Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Knock Came At The Door. He Opened It. There Was Wednesday, In A Pair of Clown Shoes.

Well, life is not always kind, and for the second time this month I'll be going to Pennsylvania--this time to Philadelphia:

(Cute skyscraper.)

Where I'll be mouthing off on something or other at the Philadelphia Bike Expo:

My talk will take place on Saturday, October 27th at 11:00am ,so make sure you put it in your schedule so that you can avoid it.  This will be my third visit to the Expo, and I've always enjoyed it, though there is a first time for everything, so who's to say this visit won't resemble something out of my worst nightmare?  (My worst nightmare, incidentally, is having to ride a stationary trainer while listening to Chris Carmichael read aloud from his book, "The Time-Crunched Cyclist.")

In any case, I hope to see you there.

Also, remember yesterday when I said I was going to increase my product coverage?  No?  Well, perhaps you're taking too much of the "pot."  Either way, are you looking for some handlebar tape with which to tape up the handlebar controls of your two-wheeled bicycle cycling bike machine?  Well, why not try this stuff, which a reader tells me is actually endorsed by
the time-traveling t-shirt-wearing retro-Fred from the planet TridorkBret:

Here's the "low down:"

Made with cutting-edge technologies from the finest materials, Velo’s innovative wrap series offers soft and highly durable handle bar tapes for every cycling preference. Advanced materials enhanced by patented technologies give cyclists superior control and the highest level of riding comfort.
wrap tapes help you conquer any terrain with confidence.

Now, I'm a fickle consumer, so all of this raises a couple of questions.  Firstly, if the tape is so awesome then why isn't Bret even holding it?  Secondly, if you look closely, it appears that Bret's bars are wrapped with electrical tape--which, while frugal, is not exactly "cutting-edge" technology.  Are we to infer that Bret prefers electrical tape to this Velo stuff?  Then again, maybe this is a stroke of marketing genius, and the insinuation is that Velo tape is so grippy that all you need to do is gently rest your forearms on it and you'll form an unbreakable bond with your bicycle.

Speaking of cutting-edge materials, one material that isn't cutting edge (unless you take the term "cutting edge" literally) is wood:

And a reader informs me that you can own the above assemblage of crudely-glued broomsticks for the low, low price of $4,000:

Here's the story:

Light-weight 19lbs, single speed- 19th Century style bicycle, exceptionally stiff frame; hemp fabric composite lugs which are both internally and externally butted for maximum strength; components include Shimano Tiagra brake calipers; Tipo Uno leather saddle--19th Century style. non-adjustable seat tower for 32 inch inseam. frame is 56 cm; features Generation 8 single-speed crankset. Rims are 700 x 23C

This bicycle is exceptionally fast and the frame damps all road vibration, like riding on a cloud. It is a modern interpretation of the classic 19th Century 1898 Oak framed Chillion built by J.D. Stebbins. Hand crafted with the same attention as the original, there are 350 hours in the construction of the frame. Adorning the headtube is a pure copper red oak leaf and acorn headstamp. It's a head-turner and built to be ridden hard. The original oak frame track bike still holds the indoor Velo Drome record for wooden bikes.

The frame is finished in Swedish Tonqinoise denatured linseed maritime varnish and hand-rubbed to a golden luster. This work of art is proof that 19th Century technology is still viable and competitive today.

$4000 OBO

More detailed pictures will be posted soon.

Yes, it certainly is exquisite.  Nice parts selection, too.  Basically, it's like a bike, only flammable.  Also, it's finished in "Swedish Tonqinoise denatured linseed maritime varnish and hand-rubbed to a golden luster," which is funny because I was making the universal sign for "hand-rubbing" the entire time I was reading the ad.

Of course, if you prefer the dull sheen of titanium to the hand-rubbed golden luster of Swedish Tonquinoise denatured linseed maritime varnish--and you're prepared to spend an extra sixteen hundred bucks--you can always skip the wood bike and go for The Budnitz.  Indeed, a few weeks back, Old Man Budnitz himself articulated his philosophy on "bikeen" in a blog post entitled "Nostalgia Is Death" that has received a bit of attention.  It starts with Old Man Budnitz establishing his "street cred:"

During the 1980’s and 1990’s city cycling was primarily a kind of rebel subculture, something practiced by bike messengers, Chinese food delivery men, and a few lunatics like myself who rode because it was fast, fun, and dangerous.   

