Thursday, July 2, 2009

BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz (Special Thursday Edition)!

As those of you familiar with the United States may be aware, this Saturday, July 4th, marks our Independence Day. As is our custom, we celebrate this day by watching things explode in the sky. In fact, this year there are rumors of a USA x Mavic pyrotechnic "collabo" in which the famed wheelbuilder will launch thousands of R-Sys wheels over our nation's capital, which will then explode in a delighful burst of carbon and kevlar. In any case, in observance of America's favorite long weekend, please note that I will not be posting tomorrow, but will return on Monday, July 6th with regular updates.

In the meantime, though, I'm pleased to report that I've made some fascinating discoveries recently. Firstly, you may recall three-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond's controversial and awkwardly-delivered talk at the "Play the Game" conference in Coventry, UK not too long ago. Well, audio from a second microphone placed behind the podium reveals what very well could have been the cause of his befuddlement:

You've got to give LeMond credit for covering so convincingly with the drinking glass. Clearly he's no amateur. I bet he also blocks the crack in his hotel room door with a rolled-up bath towel dorm room-style.

My second discovery concerns what could very well be a new trend in fixed-gear freestyling. I was visiting Prolly's blog recently where I saw this video of noted fixed-gear freestyler Keo Curry:

If you're not familiar with Keo Curry, you may recall him as the amateur metallurgist who proclaimed that steel frames "draw a circle" while aluminum ones produce "a square feel." Well, I was taking note of his setup (I'm always looking to improve my own fixed-gear freestyling) when I realized that I'd seen his bicycle someplace before:
Yes, it looks very much like Curry may be palping a Terry Symmetry conversion:

Clearly this must be the new hot setup. I wonder what shape a Terry Symmetry draws. In any case, that small front wheel is aesthetically the centerpiece of the groupo.

And with that, I present you with a quiz. As always, study the item, think, and click on your answer. If you're right you're right, and if you're wrong you're wrong--and you're also going to learn correct cycling posture from an "enthusiastic triathlete."

Thanks for reading, drink responsibly, and ride safe this weekend. (That means no R-Sys rubbage!)


1) Locking your bike up high is the new thing.


2) These handlebars are called:

--Riser bars
--Unibrow bars
--Frida bars
--Any of the above is acceptable

3) What is this?

--The world's youngest hipster
--A typical New York City fixed-gear freestyler
--The new Cinelli x Sesame Street limited edition "collabo" bike
--The new Outlier Tailored Performance Clothing children's line

4) On what kind of bike are these aerobars mounted?

--A Bianchi B.A.S.S. single-speed mountain bike
--A Fuji Obey brakeless track bike
--A Trek Y-Foil
--A Co-Motion tandem

5) The future of on-the-bike beverage consumption is:

--The CamelBak hydration messenger bag
--The helmet-mounted bottle holder
--The Top Tube-Mounted Bottle Cap (TTMBC)

6) How do you have a party Garmin-Slipstream style?

--Get together with your teammates and test each-other's urine
--Put on a Garmin-Slipstream t-shirt and guzzle wine from pint glasses
--Slather yourself with DZ Nuts and drink Thunderbird fortified wine and grapefruit juice
--This is a trick question; Garmin-Slipstream do not have fun

7) In the Craigslist universe, a garment can indeed be "checkered-ish."


8) What is this?

--Dave Zabriskie onomatopoetically reproducing the sound of a puncture on his Twitter
--The sound of actor James Mason savoring a class of chilled Thunderbird
--The Lone Wolf's mantra
--"the sniffn sound"

***Special "This Is How the Magic Happens" Bonus Question***

This Nike photo shoot of sprinter Mark Cavendish will result in an image of him:

--Winning the final stage of the 2009 Tour de France on the Champs-Élysées
--Chasing a chicken like Rocky Balboa
--Riding with a piece of green duct-tape on his mouth
--Staring in disbelief at the "oversized bottom bracket" of the rider in front of him


Mark said...


Slappy said...

Ha 1st!

Slappy said...

Oh not again. So close!

Anonymous said...

Early today snob

Anonymous said...

Oh, Snobby, I think I love you.

Anonymous said...

wtf thursday quiz ps top ten

Anonymous said...

Bra jobbat där Arvid!

Anonymous said...

anonymous are fruits

displacedcalifornian said...

top ten yippee!!

