Thursday, June 5, 2014

Things Are Tough All Over.

Cyclists: we got it tough.  However, it's been a particularly trying couple of days for our siblings around the world.  Firstly, in Dublin, a bus driver has been captured on video threatening to run over a cyclist:

I first saw this via Twitter, and to be honest I was a little disappointed.  I mean, I was happy nobody got hurt, but I was disappointed that the bus driver was not nearly as incendiary as the video's title made him out to be.  It was sort of like when I read "Finnegan's Wake," and it turned out there wasn't shit in there about water skiing.

Granted, as a New Yorker I may have an inordinately high threshold for having my personal space violated and my bike lane usage cockblocked, but it's not like the bus takes over the bike lane.  Rather, it just sort of meanders into it briefly, like a randy teen inserting "just the tip," or a cat briefly brushing agaist your shins while you're on the toilet:

Furthermore, regardless of how inappropriate the bus driver's encroachment upon the bike lane may have been, when there's a bus up ahead of you and it starts drifting over into your lane don't try to overtake it--even if your goal is to upbraid the driver with your endearing Gaelic lilt.  Sure, he may be in the wrong, but it's not worth the risk.  Instead, drop back for your own safety, let the bus complete the maneuver, and then ride up along the opposite side, at which point you can proceed to tell Ralph Kramden how and where to suck it.

Also, it's possible the bus driver had to move to the left briefly to avoid another cyclist, since you can see someone slipping by on the right just before the bus starts moving into the bike lane:

Then as the videographer moves up the left side you can see the cyclist in the red shirt again, as well as some other cyclists through the windshield:

Here's one of them placing a phone call:

Hey, I'm not trying to blame the "victim" here.  All I'm saying is that I expected a more exciting video, like something out of the movie "Speed."  You know, driver leaning out of the window and screaming,"I'm gonna fucking kill you!," cyclist clinging to the windshield and repeatedly stabbing at it with a cordless drill in an attempt to bore through the driver's skull, passengers assuming crash positions and shrieking in terror as beads of perspiration appear on Sandra Bullock's cleavage, that sort of thing.

Instead I get this:

And it's not even a Tom Araya "Do you wanna die?," either.  It's more of a "Do you wanna die?  And if so, would you like chips with that?"

Anyway, glad the guy's okay.

Considerably more dramatic was this video, which appears to come from South Africa, and which you've probably seen by now because it has been viewed like a billion times (though I was first alerted to it by Stevil Kinevil of All Hail the Black Market before it was cool):

Basically, some guy is riding along a trash-strewn trail not unlike the ones upon which I often find myself:

Then, a figure comes running towards him:

I'm tempted to say that if I saw a figure running towards me I'd have the wherewithal to turn and ride away, but the reality is that I'd probably freeze in place and proceed to wet myself.

Anyway, not only does the figure have the exact same hat as the guy from the Spin Doctors, but he also has a gun:

At first, the rider is probably confused about what's happening, figuring maybe the guy is a handlebar inspector about to give him a ticket for using bar ends with riser bars.  Then, the reality of the situation sets in, at which point the rider surely thinks to himself, "I can't believe I'm getting robbed by the guy from the Spin Doctors!"

As for the thief, you've got to figure he's pretty dumb, because everybody knows the best way to rob a mountain biker is to hang around the trailhead and break into his car while he's riding.  You don't hold up the mountain biker himself.  They're all wired for video, every last one of them!  And sure enough, the thief proves his utter lack of mental acuity by staring right into the camera on the rider's helmet, screwing up his face, deciding it must be some kind of strange bird, and continuing with the robbery:

Then he and his accomplice run off, and the victim is like, "Well shit, I guess this is a hike now:"

The end.

Penultimately, here in New York City, the two most annoying cyclists in town have finally found each-other:

like two bikers passing in the night - w4m (Murray Hill)

you: arab (?) guy in your late 20's, biking up 1st ave whilst balancing a bag with takeout on one handlebar. 

me: the girl in the red shirt biking ahead of you, who yelled at the pedestrian idling in the bike lane.

you backed me up. yelled at her too, and then we had a short-lived romance lasting only a few blocks but filled with lots of joyous self-righteous co-yelling: at the guy riding the wrong way, the woman running in the bike lane. i just want you to know: we really could have had something - had you not yelled "bye baby, ride safe" as you parted. the end.