I wonder he's talking about cycling in Berkley, where he grew up, or in Boulder, where he lives now.  Was there ever a time in either place where cycling was any edgier than wheat germ or yoga?

Then, he tells us about his old Bottechia:

From 1989 through 2005 I owned an orange and chrome 1967 Bottechia steel road bike I’d bought for $100 at a flea market in Southern California.

I was stunned to learn he managed to ride this bike for 16 years, despite the fact that it wasn't titanium and cost him less than $5,600--which, as I understood from his marketing copy, were the minimum requirements for a durable bicycle.

Anyway, even though Old Man Budnitz was somehow one of the first people ever to ride a bike in New York City, he doesn't much care for the attitude of his fellow "pioneers:"

One of the other things I’ve noticed is that some of the original cyclists, the same pioneers who were riding single speeds to punk shows long before Manhattan had its first bike path, have begun to feel angry and left out.

I went to my share of punk shows in New York City as a teenager and I don't recall anybody riding singlespeeds to them.  Actually, I don't really recall many people riding bicycles to punk shows at all.  I'm pretty sure those single-speed "bike piles" outside of clubs and bars came after the bike lanes.

Even so, these fictional "pioneers" clearly lack the integrity of Old Man Budnitz:

Unfortunately, when something alternative becomes popular, innovators who are unable to muster the energy to move on instead hold on to the past, and do everything they can to attack those who they perceive are involved in the new wave.  This always strikes me as sad and ironic, and a little pathetic.

Actually, not everybody does that.  Some people just fabricate a false history of themselves and then try to sell the "new wave" city bikes that cost $5,600.  This is hardly surprising, since Old Man Budnitz's most impressive quality is his audacity:

Any bicycle that is loved is worth praising, whether it’s a $150 upright Columbia picked up at flea market, a fixie put together with parts from a dumpster, or a high-end model like the ones made by companies like Beloved, Budnitz, Rivendell, Vanilla, and other independent manufacturers.  Like a classic car, bicycles deserve the respect that high-end manufacturing and design brings.  Also like cars, this doesn’t diminish the value of the bicycle that you bought at a flea market, and that you deeply love.

Beloved.  Budnitz.  Rivendell.  Vanilla.  One of these names doesn't belong.  Sure, I've joked about the extravagance of the Beloved city bikes, but at least the $5,000 you pay for one gets you some fenders and stuff:

Also, given that they come out of the Chris King factory, I'm guessing the people involved in building and marketing them know how to properly install a wheel.

After returning that titanium creak machine I had resolved never to speak of Budnitz again, but the sad fact is that I may not sleep comfortably until Budnitz stops selling bicycles altogether and gets back to bedazzling sneakers for the Japanese.

Old Man Budnitz does make one good point though, which is that cycling in New York City has indeed become more accessible, and that is a good thing.  One organization that has been instrumental in this transformation is Transportation Alternatives, and recently I received this email from them:

Basically, they wanted me to tell my representatives that I want speeding drivers to get busted:

In an editorial yesterday, The New York Times called on New York State to stop speeding drivers.

Their endorsement is great, but it’s not enough to make our campaign heard. Tell your representatives you agree with The New York Times!

This sounded good to me, and so I did what they told me.  But then I read the actual Times piece:

The city could cut down on traffic deaths in three ways. It should be given permission by state authorities to install cameras to photograph license plates when drivers are going too fast, since many deaths are caused by speeding vehicles. There were 115 deaths involving drivers or passengers, up from 78 the year before. The remaining 176 killed were cyclists and pedestrians.

So far, so good--and then:

City police should also increase the number of tickets given to drivers and cyclists who disobey traffic laws, like speeding, running red lights or making illegal turns. 

What?  "And cyclists?!?"  I don't want cyclists to get more tickets!  Sure, plenty of us are idiots, but we're getting enough tickets as it is!  Meanwhile, I can't walk the few blocks to the playground with my 17 kids without at least five drivers breaking the law in some egregious way that could easily make all of us die.

