Monday, October 1, 2007

Worst of NYC Craigslist Bike Ads #25, #26, and #27

I can't speak for the other cities which have gotten the Langster treatment, but when it comes to New York Specialized missed the mark like Michael Rasmussen missed his drug tests. Probably the biggest mistake is the taxicab color scheme. In NYC, bikes and taxicabs don't exactly have a harmonious relationship. In fact, cabs are to cyclists what cats are to mice, or deli slicers are to vegans, or Turks are to Cypriots. We're not exactly looking to pay good money to pay homage to them. Then there's the website copy: "Built for rallying city streets and lapping racers at the velodrome..." Uh, unless you're a derny pacer you're not going to be lapping anybody at the velodrome with flat bars.

The Specialized New York Langster appears to be designed by the same team responsible for the tchotchkes you find in Times Square gift shops. If they really wanted to market a true New York-style fixed-gear, they'd have gone straight to the wellspring of crap that is Craigslist for their inspiration. Here are a few fetid posts from which they could have learned something:

Fixed Gear track bike 50 cm Brass Knuckle TRADE OR SELL - $1200
[original URL:]

Reply to: [deleted]

Date: 2007-09-30, 12:51PM EDT

clink link for the bikes specs

looking for an older bike or rare bike etc price is negotiable but will swap out parts

Note the pricing on this one. Specialized is only charging a retail price of $740 for the New York Langster. While that kind of conservative pricing may fly in Duluth, here in NYC we like our prices inflated like a lipful of collagen. Apartments, cocktails, bikes--if it doesn't have an extra decimal place we figure it just ain't worth buying. Asking $1,200 with a straight face for a bike as ugly as this takes moxie. Note also that the seller is negotiable on price but will swap out parts. If I were buying, I'd actually pay more for any downgrade that would make this bike less disgusting.

50 CM IRO ANGUS Track Bike White / Gold - $750
[original URL:]

Reply to: [deleted]

Date: 2007-09-26, 5:44PM EDT

broke as shit, moving, and dont need 2 bikes.

so the angus is for sale. its white, which is dope looking and they dont make the color anymore. it was also a limited run of the frame which isnt drilled for a rear brake AND doesnt have those ugly ass little bottle holder holes.

deep V's laced with black spokes and black nipples with relativly new tires, i built this at the beginning of spring, but then built another bike shortly after which is my daily so this has very few miles, no dents and is clean.

here are some pics, but now it has drop bars and metal cages.

46 16 gearing, nitto stem, bla bla.

gimme a ring if you want it, or email [deleted]

Another New York lesson Specialized would have done well to learn--charge more for less. Yes, nothing is "doper" or gets the pulse pounding harder than a white bike--it looks slow just standing still. (And together with the gold rims, it looks like a rapper's mouth.) And yes, nothing is uglier than useful braze-ons (as Dave Moulton will tell you). This kind of studiously detached prose is exactly the kind of copy Specialized should have used for the New York Langster. The seller seems put-upon and exasperated despite the fact that he's trying to sell his bike and can't afford his rent, which makes you want to get to know him and give him money. Best of all is the inclusion of the cat in the photo, which proves that this bike is, quite literally, a pussy magnet.

Bianchi Pista Chrome Large frame Flip hub single speed - $500
[original URL:]

Reply to: [deleted]

Date: 2007-09-25, 4:32PM EDT

Perfect condition

Moving Back to San Francisco.

Kai [deleted]

Nothing's more New York than the person who decides to leave town and sell his Pista for just under full MSRP. It's as New York as bagels, pizza by the slice, and rat dander-induced asthma. If "Midnight Cowboy" were made today, Jon Voight would have tried to sell off his Pista on Craigslist just after he got tired of whoring himself and just before he got on the bus to Florida with Dustin Hoffman. If the Langster is ever going to reach Pista status, Specialized is going to have to get with the program. Notice Bianchi doesn't have to resort to cutesy city-themed Pistas--though if they did, I think this one should be the New York edition. With its taped frame, tilted saddle, and intact reflectors, it evokes the naive country boy who has been forced to confront the harsh realities of the big city. They could call it the "Joe Buck."


Anonymous said...

They sell tha NY langster over here in europe... with a yellow chain... it's ugly.

phil spigget said...

green jersey sprint points to Anon 12:45pm

Jim said...

