Wednesday, August 22, 2018

*Comes Crashing Through Wall On Zipline* I'm Here!!!

Sorry for my absence.  It's that fallow period between camp and school which means I've got to kick the parenting machine into high gear--and I'm not messing around, either, because I'm just back from the Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure:

And yes, I wore a helmet.

If you're looking for a family activity I highly recommend it, though I'm sure to the Mountaineering Freds it's the equivalent of riding a rental bike around Central Park.  Speaking of which, we also got a little riding in yesterday:

On our fancy new neighborhood bike lane:

Which the Community Board chair called a "failure of democracy."

The younger one's also getting better at riding, though he's still more interested in pitching socks out the window:

You now know every single thing about my life.

Didn't you like it better when I was anonymous?

(Nobody ever did figure out the significance of that hat.)

Sure you did:

Speaking of Bicycling, they're taking a completely unnecessary stand against pedestrians in the bike lane:

Filling bike lanes with pedestrians, pushcarts, and construction equipment is not just frustrating for cyclists, but actually works against the efficient movement of people on bikes through crowded urban spaces. If your city really wants to unlock the mass mobility benefits of cycling, bike lanes must be treated as travel lanes.

I guess what happened is people saw this video and thought Henry Grabar was advocating for walking in the bike lane:

And I feel like I'm taking crazy pills because it seemed totally clear to me that's not what he was saying at all.  He's just saying they're also for non-bike (and obviously non-car) traffic that's "moving too fast for the sidewalk," such as those new fangled electric scooters, which I'm totally cool with.

Then again, he also defends shoaling:

Hey, he credits me for the term and pronounces my name right, so as far as I'm concerned he can say whatever he wants:

Honestly you can break any rule as long as you do so conscientiously.

Also, at this point in my life it's becoming extremely difficult to care what people do on or with their bikes.

Finally, yesterday I tweeted this:

Which prompted someone to tweet this:



dop said...


Daddo said...


James said...

Can't differentiate between construction equipment and pedestrians?

Chazu said...

I found your anonymous phase to be somewhat distracting. Rather than expanding on that topic, I'd just like to ask:

What's so difficult about pronouncing your name? Here, allow me: Tan Tenovo.

pbateman still aint riding tiagra i dont care what you say said...

how would someone mispronounce your name? is there some difficult yiddish bit you leave off?

i guess I could see someone saying "eeeeeben" vs "ehben", but honestly it should be more like "mehben" anyway.

throwing socks out a window? wonder where he got that from? this would be my guess:

BeerDrivenCyclist said...

Welcome home. Topis tenitis?

HDEB said...

"you can break any rule as long as you do so conscientiously"

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, what size wheels are on Tan Ten Two’s bike?

Anonymous' said...

He didn't spell your name right, Tanny; it was: Bike Snobs'...

That's like a plural possessive thing — a cohort or collective or collection or congregation of bicycle elitists.

But you can take solace in the knowledge you'll always be famous in our eyes. And not in a bad way, either!

Anonymous said...

Failure of democracy? "Yeah, democracy ain’t so fun when it fucks you, huh?"

Throwing socks out a window... isn't that one of those euphemisms for a loose vadge?

Mr Lobstermash said...
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Esme 'Granny' Weatherwax said...

If you're going to break a rule, break it hard.

cyclejerk said...

Uh, Ebb-on Weesy? Ee-bun Wise? Shmeh-bun Weh-bun? Just can’t finger it out...

cyclejerk said...

Went for a short recreational ride with a co-worker, much younger than myself, and I realize how much I suck. On the other hand, his son, a teenager, only rides a couple times a month, and leaves his Dad in the dust whenever. Ah, youth. Oh, forgot to add, we have some shitty bike lanes, but still grateful.

Some guy from upstate said...

I know it's late, but I couldn't help noticing the tires on the Snobling's bicycle. Presumably you have been grooming him on proper barrier and run-up techniques.

N/A said...

What kinda shifterway goes on junior Tenovo's little road bike? A Sora 9 speed STI?

janinedm said...

