Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Fixedgeargallery...of free association.

I'm not all bad. While sometimes I like to check in with fixedgeargallery deliberately to annoy myself, other times I just like to flip through it and let my mind roam free. Oftentimes a bicycle will conjure an image in my mind. It's quite soothing, really. I recommend you try some fixedgear free association yourself if you're feeling on edge. Here are some to get you started:


Anonymous said...

I think I'll ride my bike today, better bring this block of wood with me in case I need to stand my bike up for pictures

Art said...

Oh, come on now. The bike with the wheel covers is probably one of the few on that site that's actually seen the inside of a velodrome. At least I hope he's not riding those Hoshi death spokes out on the road.

BikeSnobNYC said...


I have no issues with that bike. (Did I just say that?) It's a track bike used for track racing. If pressed I'd point out it seems to have what appear to be mountain bike pedals, but whatever. This is just free association, and I thought two things: condoms and galoshes. (Condoms won.)

I do admit though that for one brief moment I thought that someone was riding around with wheel covers to make a fashion statement. Alas, I realized quickly that was not the case, but a small part of me hopes that somewhere out there somebody is doing just that. In the meantime I will listen for the sound of a tarp flapping in the breeze...


Nathan said...

Trackies like to pick on the roadies that habitually hold the imaginary brake hoods. In the velodrome, you either ride on the tops or in the drops.

So with bike #1, to see bars wrapped ONLY in the imaginary brake region is just ... wrong.

Bike #3 is cool for the unique factor. The extra pic made me chuckle, though.

Anonymous said...

do people really use the wheel covers when the wheels are on the bike? can't really whip em off when you're ready to race, can you?

jburtonrider said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vanesserarafat said...

The gear ratio on #3 boggles my mind, it's practically 1:1; it's as if it stands still unless ridden vertically.

mander said...

That's a radball (which is German for cycleball) bike, vanesserarafat. It's a sport played indoors in Europe and Asia but almost unheard of over here, outside of bike nerd circles. Check it out on wikipedia and youtube, it looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

"Fixed gears have only one place in cycling: a velodrome."

Isn't that kind of like saying that you can only ride your mountain bike on the mountain, or wear your baseball cap only on the diamond, or wear your running shoes only when you are running? Of course the list could go on and on, but I digress. Ride what you want, take pictures of what you want, just don't get upset when someone else doesn't like it.

It is my opinion that commuting/riding on a fixed gear is not sad, it is extremely fun. What's sad is, well, just read the BSNYC blog. That should help you realize what is truly sad...

Anonymous said...

jburtonrider, that's a pretty pathetic bikesnob knock-off you have on your site. Unlike our author, you are a very, very poor writer.

vanesserarafat said...


I will totally do that, it's tight to learn something new.

By the by, this site gives me so much pleasure, a guy that works in the biology department at my school told me about it. I may get a crap grade on my maths final by procrastinating here, but it's totally worth it!

What I Think said...

Bike #3 is also used for artistic cycling, which does seem like a circus act, but is also very impressive, especially when you consider that riding a backwards circle is a big deal to most fixie riders. Take a look at Lots of others there.

Red Gundam said...

I like the grasshopper bike. It makes me happy. It almost heals my burned retinas from the Bratz bike.

len said...

can't agree more with anonymous who said saying riding fixed gears is only for the velodrome is like saying...

while they definately aren't for everyone and riding fixed on the street should be approached with respect, it is sweet.

and riding them on the street is a great way to get a smooth and high cadence.

but what do i know, i'm just one of those dorks with 3 bikes all of which are limited to 1 gear.

keep up the good work snob. we cyclist take ourselves way too seriously.

Niki said...

Bike #5 is owned by Andy from Australia who's a pretty hardcore track racer.

Niki said...

I thought fixed-gear bikes were for:

Artistic cycling
Flatland BMX
Bicycle Polo
Vintage bikes (penny-farthings, early safety bikes)

and finally:

Track racing.

Philip Williamson said...

I let the Polka Padre goodness wash over me for about three minutes while I ate my vanilla ice cream with "sauce de cassis"*.

Just starin' and savorin'.

It's pretty rare when something becomes hilarious just through the power of time.

*currants, I think.

Ronald said...

Yeah-Andy was also highly amused to hear that one of his had made bikesnob-you got FAR too much time on your hands bikesnob-that bike's from 2003-I wouldnt have the patience to go back and find it if I wanted to amongst all the chaff!Glad you do though-this is now one of my favourite sites!

Ronald said...

sorry bikesnob-didn't realise the dreaded Annie had dredged Andy's "Colnago"out from the murky deep

Aaron said...

Thanks bikesnob, now I know about Kaspar Hauser.

Big Mike in Oz said...

len - I'm almost with your there. I've got 4 in the stable - 3 are single speed and 2 of them are fixed. All 4 are red. I'd race a fixed on the road but the commissaires don't like fixies in criteriums.

anon #1 - that type of wheel cover unhooks and peels off around the wheel so you don't need to remove the wheel to uncover it (have a close look at the bottom of the front wheel, those white bits of elastic have hooks onto the spokes).

BikeSnobNYC said...


Glad you got that. I'm a huge Werner Herzog fan.


Stuggy said...

BSNYC is ON FIRE today!

The condom bike had me totally laughing out loud. My co-workers don't even bother to ask for an explanantion for manical outbursts when I say it's BSNYC.

And, at least the Bratz bike has a brake...

gwadzilla said...


I love it!

Rhiannon said...

oh noo! I am the proud owner of the bratz bike! My friends found it on here and I doubt they'll ever let me live this down. Thanks for the laugh though! bratz rule!

bikesgonewild said...

#1...The Polka Padre...?!?!

Other than that seat angle, kinda like the look of the fix. Tweedy w/ a hint of meerschaum. Aftertaste of apple & prunes. Street savory.

BikeSnobNYC said...


Thanks for commenting. There's nothing to live down--your bike is exuberant and I think that's a good thing. The second thing I thought of (after Bratz) was that the owner looks like someone who's having a good time. I hope you're enjoying it.


Anonymous said...

"...but almost unheard of over here, outside of bike nerd circles."

Unheard of?

hmmm...that can only mean one thing: It'll be the next big thing for the hipster portion of the cycling world to snatch up, suck dry (like locusts) and then leave on the side of the road...a desolate and hollow shell. (After the NJS thing blows over, is what I'm saying.)

- Stu

chris said...

Bike #3 belongs to Ines here in NYC, she showed us some of her tricks at the block party during the last Bicycle Film Festival. She also won the backwards circle contest by sitting on the bars, pushing the seat, and facing forward. Amazing stuff to see.

verlaine said...

The strange enigma of Kaspar Hauser appearing in Bikesnob! Next to Aguirre and Nosferatu, Kaspar Hauser is my favorite Herzog film.

The actor, Bruno S., is still alive and plays music and has gallery shows of his paintings in Germany.

Kaspar is dead. Long live Kaspar!

verlaine said...

The newest Herzog, Rescue Dawn, is pretty good, except for it's feel-good Hollywood ending. It's no Aguirre the Wrath of God but it's worth seeing.

verlaine said...

The newest Herzog, Rescue Dawn, is pretty good, except for it's feel-good Hollywood ending. It's no Aguirre the Wrath of God but it's worth seeing.

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Marielle said...

Good call on #3. I don't know where you found the befuddled guy, but he's perfect.


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