Tuesday, November 8, 2016

You Know What You Gotta Do

Today is Election Day, which means I'll be casting my vote and then sitting in a corner and drinking until I pass out because this may very well be the end of the world as we know it:

(White male landowners exercise their right to vote in the world's greatest democracy.)

So get out there and make your voice heard.  Then, once you're finished shouting, go vote.  And if you can't vote because you're not a US citizen, please list 10 awesome things about your country in the comments below, because depending on how things turn out I may need somewhere to spend the next 4-8 years.  (If you can't vote because a man in a Trump shirt is exercising his Second Amendment rights outside of your polling place, that's a whole other story.)

See you tomorrow!

--Wildcat Rock Machine


Unknown said...

189. Prior to that final struggle, the revolutionaries should not expect to have a majority of people on their side. History is made by active, determined minorities, not by the majority, which seldom has a clear and consistent idea of what it really wants. Until the time comes for the final push toward revolution [31], the task of revolutionaries will be less to win the shallow support of the majority than to build a small core of deeply committed people. As for the majority, it will be enough to make them aware of the existence of the new ideology and remind them of it frequently; though of course it will be desirable to get majority support to the extent that this can be done without weakening the core of seriously committed people.

Fred's my middle name, not my identity said...

First-ever podium, thanks to early voting.

So this is what it feels like? I thought there'd be more vuvuzuelas.

Anonymous said...

Dear Snob,

Stay where you are, no matter who "wins". You provide a voice of sanity which is sorely needed.

Greetings from across the Atlantic pond.


Unknown said...

1.The social welfare system:
2.Everyone speaks English
3.Extensive paid parental leave
4.Familiarity with American culture
5.Balanced lifestyle
6.Very high standard of living
7.Five weeks of vacation every year: By law.
8. The plethora of food holidays: National consumption of cinnamon buns
9. Meatballs
10. Public transportation everywhere
11. Coffee

NHcycler said...

1 through 10: the Bill of Rights

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter where you move to on this planet, you can't escape the effects of a potential American policy of unfettered fossil fuel burning.

Nich said...

1. Carnival;
2. There are still a couple of clean enough beaches in the north east coast where you can relax for a few minutes before being mugged;
3. Good music... yeah, all good music have been probably composed over 30 years ago but there are a few people who can still remember them;
4. Democracy. Well, our politicians are actually a lot worst than yours (in average, once it is indeed very hard to top Trumps and the Clintons) but as you will not have the right to vote, you won't have to worry too much about it;
5. Carnival;
6. No need to adapt to road conditions as you are already used to ride among four wheeled psychos;
7. Carnival;
8. No snow;
9. Carnival;
10. No snow

Anonymous said...

1. Health service isn't bad
2. Most people ignore religion outside weddings and funerals (and indeed mostly ignore it even then)
3. Sushi (done right)
4. Trains run on time and smell OK
5. Train conductors (and passengers) benevolently ignore giant, regulation-breaking bags containing bikes
6. Car drivers are rarely sociopathic and if you collide with a car then by default this was the driver's fault
7. School 5½ days a week, so your 18 human children are out of your way more of the time
8. Bike thefts are uncommon and a humdrum lock will suffice
9. Lots of hills and places to explore
10. Pretty good public transport network
11. Tea comes free of charge

Blog Drafter said...

Yes, lost in the media carnival amid the meltdown of a major American political party this statistic sneaked by: 400 ppm for the first time ever, and will rise every year for the next century, dooming the planet as we know it. Anon @ 8:13 is totally correct, there's nowhere to hide. Mars, maybe, for a while. Don't worry Snob, Trump will lose big time, he has zero minority support and only women who are totally subjugated will vote for the jerk, although there seems to be not-a-few of them out there.

On a happier note, everyone was unfailingly polite to me this morning. 23.8 quick, happy miles.

bad boy of the north said...

I didn't vote halfway through this morning.i'll finish the other half tonight

Anonymous said...

Even though I'm an immigrant to USA, I can't figure out at first glance where the commenters with the above top 10 lists are from. I got Sweden, Brazil, and England? Is that even close?

N/A said...

Vote early, vote often!

dancesonpedals said...

I voted this morning at the local fire station..given the prohibition on electioneering, I limited myself to complaining about the orange shit stain on the imaginary carpet, and the need to remove it.

dnk said...

After reading microcord's list above:

fuck it, I'm moving to Tokyo

kawamawasailor said...

Have not voted yet as the polls have not open yet here in California. Will ride my bike to vote as I have done for the last eight years. https://kayamawasailor.blogspot.com/

Visegripmikey said...

1. Easy access to the outdoors, because we live outdoors
2. Other countries think we live in igloos year round
3. Our exportable resources are oil and wood
4. No one knows who our prime minister is, ever
5. We have to pay to keep our manufacturing jobs
6. While health care is free, the issue needs to be an emergency before treated
7. We have to pay at least 30 percent more on goods than the US, plus 13% tax
8. An extra 30 percent of our income goes to keeping our igloos warm
9. We use studded bike tires year-round because we can't be bothered to take them off for the 1 month of summer
10. Everyone is welcome we say, and grumble about it when your back is turned, even if you pick up hockey.

