Friday, August 9, 2019

Casting Call Part III

After auditioning the Plastic Fred Sled yesterday for vacation duty, today I headed out on the New-To-Me "Forever" Bike:

There's just something about this bike that really works for me.  I don't know if it's the mystical properties of the titanium, or some accident of geometry and components, or the fact that it's the bike I wished I had when I was in my 20s, or what.  Whatever the reason it immediately knocked the Plastic Fred Sled out of the running.

So do I bring this or the Jones?  Well...

  • You can't go wrong with a road bike
  • This will cover me for everything save for full-on trail riding
  • I really like this bike
  • Not really any good for t-shirt-and-jorts-type rambles
I guess I'll next week will be a showdown between this and the Jones.  Then again, in past years I've always brought a road bike (my Milwaukee, usually) and never regretted it.  As for why I'm not bringing the Milwaukee, the short answer is it's in commuter mode and it needs a fair amount of work to be vacation-worthy.  And for those of you who suggested some sort of gravel or cyclocross bike, the reason I'm not going that way is: A) I currently don't own a gravel or cyclocross bike (unless you county my Surly Travelers Check, which is currently a singlespeed, and also currently packed away in its case); 2) The reason I don't own either kind of bike is that for my purposes they don't really offer that much more utility than a road bike, and if I'm doing a ride that a road bike can't handle I'd rather just ride the Jones.

So there it is.  I've got plenty of time to decide, or I could always take two vacations, one for each bike.


Anonymous said...


Crackalackin' Ti said...

I recently found out my "forever bike" was more like a "13 year bike". 2006ish Redline Conquest Ti I got in 2011 cracked the downtube the other day. The first thing I said was "I CAN FINALLY GET A NEW BIKE!!!!"

1904 Cadardi said...

"take two vacations, one for each bike."

And brilliantly too.

Beck the biker said...

Quite. Each bike type deserves its own curated vacation. Brilliant. More downtime that for you probably qualifies as a deductable business expense.

huskerdont said...

From the past two posts, I think that if you wanted, you could do an N - 1 and get rid of the plastic bike and use the Ti bike for racing. I mean, you say you're always hanging on the back anyway, so what does it matter.

On the other hand, why would anyone ever do an N - 1 unless they absolutely had to.

Tom said...

I'm confused as to why you can't do t-shirt and jort rambling on the forever bike. I do shorter rides on my non-race road bike dressed in jeans and a t-shirt pretty regularly. It's very pleasant. Longer rides are less pleasant.

tobeistobex said...

Why not this... Sale everything. sellthehousesellthecarsellthekidsfindsomeoneelsefindsomeoneelseforgettiti'mnnevercomingbackforgetit
then buy a Jones Spaceframe and 2 sets of wheel.

Damn, I should be life advisor.

BikeSnobNYC said...


The "two sets of wheels" thing never works. You always manage to justify another bike.

--Tan Tenovo

BikeSnobNYC said...


I got the Specialized specifically to race in the park, and at the time had no idea I'd wind up with the ti bike. No real reason not to race it apart from needing a few part changes here and there. I have in fact been thinking about getting rid of the Specialized and doing that, though whether I'll actually make the effort remains to be seen as both bikes are currently pretty ideal for what I use them for.

I guess what I'm saying is, "Wanna buy a Specialized?"


Jones is way more comfy in regular clothes due to position, and is also just a more rambly bike than a road bike. I think my Fredly tendencies are too strong to enjoy a plainclothes rambling ride on a full-on road bike.

--Tan Tenovo

HDEB said...

Bring the Jones!

Chazu said...

The Tuscany has a frame pump peg. How many smug Nouveau-Freds and Nouvelle-Fredericas even know what that is?

Take the Tuscany, even if you don't take a frame pump.

Die free said...

That bike needs a pink frame pump. It's all the rage these days.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, shouldn’t you really be focusing on what beer to bring on vacation and just take the bike you care the least about Incase you get rear ended on the I-87.

ktache said...

Ol' Piney, she has to be feeling kind of neglected with your obsessions on which Jones is better, she has Jones bars too, you fully purchased her with your own money and she was promised to be your "only" bicycle for a full year, which you failed at completely.
Where does she sit on the my horse/wild boar spectrum?

dop said...

Take both. Accept the eye rolls from your wife. Make some half-assed tie-down arrangement with your son's bike and look like the Oakies headed for California.

The Joads had this down

mashroot said...

That bike needs a pink frame pump. It's all the rage these days.


Frank said...

Got this when bike in my early 20s. This was my first expensive/exotic bike. I loved it so so much. Then it got stolen when my apartment got broken into. Take the Tuscany and think of me as you ride.

leroy said...

My Milwaukee is currently set up for commuting (fenders and a rack for panniers) and I've been commuting, wandering, errand running, and ocassionaly shorts and sneaker riding on the clipless pedal platform.

That said, I was in Georgia for two weeks and brought the carbon bike for daily 25-50 mile rides in the warmish weather (and still managed a few rides accompanying beach cruisers).

The best bike is the one you feel like riding.

wle said...

I'd still jort the Ti bike.

SPD sandals maybe??


Anonymous said...

Just spent a vacation with a borrowed Fuji aluminum Gravel Bike. Good for a 60 mile jaunt, mostly road, with about 3 miles of actual gravel (Washboard!!), and occasional dirt and trail. I was very happy -- surprised that the 35 mm tires did not feel slow. Did not experience Al Harshness. Maybe that's because all my own bikes are at least 15 years old and steel. I'm going to see about lighter wheels and 35mm tires on my Univega Gran Rally.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, gravel bike with platform pedals.