Thursday, November 8, 2007

Worst of NYC Craigslist Bike Ads SPECIAL EDITION: Craigslist Dream Bike!

Every cyclist knows that moment when you suddenly realize you have enough spare parts to think about building another bike. Of course, everybody's Spare Part/New Bike Rationale Threshold is different. For some, it means having absolutely everything but the frame. For others, that sweet threadless headset top cap is just screaming to have a bike built around it. Well, I'm proud to announce that I've reached my own personal SPNBRT. I've got a pink 1/8" track chain, that 1" threaded-to 1/8" threadless stem adapter I never sent to the Kludgie guy, and a "One Day at a Time" top tube pad embroidered with randy superintendent Dwayne F. Schneider's mustachioed countenance and the phrase, "How ya doin' there, Ms. Romano?" It's fixie time!

But rather than just satisfy my own material cravings, I thought I would also use this opportunity to edify my readers. The $950 Mission fixed-gear last week led to a lot of discussion about how much bike you could build on your own for the same money. So I decided I'd (virtually) build a fixed-gear worthy of the BSNYC Seal Of Disapproval and source every single part (apart from what I've already got) from what's available right now in the New York City Craigslist bikes for sale section. So come shopping with me, and let's see what we wind up with and how much it costs:

single speed / 13ish lbs\not fixed/ 5'11" plus $1150
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2007-11-05, 11:54PM EST

54cm luciano frameset($1200)/intergrated carbon fork/carbon seatstays/carbon chainstay,carbon stem,intergrated crane creek hs,easton 70 sp, selle slk saddle,dura ace 175mm crank/spline 6500bb/3 to 1 ratio,46cm bontrager race/deep bar,ultegra brakes,mavic 1500gram wheelset/dura ace hubs/19c/alloy skewers,aero levers,chrome chain/ da cables,and speedplay peddles/new cleats. >>excellent condtion<<>

Okay, obviously the project is to build a custom bike, but when you come across something like this it's difficult to maintain your resolve. Only $1,150 and one of the sweetest dog erection bar taping jobs I've ever seen. No, must resist and press on!

will trade lmtd edirion green IRO frame with chris king H/S for ipod - $350
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2007-11-04, 12:40AM EDT

I will trade my frame fork and headset on my barely used hunter green limited edirion IRO track frame for a new or lightly used 80gb ipod......whose in?

heres pictures of it built up....ONLY FRAME FORK AND HEADSET

needs to be done by monday at the latest

Wow, frame, fork, and King headset! Tempting, veeery tempting. Of course, the size isn't listed, but I really don't care if the bike fits. This baby's only gotta get me to the bar and back. I'd probably bite on this one if I actually had an iPod to trade him. Unfortunately I've only got a slightly used Zune and a $25 gift card for the Zune Marketplace, but I'm guessing he's not going to take those.

New track/fixed gear Pake frameset - $295
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2007-11-01, 10:30PM EDT

New track/fixed gear (fixie) built Pake frameset with the following -

- Track/fixed gear Pake frame, 53cm(c-c), 31" standover height, horizontal dropouts, glossy black, removable Pake stickers

- Tange chrome 1 inch threaded fork

- Tange headset

- Shimano bottom bracket

It's all brand new, never even built beyond this.

Now we're talkin'. Like butter? Well, it's not butter, it's Pake. Still, considering this comes with the bottom bracket, fork, and headset, I think I've found my chassis.

Subtotal: $295.00

Track wheels wanted (Downtown)
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2007-11-05, 6:44PM EST

Looking for a mid to high end track wheelset. Not looking for formulas,iro ect. Looking for surley,dura ace,suzie,miche ect. Hit me up w what you got.

