Monday, June 10, 2019

"Siri, set a reminder to listen to Bike Snob this morning at 10am. Also, how do you get red wine stains out of a bib short chamois?"


Consider this a Post-it note on your forehead reminding you that they haven't canceled my radio show yet, and so I'll be on the air again this morning at 10am*:

And yes, you can listen online

And also yes, you can call in and ask questions.

Also also, I just happened to notice someone just left the following comment on a post that's like two years old:

Why yes I do!  A friend of mine has one of these:

You're welcome!


Your's truley,

Best wishes and so forth,

--Tan Tenovo

*That's 10am my time, which is the time it is in New York City, USA.  I don't know or care what time zone you live in, so you figure it out.  It's not my problem and quite frankly I'm sick of all this hand-holding.


Anonymous said...

10 am NYC is the new 12pm GMT.

BamaPhred said...

I think your show needs commentary from Recumbabe, Bibshorts Guy, and really, more Scranus. But what you’ll get are rants from the bike hating crowd, including Avid Cyclist, who is really just a closet bike hater.
Oh, and first loser podium?
I was sprinting with my eyes closed.
Lotsa Luck, I enjoyed last week immensely.

pbateman will not be running a bike fix it shop said...

damn it. was going to prank you again but got caught up with some nonsense and missed the show. my diabolical plan will have to wait...

attempted some routine maintenance this weekend and as it turns out...i am just awful at routine maintenance. just f'ing awful.

Jon said...

Caught the last 15 minutes - good stuff. Looking forward to streaming the whole episode whenever it's available, and future episodes.

Mark Follmer said...

How do you get red wine stains on a chamois?

KDKA said...

Just finished listening to the radio show. First episode was great, this one was better. Even the punk rock was marginally less bad (note good punk rock is an oxymoron.)

Would like to think the last call was a prank, but I'm afraid it was not.

Sorry to be snarky but... said...

@Mark Follmer at 1:26:

By spilling wine on them.

Mr. Snobby, Looking forward to listening to the podcast on my drive home this evening (yes, I have to drive a car to work and it sucks).

Serial Retrogrouch said...

...Avid Cyclist is a Douchebag. His name is probably David. He's hiding behind a bicycle.

bad boy of the south said...

Two shows notched on WBAI*.
*Whoa Bikesnob Another Installment.

mikeweb said...

So it was nice to learn today exactly why I received a red light ticket at the non-intersection side of a deserted 'T' intersection at 7:30 in the morning on a Saturday last month (after stopping to give right of way to 2 cyclists who had the green).

Billinrockhill said...

Another great radio show, Snob! Thanks! Your lawyer guest sounded as if he knows what he is talking about. New York City sounds as if it is full of people in a hurry who are distracted at most times. Since this population includes drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and others, lots of bad stuff can happen. Good luck up there, and watch out for yourself. (My locale has the same kinds of people, just not so many in close proximity at all times.)

Unknown said...

Bikes and punk rock you say? I'll have to give that a listen. All the best people listen to punk, I recently found out a old Aussie punk band called the cosmic psychos from one of my favourite YouTubers. From the UK check out Idles - brutalism is a great newish album

Anonymous said...

Aussie punk, I always give a shoutout to my boy Roland S. Howard:

I don't think it's quite punk, but damn good anyway.

Colin said...

Wow that cop at the end of your second episode... On the one hand, nothing he said was at all surprising coming from a member of law enforcement. On the other hand, fuck that racist, immigrant-bashing douche-nozzle.

wle said...

"So it was nice to learn today exactly why I received a red light ticket at the non-intersection side of a deserted 'T' intersection at 7:30 in the morning on a Saturday last month (after stopping to give right of way to 2 cyclists who had the green)."

so, why?


wle said...

who picks the music?

(not that 'ebben' guy, i hope )


wle said...

boy that new york enforcement guy, what a comedian!

surely none of that can be true!

''new york new york, it;s a hell of a town''

alternate universe

new york - the most bike friendly city in the new york area!


wle said...

''proffer'' - very legalistic!!

wle said...

ANYWAY - those 1st two shows have been really good.

good mix of thoughtfulness of topics, relevant guests, sincere callers, amusing callers, and just plain crackpots...

actually it sounds like sit com.

it could be like the seinfelding.

"there, that's the show. people doing nothing."

except there is always that Klein bike on the wall. lurking. no one can talk about it.

to remind you of the 90s.

and puffy shirts, got to have the puffy shirts.

who would be the 'elaine' though?


pbateman wears femur protection and so can you said...

so, Froome really hit the wall training today apparently.

he was not wearing his femur hailmat.

so, who will win now Snob? can we expect in depth coverage of the touring france on next week's episode?

DaveD said...

John Neugent, of Neuvation Wheels is a fan of yours; this week his newsletter referred to your Outside column featuring your Drysdale Special bike review. He liked your approach to the review, says he yearns for some of the simpler times of old. "It's not that I dislike innovation, I just don't want it to control me."

skydave said...

Party at Geraint's tonight!

Grump said...

In the suburban sprawl of X-ville, sidewalk riding is rarely necessary. You can avoid the Four lane arterial lanes (with two extra left turn, and one extra right turn lane)by riding on parallel roads until you cross on a two lane road, at an intersection with stop lights.