Luck E. Seven said...

*Insertion group*


rezado said...

Me x You x Your Momma x Your Cousin Too


Anonymous said...

suck a camelbak of dicks...all you haters suck my hydration pack

Anonymous said...

so close yet so far ...

hillbilly said...

Does the diminutive frenchman set off the fireworks? have a good long weekend

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My mehcation begins at 4:19 this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Woot! Woot!

grog said...

Thunderbird! smmmmmmmm smmmmmmm dats da sniffn soun.

Astroluc (Find me on Tumblr and Instagram @Astroluc) said...

wallaby to 20?

Disgruntl Ed. said...

Happy America's favourite birthday!

Anonymous said...



Training for the Vuelta...


Any one see Blood, Sweat and Gears yet? Should I record it sat. night?

Disgruntl Ed. said...

I mean long weekend. I mean favorite.

RANTWICK said...

TTMBC - Hey, I kind of like that thing. Go and figure. I wonder if the bottle would unthread itself from the cap as you rode?

I was planning on being critical of something. Now I just feel empty, like there's a space where my anger is supposed to be...

theshepherdsdog said...

have a good long weekend snob! thanks for the early quiz

Anonymous said...

My most recent "convo" with a fixed-gear freestyler.

FGF, "Oh you bike? sweet do you ride a fixie?"
me, "No, I like to coast and have brakes"
FGF, "I just love doing tricks, man. It's so cool to freak people out with awesome triks."
me, "yeah, I never got into riding 20s, but those guys can really do some good tricks. I'm always impressed by them."
FGF, (thinking) "crap, he's right, tricks are so much more impressive on 20s--discontinue convo immediately, find someone I can impress"

Anonymous said...

have a great holiday

leroy said...

Happy Fourth everyone!

And ride safe.

By the way, is it just me or has anyone else been getting email offers to invest in a Trek specific chamois cream called K-Y-Foil?

leroy said...

And congratulations Melker!

bk jimmy said...

That quiz was totally togetha!

sufferist said...

Is the green tape his support for the recent Iranian vote troubles?

kale said...

I wish I could be around to see the fireworks but I'll be looking for the centerpiece for my naked chick on a folding bike.* Maybe the TTMBC if it matches the colorway.



d. fofonov said...

Babushka is saying that 21.01.2009 is new birthday of workers paradise in America and especially in Minnesota.

About such thinks I am having no strong opinion. Just strong drink.

mikeweb said...

"Work, work, work. Work, work, work. Hello boys!!"

-W. J. Le Petomane

Anonymous said...

Shaq said time "trail"

bikesgonewild said...

...anon 2:33pm...big thumbs, little device...

...just sayin'...

Surly Bastard said...

... the Ry-Sysmmmm's bursting in air, gave proof through the turn that the fmmmmm front wheel wasn't there ...

Happy 4th of!

Ride safe. And careful with the explosives and alcohol collabo.

CommieCanuck said...

That bottle clip is the type of innovation that will carry us out of this recession.

No longer do we have to ride while grabbing a bottle and drinking, now we have to stop and ...unscrew, ...unscrew, ...unscrew, taking time to smell the roses.

The real genius is that this means more disposable water bottles in use, or the use of soda bottles which will be shaking for miles before we unscrew and activate a mini-Hiroshima into our crotches.

Of course, one bump and the whole thing will fall off, as the ~4 lb plastic bottle is not designed to be supported at the threads, which is just better for your local bottlers.

"Jesus, that's smart"

bk jimmy said...

Also a lot of beverage makers have moved to proprietary threading. Oversized top-caps and such.

kale said...


Not to mention the pendulous motion it undoubtedly acquires during normal riding conditions - causing it to bonk the riders legs.

The bright side would be that you could mount some killer trailer hitch balls on it for lifelike action.

Luck E. Seven said...

Jesus, that bottle clip is beefy.

I was expecting the Garvin Slipstream Party Kit to be a 3' Graffix in their proprietary plaid colorway.


Surly Bastard said...

Commie/BK/Kale/7 - that's how 3-time TdF winner Greg Lemond's water bottle was mounted under the podium. The UPMM (under podium mounted microphone) gave us good idea of how this innovative "mounted under anything" hydration system works, at least audibly, that is ...

cyclefurthur said...