Wow.  I hate bike lane interlopers as much as anybody, but if someone balancing a bag of takeout on his handlebar dared yell at me I'd knock his souvlaki to the pavement faster than you can say "make that to go."

 Actually, that's not true.  I'd probably just stand there and wet myself.

Lastly, remember how Delia Ephron said Citi Bikes and rom-coms don't mix?  Well, that may be true, but apparently they're perfect for schlocky disaster movies, which is why someone gets killed on one in Sharknado 2.  Now you see it:

And now you don't:

I guess that's what happens when you ride on the sidewalk.


Anonymous said...


Olle Nilsson said...

Oh, what the meh, I'm in.

Comment deleted said...

Raises arms...crashes.

hellbelly said...

Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaa!!! Landshark!!!

Anonymous said...

Je suis dan le premier dix.

Anonymous said...

thought I'd see this today on BSNYC..

Buffalo Bill said...

Tough like beef jerky.

Olle Nilsson said...

At first, the rider is probably confused about what's happening, figuring maybe the guy is a handlebar inspector about to give him a ticket for using bar ends with riser bars. Then, the reality of the situation sets in, at which point the rider surely thinks to himself, "I can't believe I'm getting robbed by the guy from the Spin Doctors!"

Gold, Snobby, Gold!

McFly said...

He backed her up......

3G said...


Dave - everywhere said...

Top 10!!!

P. Bateman said...

my training has paid off. top 20.

David G said...

At least under Bloomberg we weren't getting squished by sharks. Just sayin' … frikkin' liberals.

Buffalo Bill said...

Won't riding beside the bus protect you from the sharknado? Just got to weigh the risks and choose how you want to die.

Alias Bob said...

quick for me, probably not quick enough to escape sharknado

CommentatorBot9000 said...

Coming in 12+/- years to a street near you:

Marcel Da Chump said...

Top twentynado.

David G said...

I can't tell for sure whether or not the bikeshare rider is wearing a helment (probably is). But either way, I told you so.

crosspalms said...

I hear the Monty Python theme music when I look at that crushed cyclist.

Spokey said...

top 20. 20 is the sweet spot.

Yeah Cleveland! said...


Spokey said...

couple asterisks today

I was in Dublin last Sept and on a bus more than once. Understood people fine. This wasn't English. Where was this fake video made anyway.

The shark clearly misses the citibike. The bike is on the far left and there is a gap there when the shark lands.

I don't know. Seems like snobbie is getting a bit lazy in his reporting. was any of this vetted with the national enquirer staff?

balls™ said...

What was balanced on his other handlebar. I'd really like to see the cockpit of this multiple handlebared bike.


Oona Houlihan said...

What's the fuss? Can not anyone see, there's a rolled-over bike driver even PAINTED onto that lane? All is well and in order.

Anonymous said...

Sharknado 2!
I guess I have to get the Sharknado 1 on Blu Ray first.

Speaking of annoying behaviour (maybe I'm just too easily annoyed). So I'm being shoaled by this flat bar road bike guy. Big deal, he gets a little lead going and I consistently pass him. No biggy.
Annoying thing one, he tries and passes when it's very narrow or round a sharp turn. He must be fully cognizant that I will pass him later and it's risky behaviour for naught.
Annoying thing 2, he never sits down on the saddle. He's doing an effeminate little dance to the left and the right, exaggeratedly swinging the bike in opposing little jaunts (like former Knoglight advert guy), and maybe his head is tilting this way and that.
Now maybe he needs an elyptical trike thing?
I wouldn't care about any of these by themselves it's just that I have to be subjected to this dissonance for a half a block each time. Maybe if he improved his pedal stroke and didn't twerk so much he'd make better headway.

I hardly ever get out of the saddle (in fact I use it as a 2 wheeled chair on the subway).
Numba one, I am fat and I might break my wrists, numba 2 I use a messenger bag to carry my worldly stuff in, which would end up as a big pendulum and wreck me due to extra bad balance, and numba 3, most of my bikes don't seem to lend themselves to the position.

This morning I said "fuck it" and took the train.

