which is why it is still so common today.

But what about the crucial leap from BMXs to adult bikes, and particularly fixed-gears? It has been suggested that today's top tube pad has its origins in the messenger community. Messengers have always wrapped their frames in inner-tubes or tape to both protect them and disguise their manufacturers. But was it a messenger who first made this leap from wrapping to padding?

This amazing photo, which I uncovered while Googling in a pith helmet, could very well be the missing link between BMX top tube pads and adult top tube pads. The neon knickers and jacket, mullet, and aero water bottle indicate that this man lived sometime during the late 1980s or early 1990s. And if you'll look closely, you'll see that the top tube is either wrapped or padded, though it is difficult to tell exactly which. The downtube, however, remains bare.

It should be noted though that there are also some things about this photo which indicate it may be a hoax. For example, why would a messenger choose road shoes and pedals? And aren't the Campy components a bit lavish for a work bike? Scholars will no doubt debate the validity of this photo for years to come. Some day, maybe we'll know for sure whether this is in fact Lucy, or Piltdown Man.

Regardless, at some point somebody made the decision to use a top tube pad on an adult bike. But was it a messenger? This photo indicates it was. The pad is clearly a BMX top tube pad (as evidenced by its length) that has been retrofitted to an adult bike. And the Wings of Hermes would imply that this bicycle belongs to a messenger. However, there is the question of the date. While the Rolls is an older saddle, the "One More Bike" sticker is an evolution of the "One Less Car" sticker, indicating the vintage of the bike may be more recent. Still, the value of the photograph is indisputable--somewhere, at some point, a messenger decided to use a BMX pad on his or her bike.

But when did people start manufacturing and selling top tube pads for adult use? A commenter yesterday claims that "the first TTp i ever saw was fashioned by Cory Bennion of DANK bags in Seattle....i am gonna say it was at least in 2000." She further elaborated that the top tube pad not only protects the bike, but is useful in cyclocross as well to protect the shoulder. This is interesting. Did the first purpose-built adult top tube pad originate in the Pacific Northwest? Was cyclocross somehow involved? And does it relate in any way to these weird cyclocross shoulder slings I always see on eBay, though I've never actually seen one being used in cyclocross? Or is the shoulder sling simply a mutant, an evolutionary eddy that leads nowhere? Like so many questions concerning top tube pads, we may never have an answer.

But one thing is certain. Top tube pads became fashionable. The famous Cyndi Lauper bike gives every indication that the owner chose the top tube pad as much for aesthetic reasons as for practical purposes. And its reasonable to surmise that this fashion came from the messenger community, as the popularity of messenger bags, fixed-gears, and front Aerospokes owes much to them. Therefore it stands to reason the top tube pad would come to be similarly embraced--and embellished--as well.

And evidence remains that they continue to be employed by messengers. The STI lever shape and outboard bearing crank place this messenger squarely in our present day.

(At least, I think it's a messenger. So hard to tell these days...)

And what of tomorrow? Well, this new offering from Felt, as seen at Interbike, should help provide an answer. (Thanks to the reader who forwarded this.) Like the BMX pads of yesteryear, they will now be sold as integral parts of the bike. We have come, for better or for worse, full circle.


Michael S said...

That looks like the official Slipstream top tube pad and matching saddle...

Anonymous said...

1st ?

joe said...

top top pad? That's just what we need pads to protect our pads.

Anonymous said...

The cyclecross sling probably goes back before the TTP.

I was checking out First Flight Bikes in Statesville, NC. They are famous for their collection of historical bikes. I was lucky enough to be allowed onto the second floor to peruse a number of older bikes not on display.

There against the back wall was an older Raleigh mountain bike with a leather strap riveted to the seat tube and top tube creating a carrying sling.

Since cylecross has been in Europe for ages I can only assume that Raleigh chose to add this utilitarian yet simple option to their early mountain bikes having seen it used in cyclecross.

Geoff said...

Growing up in suburban NorCal, I remember the shoulder sling was a very popular item on early 90s vintage mountain bikes. Many of the department store and Costco mountain bikes had wedge-shaped packs that fit between the seat tube and top tube. These packs had an integral strap as well. In my younger, not-quite-so-wise days, I had a pack like this that I found absolutely useless for actually shouldering the bike, as the tire levers and whatever else contained within would poke into my shoulder.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody here been to a Bandit BBQ?