Next up is the wheels, and judging from the above post I'm clearly entering a competitive marketplace. Fortunately, I don't need high-end hubs from companies like "Surley" and "Suzie." (They must be high end--I've never even heard of them!) I'm strictly a bottom-feeder. This is more like it:

NEW Vuelta Team Track Fixed Gear Wheel Wheel Sets SS - $130
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2007-11-03, 10:09PM EDT



I have no doubt whatsoever that these wheels are hand-built and stress relieved. In fact, I bet the stress relieving is done by uber-curmudgeon and serial retrogrouch Jobst Brandt himself. Plus, I'm a one-stop shopper, and these seem to come with a cog. Granted, the cog looks like it may have been cut from a Pepsi can with a pair of tin snips, but again, I don't plan to do much actual riding. Sold.

Subtotal: $425.00

Sugino "Messenger" Crankset - $80
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2007-11-03, 4:38PM EDT

Sugino track cranks plus crank bolts.

165mm length.
44t chainring.
uses 103-107 BB spindle.

very lightly used, excellent condition.
(new price: $95 + shipping).

Crank, chainring, and crankbolts. Done, done, and done.

Subtotal: $505.00

Bontrager 27.2 diamater 15" inch black seatpost - $10
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2007-11-05, 6:56PM EST

Bontrager 27.2 diamater 15" inch black seatpost hardly any use. call or email [deleted].

Okay, time to start watching the budget. We've already broken the $500 mark and are venturing into new Pista territory. Of course we're nowhere close to what a used one would go for on Craigslist, but still, we need to be careful. This post shouldn't break the bank. I'm just hoping its clamp allows me to really angle that saddle nose down. I want to feel like I'm on a see-saw with Queen Latifah.

Subtotal: $515.00

saddle seat
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2007-11-01, 3:59PM EDT

I have a saddle seat (7"Wx9.5"L), ideal seat to be fitted for your road bike but i suppose you can install it on your mountain bike. seatpost *not* included, just selling the seat. retails $45 new, selling for just $20. cash pick up only in the city. drop me a line if you can use it.

This, quite frankly, is a godsend. I couldn't decide whether I wanted a saddle or a seat and amazingly this is both. I didn't even realize they made those! Of course, what I really wanted was a Brooks, but we're going for Hawaiian Punch on a Kool-Aid budget. Plus, the seller graciously provides the measurements and they happen to match my crotchal dimensions exactly. (Anything else you choose to infer from that is your own business.) I'll take it--let's throw it in the cart.

Subtotal: $535.00

Deda aluminum track drops--oversize clamp - $50
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2007-11-04, 9:08PM EST

These are the stock bars on the Pista Concept. Very light. These are in good condition and I've got a nice ITM 120mm forged stem available to go with them, for a few bucks extra.

Wow, track bars and a stem! These are a little expensive, but I think I'll splurge. It's important to have genuine track bars on your fixed-gear, especially when you plan to flop-and-chop them like I intend to do. No need to worry about tape, either. I've always wanted to die like Elliott Smith, who stabbed himself in the heart. I figure one day I'll ride my slippery, tapeless, and jagged-ended flop-and-chops onto a cobbled street on a rainy day. When my hands slip forward hopefully I'll slice my wrists open on the ends of the bars and bleed to death on my fixed-gear. Sweet, sweet poetry.

Plus, I get to use my Kludgie!

Subtotal (assuming he wants an extra double-sawbuck for the stem): $605.00

MKS sylvan track pedals w/MKS clips (njs) - $50
Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2007-11-04, 9:05PM EST

Clips are size M. These pedals have been used only for a short test ride. Included are leather Christophe straps. Perfect condition.

A fixed-gear without MKS pedals is like a musician without a cold sore. Sold.

