Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Design This: Cool People To The Rescue!

I got a press release, and if I got a press release you know it's important.  Also, it involves both Portland and Levi's, so you know, like, holy shit.  Here's what it said:


Announcing Oregon Manifest 14:  The Bike Design Project.  In our boldest configuration yet, we've partnered five high-level design firms with American bicycle craftsmen in collaborative teams - one in each of five cycling-centric cities - all competing to create the next urban bike.  Working together from ideation through production, these teams are fiercely determined to develop their vision of the Ultimate Urban Utility Bike. 

Once the five bike designs are revealed to the public on July 25 at a celebration event in each city, it will be YOU, our online audience, who chooses the winning bike!

We don't stop there.  For the first time, the winning bike will move forward into production through our manufacturing partner, Fuji BIkes. The Oregon Manifest bike will be available and ready to ride in the city!

Learn more and meet our teams at oregonmanifest.com.

In other words, what they've done here is picked five "cool" cities and invited five "cool" bikey/designy cliques in each one to come up with a "cool" bike for riding to "cool" places within those cities in a great big Levi's marketing circle jerk.

As an aging parent who is currently obsessing over male osteoporosis, I can no longer distinguish among "cool" people or neighborhoods, and they all sort of ooze together in an indistinguishable, bearded mass.  For example, here's the San Francisco team:

Or maybe it's the Portland team.  I don't know.  Or is it the New York team?

No, this is the New York team...or is it?

And if it is, who the hell are these people?

No, wait, I think those are the same people as in the first picture.  There are so many caps and cropped, vaguely militaristic jackets that it's hard to tell.

Honestly, the only team I could identify right off the bat was the Seattle team:

Their bike will be a time machine that will take you straight back to 1992.

As for the quest to design the "Ultimate Urban Utility Bike," they're all wasting their time, because I built that a few weeks ago in my basement.  It's called the "Son of Scat," and it is the culmination of a lifetime of cycling experience, from the BMX racing, to bike couriering, to the lofty reaches of mid-category Fred-dom:

In fact, the only one of their arbitrary criteria it doesn't fit is that it doesn't have a "Free-standing Under Load System," but those are for "woosies."  (Just kidding, I badly need a center stand for my Big Dummy.)

Let's run through their cutesy little checklist and see how Son of Scat measures up:

Mandatory Features

Without exception, all entry bikes must possess the following useful features:

Anti-Theft System: System should prove to be secure and easy to use.

Yeah, I got that.  It's called a U-lock (or three) and some "street smartz" (in graffiti font).  Also, look at how the fucked-up saddle nobody would want anyway is chained to the frame with an actual bicycle chain through an old inner tube.  Suck on that, "woosies."

Lighting System: System should aid rider vision and provide high visibility on the road.

Uh-huh, got that too.  Thanks to Knog, I got more lumens than the lighting district.  (Assuming the old lighting district hasn't been totally replaced by luxury condos, which it probably has.)  By the way, if you need bike lights to see where you're going, you don't live in a real city, so in actuality any bike with such a "system" should be disqualified.

Load-Carrying System: Entries should be able to carry a variety of loads through a variety
of conditions. System should accommodate a typical user load, such as a bag of groceries, commuter or gym bag, etc.

Oh, my bike can take my load.  I got a rack, I got bags, I got handlebars, and if there's really a lot of shit to carry, I've got a dental plan, because I'll carry a bag of takeout in my teeth like a golden retriever with a dead duck if I have to.  I don't have a "gym bag" though, because gym bags are for "woosies."  This is how I work out:*

*[Disclaimer: that is not how I work out.]

I bet John Joseph doesn't worry about male osteoporosis.

Free-standing Under Load System: Bike must free-stand under a variety of loads on a variety of surfaces.

Heh, heh.  The bike has to stand up while taking a "variety of loads."  [Insert your bukkake reference here.]

Fender System: Fender system must keep bike and rider clean.

I have a fender system.  It's called "fenders."  Amazing.

Road-tested: Bike should be road-ready and tested. The team-produced video should
include brief footage of the bike in motion on the road (including hills), carrying a load and in use during typical real-world scenarios.