Eh? Something positive? We have 10 times less traffic by default, but 10 times the potholes...dang it.

Lieutenant Oblivious said...

Got held up in the voting line, Scranus!

Grump said...

I'll save my drinking until tomorrow (maybe).On the other hand, I may have to rent a moving truck. (Is it true that the cycling season in Canada runs from July to August?)

JLRB said...

Got up early to go to the poling place before work. It was cold so I decided to fix my wonky front derailleur on the stars and stripes motif bike, and messed around with the helmet/handlebar mount for the video camera expecting to roll up to a big line at the polls. My delay accomplished two things: (1) it was warm by the time i left; (2) I hit a gap between the before work crowd and the wait until after the workers vote crowd. No line at all.

Plus +++ I resisted the urge to ask the Trump sign holders what the fuck their malfunction was, full metal jacket style.

clyde said...

Did Ted K. Say this was his final struggle? Thank snob. Here on the west coast we have more civilized ways of voting -- we mail it in.

JLRB said...

AND - I imagine Snob scoffs at Peter Holmberg's 5 weeks of vacation. The Bloggers union gets twice that for its apprentices.

JLRB said...

Do not pay attention to any polling news until after 7 PM today. Until then, vote, ride, drink, repeat.

Lieutenant Oblivious said...

I voted but I avoid the poling place, my scranus isn't cut out for that kind of stuff. What country is this?

1. Trains run on time
2. Very orderly, no litter
3. Lots of mountains to climb
4. Virtually no discounts, everything sells at MSRP
5. Great chocolate
6. Expensive watches
7. 4 official languages for a population of 8.4 million, and only 40,000 speak one of them
8. Roads are extremely well maintained
9. Nominally neutral but don't try to inherit a bank account or collect on a life insurance policy if you can't produce a death certificate
10. Lots of separate bike infrastructure

Olle Nilsson said...

I live in Canada. There's enough of you packing your bags already without me wasting my time on a list. At least there will be a glorious two and a half year break before the next campaign.

McFly said...

Slick Willy is already interviewing some interns.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but what about the mail delivery? NO ONE EVER MENTIONS THE MAIL DELIVERY ANY MORE!

Bryan said...

No problems in my polling place. Had a nice bike ride over there, voted, then a ride to Krispy Kreme to get my free donut, and finally got to work. A nice ~13 mile jaunt around. Might need to call it an early day though and start the drinking

Captain Confusion said...

Thanks Mr Snobster

I had NO idea it was erection day. I didn't even know there was such a thing.

Anon @ 10:56

Male delivery is all well and good. What about female delivery though?

Anonymous said...

1. Je ne dois pas parler anglais.
2. Vin
3. Champagne
4. Le Tour...mais... dans la réflexion, non
5. Vin
6. Le 'Chunnel'
7. Fromage
8. Vin
9. La Louvre
10. Vin

Phildefer said...

1.) Handouts grow on bushes
2.) You sleep out every night
3.) Boxcars are all empty
4.) The sun shines every day
5.) All the cops have wooden legs
6.) The hens lay soft-boiled eggs
7.) The little streams of alcohol come trickling down the rocks
8.) There's a lake of stew, and whiskey too
9.) You sleep all day
10.) They hung the jerk that invented work

Anonymous said...

1. Policemen are German,
2. Cooks are English
3. Lovers are Swiss
4. Mechanics are French
etc, etc.

Il Pirata est Mort said...

I voted with both my middle fingers.

My dad worked security for a Presidential candidate who rolled though a neighborhood in an open car muttering "You dumb bastards" under his breath while waving at the crowds.

Set my political gelatin at a young age

Unknown said...

vsk said ...

I pulled the plug to drain the swamp. No more cesspool of clinton corruption. Unless Soros saves the day.

I have a tin foil hat to press for later.


Al said...

I tried to think of 10 good things about the UK and then I remembered that we're currently winning "most stupid electoral descion of 2016" with really on the US in a position to knock us off our shit smeared perch and I really fucking hope that doesn't happen

Knüt Fredriksson said...

WCRM and Friends,

Firstly - thanks Wildcat's regular updates, we as a group have accumulated a massive amount of knowledge related to cutting edge safety related cycling technology. Therefore, we should all submit an entry to this contest: RoadX: Bicycle & Pedestrian Challenge

Lastly - will someone please drop me a note and let me know when it's safe to emerge from my election proof bunker?

Anonymous said...

lesee, a two faced liar who will say anything to get elected, and beholden to foreign money, or someone who says rude things (think lifelong new yorker).
easy, Trump 2016

Lieutenant Oblivious said...

French in the kitchen
Italian in the bedroom
German in the living room
European in the bathroom!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:21,

So you think Trump is a two faced liar will say anything to get elected and still will vote for him?