Subtotal: $655.00

Bicycle Acessories - $2

Reply to: [deleted]
Date: 2007-11-02, 9:04AM EDT

2 x Specialized All Condition Bicycle Tire (700x28c) - $4 each
1 x Bontrager Sport Bicycle Tire (700x23c) - $4
1 x Michelin Bicycle Tire (700x23c) - $4
1 x Hutchinson Top Speed Bicycle Tire (700x23)(foldable) - $4

1 x Pyramid Bicycle Tube (700x23/28c) - $2
1 x Bontrager Bicycle Tube (700x18/25c) - $2
4 x Continental Bicycle Tube (700x18/25c) (new in box) - $4 each

1 x Brand New Adidas Adistar Road TT Carbon with Carbon look Shoes. Size: 9 1/2 (US). Compatible with any Look fitting cleat or SPD-R - $30

1 x Specialized Aluminum Handlebar. Made in Japan. Size - Ø25.4mm. Wight - 22". Weight - 200g w/o grips; 250g with grips. Grips - O’Neal Azonic - $5

1 x 3T Aluminum Handlebar. Designed in Italy. Size: Ø25.8mm. 44cm (center to center). 145mm drop - $5

1 x 3T Aluminum Stem. Designed in Italy. Size: 110mm. Degree: 15. Accept 25.4-26mm Handlebars. 2 bolts - $2

1 x Cannondale with reflecting line - $2

2 x SHIMANO (R55C) (with the box) - $4 pair
2 x SHIMANO (R55C) (no box) - $2 pair

1 x Bottle Cage Black - $1

Thank you for looking.

Now to finish this baby off. For tires, I'm going for one Michelin and one Hutchinson. You can call this bike the French Tickler, because it'll be rolling on French rubbers. For tubes I'll grab three of those Contis (one spare, of course). While I'm at it, I'll also grab that saddlebag. As for brake pads, no thanks, won't be needing those. It looks like I'm done!

GRAND TOTAL: $677.00!

So what do you think? A single trip to Craiglist and I've joined the fixed-gear revolution for under $700. Not too shabby. See you at the bars! I can't wait to start upgrading...


Danimal said...

so green. I couldn't help myself. Normally I ridicule this behavior. But then I've never seen the top of a podium before.

Anonymous said...

oh!, can you say podium!?

Anonymous said...

ball patch works 3rd

SeattleM&M said...

Gawd I'd love to "ride a see-saw" with Queen Latifah.

Anonymous said...

Inaki Isasi!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a zune player. Really.

Some French Guy said...

oooohhhhh Caspar!!!!!!!! Damn!

Anonymous said...

it from $500 to $8677 ??

Stu said...

And this is why I've never bothered to join the fixie crowd. I would love to have a cheap light run-around bike, but have no idea how to actually get one or build one, as I cannot afford a used Pista for $750, nor do I have the technical skills to build one on my own for $1,000.

Scott said...

It's hard to believe that Zune reference is so obscure, considering it's less than a year old. Well played.

Am I the only one who found that last CL post kind of suspicious? Why is he selling good (what look to be new) components at a fraction of MSRP?

((lyledriver)) said...

Aren't you going to need a quill->threadless adapter to run that Pista Concept ITM stem on the Pake's 1" threaded steerer?

..or are you just going to get rid of the locknuts and use your kludgie shim to clamp the stem right over the threads?

BikeSnobNYC said...


I mentioned in the intro that I have the adapter already--I think you're understandably confusing the "Kludgie" with the "Shimmy." Even I can't keep all these awards straight...


((lyledriver)) said...

Oh hai.. look at that. you're right.

Either way will work.
The polo guys around here are all running on hybrid threadedless mashups.

mr.complaint said...

Congrats danimal. Bon jambes.

The 44t chainring is good because I love a spin® class. But does she fit a Shimano BB? I don't know.

Was that an ideal seat/saddle or Ideal saddle/seat? Unclear. It might be from a Mission bike or an NOS Schwinn Varsity.

Does the frame have a seatpost clamp btw?

120mm stem? Gorilla my dreams....

I with you on the cold sore.

Anonymous said...

queen latifah on a see-saw...f'ing hilarious, dude.

BotchedExperiment said...

I've got a 1988 SR forged alloy Oval-Tech triple I'll sell you for $20 less than that Sugino Messenger.

Oval rings on a fixie aren't as bad as you think...and I heard that they're really coming back.

Matthew said...

