Thursday, January 2, 2020

New Radio Show!

Owing to cascading back-to-school schedules I make my return to typing words into the internet incrementally, and to that end here's a short post alerting you to the fact that I was on the radio Monday and now you can listen to it:

It's gonna be a looong decade...


dop said...

First scranus of the roaring twenties

HDEB said...

May lots of fun rides, good times and witty writing be in BSNYC's future : )

Anonymous said...

Just don't get shot in the parking lot like our friend Eric there.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you will get to interview cyclist and loves to take his mom to Wegmans Alec Baldwin in 2020?

Chris Harne said...

Trike Life, Chris Harne.

Brother, I gotta tell you. That bike is extremely gangster."

Homeless guys in Clark Park love my trike. I was chilling out on the trike and watching Evan juggle. The usual gang was hanging out by the statue drinking morning beers. I've been cruising around on the trike, and I found Evan at the coffee shop a couple hours ago.

Life is complete now. Ever since I got the trike, everything is calm and perfect. I ride around wearing my party socks and any other colorful garments I choose to don. As I went through the intersection at 46th and Spruce, I got a great response to this. Explosive laughter from an open car window. That's what I'm talking about.

I've gotten many compliments on the trike. Trikes are silly and they have a lot of potential. Cargo capacity; ground effects. I have ideas on how to improve my ride. I want a stereo. I want a dubstep-blasting trike.

I convinced Kristin to come over. We didn't venture far. I took a ten-minute break to pick up Chinese food. I took the trike.

Trike life is good.
. have you hugged your
Trike today?
Chris Harne
Kennett Square Pa

Anonymous said...

"Free speech radio"? Doubtful, unless they refrain from tarring and feathering those with conservative views.

Pist Off said...

Anon 11:19- Oh yes, talk radio is well known for only tolerating liberal views. By the way, WTF are you smoking?

Unknown said...

Sadly, I can see some of the same; specious, redundant morons, who call your wonderful show; are likewise, quite disinhibited in posting on your Blog, Eben. Big fan, keep up the good work...!! Same old conservative delusions.