Thursday, May 28, 2015

Putting the "In" In "Injustice"

The sporting world is all abuzz with this whole FIFA kerfuffle, which much to my chagrin has not yet yielded a headline along the lines of "FIFA FAUX FUM: FEDS FELL FOOTBALL FELONS."  It has, however, made for some interesting reading.  Consider this for example:

For the most obvious example of this, look to Qatar. The decision to award the 2022 World Cup to the rich Gulf state with a terrible human rights record was a controversial one right out of the gate. There have been extensive allegations of bribery: why else, some figured, award the Cup to a tiny country with sweltering summer heat and no soccer culture to speak of?

Why indeed?  Besides the piles of dead migrant workers, there's no civil liberty in Qatar:

Qatari law does not permit the establishment of political bodies, forums for debate, professional syndicates or trade unions.  There are no civil society organizations for human or citizens’ rights, nor any association or institution with a focus on public affairs.  There is no transparency regarding major public policy decisions.  Qatar's income, expenditure, and investment of public wealth are unknown.

Though there is flogging for "illicit sexual relations:"

Flogging is used in Qatar as a punishment for alcohol consumption or illicit sexual relations.

Which somehow they manage to reconcile with building a stadium that looks like a giant vagina:

However, Qatar is a great place if you like getting stoned:

("Which way to Qatar, man?")

No, silly, not that kind of stoned.

THIS kind of stoned:

Stoning is a legal punishment in Qatar.  Apostasy is a crime punishable by the death penalty in Qatar.  Blasphemy is punishable by up to seven years in prison and proselytizing can be punished by up to 10 years in prison.  Homosexuality is a crime punishable by the death penalty for Muslims.

Wow.  I'm all for appreciating the folkways of different cultures, but Qatar fucking sucks.

Anyway, I'm sure it won't surprise you to learn that if the scumbags at FIFA are willing to jump into bed with this country then they'll find cycling already in there and fellating the Emir, for Qatar will be hosting the 2016 UCI Road World Championships:

Not only is it hot as balls in Qatar, but there aren't even any climbs, which are like kind of a little bit important in bike racing:

None of the routes will contain climbs with the race organisers stating that they did not consider creating artificial climbs for the events.

To their credit, it's a good thing they're not building any artificial climbs, because that's probably like five dead migrant workers per meter of elevation.

So why is Qatar so keen on hosting sporting events?  Well, apparently they want to host the Olympics one day, because they're filthy fucking rich:

And why the effort? Most communities pay to host the worlds to bring in tourism dollars. Qatar, however, is rich — the richest country in the world in 2010 according Forbes magazine. Its move is not for tourism. It is hosting the worlds and other events, like soccer’s World Cup in 2022, to eventually bring in the Olympics.

“Everybody knows — it’s not a secret — that we have ambitions for the Olympics,” Sheikh Khalid said. “We must test every discipline to show it can performed with success in Qatar.”

Yes, every discipline can be performed with success in Qatar, provided its not a sex act that goes against Sharia law.

Of course, cycling and ethical bankruptcy have always gone together, but if you're looking for someone to credit with marrying cycling and out-and-out human oppression then look no further than Eddy Merckx:

Not only did Merckx create the Tour of Qatar, but he's also race director of the Tour of Oman.  You know Oman--it's that place where you're not taking your next vacation:

The practice of torture is widespread in Oman state penal institutions and has become the state's typical reaction to independent political expression.  Torture methods in use in Oman include mock execution, beating, hooding, solitary confinement, subjection to extremes of temperature and to constant noise, abuse and humiliation.  Since 2011, the Omani government has arrested and tortured many Omanis, and there have been numerous reports of torture and other inhumane forms of punishment perpetrated by Omani security forces on protesters and detainees.  Several prisoners detained in 2012 complained of sleep deprivation, extreme temperatures, and solitary confinement.

Wow, that's bad.  In fact, they sound almost as bad as America!

At least they abolished slavery--in 1970:

Oman was the one of the last nations on earth to abolish slavery in 1970.

Yeah, that's 1970 A-friggin'-D.

If slavery was legal in your country until the release of "Led Zeppelin III" then that's seriously fucked up.

Anyway, you may remember this past year when riders' tires exploded during the Tour of Oman owing to the extreme heat, and Merckx basically dismissed their concerns as nothing more than a bunch of whining:

Merckx retorted that had the peloton been racing, the heat would not have been a concern.

