Thursday, March 20, 2008

Worst of Craigslist: Hot, Vernal, Allergy-Inducing Bike Love

Stopping in at the Fixedgeargallery recently, I saw something which chilled me quicker and more deeply than a Sub-Zero wine cooler chills some whiny Upper East Sider's Chardonnay:

According to the photographer, "Spring is trying to get unsprung so I took a ride up the trail today only to spot two cool fixies locked up on the Loughborough Mill sign . The Red one is a De Bernardi Track Bike with Deep V rims and rise bars, the black a Spicer with an aero wheel and flat bars. On the other side of the bench is my Raleigh fixie, which took me 26 miles r/t on the trail today instead of doing a conference call . What could the hipsters who own these be doing in the woods on a Tuesday afternoon?"

Yes, what could they be doing indeed? There are a number of possibilities, and each is more disturbing than the next. Here are just a few of the most obvious scenarios:

--They're taking a fixed-gear spirit journey in which they light a fire, speak incantations, and try to divine what the next pant style will be from the way the smoke whisps curl. (My money is on surgical scrubs fastened at the waist by a length of garden hose.);

--They're filming an independent movie called "The Blair Fixed Project" that will be the toast of YouTube;

--They're mating and will eventually reproduce;

--They're abandoning their fixed-gear lifestyle wholesale and embarking directly on the newest trend, organic farming. (Representative quote from the article: "Having a cool cheese in your fridge has taken the place of knowing what the cool band is, or even of playing in that band," she said. "Our rock stars are ricotta makers." Obviously this article annoyed me tremendously, though I confess I would kind of like to see someone smash or melt a giant cheese onstage.);

--They want to become fixed-gear mountain bikers so they're doing recon on foot. (Why must some people apply fixed-gears to every style of riding, regardless of how ill-suited it is? People have to try everything with a fixed-gear the same way teenagers have to try everything stoned. "Dude, but have you ever clipped your toenails high?!?")

--They're part of some kind of "Young Goodman Brown"-esque cabal that meets in the woods with designs to hasten the coming of the Fixed-Gear Apocalypse and the Apocalyptic Alpaca.

(image by erik k)

Well, whichever way you slice it, it's olive loaf, and it's disgusting. Figuring that Spring is at least partially to blame for this behavior, I nipped over to the Craigslist Missed Connections to see what kind of bike-related depravity the seasonal change was wreaking. I wasn't disappointed. Sickened, yes, but not disappointed:

Bike Shop, Lafayette Street - m4w - 39 (SoHo) [original URL:]
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2008-03-17, 3:40PM EDT

I walked in last Friday March 14th at 10.10 am in the morning, You with track bike, talking to the store person about leaving for San Francisco. Bike chain on waist (I think) - you did not hang long, looked a little rushed, brown hair wavy, medium build, I'm guessing 5'7" tall. I'm guessing arts-related lifestyle. We briefly locked eyes and I thought what a cool energy you have. I had an old school Trek road Bike. When you return from San Francisco I would love to get to know you.

Firstly, the only thing worse than referring to your old crappy bike as "vintage" is referring to it as "old school." The phrase "old school" needs to finally be consigned to the slang incinerator, where it should be placed atop the ashes of "bling" and immolated immediately. It's getting to the point where people are going to start re-using condoms and saying, "Hey, baby, check out my old school rubber!" And that's not going to be good for anybody.

Secondly, it's "10:10 am," or "10:10 in the morning," not "10:10 am in the morning!" It's also not an ATM machine, nor is it 54° degrees. I really can't stress this enough without meeting you in person and strangling you until your face is blue in color.

Finally, your shrewd appraisal of her and your conclusion that she leads an "arts-related lifestyle" does not bode well for your compatibility. Should you finally meet, I don't think she'll respond well to questions like, "Do you like rock music?," I doubt she'll like that you call a person who works in retail a "store person," and I don't think she'll think the fact that you collect comic books qualifies you as artsy. I'm also guessing she was in a hurry because she sensed you were itching to use that "old school" condom.

Brown Acura MDX on I-95 "Swim Run Bike" - m4w [original URL:]
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2008-03-19, 6:32PM EDT

Were you driving the above today on I-95? Drop me a line if so ... please.