With regards to bus and other motorist interaction. Other cyclists guys might hate the idear that I yield to everyone. There are some spaces where I surrender vs. "take" the lane. 'Specially after some douchebag cop-ette yelled at me for taking up too much lane. I didn't have a copy of the NY VeeHickle and Traffique Law to argue with her. Anyway Putin says it's better not to argue with women. A little stretch of 3rd Ave to Hamilton Ave in Brooklyn... people are fed up with waiting already, the curve that transitions 3rd Ave from under the Gowanus/BQE/278 towards 16th Street is a little bit of a blind turn, feels a little claustrophobic, traffic starts to open up for a block or 2. The morning idiots are quite predisposed to extra speed idiocy there. I put it on the curved sidewalk in that no mans (or no woman's) land for a block or 2.
Maybe it's selfish but he who turns and runs away lives to fight another day. And the Ghost Bike Project folks would never put up a representative Reynolds 531 or Columbus SLX bike in my honor. And I'm sure the plaque would read "Wall St. DoucheBag - who cares?"


vsk EasyRobotNumba 188

1904 Cadardi said...

It was the blue of the city bike.

The shark couldn't take his eyes off it and BAM! Just like the professional bicycle tutors say in remedial class "look at where you want to go, not at what you want to avoid".

streepo said...


Anonymous said...

my lips remain puffy anticipating the thrusts of your love

Olle Nilsson said...

Spokey, that was as English as any of the 90 bazillion other barely intelligible accents over there and in the nearby UK. Different part of Dublin? Pretty authentic with the steering wheel on the other side though, wouldn't ya say?

Major disappointment - wasn't the video I saw last night. That one, the bus driver crept forward and taco'd the guy's back wheel.

Tom said...

In Winnipeg I get the bus-driver squeeze-out at least once a season. And by squeeze-out I mean like with the *middle* of the bus, where it attemtps to over take me and then lane changes while I'm beside it and have no where to go but into the curb or under the bus.

I gotta say, "fight or flee" really kicks in. If the bus gets close enough I end up hammering on the side of it, which has so far made it stop. "Brakes" is almost certainly a better idea but I never think of that, preferring to let go of the bars with the one hand for the hammering.

Euro Spondee said...

Come on, thirty comments and no-one has yet upbraided the Snob for putting the apostrophe in Finnegans Wake? Let alone merciless chiding that sure as f@@@ he has never cracked it open.

Buffalo Bill said...

I wondered what happened to Finnigan after Mr. Dressup kicked it. I would have gone to his wake if I had known about it.

Lousy commie broadcasting corp didn't advertise it.

Olle Nilsson said...

I never assume I have the right of way just because I should. My assumption is correct at least 80%* of the time, even on days when traffic is unusually "courteous".


Casey said...

Finnegan? Finnegan?


JLRB said...

Yes, I would like chips with my death. So kind of you to ask. Thanks mate.

Anonymous said...

What have you decided on the leg shaving for this weekends Gran Fondue?
Where the hell is that Kenny?

Regular guy said...

I don't care about the Dubliner squeeze victim, what about the poor sod riding merrily ahead of him, who he whips around at Fred-warp speed just as he passes the bus?

I call that Cat-Dipsh!t racing. That guy's just gotta calm down. I'm sure there's nothing THAT IMPORTANT that he has to do, after all he's Irish. I am too, so I know.

Anonymous said...

I am the Lebowski of the fucking Spin Doctors.

Anonymous said...

riverrun, past Eve & Adam's, from swerve of shore and if yew, want to call me douchebag, well go ahead now.

1904 Cadardi said...


Not yet. I'm leaning towards laziness and going hirsute. I've still got a few weeks to decide.

One data point in favor of the Mr. Clean look though, last weekend we were on vacation and stumbled upon a crit, where the girl remarked "those guys have good looking legs, very fit." It was the 50+ vets and most looked a little soft. So maybe going clean will earn some extra loving.

Vernal Magina said...

... stabbing at it with a cordless drill in an attempt to bore through the driver's skull

Is that also a referennce to the movie "Innerspace"?

And, since when does Sandra Bullock have cleavage.

Also, thauthor.

Spokey said...


if you're going by the steering wheel position, it might be japan. In fact, I think I recognize a japanese accent there.

Dublin / schlublin.

Anonymous said...

I've been shaving since swim team in high school, which coincidently was around 1904.
Just got into the habit and never quit.

Vernal Magina said...

I had a short-lived romance riding alongside Floyd Landis the other day, but you don't see me blathering to the Internet about it.

Oh, wait...

grog said...

Spokey in Dooblinese would be spooky.

