Friday, May 5, 2017

BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!

Okay, let's get to it.

First, come to Bike Expo New York tomorrow to bask in my presence and obtain the new BSNYC cap!

(There was a typo on the date.  I fixed it.)

Second, read my thrilling Jersey City bike share travelogue over at the City Bike Jersey City Site!

Thirdly, I'm pleased to present you with a quiz!  As always, study the question, think, and click on your answer.  If you're right then wow, and if you're wrong you'll learn about bicycling safety.

Thanks very much for reading, ride safe, and thanks for reading.

Thanks for reading,

--Wildcat Rock Machine

(Also make sure it's as far back on your head as possible.)

1) Fill in the blank:

"Make sure your _______ is on and buckled every time you ride."


2) Bike lanes are part of a vast Jewish conspiracy to drive gentile commercial enterprises out of business.


3) What is this?

--A new tire sealant on Kickstarter
--A new instant energy food recipe from Clif Bar
--"InstaChamois," the goop that conforms to your perineum allowing you to cycle in any garment
--A Mario Cipollini semen sample

4) Due to danger concerns, the Giro d'Italia recently cancelled a prize for:

--Most enthusiastic fan
--Fastest descender
--Most aggressive press moto driver
--The "Save water!" award for the team with the most conservative fluid consumption

5) I am one of the bike industry's sharpest minds.


6) The latest must-have accessory in cyclocross is:

--Disc brakes
--A dropper post
--A suspension fork
--A motor

7) Giant BMX bikes may be the future of cycling in America.


***Special Safety-Themed Bonus Video!***

Well okay then.


cdinvb said...

Well. Dang.

N/A said...

Morning, peeps.

Knüt Fredriksson said...


BamaPhred said...


dancesonpedals said...

yes, I shouted scranus in a crowded theater

Schisthead said...

Weird safety video.
It actually sounds like decent advice.

I wonder how that happened?

Top Ten-ish said...

Well i hope giant BMXs are becoming a thing especially if they are used for jumping more Lamborghinis. yeah and that safety video was O.K. starting out with all the bicycle right of way stuff.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Thanx for the very kind Jersey City report!

wishiwasmerckx said...

...and rounding out the top ten...

dnk said...

Thank you for that. I did not know that:

1. There was (& is) CitiBike service in a place called "New Jersey".

2. That you could get to "New Jersey" with a swipe of the MetroCard.

3. That in "New Jersey" people eat Incredi-Balls.

I'm a bit miffed that CitiBike does not serve my area of eastern BedStuy yet has found it viable to branch out into another state.

Best reason ever not to wear a helmet video? said...

The law enforcement bicycling safety video was a lot better than the ***Special Safety-Themed Bonus Video!*** So if you have a very fake staged bicycle collision you should give your helmet to the other guy? So you can show off your haircut?

Lieutenant Oblivious said...


Bike Snob said...


If the city would allocate some money to Citi Bike in the budget I'm sure we'd see a lot more expansion.

Meanwhile, we're subsidizing ferries that carry a fraction of the # of people Citi Bike already does.

--Wildcat Etc.

Knüt Fredriksson said...

I would like to use my appearance on the podium today to nominate wildcat for the position of internet bike mayor, or foot cheese master or whatever it is.

leroy said...

My dog insists there is a typo in the answers to Question 5.

He says "Ture" should be "Derp."

Ride safe all!

And if you're riding the 5 Boro Bike Tour, please ignore the dog in Brooklyn wearing a Marshall's vest and selling maps to the local stars' homes.

I'm trying not to encourage that sort of thing.

Lieutenant Oblivivious said...

Sure. Bring back the quiz for Bike Month! I missed the CX question, must not have been paying good attention in class all week!

JLRB said...

The Quiz!!! I am exhausted from the QUIZ!!!

Need to work on my endurance

JLRB said...

ps- I like the cross selling linkways

pps - TA keeps indicting there is a survey to take to sign up for emails but there is no surveyway

Ride at Your Own Risk said...

Trump Care to allow bicyclists to be placed in high risk pools, the rational being that the decision to take a bicycle ride is a pre-existing condition.

McFly said...

Running late. Had to stop and make sure my chamois was 2 fingers from my scranus.

N/A said...

Protip of the day: Don't shake McFly's hand.

McFly said...

I need to trim my fingernails.

Jon Webb said...

God damn you're productive.

Old Timer said...

Huh? What?

JB said...

"Outdoor Bike Bicycle Cycling Riding Helme[n]t"

Die free., said...

I call BS on the sharpest mind question.

Anonymous said...

Do it right, just do it.

whispers said...

9nobody cares

Daily Observer said...

Park Perv: "Does the carpet match the drapes?"

Safety MILF: "The carpets been ripped up. Hard wood only."

Anonymous said...

Would have loved to see the downhill competition in the giro. Couldn't they just try it once?

DB said...

Your Bike Snob in JC is one of your finest.
It was moving.

Ze Cherman said...

Well, mydog has been cyclo-Xing while I was asleep:

He says these changeable chainrings are now an absolute must-have in cyclocross, allowing multiple types of terrain profile to be ridden with the same bike.

I says besides putting multiple rings on the same crank as suggested at the end of the video, you could even add a device that allows moving the chain from one ring to the other, from the handlebars!. Added bonus: the extra weight would mean you could ride without that stupid parachute and get the same workout.

He says nah, it'll never catch on...

Anonymous said...

Hi BS, long time listener,first time caller,just trying out the commenting thing. I very much enjoy your screen screed,sorry I missed you at the expo,I could have introduced you to my rusty steed, the Orange Avenger,ironic in the sense it is actually made of iron (hence the rust).Looking forward to your irreverent skewering of the Big Ass Bike Tour of the City That Never Sleeps, which is probably why everyone is so frickin' cranky. Cheers, watch your head, Mike

Federico F. Fredriksen said...


That's exactly right - if you crash while wearing a helme(n)t that is too small for you and hit your head, it is no longer useful - styrofoam barely protects your head as it is, and if the helme(n)t has already absorbed a brutal impact as you gently laid yourself down onto the sidewalk, it will do even less to protect your brain from the 60mph collision between you and the incompetent driver's car. Since it has outlived its useful life, you might as well give the helme(n)t to the stranger who you awkwardly ran into. Then you can buy yourself a plastic hat that fits correctly.

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