This is interesting. At first it seems like a romantic entreaty, but on second read it could just as easily be something else altogether. Since the driver is a triathlete, if she drives like she rides it's possible she ran over this guy's dog or something and he's trying to track her down. The ellipses before "please" also imply desperation or resignation. It could be a sensual sigh...or a despondent one. (Perhaps resident ellipses enthusiast Bikesgonewild can provide us with some insight here.)

Triathletes with cars love to advertise their perverse inclinations on their vehicles, and the "Swim Run Bike" sticker is one of the more popular ways they do it. I suspect I must have some form of dyslexia though, because all I see is "Dork Dork Dork." Generally though it's unnecessary for them to display their proclivities in bumper sticker form since it's pretty obvious when a vehicle belongs to a triathlete. It's usually some kind of "sporty" dork-tastic SUV, and it's usually got either a trunk rack or one of those roof racks that clamp the bike on the downtube because they don't know how to take their front wheels off. Or if they're hardcore they're driving an Isuzu IronMan, the car that looks like it might burrow itself somewhere in your unmentionables:

In any case, I'd advise this guy to avoid her at all costs. Let's be honest--triathletes are creepy. There's just something wishy-washy about the way they flirt awkwardly with three disciplines. They're like David Bowie's sexuality, or like people who grew up in multiple countries and who can speak three languages, yet they speak each one poorly and with an untraceable accent. "Swim Bike Run?" "Avoid Avoid Avoid."

HOT Bearded Boy on Bicycle - w4m – 25 [original URL:]
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2008-03-19, 7:33PM EDT

I see you all the time zooming around billyburg on your vintage bike. My bike was stolen by some native polish or puerto rican person. god i cant these losers that know nothing about the arts and on top of that they steal!! anyway youre hot and id love to stop and chat if i see you again. my name is Raine and im from Portland. been in brooklyn for 1 year. hope i see you again soon!!


I don't condone trolling, but I enjoy reading a good one now and again. I particularly like "Raine" because if she were real she could very well be the person the bike shop guy wanted to use his "old school" condom on. It also looks as though at least one hopeful soul was taken in by her:

re: HOT bearded boy on a bicycle - m4w [original URL:]
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2008-03-19, 8:29PM EDT

"My bike was stolen by some native polish or puerto rican person. god i cant these losers that know nothing about the arts and on top of that they steal!! "

Jeezz girl, I'm sorry but you sound real f- dumb... no thank you, but I am not interested in stopping for a chat about "the arts" with someone who has her head up her ass. Please do us all a favor and go back to Portland. leave Brooklyn for the more intelligence inclined folk. ciao.

Ah yes, "leave Brooklyn for the more intelligence inclined folk" indeed.


Anonymous said...

I dislike olive loaf too.

Anonymous said...

podium! word.

Message in a bottle: said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

damn...bgw...funny shit...

Anonymous said...

Triathletes are dorky. I get it. Can we move on?

Anonymous said...

but we've barely dipped a greasepaint numbered calf (to be displayed prominently for the next three days) in the chilly waters of the local algae pond, my friend. there's so much to love about tri'letes. continue i say! and points? everyone wins here!

Anonymous said...

Burrow itself somehwere in your unmentionables.
I wish Raine would do that with her head and her own unmentionables.

Judi said...

Come on! Don't be such a dickhead BSNY! I have the swimbikerun sticker on my 98 Nisson Centra and I am about to put my USAT sticker on there too. But I don't have a bike rack, Dominic puts my bike in his Toyota Scion.

Oh, and those kids that parked their bikes outside that trail are probably smoking weed in the woods. DUH!!

Anonymous said...

Triathletes ARE dorky. It's funny. When they stop being dorky, and by that I mean stop doing everything tri related, like riding stupid bikes, wearing hot pants on stupid bikes, drinking out of two litre bottles strapped to their bars, and pretending they are cyclists, we can stop making fun of them. Until then, it's open season.

And the PEE on themselves. It's gold, Jerry.

Linda said...


Anonymous said...

I spent all morning refreshing bikesnobnyc so I can have a chance to top post and what happens? I go on break and come back to my desk and there are already nine comments.

My life is meaningless.

Anonymous said...

what if the ATM machine is an Ass To Mouth machine?

Anonymous said...

dorkey is actually a kindness when applied to Triathletes...

erik k said...