This is not to say some cyclists don't deserve tickets.  For example, many people are outraged over this story, but I'm not:

Basically, the guy ran a bunch of lights on his bike and got a bunch of tickets, pleaded guilty to them without even reading them, and then was shocked to discover what he owed:

I was guilty for sure of going through the lights and wearing headphones so naively I pleaded guilty and sent in the tickets.  A few weeks later I got a letter in the mail, it contained my 4 tickets stapled to a piece of paper that indicated I owed $1555. It didn't itemize the cost of each ticket so I have no idea what each one is worth. 

I realize the police do tend to treat cyclists unfairly, but if you plead guilty to a ticket without even taking the time to figure out how much you owe in fines then that means only one thing:

Especially if you don't have much money to begin with:

"This is my first bike infraction in New York City," the cyclist says. "$1,500 seems pretty excessive, especially for a 24-year-old where $1,500 is a little less than 10% of my yearly income." 

If you make $15,000 a year and you don't even bother to read a traffic ticket before sending it in you deserve to be broke.  I wonder if he also shops for clothes at Barney's, plunks down his credit card, and then says it's unfair when he gets a $3,000 bill in the mail a month later.  Still, as cloying as Brookyn has become, it's comforting to know that the city still has enough teeth left to chew people up and then spit them out.

Sometimes cycling's only as cheap as you make it.


ken e. said...


ken e. said...

just sayin' Tofino rules!

ken e. said...

and the Cribs!

Kenny said...


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

No Comment.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am a head-turner and built to be ridden hard.

Anonymous said...

Top Ten?

Anonymous said...

In my mind, I AM number one!

Anonymous said...

16 years! 16. Don't worry, the millennium throws my maths off too.

Buffalo Bill said...

Chewed up and spit out, but not creaking!

Anonymous said...

Fixed Gear Flinstone Style stopping ticks

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What me podium?

Anonymous said...

Old man Budunutz pontificating is funny stuff. Keep it up.

crabon fibre fork on a hemp and epoxy tiagra mess also good stuff. keep it up.


grog said...

Morning woodbike.
Miss the babe.

Anonymous said...

Top twen-tay

Anonymous said...

I wonder if many of the folks who are getting speeding tickets in cars are also getting them on bikes.

crosspalms said...


crosspalms said...

It's a pretty bike, though.

Captain Hardbread said...

time travel

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous 12:02 - i think just stole baffle's line.


Anonymous said...

Let's see, "Fred" would never speed or violate any other traffic laws while driving his Beem'r, and would always ride his carbon fiber speed bike like a saint. Come on, stick shifts and spandex will push any OCD nutcase over the edge.

Anonymous said...

Everyone ahead of me today was doping

babble on said...

Yep, ridden hard and put away wet. On hump day, no less. And, um, excuse me, sir? There is no such thing as too much of the pot on a wednesday, clown shoes or no. Just so you know.

jno62 said...

Bedazzled Budnitz.

Great name for a band.

Rollie said...

Aww, I wish you'd have torn apart the wooden bike ad a little more. What about the non-adjustable seat post? Or the fact that it's in Ashland, OR (which if you can imagine, is even more precious & smug than Portland). And who the hell is JD Stebbins?

Anonymous said...

"Also, it's finished in "Swedish Tonqinoise denatured linseed maritime varnish and hand-rubbed to a golden luster," which is funny because I was making the universal sign for "hand-rubbing" the entire time I was reading the ad."

So funny. I laughed like a fucking Sea World Seal.

babble on said...

oh dear...

breaking news on the bbc...

The world has gone mad. Sex is taboo, violence is condoned, and people think DOPING is a BAD THING!

Anonymous said...

My local area seems to be looking for a way to cut down on pedestrian-car accidents, too. And like your town, they seem to be concentrating on speeding.

The thing is, speeding or not, blowing through crosswalks is how people are getting hit.

They need to fix the stupid, not the necessarily the speeding.

Anonymous said...