Anonymous said...

Lt. Oblivious:
I used to live in Geneva... boring... but there are mountains and whatever is on your list but it's a bit more French than I would have liked

JLRB said...

VSK - How do you think Soros will save the day?

(I know little about the man, other than the article I linked, which seems very slanted, and also seems like a sales job for precious metals interests)

JLRB said...

Battle of the Anons - Trump is worse than a two-faced liars (that is true of most successful politicos) - he is ignorant and doesn't seem to realize how ignorant he is...

!HRC said...

umm, lesee, someone who is given the questions to be asked during the debate so she can prepare AND SHE ACCEPTED THE QUESTIONS instead of refusing (principles?). Or a businessman who has employed thousands of people (who pay taxes) BTW, she has employed no one except her crime syndicate family in their slush fund foundation.
easy, Trump 2016

ubercurmudgeon said...

I see Peter Holmberg has already covered the basics with regards to Sweden. I can add the following cycling-specific advantages:

* No noticeable anti-cycling culture
* No significant Fred culture
* No pros to speak of (one guy won Paris-Roubaix once, but he'd already moved to Britain by that point)
* Very little bicycle-based smugness outside of one or two cities just across the bridge from Copenhagen
* Smooth roads
* People aren't rushing everywhere to prove they're winning


* You can't take bikes on most trains
* While there are mountains, they're a long way from anywhere anybody actually lives
* Cycling through the endless pine forests that cover the rest of the country gets pretty dull, except when you get eaten alive by insects
* Winter darkness
* Some tridorks, but they tend to die off when the water gets too cold, which is around August

Anonymous said...

It's a white man's country, dammit! If someone ain't wearing New Balance sneakers while ambulatin', they gonna be deported!

And don't even get me started on how givin' womens the right to vote has absolutely ruined this country.

Trump/Pence 2016

Olle Nilsson said...

Of course, since the election is held in November, the 3 people who were serious about carrying out their threats to move to Canada will say "fuck it, it's too cold." Also, no wall.

JLRB said...

ummm, lesseee, someone who has no clue about international relations, history, how jobs are actually created by immigrants, and how much of a disaster isolationist polices have been in the past - plus a few bonus points - he doesn't pay taxes (cheats), he doesn't pay the people who do work for him (litigious douche), he is a racist, he exports jobs to GHINA (as he calls it) and fools people into thinking he would somehow "fix" trade with GHINA that simply ain't broke. Go ahead and vote for the fucker - it's a free country.

Spokey said...

i still say we're in for the worst president the country has ever experienced.

but which gender will win? i donna know.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Middle Aged White Guy. Check.
New Balance Sneakers owned: 2 pair. Check
Scranus. Check.

!HRC said...

JLRB, are you wearing your heart shaped hillary brooch on your jamies, fanboi?

If you can't beat 'em sue 'em said...

rump files Nevada voting lawsuit

In a sign that the legal team for the Trump campaign is aggressively laying the groundwork for potential legal challenges -- big and small -- lawyers have gone to state court in Nevada in an early vote dispute.

In legal briefs filed last night, Trump lawyers are asking for relief in case “the election of presidential electors from the State of Nevada is contested.”

They are suing Joe P. Gloria, the Clark County registrar of voters, over a decision they allege he made to keep polling locations open “two hours beyond the designated closing time.” The lawsuit targets polling places in the greater Las Vegas area that have larger minority voting precincts.

Dan Kulin, a spokesperson for the county, told CNN that no early voting stations extended their closing times. They did, however, process voters who were in line at closing time to allow as many people to vote as possible.

Trump lawyers are asking for an order to have the pertinent early vote ballots not to be “co-mingled or interspersed” with other ballots.

“From the polling, it appears that Nevada is so close that the Trump campaign thinks it’s worth challenging any violation in voting protocol. The numbers that came in could represent several thousand people across the four precincts, which could determine who wins the electoral college vote or change the Senate race,” said Robert Lang of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He said the Trump campaign is “smart to put a marker down for a future challenge, considering what happened in 2000 in Florida."

Officials with the Republican National Committee and Trump's campaign declined to further discuss their action with reporters on a conference call early Tuesday afternoon.

Nevada's Republican Party chairman, Michael McDonald, told a Trump audience in Reno on Saturday that polling locations in Clark County were kept open late so that a "certain group" could vote.

Clark County, which includes the suburbs of Las Vegas, has a large Hispanic population and could figure prominently in who wins the White House.

Pathetic Old Cyclist said...

I thought election day was tomorrow.

JLRB said...

!HRC - Your silly little brooch remark shows you are obviously a moron, and either are a bully like your orange man, or have been bullied. Seek help, and try reading about the world instead of believing what your KKKlub tells you.

Love always,


Lieutenant Oblivious said...

Anon @ 1:34, yes Switzerland is boring as shit - that would go on the list of top 10 reasons to not move there!

