Monday, June 18, 2007

Worst of NYC Craigslist Bike Ads, #2

This ad didn't annoy me that much the first time I saw it, but it's been posted regularly for like three months now, and it's finally burst through the fragile miniscus of my patience. The bike is fine for a beater or rain bike, and the price, though at least $150 too high, doesn't reach the ludicrous heights of some other Craigslist NYC ads. But the more I see it the more it irks me.

JAMIS Comet Road Bike...sweet deal for the summer!!! Lower Price - $550 (original URL:

OK, let's start with the photo. This guy has been posting this ad for months with the same shitty picture. Uh, the bike's not moving--maybe a shot in which the bike is actually discernible might help. And what's with him holding it up in the air? Is that to show how light it is? OK, you've proved your point, the bike is obviously under 60 pounds. But perhaps most annoying--is this guy taking a picture in the mirror, or is the drivetrain on the left side of the bike? If you don't have a friend, family member, or significant other to take the picture for you, just flag down a passer-by like the Japanese tourists do. Or lean it against a goddamn wall and take a picture that way!
Date: 2007-06-18, 5:02PM EDT
If your looking to get into road riding the price of entry tends to be steep. The cheaper bikes come with lame and heavy components and the jump over $1000 happens quickly.
Thank you for the insight into the bicycle retail industry. Yes, the jump over $1,000 does happen quickly. It comes right after $999.
Benefit from my job at a bike shop...this bike is custom.
In this case "custom" is another way of saying "shop rat cobbled together a beater with some stuff that followed me home from the shop."
Money was spent where it matters and everything is in great shape.
Great shape--yes, this is quite clear from the photos.
Jamis Comet...53 cm, aluminum aero frame, steel surly fork, ultegra front derailer, itm stem, dura ace crankset, rx100 brakes and rear derailer, SPD pedals included! new tiagra 9-speed shifters, new chain and cassette. ...only needs new tires and bar tape.
Surly front fork? Tiagra levers? RX100 derailleur? Yep, no "lame and heavy components" here.
Compare this to a new bike at the shop and something of the same quality would run easily over a grand.
I don't know, I just checked the Jamis Race on their site, which at $1,000 comes pretty well-specced. More than $550, sure, but not over $1,000 and brand new with a warranty. And you don't need to undo all the "custom" mistakes.
Im moving SOON and need to downsize...I have too many bikes! make an offer...
Uh, you can't have too many bikes. Not possible. Upgrade your ad. You should be able to get $375 for that.


Flavamost said...

This is hands-down the best thing I've seen in a while! I've worked in shops off and on for the last 15 years and I finally feel like there's someone else out there who sees things the way I do. Keep it up!

sessa said...

you have a great command of the bike snobbery sir. how are you on the word snobbery? somehow it has alway rankled me that people refer to working on bicycles as 'wrenching.' from your previous post, wasn't sure if the heading was a direct quote from one of the mechanics or your own word choice. years ago, my bike shop mentor was a cunning wordsmith who only used the term 'wrench' as a verb when dissing customers who f-ed up their own rides or when talking about applying excessive force to seatpost extractions or other such.

and really, the most offensive thing about fixed gear bicycles is that they somehow became trendy with the wannabe fashionistas, so much so that they felt compelled to dub them 'fixies.'

come on, that guy has gotta have some used bar tap he can run through the dishwasher. how SOON could he really need to leave?

BikeSnobNYC said...

Thanks for the comments. Sessa, I know I've "wrenched" some nice components right into the junk drawer in my ham-fisted past...but that's how you learn, right?

PeAK said...

...I enjoyed the levity in your writing so much that I actually started wading back six months of your blogs starting in June. (Today is November 21)...but...

...It was that especially dark pic of the Jamis fixed speed in your Worst of Craigslist #2 (no fault of your own) that prompted me to comment back about Picasa photo tools.

For your viewing pleasure:
The mystery Jamis revealed...

streepo said...

Top 5!!!

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