Thursday, August 28, 2014

BSNYC Product Review: State Bicycle Co. Saturday Deluxe


Before anything else, let it be known that after today I will not be posting until Thursday, September 4th, at which point I will resume regular updates.

Happy Labouring Day and all of that.

Also, it's extremely important that during that time you buy a hat!

It's only the greatest bike riding hat ever made, that's all.  (And yes, we're talking about augmenting the hat offerings somehow, but whether that means different colors or adding an integrated fan remains to be seen.)

Meanwhile, the holiday may be nigh, but I put the "pro" in "non-productive," so in the meantime I'm pleased to present you with a thorough(ish) review of the State Bicycle Co. "Saturday Deluxe," which you may recall I took delivery of not too long ago:

So far, I've been pleased with this bicycle (both aesthetically and functionally), but the time had come for a serious test, that being a New York City commute spanning three (3) boroughs and including two (2) river crossings.

Moreover, the day of the test was also either the last or penultimate (I forget which) day of the NYPD's "Operation Safe Cycle" bicycle crackdown, so in addition to testing the State, I'd also be testing my own ability to avoid gratuitous ticketing.

To be honest, while I was looking forward to a long ride on the State (about 17 miles or so one way, which is a pretty decent schlep on a singlespeed with only a coaster brake), I wasn't feeling optimistic about my prospects as far as not getting a ticket.  Firstly, I was heading to Brooklyn, home of the sorts of hapless transplants the NYPD loves to stop.  Secondly, I was riding a very precious-looking bicycle, making me look like yet another hapless transplant.  Thirdly, while I planned to go out of my way to obey the traffic laws, there's very little correlation between obeying traffic laws on a bicycle and not being stopped by the NYPD.

Also, I was secretly hoping to get pulled over, because I was using the Fly6 integrated tail light camera, so maybe I'd get the whole thing on video.

In any case, I stuffed some supplies into my hobo bindle (in this case a neon green IMBA World Summit schwag bag), secured it in the front rack with a cargo net, and I was on my way:

One feature particular to riding in big cities like New York and Chicago is elevated subway tracks:

If you ride directly under the tracks there's not much room for maneuvering due to the supports, and if you ride alongside them you're constantly subjected to hastily-flung car doors and delivery trucks pulling over right in front of you:

(That's a regular photo, not a Fly6 still.)

I circumvented that particular truck and pressed on:

Owing to the crackdown I'd resolved to follow all the traffic laws.  However, it wasn't long before my resolve had broken.  See this bridge?

Technically you're supposed to dismount and walk across it.  Yeah, right.  I'll dismount and walk across the bridge just as soon as they require drivers to get out of their cars and push those across, too.

Now I was off the mainland and on the island of Manhattan, where I was pleased to find that Seaman Ave. had been newly surfaced:

There is nothing more pleasant than rolling on smooth Seaman.

However, my pleasure was short-lived, because somewhere around the intersection of Seaman and Cumming:

(Never gets old.  Never!!!)

The new pavement gave way to this:

Thus affording me a chance to test the State's vibration-damping characteristics:

The wide-ish tires kept me reasonably comfortable on the savaged surface of Seaman, though my hobo bindle was rattling around in the rack rather loudly, and it had me thinking it wouldn't be a bad idea to fit the rack's wooden surface with some sort of rubber cover, something I will never, ever get around to doing.

Like Mario Cipollini checking out of a hotel room, I left Seaman behind, at which point I had an opportunity to administer the "portaging test," because in order to get onto the Hudson River Greenway you have to ascend some steps:

When you factor in the full front rack the Saturday Deluxe isn't exactly light, though it's not so heavy you'd have too much trouble carrying it up to your apartment.  In this case though I outsmarted gravity by rolling the bike up the side of the staircase.  I also generally ride down these stairs when I'm traveling the other way, which is especially enjoyable when you're on a road bike and you pass people gingerly walking their full-suspension bikes.

Continuing on, I came to a steep descent--which is a steep ascent when you're headed north, which may explain why this rider looks so nonplussed:

Note my inner thigh visible in the upper right-hand corner as I position my scranus over the rear wheel to maximize the efficacy of the coaster brake:

This being a bike review, I next stopped at a famous landmark for an impromptu bicycle photo shoot:

That's the George Washington Bridge and the so-called "Little Red Lighthouse," subject of the famous children's book of the same name:

Your child will love the part where the Governor of New Jersey creates a traffic jam on the Great Gray Bridge on purpose.

Here's me taking a picture of the bike:

You may also notice a wet spot slowly forming in my crotchal area, which is sweat dripping down my body and being absorbed by my pants.

Here's me remounting the State:

Noticed I walked the bicycle along the path because the State is not rated as a gravel bike by the World International Gravel Bike Association.

Continuing downtown, I left the George Washington Bridge behind:

And overtook two people on an e-bike:

(Regular photo again, not Fly6.)

I assumed the passenger was a child, but the Fly6 reveals a fully grown adult:

By this point I began to realize I was going to have a hard time convincing anybody that the dark patch in the front of my pants was not urine:

Pants-wetting, of course, is nature's way of revealing fear and vulnerability, which would help explain why I was soon subjected to shirtless Cat 6 attacks:

When you get to the general vicinity of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum the Hudson River Greenway begins to see a lot of pedestrian traffic, hence these bicycle-specific traffic signals nobody obeys:

I'm not sure why, during a highly-publicized crackdown during which the NYPD is stopping cyclists for everything and anything, riders don't at least go through the motions in order to avoid tickets:

Why make it easier for them, you know?