“It was only 38 [100°F], that’s not so hot,” he said. “The problem was that the riders came down in a bunch and everyone was braking. If they would’ve been racing, coming down one by one, the problem wouldn’t have occurred.”

He added that the race’s future was at stake.

Right, that would be terrible if Merckx's filthy revenue stream dried up because the riders have a self-preservation instinct.  Sadly Freds are so busy whacking off to what this guy did 40 years ago that nobody notices what an asshole he is:

(Eddy Merckx on his way to victory in the 1970 Tour de France--the year Oman abolished slavery.)

Meanwhile, here in America's Most Bike-Friendly City according to Bicycling magazine, the transit workers' union is bravely fighting for their right to run you the fuck over with their buses, and to this end they've filed a class action suit against Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City of New York:

New York City’s Right of Way Law (known as Section 19-190 of the NYC Administrative Code or Local Law 29) helps protect pedestrians on dangerous city streets. The law makes it a possible misdemeanor crime when a driver fails to yield and kills or injures a person walking in the crosswalk with the right of way. The law can work two ways: If a driver fails to yield but doesn’t cause an injury, the driver may be fined up to $100; if the driver causes physical injury or death, the driver may be fined up to $250 and in theory be sentenced to up to 30 days in jail, though this is highly unlikely for the first offense.

Now, if you're not from New York, you're probably stunned that it took until 2014 for the city to pass a law like this.  Really, it's the pedestrian equivalent of Oman not banning slavery until 1970.  So you'd think this would be a good thing, only now the transit workers' union doesn't feel like it should apply to them:

In fact, here's what they say in their complaint:

...the statute, which is applied only to motor vehicle operators, is so vague that it “does not give a person of ordinary intelligence a reasonable opportunity to know what is prohibited.” 

Wow.  So the transit workers' union is saying that their members aren't smart enough to understand that you're not supposed to run over people in the crosswalk when they've got the "Walk" signal?

If I were a bus driver I'd be pretty pissed off.

Anyway, in addition to the lawsuit the union has also been fighting a propaganda war via social media (I wrote about it here), in which they've been portraying bus drivers as lovable hardworking Ralph Kramdens who just can't help running over people now and then:

("Bang!  Zoom!  Straight to the Moon!," I says to the pedestrian.)

And pedestrian and cycling advocates as rich Sorbonne-educated beret-wearing elitists whose sole purpose in life is to destroy the working class via a twin-pronged assault of safe streets legislation and extreme gentrification:

The only problem with all this is that the union's whole PR campaign is about 30 years out of date, and today most Americans would kill for the level of compensation and benefits that union members enjoy.  Furthermore, the transit workers and the advocates are all getting priced out by people who are way too rich to give a shit about any of this, because people who are driven around in Suburbans and Escalades don't care about bus drivers or pedestrians.

Seriously, it's getting to the point that the only way you can afford to live in New York City is to be an investment banker or a union higher-up or a lawyer who represents unions or something.

Indeed, when you strip the whole anti-Vision Zero Law of its dated classist rhetoric, it looks a lot like a special interest with lots of political power unduly using their clout to fuck you.

Anway, since the heart of the union's argument seems to be that they don't want to see their members taken away in handcuffs, I've got a settlement offer for them: instead of being taken to the police station in cuffs when you run somebody over, you can have the choice of traveling by Access-A-Ride instead.

I bet they'll choose the cuffs.

I notice the pedestrian's airbag helme(n)t didn't deploy either.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Not first!

Unknown said...

17. Art forms that appeal to modern leftish intellectuals tend to focus on sordidness, defeat and despair, or else they take an orgiastic tone, throwing off rational control as if there were no hope of accomplishing anything through rational calculation and all that was left was to immerse oneself in the sensations of the moment.

Anonymous said...

Spincter or sphincter? You decide.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Wow! For only $150 you get to injure or kill someone. That's cheap. I'll take two.

Ricochet said...


Dave said...

Don't you love it when sweat starts accumulating in whatever absorbent material your helme(n)t might have, and then suddenly (at a bad moment of course) runs down your forehead and blinds you with salt? That why mine is more air holes than foam. I know, it's only a placebo, but I like it.

Comment deleted said...


PotbellyJoe said...

