Friday, May 12, 2017

BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!

Firstly, I've been remiss in welcoming EH Works back to the right-hand margin:

Unfurling a fine handmade tool roll is such a pleasure I find myself almost hoping for a flat:

So order one for yourself if you haven't already, and if you have then order another one because who the hell has only one bike?

Also, they make lovely gifts.

Remember: anything else is just carrying your crap around in a plastic bag.

Secondly, I'm pleased to present you with a quiz.  As always, study the item, think, and click on your answer.  If you're right you're right, and if you're wrong you'll see a c-c-c-c-r-r-r-r-a-a-a-a-s-s-s-s-h-h-h-h.

Thanks very much for reading, ride safe, and Happy Mother's Day.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

(Is it really "disrupting" if you were there first?)

1) Which is not a reason Horace Dediu, a "prominent analyst of disruptive technologies," gives to support  the idea that bikes will "disrupt" cars?

--"You can park a bicycle in your home or your office."
--They're "more affordable per mile."
--"Whenever I open my mouth about electric bicycles, the enthusiasm I get back is literally deafening."
--"What?  I can't hear you because I'm literally deaf from the enthusiasm generated by electric bicycles."

2) When you need to speed up in order to catch the green light, "Flo" shows you the image of:

--A rocket
--A rabbit
--A "+" symbol
--Bret, the Time-Traveling, T-Shirt-Wearing Retro-Fred From the Planet Tridork

3) The Cipollini NK1K has:

 --A "massive bottom bracket shell and taut front end"
--"Chainstays like soppressata"
--"The biggest headtube in the industry"
--"Glandular issues"

4) Campagnolo's new road bike disc brakes require use of a dedicated crankset.


(Tullio Campagnolo)

5) Which is not one of Tullio Campagnolo's patents?

--The quick-release skewer
--The sliding hub rod shifter
--The self-centering wine bottle opener
--The self-hoisting pant waist

6) Fill in the blank:

"Full _____ ahead!"

--Scalded perineum

(More popular than ever...or defunct.  Do you even know?)

7) The Tour of California has:

--Just started
--Just ended
--Just been moved
--Just been cancelled

***Special "Pretty Clever, But Your Kid'll Just Be Bummed You Didn't Get 'Em A Real One"-Themed Bonus Video!***

Waiting for a crabon version with ceramic bearings.


Anonymous said...

Yay - first!

Anonymous said...

And I even read it... slackers!

dancesonpedals said...

Friday's Child has no Scranus

Drock said...

I put my crap tool collection in a old water bottle, so no need to look like steam bike operator.

Andy said...

Fifth! But now I will read it.

bad boy of the sooth said...

Don't be a fidget.

dancesonpedals said...

So Horace Dediu thinks people will flock to ride electric bikes because they won't arrive at work smelly and sweaty.

Electric assist is already a feature on Copenhagen's bike share, and you can set how much of an assist you get. Like bike share bikes in New York, they weigh a ton, and the assist is nice when crossing a bridge, or riding in a headwind. My family rode 3 bikes. My daughter's bike had an assist that turned on and off unpredictably, so I swapped bikes with her. I guess bike share bikes ge5t beat up in any city.

N/A said...

Those tool wraps do look pretty sweet. Do they make one big enough to fit a MacBook, a hatchet, and a load of groceries from Trader Joe's?

I might be getting some people mixed up.

Spokey said...

barely sqealing into top tennis balls

Very Slim Pickens said...

Q#2 Does answering "The Millennium Falcon" counts as "A Rocket Ship".

PS Could have been on the tenth level of the pod, but I sat here reading and quizzing. What's wrong with me?

Harry Reems said...

I thought Babble had the biggest head tube in the industry, well, at least the deepest.

Freddy Murcks said...

The correct answer for the Twoer of California question is not presented in the options. The correct answer is "The Tour of California has...? I don't give a fuck."

Some guy from upstate said...

So, near as I can tell, the "different geometry" for disk brakes is 135 mm hub spacing instead of 130. So each of your 11 cogs is 2.5 mm farther right. The cogs are about 4 mm apart. So at worst, instead of one of your 11 cogs being sort of lined up with the chainring, the one next to it is. And Shimano and SRAM have been ignoring this critical issue all this time. Thank Lob to Campy for saving us all.

well,, not exactly bicycles per se... said...

"Bikes have a tremendous disruptive advantage over cars. Bikes will eat cars,"

Well electric bikes with protection from the weather; so basically a small 2 wheel motorized "car".

All the girls and boys Makin' all that noise 'Cause they found new toys said...

Apparently school is so bad now that all the kids need a fidget spinner, not just the ADHD kids. Maybe the ADHD kids have just been the normal ones who realized how boring school is all along.

If your ADHD is so bad that fidget spinners aren't working, you can fidget with bike parts to make a fidget spinner instead of buying one for a dollar (or a >$100 one if you are a douche fidget).