I was now schvitzing like an elderly man in a steamroom, and so I stopped at a bench to mop my brow and engage in some more bicycle photography:

The dark strip down the front of my shirt should tell you all you need to know:

Then I left the greenway and headed across town, where I watched a driver in an Audi SUV flip a u-turn right in front of the woman riding in the bike lane in front of me, forcing her to stop abruptly.  He appeared to be parking, but then he lunged back into traffic again as I passed:

I do my best not to engage drivers but between the heat and the dickishness of the maneuver I couldn't help but give him a piece of my mind, and to my amazement at the next light he went out of his way to apologize.  Here he is in mid-apology:

At first I was amazed, but after awhile it dawned on me that between my plaintive, nasal, whiny delivery and my wet crotch he probably thought I had pissed myself in fear and took pity on me:

Hey, whatever works.

Shortly thereafter I got caught in a traffic bottleneck due to construction.  With the crackdown still in full effect there was no way I was going to ride on the sidewalk, and so I did a cyclocross dismount and walked the bike past the blockage instead:

Then I remounted:

And the bars immediately rotated downward because apparently I hadn't tightened the stem bolt enough:

So I now looked like this guy:

Only with a sweaty crotch.

I fixed the problem and continued on, encountering the usual assortment of bike lane obstructions:

I suspected this was an undercover sting and 50 officers would leap from the truck as soon as I went around it, but fortunately this was not the case:

Moments later, I was overtaken by a "fixiebro:"

Who crowded me in an aggressive manner as we rounded the corner:

I guess when you've got a pretty bike and a wet crotch even people who ride in gym shorts think they've got something on you.

Passing through SoHo, I encountered this photo shoot involving a dog:

(Again, regular photo, not Fly6.)

And then a short while later I passed this guy intently photographing something at a microbial level:

Leaving Manhattan behind, I crossed the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn:

Successfully negotiated the descent with my coaster brake:

Passed the shitty bike art:

And finally locked up the State, my wardrobe positively drenched with perspiration:

In the end, there's very little not to like about this bike, with the exception of the bell, which I still haven't figured out:


So if you're looking for a pretty and inexpensive townie and you don't need none of them fancy gears or handbrakes, this bicycle will fit the bill rather nicely.

And with that, I'm off to wring the last few drops of sweat from the summer.  Thanks for reading, ride safe, and happy Labor Day.

See you again on September 4th.

--Wildcat Rock Machine


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wishiwasmerckx said...

Second podium!

babble on said...

Kisses... XX

Can you TELL how sorely we miss you when you're away, snobberdoodums? It's just not the same with a sweaty old balls post to peruse day after day. What this post needs is some serious booby action.

And don't go telling me to get on with it, either. Y'all know I do not own a pair of boobies worthy of a snobblog. More's the shame, cause you know that I would definitely share if I did.

leroy said...

Another reason to buy a hat....

My dog says if you combine the BSNYC hat with Fat Cyclist socks, you can make an invisible Jonathan Vaughters doll.

Invisible Doll

If I lend him the money, he can get 50 of these into production in time for Festivus.

I have to admit his market survey is impressive even if it is in crayon.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

-Sea Fred

“Expense is not a major consideration”

Wall hang the old relic in homage to the builder-friend. Give your scranus a break and get yourself a nice recumbent. You've still got your upright commuter and what not for when that itch needs scratched.

Go ahead poo-poo me and make fun if you will. I like upright bikes too. Have a whole garage full of them and enjoy them all. Yes the diamond frame is a fine example of mechanical and structural perfection. The aha moment for me was when I realized that the upright diamond frame bike was designed for its own good; A sturdy platform which to mount wheels, drivetrain and controls. Unfortunately as good as it is the inventors of the safety bike gave little consideration to ergonomics or rider comfort.

It makes sense that a bicycle can also be designed around the human body incorporating ergonomics instead of the other way around.

My scranus approves this message.

dop said...

i'll never forget the combination of concentration and sheer terror on the fixie riders face as he descended hard...9i had a good view climbing0

McFly said...

Unless your a die hard put a flat bar on the 80's chariot. Ok mines a '91....but still.....for in-town-dickin-around it's the shit so get a whiff.

Spokey said...

congrats DoP

but in all fairness, I have to warn you that I've filed a protest with the rules committee. I believe it is expressly forbidden to take a centurion sprint before 11AM snobbie time.

semi serious cyclist said...

For those not in the know, Freds wear wool too.

It's the OBSESSION that makes the fred. Jan Heine? - super fred.

Who was the UBER fred? The great Saint Sheldon, with his 63 speed drivetrain, double stem chariots.

Me, i use Phil Wood tenacious as pomade.

Spokey said...

i have a double stem bike. but not two handle bars.

I bought a stem and appropriate spacers and put an aluminum tube in the handlebar clamp. I have a bell mounted and that's where I hang the handlebar bag. And if I need a light, I mount it down there too.

Up top i obviously have the handlebars but also a set of aero bars. No fredly affection, just a nice way to rest your hands when they get sore*. Downside is that the bag is too low to carry a six-pack on the front rack.