Anonymous said...

you don't see those shoulder slings in CX for a reason... one of which is that it places your bike at the wrong angle for running uphill, over barriers, or doing much of anything as your front wheel would tip down and just get in the way. Also, the amount of time spent off the bike shouldering a bike is pretty minimal, and certainly not long enough to warrant the annoyance of that velcro'd sling... but I digress, great article.

Jim N said...

Several other noteworthy things about the vintage messenger. The frame is not a standard road frame. Note the cantilever brakes and strange geometry. The straight fork and clipless pedals place it squarely in the early 90s, as does the mullet. The glasses, too. Pursuit bars were also a common sign of messengerdom. I don't think Campy's too lavish. There was a good deal of high-end kit in the NYC messenger world of the late 80s and early 90s. Colnagos, Pinarellos, Somecs etc. (What was more unknown was the converted roadbike.)

Ultimate sign that this may be authentic: the straight block.

Anonymous said...

Why are all of these pictures links that do nothing when I click on them? It's like having brake levers that aren't attached to anything.

Anonymous said...

I saw that "messenger" picture (with the neon leggings & aero bottle) in the "Ultimate bicycle book" by Richard Ballantine & Richard Grant, first published in Canada in 1998. Funny thing on the next page the same guy is dressed as a "commuter"... BTW in that book also lies that dreaded triathlete on the gray bike with funny bars that was shown here a few times.

Anonymous said...

Top tube pads are rad! You can sit on your top tube to scope chick and not hurt your ass!!

-Fixed 4 Life

bikesgonewild said... is my sincere hope that you can remain objective on this quest, as would a dr. leakey...i fear you may devolve into a 'marat-sade' state should the answer not be forthcoming... may take years & we don't want to have to read your posts from the "Institute of Cyclings Criminally Insane"...

...ah, yes, i do love seeing little black stickers, in sf bay area, reading, "one less fixed gear"...

Anonymous said...

the late 80's pic: that's a 'cross bike, get the canti brakes.strange pic anyways...

Anonymous said...

the late 80's pic: that's a 'cross bike, get the canti brakes.strange pic anyways...

Anonymous said...

I lived in Chicago for 3 years and hardly noticed this phenomenon. But then I was in San Francisco last week and every douchebag riding a bike had a top-tube pad. Asshats.

Anonymous said...

bikesgonewild: "one less fixed gear"! Classic!

Sean Lynch said...

I'll seccond anonymous 3:23.

I saw my first top tube pad on an FG in Chicago about three weeks ago. Saw it chained to a bike rack on my commute home as I passed through Wicker Park.

The messengers here use electral tape or old inner tubes to protect their TT's. Most seem to have real spokes front and back.

The aerospokes are used by wicker park hipsters.

((lyledriver)) said...

It should be noted that UCI regs state that the padding on a BMX must be 1cm thick, and surround the top tube, crossbar, and stem.

Yet new Race frames are shipped with 1/4" thick, velcroed on mini pads.

Tom C said...

Heres a late 80's early 90's
Serota Triple With 3 Top Tube Pads
A friend of mine owns it. The pads were made when the bike was new to protect it when its hung from His ceiling (he has a studio apt)
so I guess He's patient Zero!

Jim said...

Maybe it's just me but this whole discussion is about as painful as getting an eyeful of talcum powder.

Ralphy said...

Continuing the "One Less/More X" trend, we may as well take it to its logical conclusion:
"One More Sticker"

Jon said...

dear bike snob: as an avid user of top tube pads (i have three, they are alternating colors and patterns, ALL that flow seamlessly with the paint scheme of my bike) i find your information wonderfull! as the adaptation of fixed gear riding moves closer and closer to BMX style riding, i enjoy that my "big boy bike" is more mature and supreme in nature then the smaller "kiddie bikes"

how ever, the reason i put my FIRST top tube pad on was this
I ride a wonderfull 1987 miyata conversion, it came with brazons, as i was practicing and perfecting the neccesary bar skids and other fixie acrobatics i learned a painfull and expensive lesson, brazons rip my $18 american eagle skinny straight leg girls jeans... me being a male... with a larger muscle structure then most females (most) i found that the jeans were ready to split when met with the brazons on my top tube...

enter re:load top tube pad #1

the other two are simply because i am picky and a little A.D.D.

yours truely

Jon (patiently waiting for his all white front aerospoke)

BikeSnobNYC said...