The Pake takes a 27.0 seatpost. Perhaps it is time for someone to invent the "reverse shimmy". Sure, it seems impossible but I'm confident that the BSNYC comment section braintrust can come up with something.

Thejakesnakes said...

Ha, not a bad build for the money. But dude, Your build is not NEW, that alone is worth considering $273 more for a Mission.

or you could use that money toward some sweet airbrushed roses on your headtube..

BikeSnobNYC said...


I thought of that. I'm gratuitously assuming it's a newer one. From the Pake site:

Update: 7/07: Frames that fit 27.2mm post are being shipped now.


Cycling Phun said...

Wow! I want a pink chain! No, really! I also like Botched and his oval-tech ieda. Sounds like you'll have yer Polished Turd in no time! And it'll be lucky #7 for you, won't it??

Matthew said...

Oops. My bad. Really, though, why even by a seatpost or saddle? If you are just going to be trackstanding and skidding and looking really cool standing next to it outside of some dive then those are unnecessary parts and omitting them would shave tons of weight off of the build.

Despite riding fixed more often than not myself, I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the excellent commentary!

Nick said...

I will stick with my mostly stock Giant Bowery for $500 plus about $75 for the better bars and stem (both specialized) that I put on. Oh wait, I got a discount cause I traded the original bars and stem in new still, so we are back down to $550 total, taxes and all. I put my nightrider and planet bike lights that I already owned on there, and wa-la, intant winter comuter. Oh, and I had a set of 105 brakes left over from a road bike build a while back that went on, and yes I run front and back breaks. It rides great, and its tough as nails.

BikeSnobNYC said...


Yeah, but think of all the people you didn't meet. Saddleseat guy and I are going bowling next week!


Anonymous said...

So, 677$ really means that 950$ new bike was way overpriced!

Putting together such a 2nd hand bike probably only takes a hundred hours of reading through ads (your time = worth zip of course), making deals, seeing deals fall through and having to find replacements. The you have to pick it all up, or even pay for postage for it all.

The best way is to get things for free from relatives though. "You bought gizmo new xxx for yyy $? That's expensive man, I got it (used) for free from my brother!"

quaffimodo said...

You're going to have a tough time finding the howls of execration to finish the French Tickler off with-that's actually a pretty sane build. Don't devalue the Seal by slapping it on a bike completely unworthy of it.

Anonymous said...

Oh for the Pake of Sete you have created a most beautiful bicycle!!

Anonymous said...


Yes, but what i'd like to know is if your new bike would sound anything like Randy the Veloliloquy bike?

BikeSnobNYC said...


Wanna buy it?


quaffimodo said...

Throw in some spoke cards, a few trendy stickers and a studded white belt and you've got a deal.

sh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sh said...

...a "One Day at a Time" top tube pad embroidered with randy superintendent Dwayne F. Schneider's mustachioed countenance and the phrase, "How ya doin' there, Ms. Romano?" It's fixie time!

One of your best lines ever -
it cracked me up (in a Mackenzie Phillips kinda way).

Josh Nadas said...

very amusing bsnyc.

you should use keirin track grips on your flop and chops. sexy.

Anonymous said...

This is a well thought out post, but to be true to form you should have built your bike from the SF Craigslist if you're going against the Mission. Just a thought.


Matt in Seattle

Anonymous said...

second paragraph, first sentence:

"satisy" should be "satisfy"

fixeryuppie said...

I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read your Zune substituion proposal. Anyhow, for those cranks, you could easily Sharpie in "75" after the brand stamp and have yourself an instant upgrade. As for your uncapped/untaped bars, that's nothing a good pair of Cortech gloves and some hand chalk can't handle.

meatroll said...

behold: the finest example of dog's erection bartape i've evar seen!

Jim said...

First of all... Jeebus Cripes in a cave, would you people give over on the spelling and grammar corrections? Have you never used teh intarwebbs before? It's bad form to keep correcting grammar and spelling. What thinks you this is... seventh grade? Aaaaraarrrrggh.