* if I ever lose enough of my mind to want to aero, i'll be aeroing myself first.

Orestes Munn said...

Just brought the bike home and rechecked the rear spacing. It's 120, not 124 as I remembered and I think there's too much risk to the paint, which is perfect, to go to 130. So with that as the deciding factor, it's going to stay vintage, but I have no plans to hang it on a wall.

I have nothing against recumbents, but let's just say, I'm not good enough to climb hills one them.

dop said...

d' my above post I described the terror of a fixie rider was a guy on a recumbent going down a 20% plus grade

Spokey said...

oh well

no more tech then. guess it's back to boobies

Anon @ 1905 hrs said...

Before bringing back boobies, let us take pause to reflect upon the unprecedented and moving event we've just witnessed:

Aqua Fred, in a novel manoeuvre for commenters on this blog, called for counsel on updating his vintage roadie. A number of interlocutors, just like grown-ups on real blogs, proffered opinions and advice.

In the space of 24 hours, Aqua Fred was made to see the error of his ways and sensibly, he abandoned his foolhardy plans.

It's heartening to think that the collection of curious creatures who populate this shabby site can combine to gently guide a fellow member of the flock on to the path of righteousness.

Brethren, let's now dance circles around Aqua Fred chanting; "you are one of us, you are one of us..."

dancesonpedals said...

bsnyc has come to personify the post-fred can't really laugh at people who ride team shirts without having a bunch in your can't make fun of people who want to blow money on ti or crabon do-dads, unless you wanted one youself....latent fredism is at the heart of the post-fred sensibility, if only for its necessity in understanding all the takes a fred to know one

(I am excluding the hucksters & the bastards at bike companies or kick-starter who wish to profit from our fredism...there's a special circle in hell for them)

so help me, Scranus.

scranus said...


McFly said...

I shall reveal true fredtopia and confess my want for that neo-vintage Raleigh Campy jersey in sales flier.

And Babs when its breakfast time all the muffins get butter no matter how big or not big.

BamaPhred said...

Greetings from the Swamp Crotch capital of the South.

While we are sharing our inner Fred, I am late to the party. Anyone have the Gotham City kit from Toga Cycles? It looks interesting. I need to get something for Fall riding. A WooHoo hat for now and a murdered out black wool for later and I'm fixed. Wait, don't take "fixed" the wrong way. Only the urologist knows for sure.

McFly said...

Urologist smurologist. I got fixed in '04. The urologist said "Come back in 2 weeks and we will take a sample and ensure the results." Forget that crap. We did live action testing in real time at the house. After 3 months with none of the up-knocking I was satisfied.

dop said...

I hconfess to a vuelta catalunya t shirt. It creeps people out a little that it advertises a race run in Spain in 1943. "Hey, they were neutral!"

Gotham & Toga? I thought the staff at Toga acted a little less like assholes after they were bought out by Gotham

Spokey said...

got me fixins in the early 80s once all the bedrooms were filled. over 30 years and no seedlings, i guess the pruning was done right.

'course now they look the other way so to speak. psa and that fantastic voyage camera. just glad i didn't go to med school like aunty bess though i should.

of, and bieking. any opinions on the bestests strongest ISIS BB? I'm thinking I need to put one in again and I'd like it to last more than 5-6 years this time.

JLRB said...

DOP - spot on calculus of the neo-post-Fred, anti-fixie-hipster movement.

JLRB said...

ISIS BB - aren't they beheading people in Syria?

JLRB said...

Who is more sumg, the beiker with the tailwind making good time, or the beiker with the headwind scoffing at the beikiclist with the tailwind heading in the other direction?

Spokey said...

kit, kit?

here kitty kitty

oh, those funny biekcycling clothes. nah. those shorty pants are funny looking enough.

for tops though i do go all the way and spend $10 at Campmor. But I see those things are $13 now. Good thing I stocked up awhile back else i guess i'd have to run around flashing boobies. and you don't want that.

i may may utremrog later today

Spokey said...


both are sumg of course

Spokey said...

no those are ISIL BB. The white outhouse says so

babble on said...

OMG, Shock and Awwwwww... my take on why we won the Little One Hundred: We were amped up for a short circuit!

Anonymous said...


"*Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly referred to the author of Bike Snob NYC as Chris Koelle. The blogger is Eben Weiss."

dop said...

NEO-post fred? Shit. We'll have to have a symposium. A colloquy just won't do. Maybe publish our proceedings as a supplement to a major journal of fredism. There will be blood all over the floor. But no calculus. We're social scientists.

Spokey said...

so babs

you runnin full tilt now? seems like a pretty good/fast recovery

semi serious cyclist said...

We're all on a slow ride uphill to fredliness. there's no escaping it. If we're lucky, at some point on our slow ride down decrepitude lane, we all go cat 6 at some point- if we're lucky - on a vintage bike, muttering 'indexing' sotto voce, while smiling and nodding at the rest of the bicyclists.