Olle Nilsson said...

Sounded Irish to me, but maybe I'm not aware of their strict Dublin-accent-only hiring policy. Still, full props for CGI-ing the "BUS LANA" markers onto the street.

Never been to Dublin so I'm blowing smoke here. Still, I've been to Manhattan once, so I can pretty much tell you all there is to know about any borough in NYC.

Anonymous said...

More bus driver vs. bike / bringing a knife to start a gunfight brilliance.

shining trapezoid said...

Fuck the Spin Doctors.

Spokey said...

anon @3:15

now that was an irish accent

The ymoolla awakens

Anonymous said...

I can't understand a word of the Irish English speaking folk, but I clearly understand Imarunnainadeetch in any dialect. And yes despite my tough talk if a guy with a gun approaches me on bike I will probably soil myself whilst being robbed and resort to duck walking home.

Anonymous said...

Here's one vote for crapping one's pants rather than just pissing them. go for broke / don't bring a golden shower to a turd fight / ...pry it out of my cold dead shit-encrusted hands / luke I am your father - nooooo / etc.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...


Hey I just saw SLAYER! open for some metal music awards show on Palladia the other night. I hate award shows but this one was hosted by the guys from That Metal Show. It was ok.

Robert Capa said...

More on the veracity of the shark attack; that's an awful lot of the citi bike cyclist's blood that gets spattered on the wall.

Considering the rider appears to be slight of figure, the amount of blood represents near to his entire stockpile. Coupled with fact that it would have to have been all splashed in an instant as he was bitten by the shark indicates there's something fishy going on.

I'm not prepared to say it's a complete fabrication, but I'm pretty sure that second image has been subjected to some pretty heavy photoshopping.

Another dark day for photojournalism.

Regular guy said...

We've all had bad things shouted at us out the windows of vehicles.

What's the best thing anyone ever said to you out a window?

Black dude in a sparkly Buick with spinners,"Man, you a badass mother-f%@ker" as I was riding fast, making all the greens, keeping up with traffic on one of the main thoroughfares in town.

Anonymous said...

The verbal ogle by the hot female. "Hey baby" and "Wooooo" etc. by a car full of them. How many pornos have started that way? I needed to put an addition on the kuku penthouse.

McFly said...

My sis n law lives down the street and always tells me she likes my SEXY SHORTS. She is being ironic but is blonde w/T & A so I take it with aplomb.

Anonymous said...

I think anyone who rides looks at that robbery vid and wonders if the rider couldn't have just sped up and zinged out of there. The gunman looks like he has a hell of a time getting the gun up out of his breeches or whatever they were hung upon. I played it several times. And would he be able to hit my lycra ass zagging off down the wooded trail. He don't look skilled to me, you know, in the firearms usage.

And I gotta go with snob, that biker is annoying. And damn, what is up with driving a bus in Dublin anyway. The bikers were zinging around like angry bees. I would be scairt. And if I was a bus driver there, I would totally have about seven little painted bike shapes in a nice double row on the side of my cab.

Ride Muthafuckas ride.

Anonymous said...

I always like the "bikes need to stop at stop signs, too" and then have the bottle of Mountain Dew thrown at me.
That's always a turn-on.

dancesonpedals said...

I'm gonna have to go with,'wet my pants'.

crosspalms said...

The teenage girl who yelled at me "hey baldy, let's get it on!" The laughter from others in the car suggested her invitation was less than serious.

Anonymous said...

Retort: "Is all your homework done?"

JLRB said...

I really enjoy being told "You are not a car"

A: and neither are you

Spokey said...

What's the best thing . . .

Nothing. Never gotten any better than "get out of the road".

My bike has gotten some compliments. But he doesn't share anything. And he says he never will after I forgot to remove him from the roof yesterday before going in the garage.

Blurred said...

Dear Mr Snobby,

I regret to inform you Robot is denying me my freedom of speech;

I'd expect this sort of thing in North Korea, but not on BSNYC!

Flyover BC said...

You: 40-ish bleach blonde riding a mountain bike on the rail trail. You were wearing a big smile and an unzipped, flowery jersey. You were accompanied by confident, eye-catching twins.

Me: Youthful vintage guy on the vintage road bike in a screaming yellow jersey. I might have been a little bug-eyed, too.