"After returning that titanium creak machine I had resolved never to speak of Budnitz again, but the sad fact is that I may not sleep comfortably until Budnitz stops selling bicycles altogether and gets back to bedazzling sneakers for the Japanese."

Dude, remind me never to piss you off. You're kinda nasty when you turn off the mock.

Squeaky wheel?
What's really bothering you? Come on, big guy, share.

Motoman said...

anybody here??

JB said...

"Some people just fabricate a false history of themselves and then try to sell the 'new wave' city bikes that cost $5,600."

Body blow, body blow!

Anonymous said...

Too many tickets, but not enough money?! One word, Baby...[wait for it]...KICKSTARTER!

I do promise to keep you all updated via, well, updates.

See you in Philly!

mikeweb said...

Yet more breaking news today.

BUTT said...

Man, you really cherry-picked from the Budnitz blog post. I can't believe you glossed over his mention of the "art-toy movement that I was heavily involved in." This alone gives him all the credentials he needs to make expensive crap!

I suggest you read further about all the stuff (art toys included) he's curated up:

Sample: "People would ask, 'are they art or are they toys?', and I'd say, 'Both, and selling them is part of the artwork too.'"

singlespeedwaster said...

Recumbabe would have put some lead in my chicken...

Anonymous said...

I like when budnitz claims responsibility for the resurgence of cycling in America. How did he do that exactly? by starting making bikes like a year ago that no one can afford? Well done mr budnitz, and thank you for the internet as well. what a dick.

Anonymous said...

$1,555 of tickets is harsh, particularly when the cop probably followed the guy through three lights just to jack up the fine when he could have stopped him after the first one. yes he should have figured out the fine before pleading guilty but he was just being honest and $1,555 is egregious. The fine for DUI in NYC is less than this ($500-$1000 for first offense). I get the sarcasm, but WTF!

McFly said...

Frame materials and Bret make for some good bloggings.

Internally AND externally butted? Not possible, like sucking and blowing.

I woke up sad and ironic, and a little pathetic. But I decided to:

1)Take 1/2 vac day
2)Have lunch with beautiful babygirl
3)Go on a ride with a buddy
4)Have late supper with lovely wife
5)Let food digest
6)Make it rain skittles
7)Finish up doggystyle

Jimboner said...

Stupid, stupid Budnutz.

db said...

11am!? Will you be back in time from the Bicycle Revolution Gravel Grind that leaves at 7:30?

Anonymous said...

Apparently Chris Carmichael's next book is titled "The Time-Travelling Cyclist" and will feature the t-shirt-wearing retro-Fred from the planet Tridork on the front cover

babble on said...

Yikes... thanks for reminding me, snobbers. My court date should be coming up soon. $168 for the privilege of disobeying a red light. I stopped before I disobeyed, and there was no one around, except for the motorcycle cop hiding behind a tree...

Sigh. I guess I'll just thank my lucky stars that he stopped me after the first red light, shall I?

Comment deleted said...

Out of love for the prose of RTMS and a desire to see his thirteen children continue to be fed, I have kept BSNY un-adblocked.

However, now that 90% of the ads blink like a "YOU SUCK" computer, I am reconsidering.

Flashing ads suck. Even more than me.

Grumpily, CD

Anonymous said...

Jed said...

Why would a manufacturer use a stock photo for a product specific image (c)wrap TM tape? Nothing in the ad copy even comes close to describing what makes the product better. What a waste of time. Its like they trademarked the name, got a domain name, and then tried to come up with a product that fits. Sweet sainted mother of Budnitz.

Invisible Man said...

Wilcat Rock Machine,

I'm pleased you spotted that line in the NYT's editorial about ticketing cyclists too. I've commented on several fora that it just doesn't make sense. Cyclists already get about 5 per cent of New York's traffic tickets - and they're way less than 5 per cent of traffic - but, of the 291 people who died in traffic accidents in New York to the end of June, precisely none of them died after being hit by a bike. So they're saying there should be more tickets for the people who aren't killing people. I think cyclists should obey the road rules, as I do, but to suggest the police should be coming down harder on cyclists is just nuts.
The NYT editorial was wise in some other ways, however, since it closely reflected some of the arguments I'd made in a blogpost about the philosophy behind traffic policing in NYC. My version, for what it's worth, is here:

Anonymous said...