Road-tested?  I got your road-tested.  That bike's been everywhere.  It's been locked to every pole in New York.  In a prior incarnation, it's even been raced at the SSCXWC in Portland.  Lou Reed once borrowed it for four weeks.  (That's a lie.)  You think Fuji Bikes can market an "urban utility bike" with that kind of street cred?  Because I don't--though this one came close:

It folds and it's a "collabo" with cigarettes.  Actually, I bet if one of those teams submitted exactly that bike they'd walk away with the grand prize.

The point is, true city bikes aren't contrived by designsters.  They're born of the parts bin and refined on the commute.  Odds are the winning Oregon Manifest bike will be called The Gentrification Machine.  It will have some sort of integrated lock you'd never want, custom racks that allow the rider to use the word "porteur" a lot, a fancy paint job, and a smartphone holder so you can run that app that alerts you when a landlord finally succeeds in harassing a rent-controlled tenant out of an apartment:

Then all you have to do is find a bike rack that's compatible with your integrated lock, park your "porteur," and fork over that $3,500 security deposit.

Speaking of gentrification, remember how David Byrne (who does not own a car) threatened to move out of New York City because the latest wave of rich people aren't cool enough?  Well, now he's going to blow up the Internet with radioactive paintballs and start a new one:

So… imagine that a hypothetical group of disillusioned citizens obtains access to the same nodes – let's say it's an inside job by some building employees – but instead of tapping the nodes, as the NSA did, they break them. And to avoid any possibility of repair, they detonate a small timed radioactive paintball after they leave. No one gets hurt, but the radioactive splatter creates a no-go zone. As a result, no one can fix the fiber optics or even get near them for, let's say, 100 years. The city outside, and even the rest of the building, might remain safe, but don't go near that room on the 20th floor!

Hey, I'm just as creeped out by all this NSA spying as anybody, but David Byrne has more reason to be upset than most, since they carefully monitored him while he put together his most recent musical project:

Sorry, Dave, I had to do it:

("Not fucking funny.")

I'm oddly fascinated with David Byrne since he's sort of the embodiment of "right message, wrong messenger."  He doesn't own a car, but he can hire one whenever he wants.  He thinks Manhattan sucks now, but he can sell his loft for a mint whenever he wants and move anyplace in the world.  He's freaked out about being watched on the Internet, yet he has a blog and a strong online presence, which he totally doesn't need because his success predates all of that in the first place.

But yes, he makes important points--about cars, gentrification, and spying--though I'd be afraid to use David Byrne's new Surveillance-Free Internet, since it would probably be taken over by pedophiles in short order:

("Again, not fucking funny.")

Sex offenders are why we can't have nice things.

Lastly, recently somebody Tweeted this at me:

Hey, whatever works.


Anonymous said...


wishiwasmerckx said...


Anonymous said...


unDavid Byrne said...

I invented the word "ideation," and am not impressed by its thievery at the hands of our western friends.

Marcel Da Chump said...

Son of Scat rules!

WIZ !! JAY said...

totally thought that said "Oregon Manfest" which I'm sure is totally unrelated. Except for the scranus part.

Yeah Cleveland! said...

I had to drive my car I own today. I'm not happy.

Anonymous said...

Last bike looks like a John Cobb tridork fit special.

the jimboner said...

yar! ritsmeer

Anonymous said...

Top X?

sirynd tril

crosspalms said...

Wiz Jay,
I think you read it right. "Manfest" pretty much describes the design teams. Maybe the two women in the first photo will wield some sense, but they're WAY outnumbered.

Anonymous said...

Just buy a cheap bike and put a rack on it. There's your urban cycle. Building a trash bike would be awesome, but you still have to find the parts. Or is it supposed to be a "fun" scavenger hunt? Trash bike is like slow foods.

Anonymous said...

Lol, just like Seattle to needingly grind back the clock against any and all logic to the "good old days" of before Microsoft. (Like Seattle was anything precious before that.)

Also worth noting that David Byrne probably needn't even sell his loft to move anywhere, since he's already worth a god-damn mint, eh...

dnk said...

No lone wolf sightings in eleven blue moons.

dnk said...

Sorry. That's Lone Wolf.

BamaPhred said...

What's the word I'm looking for?

Uumm, douchwallahism.

Yeah, that works for a lot of things.

Urban bike contest, spring polar vortex, No Visible Means of Support Tilford driving a borrowed Ferrari to wheedle some free Dura Ace from his corporate pals to put on his probably sponsored frame and then bitch about unfair advantage, having to "workout" to ride my bike, which was supposed to be my workout, and that was just yesterday.