Meanwhile the NY Post is harassing Jason Marshall, the guy who strava-ed the lady to death in Central Park.

Killer Cyclist Gives Son A Lesson in How to Break the Law


He jumped a red light. He must be stoned to death. The mob has spoken.

I for one was happy to see that the US who hates soccer and doesn't really give two craps about what FIFA thinks of them go after FIFA in a way that will in all likelihood destroy the current leadership of the organization. We're the only country that would even consider it because we really don't care about soccer enough to consider what might happen to the game.

It's basically the reason we haven't gone after the NFL ever. We would worry what it would look like after it was dragged through the mud for 7 years.

JB said...

If I were to surprise the wife with a weekend trip to Manhattan, NYC, NY this fall, when would be a good time to visit? Where would be a good place to stay (areas and/or hotels)? Do you take boarders, Snob?

1. I'm the kind of guy that would not want to be there when every other schmuck is there to see the "just beeyootifull" leaves in Central Park (or equivalent) and the hotel prices are sky high. I would show up the weekend before or after, when the leaves are kinda cool, but there are not as many schmucks.
2. Same with hotels: a decent hotel in a decent area. I'm a Shimano 105 guy, not Dura Ace.
3. I probably won't mount a bike while in town (tiny chance for a Citibike - over to Brooklyn?).
4. We'll probably see a Broadway show, go to some museums, walk around, and eat food.
5. I love you all.

Bryan said...

Absolutely brilliant.

Today is my last day on East Coast time for the next 16 days...headed to Santa Barbara. Any of you lovely commenters out that way? If so, drop me a message and let's meet up for a few drinks.

theEel said...


Serial Retrogrouch said...

why grown up watch sports beats me. but then again, i don't get much about grown ups any more... i only hang out with toddlers these days... they don't care about being fredly...

bad boy of the north said...

o man,that sux!

Captain Obvious said...

Sorry, but 100 degrees is hotter than balls. Balls like it a little less than body temperature. If you want it to be exactly hot as balls, you need it to be like 96 or 97 degrees...

PotbellyJoe said...


First major consideration, are you bringing a car?

If not, I liked to stay at the Marcel in Gramercy for touristy stuff. It was too far away from most of the big stuff, but close enough that I could do Brooklyn, Midtown, SoHo, etc. without having to stay in any one of those areas and therefore overpaying for it.

They're prices were reasonable for when I used to overnight in NYC.

In general I hated the hotels in NYC though, so there's always that.

Spokey said...


teach me to go pedaling in the am.


top one million

Anonymous said...


JLRB said...

Brill-F'n-iant post'n

Qatar sux - check; so does a lot of other places near Qatar - check; NYC transit union has its head up its ass - checkmate.

Query - Why did the guy in the white shirt run away after the guy in the pink shirt got run down by the not-so-smart Volvo? Does he think stupidity is contagious? Or did he prank him and it went too far?

(cupcakes count as food)

Skiing in Qatar said...

"Which somehow they manage to reconcile with building a stadium that looks like a giant vagina:" It's official name is "Stade Babble du Pink Canoƫ" They'll probably be awarded the Winter Olympics.

Everbody said...

I hope at least one of the FIFA officials in the dragnet fell to the ground holding his knee. (most obvious joke in the world)

BikeSnobNYC said...


Please do not patronize the legions of people illegally renting out their apartments through AirBnB, turning residential buildings into hotels, and annoying the fuck out of their neighbors.

Thank you,

--Wildcat Rock Machine

Epstein's mother said...

USA is mad it didn't win the World Cup. Which of course is because of "corruption" and because it's hot in Qatar, not because the team is no fucking good!

crosspalms said...

The members of the Sheikhs and Potentates Club of New York strongly protest your characterization of us being driven around in Suburbans and Escalades. We prefer Mercedes. One must look good when in the business of driving up real estate prices.

Anonymous said...

Rinse shux.

PotbellyJoe said...

Thank you Snobbie,

AirBnB has made me rethink things like Uber. Maybe the TLC has a point.

It's better left to the professionals. Even if you hate the professionals and those professionals aren't really professional. It's better because regular people suck.

Lonely Planet Traveler said...

" Same with hotels: a decent hotel in a decent area."

That would be nor NYC.

crosspalms said...

There's still time to get tickets for Disney on Ice in Qatar. Might feel good in that 100-degree temperature.

grog said...