I was surprised to see that you had turned around caught-up with me at the road crossing. I would have spoken to you except your impossibly long legs and extra tight shorts took my breath away, or maybe it was the battle against the 25-mile-per-hour head wind. Either way, you’re welcome to the draft, had I only known.

I would have been happy to lead out for the next mile, but I had to get my eyes back in my head before I could cross the road. By the way, it was the old(er) guy on the new bike that made the comment about “chasing that”, not me.

Despite appearances, I was not trying to catch you in an unsanctioned Cat 6 race. Instead, I was inspired by the inexorable pull… of… um… trying to get to a meeting on time, and I still had seven miles to go, really. If you still have doubts, please note that I overcame the nearly irresistible temptation to dally in your draft and I passed promptly, thereby allowing you some respite from the headwind. When I reached the next road crossing I was pleased to see that you were still with me. But, at the same time, I was a little disappointed when you continued toward the sunset, instead of following me up the hill to higher ground.

If we find ourselves on the same path again, I hope we can re-initiate the dance of the whirling pedals. Maybe you can introduce me to the twins.

Anyway, please forgive me if I offended you, because after age 50, it easy to be a fool without being an optimist, but it is impossible to be an optimist without being a fool.

Fre Unchio said...

Yep, can't think of anything but "get off the road" or worse.

Maybe I'm not old enough yet for the "lets get it on" heckle from the teenagers. Something to look forward to.

Regular guy said...

I guess I've been lucky, even though I've suffered the usual hail of "suggestions and compliments".

Here's another.

A few years back I had a hand injury and couldn't ride, so a friend lent me his recumbent tricycle to commute with. It was one of those with "ape hanger" style handlebars, and frankly, I looked ridiculous on it (as anyone would). Riding through the 'hood after work to my kid's school, dude on the street with a 40oz. yells "Sweet ride!"

Anonymous said...

One of these days I'm gonna be quick enough to yell "GET OFF THE ROAD" at them right as they're opening their mouth to yell it at me.

grbiker88 said...

Flyover, the eye catching twins weren't in the bucket of a Bake-Feets were they? Nothing wrong with a little milf fantasy.

Maybe the 40-ish will chime in here with something about "chasing that", but it won't count because you were riding a bike.

Flyover BC said...

Funny ya'll should mention teenage girls.

I had a couple of young hotties pull up next to me at a stop light and start checking me out.

I was slightly offended because I was sure they were toying with me. Then, the passenger twisted her head around and really started checking out the vintage steel, if ya know what I mean.

Then she gave me the over the shoulder, straight in the eyes look, along with a Mona Lisa smile.

I haven't seen a look like that in quite awhile. But, all I could think of was those girls are either crazy or they need glasses, or both. God help their fathers!

Flyover BC said...


No, the twins were ensconced in a flowery jersey. It was hot out and they glistened with sweat, spectacular really. I suspect they were enhanced with a push-up.

Yeah Cleveland! said...

My commute takes me through a Hispanic neighborhood. One day last summer some senoritas on a porch started whistling and cat-calling at me as I rode by. I took it as a compliment.

Blog Drafter said...

Cyclists get their cars broken into all the time here, especially female cyclists (the thieves know they'll leave their purses, etc. in the car). A woman who rides in our group had her car broken into as it was parked RIGHT ACROSS FROM THE POLICE STATION!! We park at the closest house to the intended ride as much as possible these days. I had my window smashed once but I don't leave anything in the truck at all.

I was once mooned by the occupant of the back seat of a car that passed me one afternoon. Thankfully it was a chick. Hate getin' mooned by guys.

McFly said...

There is nothing like rolling down some Tenn back road and coming across a yard full of 5 to 12 year old cause they will invariably cheer you on like you just crested Mt Ventoux. I raise my hands in victory and they go apeshit.

Flyover BC said...


As a person who has spent almost his entire life in a Hispanic region, I can tell you those catcalls were more likely a challenge than a compliment.

However, a wise man does his best to ignore those sorts of challenges, or so it says in Proverbs.

BTW the two girls were Hispanic.

Mr Plow said...

Q: what time is it?
A: 4:30

Anonymous said...


Angry Beaver in Miramichi said...

Babble, Hope everything went good & you'll be riding to Wreck Beach in no time.

B & E said...

Parked in our town park at the big picnic pavilion, the park and the bpp are both busy places. Came back and found my rear window smashed. But they didn't find my hidden stash of cash, CC's, etc. Bwahaha.