Tom C,

You just blew my mind!


mr.complaint said...

Jim N of 2pm sharp I believe you are more correct then our Snob. This SpanDork Is certainly of the NW or SE variety, not of the NYC Mess. The give away, and I do mean give away, is the purple and pink. Colors and textures often found on closeout sale from Sierra Traders or Performance. He still has his Campy bottle which signals poserhood. I also do not believe that there is a TTP on this frame. I do believe that BSNYC may be wishing too hard.

It may be entirely a hoax thought up by some clever illustrator seeking lucrative work in "the industry."

Back to the top tube pad. So the TTP is to cycling for the BMX generation as leg shaving is to the pre-BMX generation? Will the TTP evolve for the geriatric BMX gen into Depends®? Will it all solve the underlying uns[oken topic of Butt Rash, Saddle Sores and Hemorroids?

Keep digging.

mr.complaint said...

Tom C

I quit.

Anonymous said...

I had one of those bags that Geoff from NorCal talks about. I had similiarly uncomfortable experiences with it. It probably dates back to 1989, and is still in existence

BikeSnobNYC said...

I think it's also worth pointing out that the top tube pad has anologues in the internal combustion world, in the form of bras and Bumper Badgers on cars, and tank covers on motorcycles.

If there were bicycle car washes, you'd be able to buy top tube pads on your way to the register.


Jim said...

BSNYC, tank covers on motorcycles are actually truly useful. Nothing is more painful than hunkering down into the seat of your new bit of Italian metal, only to have your jacket zipper tear a scar in the fresh red paint. The big leather bra style tank covers are uglier than the color matched or contrasted magnetic ones, but enough "tanks" these days are plastic sabots (with the real tank located lower in the bodywork, center of gravity thing) that you need something to use where the magnets won't work.

Anonymous said...

I do own a top tube pad. I bought it for a couple of reasons.

First, because of protecting my bike's top tube from getting dinged by my handlebars.

Secondly, I was living at the time on a 4th floor walk up, and shouldering my bike wasn't always that comfortable.

And third, it was a much cheaper option than the Kashimax Tube Protector. The pad was 10$, and matched my bikes color scheme to the letter, while the Kashimax option would have put me back 45$.

Did I do the right thing? Maybe. It's an opinion thing. There aren't really any right answers. But, I will say that after running across some custom, hand knit wool pads, I can agree that it's gotten out of control, and has all but completely gone to the way of fashion over function.

Harry Leary said...

sure do miss me some ZERONINE pads

maybe numberplates will make a comeback too?

anywho, fuck you guys. I'm sticking with my AMF Evil replica

BikeSnobNYC said...


That number plate is a proud reminder of a time when people dared to take a stand against bozos.


Anonymous said...

A number plate covered in one less car stickers!!!!

Im going to be so cool!

Anonymous said...


You'll be the hipest hipster.

Anonymous said...

Piltdown Man. You are amazing. For everyone that didn't get that reference, do a little wikipedia.

I think soon there will be some "credible" pictures that top tube pads were invented in New York City, home to messengers, not tree-hugging Northwest. In fact, there may be some messengers digging through a pile of bicycle frames in the basement who "find" a top tube pad with an Ed Koch sticker on it --- thus placing the top tube pad in New York City in the late 1980's. Piltdown Top Tube Pad.

Anonymous said...

A commenter yesterday claims that "the first TTp i ever saw was fashioned by Cory Bennion of DANK bags in Seattle....i am gonna say it was at least in 2000." He further elaborated that the top tube pad not only protects the bike, but is useful in cyclocross as well to protect the shoulder.

- im a girl.
:) bike nerd extraordinaire.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Bike Nerd Extraordinaire,

Thanks! Sorry. I'll correct that in the post.


Chad said...


Excellent example on the Evel Knievel bike.

It's missing a key piece that is (barely) visible on this one:

The right hand grip that made "motorcycle" noises when twisted.

Harry Leary said...

chad - I think the moto-sound grip device was aftermarket piece and not OEM on the super rad evil harley replica. I dont have my amf spec sheets handy though.

yes I owned one in 1976, along with a rear "slick" tire upgrade for coaster skidding contests wearing "husky" tuffskin jeans with sano knee patches

hipster on that yo!