Spokey said...

bs that shoaling doesn't slow you down. Maybe only a second or two but it's got to make you wait just a little longer to get going. and unless the shoaler is as fast or faster than you are, you will have to pass him.

don't know whether i'd be bothered because there are so few biekcycles around here that i don't recall if i've ever been at a light with another cyclist. i do see the occasional salmon.

but what if cars did that? you know say swung out to the other lane, went to the front and swung back in. i've got 100 fun coupons that says that more the 50% would end in some disagreement. some of those would be damaged cars and others damaged drivers. i'll even guess that Kriston Capps would be far less blase about that. yet i'll bet another 100 coupons that a car doing that wouldn't slow down fellow drivers any more than in the biek situation.

evidence? look at the situation where say a 4 lane road turns in to a 3 lane road. how often we see cars illegally straddling a lane to prevent another car from going down the disappearing lane in the last 100-200 years. drivers can't tolerate being put in a disadvantage when the other driver is driving perfectly legal. yet cyclists are expected to turn the other cheek?

i think we can all wait our turn and be civil/ized out there. if you want to get someplace sooner, leave sooner.

Orestes Munn said...

Such insightful commentary on fredism, in effect the Gemara to Snob's Mishnah.

Spokey said...

100-200 years

100-200 yards or metres of course

3 speed said...

I like to heap derision on struggling fixie riders as I pass with ease on steep grades. Let me tell you, I really give them the gears.

Spokey said...

on a very steep grade is it worse for a fixie to go up or to go down?

JLRB said...

I had someone shoal up to me at a light this week - he was dressed in an airforce kitty kitty on a plasticy beik. When the light changed he looked over and motioned for me to go first. I think he was just fedding out checking out my beik, er something.

1904 Cadardi said...


120 is probably still safe to cold set out to 130. If you have ever tried to realign a frame after a crash it's startling how far things have to be flexed before the tubes will take a set. The paint is will most likely be fine.

If you really like the frame I vote for upgrading to modern 10 speed, a compact crank, 32 tooth rear (get the ultegra 6700A which will officially handle 30t, but I've used a32t cog with a dura-ace so the 6700A will easily go to at least 32). Modern side pivot brakes are better than old center or side pull brakes in every possible way. I'm still riding a 30 year old Nuovo Record front hub and a 20+ year old shimano freehub so loose balls are the way to go. (Badabing) spokes are good things so get lots, or just a new rear hub to mirror the front. Shimano still sells 36 hole hubs which is awesome.

But keep the old Campy stuff for when you want to go back to old skool.

But all this assumes you are NOT going to lock this in a bad neighborhood (bad neighborhood defined as everywhere). If that's the case, upgrade the bike and get a proper commuter, meaning POS.

So that's my well reasoned and unarguably expert and most assuredly correct advice. Braaaaaaappp.

babble on said...

Oh hear hear! (to polite applause)

Spokey -I wish! I feel strong, but the doc says not to "put it under load" till December. I am not entirely sure what he means by that. I do plenty of things that hurt every day, but am always happy with how much the joint CAN actually do! So I guess his advice is subject to babble interpretation.

And as you can see by the nature of the baton being passed along, that particular relay was definitely NOT a race!

Fred of the Sea? There is a picture in that post just for you. :)

semi serious cyclist said...

...loose balls.... reminds me of my saloon decades

dop said...

post-fred sensibility===> it takes one to know one

semi serious cyclist said...

dop - "Maybe publish our proceedings as a supplement to a major journal of fredism."

I like how you think.

Fred pub. cred.

Orestes Munn said...

Babble, which post, which picture?

..And good thinking on the supplement, sec, less if any peer review. Now we need a commercial sponsor to pay for it.

Dave B said...

You should call this your Tour De NYC ride.

Holy Roller said...

I found Jesus... He was behind a box of old bike parts in the shed!

JLRB said...


scranus said...

I'll see your scranus and raise you 2 scrani

McFly said...

Who woulda guessed that the Vuelva a Espanka, the red-headed step-child of the grand tours, would be jam packed with GC contention and fraught with suitcase courage openings?

Did everyone have a nice holiday? We got mostly/kinda rained out but the labor was minimal so no formal complaints.

babble on said...

Fred of the sea- the latest post has a photo of a boat whose sole function is to go fast. It's the equivalent of a plastic fred chariot for the sea!

babble on said...

Here in your toupee we are watching the wholesale destruction of organized labor by government on behalf of big business. So the kids aren't going to school today because of a three month long teachers' strike during which the government has steadfastly refused to deal with class size and composition. But don't worry. Minimum wages and poor working conditions have a trickle down effect.

Orestes Munn said...

Ah, your blog! Yes, that is quite the sled and pretty, too. They don't let ol' Fred race on anything that fast. Now I'm going to have to spend the morning finding out what it is.

BamaPhred said...

Yes, I hope everyone everyone had a good non laboring Labor Day, both in America's toupee and Canadidia's scranus.

But the burning question of the day, not to be confused with a certain rash, is where are all these nekkid photos the celebrities are so upset about?

Anonymous said...

Been looking for unauthorized hacked nude photos of Snob all weekend.

1904 Cadardi said...

"we are watching the wholesale destruction of organized labor by government on behalf of big business."

Welcome to America kid.

dop said...

1904...'welcome to America kid'...babs was under the delusion that as a Canadian American, she didn't have to worry about that. That was before our toupee became a rogue-petro state run by the oil companies. (Alaska with better manners)

Brian Orcutt said...