My Mom's instruction to not say anything if you can't say something nice just didn't "take" on me.

Can't wait for tommorow.


I got a case of ionsibii tinction

le Correcteur said...

Top twenty.

41 9699928

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Step away from the nuclear materials David. Thou hasn't a clue.

RoadQueen said...

Doing 'dips' off my rolling office chair right now.

'cause I do this shit everyday.

RoadQueen said...

P.S. Bench dips are for 'woosies'

ge said...

Good luck folding that Fuji. Guy on Ebay couldn't even figure out how to fold it for a picture.


wishiwasmerckx said...

If you end up with one of those expensive one-off custom urban bikes, how many times do you recon you'll have to buy it back off of Craigslist after it's stolen?

Captcha, whose stedent is this? Oh, its "our stedent."

WIZ !! JAY said...

And that last bike is right where it should be - in the graveyard. That things been slammed harder than all the contestants of the Oregon Manfest put together.

Wildcat_patent_machine said...

I want to know how many teams will "design" a bike from the source of all new designs, the Taipei Cycle Show.

That David Byrne is a barometer into upper-class anxiety. When the Internet gnomes were hot and bothered about the NSA cloning backbone traffic in AT&T's room 614a in 2006 it was all a conspiracy theory that backbone traffic was being spied upon. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Room_641A

8 years later suddenly the Internets is bad. Byrne needs to hire me to invent Tor. $3 million and 30 days should do it. I'll even ride my bike over.

Regular guy said...

Wow, I took a hard look at that Fuji Marlboro. Did anyone notice the quick release on the stem? WTF?

Bolt on wheels, though.

3G said...

Wow...an ONZA stem!

Blog Drafter said...

I'll take one.

Serial Retrogrouch said...

...way to go! like always, snob is able to induce vomiting by placing gentrifiers with the gentrified in a such a way as to make one attack designer urban bikes.

mikeweb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mikeweb said...

Those design teams look pretty, uh, white. With a slight hint of Asian.

Conclusion: all the designs will be boring as fuck.

DB said...

Lone Wolf is hanging with Nina and Frilly Chick.

mikeweb said...

DB, and occasionally BGW.

Correction to my prior comment: I didn't see the Chicago team. My money's on them FTW.

trama said...

this post would be my favorite if every time "system" was used, some boobs.

McFly said...

Not sure where to start with the Jamis. I guess the stem......

mikeweb said...

That NY Times piece reminds me of another forced repatriation from 'back in the day'. I wonder when the grain alcohol and smallpox infested blankets will show up.

"Mr. Brown, Mr. White would like to live where you've been living just about your whole life. So why doncha just move, cuz ya see, this reciprocating saw don't just cut through floors..."

On another note, good to see John J. again. When I lived in the E. Village in the early 90s, he was our version of Fresh Direct, except he would deliver aromatic herbs of the Wednesday variety. He was kind of a loud talker for that line of work though.

Esteemed Commenter DaddoOne said...

my 73 Raleigh, which cost me $150, has a lock (u-just like snob's), basket for carrying loads, fenders, lights, center kick stand. It has a brooks saddle on it (included in the $150 I paid for it, and no, it was not a stolen bike) and an obey sticker.


Anonymous said...

The originality behind the design criteria for these 'city bieks' is quite simply jaw-dropping.

For how many years/decades have pretty much all European bike companies offered full line(s) of precisely such bieks? For that matter, look at e.g. Giant's European site(s).

Oh well. I've little doubt that the eventual offering will find buyers within the idiocracy.

Jefe said...

So that's what happened to Saxo Bank! It's now Team Cro-Mag. When he says he runs into people, I think he is being literal.

WIZ !! JAY said...

If these Manfesters come up with something that actually meets their wet dream (which we all know you need (4) separate bikes and (3) sets of wheels to actually accomplish), they'll multihandedly collapse the entire cyclomarketing universe. All these urban terrains with cargo to boot? WOW

"True Functionality

A bike’s ability to perform well on, and be equipped for, the varying terrain of urban scenes is essential…
wet and dry asphalt, gravel, hills and stairs should all be easily navigable on or with the bike"

Roille Figners said...

Calling any city in North America "cycling-centric" is a bit of a stretch, since what are we talking about here, 7% of the people in said city, at most?

