Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Is The New Wednesday.

Check out this photo, forwarded to me by a reader, of Maurice Garin, winner of the first-ever Tour de France:

Then he won it again the following year, but got disqualified for cheating:

Maurice-Francois Garin...was a road bicycle racer best known for winning the inaugural Tour de France in 1903, and for being stripped of his title in the second Tour in 1904 along with eight others, for cheating.

And thus, the template for the Tour de France was set.

Now, over a century later, in what has become a sad metaphor for the utter futility of the human condition, they're still trying to clean up this ridiculous race, and to that end the French Senate has released positive EPO test results extracted from frozen and reconstituted pee-pee:

Here's the list, which should surprise absolutely nobody:


Andrea Tafi, Erik Zabel, Bo Hamburger (twice), Laurent Jalabert, Marcos Serrano, Jens Heppner, Jeroen Blijlevens, Nicola Minali, Mario Cipollini, Fabio Sacchi, Eddy Mazzoleni, Jacky Durand, Abraham Olano, Laurent Desbiens, Marco Pantani, Manuel Beltran, Jan Ullrich (twice), Kevin Livingston (twice)


Ermanno Brignoli, Alain Turicchia, Pascal Chanteur, Frederic Moncassin, Bobby Julich, Roland Meier, Giuseppe Calcaterra, Stefano Zanini, Eddy Mazzoleni, Stephane Barthe, Stuart O'Grady, Axel Merckx

Jacky Durand, whose failed breakaways were a sad metaphor for the utter futility of the human condition?  Sure.  Axel Merxck (whose results are merely "suspicious," insert sarcastic wanking gesture here), the Nancy Sinatra to his father's Frank?  Naturellement.  Mario Cipollini, sex on wheels and 76 kg of congealed olive oil sprinkled with syphilis and sculpted into human form?  EP-Of course!

But yeah, that's all in the past, and the race was totally clean this year.

So glad we can move on.

Speaking of sex and wanking gestures, everybody knows by now that disgraced Congressman-turned-New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner Carlos Danger continued sending people pictures of his penis even after he got caught:

On Tuesday, seeming to recognize the fragility of his public standing, he pleaded with New Yorkers to trust his assertions that he is now a changed man, despite the news that his online adventures — some conducted under the pseudonym of Carlos Danger — had persisted through last summer, after the birth of his child.

And you don't have to spend too much time reading the comments on the article before some idiot makes it all about bikes:

Walter New York

If he gets rid of the bike lanes and the citi bikes he's ok by me.

July 24, 2013 at 12:09 a.m.

Walter logged this insightful comment at 12:09 a.m.  Then, at 12:10 a.m., he Tweeted a smartphone photo of his forlorn dong to an indifferent world and wanked himself to sleep.

Meanwhile, in other local news, another reader has forwarded me what may be the first recorded instance of someone chopping their handlebars even shorter than their brake levers:

("When I need some extra leverage I just steer with the brake levers.")

It's oddly comforting that, even in 2013, people in Brooklyn are still "curating" stupid singlespeed:

This is definitely a one of a kind retro classic. This bike is from the first generation of mountain bikes produced by Cannondale (bike is probably older than some folks reading this post), which has been brought out of climate controlled hibernation, refurbished, professionally modified to a single speed fixie -- lubed, oiled & ready to ride. 

Ooh, "lubed, oiled, & ready to ride?"  You know who's in the market for a bike like that?  Carlos Danger:

And it's not just an ass bike, either.  It's actually a fast ass bike:

A must have for an avid cyclist or collector who wants to stand out in the crown with a fast ass bike. You'll fall in love on the first ride. Price can be negotiated and/or road bike trade

Oooh, you know who wants to ride an ass bike?  Carlos Danger:

Somewhere, at this very moment, someone is riding that very Citi Bike.


One would hope that at this point Carlos Danger's poll numbers will fall faster than his erection, but regardless of who ultimately becomes Mayor, I hope they can put a stop to all these "ride-by yoinkings:"

One thief grabbed a $2,000 MacBook Pro right off of a man’s lap as he sat outside in SoHo Saturday evening, police said. The 31-year-old told cops he was sitting in front of 12 Vandam St. at the corner of Sixth Avenue about 8 p.m., when a young man on a dark blue or black bike rode past and quickly lifted the laptop.