That skyscraper thingy looks like the Acid Queen.

hey nonny mouse

Anonymous said...

Hey Collective Group - should the snobbers set up a chatroom?


Anonymous said...

The Gary Fisher quote at the end of the Paul Budnitz blog piece is somewhat disarming. I predict a catharsis resulting in a Budnitz/Snob collabo cargo bike - the BikeSnobudnitz.

Anonymous said...

Tilford's head spins with the news.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

A Statement from Recumbent Conspiracy Theorist

For over 3 years I have dedicated my life to blog post commenting. I have always been determined to compete at the highest level, in one of the most physically demanding sports. With hard work and success have come great blessings from the sport I love.

Teammates have become dear friends and I have worked hard to earn the respect of my competitors. I have been associated with bloggers and readers whose professionalism is unparalleled. Wonderful fans have supported my family and me since I began this great journey. For all of this and more, I am truly grateful and proud.

Because of my love for this blog, the contributions I feel I have made to it, and the amount the sport of blog commenting has given to me over the years, it is extremely difficult today to acknowledge that during a part of my career I used banned substances. Early in my semi-professional career, it became clear to me that, given the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs by commentors at the top of the profession, it was not possible to compete at the highest level without them. I deeply regret that choice and sincerely apologize to my family, teammates and fans.

Quietly, and in the way I know best, I have been trying to rectify that decision. I have commented clean and have not used any performance enhancing drugs or processes (aerodynamic advantage from the recumbent position nonwithstanding) for the past one years. Since 2011, I have been working hard within the sport of blog commenting to rid it of banned substances. During this time, I continued to successfully compete at the highest level of blog commenting while mentoring young semi-professional commentors on the right choices to make to ensure that the culture of blog commenting had changed.

About six months ago, I was approached by US Federal investigators, and more recently by USADA, and Adsense and asked to tell of my personal experience in these matters. I would have been much more comfortable talking only about myself, but understood that I was obligated to tell the truth about everything I knew. So that is what I did.

blog commenting has made remarkable gains over the past several years and can serve as a good example for other sports. Thankfully, the use of performance enhancing drugs is no longer embedded in the culture of our sport, and younger commentors are not faced with the same choice we had.

I am proud to be part of the blog commenting community, and believe we continue to make positive changes to our sport. I applaud the extraordinary achievements of my fellow commentors on and off the keyboard. Commenting is an incredible sport that not only requires unbelievable physical ability to hit the refresh button hundreds of times a day for many days on end; it also requires a certain type of dedication, ambition and character. I have been fortunate to compete with teammates whose commitment and talent will be hard to match. As a commentor I have dedicated a large part of my career to helping those teammates succeed. As I begin the next chapter in my commenting life, I look forward to playing a significant part in developing, encouraging and helping young commentors to compete and win with the best in the world.

leroy said...

Well of course I don't want a cutting edge on my bar tape.

Honestly, how dumb do I look?

Note: that's a rhetorical question. My dog already answered that with a powerpoint presentation, including pictures, musical accompaniment, an interpretive dance number and celebrity endorsements.

I had no idea he even knew the cast of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo."

Anonymous said...

"Philadelphia is full of jerks and a-holes. Florida's where they all will move to die. But I'll be getting drunk for $7 in a classy little joint on the south side." ~Ceann, Pitsburgh Makes me Drunk

Anonymous said...

Your assessment that riding in Berkeley is cream puff is spot on. Oddly though, as a 35 year cyclist who has ridden in many different cities and countries, in the single year I've lived near Berkeley, I've been involved in more angry confrontations there than anywhere in the 34 previous years combined. I don't get it either, but my numbers don't lie.

As for numbers that do lie: yes, when the vast majority of all cars speed the vast majority of cars in accidents will have been speeding.

JB said...

I forgot to mention that I'm detecting a mullet on our boy Bret.

leroy said...

It's amazing the stuff you can find in recumbent conspiracy theorist's trash can today.

