Monday, June 30, 2008

These Just In: Of Bridgework and Birdcages

Once again, I have been proven wrong about dentists and their supposed love of Serottas. An attentive reader (who may or may not be looking for crown and bridge dentistry) has just forwarded me the following:

Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2008-06-29, 7:52PM EDT

I am a general dentist who performs a great deal of crown and bridge dentistry in addition to the highest quality root-canal treatment, cosmetic care,dentures,etc. I am looking to barter my services for a specialized carbon frame road bike, 54cm with a compact crank and ultegra or dura-ace. If you are a specialized dealer in need of the finest in dental care, please contact me.

I applaud this dentist's populist choice in bicycles and I admire his courage in eschewing the boutique marques so coveted by his colleagues. However, I don't think he'll have much luck. All Specialized dealers worth their Tarmacs have long ago had Zertz inserts placed in all their teeth by Mike Sinyard's team of dental technicians, thus allowing them to eat unpopped popcorn kernels by the fistful without even the slightest discomfort. He might have better luck scoring a Jamis or something.

Moving on, alleycat organizers have long been plundering pop culture for alleycat flyers, but it would appear that pop culture may not be a renewable resource:

(art by Jimmy in Brooklyn)

Indeed, when even the 1978 Édouard Molinaro comedy of manners La Cage aux Folles has become grist for the alleycat flyer mill, it would appear that the bottom of the barrel may have been scraped and the trend may have reached its zenith. No mention of where this may be going down, but if you're interested in taking part you might try the French Riviera.

Now back to rabid antidentites.


Anonymous said...

Add this to the Pista dex it should really thow off the curve (its a total rip off)

Anonymous said...

Numero Dos

Surly Bastard said...

What a a treat! Two Snobettes in one day!

tuppercole said...

That alleycat looks fabulous!

Surly Bastard said...

What a a treat! Two Snobettes in one day!

kawika said...

i agree, it's always good to have two entries from the snob in one day.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he just wants the Specialized as a gap bike until his Madone comes in to the shop which will be his bike until his Linskey is built.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


kale said...


Daddo said...

thisone goes to 11

Anonymous said...

whoa... just missed top 10

-p said...

Zenith - High Point
Nadir - Low Point
Dentist bartering his services - smart

BikeSnobNYC said...


That's what I meant, as in it's all downhill from here.

Of course, one man's zenith is another's nadir...


Anonymous said...

I'm coming to NYC for vacation in October. Can I commute to work with you so I will still dust all the new cyclists in LA riding around on Fuji Absolutes and ancient Schwinns?

Anonymous said...

I'm coming to NYC for vacation in October. Can I commute to work with you so I will still dust all the new cyclists in LA riding around on Fuji Absolutes and ancient Schwinns?

Anonymous said...

Does the leash prevent the owner from loaning out that fixie on the left for "test rides"?

Jim said...

Of course, one man's zenith is another's nadir...

True, but that guy's nadir is another man's Ron Paul.

Don't blame me though. I voted for Kodos.

Anonymous said...


morgan said...

Hold the boat Anon 4:34, that sounded like a snide remark towards ancient Schwinns; I resemble that remark. When you get back to the left coast from your NYC "vacation where I can cycle to work," we'll duke it out. Who goes on vacation so they can go to work, man!?

alex said...


Anonymous said...

Let's duke it out now Morgan!

I'm tired of fixing those pieces of shit for people who are going to ride it for a week until they try to pedal up to that girl's apartment on Marathon or up Beachwood!

-anon 4:34

kale said...

do you want to trade??? - $60 (vancouver 98664)

Anonymous said...

quoth the snob "I don't see dentists trading bridgework for their Serottas. (And I wouldn't want to go to a dentist who did.)"

morgan said...


Round 1: morgan v. Anon 4:34,


Unh! Huh! Slap! UNGH! Pow!

Anonymous said...

you people are hilarious!

Shiny Flu said...

I believe that the dentist already owns a Custom Serrota (possibly a Litespeed).

The only reason why he desires a Specialized is because of his daily cocaine habit. It helps him 'fit in' the crowd better.

Anonymous said...

Trade a carbon frame, Ultegra equipped bike for root canal?

No wonder getting some folks to the dentist is like pulling teeth.

Anonymous said...

The problem with using a Madone as a "gap bike" is that my Trek dealer just informed me that there is a long wait on Madones right now.

Daddo said...

then you'll need a banana republic bike, won't you?

(someboday had to do it)

LP said...

Well then perhaps the Specialized is a double gap bike, standing in for the Madone until it can stand in for the there an equation for this?

Bluenoser said...

How many stars would a General Dentist have?


Anonymous said...

What a great idea ! Now I just need to find a kinky, leather clad, hooker who's after a vintage 86 De Rosa and we can discuss a trade.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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