Nothing tells a prospective buyer that the seller knows his stuff and can be trusted in his appraisal of the bike's condition and quality, than referring to headsets as "bla bla" and braze-ons as "ugly ass little water bottle holder holes."

But then my focus on bikes isn't on proper terminology, I prefer to just put my butt on the dumbass leather & foam butt holder platform-on-a-pipe thing and turn the stupid foot connector to the front chain gear thing levers.

ryank said...

I saw a NY Langster up at Papa Wheelies in Portsmouth, NH. The thing is ugly as shit.

Its look reminds me of a Pontiac Aztek.

The mentality behind it reminds me of a 40-year old who wears Fall Out Boy t-shirts so people half his age will think he's cool.

Damnit I almost vomited looking at the yellow chain.

bikesgonewild said...

..."hey, hey, god dammit, i'm ridin' here !"...signed...ratso rizzo...

Danimal said...

I'm gonna drop my "I'm a dumbass" calling card here, but, uh, could someone help me out with what is "chrome" about that pista?

The lugs?

I just...can't...see....

It needs a top tube pad so that the nuts can *comfortably* come to a rest on either side of the bar after that themepark ride of a seat.

Unregistered Coward said...

Can someone clue me into the tilted seat thing. How does one keep themselves perched correctly?

Or is this the primary reason for top-tube pads.

Chad said...

One of those NY Langsters has shown up here in Corvallis, OR along my daily walk from my office to get coffee (it's always locked up in front of another coffee shop that serves crap, but looks stylish).

I haven't noticed if there is a yellow chain as I have always averted my eyes from the ugliness.

Prolly said...

unregistered coward,

there are a few frames where a tilted seat is more comfortable, like 700cx650c pursuit frames. These frames also look "cool" - so kids take that looks "cool" and attempt to emulate it.

There are also a few examples of ever-so-slightly tilted seats that follow the line of drop stems and bars [nitto aa + b123s] - in this case, because you're so hunched over in a sprinter's position, your nuts will get smashed if the saddle isn't slightly turned down.

Again, some people just do it because it looks "cool"...

BTW, that's my friends Angus he's selling. Kinda funny, I snickered as well.

Anonymous said...


you might want to print up more of your calling cards, since bikesnob already answered your question. The chrome pista frame is either taped or wrapped with inner tubes.

theHAT said...

I just checked out the other city edition Langsters online. I kind of like the Seattle one. Will I go to Hell?

Anonymous said...

The Seattle Langster is a joke. Bad enough the rear fender soaks the poor schmuck behind you because the fender is too short, the front fender is so short you feet are going to get soaked.

More poser crap for the fixie masses. Nothing like wet chucks all day to promote foot rot.

Anonymous said...

this turned up in my in-box this morning. good for a quick laugh considering today's post by the snob.

Danimal said...

anon 2:32, 2:39.

you're like a sensei of bad attitude. Nice.

you don't know me
you don't know my reading comprehension skills my mom says I'm way ahead of my grade though

quaffimodo said...

Anyone who can fold rat dander and Joe Buck into one coherent thought is a certifiable literary genius in my opinion.

thehat said...

Anon 2:39,


Its Vans slip ons, checker board, to match 2 different top tube pads.
And who rides in the rain?

Anonymous said...

wonders never cease NYCL.

Fixed Gear track bike 50 cm Brass Knuckle

does this dunderhead mean "bare knuckle boxer"?

j said...

Isn't it Bareknuckle rather than "Brass Knuckle"?

Anonymous said...

ps- tomorrows post, BSNYC reviews his own fleet. then one by one, the commenters on this blog will all systematically be reviewed.

n8 said...

BrassKnuckle is the alum. version of the Bareknuckle

don't bother hatin' said... girlfriend rides fixed. I converted an old Schwinn for her so she could try it. She loves it. Time for a new bike, one that fits. What do we buy? Pista? No, not comfortable enough. Sputnik? No, not pretty enough. Well look, there's a Langster. She really likes green and the price isn't too bad, let's buy it. No wait! Have you heard of the 'City Editions'? Well she really likes the looks of the Seattle better than the dark green Langster. Guess what we bought. Yep, a Seattle. Did we buy if for the fenders or the coffee holder? No. We bought it because it is a solid bicycle with comfortable geometry and she really likes the way it looks. It won't get ridden in the rain, or in tight jeans or with slip on Vans, but it will get ridden. So what? So nothing, just sayin is all...