But I checked out the team photos. Jeans, jeans everywhere! It's like a Journey video. Some. Day. Love. Will. Find. You.

I guess they probably had to wear Levi's shit for their team photos ay? Still, the Portland team wins automatically because: 2 hottresses. Other teams: 0 hottresses.

Snob your saddle anti-theft device is fucking genius, I don't care what nonplussed D. Byrne has to say about it.

It's not a gay bar, it's a

man lasuary

DB said...

The Chicago bike will resemble a 1970's Schwinn Varsity.
Actually, it will be a Schwinn Varsity with fenders, racks and locks. And kickstand.

Anonymous said...

someone's scranus is in a knot because his (or her's) team wasn't picked?

WIZ !! JAY said...

They did this Manfest in 2011 also, with 26 teams, mostly cycling companies of the artisinal variety, and here are the "winners".


I want to see that best in show bomb a flight of stairs and not end up covered in hot coals and brats.

Anonymous said...

"Hey, whatever works"?! You are getting old.

WIZ !! JAY said...

Seems the 2014 organizers have been assimilated by the cyclomarketing borg, as they have omitted a very strict rule from 2011:

"Logos and Brands on Entry Bicycles

The fundamental spirit of the Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Design Challenge is to encourage and celebrate the creativity of the independent Contestant bike builders, not third party sponsors. Accordingly, entry bicycles and accessories may ONLY bear the logos or brands of Contestants’ respective companies that they manage or own. Excluding pre-printed standard manufacturer markings found on stock parts, any other (sponsor) logos and brands may appear ONLY on the right side chainstay, and must be limited in size to .5 inches in height and 6.0 inches in width.
Violation of this rule shall be grounds for disqualification from the Contest.

Buffalo Bill said...

Built like a chimp I bet.

Anonymous said...

I too wonder about The Lone Wolf, maybe he's in his den nursing broken bones. Then again his bones are coated in awesomeness so probably not. We'll see him again so "don't stop believing" eh Rollie?

Bikey is Yiddish for Cunt said...

Love all the non-white designers... Us the token Asian there really part of 'the team' or just a delivery person turned prop?

Anonymous said...

Slammed stem posing on a dead baby's grave. WTF?

mikeweb said...


If you want to learn how to be 'cool', check out this instructional video - skip to 1:20.

Anonymous said...


Roille Figners said...

Ha ha! "Stop believing I beg you! Stop believing!"

Anonymous said...

Yeezus Kayne could the oregon manifest bike design contest be any more stupid? What does "ideation" mean anyway? Also, why is everything a "system"? A sitting system, a pedaling system, a breaking system, a turning system an air insertion system? Also don't these pretentious douchebags know that humanitarian and urban design expert, Paul Budnitz, has already ideated and designed the ultimate urban bike?

Eric Goodwin said...

More bike architect tomfoolery http://vimeo.com/m/89687991

Name said...

WTF is

ideation ????

Roille Figners said...

What's ironic or maybe not, is that all the half-baked ideas in the Fairdale video are way more creative & interesting than the narrowly-constrained and already-done ideas the "design" teams are gonna come up with.

PS "design" = engineering stripped of all the pesky math and common sense.

Anonymous said...

Slam that stem!

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

I do my best ideating when I'm sitting on the crapper.

Daniel said...

I find this part of the Manifest very interesting:

For the first time, the winning bike will move forward into production through our manufacturing partner, Fuji BIkes. The Oregon Manifest bike will be available and ready to ride in the city!

So, IF any cool designs come out, Fuji automatically gets first dibs at them with out having to license the design from the team? Seems like a marketing coup.

On the other hand, If this was SpecialEd, they would probably then sue the design team for patent infringement.

Ape Drape said...

I really find it amusing that the Levis line of bike commuting jeans is male exclusive.

I find it amusing that within "The Bike Design Project" the teams have a whopping four females total participating.

I wonder why include any female presence in "The Bike Design Project" when Levis does not offer a female gender specific pair of overpriced sweatshop produced denim leg covering?

Weed = my favorite vegetable said...

I train constantly

Dooth said...

I just got this great ideation...
put the manifesters under sedation.

ge said...

Regular guy - QR stem is to turn the handlbar when folded. Finally found some folded photos on line - goofy fold. At least when they steal your cockpit and seat, you'll still have your wheels- cuz who has a 15mm wrench?