This is why my new Kickstarter campaign is going to be a huge success.  I call it "Lapterpants."  Basically, it's an integrated pants/laptop carrier that keeps the computer positioned on top of your groin at all times.  That way, when someone speeds by and tries to grab it, they'll find out the hard way that it's attached to your lap and then eat pavement.  Then, you can just close the laptop, stand up, and walk away.

Carlos Danger has actually been testing a prototype of my Lapterpants complete with optional Dong Flap™ for quick and easy access.

Oh, you're phone's not safe from ride-by yoinkings, either:

Earlier the same day, a woman in the Financial District had her iPhone 4S snatched out of her hands by a man speeding past on a dark blue bike as she chatted on the smartphone, police said. The 34-year-old woman told police she was talking on the corner of William and Fulton streets at about 12:30 p.m. when the biker zipped by and stole the phone.

Nothing like a perfectly-executed Apple product hand-up.

And, while it's not specifically bike-related, the same article reports what may very well be the largest cargo shorts heist in criminal history:

— Three thieves grabbed $1,316 worth of red cargo shorts from True Religion at 132 Prince St., police said. According to police reports, the three men secretly swiped seven pairs of shorts on July 21 about 5:15 p.m. and then walked out of the store.

That's a fuckload of cargo shorts:


Anonymous said...

whoo hooo !

Anonymous said...

Morning wood in Weiner-ville !

Anonymous said...

Gee Business!

Blog Drafter said...

I was busy commenting on yesterday's post, geez.

crosspalms said...

True Religion? I figured that'd be 3 pairs of shorts, tops

Anonymous said...

I have seen the light. I'm in the wrong business.

McFly said...

Carlos Dangers wife reminds me of Frasier's woman on Cheers. What was her name? Edith, Gwenith? Something uptight. She gave me the weirdest boner.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Aero-dynamic in the top 10.

BamaPhred said...

Lubed, oiled, I thought it was going to be a Cipo reference.

Somehow, I knew bike lanes where going to be blamed for the Wanking Weiner photo ops.

1.3 grand for seven pairs of cargo shorts? Not sure who is getting ripped off here, but it's not gonna be this person.

BamaPhred said...

Frasier's wife. Lilith. You're welcome

Yarpo said...

Early posting out here on the Left Coast! Hitting my handlebars and gesticulating at the heavens as I cross the line, cussing in a foreign tongue, and heading to the team bus where I will sulk

Toldja the Weinerator would be one of the day's topics, toldja!

RoadQueen said...

Top 20!

Need more drugs...someday, I'll be a contender.


16 eataddl

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...


Anonymous said...

At $188 a pair that's and expensive fuckload of shorts (all seven of them

ChamoisJuice said...

TOP TEN Jewish men that make McFly tight in the pants:
1. Lenny Kravitz
2. Carlos Danger
3. Adam Sandler
4. Adrian Brody
5. Jeff Goldblum
6. Andy Samberg
7. Mel Brooks
8. Hank Azaria
10. David Berkowitz

Jan! said...

All of my previous (admittedly feeble) attempts at humour were deleted, so let me try a different kind of comment: the Language Nazi.

"you're phone's not safe from ride-by yoinkings"

Obviously a typo, but that should be "your phone".

Some Talmiudic Scholar said...

You mean Adam's first wife? That Lillith?

babble on said...

Weiners weiners everywhere... :)af

RoadQueen said...

Tony, I mean, er, Carlos needs to get a patent for that thing.

I wonder if he ever tried dressing it up in a wig and glasses to disguise?

He's going to have to 'cum up' with something, it's probably the most recognized penis in the land by now.


the Commentariat said...

Top ten anti-Semites on this comment board:

wishiwasmerckx said...

For $1316, you could buy every pair of cargo shorts in WalMart. Now that's a fuckload of cargo shorts.

babble on said...

Yeah, right. Lillith sure looks like she loves and forgives him. There's no understanding political wives.

babble on said...

Heh heh. Lubed, oiled and ready to ride... that sounds hauntingly familiar...

I'm definitely stealing that one, snobbers. Cheers!

babble on said...

What do you think? Does this birthday suit make me look abnormal?

Lumpen Fredetariat said...

That's funny, I thought CJ would be all over that Maurice Garin picture pointing out how little the pauvre bonhomme knew about bartape, stem length etc etc ad nauseam.

Anonymous said...

Somebody woke up early today! Can't compete with the Beast Coast!

Anonymous said...

Babs, you look fine to me, but more pictures like that would really help make for a more accurate diagnosis. I think the guy who called you abnormal has a derailleur screw missing

Anonymous said...