Cool post!

dop said...

those crotch shots put the fly in Fly-6

1904 Cadardi said...

Back to bikes for a moment:

I didn't realize the Alfine Di2 rear hub was available in both 8 and 11 speed versions. And the 8-speed variant is surprisingly inexpensive at ~$200. Sure you need a battery ($80), a shifter ($100-$300 for the flat bar or integrated lever), shift motor ($120), display ($100) a wire ($25) and the Small Parts Kit ($20 for some axle nuts?). Okay, so that $200 hub requires Four-hundred and some smackeroonies of other stuff to make it work. But still, ain't it cool?

Orestes Munn said...

Just don't put the Fly-6 in the ointment.

Spokey said...

while we yap on here about big bad business courtesy of the one of the biggest businesses, anyone notice that that magazine that occasionally throws a few sheckles snobbie's way (bi-sicleing of course*) has a half page ad on page 43 featuring a biek-sickle salmoning down the street.

* full disclosure: yes I get bi-sicleing but only because it came free with my LAB membership. I didn't see any way to not get it. although i just renewed and think i did manage to not get it this time.

Spokey said...

1904 Cadardi

you lost me at the $80 battery.

dop said...

I only read it for the articles. Just the articles. (rimshot). No verbs, nouns or pronouns. OK, the occasional gerund.

JLRB said...

Salmon are people too

Does anyone make salmon salami? If so, is it called salmoni?

Orestes Munn said...

If people are salmon and corporations are people, then corporations are salmon. Genetically altered, farmed salmon.

leroy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AllAmericanThriftBOT9000 said...

"Okay, so that $200 hub requires Four-hundred and some smackeroonies of other stuff to make it work."

The mechanical shifters are $15+/- for the rotating grip type, and $40+/- for the 2 level click type.

That is cooler. Having fun; saving my money is just part of the bargain...

leroy said...

The Indignity of Commuting Continues:

This AM while ascending the Manhattan Bridge, I passed a woman on a Citibike who admonished that one mustn't pass if there is a solid yellow line on the bike path and I should know that because I'm old.


My dog wants to do a Cragislist missed connection post so he can find out where to send a thank you card

streepo said...


Freddy Murcks said...

Everyone loves my schweddy balls.

BamaPhred said...

Speaking of schweddy balls, I can't help but notice that it is nearly the same level of misery, heat and humidity wise, in NYC as it is here in Alabama

Anonymous said...

Not to worry Babs. Just use that government program and replace those teachers with foreign workers and there will be even enough money to pay the bonuses for the Translink bosses.

Spokey said...

I think I paid around $50 - ebay for a new set of bar end shifters last year. Dura-Ace I think. Still a far cry than that electronic and only a little more than half the price of a battery. The set also included cables, housing and the adjuster downtube stop things.

I do find the usb charging cable housings are a PITA

commentatorbot_9q73 said...

Brethren, let's now dance circles around Aqua Fred chanting; "you are one of us, you are one of us..."

Hear, hear!

BamaPhred said...

Has anyone ever witnessed a shoal of salmon?

BamaPhred said...

Is the BC gov really giving out $40 dollar a day child care checks for every school day the teachers are on strike? And that would be per child?
By child they mean someone 12 and under, I think.
There are people around here who would pray that the school employees would go on permanent strike.

crosspalms said...

On my ride in this morning, a man and woman on bikes passed me, and as they blew through a stop sign and made a left without signaling, the guy said to her, "Now, people don't always see you here."

Spokey said...


up in Ketchikan Alaska. They have a hatchery there. Saw a bunch of them.

JLRB said...

On my ride in to work today I drove a car I own. It sucked. First non-beik commute in two months. Curse you school system!!! ($40 would be tempting)

1904 Cadardi said...


Bar-ends are probably the last bargain in the world of clicky shifters. Too bad for me I hate the damned things, probably from smashing my knees into them during too many wildly flailing cyclocross dismounts.

Spokey said...

I've test ridden brifers. no thanks. for one too complicated. also bar ends let me sweep from the 11 cog to the 34 cog in a second.

plus the ability to 'trim' the front. And switch to friction if your index gets wacked work for me.

babble on said...

My Chorus brifters allow me to jump from one end of the cluster spectrum to the other with one sweeping click. No probs.

Yeah, $40 a day will be welcome in my too-long-without-a-proper-job bank account, but it won't go far toward actually educating the boy.

Oh! And now that the money is coming in anyway, I actually have a proper salaried position again. Blessed be. :D

Orestes Munn said...

I had bar end shifters on an ancient Legnano back in the mid 70s. I think they called them "sneaky Petes" or something and the idea was that you could hide your tactical shifts from the opposition. I have indexing and thumb shifters on the old MTB I use as a daily commuter. However, I have never tried brifters. I hear they're the dog's bollocks.

Spokey said...

the dog's bollocks.


Spokey said...


that new? I thought they only went 3 or so gears

babble on said...

Maybe I am just plain old mistaken... I thought a brifter is a combination brake and shifter, no? And Chorus lets you shift nine out of ten speeds in one fell swoop.

But never mind all that. What I REALLY meant to say it that it's an open sort of panty which allows me to jump from one end of the spectrum to the other in one sweeping dick.

But then I was up at stupid o'clock this morning. Must be time for a drink already.

Orestes Munn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Orestes Munn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
McFly said...

I just got admonished (by a guy I know) for not having a headlight and almost getting run over. Never you mind that he was 7 ft into the oncoming lane. I thanked him for not killing me and then waved at my mom who happened to be driving by. She would have flogged his ass like an angry hen.