Second, The Pake takes a 27.0 seatpost. Perhaps it is time for someone to invent the "reverse shimmy". They've already invented the "reverse shimmy." It's called a "file." I've not seen it done up close, but I bet you dollars to donuts some asche-wipe has used one to fit a 27.2 seatpost into a 27.0 tube. If there's an idiot in Williamsburg using solder to render Shimano freewheels fixed, there's a fool in Hoboken who slims down seatposts by grinding off metal. The remainders of which are removed from local scrotums by a urological surgeon in Parsippany...

Finally, a seven inch wide saddle? You'd need to have a real horse's ass to put something like that on a fixie.

Danimal said...

fer chrissakes people it's one thing to be green on the podium but it's another thing altogether to seive through these elegant words for spelling errors.

PS "crotchal dimensions" just made me ruin my keyboard. Need PBR-safe keyboard. Just kidding it was milk. Just kidding it was espresso. But you have to say it "expresso." There I'm done.

There's this rumor that things are more expensive there in Nueva York, it still seems like craigslist stuff is expensive. MKS sylvan pedals should cost $40 brandspankinew. Hrm? You need a recycled cycles.

Anonymous said...

Pake frameset -- $295

Sugino "Messenger" Crankset -- $80

NYC Craigslist Dream Bike --Priceless.

For everything else, there's Bike Snob NYC.

Great post!

P.S. -- First upgrade: plastic goat to epoxy to the stem.

It's a little known fact that Italian craftsmen shave faux cashmere from plastic goats for stylish and comfortable riding apparel with the superior wicking properties of synthetic fabric.

Sorelegs said...

"Crotchal" 2 times in a few days. It is killing me, what movie did that word come from? I've got to know.

AnnaZed said...

I don't know why meatroll, but I kind of like that dog's (ahem) bike. I think it's the AKS fenders.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you'll sell that Shneider toptube pad? That would RAWK!

mm said...

Mission Bicycles has lowered their price after all of us complained. They also made some upgrades available. If you get ALL the upgrades, you come to a total of:


These upgrades still aren't worth that price.

I have a Seattle (which I am aware not everyone cares for, but listen to my point) which I (well couldn't Employee Purchase because my shop isn't carrying them, but still got my regular discount on) paid $450 for. I replaced the crankset with a Primato (and new bottom bracket to fit), the pedals with Suntour Superbes (and duh, MKS clips), the stem with a Thomson, the handlebars with Nitto Classics, and other random extras that Mission would consider "custom upgrades" (tape, bar end plugs, brake levers, etc)...and took the fenders off which doesn't effect my cost, but anyway-- overall I spent about $700 with all my discounts. THAT'S the way to put together a fixed gear at a reasonable price.

Danimal said...

"crotchal" comes from anchorman, I believe. The Legend of Ron Burgundy. That's how I roll.

Danimal said...

Mr. Burgundy, you have a massive erection. Really? Yes, I do. Um...I'm sorry, it's's the pleats. Mm. It's actually an optical illusion. It's the pattern on the pants. It's not flattering in the crotchal region. I'm actually taking them back right now. Taking them back to the pants store. Well I'm gonna go walk it off. Don't act like you're not impressed!

BikeSnobNYC said...



mark said...

Discovered in 1904 by the Germans, San Diego is German for "Whale's Vagina."

Anonymous said...

Bike Snob, You've come in nearly $300 under the original goal of $950. Why not use the money saved to get a pink powder coat...for frame and components?

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 4:46pm,

The savings is earmarked for a pair of those cycling jeans I posted about on Monday.


Anonymous said...

The "dog erection" should be referred to as "red lipstick" or "the red rocket". The latter label is my personal fav

queerlatifah said...

Are you saying I'm fat?

NewHaven said...

Here's my theory about the guy with the green IRO frame:
It's getting too cold in NYC to make the 1 mile commute to work. Now that he will be walking he needs an iPod so that he could eventually be run over by a year-round commuter whilst searching for his favorite hipster anthem.
This still doesn't explain the urgency though. Does this guy have a tip on the impending fixed gear market crash? Is he getting out early?

mm said...