We can keep bickering back and forth over Hilary vs Trump. There is one thing that's been said many times in this election that I think most of us can agree on. ~320 million people, and these are the best two candidates for president we could come up with?

Anonymous said...

I voted like a month ago 'cause I live in Europe. I also have British citizenship but might have to become fully European to stay here 'cause of Brexit. However, I would only bother if T won, 'cause I could exploit the added benefit of having to relinquish my US citizenship... Anyway, here:

1 good weather
2 good food
3 beautiful people
4 beautiful scenery
5 lots of "Cima Coppis"
6 lots of cyclists
7 Motorists don't worry too much about all the cyclists - especially in town - as they're too busy trying to avoid all the scooters
8 lots of history and art, although the locals don't take care of it very wee
9 free health service is actually not bad although the locals gripe about it
10 reasonably good quality of life despite the rubbish politicians and all the rest of the drawbacks I haven't mentioned...

Anonymous said...

1. No sales tax
2. Fireworks are legal
3. Guns are not
4. Beef is grass fed
5. Tacos al pastor
6. Tequila
7. 17 or 18 pesos to the dollar
8. Pyramids
9. People know how to dance
10. A wall to keep out Americans

Anonymous said...

Meet the new boss ...

BamaPhred said...

I wrote in Leroy's Dog. Just Kidding, I should have, didn't think of it until now.

Anonymous said...


BamaPhref said...

And Phildefer, Big Rock Candy Mountain, loved it.
In the Big Rock Candy Mountains,
The jails are made of tin.
And you can walk right out again,
As soon as you are in.
There ain't no short-handled shovels,
No axes, saws or picks,

Anonymous said...


Don´t care much about Clinton H but you seem to buy a lot from the Clinton is a Crook book and, worse, still buy the BS about hero-business people who create jobs that would not otherwise exist if not for their genius. He isa real estate speculator, that´s all.

Anonymous said...


the presidency of George W has ended already. Don´t get confused.

wishiwasmerckx said...

Trump's emergency Nevada challenge was just DENIED by the court.

Anonymous said...

Trickle Down Economics explained

The Squint said...

A real tough guy

Unknown said...

vsk said ...

JLRB, I will try to address your points.

-Soros, you are right, a lot of what I read about him comes from tin foilers. He seems to be the dem version of the Koch brothers. Likes big world .gov and a borderless planet where it suits him (business interests). Was a member of die Hitler Jungen.

-ummm, lesseee, someone who has no clue about international relations /// not so sure about that, his is a multinational company. I would trust him a little further than her. I don't see shining accomplishments coming from her tenure at State.

-history /// its in the past? ...I would say he has as good a grasp as anyone,

-how jobs are actually created by immigrants /// jobs are created by immigrants and non immigrants. Jobs are created by people in the position to create them. There is no push by him to suppress legal immigration, especially for imigrants that will create jobs. Illegal immigration seems to lose the "illegal" part when people argue against him. It is a strange phenomenon. The desire to regulate and process who comes into the country should be a bi-partisan priority. Wealthey dems and repubs alike make $$ from companies that employ illegals at shameful wages.

and how much of a disaster isolationist polices have been in the past /// Not looking to become isolationist, just to be able to compete with countries that can manipulate their currencies and do not pay their workers living wages.

plus a few bonus points -
-he doesn't pay taxes (cheats) /// he pays taxes, being able to spread a large loss against income over years is a part of established tax law. Not being able to do so would further wipe out jobs at his business. Everyone should stop making claims against the interest on their mortgages or stop taking deductions for their armies of children. In essence it ends up being the same thing. Orange haired man should have released his taxes up front like everyone else. What we would really learn from them beyond previously released financial dox is hard to tell.

-he doesn't pay the people who do work for him (litigious douche) /// no one should do any business with his company. I wonder why they keep on?

-he is a racist /// in the same vein as if you don't like the current president's economic policy, you must be a racist. If trying to get minorities jobs instead of handouts is racist, I guess that's a new one for Miriam Webster.

-he exports jobs to GHINA (as he calls it) /// he would probably say everyone else does it. Kind of hard to export construction jobs to vaCHINA!

-and fools people into thinking he would somehow "fix" trade with GHINA that simply ain't broke. /// labor cost disparity, Yuan manipulation / devaluation plus try to sell stuff from the U.S. to Jina, not so easy, where'd that tariff come from?

-Go ahead and vote for the fucker - it's a free country. /// for now.

There will be no changing of minds. Only maybe an analysis of the thought process.

Her / the Clinton family use / management of the foundation and her use of her office at State for shady $$ should be enough to give anyone pause.
He is a serious douche though, and America needs a good cleansing.

I hope I was able to provide some insight.

To stay on topic, I looked at my Olmo commuter this morning and thought, shit, gotta change that bar tape real soon.


JLRB said...

VSK - No, you weren't able to provide insight, but thanks for playing along.