Orestes Munn said...

Is Leroy's dog THE dog?

Anonymous said...

Looks a little like LD?

Scranus said...


semi serious cyclist said...

Fred's full friction fatwa.

shoals of salmon? Just the small fry.

1904 Cadardi said...

Lob how I hate the word brifter. Can't we call them integrated levers? If you've managed to master front AND rear shifting integrated levers aren't going to be difficult.

1904 Cadardi said...

Besides, when was the last time you had dump all your gears at once?

1904 Cadardi said...

Other than taking off the rear wheel I can't think of a time I've needed to dump the cluster.

1904 Cadardi said...

Climbing up the gears, there was a crit with a fast downhill into a hairpin and up the steep finishing straight .

1904 Cadardi said...

But, except for the Dura-Ace 10 speed 7900 Shimano shifters allow jumps of three gears so three quick lever moves and it's 12 to 26.

1904 Cadardi said...

You can ratchet the gears faster than the chain can jump across the cogs.

JLRB said...


JLRB said...


1904 Cadardi said...

And indexed shifting really isn't that finicky anymore, although every generation gets a little worse.

1904 Cadardi said...

Dammit dammit dammit. Here I am trying the long winded solo breakaway and who sneaks up and gets the triple.

Well, congrats JLRB. Better watch over your shoulder cause I'm sucking wheel like it's my job now!

Oh, and try indexing and integrated levers, but as a retro grouch that still carries a frame pump if friction, bar ends or down tubes makes you happy then go ride that biekcycle.

JLRB said...

integrated hand curated artisan bifthers

Spokey said...

congrats JLRB for jumping the centurion while 1904 rants and casts aspersions on my beloved barcons. retrogrouch indeed.

does a topeak road morph count as a frame pump? or does it have to be one of those old long things that spring load and latch in to the peg and have the hose that comes out and screws in to the pump.

ken e. said...


semi serious cyclist said...

You only cluster dump when the riding gets serious.

"Indexing", he muttered. "What a cluster. Must think they're riding the tour de francey-pants."

Orestes Munn said...

I dumped a bit of a cluster this a.m.. Black beans, I think.

DreadPirateRobert said...

Bells go on the left! Put it on the other side and you'll be able to reach the striker thing.

Spokey said...

no you cluster dump when the riding isn't serious. if you're serious you're probably paying attention so you anticipate and don't need to take drastic action. if you're like me and in a steady state of mental fog, that hill (up or down) takes you by surprise. Forcing the dump.

I think I'll go test that theory before it get too hot again today.

JB said...

I have never even ridden a bike that has the shifting integrated into the brakes. Not intentionally mind you, I'd probably like them.

Actually, I've never even ridded a crabon bicycle. Afraid of them.


JB said...


Anonymous said...

RE: Cluster Dump (shifting from one side of the cluster to the other.)

Set you bike up with 16 tooth difference between the rings (max. modern derailers can handle.) Get a close spaced cassette, like 1 or 2 teeth difference between the sprockets. When riding stay on the big ring (except for big uphills of course) and shift the rear to find the right gear. When you need to down shift by a lot, shift to the small ring; it is just a flick of a lever, much easier than trying to go from one side of the cassette to the other.

This was also stated way back on AUGUST 29, 2014 AT 5:58 PM

Captain Oblivious said...

lob almighty.

when is the snobster going to be back? This drivel about bicycles, dumps, clustering is making me puke.


Anonymous said...

The bike hits don’t stop.

A big down shift on the front chain ring involves releasing the shorter of the 2 shift cables, and the derailer only has to move 5 mm +/- between the 2 chain rings.

A big down shift on the rear cluster involves PULLING the longer shift cable, and the derailer has to move 20 mm or more, skipping over 5, 6 or more sprockets.

Mechanically the big downshift in front is much easier.

Anonymous said...

And another thing. The old Suntour Honor front derailer is backwards; pulling on the cable shifts to the small ring. That is the only exception I know.

No need to thank me, all in a day’s work for Bicycle Repair Man.

JLRB said...

thank you

1904 Cadardi said...


If you haven't already don't try them new fangled integratered brakey-shifty thingamabogs, you might actually like them. You just know that's a gateway drug to crabonfibre. Pretty soon you're enrolled in Dental School.

And yes, the pump has to spring load itself into the frame. It just does.

1904 Cadardi said...

Whoops, not Spokey. JB!

Don't do it JB!

BamaPhred said...

The Snob has twittered something about Cipollini dressed as a radioactive sperm. If only he was wearing a white time trial helment, the image would be complete.

Spokey said...

and don't forget rapid rise rears (opening here for mcfly) where releasing the cable gives you the big shift down.

yearmsi Tabasco or give me death

Spokey said...

thanks 1904 but I'll keep my crabon for my pencils and he-man metal for me steeds

caged MonkeyMan(person)(entity) said...

notice cipo's location

Cape Horn

Orestes Munn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
babble on said...

Racer Rob who sources my fast-bike things, was super excited about giving me Chorus post-crash, because of the big dump capabilities. At first I hated them, because I have almost always found feathering to be the way to go. But you can move one at a time once you develop a feather touch, and just this week I noticed that I did actually use the mass move a couple of times. It wasn't serious, either, but I sure did have a good sweat on, and I liked it.

