Thursday, January 17, 2019

New Outside Column!


The reason I've been absent is that I've been busy:

I regret nothing.

I do have a new Outside column though, and it's about old people and doping:

I do recommend clicking through to the USADA sanctions I linked to, because they make for very interesting reading and basically confirm every negative stereotype about MAMILs.

Finally, if you're not in New York, you may have missed Whoopi Goldberg's latest anti-bike rant, which you can read about on the Bike Forecast.  Basically, she hits every obligatory note from "I like cyclists but..." to "they're not wearing helmets." 

Truly some insightful stuff.


newt said...

Am I first? Or my ISP is slow again?

HDEB said...

Are there cyclists in Portland Oregon who wouldn't test positive for canabinoids?

janinedm said...

Just in case any of Snob's readers are also mafia hitmen (or hit women), don't wear your Garmin when you execute mob bosses.

Anonymous said...

As someone in the 65+ bracket, I'm constantly bombarded by articles and ads telling me I am impotent (or soon will be) and in general worthless unless I schedule a visit to the "men's clinic". I don't know what % of men (at least in the middle class) are getting some sort of steroid therapy, but I suspect it's not trivial. I doubt these places are explaining the hoops to get a TUE.

Counting the decades said...

I can't wait to set the record in something for my 100 plus age bracket.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to be competitive after 60 without a TUE for testosterone.

pbateman is riding in supreme comfort and style while your mom just rides hard said...

i finally picked up that MB-3. Its a 92' with Ritchey Logic tubing, its red, has these super fun "Thick Slick" tires

thick slick is the same name your mother has given me coincidentally enough.

it is mostly original save for the tires/mavic wheels and the surly mustache bar.

i am supremely happy with this mustache bar stuff. very comfy.

pbateman is rather pleased with his purchase.

that is all.

Anonymous said...

this 90 year old was doping - LIVER!? wtf

hoghopper said...

"Grove, 90, tested positive for ..."

I stopped reading there. Doping at age 90? We should be so lucky.

Anonymous said...

This from the the forecast thingy:

"less than 9 percent of all commuters into
Manhattan take private vehicles, while close
to 60 percent take public transportation"

What accounts for the other 30%?

Local residents walking to work? That could hardly be described as a "commute".

Taxis, Ubers? Aren't they classed as "private vehicles"? They sure as shit ain't public transport.

Bikes, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades? Aren't they private vehicles, too?

Bike share? There can't be that many?

Carried by the power of love? Aw, fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Whoopee Cushion Goldberg has been known to talk like that when people sit on her so I'm not surprised.

ken e. said...

heard the interview with the 90 year old's coach. it was in his dinner. legit.
i like cyclists, but there's no room for those time=wasters on the road with my giant sport truck.

JLRB said...

Alan Arkin in Little Miss Sunshine

Pist Off said...

pbateman refers to himself in the third person, can we just get a friggin picture of your shiny RB-1? I have a Bridgestone fetish too. My RB-T was supposed to be sold this winter but damn, don’t I need a road bike for quick blasts in the foothills? Yes, yes I do.

Anonymous said...

Contador got busted for less. Bar the old man for life (that shouldn't be too long.

pbateman has a lot of bike projects and no damn time or skill said...


the RB1 is still incomplete. once i realized i was stupidly building a bike that i was going to be afraid to ride (all that sweet, virginal dura ace...though is it still virginal once its been mounted and you put the seat tube into the hole...?) so my useable bikes took priority.

but the fella' i bought the MB3 from is head mechanic at me ol' LBS so gonna let him finish up my incomplete projects as I am not all that great at it as it turns out.

hope to have all my bikes in a rideable condition someday soon.

leroy said...

My dog is of the opinion that we should call removable bike lane barriers "Whoopi Cushions."

Me, I'm of the opinion that the feckless out-of-town carriage trade plying our city streets in chauffeured conveyances - unlike the majority of NYC residents who walk, bike, and use public transportation - would do well to re-read the passage from Dickens' Tale of Two Cities where the Marquis Everemonde races his carriage, kills a child, tosses some coins to the child's father and Monsieur Defarge, and a coin is flung back at him in anger.

Madame Defarge was watching and knitting.

Ms. Goldberg would do well to consider her viewership.

My dog points out that I too have employed a chauffeur and I too am pretty feckless. In my defense, my dog does the chauffeuring because he enjoys that head out the window, tongue flapping in the breeze thing.

wishiwasmerckx said...

Feckless, you say?

Why Leroy, I think you have a lot of Feck!

Yee Haw the barista said...

I'll pass on Whoopi's oral flatulence ... thanks.

AnonSJ said...

For people who actually compete, doping at the Masters' age and above is a problem they want to see addressed. Follow this blog for more about that:

Including this post:

H L said...

fava beans and chianti

Unknown said...

8" of snow in South EastMichigan so far,were sending it your way Tan. I've got to go put gas in the snowblower so the wife hopefully will want me to teach her how to use it.

Unknown said...

The article says more about the poor standards of American agriculture than about doping in cycling.

bad boy of the south said...

Found a funny not so funny ad on kregliszt in northern va for a khs bike.
If I knew how send a linky I would have.
Sorry not sorry.
Hopefully everyone isn't friggin freezing.

BamaPhred said...

Scratching my ringworm. LoL.

bad boy of the south said...

How to...