Who wears red cargo shorts? I suspect no self respecting hipster.

21 Pisite-How cool!

Yarpo said...

I thought the Dong Flap would be Standard, not Optional...okay, no money for your Kookstarter Kampaign.

rofishr 10...the secret Gary Fisher 10-speed prototype, soon to be unveiled.........

Nice abs Babble! That's some pie plate too!

Lumpen Fredetariat said...

Road Queen - I love that line you wrote to Babble "Normal is a setting on a hair dryer, honey".
And Babble - what anon 11:27 said. That was me, I just hit the wrong button; it's still early out here in the west.

RoadQueen said...

Lumpen Fredetariat, it's a truth that I hold dear. We're all freaks in our own ways, there is no such thing as 'normal'.

Might as well appreciate and admire the differences. We've so much to learn from each other.

babble on said...

Thank you!

You guys rock.


Now can someone please please tell me what happened to my bike? Hmmmm? And quit with the "you didn't maintain it properly" malarky. The pro's maintain it, not me, and it didn't even fail on the biggest sprocket, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I thought the only people who wear cargo shorts are Midwesterners.

Dave said...



Closer, kneel closer. That's right...

Marcel Da Chump said...

Dangerous Weiner.

Kari said...

Was really looking forward to today's writings on Carlos Danger, but the cargo short heist may take the cake. Is my math right, $188 for a pair of cargo shorts? For that they should automatically come equipped with lapterpants.

Marcel Da Chump said...

Dangerous Weiner.

CommieCanuck said...

Oh that's bullshit, Jan Ullrich was well-known to be doping on mayonnaise enemas in 1998.

Yeah, still on that.


Anonymous said...

Royal Baby has been named Prince Carlos Danger of Cornholio.

leroy said...

Wednesday already?

Must have overslept.

crosspalms said...

Is Carlos Danger related to Jacques Strappe?

CommieCanuck said...

Wait..what..I should not send people I met on the internet pictures of "l'il commie"? Was that wrong? Should I not have done that?

They call him Anthony "weiner" Weiner for good reason. But I hear its more like "cocktail weiner".


Olle Nilsson said...

Seriously enough about cheating. When will we all accept the cycling bicycle was invented for the sole purpose of cheating? Back in the 1800's all the peds would shout "cheater!" as you rode by. You know, same as we shout at ebikes when they pass us up a hill. The only law bicycle cyclists can agree on is Newton's first.

Hatarsd 67 - don't be hatarsding

Comment deleted said...

Damn, is it early in here or is it just me? Now I'm sure the commentariat is doping; how else can you explain this early-morning breakaway?

leroy said...

Carlos Danger?

Any relation to Carlos the Jackal?

Or am I confusing him with Carlos the Jack Off?

I Wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner said...

What the HELL? I got an em from my brother saying our sister was on your blog a few days ago getting a facial. Turns out it was only from a water bottle, not from a weiner. I was suspicious right away, I know she only sells pics of a real McWeiner in action. She'd never would have posted a real one for free.

Comment deleted said...

Looking go-ooo-d, Babs! Those hill climbs are H'ing you the F up.

And yes, you are decidedly abnormal. Heads above all the "normals", in fact.

balls™ said...

In 1998 there was no test for EPO. It wasn't "cheating" it was using technology. Well, it was cheating, but since you couldn't get caught everybody used it and I don't care.

When are we going to get something on Miguel Indurain? He's the only tour winner since they stopped using amphetamines not to be caught. I assume that's only b/c his samples were cleaned out of the freezer, not b/c he was clean.

Big deal. With or without drugs, those freaks have scranuses of steel. (Scranae?)

Fuck it. I'm taking the bus.

Carlos Danger said...

my wiener has nothing to do with bikes or being a mayor.


and... fuck to you, bike paths and citi bikes.

El Bonkistador said...

Careful! Ass bikes, espescially FAST ass bikes are NOT for riding!

The ad clearly states:
A must have for an avid cyclist or collector who wants to stand out in the crown with a fast ass bike.

While I'm sure the guy meant "crowd"; one neither rides a bike in a crowd nor a crown. It's dangerous.

Dooth said...

Well if that don't beat all! Before I was cured of my sex addiction--simply by looking at naked photos of Dottie Rabinowitz--my Internet pseudonym was Carlos Dangle.