Philip Barrett said...

protecting my bike's top tube from getting dinged by my handlebars

I call BS on you all.

I'm riding the same Columbus supposedly-highly-dingable frame since 1986. A lot of rust but not one dent from the bars! Not even a close call.

So, if you like 'em use 'em, I really don't care, but quit trotting out pathetic justifications.

Ronald said...

HARRY LEARY!!!Goddamn,is that you??You fuckin'ROCKED back in the day!Influenced me to put a front brake on my Quadangle(yes,BSNYC,the weird BMX in the photo).Harry Leary,for you kids who wouldn't know,was one of the absolute TOP BMX racers of the late'70's,early-mid '80's!RE:the neon messenger-that setup is for long circuit in London-long haul truckin'in the days before mountain bike clipless was invented-if you wanted to run clipless,you ran road shoes and pedals-and kept a pair of flip-flops in your bag-when SPD came along it was a godsend!!The bike is a custom,steel mtb frame with a Campy road groupset-common messenger setup back in the late'80's-early'90's when that photo was taken-and it ain't a fakenger-they just dressed him up as a commuter for the next photo.Knew a bloke who knew him,who'd worked in LOndon-know wot I mean geezer?

Matt said...

There's been a potentially earlier sighting. This stuff runs deeper than we thought! and

Anonymous said...

lauren said...

fuck top tube pads.

me and my step through are going to bring back skirt guards. Just you watch.

Anonymous said...

Philip Barrett: Hey now... I have a dent in my top tube from the bikes previous owner, and his wanton handlebar swinging. I just didn't feel like letting the dent get worse, or the paint to chip off leaving a spot for rust to settle in.

So, I still feel ok justifying my purchase as being more than an aesthetic thing.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I think that a lot of the blame/praise for the ubiquitiousness of the "top-tube pad" has to go to the ReLoad baggage company based out of Seattle and Philadelphia. The first time I saw a tt pad like the ones seen all over FGG was in Philly nearly three years ago. ReLoad manufactures them out of rubber and cordura. Philly, being an urban area filled with hip youth, was one of the first major areas in which one started to see fixed gear bikes appearing and ReLoad played a huge role in defining the "style" of the trend.

They do make great bags, though.

Anonymous said...

More old school BMX!

Zentraedi said...

Just had a thought. Bear with me, as it's a little crazy...

Take the pad off your top tube and cut in 4 pieces. Slip those individual pieces onto the ends of your handlebars. That way, you could cushion your hands while you ride AND protect your top tube at the same time. Crazy, but it just may work...

Anonymous said...

Rut butt what what?

kristen said...

i must admit, i've been contemplating removing my top tube pad...but i'm not going to. my bike is a disgrace to many with or without it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 12:10 whats your deal?

This is about top tube pads not ruts and butts.

Take it some place else or else.

Anonymous said... well, the top tube pad is finally returning to freestyle bmx, thanks to odyssey.

Anonymous said...

In case you were wondering:

Whether or not the gentleman in the aforementioned photo is a messenger or not I can't say. But that is not a work bike! Just look at the damn bottle, that should tell you everything. Not only is that thing expensive, it would be stolen by some kind in 5 minutes just because it looks different. Now my experience is limited to NYC, but there is no way. Plus how are you going to stick the mountain dew you just bought in there? Also as anyone who knows, knows. As a messenger you spend more time on your feet than on your bike, road shoes, even before spd's no way, ever.

Click, click, click, click, click, click... sorry buddy you gotta use the messenger center on the other side of the building... this building takes up the whole block... yeah, so... click, click, click, click, click, click... sorry buddy that firm doesn't use the messenger center you gotta go around and use the freight elevator... click, click, click, click, click, click, click.

The Wings of Hermes, OK fine but not a work bike. Those things would snag on a piece of your clothing and rip off within the first hour of work. They get tweaked a little locking up, then as soon as you start pedaling look where they are, snags your leg and off they go. They would last an hour, two, tops.

The guy with the STIs is not a messenger. You try locking up with that tiny lock 20 times a day. You'll spend half the day going around the block looking for something skinny enough, and the other half at the hardware store buying a chain.

If you were wondering.