Go figure.

JLRB said...

Cipo isn't wearing a helmet - he is going to die!

Freddy Murcks said...

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that can be unusually messy.

caged MonkeyMan(person)(entity) said...

when the moon is in the seventh house and jupiter aligns with mars

BamaPhred said...

And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too, I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

commentatorbot_9q73 said...

"explosive potential" Heh. hehe.

Spoiler alert: Cipo leaves with two girls.


Brif Ters

crosspalms said...

Not sure I want an Attack Saddle or a bike that looks like a hatchet, but then I still like friction shifting which I think shows up in cave paintings.

And I'm bummed that I misremembered the day Snob returns, I thought it was today. So to keep us all from weeping uncontrollably, here's another guy who's re-invented the bike.

JLRB said...

"The Occam offers pedals lower to the ground than a traditional bike"

I'd say it offers an excellent opportunity to smash said pedals into the ground if you tilt ever so slightly to either side

designer engineers

Orestes Munn said...

The wind was a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees.
The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas.
The road was a ribbon of moonlight over the purple moor,
And the highwayman came riding—
The highwayman came riding, on an apparently radioactive crabon time trial rocket with recessed brakes. He didn't wear a helmet because he's gonna die from acute radiation sickness in a few weeks, anyway.

Anonymous said...

In Soviet Russia, cassette dump YOU

Spokey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
McFly said...

You know what they say about rapid rise rears that facilitate releasing.....

Date 'em.

1904 Cadardi said...

I forgot to add another plus for modern Shimano derailleurs:

The front never needs trimming!

(and begin scene)

Comment deleted said...

What I'd like (for my Cat 6 commuting hole shots) is to be able to shift from low gear UP three or so gears instantly. Once you get momentum going, a big change up is called for.

(I start out in low gear, remaining seated and coddling my knees, like a good disciple of the Sheldon).

Spokey said...

donna know bout that

what's modern?

gots a friend with a woman's specific road bike (trek? / several years old) with a 105 group and neither I nor several shops can adjust that thing so that there is never any chain rattle. granted it's only at the extremes but it's there. doesn't seem to bother her but it would drive me to shift front & back to get around the same gearing without the rattle.

my take is your bike should pamper you and not the other way around

and where the freak is recumbabe. i'll bet recumbabe's chains don't rattle

1904 Cadardi said...

Not sure about 105, but the last two generations of Dura-Ace are really good about the front derailleur. In the big ring I can go from top to bottom with no cage rubbing and no adjustment required. In the small ring, the chain drags on the big ring before it hits the cage.

And yes, I'll admit it, I cross chain. It's not something I just experimented with in college, I still cross chain. In fact I cross chained today.

McFly said...

I have 105 and can go from 1-10 on the Big Rang with no issues. They don't call me Captain Crossbind for nothing.

You wanna hear something else fun and interesting about shifting? You would. Dork.

dop said...

I've got a 1994 specialized allez (sport) with RX 100, downtube shifters& I put it in any fucking gear I want.

Anonymous said...

"You wanna hear something else fun and interesting about shifting?

No one cares what you want to or don't want to hear.

What I'd like (for my Cat 6 commuting hole shots) is to be able to shift from low gear UP three or so gears instantly.

You can do that with an internal gear hub. Plus the jump between single gears is bigger than most derailer gear bikes.

If you want to stick with derailers, a good brifter set will let you shift up through the rear gears one sprocket at a time, every 3 or 4 pedal revolutions, so you stay close to the correct gear ratio as you get momentum going, instead of spinning out and then trying to shift 3 sprockets at once.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

"my take is your bike should pamper you and not the other way around"

-I'll drink to that.

2nd the Recumbabe motion.

Comment deleted said...


I like to start in low gear, seated. Once I'm moving, maybe after three crank revs, I shift up three, sometimes four gears as fast as I can (sometimes double-clicking). There's no time spent in the intermediate gears and I'd love to just skip 'em.

Oh yeah, and brifters are on my list of good innovations to the biek. They work.

Orestes Munn said...

Wanna hear about my single-speed?

Dooth said...

Don't mean to give short shrift to shift talk, but I'm planning on following Wildcat's route along the Hudson River this Friday on a very similar one speed coaster brake bike. Maybe I should do some fishing too.

babble on said...

I was rescued by a true hero this morning when I pinched my spare tube changing a flat this morning. He stayed to change the tire while I got to ride his single speed bike home, and I was delighted that today it wasn't sporting a 52 up front, cause I like my knees, and I made it up the hills to make it home without any pain whatsoever.

Heh heh. So I am managing a project which has me in a great big open office chocka block with IT geeks and video game designers and programmers. There are a fair few of us here who ride to work every day, and even though I am one of only two women, it is a super cool group of peeps. My favourite so far? A big, tall, manly man Swede with tatts and a couple of piercings whose favourite work togs include funky t-shirts, army boots, and a skirt that kinda sorta resembles a black kilt.

I love my life.

Spokey said...

well, maybe the integrated brake shifters (not to offend 1904 again) are OK now. I prefer barcons but maybe I won't reject a future biek if it has these dudes.

maybe the smaller frame on the trek means a shorter enough chainstay that the angle makes a difference for chain rub (insert another mcfly innuendo here).