PS: check the link, it's been done already...

don't bother hatin' said...

sorry, bad link. I'll try to fix it...

don't bother hatin' said...

click on "PIX", then the 5th from the bottom of the page:

"Sean's famous taxi bike, 4/2003"

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the link. I think I saw your girl on the bike in a starbuck's ad.

Anonymous said...

the link is of a Taxi bike from 2003...

thehat said...

Dont bother,

Exactly! The Seatle looks like a nice fixed gear commuter to me, I wasnt intrested in the fenders and didnt even know it had a coffee cup holder!!

I figured I'd be damned by others as I instantly was for thinking it.

BikeSnobNYC said...

Don't Bother Hatin',

I was waiting for someone to link to that bike! I hope he at least got a royalty or something from Specialized.

I still think the taxi motif is in bad taste. I'm surprised Specialized didn't do a New Orleans bike with pontoons.


Steven said...

The guy selling the Angus says:

"here are some pics, but now it has drop bars and metal cages."

First, it has drop bars in the picture already.

Second, how did you get the metal cages on the bike without the "ugly ass little bottle holder holes?"

n8 said...


He might be calling the toe clips "cages" since it has plastic ones in the pics.

quaffimodo said...

Bikys pretty much have to be the next big thing, right?

leroy said...

Oh dear Lord, a yellow chain on the NYC Langster?

I'm a live-and-let-live, who-am-I-tojudge kinda guy, but even I have to say that's over the top.

I may have to tape over the Specialized logo on my road bike in shame.

Or would that be a two wrongs trying to make a right sort of thing?

Golly, questions, questions, questions....

Anonymous said...


Thank you, thank you for shitting on bike culture so creatively. Ever notice how messengers like to pretend that their job is so insanely difficult and dangerous? What's with that? Trying to glamorize an otherwise mundane existence I guess. Thoughts?

BikeSnobNYC said...

Anonymous 5:43pm,

My pleasure. Please see Item III from last Friday's post. That may answer your question.


Anonymous said...

i saw these when they came out... i don't agree with the NYC emulating a taxicab for the same reasons BSNYC already detailed. however, i love the looks of the london, seattle, and chicago. the chicago one looks funny because it has factory flop n' chops. however, going to the specialized website to find specs on that handlebar yields nothing (as in a blank field for handlebar specs). i know there are pre-fab bars out there, just laughed at the lack of manufacturer info on the specialized website.

i think the styling is cool. i own the 07 rust colored langster, and i love the distressed styling. i probably wouldn't have gotten into road biking at all if it had not been for the simplicity and low price of this bike. i have over 2000 miles on my langster as of march of this year, and it made cross training for mountain biking easier when i didn't have time to get to the trails after work.

Anonymous said...

edit on the 07 langster comment: i have over 2000 miles presently. i purchased the bike in march.

Anonymous said...

Man. I built up a brassknuckle with D/A cranks, NJS bars, and the shiniest chrome chain I could find, and then GAVE it away. You know, I've never thought twice about that decision. Chad from Corvallis- that taxi cab langster probably belongs to my former co-worker. She's pre med at osu, so I'm surprised she has time to see the light of day.

Anonymous said...

I saw a Seattle in person. The salesperson also that it was hideous. It is stupid, and that electra green looks to come from some crappy replica cruiser and will burn your retinas. I figure it would be OK to own a city -themed bike, if that city was not your own. It might also be OK if you were a rube or okie.

Philip Barrett said...

Here's my dilemma with the new fg I'm building:

The frame is black & the fork is like the exact same black, oh & the seat is too. Oh yeah, so are the tires.

Now all the rest of the parts & thingys are all made out of metal & they're like all metal colored, silver'ish.

Now, since I want to be a hip poster on the fixed gear gallery, like what color bar tape should I use?

Robosauce said...

@anonymous 8:00--

Fuck you. No self-respecting Okie would be caught dead riding a langster, and most of us are still wearing crocs and jncos

bikesgonewild said...

