Thursday, July 26, 2007

BSNYC Absentee Reader-Share of the Day #3

(Okay, this one's just funny.)


Fraser said...

A work of art? It looks like someones throwing up into my eyes.

prcrstn8 said...

Q: this bike looks like some queer built it and the chick looks like a stripper........
A: You are exactly right!!

Actually the bike looks like a stripper too.

filtersweep said...

All of the ebay bikes by that particular seller were comedy gold-- gotta love a name like emohollywood.

Pete said...

Has anyone ever actually bought one of Chairman Zoe's... er... 'creations'?

As far as I can tell, they seem highly interested in being the first to build a bike with neon undercarriage lights.

skeet stops said...

lord have mercy

Anonymous said...

i jerked off to this photo...not the girl the bike

Anonymous said...

If only he'd found an attractive girl...

Art said...

"The man who polished the forks, lugs, and stays commented that the alloy was quite easy to work with and was not as hard as others he has dealt with. So all that nonsense about aluminum frames giving a harsh ride is even more nonsensical in regard to this frame!"


danimal said...

Her expression in every photo is one like she left a surprise for you....say a turd in the seat tube.

Anonymous said...

I'd hit it.

With a stick.

ballsackbrains said...

Haha bidding ended,

for $3k does it come with the stripper?


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Aside from the cheesy attempt at softcore amateur porn... no, it still sucks.

Don't get me wrong, I love Guerciotti bikes, but that thing was made by Alan and they were the noodliest aluminum frames and forks around. No wait, some of the Vitus frames were noodlier.

Ah yes, "vintage" aluminum frames- the gift that keeps on giving.

Anonymous said...

How many Jagermeisters do you have to consume to actually do this to a pretty nice vintage bike? Then, how many more to actually think you could get $3000 for this garish trick-or-treat pile of vomit?

taz said...

Please, Bike Snob, for the love of all that's good and decent in the world, please remove that picture.

- taz

big jonny said...

Three large? For what? A ~ $500 frame and a bunch of used parts? You'd be lucky to get a grand for something like that.

And why does the seat point down while the bars point up? Oh, must be the "custom" build by that three-armed retard in Florida. Whoever the poor bastard is who buys that overpriced rolling joke is, he (or she) had better check every bolt or pay some who knows what they're doing to.

I wouldn't trust that "build" as far as I could throw that big old broad shouldered freak chick.

And that isn't very far.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure, if you were to see her in person, she'd be moderately attractive. Not a cover model, but not without a certain charm...

She's not worth $3k though - maybe half that.

And don't even get me started on the yeti in the tank top. Nasty.

blasdelf said...

This crazy lady has been all over ebay in the last few months!

Anonymous said...

the ad said never ridden... does that mean the bike or the broad? neither would surprise me

The Los said...

big jonny-

"With your bad knee, Ed, you shouldn't be throwing anybody."


Anonymous said...

in communist Russia, bike ride you!

Stuggy said...

Oh, gawd, I so have to agree with Tim Jackson. Who in God's name would waste time and money on a "vintage" 80's aluminum frame? Aluminium from that era was crap. It wasn't until Klein started making oversized tubes (and then Canondale um, appropriated, the idea) that aluminum became viable. Some bikes are just meant to die a quiet and unobtrusive death...

Anonymous said...

That chick is a MAN!!!

Anonymous said...


Dr. Logan said...

"The red Easton EC-90 Carbon-Fiber handlebar was chosen primarily for it's lovely color. It is wrapped up to the brake-levers in red vinyl tape underneath the Clear Cinelli Jelly-ribbon, so it is very well protected. I chose the clear-jelly (which had to be shipped from the UK) because it makes me think of the mid 80's when those funky translucent-jelly sandals, bracelets, and handbags were temporarily ubiquitous."

Who doesn't import bar-tape because it looks like jelly sandals? That's perfectly normal.

Anonymous said...

sorry to say, but i got wood for this.....the girl....or was it the bike....both sooooo hot, i cant make up my mind......awww man im soo gonna stalk her on facebook.....aka vreepygirlwithcreppybike

Anonymous said...

I want to make romantic explosion on her and her bike! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

If you're bored, you should go look at the poster's purchasing history for a preview of what works of art might be next.

Mr No Blogger said...

her "drifty eye" does it for me... and those shorts... ok and her jugs... sorry, what bike?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what had more dimples in them, the tyres or her thighs.

craigslistbikesvancouver said...

I think she's hot!

big jonny said...

From the ad --> "...please check out our other auctions, and add us to you 'favorite sellers' as we are building new and old custom bikes all the time. If you don't like any of our creations, just wait, we'll be up to something totally different every few weeks!"

I keep checking that sellers "other items" as I cannot wait to see what piece of shit they shovel in front of a camera next time.

Anonymous said...

viagra wouldnt even work after seeing that hog-on-bike

Anonymous said...

Does she come with the bike?

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Anonymous said...

crazy idea i know but how do u think credit cruch affected porn?


Erik Balay said...

nothing wrong with a beautiful woman on a bike. Ever.

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Rebecca said...

I wanna see one of these half naked bitches go hit the hills take a before and after picture. Then listen to her bitch about her angry "Girl Parts"! Hey go sit on a Harley if you wanna be naked and trashy, you're making us girl riders look bad!

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