LeMond is a doper! The four foot glass is his centerpiece

Anonymous said...

what happens out my anoos after I eat at chipotle, a stream of chipotle. the slippery part too. gross I know, sorry. but true.

Norman said...

Drunk from his success at muttering Australian ('strain) curses at some obviously water-headed cinematographer, Cavendish is going to T-bone a corgi on stage 18 (eighteen) and finish 34 (three-niner) points out of green.

Cyclin' Missy said...

The aesthetic center piece of the gruppo...LOL!

Norman said...

Also 7/8 (+1 bonus)

jolene said...

hell yes you gonna see shit blowed up shit i got me my new murican flag tank top at the walmart adn with the thong wayel tayel with the fireworsk patern yalls gonna blow up cus im gettin wet n wild this wekend boy howdy

Anonymous said...

Nah BGW, he uses his gigantic, slam dunkin' cock! Twitter that, mutha fucka!

Anonymous said...

I like Cavo's new haircut. He's looking sorta hot.

Go Conti!

Anonymous said...

Goddamn Vanilla Icebrow days!!!

bikesgonewild said..., anon are such a witty nihilist &/or do you do it ???...


rezado said...

The head tube on that terry bike is awesome.

When did you get into fgf. I want to see video of you riding fakie or whatever it is called. preferably with clown make up on and dont forget to match your sneakers to your under wear.

red neckerson said...

that cavendish feller is showing how you lose weight

we gives you a tapeworm dyed green for easy identification and you swallow him down whole

then you can eats everthing you wants becos the tapeworm digests it for you and you dont gain no wait and you can eat moon pies and shit like that and lose wait becos tapeworms likes shit like that

then when you dont wants to lose no more wait you dont eat nothing for like three or four days

then you put a piece of biskit on yor tongue and the tapeworm at this time is going crazy hungry so hell climb rite up yor gullet and when he pokes his head out yor mouth to gets the biskit you grabs him and yanks his sorry ass out

so yor seeing cavendish just after they gave that tapeworm a yank

them things ought to be illegal im saying

Anonymous said...

what does RTMS stand for?

tommy fixterelli said...

come on, you gotta admit. my bike looks damn good chained to the top of that streetpost.

Luck E. Seven said...

Hey Luck E. 7 @ 3:10-

It's Garmin-, not Garvin, you insufferable ass.


MJ Klein said...

first time i puked from alcohol consumption was from drinking T-bird with Koolaid (package poured directly into the bottle 'o Bird). my friends in NC called those the original "Shake 'em Up."

Anquetil's Mother said...

well, I have to say I'm not always one for the quiz, as the many days i spent playing hookey (sp?) in high school would attest to, but this one was just full of gold...

the Lemond Bong. now I know who took my meager Wednesday stash.

the littlest hipster.... oh if only they were all so adorable and if they only all had such good bike handling skills. Also, I don't know if that language was Portlandese but I'd like to live in a place where, if you fall off your bike, some kindly stranger comes and picks it back up for you again.
I also like a place where learning to ride a bike is a parent putting a 5 year old on a brakeless bike in the winter on some black ice and such and filming him falling a lot.

then the real Shaq and his "time trail" challenge. What the hell IS a time trail? is that some kind of thursday drug?? mushrooms?

Lastly, everything about that Garmin question was funny including JV, as a self proclaimed wino selling a wine key and two pint glasses for $50. At least its a double hinge?

Anonymous said...

I think you meant to write, "in a delightful burst of crabon and kevlar"

cyprus property said...

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Paul Bowen said...

Folding wife oil!

ryan said...

Just thought you could use some penny farthing smut...

Romanucci Law Firm said...

I thought that was part of the interview for his new hipster co-op in the 'burg

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Are there any bars in NYC where we can watch the tour in the evening on versus?

Dr. Winston Reginald Godfried, Esquire said...

This is an actual comment from the "what do u think ? TT bar on fixe:"

"But yes, they'll always be faster than either bullhorns or drops as you're more aero dynamic and you're in a more relaxed position. but they Look Stupid! take them off NOW - leave the bike CLEAN"

I am doubly troubled:
1. Some actually putting on aerobars "on fixe." That would be an extremely awkward position to attempt a skid. but of course that is not the real problem, and that brings us to number two:
2. It is not the inherent danger of palping this set up that these hipsters find so abhorrent (this individual actually seems to admit that it is more practical) , it is that it Looks Stupid.