Donald is not a racist because of policy positions - he is a racist in the plain sense of the word - nothing to do with Obama or Obama's policies. Donald is a racist in the sense that he calls out entire religions and nationalities, and questions the bias of a judge he thinks is Mexican (born in U.S.A) - and his failure to denounce the KKK is just plain fucking scary wrong. He feeds the hate machine and it feeds him.

Currency manipulation by China? Likely, but China's currency value has risen compared with the dollar. What Trump wants to do is devalue our currency, relatively - plain foolish - we pay more for goods/raw materials and get relatively less when we sell exports. C'mon that's just dumb.

And his understanding of how the international politics work? Compared with Hillary? He wants to pull out of NATO? Doesn't see the benefits of the position of power we created for ourselves... it goes on and on and down ...

This country was and is dependent on immigrants. Whose payroll deductions are going to pay the social security and retirement benefits for the scared-white-baby-boomers if there is no labor force working in the otherwise contracting working age population? We are lucky people (so far) want to come here and fill the gap for us. I agree immigrants should be legal - use and abuse of illegals should be stopped, but refusing entry to entire religions goes way beyond the pale (even if Donnie walked that back a bit it was still his rallying cry for the haters). Our children should also be willing to go pick crops but they are spoiled shits so they don't want to do the hard work.

From what I have read, the Clinton foundation has done a lot of good, but there may be some blurred lines there - usually is with big charities (including Donny's). If so, and if it rises to the level of criminal conduct and she gets impeached that is fine (as should he if (shudder) he wins). In fact, if either gets elected I'd be good with an impeachment and taking chances with the VP.

As for this being a free country, I have not heard Hilary threaten to lock anyone up, nor have I heard her name associated with hate groups.

And I am not a party line voter - I would have voted for Kasich over Hillary (or Bernie) if the Republican party would have let a somewhat middle of the roader anywhere near their platform. The rest of the R field were putzes, and Bernie is too revolutionary for my tastes.

But this is all mental masturbation - I do agree to not agree, and I agree to get on my bike and enjoy a ride home away from the pollsters and the pundits, with a stop for a pint.

1904 Cadardi said...


Unknown said...

vsk said ...

But wait, I just coughed up my Kool Aid! hahaha. Race does not have stuff to do with religion or nationality. He did denounce / disavow kkk stuff but it might not have been fast enough for some folks. The judge had other things going on besides nationality.
I did not see where he would look to devalue our dollar.
NATO has its drawbacks and needs some overhaul. The 300,000 troops being called up does not sound good. A little too much brinksmanship going on rt now. We made some of that bed and have to lie in it.

I was just joking about the free country stuff. There is some stuff to agree on.

We'll see. Good luck.

I propose Six Point Brownstone Ale !


dancesonpedals said...

Jobs are created by consumers buying products & services; this leads to businesses hiring people to meet the demand. Wealth trickles up, not down.

Anonymous said...

Just one comment on the currency / living wages / jobs / point.

There is something Trump (and many many americans) pretend not to know and Clinton couldn´t say on the debates: it doesn´t matter shit.

Sure, manufacturing jobs were lost and that is bad to those affected.

But for the rest of the US, the goods are cheaper, the profits are made by American companies or there is American money on the companies that sell the goods.

And the US keeps focusing on what matters: product develop and marketing, owning stuff, and, most important, controling the fucking financial world. That is the US business. And Trump is a bebeficiary of that. His real estate biz focus on the economic powers that be.

It's the 1% baby! Or better, the 0.001% The world is organized for them. The Big K. He knows. She knows. And deep dowqn, we all know as well.

BamaPhred said...

All this election talk makin me feel all Country Joe McDonald.

JLRB said...

Wait, I thought currency all revolved around the Chris King standard?

JLRB said...

Actually a confession - the one hesitation I have about Hillary is very shallow - she dresses like the world leaders in The Hunger Games and it creeps me out.

And another confession - I have hated The Donald ever since I first was forced by my bride to watch an episode of The Apprentice.

And last, a little fun for those who have not seen it http://www.salon.com/2016/11/08/watch-donald-trump-gets-booed-and-heckled-at-his-own-polling-place-then-seems-to-ensure-sure-wife-melania-voted-for-him/

babble on said...

Mr Holmberg - you forgot to mention a collective social conscience. Awareness is all, and the Swedes really do seem to get it. And that always comes with a liberal attitude toward sexuality, along with respect for women, a combination which almost always makes for a happy population. Um, and Swedish novelists are amongst my favourite in the whole wide world. Steig Larsson might be the best known, but he is only the tip of a brilliant iceberg.

Mr VSK, I don't know where you get your information from, but I repeat: when the Whole Entire World - yes, we are talking about global agreement here (outside Russia and North Korea)- when the whole world is telling you that you're wrong, please DO stop and question your sources. Your man Trump is clearly a lying, racist, narcissitic, mysogynistic, racketeering, sexual predator who is unfit for life outside prison, much less the office of commander in chief. Ferfucksake, he scammed his way out of fucking service and now you want him to lead the troops? Wake. Up. Fox has outfoxed you into supporting a man whose interests lie contrary to yours, and to anyone else's other than his own.