Adderall, viagra, six packs of Red Bull, mini bottles of vodka ....

A fella could write comments for days without stopping to eat or sleep with all that stuff.

Shoot, a fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.

Marcel Da Chump said...

You CAN stash hemp in lugs.

McFly said...

After the pouring of the hearts I feel it would be uncouth not to respond in some way, shape, form, or fashion.

So here it is, uncensored:


Ding-a-long said...

Did you guess which thing was not like the others?
Did you guess which thing just doesn't belong?
If you guessed this one is not like the others,
Then you're absolutely...

Ready for a dose of Wednesday weed. Well- earned brother man.

68th and not even trying.

Anonymous said...

What did you do with Ann? Wasn't she a 'working breed', with all that experience? Or did she finally admit to the drugs like everyone else today? We in 'the family' had long suspected it, I mean look at her expressions, zombie-ville!
RCT: you were much more concise on the stuff, please reconsider.
Babs, sorry about your 'infraction' by sneaky pig, cops r dicks to bike cyclists, but you never see those unmuffled Harley guys getting stopped, cops r scared of them and pick on easy prey.
Jim Romney

David G said...


@babble on 1:48pm: Were you riding a bicycle or driving a car when this happened? If a bike, where was this? If a car, will you cry me a river?

@Invisible Man 2:00pm: Could you please cite a good source for the stat that cyclists get about 5 percent of N.Y.'s traffic tickets? Believing bad things about the NYPD is very much in my comfort zone, but I have a hard time buying that. If you can back it up, you have my thanks.

@anon 3:14pm: Do you realize that just because correlation doesn't imply causation, it certainly doesn't disprove it either? Anybody who wants to drive more safely can immediately achieve it by driving at or (within reason) below the speed limit. Slower drivers will have fewer accidents, and those that occur will be less destructive.

Anonymous said...

This is funny, -Le tonkinois is not Swedish, it is French. (with Chinese ingridients)

babble on said...

RCT: I applaud your hypocrisy, erm, I mean honesty. And anon @3:41's right. You were good on the dope, man. Really.

Leroy, honey, didntcha know? Vodka is much more than a breakfast drink.

Dave: Bike. Definitely a bike, in Vancouver on first and Burrard, 7:40 am Friday the 23rd of December, 2011.

And yeah, you're right. It's much easier to ticket me than it is to tackle the nasty, mean and aggressive bus drivers who insist on screaming through stale yellow lights in all kinds of traffic, laying on the horn, and actually killing people.

Z? said...

EPO all in my veins
Lately thing just don’t seem the same
Acting funny, but I don’t know why
Excuse me, while I pass this guy

crosspalms said...

Your confession is a thing of beauty. The next white lunch bag is on me.

babble on said...

Oh snobbie-poooooo??

I keep waiting for a neigh or a winnie out of you, but you're being uncharacteristically quiet. C'mon. We all know which products you're really testing out, yet it seems the cat's got yer tongue.

Share share, sugar bear.

crosspalms said...

cycle @2:11
You mean one of those places where a handful of us bike nerds hang out with people who turn out to be FBI agents? They've probably already got traces on Babble and McFly, and slipped cameras into Snob's place every time he leaves town. "Philadelphia, eh? Cool. Time to wire another room and see where he keeps this Recumbabe stashed."

babble on said...

Ok, that's it. Which one of you guys is the fuzz?

rocky said...


did i win?

David G said...

@babble on 4:31pm:

Thanks for the reply, and that totally sucks. That's your "peace, order, and good government" for you.

Good luck in court, comrade.

Invisible Man said...

David G,
I was referring to this Transportation Nation report - - which I also used in preparing my blog. Of the 1m tickets the NYPD issued in 2011, 50,000 were to cyclists - and just 25,000 to trucks. Which, when one thinks about how a lot of trucks are driven, and how many people they kill each year, is a pretty damning statistic.


babble on said...

I'll be fine, thanks. He told me when he ticketed me that the day we go to court he will pull up my license (yes, this little infraction shows up on my driver`s manifest)and, in his words "if you haven't received another ticket as a cyclist disobeying a red, then I won't prosecute you."

