Monday, December 16, 2019

Swab Out The Wax, Plug In Those Earbuds, And Tune In To The Bike Snob Show!

Do you sometimes read this blog and think to yourself, "If only I could enjoy these same piercing insights, only via someone with an annoying voice as opposed to the printed word."  Well, your dream has come true, because I was on the radio this morning and you can listen to today's show right here:

It's all about how I'm a giant asshole who drove to the new Wegmans in The Car That The Bank Owns Until I Finish Paying Them Back (almost paid off, by the way!) so you won't want to miss it, if only because someone calls me and excoriates me for doing so.  (I honestly hoped there would be more of that, to be honest.  Because that's good radio.)

What I didn't explain on the show was that I actually made money by driving to the Wegmans--and not just because I can now write off those groceries as a business expense.  Rest assured I'll explain how in a future post.

But hey, at least I didn't drive to show.  Instead I took a bracing 40-ish mile round trip on my Midlife Crisis Fixie:

(40 fixie miles is like 100 regular miles.)

Please note that I did not take this picture today.  Today was grey and cold with snow flurries, and the streets were so heavily salted I'm still coughing up white clouds.  Unfortunately I only managed one photo before my phone died, and it was of wrestler Matt Travis's ghost bike at the foot of the Willis Ave. bridge:

Note the car service driver loitering in the bike lane in the background:

Paying his respects, no doubt.


Anonymous said...

I like how you post more often lately...

P. Bateman said...

i thought the radio station had shut down (no doubt due to your MidASS touch)?

while some may not like the sound of your voice, i find it to be much like sitting on a saddle-less bicycle...its painful but once everything is good and numb you barely notice.

there a show next week?

if so, everyone please be sure to call in your best holiday and bicycle themed prank calls.

p.s. - you should get a major award for riding that thing 40 miles.

theEel said...


Mitchell Paul said...

Are you related to the girl named Weiss in the Rocky Horror movie?

Some guy from upstate said...

Two ways to make a Buffalonian cry:

1. Quietly whisper "wide right".
2. If they currently live in an inexplicably Wegman's-free zone like the state capital region, where there are Wegman's to the north, south, east, and west, but not anywhere remotely local, yammer on about how you went to Wegman's.


Beck the biker said...

Triggered! Until you mentioned you were ferrying around Mom when you went to the Wegman's. Driving Mom around excuses a lot of ancillary motoring. Most of the parkways are probably decidely un-bike friendly, but i rode the Ocean Parkway from Coney Island up to around Flatbush because it was a lot faster than the service road. Zippy. A traffic-light, unencumbered foray around NYC by automobile has got to be enchantingly magical. I enjoyed driving to visit friends in Bed-Stuy the only time i've ever driven in the city. I found the drivers -while i was in my car - very attentive in bumper to bumper mid-day gridlock. They knew within inches where the corners of there cars were and it kept traffic flowing. By bike- on which i experienced more linear miles and hours of traffic - the motorists were either inattentive, uncaring, or actively pissed off. Honks of love.

HDEB said...

Recently I've done lots of chauffeuring my wheelchair bound Mom around in the freedom machine. This past weekend we drove to the Met, original Patsy's and a leisurely pleasure drive down Fifth Avenue. I've hardly touched a bicycle since getting badly injured in September : (

huskerdont said...

Similarly, the girl's mother uses a wheel chair, so we drove to a Folger's Consort (DC) thing last Friday when it was raining. I really enjoyed not getting rained on, but it's just not worth the traffic headaches to do on any sort of regular basis. Yesterday morning in the wintry mix was actually quite enjoyable on a biek.

But I don't think most Americans will ever get it. Last week after some dental surgery, all the dentistry folk where appalled I was going to ride my biek home. How did we get so damned soft?