Bike snob, Im glad to see your time off during the, Snobbaticule was well spent furthering your credentials as one of the "intelligence inclined folk"

Im cracking up, and please Bikesgonewild... enlighten us

Mark said...

Fixed gear mountain is the only way to ride!

What do kids/people do in the woods? Drugs or each other.

Anonymous said...


Wait... wait... gotta... catch... my... breath...


"Dork Dork Dork"




Ok, ok...

"roof racks that clamp the bike on the downtube because they don't know how to take their front wheels off."

Damn, Snob, yer killin' me today! My co-worker is sooooo happy he's off on Friday and Monday, that's 4 days in a row he won't have to try to understand my insane cackling!

"Dork Dork Dork" Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

ATM means one thing and one thing only-Ass To Mouth. i love it my GF loves it. I ride her face and peddle her ears too, love it.

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with Raine, all the worlds problems can be traced back to native polish and puerto ricans not knowing anything about the arts....Bastards!

Now we need to figure out how to force them to appreciate the arts and all the worlds problems will be solved.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna get high and clip my toenails right now. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

nice scathing post BSNYC. Love it. Man I've got the hots for Raine -- I can't wait to learn about what kind of arts she's into. It's 11:05 AM in the morning by the way.

Anonymous said...

I know a kid who drove a Vehicross...

Douchebag extraordinaire.

Excellent work

Anonymous said...

I use ellipses a lot, they're usually placed to create a long dramatic pause or to signify the end of a rhetorical question.

Raine was the stage name of the first stripper I fell in love with. I don't think this is her though, my Raine fleeced me for my money in Saginaw, MI. What can I say, I was young and thought strippers could actually take an interest in someone personally. I have learned since checking out the clubs in PDX, they just want your money!!

Anonymous said...

Also, you say fixed too much.

Anonymous said...

Judi, were those misspellings and intentional? Nisson Centra = Nissan Sentra? I'm still waiting for Toyota to come out with a Scion-clad vehicle. Though Toyota does own the brand, you should know it doesn't produce a Scion model.

Jim N said...

Total fixed-gear trust falls in the woods. Probably some sort of team building exercise.

Unknown said...

hey, I ride that trail every day on my commute (top photo with the fixed gear bikes chained to the sign), it's the main north/south trail connecting DC and Maryland.

Anonymous said...

that NY Times article was already featured on blog entitled "Things White People Like" looks like you got second place on the podium BSNYC.

Anonymous said...

Try-athletes bug me, when I'm riding and pass one in their sleeveless jersey, it inevitably leads to nightmares latter that evening that I'm being chased by Richard Simmons.

"Our rockstars make ricotta" please. Ricotta is the Yanni of the cheese world. Pussy rock.
Give me a hard pecorino or parmigiano to bang my head on.

Anonymous said...

"dork, dork, dork" HA!

Anonymous said...

oh..I see two fixies parked outside a park, I just assume they're cruising.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 1:15pm,

Really? I can't believe another blog is also linking to the NYTimes! It thought I was the only one.


Scottie said...

I hate it when a native puerto rican or polish person steals my bike, too. Oh, those mischievous native polish and puerto rican persons!

Anonymous said...

"Have you ever chained your fixie to a sign and then walked away into the woods on weed?"

Anna said...

What were those hipsters up to? What we're ALWAYS up, bikes, beards and the birds and the bees.

Anonymous said...

BSNYC I'm just saying your late, thats all (March 16th) - old news and surprisingly bicycle is not even mentioned in the article, but art degree, Brooklyn, and other trendy catch phrases are.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Screw the pistadex and tell us the nostril dilation factor of the Flamethrowing Snout of Death. It's way cooler ... err, hotter (had to work in the ellipses.) Plus, the acronym will be completely opaque.

bikesgonewild said...

...sorry guys, but since starting this new job i just started at the "Department of Redundancy Dept." i hardly have the time cuz it's so time consuming...

...shame about 'raine' & the 'hot bearded bike boy' though...they sound like they could be a perfect match in their redun-dunce-y...

...& watch out out for that judi chick, the looks of her photo, she could lay some serious tri hurt on you...stomp, crush n' rip ya...some guys pay money for that...