New Haven,
No, no, no, there will be no fixed gear crash. He simply NEEDS the ipod right away because if he isn't doing something electronically with his hands 24 hours a day, HE crashes.

Anonymous said...


I should have known to turn the sound down on my computer before clicking a link in response to a Ron Burgundy discourse.

But next time, could you give some warning?

If I had been drinking, I would have sprayed my computer.

clintpatty said...

Don't limit yourself to New York. Check out this gem:

overtorqued_nut said...

To quote mm:
"which I (well couldn't Employee Purchase because my shop isn't carrying them, but still got my regular discount on) paid $450 for"

The first rule of Bike Club is that you do NOT talk about Bike Club!
Nah, just kidding. But really if everyone worked at a bike shop, then there would be no bike industry (or a sweet EP discount that for us shop rats to regurly abuse)

Josh said...

I'm 99% certain that the IRO frame in the posting was originally mine. I bought three during the group buy, and kept one, sold one to a friend for cost, and the other on eBay to some girl in New York for $300. Obviously there's no way to be certain, but I can pretend it's mine, to have a little slice of the infamy. said...

and $300 jeans makes $977!

nice job!

smartalec said...

Jim, are you crazy?! You should never, ever, under any circumstances file any metal off of your seatpost!! It could comprimise the strength of the post possibly resulting in breakage and a crash. If your seatpost doesn't fit, you should file the frame...I thought everyone knew that.

pinchfinger said...

Hey, I can use a 1" threaded to 1 1/8" threadless adapter!

Woz said...

A Zune? What's the matter Mr. Smartypants, Steve Jobs' hegemony not good enough for you either?

the_boy_who_loves_pasta said...

I know it can't be cool because it's got brakes and is built by a company that actually makes bikes.. but the Kona
Paddy Wagon
has a US msrp of $650. All you have to do is un-tape the bars, remove the brakes and but some stupidly thin tyres on and your ready to kill yourself in style...

yeah I've got a financial conflict of interest, but do I look like I care

Anonymous said...


seventythree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mander said...

Aaaaand DFL

Eric said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eric said...

Craiglist NYC prices are a joke. Craigslist Phoenix is where the bargains are...
Golden Gem

Anonymous said...

crazy cool

Anonymous said...

haha, from the paddy wagon page: "A flip flop fixie to freewheel hub makes it culturally correct."

adamrodkey said...

BSNYC, Beautiful build.
But no messenger bag? C'mon!

mojito said...

Don't trust that Pake. Never trust any company who's by-line provides pronunciation instructions for the name brand (look for the "Pa-kay" underneath the name on the web page). Afterall, you don't see that kind of nonsense with Raleigh ("Huh. Should that be 'Rah-Lay' or 'Ray-Leej'?"). Heck, not even Dedacciai bother with a how-to-say-it tag. Actually, it's a well-known fact that the Dedacciai board deliberately made their company name difficult to pronounce by English speakers to give it that certain je ne sais quoi.

So, get over yourselves, Pake-makers, and let us butcher your name as we see fit. If the Italians don't need the say-it guide then why do you?

Anonymous said...


But to get a messenger bag that lives up to the $300 jeans, like one from Prada, available at Neiman Marcus for $1,835 ( store/catalog/prod.
sku=NMOF8_N03HU) would put BSNYC way over budget.

Jimbo said...

What, no aerospokes?

bikesgonewild said...

...come on, mojito...i'd be willing ta believe ya about dedacciai if you had only used the italian equivalent of "je ne sais quoi"...
...these cross-cultural references just get me so confused, n'est pas, ami ?...

Kenny said...

Post pictures when its completed!

Anonymous said...

size on the Green IRO cant be bigger than a 50. you can tell by looking at the headtube/top tube/ downtube and seeing how much space is there. Zero space, its a 48-49- half inch, its a 50-51 etc..

Anonymous said...

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