1) While I do agree that you can break rules contentiously, with all due respect you're not going to get me onboard with shoaling for the foreseeable future. At least, when I encounter it, it's always someone who wants me to abruptly merge into traffic for their benefit. While I have a nearly insane level of sangfroid around cars, this is still pretty selfish, particularly towards the big chunk of community whose skills are still on the sketchy side and/or are squirrely about cars. Yes, there are shoalers who are thoughtful and not disruptive but the majority of shoalers (at least the ones I've seen) are oblivious dipshit barreling towards you with an attitude that says, "this is not my problem."

2) That Uber that (not unlike a shoaler) pushed me into the bike lane on CPW last week is getting a summons from the TLC. 311, y'all.

3) As I was riding home, I saw came across a European family riding up 6th to return their rental bikes. The dad said to me in reference to the infrastructure, "we're really not a priority here, are we?" All I could do was say "nope." I tried to wrack my brain for a better route for them, but all I could really say was it gets better above the mid-40s. Do you know of a better route for such instances? I would have directed them to the greenway, but the bike rental place was on 54th and 6th and I feel like cross-town traffic during rush hour can be even worse. There's fewer lanes on most streets, but cars stuff themselves into every open space like Mariah Carey trying to put on a bandage dress and suggesting the greenway would have put them through that twice.

BikeSnobNYC said...


I guess theoretically they could take the 8th Avenue bike lane but it's slow going with all the foot traffic that gets forced into it. Still, might be preferable to the media conglomerate/hotel/car service gauntlet on 6th north of 42nd. Or not. Yeah, midtown is terrible, I feel bad when I see tourists riding there.

--Tan Tenovo

Al said...

I'm waiting for Bicycling Magazine's epic rant about motorist illegally parking in the bike lane. Instead we get some blather about non-motorist using the bike lane. I mean why not target the trucktard in his 4000lb Freedom Machine, sitting in the bike lane jamming Skoal into his fat face.

janinedm said...

Edit: the Uber pushed me abruptly OUT of the bike lane by not really considering my presence there as an impediment to pulling out. My point being, if you see something, say something.

bad boy of the south said...

When i was in the bronx zoo about two years ago,i think i saw that zip line rope climbing location.looked pretty cool.
Glad you enjoyed it.
I'm guessing helments were a requirement.

pbateman throws socks out too as to avoid matchy matchiness said...

with all those bikes of your have Tan, you should rent them out to NYC tourists who want a more sporty bike that doesnt have Tiagra and that are in the 5'8 - 5'11-ish sizeway.

whatever happened to that Ritte? i'd rent that.

you could be like the uber of bike rentals. wait, is this already a thing? is there some app i've not heard of where i can rent someone's bike when i'm out of town?

maybe i should start renting mine. i've definitely N+1 my way to having plenty to spare at the moment. looks like a parts depot in my office and bedroom.

anyone want to buy a NOS Dura Ace stem? 80mm. Decided to go with a black modolo on the stem rather than get tooooo matchy matchy with everything.

Serial Retrogrouch said...

janinedm... wait, you just took a photo of the Uber, uploaded it to 311, and they send the driver a summons?

If it's that easy, then having finally acquired a smart phone will not have been for naught.

janinedm said...

@ Serial Retrogrouch No. I tool a picture of the license plate # and when I got home, I logged onto the 311 website and filled out a complaint form. It's under Taxi/Car Service >> Driver Complaint. The only tricky part was I had to also give the name of the car dispatch company, but that's pretty easy to find with the license plate number. However, with the NYC 311 app, I could have done it right there on the road, but I was too mad.

BPsucks said...

Those three tweets are solid gold. Made my day

STG said...

I really don't support that slate vid - "THE ROAD" style post apocalyptic grocery carts, slaloming skateboards, ambush by handtruck, and zig-zagging skaters push our barely serviceable gutter lanes to the point of uselessness. The sorry state of the road surface and storm grates are our best hope against this tiny-wheeled onslaught.