With all due respect. :) xo

Anonyserendipity @ 4:20 and DOP (my favourite time of day:) Yep. Pretty much the olny way to wrest power and influence from the hands of the most degenerate of global conglomerates and the 0.0001% who benefit most from them is to excercise discretion every time you pull out your wallet and buy something. The whole fucking lot of us enable corruption at the highest levels every time we purchase shit we don't actually need. Stop buying into the bullshit and you take back your power. K. Hopping off the soapbox now. Good luck my American friends. If worse comes to worst, Canada is a big place, and unlike the orange crazy man up there, we're not afraid of a few immigrants. You're always welcome here. :)

Spokey said...

just got back from riding to the polls. was a tad chilly i thought. it was an unusually big turnout. i had to wait in line for two people in front of me plus the person then voting.

the top was easy as there is no way the hemorrhoids are going any way but hrc. so, as my vote wouldn't make a diff, i didn't have to vote for either idiot at the top.

i must say though that i pretty much agree with vsk.

as for JLRB's response i do note that

Donald is a racist in the sense that he calls out entire religions and nationalities, and questions the bias of a judge he thinks is Mexican (born in U.S.A

i wasn't aware that religion or nationality were races. my recollection is that he does know where the judge was born and had said something about the judge's parents being born in (or from ) mexico.

i think we have used religious test in the past for immigration. we certainly have used nationality a la the Immigration Act of 1882 only to up the ante by banning the whole continent in the Immigration Act of 1917. that said, of course the idea of the religious test is both stupid and unenforceable.

i do agree about impeachment. shucks, we simply don't use it enough. but my prayer is simply that trump wins and then declares "just kidding and steps down. i believe the constitution then has pence step up without any major disruption although given our current society, i'm sure the lawsuits will fly.

leroy said...

My dog told me not to wait up for him.

That's not the odd part though.

He asked to borrow the crappy tie I got as a gift 10 years ago and has been sitting in a box ever since.


babble on said...

oh, and from yesterday's conversation:

Bad Boy - Thank you. I'm sure that some see my anger as inappropriate, and yet I can't shake this overwhelming sense of absolute outrage at the general public's mentality that the loss of lives at the hands of careless drivers is somehow ok, or par for the course. All it would take to drastically reduce the death count is a) stop fucking subsidizing the oil and gas industries (one Trillion dollars a year is obscene!); b) make drivers pay their full share of infrastructure costs, including carbon tax; and c) systematically target and penalize bad driving habits. Cameras and GPS are cheap and effective.

Et voila: the world would have a lot more cyclists and far fewer distracted, asshole motorists.

Lost soul: Um, the first time I saw a fat bike it caught my eye... did that bore you, too???

dancesonpedals said...


When I was growing up in the sixties, 50% of all US income went to the top 30% of US households. Now, 50% of all income goes to the top 10% of households. (and half of that, about 24% goes to the top 1%, and 8% to the top 0.1%

On the other end, the bottom 50% of US households (median income about 50k, so every household under 50k) take in 10% of the income pie (funny how they don't pay federal income tax. They don't have money left over*)

Anyway, with a big hunk of the country living on minimum wage, buying cheap goods at Walmart that were imported from China, I don't get a warm fuzzy feeling from American Investors making money on this deal. Especially when 6 Walton family heirs out earn (or is it personal wealth, which is more lopsided) the bottom third of the country.

I'm sick of my patients buying only a weeks worth of pills from the prescriptions I write because it costs too much money.

HRC is in favor of raising the minimum wage. Increased social security and fixing the gaps in the ACA. I'm sorry she blew George Soros, but she went home with Bill.

*Think Dan and Roseanne. Two shitty jobs about 25k each, 3 kids, car payments/rent etc. living paycheck to paycheck. THAT's THE MEDIAN!

**I'm a hypocrite who uses a iphone from china who drives a mazda and rides Taiwan steel. Though the Milwaukee looks nice.

Anonymous said...

I want Trump to win because it might be fun to watch, he might shake things up worldwide (disclaimer: not American). Although I suspect he will walk the line like the rest of them.

Two degrees said...

Someone I know knows someone they know that knows someone that they know that Trump is an a@#_hole.

Anonymous said...

Based on such a short post, my guess is that your kids had the day off from school.

Captain Confusion said...

Two degrees

Is that you Harry?

bad boy of the north said...

Okay..which candidate is for bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure and which one is the one who will be a triggers breath away from the button?

Anonymous said...


I hear you. I just wanted to show how things are. First step to fix a problem is to acknowledge it. But not many seem to do. And the battle is mighty, of course. Those who point this things out are called loony lefties, unpatriotic. Like Gore Vidal said - I love the American Republic but hate the American Empire, or something like that.

Anon 4:20

bad boy of the north said...

Okay...snob,sir.thanks for giving us place to vent.by the way... where's narwhal?

leroy said...

