Friday, June 15, 2007

Fixedgeargallery...of shame.

I admit, I enjoy perusing I think it's a cool site and I applaud them for what they do. I also think it's cool people are inspired to submit their bikes. But I also can't myself--some of these bikes rub me the wrong way. Here are some random heckles:

"I bought the crank and then ran out of money."

Why would you convert a Colnago CT1 into a fixie? Let me guess: his road bike is a 3Rensho with a welded on-derailleur hanger, he uses tissues for toilet paper, and he wanted a female cat so he got Butch a sex change.

I. Freaking. Hate. Top tube pads. Pointless, stupid accessorizing. If it doesn't make the bike go, or go faster, get it off!

If you found your frame in the trash, put it back.


Anonymous said...

Not to be all prick-face-ish....but those top tube pads serve a purpose here in nyc--bike polo mallet holder..

karmapics said...
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Anonymous said...

There seems to be a definite trend in NYC craigslist, and that's, "Can't sell crappy old 10 speed? Convert it to a FIXIE and charge twice as much."

Anonymous said...

Not for nuthin but I like it when people salvage old frames and ride them around - recycling. As to the tob tube protector thing, I agree it is a little much - I doubt everyone that has them is playing polo - but at the same time, just like in everything else, expressing one's style in accessories is totally legit.

Anonymous said...

If you lock your bike up to alot of streetsigns and parking meters for lack of bike racks. A top tube pad actually does serve a legit purpose.

jimfamous said...

polo mallet holder!!!

pure fuckin genius

Anonymous said...

top tube pads also keep your shit from getting dented and scratched all to shit when you lock it up on a sign post...

Anonymous said...

Hey if people want to accessorise their bike, who cares. Better a top tube pad than some stupid, pro team jersey!

not interested and neither are you said...

actually, I think that anyone who converts a road bike to a "fixie" (and what moron Williamburg hipster came up with that name?) is gay.

Anonymous said...

So you're saying out with the old and worn and in with the new? Let me guess, grandma is in a nursing home isn't she? You know, as long as people are riding bikes they are saving energy, cutting down on pollution, and getting excercise. I just can't see why born again fixed gears bother you so much.

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