Sean Lynch said...

native puerto rican or polish person...

would that be someone named Hiawatha Colòn or Dances With Kiełbasa?

in manhattan you can buy your bike back for $24.00 in beads and either a jibaroto or some pierogi, depending on the peorto rican or polish.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 1:34pm #1,

It was only upon seeing the Fixedgeargallery entry today that I remembered the article and realized that it could explain why those people disappeared in the woods. Apocalyptic divination is all about seeking patterns. What you see as tardiness is in fact prudence.


Anonymous said...

No surprise that bgw passed on the subject of ellipses. I'm not sure he possesses any particular insight into their use; he just uses them to approximate the natural cadence provided by proper punctuation. (No offense, just an observation.)

And btw, if it's three dots, it's ellipsis. Ellipses is the plural of that.

Thank you, and sorry.

LK said...

New alert! Snob moves to UES!

Anonymous said...

Sorry...everyone knows you can't breed fixies by leaving them alone in the woods. They are sterile, like a mule. To breed a fixie, you need to cross a crappy road bike with a jackass.

Anonymous said...

well thank you for clearing that up for me Mr. BSNYC, when i saw the link though I knew immediately which article it was going to be...but at least they are not partners riding a tandem to pick up their seeds wearing fair trade/organically grown T-shirts.

thejakesnakes said...

Raine isn't welcome here either, that's why she's in BK.

-Jacob in Portland

Anonymous said...

God, less than a paragraph into that article and i was ready to vomit.
Daddy runs a "foundation" and mummy writes about "justice".

[quote = Jarvis Cocker]
I said pretend you've got no money, she just laughed and said oh you're so funny.
I said yeah? Well I can't see anyone else smiling in here.
Are you sure you want to live like common people
You want to see whatever common people see
You want to sleep with common people,
you want to sleep with common people like me.
But she didn't understand, she just smiled and held my hand.
Rent a flat above a shop, cut your hair and get a job.
Smoke some fags and play some pool, pretend you never went to school.
But still you'll never get it right
'cos when you're laid in bed at night watching roaches climb the wall
If you call your Dad he could stop it all.
You'll never live like common people
You'll never do what common people do
You'll never fail like common people [/quote]

bikesgonewild said...

...anon 2:05pm...i try, like yourself, to consider the supreme act of sharing as i post...obviously someone as polite & grammatically insightful as yourself finds hope in the thought that you might make things better for the readers & writers of this world...i feel like i leave a door open, if you will, to help foster that hope... grand that w/ the snob & everyone else involved, we're all an intrinsic part of a wonderful symbiotic relationship which may someday change the face of literature & cycling...or maybe not...

...& while an ellipsis is composed of three dots & the actual plural form would be 'ellipses', as you kindly point out, would it be greatly improper for my own purposes to refer to a field of them as 'ellipti'...or would i simply be word-playing on my favorite bike frame material ???...

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:05, nobody likes a know-it-all. If it is in the singular, it's "an ellipsis," not "ellipsis."

KanyonKris said...

Snob, before today did you ever imagine you'd be ADDING red-eye (well, more like orange-eye) into a photo?

Good post! Picking the low-hanging internet cycling fruit to make sarcastic blog pies. Carry on!

Anonymous said...

Snob, just curious. Why did you assume that our San Francisco-bound trendster was a she? Aren't there a lot of 5'7" guys with medium builds and wavy brown hair in NYC? Is there an unwritten rule that "Missed Connections" is hetero unless specified otherwise?

Anonymous said...

anon 1:34 - please read this

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 3:13pm,

Certainly you're right, and I certainly wouldn't be surprised if the trendster's gender was ambiguous even in person. However, the poster does specify it's a woman in his heading, so I'll take his word for it.


Anonymous said...

Mr. NYC,

For what it's worth, the vehicle in this post (as Cool the Kid pointed out) is actually a Vehicross. This was Isuzu's attempt to actually put a concept vehicle into production. At the time (roughly 1998-2001) they were quite powerful off-road rigs (240hp) with high-end gas shocks etc. Unfortunately, Isuzu seems to have absolutely given up once they reached the interior. No visibility, the one I saw came stock with a cassette deck (in 2001!), and a backseat that was comprised of about 2" of gym-mat foam that you really couldn't fold down out of the way. I really wanted one until I found one on a lot and sat in it.

Anonymous said...

Truly a retarded, humorless post. I'd suggest the snob make his own vision quest to whatever scant trace of nature still remains in the ulcer that is New York and realign with something beyond bitter critique of "trend" but I think he just did that.