Bikesnobnyc, please be our bikesnob! You job is not to build bridges, that is for bikehippie. Be bikesnob! Also, blogsnob wants to remind you that, as you yourself would say, quality is better than quantity. Just because you can put a top tube pad on a road bike doesn't mean you should and just because you can post every day also doesn't mean you should. That said, your shit rocks!


Liz said...

Someone just forwarded this to me. I am the person who posted that original message about the cigarette butt and the frame pad.

Nice post.

Anonymous said...

Other than making your own with pipe insulation and fabric, check out these:

Anonymous said...

so where does this fit in on an evolutionary level?

Anonymous said...

anon 12.12am, i messenger with one of those mini d-locks, and i lock my bike up a shit-load more than 20 times a day, try 70-100 times

Ronald said...

anon 12.12 Jel-lo,mate,you said it yourself-your experience is limited to NYC-which,despite what some New Yorkers seem to think,is not the whole world!In a lot of places in the world you don't have quite the same degree of theft problem as NYC has-so you CAN use a mini ulock(I do!As do a large percentage of messengers in Melburn),you can have a water bottle without it being ripped off-I've been a messenger since 1988,like I said before;the neon messenger was discussed when Richard's Ultimate Bicycle Book was first published around 1990,one of the guys in Melburn knew the guy from London(a LOT of aussies work London,and NYC for that matter-ask around if anyone knows Makatron)so I'm TELLING you BOTH those photos ARE real messengers.Ican't say for sure about the wings of Hermes one,though I have a feeling it could be an early-mid'90's San Fran thing-seem to remember seeing something somewhere.....Lastly-anon 4.42-DITTO!!!!The bloke I just lectured mustn't do many jobbies!My only complaint about minikrypto's is that the mechanism ,particularly in the new ones,just plain doesn't last!!

Ronald said...

Jel-LO-please don't grt offended-didn't say you didn't work hard-just different!Different cities have different ways of working messengers,here it's a lot more multi loading;pick up a bunch of different jobs in one part of townuntil you have a couple of triples on,then take off across town picking up and dropping constantly-in others you do more single jobs,each one worth more,so you do one or two per run.

jose said...

A downhill bike company called brooklynmachine works made top tube pads fro mountainbikes so people wouldn't crunch their groins racing downhill. That was at least as far back as 1996

OJ said...

Hi. I just saw Finnish cyclocross championships. Quite a few guys had top tube pads for shouldering. Also a couple of seat tube pads for same purpose. The track had about 10% of running so maybe those were useful.

The really weird thing was that there were a lot of guys riding old converted road bikes at national championship level.

Anonymous said...

There was a company in Vancouver, BC - Roach Clothing (now owned by Race Face) that made top tube pads as well as courier bags as far back as 1987 at least (possibly earlier).
I still have one of Roach's early top tube pads that was on my Fischer AL1.

christwb said...

oka, so, sorry if this has been noted. i didnt read every post. have none of you haters ever seen fixie tricks these days? its like bmx freestlye... youtube it
-guy from usc who got his peugeot stolen by the surroundng are locals... many "hipsters" with stolen aerospokes, deep v's, and bianci's


(peugeot had hipster starbucks stickers on it, red tires, blk frame...$100 reward.)

christwb said...

i predict pegs.

Anonymous said...

yay for Cory Dank!! woot!

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Anonymous said...

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bender said...

originally used as a shoulder pad for carrying a bike upstairs (city folk who live in old buildings with slow service elevators and prefer to use the stairs). i used to hate on them, but then moved into said building and quickly changed my mind. now i just find them aesthetically pleasing.

@christwb, i've seen pegs on a fixie already, they are lame and only for people who can't figure out petal slides

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ed said...

People get sore shoulders from carrying a bike up a few floors? Must be heavy bikes...

vpill9999 said...

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kvr said...

I would like to set the record straight: dude with the STIs was a bike messenger at that time. Picture was taken in Seattle, and out here lot's of messengers use those tiny locks. Chains are not common (bike theft has not escalated in Seattle to the same level as it has in NYC). SPDs are common. It's good to get out of the city/tri state area and see the world from a non New York perspective. I recommend it, Anonymous (I am a native Brooklynite, so I understand. It's hard to realize the world does not revolve around NY). Also, dude's my boyfriend. I will fight you.


Anonymous said...

Old School BMX rules!!! Respect your roots you biters!!

Anonymous said...

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