...joe buck sez...
:"uh, well, sir, i ain't a f'real 'hipster', but i am one helleva bike stud !"

bikesgonewild said...

...philip barrett...fergit the bar tape, sell yer new fix...
...admit it, you only want to post on fgg (like so many others)so that bikesnobnyc will then pick up on yer ride & post comments on this site...thereby creating a 'redundancy of redundancies'...
...if you ain't broke, don't fix it...

June said...

if you're talking about Duluth Mn yeah you're right, we're cheap, don't pay cover charges, don't like to pay for parking...

Anonymous said...

Dammit, three years ago I quit clipless pedals and went to clips & straps and Vans slip-ons and now THEY'RE forbidden? I can't keep up with all of the things that suddenly break the anti-hipster rules. I guess I'll try my dad's Marresis.

Axel Bridges said...

I like the New Orleans Langster with pontoons idea (of course the color would be black). What other offensive city/regional edition Langsters can we dream up?

For starters, in the vein of Anonymous 8:00pm's comment Specialized should team up with Xtracycle and produce an "Okie" edition Langster.

mander said...

The Joe Buck Bike... that was brilliant.

Anonymous said...


Sorry 'bout that Okie comment, mate. I had recently saw a clip from THE GRAPES OF WRATH. Don't forget that in the story the Okies are the good folks.

Anonoymous @ 8:00pm

Anonymous said...

The fucking Langster, it is much derided here in the UK as much as anywhere else (the 'Lonodon' version has equally inappropriate markings) but . . .

. . . It just a another bicycle made by another fucking boring bicycle company no more 'corporate whore' than the the one making your cool white sprocket clamp' on your BMX/road bike/ipod.

You may be horrified by it but these kinds of feverish bonfires always remind me of the muslims burning Christian literature, the Christian Protestants burning Catholic literature or the Catholics decrying Islam.

As keenly as the various supernatural thinkers will queue up to clap at the burning fire of the religions that challenge their own sluggish cognition and bronze age supernatural thinking - we will see the tented trousered male cycling populace go into a feeding frenzy of:

"yeh LOL ! Bike Snob NYC, you are the rightness ! they look like absolute shit !!! LOL !!!"

"my friend got one and I am be kill him LOL !"

"Shit they are the worse I ever seez! LOL !"

"I wholemost vamitted whens I seez it !!!!"

It just a fucking bike made by a known company, it would be great for my brother who cares nothing for cycling - in a world of ocular cancer and little kids dying from a lack of clean water maybe we should be concentrating our efforts against lyrca or something ?

Anonymous said...

perhaps a minneapolis bike with a certain highway bridge etched along the top tube

or a berlin bike with swastikas, yeah..

Anonymous said...

also 12:02 needs an upgrade on his/her sense of humor

Anonymous said...

'12:10' You are probably right, I suppose I am just a little jaded as seeing anything new get sucked into the cynical whirlpool of popular righteousness.

Maybe I need to sleep and have a shit.

Apologies for any offense children.

Anonymous said...

Whether it's the Vikings, the Gophers or the bridges, we in Minnesota are used to epic collapses, so the Minneapolis would have to be a folder.

Anonymous said...

LOL ! cool dude !

Those 13 dead cunts have been owned by you !



The langster is so uncool ! LOL !!!!

Great !

This website is so cool !!!


LOL !!!

Anonymous said...

The Chicago Langster has factory flop-chop? LMAO

Imagine the e-mail convo between the office and their taiwanese supplier:

"Wait, so you want us to cut off the drop bars and install them upside down? Why don't we put bullhorns instead?"

"Just do it."

meh-wee-uhn said...

That orange fork? Originally came on a ott7 Trek 1000.
The story behind the orange fork? Broken orange Trek 1000 comes in for warranty. Trek sends who new frameset and shop rat now has fork.
What better thing to do than to build an entire bike around a hi-liter orange fork.
Rat finds frame in dumpster, trades local paint shop an eighth for the almond paint job.
The rest of the bike just screams "Bike Swap Bargain"!

My fixie doesn't have those annoying bottle bosses although I think it's more annoying to have to carry water in my pockets on a 2.5 hour ride.
(It's a track racing bike. I know, you don't race on the track with bottles, blah, blah, blah. I'm still thirsty.)

p. squiddy said...

