Friday, July 10, 2009

BNSYC Friday Fun Quiz!

As the Tour de France heads into the mountains and we head into the Saturday x Sunday "collabo" that is the weekend, I'm pleased to present you with a quiz. Please know that I have no intention of revealing which rider is in which "colorway" as of the conclusion of today's Tour stage, so you can rest assured this quiz is absolutely 100% Tour de France spoiler-free. It is also glatt kosher, vegan safe, and fair trade--though I cannot warrant that it is cruelty-free, nor is it completely NJS due to the 32-spoke wheels.

As always, study the item, think, and click on your answer. If you're right you'll see confirmation, and if you're wrong you'll see why Urban Outfitters is probably entering the "fixie" market at exactly the right time.

Thanks very much for reading, make safety the aesthetic centerpiece of your groupo, and avoid sidewalk riding and "twatcrusts" whenever possible.


1) July is:

--duck season
--rabbit season
--salmon season
--butt crack season

2) What is this?

--A vintage, well-skated Nash Executioner
--A cheap skateboard-to-roller-skate conversion (roller skates are the new skateboard)
--A cute little homemade R2-D2/WALL-E-esque robot
--Just some road debris

3) Finally, some age-appropriate behavior! How old is this trackstander?


4) Why is this Brooklyn bike lane all sandy?

--A production company is filming a movie about cycling in the late 19th century and it's supposed to be a dirt road
--There was an oil spill
--It's part of the "Bike Lanes to Beaches" project
--It's part of a citywide program of fixed-gear skid-facilitation

5) This brake lever position is known as:

--The "Come Hither"
--The "Wild Boar"
--The "Snaggletooth"

6) Garmin-Slipstream are now mounting a challenge to Lance Armstrong and Astana in the competition for the Maillot Célébrité.


7) The Caucasian Dashiki x Crocs "collabo" is the newest ironic look to "drop" at Urban Outfitters:


8) Sweet! It's a tall bike ________:

--beer cozy
--top tube pad
--forearm gauntlet

9) For maximum "street cred," always perform your intersection track stand:

--on a Bianchi Pista
--at least two feet in front of the crosswalk
--while wearing a helmet
--in front of an oncoming truck

10) Which rider waited for the light to turn green before crossing the intersection? The guy on the bicycle wearing the blazer, or the guy on the motorcycle wearing the "Brooklyn's Most Wanted" leather vest?

--Bicycle guy
--Motorcycle guy

***Special Retina-Searing Über-Custom Bicycle Bonus Question***

Which "colorway" is this Seven? (Note day-glo chain hanger.)

--"Wavy Gravy"
--"John Slawta Freakout"
--All of them


Anonymous said...

fuck y'all

Nick said...


Anonymous said...


CommieCanuck said...

Well, trim my pink handlebars!

Anonymous said...


libertyonbikes! said...

podium? slow crowd!

Kellen said...

top 10

Anonymous said...

Uh, top ten?

Anonymous said...

Wow, didn't expect the new post to be up yet. Wasting some time looking at the late posts from yesterday and, boom, Friday Fun Quiz!

libertyonbikes! said...

so you guys know,
bsnyc friend:,
is getting married tomorrow!

So, congrats you two!

now back to the comments...

Anonymous said...

Now I just need a handle so hillbilly will count me in!

Anonymous said...

Casey Kasem's Top 40?

rezado said...

A-salt the front parrot heads


Anonymous said...

top 20!

Anonymous said...

Woot! Woot!

Anonymous said...

Avoiding Twatcrusts...

...a thing of literary, uh, beauty..

ringcycles said...

Safely in the front bunch, even after a 9/10 on the quiz. Love those good genetics

kale said...

Congratulations Erik K,

Sorry I couldn't get that Ellsworth tandem MTB on your registry, maybe someone else will...

Surly Bastard said...

The oncoming truck ...

Disgruntl Ed. said...

That wild boar has beautiful hair. I'm going to see if my stylist can do that for me too.

Remarkable how few people were not already in the intersection or on the crosswalk in #9.

mikeweb said...

dropped on the climb...

mikeweb said...

CC on the poooddiiuuummm!!


leroy said...

Speaking of questions ....

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Bob Roll starts the answer to every question with "That's a good question"?

On the other hand, is there anyone who doesn't think that Bob Roll has way more fun than they do?

Ride safe this weekend!

And, maybe, Be Like Bob.

Luck E. Seven said...

Sanford & Kalunda

Congrats Erik K!

Here comes another truckload of joy...


Anonymous said...

david said...

top 26!

ant1 said...


ant1 said...

Congrats Kwall.

Doug said...

Speaking of Retina-Searing Über-Custom Bicycles, last week I saw an early '90s Serotta that was hot pink fading into neon yellow. I didn't know whether to puke or hand the guy a medal for courage. Need to start bringing my camera along.

wishiwasmerckx said...

Frilly, your laundry double-entendre of yesterday reminded me of an old joke:

Q: What's the difference between a woman and a washing machine?

A: You can dump a load in the washing machine and it does not follow you around for the next three days.

CommieCanuck said...

Le Roy, what's amazing about Bob Roll is is ability to avoid spittle through that massive tooth gap. In the old days, this would allow power grimacing without air constriction, and allow valuable protein consumption via insects. Today, we have energy gels for all this.

David Millar looked right shagged at the end of yesterday's stage, he really could have used some EPO.

I'm still reeling from the Andreu-Armstrong interview, I was expecting a major bitch-slapping session to ensue...but nothing.

Versus has to push the envelope and get Lemond to interview Lance.

Mad Jack McMad said...


d. fofonov said...