So far so good, anyway. And even if I had been stopped again, I would argue that we need our own version of the Idaho stop law. What I was doing wasn't posing a danger to myself or others, and so I shouldn't be subject to a fine. :)

Anonymous said...

"Basically, it's like a bike, only flammable. "

GOLD Snobby. GOLD.

Sombody had to say it. Where's Kenny these days?

the commentariat said...

You fine, girl, you fine...

McFly said...

Yeah when the FBI wanted to get all that Big Brother shit going they just hit up the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry, they have all my contact information, next of kin, AKA my ex-girlfriend.

Bogusboy said...

Old man Budnitz payed $100 for a flea market bike!!!??? Twenty-three years ago!!!???

Proof positive that the elite really are different from you and me.

Anonymous said...

NYC Bikers: Flood the system with not-guilty pleas. They are written to the operator of a motor vehicle, and you'll get "points on your license" if you do plead guilty. All of this is BS, and not legal---so plead not guilty. My hearing is in April! I'll let y'all know how my brunch with justice goes.

crosspalms said...

Brunch with Justice. Another great band name.

David G said...

@Invisible Man:

Thank you for the reply; I will check out the link. If the statistic is valid, it is shocking, and will serve me right for doubting something about the NYPD just because it sounded incomprehensibly bad.

Anonymous said...

some guy came by my shop the other day to show off the budnitz. i think he was doing some marketing for them. i rode it and sure enough the thing creaked like crazy. the brakes squealed too. the handlebars were wide cruiser bars made of titanium, which made the whole bike feel very flexy, but i suppose that might not be a bad thing depending on your preference.

Anonymous said...

So Anon @10:07 you're not pissed? Snob is pissed about the budnitz. You seem only nonplussed.

annonymoose said...

Oh, man! Did I screw up buying my bike from bikesdirect???

annonymoose said...

Oh, and my Trek is a garage sale bike. $1. 330 from 1989. Steel is real!

Road Bicycles said...

I have been reading out some of your posts and i can claim pretty good stuff. I will definitely bookmark your site.

ce said...

Five grand. Noisy brakes. Can't afford. Don't want to, either.

mikeweb said...

@anon 9:01,

When I flooded the system with my guilty plea last year during our little ticket blitz, the cop obviously didn't remember almost all details of my case and kept calling my bike an 'automobile' then correcting himself. I was found guilty and my $275 ticket was reduced to $190.

Hope your brunch with justice goes a little better.

babbles, you too, though I'm sure Canuckistan justice is probably a little gentler than here in Bloombergistan.

ce said...

What an epic statement by Big Bent Conspiracy! With such a mastery of spin and history of questionable integrity at least he can count on kindred spirit Spinergy wheels to stand fast as proud sponsors.

FYI: Electrical tape is the only bar tape suitable for insulating the rider from the immense build up of static charge which occurs during ITT (Inter-dimensional Time Travel).

ce said...

If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 comments, you're gonna see some serious shit!

What? Oh right, we're at 89 comments already.

And... nothing.

Ok, Never mind.

McFly said...

Doing hills is one thing. Doing hills with someone that is good at doing hills is another animal alltogether. I SUCK I SUCK I SUCK I SUCK I SUCK

Anonymous said...

When Steve Tilford gets all excited about something and starts blogging he makes alot of grammatical errors and sounds eerily like the troll advertisers on this blog. It tense get turning on the around times some.

Dooth said...

Wildcat, I may have kicked you at an URBAN BLIGHT show...I'm not sorry.

toxic said...

I'm confused. How do you have the calorie intake to stand up, much less ride a bike, if you live in NYC on $15,000 a year?

As far as bikesdirect goes, I bought a $350 mountain bike from them recently, and I'm enjoying it. Greatest bike ever? No. It's not even my best mountain bike. A great bike for the price? Hell yes. Better than the $600 Cannondale I bought? Easily.

You seem to be mad at Budnitz for being overpriced and cynical. I get that, but making snide comments (2nd one in a week or two by my count) about a company that makes its living on providing bikes that are a good value proposition instead of trading on brand snobbery in the same post is a bit bipolar.

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