Tuesday, September 10, 2019

New Outside Column, Jones Giveaway Update, And More!

If you haven't heard, here in New York City our goofball mayor suggested he'd consider a law forcing Citi Bike riders to wear helmets for some reason, so my latest Outside column is about why this is completely stupid:

In fact, I was so annoyed that I dedicated my radio show yesterday to the same subject, and you can listen here.

My guest was Charles Komanoff, who's like really smart.  Also, he's in his "80th decade," he had just ridden the NYC Century the day before, and he rode me off his wheel through downtown Brooklyn after the show.

Of course, what you're really here for is to find out what's going on with my Jones SWB giveaway, which you've still got time to enter.  So far I've received numerous applications, and I must say I wish I could give each and every one of you a bike.  (Well, okay, not all of you, some of you clearly don't deserve a free bike.)  Alas, I've only got one to give, and choosing a winner will easily be the hardest decision I've had to make since choosing my breakfast this morning.  (Froot Loops with avocado slices in case you're wondering.)  Anyway, I'll keep you posted.

I'll also say that I took a look at the SWB yesterday and two things happened:

1) I got a shot of "gifters' remorse" because it hit me that I really am going to miss that bike;
B) I noticed the chain is in seriously bad shape, which means I may have to replace it--or, more likely, give it to you as is and let you deal with it.

Still, despite number 1, there's no way around the fact I've gotta make room.  In fact, assuming we don't miss each other somehow, today a well-known private package delivery service should be arriving at my door with a new test bike from a new bike company in London called Tresca:

I'm looking forward to trying it as I'm a fan of aluminum race bikes.  In fact, when I was looking for a new park racing bike I figured that's the way I was going to go, but then a nice plastic bike with Dura Ace practically fell into my lap and how could I say no?  Now not only will I get to ride the plastic bike and the aluminum bike back-to-back, but I'll also have one road bike in every flavor (steel, titanium, carbon, and aluminum)--though to be honest I'm sort of worried about that because once that happens you've officially attained a state of uber-Fredness from which there is no return.

Anyway I'll let you know how I like it.


Serial Retrogrouch said...

...Do you want your Tan Tenove back to complete your fredness?

Some guy from upstate said...

Well, you no longer have a bike in the wood flavorway (the most favored flavorway of beavers) so that may stave off the terminal fred-dom (although it may be too late).

I looked at the Tresca web site, but I couldn't find out if the name comes from the well known Tresca yield criterion (aka maximum shear stress or maximum principal stress difference). I'm going to just assume that it does because it lends the much-sought-after engineer cred.

Still waffling on the Jones give-away thing. Not what I would normally look for but it's always good to try to expand one's horizons. I need to check if the tires will fit a bus rack.

HDEB said...

I'm very glad to have been wearing a helmet this past Sunday night! Two days later, I'm hurting bad and can barely walk to the bathroom. I strongly believe if I wasn't wearing a helmet that I would've been severely injured and the damage to my helmet and head corroborates that belief. I was on a leisurely ride southbound on the fully separate Manhattan west-side bike path at Murray Street. A Cat-6er was passing using the inside corner of the wrong direction side bike lane and we painfully collided. While it's true that my experience is anecdotal, unusual and unlucky, it is a powerful experience that strengthens my belief in the potential of a helmet to greatly reduce injury. Having said that, IMHO what you put on/in your body should almost always be your choice. I'm hurt : ( Ride considerately!

Anonymous said...

Calfee Design claims to offer bamboo road bikes. So, no, curbhopper, you’ve not yet “officially attained a state of uber-Fredness from which there is no return.”

Grammar Nazi said...

HDEB was too badly injured to utilize a close parenthesis.

I hope you heal with dispatch.

Some guy from across the pond (Tomas@Tresca Bikes) said...

Thanks Eben for agreeing to test our first product and we look forward to your feedback!

@Some guy from upstate: You're absolutely right. We used the last name of Henri Tresca for that engineering cred you mentioned, and we also used those types of failure criteria when designing the TCA-1.

huskerdont said...

So the mayor wants to kill bikeshare and reduce cycling overall, or at least is "considering" it. Has AAA given him a large contribution recently?

Now that it's fricking dark in the mornings when I head out, I'm wearing a helmet again so I can use the helmet light. It feels weird. And sweaty. Mostly sweaty. I suppose I'll get used to it, or the weather will cool.

Man I had to verify bicycles in pictures four times on that one.

Pist Off said...

HDEB heal up fast! That sucks. I can picture the accident. Some people are real assholes. Helmets are the last defense; having destroyed one in the past, I like every bit of possible help.

leroy said...

Is the Jones give-away only open to humans?

Asking for a friend.

A friend who won't shut up asking if I've asked yet.

Anonymous said...

Your wonderful Mayor deBlahblahblah is an utter and complete maroon. Witness his performance when he appeared in Florida with the rest of the Dim clown car posse, and in an attempt to pander to the Hispanic demographic, uttered these words: "Hasta la Victoria, siempre."

Smooth move, ExLax. The catchphrase of poster model and mass-murderer, Ernesto "Che" Guevera. Whom, history documents, murdered innocent Cuban men, women and children whose survivors were in that very audience.

Emoji Nazi said...

It was the mouth of the frownie face.

Anonymous said...

My kitteh Mister Grouchypants* wonders if he would have to wear a helment too.


*Two pair just in case.

Rinodoc said...

The last line of your Outside article says it all. Cheers!

JLRB said...


Anonymous said...

How are you feeling today?

>>"Cat-6er was passing using the inside corner of the wrong direction side bike lane and we painfully collided."<<

Can you give us a more detailed description if you don't mind. Was it a head-on collision- velocity A+B =0? I've witnessed one on the GWB and the sound is not something I'll forget. The path is pretty wide and straight'ish down by the WTC. Was he not looking? In the dark? Lights? It's not crowded on Sunday evenings, who does that at corners?

Police report? See a doctor? How was he? Contact info for damages? Bike?

I'm a big fan of bike bells on ALL my bikes. I have 2 bells on my "City" bike for CP and bike/bridge paths. Not that it would've helped much here. I hope your recovery is uncomplicated.

SoonerNate said...

Yes, but then there’s magnesium bikes now so keep pedaling, Fred.

bad boy of the south said...

Mend quickly.
We don't want you miss those bathroom breaks.

Anonymous said...

Just so we can all know Snobby - do you just get a free Fresca bike in exchange for this advertorial or are some fat checks (or bank transfers from the UK) included as well?
Since the thing's made out of the same stuff they make Fresca cans with - does it come filled with Fresca? Is there a special straw port for drinking?