WIZ !! JAY said...

I wanna see a trans-continental Cat 6 with humanoid cargo between and Snob on the Big Dummy and Don Quixote


babble on said...

Daniel - It's a win/win if the designer gets a 3% royalty on every bike sold. They're exploring other side of crowdsourcing.

RCT ++ lol! I do mine riding Ti Baby.

Ha! Get all Cro-Magnon indeed. How very anti-paleo! He does have some great habits, and its true vegans do win the right to wear the save the planet superman underwear.
I love love love to eat.

Every once in a blue moon I still crave a seared HOT on the outside bloody rare on the inside tenderloin. In all of it's oxidative stress on my body glory. Does that make it a cardinal sin of sorts? It's my seafood addiction that's contributing to the enormous strain on the oceans.

Plus some seafoods are really quite dirty now.

I guess that's proof you are what you eat.

Anonymous said...

Walk through any real city (Portland does not count) and look at the bikes locked up. Seems to be an awful lot of crap. In my neck of the woods out in the square states the perfect city bike seems to be the Wal-Mart Next "full" suspension "mountain" bike. Form follow function and if the function is to be cheap ass transportation that's faster than walking then the POS Next wins.

Where do I collect my prize?

Anonymous said...

Last time I heard the word "ideation" it was in the phrase "suicidal ideation". Which if these bicycle-cycling designers get as twee as expected, I might have to engage in.

JLRB said...

Is that a home made seat leash on the Son of Go Away/Animal Droppings/Forgot the words jazz

or integrated anal beads (one of the secret criteria for the Manfest utility city cycle design circle stroke)

Major 'Zachary' Taylor said...

Hmmmm... I guess black folks have no "utility" to "bikey" white urban cornballs...

except for their underpaid, off the books West Indian nannies in New York, natch.

Nelson Vail and Erik Saunders died in vain?

ken e. said...

cue evil laughter...

jdlvtrn said...

The ultimate urban utility bike is my 7 speed Batavus Breukelen. Old school.

Frilly Chick said...

wiwm @ 12:25 that made me laugh out loud, really!

Don't worry Babbs. For some reason, I've been craving a tuna sandwich...must be all those lent commercials.

WIZ !! JAY said...

Has the Yikebike been lambasted yet?
Not sure it's even worth it after the Halfbike's terse dismissal last week. At the least we can make fun of it in kiwi accents.


debris88 said...

dogshit jeans, cooperate bullshit.
And...it takes six to eight people to put together a trashbike?

All The Black People In Portland Said said...

Fuck four women, where they get token slant-eye... was he liberated from an iphone factory?

Anonymous said...


Re your seat leash. Ditch the inner tube, wrap the chain with layers of strips of reinforced strapping tape. You know, the kind that shreds into slivers when you try and undo it?

Now, theif will need chain tool, knife, AND a lot of time and patience to get your shit.

Fredder said...


Think you might find this interesting/retch-inducing.

Daniel said...

Are they getting 3% of every bike sold? I didn't see that, and if so I feel (a bit) better about it.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 6:13pm,


--Wildcat Rock Machine

DB said...

We're toast. Mr. Obama described Russia as a regional power.
Putin will go insane.
Nice knowing you.

Roille Figners said...

Regional power as in "having power over one's immediate region?" If I were Putin it'd be awesome to hear Obama finally admit this.

babble on said...

Frilly! Don't do it! All that mercury... :S

Daniel - oh I doubt it... just saying it would be a win/win if they were. That's the going rate in some industries, anyway.

Nah. It looks like you're right: the only people profiting from the open-source bike design are the Fuji shareholders.

WIZ !! JAY said...

Apparently had a Manfest back in good ole 2009 too, which Pereira also won, and won a $4000 suit to boot. Unfortunately, several unhappy campers regarding the picture of the open bottle.


It's been 5 years of incestuous tweed-riding, beer-portaging, design-ideationing and we're not even CLOSE to something that meets this years vision. Pathetic.

HaveBananaWillTravel said...

I hope the uberurban bike will have a leather banana holder. I really need somewhere to put my banana.

Evil Genius said...

Hmmm... That Jamis has got me thinking... If I mount my rakish long reach stem upside down then mate it to some bars with a fairly high rise, then I'd be well on the way to winning the next crazy cockpit contest. Bwaah Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

I have grave reservations about that last bike.

wishiwasmerckx said...