BamaPhred @ 2:35 --

My dog ended his presidential campaign a few months ago.

He said the presidency is a serious job for serious folks and seemed like a lot of work.

And if folks found out he could talk, there'd be so many questions.

But he figures at the Parties' parties in NYC this evening, no one is going to notice a talking dog cadging hors d'oeuvres.

Unknown said...

vsk said ...

So, Ms. Babble, what are you really trying to say ?? hahaha

Anyway, hopefully we can all stay united over 2 wheels!


geraldo said...

“Mike Pence Rides Bicycle Before Heading to Polling Place.” This isn’t an endorsement… http://www.breitbart.com/live/2016-election-day-live-updates/mike-pence-rides-bicycle-polling-place/ I used to ride to vote too, but with the mail in ballots in WA. State, now I ride to post my ballot. Cheers,

Anonymous said...


Spokey said...


after riding to the polls, i hit the post office on the way home to pick up the mail. two birds, one biek ride.

little peaches says they all mail in their votes in portlandia too but she thinks there might be some physical polls to visit if you want.

i expect a report from leroy's dog tomorrow on whether hrc or djt had the best horses duevers.

Pathetic Old Cyclist said...

I just voted. Now I need to go home and take,a,long hot shower. I dont think I will feel clean for a long time.

JLRB said...

VSK - For sake of argument, let's agree he is a bigot - that covers race and religion in my mind.

Geraldo - Pence's bike is totally cross-chained! (But at least he and his wife are riding - there is hope for humanity)

Spokey said...

just turned on the tube. figured i'd start drinking coffee spiked with bourbon.

they were playing clips of the campaign. heard the best one of all season:

hrc - "friends don't let friends vote for trump"

Anonymous said...

Fredly de Fredlyburg:

10 government is only corrupt on a small scale
9 lots of non city riding
8 people appreciate summer A LOT
7 When winter comes we still go outside and play
6 government-issued medicare card
5 If you avoid the middle part, mountains!
4 Our french are generally only mildly annoying
3 If you do it right, Vermont is only an hour away
2 Beer's good
1 Water (21st century is gonna be grim in a lot of otherwise nice places)

Anonymous said...

Add to the list of easy excuses ---- Medical Emergency

That's why i jumped the curb and was driving on the walking path


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Century Podium!!

Spokey said...

not sure i should congrats an anon for the century, but will offer congrats in the spirit of bike-partisan support.

in other news, i already can't take it and switched off election news. but i'm still quaffing my coffee & bourbon

Sam Clements said...

"And if you can't vote because you're not a US citizen, please list 10 awesome things about your country in the comments below..."e

Good Tom Sawyer move there, Mr. Snob. Get your readers to fill your Blog with content while you take the rest of the day of. Was pretty good until the comments sections descended into politics...

Anonymous said...

Sam, what do you think happens every day around here?

camembert teuton said...

1: beer
2: great engineering
3: beer
4: mountains
5: beer
6: top organization
7: beer
8: econonmy doing great
9: beer
10: beer everywhere, always

Anonymous said...

babble on:

Have you examples of where any part of your three-point plan has been implemented?

Another excellent application of widespread GPS and camera technology might be the bedroom of every citizen. Imagine the savings to the health system when women participating in unsafe or unprotected sex are on their own in paying for all pregnancy or STD related services. That's a winner!

Unknown said...

Gimme an eff!

No Wall Up There Either said...

1. Babble's Legs
2. Cradle to grave health insurance.
3. Beaver (see #1)
4. Maple Syrup
5. RCMP - cool uniforms
6. 1/2 of Niagara Falls
7. The buck is called a Looney.
8. Will take 250,000 American Refugees if Donald wins.
9. Commie Canuck
10. Babble's mouth, tongue and throat.

BCing You said...

1. Babble lives here.
2. Wreck Beach.
3. Year round road biking. (If you don't mind rain and a few days of slush)*
4. Wednesday weed emporiums on every corner.
5. Starbucks on every corner.
6. Top Politician surfs.
7. Wednesday weed emporiums on every corner.
8. Pamela Anderson.
9. Beaver tails.
10. Wednesday weed vendors on Wreck Beach.

*West coast winters.

Persia said...

Come to Oz, Snobbie

[sings, to the tune of Cabaret] "Right this way, your helmet's waiting..."

fourhourerection said...

Libertarian here. Lob help us, maybe Johnson will throw the vote to Congress.(Part of it).

Anonymous said...

What have you stupid yanks done?!?

Deepfried said...

Watching the vote in 1-10 beer and bikes...getting serious, sorry, no joke...you and your wife and 17 others should leave quick!

Anonymous said...

Remember in Russia, votes count you

Anonymous said...

Totally rigged

We the People Have Spoken said...

Hooray!!! Hillary Lost!!!!

I will admit The Donald is the third worse candidate for US President in this century. The only, and I mean the only single solitary reason anyone would even consider voting for him would be if he ran against Obama or Hillary Clinton.