Serial Retrogrouch said...

hey all you canucks
commies, sexy legged ones, and all other kinds...

riding to Montreal this Friday... from NYC... any suggestions??? nice coffee places, nice beer places... nice places where hot canuck ladies hang out??? food?


do québécois use 'eh' in french?

Paul Bowen said...

Just when I think I'm getting to grips with Americky along comes a politician called Weiner, which is internet for wiener, who gets caught sending pictures of his wiener to internet ladies, then gets caught sending pictures of his wiener to internet ladies a-friggin-gain and who still has every prospect of electoral success? Seriously, what the actual fuck?

CommieCanuck said...

riding to Montreal this Friday... from NYC... any suggestions??? nice coffee places, nice beer places... nice places where hot canuck ladies hang out??? food?.

Dude, it's Montreal, the city is one big cafe and bar.Every second place has the suffix "du Sexe" in the sign.
"Le Donut Shoppe du Sexe".
"Le Home Depot du Sexe". etc.

Can't go wrong on boulevard Saint Laurent. Just remember, VD is the same in French and Anglais, girls drink at 15 there, and don't pretend to be from Toronto.

CommieCanuck said...

Can't waste time here, I've been up since 4am waiting on the Royal baby name, since I have $100 at 40:1 on "George Phillip Osama Adolf".

Anonymous said...

Pressure testing app

CommieCanuck said...

do québécois use 'eh' in french?

Close, it's "tabernac".
Oh, it's not like other cities, the cops have the best weed.

CommieCanuck said...

Pressure testing app

So that's how kids have safe sex today. The tires are knobby..for her pleasure.

ChamoisJuice said...

how the kids have safe sex today....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wiener's got history on his side.

Anyone remember the mayor of Washington DC getting busted for crack cocaine use? Did 6 months in federal prison and was reelected.

What's a few photos and total destruction of a marriage when he can be mayor? Voters forgive people who can sell it.

Robot stack Failure

Comment deleted said...

Ya gotta love a culture that uses elements of Catholicism for swear words. Imagine "Sacristy!"..."Nave!"..."Cassock!"..."Priest penis!"

Actually, that last one is pretty good as a swear word.

Edwin Edwards said...

"The only way I can lose this election is if I'm caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy".

Marion Barry said...

"Bitch set me up."

Etherhuffer said...

Why the hatin' on Weiner? NY and NYC went for Slick Willy twice, so why all the gnashing of teeth? If being a scumbag was illegal, the hall of congress would be empty....

Anonymous said...

Hey, Commie:
You got one name right.
Are you in the money?

Anonymous said...


Nice post today.
Time to head back to Wreck beach.

Anonymous said...

Bo Hamburger

Serial Retrogrouch said...

thanks... so what you're saying is, 15 year old girls are 'legal', i can pick one up at home depot... then when i see a cop, i can politely as for directions and a joint?

i think i'm canceling my return trip.

My Mental Image of Dottie on her Knees has ruined me said...

Ever since Snob posted that first picture of Dottie R I've been unable to conjure up an erection. My wife is preparing to sue Dottie for loss of wiener services.

Serial Retrogrouch said...

Anon @1:30,

marion barry got reelcted because apparently DC has a sense of humor.

let's see if nawyokas can give fodder to all the comedians for a while.

Serial Retrogrouch said...

...and that include sir snob.

Shutterfly (not McFly) said...

Once Weiner withdraws from the election I guarantee you you will be able to buy autographed 8 x 10 glossies of his wiener.

Anonymous said...

San Francisco cyclist guilty of manslaughter in legal first
Chris Bucchere pleads guilty after running down 71-year-old Sutchi Hui, in what is believed to be first such conviction in US

W G said...

Etherhuffer 1:39 PM

Nicely said, but amongst this crowd, if the scum bag pretends to be for bikes and bicycling specifically, and are closet wealthy capitalistic scumbags who pretend to be against openly wealthy capitalistic scumbags, they are OK. PS sources estimate that the Prez's net worth may be as much as 11 1/2 million, about the same as bike snob. You can send a lot of bicycles to third world countries for that kind of cash.

Comment deleted said...

Priest penis, WG! Get off the CitiBike-is-Blessing-Evil-Capitalism schtick!

Actually, maybe if you beat us over the head with it some more, we'll realize that you really do know just what is what, while we wallow in complacent ignorance.

Beavis said...

Shutterfly, You said weiner withdraws, hehehehehheheheh

babble on said...

Man oh man, I should have raced when I was younger. I could have been queen of the mountain. Dope is for dopes, right?

I'm a natural.