Flyover BC said...

McFly, I had similar situation with my ex-wife's smokin' hot sister.

When I said I hadn't seen the over-the-shoulder hot look lately, I didn't mention that it was my sister-in-law who was sending them my way. It sure wasn't my ex.

She'd usually shoot me the look while my wife was looking the other way. She never got caught, but honestly I wasn't doing nothing, 'cept checking her out.

babble on said...

Thanks. Still a fair way from feeling good but at least my arm is no longer hanging uselessly from my torso.

I need to figure out how to switch the Electra's shifting mechanism from the right grip to the left cause I miss my bike something fierce.

Oh ho, and someone sent me something very special today. I am now the proud owner of an autographed photograph of Leroy's dog!! :D

grbiker88 said...

Ohh, those twins. Pardon me, I can be a bit dense.

Flyover BC said...

I will say the twins looked half her age.

Regular guy said...

McFly, that's lucky. Where I used to live, there was a neighborhood where the 5-12 year olds would throw rocks.

Anonymous said...

This is just a thought, and I don't want to burst any bubbles, but maybe those teenage girls are just practicing their catcalls on safe targets.

Flyover BC said...

Good Luck with that.

I broke an elbow and sprained a wrist, once upon a time.

Due to the sprain, it was six months before I could comfortably lean on the handlebar.

WebyBa Late

Flyover Bc said...

Those Hispanic girls may be practicing, but they aren't worried about whether or not the target is safe.

No self resecting Hispanic girl acts like hooker, unless she means business. And I'm not implying that they are in the business, either .

BamaPhred said...

Yes I too have borne the brunt of verbal abuse and flying beverage containers. The only positive comment was similar to a previous commenter. The guys on the garbage truck told me I was a "bad mother#%><$& for climbing these hills". I was absolutely stoked.

Dave said...

I had the rare privilege this afternoon of walking a few blocks near Port Authority and getting all touristy about the world-famous Bike Obstacle Lanes, which are exactly as they've been portrayed in this blog. Clearly New Yorkers in general consider them to be a handy sidewalk extension and free-parking-and-delivery area, among many other excellent uses. I saw a few bikes as well, and of course their placement, direction and speed were almost random, though none of them were on the actual sidewalk, because (I'm pretty sure) the pedestrians would have beaten them pulpy.

If you tour DC be sure to visit the National Phallic Symbol, recently repaired from earthquake damage. It too will not disappoint.

Anonymous said...

Go Babs! Thinking about riding already? We'll all chip in, get you a sidecar.

Just took a night ride, back roads, light on, dodged deer, a raccoon, an opossum and two armadillos. No bikers. No red necks. Well, none out of their houses anyway.

Damn deer thundering down the road with me. Jeesh.

Dave said...

not late,
no, no,
early, early, early!

Evolution is rapidly creating squirrels and cyclists with incredible avoidance reflexes. Will serve well in the Space Tug Pilot Corps when we start mining the asteroid belt. Yes, the squirrels too. Huge brain not needed.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't have stood there and wet yourself. You would have changed their tires for them.....

1904 Cadardi said...

Had a jeep full of duders pull up next to me on a climb. One of them leans out holding a can. I thought, oh shit here it comes, he's going to throw it. Then he says "Hey man it's hot out, you wanna cold beer?"

leroy said...

Well of course when my dog asked to borrow $75 to send Babs an autographed get well photo I had to say yes.

Fifty bucks was for his photographer friend who does the publicity stills for the Kennel Club of Philadelphia National Dog Show.

The other $25 was for express internet postage.

He was right. You don't miss internet neutrality until it's gone.

JLRB said...

If Leroy's dog really cared he would have sent a Gyro bike instead

Heal quick babs but be patient

JLRB said...

Lead in at the 0.1 km mark

dancesonpedals said...


dancesonpedalseviltwin said...


dancesonpedalsshouldreallygetalife said...


imidear this

danceson "hermannhessecanbiteme" pedals said...


cgoing all roman on your ass

Spinnin MD said...

I've got a pocket full of kryptonite so give me your mountain bike

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:08, you trying to tell me stalking them for 12 years has all been a waste of time!? No way bro, they'll come around.

Anonymous said...

Not the same red-shirt guy passing the bus on the right then in the bike lane on the left. Different pants.

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