Wanna hear about my single-speed?
- - - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

-I'll drink to that.

have to wait until 8:30 when my weekly phone call begins

I shift up three, sometimes four gears

sounds like my style. I probably skip gears more often than not. both startup/uphill and down. I do that pretty much getting up to speed and then micro-adjust for my preferred cadence when I'm up to speed.

crosspalms said...

Sounds like pretty shiftless behavior to me.

Anonymous said...

"following Wildcat's route along the Hudson River...on a very similar one speed coaster brake bike. Maybe I should do some fishing too.

Anonymous said...

"Wanna hear about my single-speed?
- - - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

I wanna hear about it.

How many colours does it have? How narrow are the handlebars? How do you groom your hipster beard?

Dooth said...

crosspalms, yes!... shiftless and shaft-packing!

Anonymous said...

Needed to replace the front derailler on my beater (actually, all my bikes are beaters, but no matter). Went to my junk box and selected the FD that seemed most suitable and was surprised to discover the beater's cable pulled from above and I'd selected an FD that requires pulling from below -- returned to my junk box and rummaging through the pile found only one pulling-from-above FD.

It was ancient and rusted and had almost completely seized up, but it was the only thing at hand that could work so I cleaned it up and installed it. Much to my amazement it cleaned up real nice and worked a treat. Better, in fact, than all my other pull-from-below FDs. Smoother, faster, snappier.

So, my question is; which is best, pull-from-abovers or pull-from-belowers?

Orestes Munn said...

"I wanna hear about it.

How many colours does it have? How narrow are the handlebars? How do you groom your hipster beard?"

No, you have to REALLY want to hear about it.

"So, my question is; which is best, pull-from-abovers or pull-from-belowers?"

If we're discussing bumwad, above, most emphatically. Derailleurs, WGAS?

1904 Cadardi said...

Spokey [wheeeze] come to the dark side [wheeze] try the integrated levers [wheeeze] you will [wheeze] like them [wheeze]

Ivan in Alberta said...

I have bike with big gears and not so big gears. I want to go fast, I shift gear. I want to climb hill, I shift gear. Some time gears go clack, clack. Then I shift gear lever just a small distance and they make stop the clack, clack. I ride bike to tarsand factory every day. Air is hard to breathe from the tarsand factory smoke stack. Tarsands digging holes as far as one can see. I have feelings of bad.

Count of Sprint said...


quick 43 more comments before snobster posts again

semi serious cyclist said...

click click click click click click click clickclick click click clicktity click ~ like riding with a dance line of carmen miranda afficinados with a penchant for castanet music.

McFly said...

You bastards. All this shift talk caused me to snap a cable and be stuck in the 11 in some hilly crap for more miles than I care to remember. I tried securing the broken cable to the bottle cage bolt but could not keep tension on it.

Anonymous said...

Cable ties, McFly, cable ties.

With two or three cable ties cable tied together, you coulda fashioned an impromptu cable securing your derailleur on a more amiable cog. With cable ties. You coulda done that with cable ties.

Cable ties can also be called into service for all sorts of other emergency bicycle repair.

Cable ties are tops!

Basic post-Fred-sentiment bike-craft involves always carrying a bunch of cable ties taped to the underside of your saddle. Cable ties should be taped to the underside of every bicycle saddle.

Hooray for cable ties.

1904 Cadardi said...


We'll that sucks. On the plus side you got a strength workout and a story to tell.

Velo snooze of all places had this up a few weeks ago. Could you try out this solution and report back?


Human Waste said...

Ivan of Alberta. Tar sands are so yesterday. Fracking is where it's at now. The oilsands massive tailing ponds full of toxic sludge waiting to seep into the environment are just going to be the next generations problem. Fracking can poison our aquefers right now, so we ourselves can suffer the ill effects of oil extraction instead of our children. Fill'er up with a tankfull of death you poor fools.

Billy Bob Jr. Bob Billy (Inbred) Bob said...

Coal Roll on Human Waste! Harhharh!(*Hick*)

McFly said...

Yes sir I am a strong proponent of Zip Ties. In my minds eye I could not see what to secure the drillrailer to......a spoke seemed like a bad decision.

Orestes Munn said...

Sea freds are never without zip ties.

JLRB said...

Much maligned masturbating monkeys mumbling

JB said...

Ivan in Alberta @ 7:56 pm: Did you used to play hockey for the Charlestown Chiefs?

Spokey said...

That last one knotting the cable and then putting it through the adjust etc looked realistic.

McFly said...

Wow. Thanks 1904. I feel like an idiot (more that normal).

crosspalms said...

That's a good trick to know. The challenge will be to remember it...

Somebody once said you can use zip ties to make snow tires, which is also a good trick if you never have to use your brakes. Although if you have a coaster brake or dick breaks I guess you can make all the snow tires you want.

Anonymous said...

Been trying to to some Prospect Park cirles while on vacation. Managed a few. Got to a better weight. Then have a teaspoon of water and 3 pounds come back again!
Took the old tub to the Gowanus Canal yesterday and picked up my marina neighbor. Total Lavender Lake phenomenon going on. I think if you have frozen parts, and the EvapoRust does not work, bring them down to the Gowanus Canal and then will free themselves after a quick dip. Just wash off the coliform, yum yum!
Wish I could do a ride w Senior Snob and some of youze guyze.


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