Old Timer said...

Huh? What?

Bashō said...

Some think that we need
But I disagree

The Bike Snob of New York City
Used to give us Friday quizzes quite witty
then he stopped for a while
Causing no one to smile
But now that they are back and we [ rhymes with city ]

Grump said...

The only people who use seat bags are Freds and Category 1-2 racers who can look anyway they damn well please.

Anonymous said...

Had to FF the last video just to find out WTF a "fidget spinner" was.

I still don't really know.

BTW, does a fred-cleat washer really qualify as a bicycle part? All the retailer refer to it as an accessory, (like purses and costume jewelry).

leroy said...

You can't really draft a Zamboni.

I know that now.

Ride safe all!

1904 Cadardi said...

Wow that's a clear derailleur pulley. How OCD do you have to be to get one that sparkly?

Joe said...

Does CeramicSpeed(tm) have a spinner specific upgrade kit yet?

Dooth said...

For all your disruptive prognostic needs...I bid you

Spokey said...

But now that they are back it's a pity

Anonymous said...

"Unfurling a fine handmade tool roll is such a pleasure I find myself almost hoping for a flat."

Channeling Patrick Brady?

JB said...

Thanks admin for sharing the unique content, you have done a great job.

1904: A true Fred uses a new pulley, made by Paul Comp.

Diane Von Fussburg said...

Designer seat bags will soon be all the rage. Different colors, different kinds of zippers, different materials, the Kickstarter list goes on and on. And if the word Brooklyn is sewn in to it, Ka-Ching! Giant seat bag plant planned for coal country.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Sergey Brin's giant airship!?

Self Hoisting Pant Waist

Scalded Perineum

I'd take the risk and rock the steam bike. Better yet mount that thing on a trailer and let it push my bent.

Tour of CA
"do you even know" -Right on bro.

JLRB said...

Is that an s and s coupler wrench in your tool roll or are you just happy to see recumbababe

Critical Gas said...

Three most critical points: 1) The weekly quiz can be cheated as the scroll over link gives the answer away. I can't keep from using it and scoring 100%. Does this make me a bad person? 2) The true and false questions are no longer relevant as there is not such thing as an absolute truth today. Please use TRUE, FALSE, or ALTERNATIVE. 3) I forgot what the third thing was.

babble on said...

Harry - I thought so, too... does bottomless count as biggest??

babble on said...

(bright light goes off in dim head)

... Just as my friend and I were discussing a video he was watching courtesy of an account called Timeline on The Great Googleooooo's YouTubbums, and as I wondered how any self respecting Brit could have willingly helped the Japanese develop air carriers, a coupla pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

So. The British and the Japanese were friends for quite some time. Lotsa peeps would have traveled to Japan to work, and esp peeps interested in furthering research and development in their chosen fields. As a landed immigrant, one becomes accustomed to the custom of their new home. You can see how it might happen...

Move ahead nearly a century, and consider the billionaire's clubs around the world. Consider where a narcissistic billionaire of questionable morality might go to get the funding he needs to build his latest ego stroking plaything, when all of the banks look at him with a metric fucktonne of skepticism, what with his long and colorful history of bankruptcies and settled lawsuits...?!?!? Hmmmm.... where could a guy go to find the dosh to finance a piss-ass, gaudy as fuck, gold plated, rotten to the core lifestyle? And that those Russian oligarchs are his family, his peers, explains why he believes his own bullshit. He buys it cause he is ONE OF THEM, or at least he is in his own tiny mind.

Maaaaaaan oh maaaaaaaan you guys were TAKEN. OHMYGOD, it's bad enough you've got a Traitor in Chief at the helm, a puppet whose strings are held in Russian hands, but how on Earth did such a royal FUCKTARD pull the wool over a whole nation's eyes???

Ok. Back to your regularly scheduled programming... :)

Anonymous said...

s, but how on Earth did such a royal FUCKTARD pull the wool over a whole nation's eyes??? By following the Hitler campaign plan: natavism, jingoism, racism. And accusing your opponent of what your guilty of.

dancesonpedals said...

Bromptons in bondage?

ps... good to hear from you Babs

dancesonpedals said...

And happy Mother's Day*

Canadian Edution

toilet talk said...

Pooping a long brown stringy dangler right now. Perfect length for some online reading. Considering whether to pinch off, or keep things moving.

Grannie said...

Lord help Jethro if he ever runs into a Billy Yard

babble on said...

YepYepYep. Bullies and abusers always accuse their opponents of their crimes. Seems to be compulsive. And when you hear someone calling another a name, the moniker is far more likely to apply to the one doing the calling than the one being labeled. Asshole 101.

And cheers! It was a great day to hang with the boys, too. Not a flood in sight! :)

herzogone said...

Here are some additional topic suggestions for the DIY fidget spinner guy:

1. DIY firepit with Bentley wheel
2. DIY 3D-printed spork
3. DIY gravity bong with Ming vase