Horrible crosswinds.

kale said...

It's bike theft season in NYC, please keep on a look out for sketchy spanish and weary portuguese dudes.*Blog/2009/07/my-bike-got-stolen.html

Mad Jack McMad said...

God bless Versus for giving Bob Roll a job. If they didn't, you know he'd just be out on the street, opening bottles with his tooth gap for spare change and frightening the children.

Strayhorn said...

Say, are we still keeping track of the PistaDex?

$500. Barely ridden (aren't they all?)

On another note, it seems that all the LBS in the area are only carrying Specialized saddles. WTF?

hillbilly said...

Congrats Kwall and way to go CC. have a good weekend yall

Seanywonton said...

Dang. I'm beginning to think I will never obtain 10 out of 10 on the quiz.

maybe I need to meditate to find my inner snob.

Anonymous said...

Just lost 30 minutes to wednesday weed / kaleidoscope collabo.

Ernesto said...

Yes make sure you watch all spanish and portuguese dudes. that way it won't appear racist.

kale looks mighty white and i am leary of him.

well at least his racist ways.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Oops! I made a mistake on Question #10. Bicycle guy jumped the light, motorcycle guy did not. I've made the correction, but if you got it "wrong" already you of course receive full credit.

Sorry, attention to detail is not the centerpiece of my groupo.


ronnie raygun said...

i think that nine year old newby fixie trackstander outweighs me by an easy fifty pounds. do i need to gain weight in order to make bad bicycle buying decisions and learn useless tricks?

bob roll, "that's a good question."

ronnie raygun said...

i was wondering about that one b.s. that was the only question i was sure i'd gotten right, and then i was wrong. i guess i was wrong that i was wrong.

Disgruntl Ed. said...

I chose the motorcycle guy as the one who waited, and then felt chastised at my little faith and regard for the blazer rider. Maybe I should have a bit more respect for my fellow cyclist, I thought.

Now I know he's not only a intersection clutterer, but also a red light runner. Fithy blazer-clad scum.

Fierce Perineum said...

Another failed Friday quiz,

all of these Friday failures are stretching back like my own personal sandbar of idiocy.

mikeweb said...

That blazer rider is also a DFLWBW.

Anonymous said...

I suggest the shark jump, sad ratings this week.

kale said...


I resent the implication that I'm a racist (but ethnic nationalism, xenophobia, and racism are three different schools of thought completely) - I'm just sayin' those Iberians are up to something, is all.

red neckerson said...

if that torn feller had any kind of drive would anyone here give a rip

Xonuff said...

Slawta, the 80's called. They want their paintjobs back. Can you do crabon in Hypercolo(u)r?

red neckerson said...

and i dont gots nothng against no iberians there the ones who let me log onto the computers at the ibery and watch free porn

Xonuff said...

Hypercolour: always let 'em see you sweat.

jolene said...

thos spannish pepole put in all them hills and lance tolt me he dont rilly anjoy it but they make good soup an chikkin and they is good in bed

Anonymous said...

Once and for all! As soon as a Hipster with no brakes rides and finishes the TDF ( I dont expect them to get second ) I will consider removing my brakes!

Mad Jack McMad said...


Anonymous said...

9 year old kids can do what ever they want, even no-handed track stands.

It is only sad when they are old enough to buy PBR.

Anonymous said...

I think that is actually a sport coat and not a blazer. Hard to tell from the back, but maybe Snobby has some insight since was there taking pics.

Those idiots on the crotch rockets wearing biker gang costumes, however, wtf? And real bikers don't wear helmets and definitely NOT tennis shoes. "Hi guys! Tennis anyone? Let me slip out of these grimy old things and into my whites. See you on the court!"

Anonymous said...

That Kru vid's totally worth 10 stars. Way better than any of that Prolly tripe.

Nice "Maximum Overdrive" tranny reference. ACDC all the way!

Anonymous said...

""Why, helloo""

ronnie raygun said...

yeah anon, REAL bikers ride with no helmets, as intelligent as brakeless fixed gear city riding bicyclists. all style, no brains, and with tons of street cred. aspire to being a stereotype!

ken e. said...

"i'm a rebel dottie!"

Paul Bowen said...

DOPEchyld!! Bwah ha ha haah!!Dear me Snobbers, where do you find them?! Brilliant; have a nice weekend all.

Kurt Vonnegut is King said...

Sometimes words fail me-
But I have new favorites-
Twatcrust and Thusly


NYC Rhymology said...

Wow, dashiki & crocs, what a look: there's a rhyme for that here: ...

grog said...

so, is it okay to take the Friday Funk Whiz on Saturday? Is waiting for the green a good thing? Was the "oncoming truck" just a figment of camera angle and suggestive perception? meh

Anonymous said...

that hideous seven is also rolling on some mavic reflex tubular hoops. This is an excellent tire system for those inner-city miles. If you get a flat, you simply pull the tire, cut the seam, pull the tube, patch it, stuff it back in, sew up the seam, apply glue, wait 12 hours, apply another thin coat, and remount the tire. then wait for it to cure overnight(depends on temp and humidity), and PRESTO you are off on your way again.

Anonymous said...

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theshepherdsdog said...

good quiz

streepo said...

The twatcrust responded thusly to the query:

That's a good question.

Anonymous said...



streepo said...

The twatcrust did a squat thrust.

samh said...

Whatever happened to Firdays?

Anonymous said...

That road is all sandy because it's outside of Patois in Cobble Hill, which had it's annual Bastille Day beach volleyball tourney?

Anonymous said...

is porn the only winner during credit crunch?

kelly divine

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