Anonymous said...

Wow: a passion not only for poetry of the language but for precision and purity of phrasing as well! This propensity always has been evident in an implicit sort of way, but usually not so explicitly proclaimed. Our hearts pound ever harder. Without even getting into all the bike brilliance.

But this sentence? Problematic. Hilarious, to be sure. But gramatically problematic, twice over:

It's usually some kind of "sporty" dork-tastic SUV, and it's usually got either a trunk rack or one of those roof racks that clamp the bike on the downtube because they don't know how to take their front wheels off.

Anonymous said...

Bork! Bork! Bork!

Unknown said...

Thats a pic of my boy nick's bike (spicer). he works at a local skate shop here in dc...and recently got into a bad accident with sever head trauma and internal be kind and send your well wishes

BikeSnobNYC said...


Yes, I like to undermine myself by making mistakes while ridiculing others.

The Bicycle Wheel,

I'm sorry to hear that--please send him mine.


Sprocketboy said...

Loughborough Mill (Mile 5.0)

Nathan Loughborough, businessman and civic leader, Secretary of the Treasury under John Adams, bought the adjacent 250-acre estate, “Milton”, (to the south of the Trail), and built a stone flour mill there near his house about 1830. He was a southern sympathizer and fled south during the Civil War; soldiers reportedly destroyed the mill. The mill race was washed out in the aftermath of the 1889 Johnstown (Pa.) Flood. (There is some doubt as to how the flood in Johnstown affected Little Falls Creek; it is said that a very rainy season caused backups in many streams, and the Potomac backed up here.)

It is clear that the fixie riders are Southern sympathizers lurking in the woods, perhaps rebuilding the mill for Round 2.

I love reading BikeSnobNYC. I would never have known otherwise that that are women from Portland named Raine. And who says there is no poetry in the world? In Ontario we could name children Sleet or Rime; in New Jersey or New York, Hoar.

Anonymous said...

Wait, I thought we were only supposed to carry on about African Americans and Hispanics being thieves. Now we have to include Polish folk as well? Damn, I hate making fun of white people!

Anonymous said...

"Intelligence inclined people in Brooklyn?"

I duuno. That sounds a little harsh.

I mean, doesn't the author of that snappy Craigslist retort realize that "Onto every Raine a little life must fall."

Anonymous said...

You ignorant racists just assume "Polish" means a Pole from could mean someone who polishes stuff, those filthy Serbians.

LK said...

The "Intelligence Incline" may be the hill over the East River on the way out of Williamsburg.

The "Intelligence Decline" has appeared at 79th St and 5th Avenue.

Indecision may the dominant factor in Swim Bike Run.

Old School condoms? No such thing.

Unknown said...

blue in color.

Brilliant. Best post of the week.

AnnaZed said...

“grammatically insightful …”

would be what exactly?

“gramatically problematic”

sort of

“sever head trauma”

was it sewn back on?
(Ok, maybe not the moment for the spelling police – all prayers for a quick recovery.)

as to: “Intelligence inclined people in Brooklyn”

I … have … no … words.

Barbarosa said...

Vintage Condom.

Old School condom

Anonymous said...

anonymous 3:06

You got me all wrong. Who expects perfect grammar in blog comments? I was just pointing out a common misconception. Because unusual words are fun. And because I was heeding Snob's call for elliptical clarification!

Plus I already apologized!


ellipti sounds good, so I think you should go ahead and use it.

anon 2:05

Cycle Ninja said...

Snob, I'd be willing to be that you are an English Composition professor trapped in a New Yorker's body. I feel the same as you do about flagrant disregard for sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling. For the love of God, MORE, PLEASE?!

Anonymous said...

sprint points to easter european @ 4:08 pm!

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, but who the hell reads the heading?
Anon 3:13

SkidMark said...

"we've barely dipped a greasepaint numbered calf (to be displayed prominently for the next three days)"

You're probably right about Judi - she probably could kick our collective butts. Move over, Raine. It's "hot bearded bike boy" meets "LUKEWARM BEARDED BIKE CHICK"

Is that a pack of spiders you're smuggling in your armpits?

itssadbutdrew said...

if you cant be good at on thing, be mediocre at three.

nick @ surly used to have some neato decals that said "tri before you bi"

Daniel said...