Anonymous said...

Just got an email from Spirit Airlines. They are having The Weiner Rises Again Sale. 24$ off fares to Cancun and Cabo.

B2 Pro. Yo! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
B2 Pro. Yo! said...

McFly said...

There's this

Anonymous said...


Comment deleted said...

Looks like a deceptive and bogus URL, "B2 Pro Yo!" You should try fucking off.

Anonymous said...

Catching up on two days at once.... ketone treatment? I'd have thought that getting off your tits on eccies and going out on your bike would be a bad idea.

hey nonny mouse

Anonymous said...

Oh, hang on, that's ketamine, isn't it. As you were....I'll go back to my corner.


Buffalo Bill said...

I'm sure I won't be the first to wonder what $188 cargo shorts can carry.

Antirobotext: ptheiti 109, which is about all Carlos Danger deserves really.

Anonymous said...

That little Maurice Garin was probably one hell of a rider considering how short (won the Tour on a 24" wheel?) he was....Who's the hipster douche behind him in the photo?

WG said...

Ah "complacent ignorance" Alas it is not to be, because following "the man" brings no inner peace. Wait, which "the man?" Damn, Comment Deleted, an ass chewing from you is quite thought provoking. In the immortal words of babble on, maybe I'll "go for a ride." But not on a Citi-bike because our city unfortunately doesn't have them.

Unknown said...

Holy crap, are 25 year old single speed conversions honestly 700 fucking dollars in New York?

Anonymous said...

Cipo's rigorous daily sex regimen itself was formerly considered doping, until it was recently de-illegalized by the UCI. So the tour titles he didn't win will now be belatedly unstripped to him.

Speaking of things oily, what's the difference between "lubed" and "oiled?" As in, "This dumbed-down Cannondale has been lubed, oiled, greased, and also treated with various lubricants, and did we mention it has been lubricated, and is ready to ride!" Way to stand out in the crown!

P. Bateman said...

that chick Weiner has been sexting is hot - i can't really blame him.

now, i can blame her for hooking up with such and ugly m f'er and not me, but that is me just being jealous.

seriously though, what is with girls and dudes in "power" that makes them disregard so many things like: he's ugly, he's married, he is kind of a slimeball etc..?

you guys watch House of Cards? pretty sure weiner was the inspiration for the big bald guy.

Comment deleted said...

WG, now *that's* true wisdom. Ain't for nothing Babs is the resident roshi.

Etherhuffer said...

@P. Bateman
Just add a facial scar or a homicide rap in addition to the power thing and he could be banging all the female population of NYC. Just sayin......

RoadQueen said...


I don't know if the dollars are fucking...

But if they are, I want some of THAT cash in MY pocket!

Comment deleted said...

P. Bateman, you answered your own question. That miniseries illustrated perfectly why a hot young thing would go for a decrepit, powerful slimeball -- climbing the career tree, one hump at a time.

Mr Plow said...

Stealing Cargo shorts is amateur. Rapha cycling jeans are where the real money is


Euro Spondee said...

Mr Plow - excellent.
Two things I have learned from this commentariat - never take tourism advice from Commie Canuck, and CJ is a douchebag.

CommieCanuck said...

marion barry got reelcted because apparently DC has a sense of humor.

Which makes Toronto fucking hilarious.

CommieCanuck said...

Speaking of things oily, what's the difference between "lubed" and "oiled?"

Two different products, one made by Pedros, the other by K-Y.

CommieCanuck said...

ever take tourism advice from Commie Canuck

oh yeah?

Suck it.

Suck it twice.

CommieCanuck said...

Montreal is like Vegas without the despair and silicone, and it has a subway.

crosspalms said...

Any brunch recommendations?

wishiwasmerckx said...

"For anal sex between unmarried partners, the age of consent remains 18."

And the award for most useful link on Canadian sex practices goes to CC.

CommieCanuck said...

Any brunch recommendations?

Sorry, I'm not gay.

But if I were, I would use this website.

crosspalms said...

Thanks. I'm asking for a friend...

Serial Retrogrouch said...

from commie's wiki link: "For anal sex between unmarried partners, the age of consent remains 18"

so canada has anal police?

bread said...

for your scranual pleasure

WG said...

Hey Comment Deleted, I just got back from my ride (and a short weight training session the benefits of which were obliterated by a big mac at Micky- D's)and I had an epiphany: maybe Bike Snob is "the man." Or at least one of "the mans." He lives in the center of the universe (NYC), has gazillions of dollars, a mansion, and his own blog. What do you think.