As Bill Maher observed, Putin will likely be the 2016 Republican presidential nominee.

"In Russia, gun control you!"

bikelovejones said...

OMG. THANK YOU for speaking some truth about OM 2014. I live in Portland, got over the me-bike-me-cool thing years ago and came SO close to applying for a job in a suburb of Kansas City last year because I am drowning in a sea of hipsters. (Taking the KC gig would've cost me my marriage so no dice. But I did think about it, if only to escape the Blob that is PDX Chic.)
You made my day with this one. God bless you.

ouabacher said...

My wife has all my regional power, though I usually refer to it as my "area".

Nacnud said...

I fucking hate it when a noun is 'verbalised' to make a new word that means exactly the same as an existing word.

"From concept...to production" would make as much sense without the newspeak.

I call it 'Wankerating'.

ge said...

Snob, must have been a stellar post today; only one anal reference today - er, two now.

Anonymous said...


Holy crap, look at these things.

looks hard to wheelie.

Brake lever angle offends my delicate sensibilities

Anonymous said...

The reaaon there's only a couple wimmin on the design teams is gurlz ride what a man gives them. When did a chick ever build a bike herself?Huh?

ken e. said...

sadly anon 9:37, you've presented one of the great fallacies of western thinking, "i'm a (fookin' idiot), therefore everyone else also is a..." what you miss is the girls are clever enough to recognize the idiots right away, and not get involved.

Anonymous said...

Where's the Chicago team? We aren't cool enough? I started with a cheap bike I bought from a friend and it is evolving cheaply to be my go to bike. If it gets stolen I'll just start over.

Anonymous said...

Ideation: pondering suicide.

wishiwasmerckx said...


wishiwasmerckx said...


wishiwasmerckx said...


wishiwasmerckx said...

...and 100th!

ken e. said...

me me me me, is all i talk about

-louis XIV

ken e. said...

if only i'd paid attention in typing class.

innerlighter said...

"Whatever works"? I'm guessing by how stretched out those cables are, that this photo was staged by flipping that suitably Fredly rising stem. At any rate, Colnago rendered obsolete and woosie, any stem slammers after 1980 with this

Anonymous said...

Only hipsters believe in those bike chain seat leashes. A 2$ flathead screwdriver and one good torque = bye bye saddle&post and silly illusions. Ppl and their bullshit they believe

Anonymous said...

Deterrence is not absolute

streepo said...

I do my best crapping when I sit on the ideator.

douglas gifont

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 2:13am,

Only hipsters pay two dollars for a screwdriver.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Anonymous said...

the two chicks from san fran have on the same shoes. tacky, tacky.

babble on said...

Oh come on. Twinsies is fun. Everybody loves having girlfriends around.

McFly said...

J.A.M.I.S.= Just Another Misaligned Integrated Stem

I like the girlfriends around. I would take the girl with the softball thighs in pic #3 over the puddy on a stick.

JLRB said...

Rent controlled bicycles are the next big thing

babble on said...

:D Right?

OMG!! All of the guys in North Korea HAVE to play twinsies with their haircuts now.

It's a mad mad world.

Sarah, NH said...


Bama Phred said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Just a Fre(in)d said...

You got what I need

So Serious, Why? said...

In only one city out of four can people smile. Can't tell from Snob's captions which city it is. Why do 20 somethings almost always look so severe when they have their photo taken? Is it some kind of unwritten cool code or something?

First 6 number of the captcha are Bridget Bardot's measurements I think. HUGE!

McFly said...

The 5 stages where I do the work is different Bama....

1. A meeting without me

2. A meeting with me

3. Another meeting without me

4. Project is GREEN LIGHT GO WITH A DUE DATE but they neglect to tell me.....the guy doing it.


babble on said...

Sarah... :D
Cheers, bella.

McFly. Course you can. NP.
Then you'll be able to wear the superman lycra.

Bama Phred said...

Ideation, etc.
The first step in project management.
Then there is reality
Search for the guilty
Praise and reward for all not involved

I here that McFly. I'm the guy that brings disillusionment to the designers. I think RF said the same thing yesterday.

Silence Dogood said...

Thanks for skewering the cycling cliches.

Dr. kold_kadavr_flatliner, MD, the sub/dude said...

God blessa youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL

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