...a passion not only for poetry of the language but for precision and purity of phrasing as well! This propensity always has been evident in an implicit sort of way, but usually not so explicitly proclaimed. Our hearts pound ever harder. Without even getting into all the bike brilliance.

Wow. Did you write that in English, then translate it into Italian and back on Babelfish and post the result? I'd seriously like to know.

Also, why do Americans say or write "ciao"? Why?!?

Judi said...

Hey Skidmark, don't think so, I shave.

BSNY - why do these guys pick on me so bad? And why do I care so much??

BGW - you rock. Thanks.

AnnaZed said...


They are guys in their late 20s and early 30s who live with their parents and work in bike stores. What do you expect?

As to why one cares, let me know when you figure that one out (I care to for some reason).

Judi said...

Thanks Anna. You are right. I suppose we should just not to care.

Judi said...

Yikes I can't type! That should have said "try not to care". Duh.

Sheesh what a loser I am. I can't spell, can't type, and the BSNY commenters hate me. Guess I should go throw myself in front of a subway train....

Anonymous said...

Judi, you shave what, exactly?

punkinpants said...

Bike Snob, my day is once made better by your blog. This one was particularly awesome.

Anonymous said...

Judi, Judi, Judi ...

Only Jared can throw himself in front of a subway in Cincinnati.

You're safe.

SkidMark said...


Just for the record:

1. I WISH I was still in my 20s or early 30s (I'd even settle for LATE 30s)

2. I've got a pair of BIKE SHORTS that just turned 30 this year.

3. My mother will probably be coming to live with ME in the near future.

4. Actually, my dream is to work in a bike shop when I retire!

SkidMark said...


P.S. I've read your blog. I really do admire your spirit. I'll back off :)

rusty said...

You're beautiful.
Don't do it!

rusty said...

Another thing. You're taste in music is excellent.

Anonymous said...

Loved the NYT article, too.Held my nose and dived in. Amelie grabbed her Ashton and moved him out to the woods before he cheated on her a bunch in "The Slope". Foodie agendas are some heavy mind control. If a guy did that, they'd call him Manson.
Rain (e?)'s post was so alluring- I'm an ignorant xenophobe, do you want to go out?

morgan said...

Maybe I missed something....but, I like to think that I've kept up pretty well on this forum. Snob, did the Alpacalypse come from this by any chance?

Cycling Phun said...

Judi: Are there subways in Cinci?! *heh heh... couldn't resist

Judi said...

Phun - it's from a song called "People who Died" by The Jim Carroll Band. Lyrics were "Judi jumped in front a subway train....". I was being sarcastic.

b said...

Is she the ironic Raine from Oregon or the rhyming Raine from Maine?

Anonymous said...

bikesgonewild 1:37,

you spoofed the lemonheads. ha!

Anonymous said...

The phrase "old school" needs to finally be consigned to the slang incinerator.


Anonymous said...

Lanterne rouge

bikesgonewild said...

...anon 11:00pm...unbeknownst to me if i what way ?... judi, i'm more of a jim carroll band kinda guy...friend a' mine played w/ j carroll but that wuz just a bonus...gritty lyrics & a great raw sound is what did it for me...

Anonymous said...

Lanterne rouge...HA!!

Jack said...

scrubs with a hose?

hell yeah

Anonymous said...

The Raine from Maine falls mainly on the plain.

Anonymous said...

that alpaca is a close smokin' second to judi's punk skunk. well-coiffed and smellin ala' pepe le pew himself!!!!

tri that sensory overload and gouge your own nose out.

just kidding!

noah whitaker

Anonymous said...

seriously, the angle of your picture gives me vertigo. could you "crop and rotate" it. and perhaps wear a traffic cone please?

Unknown said...

I was in a meeting yesterday in a large banking corporation with some executive types. They were mentioning that maybe the apocalypse wasn't upon us after all, given the recent performance of equity markets.

All I could think of for the rest of the meeting was how much pistas are selling for in DC on craigslist. And the fact that I am in the wrong profession.

Anonymous said...

U guyz I was only kidding! I totes am accepting of the puertos, I bought a messenger bag from one on the corner of Bedford and 6th!

Timothy J said...

OMFG! We have a Jim Carroll Band reference! Sweet! Whenever I wreck, I always think of "Wicked Gravity."

Anonymous said...

lanterne rouge

Anonymous said...

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