Now God's Judgement of America will continue. At least there is some reprieve. Hillary being president would have spelled the continuation of the end of America. Now we just have to endure the three hard licks from the drilled paddle swung by the Hand of God.

dancesonpedals said...

Four years of that orange shit stain.

Rinse clean in 2020

plastic injection molding said...

Thanks for your sharing.

Anonymous said...

"What have you stupid yanks done?!?"

At least you can take some solace in the fact we Yanks will suffer from our stupidity. (Non-Yanks are going to suffer as well, some undoubtedly more than we will. More proof that life is not fair.)

Anonymous said...

Predicting a late post to day...Mr. Snob has a lot to write about.

bad boy of the north said...

Lob help us all!

bad boy of the north said...

Hmmm....Costa Rica is looking pretty pretty good.well,my bags are packed....

Anonymous said...

President house and senate - now it's time to put up - fix all those problems - no results in 4 years? Getthefuckouttahere

Buffalo Bill said...

Ya know, growing up in mericas hat, there was a general attitude around here that yanks in general were selfish and not too bright. After travelling and meeting so many of them, I used to tell people that there are more smart, honest, and generous people in the states than we had given them credit for. Turns out I was wrong, the majority of ignorant morons has spoken.

Anonymous said...

What about careless bombing in middle East? Is it a felony or just enough not to vote HRC?

Anonymous said...

"What about careless bombing in middle East? "

That is called war. You could argue (as many have) war is or should be illegal. But keep in mind those who win wars get to change the laws to their liking. And in war, trying to be so careful you never make any mistake guarantee the other side wins. Do you know who the other side in in the middle east?

Farouk Hadmadi said...

The Christians?

Fred Fredriksen said...

This is all too complicated and depressing to condense into a few words, a multi-volume book, perhaps. Most of the people I meet are decent folks. But the people don't run the country or the world. It is run by multi-national corporations/oligarchs. They tapped into the discontent of the people they're screwing and fooled us into electing a demagogue. Why pretend that America is a benevolent world leader, trying to promote democracy, equality and freedom?
Of course HRC is corrupt. That doesn't make that orange a-hole any less of a scumbag.
Do people really think things are going to get better? I sure the fuck don't, but I've always been cynical. I'm just glad I'm not young and that I don't have kids.
I hope this comment section doesn't degenerate into the same political shit-show we see elsewhere. Has anybody ever changed their mind because of internet trolls? The commenters here are sometimes funny and the regulars actually seem to be decent people, rather than the know-it-all d-bags lurking elsewhere.
Snob usually echoes my sentiments pretty well and articulates them better than I can. Other than that, all I can say is, "shit."


Ignoramus Nation Speaks!

wishiwasmerckx said...

Fred Fredrickson, but I am a know-it-all douchebag!

Anonymous said...

Farouk, if the Christians in the middle east are on the other side than you, you have been beating pretty severely recently lately, both figuratively and literally. Maybe only the Yazidis have been getting it worse than the middle east Christians.

Time for tic tacs, pussy and hate said...

"It is trying to divide this country up," he said. "It is telling us that we are supposed to hate Muslims, we are supposed to hate Mexicans, if we are men we are supposed to hate women, we are supposed to hate anyone who is different than we are."

JLRB said...

OK - Back to bike stuff. The guy I didn't want to win won - not the first time. Just to make sure all is right in the world, I rode my ably fenderred bike in the rain to work today. Wheels still work, gravity is still there, rain is still wet, and people still suck despite the election results.

Anonymous said...

"Do you know who the other side in in the middle east?" Yes, Saudi Arabia or Iran, according to your view if you like Donna Sunni or Shia LeBouef. And US has not declared war with/to any of them.

Anonymous said...

We The People have Spoken @ 12:35

LOL and Well Said.. three hard licks indeed.

And for you scared little liberal woosies that are now apologizing for America.. HTFU..

You got your ass handed to you.. fine, now offer the hand that is being extended to you from the "deplorables" get yourself back on your feet, dust yourself off and get back in the ring.. Stop whining about it... In 4 years if you still feel so terrible then vote again for a move to the left.. If enough people agree with you then you win.. If not, maybe it's time to consider your own values and why they are not in sync with your fellow contrymen.

XXOO from Deplorable village in Trump Land.

JLRB said...

Anon a.k.a deplorable at math - getting fewer votes than somebody does not qualify as handing anyone their ass - and it sure isn't a mandate for Trump or conservatism. Enjoy the village while you can.

BikeSnobNYC said...


Plus Clinton actually won the popular vote and thus got MORE votes than Trump.

School system in Trump Land must not be so good.

--Wildcat Etc.

Anonymous said...

"vote again for a move to the left" How actually is it possible to do that, since Dem and Rep share the same boatload of right-wing policies?

Good thing is that the majority of southcanadians voted nobody.

Anonymous said...

This must be Sweden. Quite the same in Finland but bit more gloomy way.

ddp said...

Election day is a good day for all democracy