WG said...

And he rides bikes.

Comment deleted said...

No, WG. Bike Snob is *Da Man.* Big, big difference.

Also, I'm not sure his sex, um, transition, is complete yet, so this is kind of a delicate subject.*

*Today is National Sexual Identity Slanderous Innuendo Day, btw.

McFly said...

That's a really cool picture of Maurice Garin with a young impressionable Bikes Gone Wild on his lil 16 incher hangin on his every word and probably bragging about the superiority of Campanoglo components.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Yeah I miss ole bgw. Comments just aren't the same without him...Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Serial Retrogrouch:

Like CC said, boul. St-Laurent is alive at night

For good coffee, there is St-Viateur street, in the heart of the Mile-End, the Williamburg/Hipster capital of Montréal: you can go to Olympico or Café Social, nice coffee at both places.

There is also lots of restaurants and bars around there.

Sure, it's full of hipsters from Winnipeg or NYC but it's not as bad as Williamsburg.

And, Montréal have the same bike share program as NYC's Citibikes. Actually, Montréal sold the bike share to NYC. The bikes are made in Chicoutimi (north of Québec city) by Devinci.

Enjoy the city.

(And if you want strip clubs, well, you'll find them downtown, mainly on Ste-Catherine street. I recommend Chez Parée, on Stanley street/corner of Ste-Catherine.)

WG said...

Comment Deleted, You're are, of course, correct. The 560 calories and 34 grams of fat clogged the blood flow to my brain.

Vernal Magina said...


Missy Giove said...

Lesbian Lobsters


Comment deleted said...

Missy Glove...Gah! How to unread something?

wishiwasmerckx said...

Weiner for supper last night. Tonight I think I"ll stop by Missy's Mud Shack and get takeout shrimp. Mmmm, mmmm...

Anonymous said...

bone marrow restructuring, higgs boson, perpetual motion hip replacements, surgical forearm tapering, long form total emasculation infinitum.....the future is now and all ya'll hicks/hipsters with prescriptions to bicycling magazine don't know your ass from a hole in the ground.....

wishiwasmerckx said...

So now lobster is the poor man's (woman's) vibrator of choice?

Hope she at least bought the poor creature dinner first - you know, in the words of the great Mungo Jerry:"If your Daddy's rich, you take her out for a meal; if your Daddy's poor, you just do what you feel..."

I see BSNYC's lobster obsession in a whole new light now...

Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this new Oakland Rollie will bring back bgw.

Mario's Albino Tadpole said...

Bo Hamberger...

Now we know where Alberto Contador was eating his contaminated beef!.

...thanks very much.. will be here all night folks.

130 rgespu

Unknown said...

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upstaterural said...

Cyclist kills old man, gets jail time.

my dog read 29 ulderet as the captcha

Anonymous said...

That's retail price. Actual worth: $23.17 (USD).

babble on said...

You can book all my future travel itineraries, Commie Canuck. Damned, man, but you know how to have a fun time. The marijuana cup AND a super sex club?

Count me in. :)

Graeme Obree said...

Experiments in Speed aka biggest chainring evvvaaaaaar

Graeme Obree said...

Experiments in Speed aka biggest chainring evvvaaaaaar

Comment deleted said...

I don't know about bgw, but Handlebar Rollie makes my day.

Come back, BikesGoneWild! We take back everything we said about you while you were gone!

Just sayin' said...

If anyone is missing bgw, he can usually be found lurking in the undergrowth of Babble's comments section, doing his thang. I for one am glad he is still knocking around.

Ezekiel 23, baby, Ezekiel 23 said...

17 Then the Babylonians came to her, to the bed of love, and in their lust they defiled her. After she had been defiled by them, she turned away from them in disgust. 18 When she carried on her prostitution openly and exposed her naked body, I turned away from her in disgust, just as I had turned away from her sister. 19 Yet she became more and more promiscuous as she recalled the days of her youth, when she was a prostitute in Egypt. 20 There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.

Unknown said...

That first generation Cannondale is a rolling death trap. They weren't called "Crack-n-fail" for nothing.

Anonymous said...

or "Can not help but fail". I know. I had one, and it failed.

Angie Kritenbrink said...

Ends with a colon....mysterious

Anonymous said...

The Wien will remove bike lanes and recognize Greater Israel's border that ends at Long Island.

Sounds like the best Mayor since Ed Krotch.

Unknown said...

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