Speaking of derny, does the New York Pista also come with a suction cup backed roller that you can stick onto the bumper of a matching taxi?

jg said...


You know what you're talking about, so I'm reluctant to argue, but if a person has to tilt their saddle down then the position is simply not right for them.

Take a look at Theo Bos's bike:

That's about as big a drop from saddle to bars as you'll see, but notice his saddle is still level, because he's tall, has long arms, and (most importantly) is flexible enough that he can ride in that position.

Of course, everyone is free to do whatever they want, but given that - if a person has to tilt their saddle down, they should probably just raise their bars, and then work on loosening up those hamstrings.

Philip Williamson said...

My friend and I spent all day Sunday riding around Portland on our c. 1988 Rockhoppers we bought used in 1990 for about nothin' and gradually evolved up into burly road tools with drop bars and slicks.

Every time we came upon more than two hipsters posing with their fixies and fair-trade mocchaccinos, we'd spin up to ramming speed from about half a block away and then start screaming "AGH! NO BRAKES!!" while rocketing straight at them.
At the last second we'd slam on the brakes and skid to a stop sideways right up against their bikes and say sheepishly "oh... my bad" and ride away, all LOL ROTFLMAO.

My friend would let go the bars and cover his head in mock terror right before his coaster brake powerslide.

Miriam said...

Ok ok, I admit, I like the Seattle Langster...mostly I just like the coffee cup holder though.

Derisory Velo said...

I can't really even imagine the type of person who would buy one of the city edition langsters? I wonder what they would be like...

bikesgonewild said...

...ha, ha, ha, philip williamson, you & yer pal are so funny & clever..., i bet, ha, ha, that when yer friend lets go of the bars at the last minute & covers his head, jeez, did i mention you guys are FUNNY ???, well, i'll bet what you mean is he's got his head up his ass, right ??? ha, ha, just like you...ha, ha, WOW, WHAT COOL GUYS YOU ARE !

...and you ride away w/ a sheepish, " bad", not just funny but so clever too...

...gosh, i hope you can share that trick w/ me some day, when i'm on my single...ho, ho, ho, phil, baby, i got a funny one i'll be glad ta show ya...see, we used ta do this thing w/ a metal tipped 'silca' pump, when a dog intimidated'll love it...

Anonymous said...

Anon 1202, 1218, 1228 10/2

Is this your take on Godwin's Law?

CBB from Perth

Sean Lynch said...

Phillip Williamson...

When I was reading your post, why did I picture Sponge Bob and Patrick in the role of you and your friend?

I guess I'll have to cut back on how much I let the kids watch TV. It seems to be affecting me. said...

Man you guys just crack me up! Your blog is cool, but the comments are too funny. Riding here in NOLA,road and fixed. The pontoon bike post made me spew coffee all over the table, the black model would be appropriate too.

Sean Lynch said...

I checked out the Chicago Langster at a big bike chain near work yesterday.

It has 'Gangsta' graphics and the 'L' is changed to a 'G'.

Me and my homies were hangin' at Chicago and Long waiting for one to pass going down the hill there. No such luck. Must all be in Wicker Park. Maybe the patch.

That's pretty offensive.

Shouldn't the NOLAngster be coffee colored?

Anonymous said...

How about a Kentucky retsgnaL? <-- The fork and bars are backwards, but you can ride it with your sister...

hyuck, hyuck!!

History Snob NYC said...

Great post as always, but it may be time to hire a research assistant to help you fact check some of your more off the cuff, sarcastic, quips. As a History/Geo Political Snob NYC, I thought I'd point out that Turks and Cypriots do not represent the simple metaphorical device you were looking for. The island of Cyprus is partitioned in two with a Greek Cypriot side and a Turkish Cypriot side. So if a Turk found himself on the Turkish side of the island he might feel very much in his element and not feel like a Vegan at a deli slicer. Please, we need you, but keep your journalistic integrity and don't comitt the writing equivalent of riding with a top tube pad.

Jim said...

Maybe I need to sleep and have a shit.

Anon 12:18 - great tactics. You might want to do those in the opposite order. Just a thought.

BikeSnobNYC said...


Thanks for the clarification. This blog is crawling with factual and grammatical errors. I'm the first to admit I go for the convenient reference with only cursory regard to accuracy. Thank you for keeping me honest.