Of course, considering what we're dealing with here, I guess its not that all surprising. Nay, I'd go as far to say as it was EXPECTED

serious racer guy said...

i'm currently leading the square wheel fixie category in RAAM. i'm about 200 meters from the startline in Oceanside and hope to make the state line in 6 or 7 months. if all goes well i hope to achieve victory by 2011. the aerobar has really helped!

panino said...

wasn't it crabon?

ben said...

what kind of tires would you use on a crabon bike? Pincers?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we're all meeting at this awesome sports bar at W 4th and W 12th St.

You didn't get the memo?

Anonymous said...

It's carbon, as in carbon fiber. Crabon is a misspelling.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:27
Uh no, that's like saying Tour of France, or Derailer instead of Tour de France and Derailleur.

Crabon Fibre is the Flemmish, and therefore more traditional, spelling.

Anonymous said...


Tell me, what gruppo you packing?

g-rock said...

Dr. Winston, with all that weight hanging over your front wheel, it's got to be so easy to lock up the rear wheel - of course you better have lots of room to stop, and then there's the whole steering issue... wait a minute, why am I trying to rationalize the irrational.

yogisurf said...

Happy 4th Snobby and all. I'm doing a collobo with coffee, pop tarts, my Sony and the Versus Channel this am. Here's the start. Go Astana.

Anonymous said...

BikesnobNYC, brought to you by Enzite, the natural male enhancer.

Ruthie said...

lulz @ the Terry Symmetry!!
I've been palping a 27" rear wheel since April, does this mean I too am riding the trendwave? (or trendway)

Arvid Svensson said...

It's my son on #3, "the world´s youngest hipster"! He says Hi to everybody out there on a yellow bike!

Anonymous said...

Edelweiss, Edelweiss
Every morning you greet me
Small and white, clean and bright
You look happy to meet me

Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever

Edelweiss, Edelweiss
Bless my homeland forever

Anonymous said...

small and white, sold your soul

Anonymous said...

you look happy to blow me

Jarrett said...

the new lone wolf

Anonymous said...

anon 11:14, yes, but they are all gay bars.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rapha roller race

huffyusa said...

Slipstream is not allowed to have fun! I know this for a fact! Fucking funny post my friend! I 2nd the motion, yes garmin is not allowed to have fun! HHAAAAAAA! oh how I miss the good old days staring at my over cooked pasta!

bikesgonewild said...

...cavo !!!...bravo !!!...

bikesgonewild said...

...& real men (& women) ride roller races w/ front wheels on their machines so that they have to concentrate on both powering & bike handling...

...just sayin'...

­ said...

sufferist said...

I believe that Mr. Obree used the combination of fixed gear and aero bars quite successfully....

CommieCanuck said...

I'm sure many of you watched Le Tour this weekend.

Dunno about you guys, but Phil Ligget talking about Tom Boonen's chronic diarrhea hit a new low in sports broadcasting. I'm certain Phil had a woody about it the whole time, hence the reason why he's always sitting behind a desk when televised.

Also, I'm confused, in those Speshulized ads with Schleck talking about, "never wanting to go through that again with my body", ...was that referring to the blood bag IV at Fuentes' clinic?

sufferist said...

I missed Phil's potty talk, but then I did have a few other things going on over the weekend.

kale said...


The What de Where? It was America weekend down here...

displacedcalifornian said...

anon 6:31 - carbon fiber was invented in parma ohio in 1958 at union carbide by dr bacon (mmmmmm...bacon). there is no "more traditional" spelling just because it's european. that's like saying "computador" just because...

Anonymous said...

Parma AND bacon in one comment. Porky.

Wes said...

Where is that tortoise to lead me out?

B Miller said...

Those small front wheeled bikes were hot! I made some quick street bikes back in the day. Wacky. Look here:

Wes said...

100, but it feels so hollow.

Luck E. Seven said...

101st. Meh.


Anonymous said...

Re: 1) Locking your bike up high is the new thing. picture--I saw that at the Levee that night in W'Burg. The asshole that put it there accused me of hitting it for some reason.

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Ankur Kapil said...

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moratmarit said...

Wow..i like this.

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