Seattle Langster said...

derisory velo,
nice to meet you. no fenders or coffee cup holder here, as i am in sunny, hot florida. my green frame, rims, and hubs excite my owner so much she is practically in love with me. she also gave me a nice bottom bracket, crankset, and pedals so i can live longer. even though bsnyc frowns upon immediate upgrades, i am not sad to have nicer parts on me.

seattle langster

Philip Williamson said...


I was lying. I don't have any friends.

"and as long as this Bob is Sponge!"

Nick said...

Compared to those up-their-own arses examples of second-hand track bikes you've done a good job of selling the Langster New York.

Anonymous said...

That brass knuckle bike has some good stuff, such as a nice Brooks saddle and a frame that's nicely uncluttered with no manufacturer's names etc., and the beige works for me, with brown saddle + black components, so it could be made to look really nice, I think, by:

- Using a black rim on the rear too.
- Replacing the bar tape with Brooks leather tape (honey/antique)
- Using black tires or black with dark brown sidewalls such as conti grand prix'
- Use the original fork (beige)

It would have a bit of a retro look to it that way too...


Illduce said...

Dear Seattle Langster,
You're hideous and highly inappropriate. Your cute coffee cup holder is just another excuse to ride like an idiot in the same manner that you garagemate, the Hummer H2 is driven.
Personally I think Spcialized should have named you the Tweemo or better yet,
The Jason Schwartzman as your style lends itself only to a boring navel-gazing Wes Anderson film.

If I see you on the streets, I'll eat you bones.

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Flametop59 said...

I ride a 2007 Langster (the rust colored one). I was looking for a full road bike but I bought it because I thought simple was the way to go. It is a nice bike and I have put about 2600 miles on it since I got in May.

Not riding Fixie though since that is for people way cooler than I.

Specialized dropped the Langster Comp and now the S-Works Langster is only available as a frame.

CoalesceKid said...

Im glad I bought a NY langster to tell you the the least the stupid fucking cagers might have a shot at seeing me, then again...that might make them WANT to hit me...

Anonymous said...

I'm just curious....what IS ok with you? Anything? I can only wonder what it's like to get up everyday and be bothered by everything that surrounds me. You're going to have really high blood pressure as you get older if you don't take it easy and stop being so deeply pissed off and dismayed by the rest of the world. Not everyone is as perfect as you are...

Anonymous said...

I just bought the Langster Seattle. I have a Giant OCR1 and a Stumpjumper FSR but have always wanted a fixed gear 'geek' bike to tool around on. This bike fits the bill, and it's a blast to ride. Easily climbed our Ozark hills.

I added a rear rack and an insulated carrier. A six-pack of Newcastle fits perfectly. Next I'm getting a chrome headlamp.

Anonymous said...

I just go the "London edition". I was weary of it's looks till I saw it in person. What a fabulous bike that does everything well. It's the best looking of the bunch in my opinion and a blast to ride.

Anonymous said...

red lantern

Anonymous said...

It's cray how much hate over a bike is on this page- I can understand the frustration over the taxi skeme in reference to the actual messengers - but if you don't like the damn bike then "fk" it - don't look at it, don't buy it, for crying out loud. It's funny to read all of the bandwagon comments as well - i mean how many bikes are there out on the street..? Yes, I can and do respect the "authentic" culture around fixed bikes and such - but the luvly thing about NYC is that people do as they wish without giving a F-K what the rest of the world thinks - some folks are seriously into their bikes more than what!! I mean you can take any mainstream corporate group and they all thrive off of what goes on in urban culture - thats capitalism for you! I personally think the bike looks coo l- yellow chain is a bit much - and the decals could be gone - but it is a sleek looking bike -
I mean there is nothing cooler than checking out someone's fixed baby, with their own magic to make it pop -the Langster is a factory made bike to sell - thats all - no disrespect to anyone on this blog, I'm just a lover of bikes - PERIOD. Don't really give a F-K about credibility from the bike world, cuz where I come from your shit can get snatched up before you can adjust your cute messenger i just appreciate all bikes - ugly, cool, whatever...and not everyone can have a retro bike with expensive ass parts on them!!! so if you don't like the Langster then why did you even bother to post? Original NYC rider - minus the fame!

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