Bought my first 10-speed in 1970--the year Oman abolished slavery.

Grump said...

Oh noes, you're picking on Saint Eddy. That is not allowed. Saint Eddy has been in a tizzy since he learned that a certain rider, whose name cannot be mentioned, used performance enhancing drugs. He was so shocked, I say shocked, that he fell into a deep depression that caused him to turn to the dark side. He snapped back to his old dark self when he remembered his own "youthful discretions". (memory is a funny thing when you get old) He finally said "F it, what's a little torture, there's money to be made".

Anonymous said...

Just made reservations through the Expedia for NYC vacation over the 4th.
Airfare was 246$ round trip OHare to LaSnobia.
Got into good hotel for 225$/night.
The Standard on the west side was $277. Seems pretty cheap for summer in New York. Maybe everyone is going to Europe this year.
Tried VRBO, but took owners too long to get back to me.
Don't need to bring bike. Plenty of loose ones laying around.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Leroy's Dog for the pdf homework.

James said...


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Dang! you guys are old. In 1970, The year Oman abolished slavery I was trying out my first recumbent cradle.

Spokey said...


i was smooching with spousy. yep, all year. actually only after going back to the banks of the raritan after having dropped out for the 2nd time.

Anonymous said...

The plaintiffs, besides TWU, are bus drivers who ran over people in the crosswalk, and are complaining that they might get in trouble or lose their jobs. It take serious balls to run a person over with a bus and then call yourself a victim.

Anonymous said...

Not sure which is more tiresome, Ted K.'s inapt comments or Snob's helme(n)t rants.

leroy said...

My dog gave me some papers and a hat and sent me out on a Citibike to conduct an experiment for him.

Don't know what he's trying to prove, but always happy to help.

I will say he looks funny in a lab coat holding a clip board.

Probably because he's not a lab.

wishiwasmerckx said...

Merckx? Lost control of his eponymous bike manufacturing empire. Indicted on criminal charges in Belgium. Believes that doping offences should be private matters of contract between a rider and his team.

Still the GOAT.

NOT changing my screenname.

p.s. Tell Axel I said hi...

Anonymous said...

vsk said ...

DB, steal some valor, put "the uniform" on and say "serve me my drinks now you damn commie hairballs!"

The Standard, famously not serving a military lady in uniform, ... during FLEET WEEK of all times! (Not enema week).

Otherwise, the place looks cool! Preetty close to the West Side Bike Path (Hudson River Greenway). I am sure there are plenty of Citibike stands all around.


The Crosswalk.
Seems to work well in LA, California. I even LOOK at a crosswalk in downtown LA and traffic stops, at the building line.

I am suprised, that this over-regulated nanny city state which almost banned the luxurious 40oz soda I have on my desk (I know, I'll never keep up on the next ride either!), has not found a way to stop traffic whilst pedestrianos are in the crosswalk. There should be some control where people can cross without relying on land yacht pilots to "use good judgement". Also, there are times when you can go one or two whole traffic light cycles without the crush of pedestrians letting up so cars can turn right.
Maybe more brigades of traffic control folks (Clint Eastwood crossing guards with 8" Bull Barrell .44 Smith + Wessons) to keep everyone at bay?

I don't know.

I got rained on last night and I don't want to repeat it today. X27 Spress Bus tonight. You need those times on the subway to remind you that, no matter how crappy some times, the bike ride in is so much better.

As Dr. Ruth would say, "Goot Lack TuYu! hehehehe!"


Anonymous said...

I have a poster personally signed by Eddy and Axel at the Vegas Bike Thing about ten years ago.
If I can find it, do you want it?

Anonymous said...

vsk meant to say ...

Also, there are times when you CAN'T go one or two whole traffic light cycles without the crush of pedestrians letting up so cars can turn right...


Anonymous said...

the NY Post is a piece of fucking shit. The bottom line is the guy wasn't charged with anything and they have opted to smear him and his innocent child on the front page of their tabloid which is not even fit for whipping your ass. I hope the get sued for libel. Not defending the guy as I don't know exactly what happened or who was at fault, but neither does the fucking Post. A slow news day, no problem lets go after this evil cyclist and if his young son is collateral damage so be it. Fucking cunts.

wishiwasmerckx said...

DB, abso-fuckin-lootly! I have a signed hat, musette and jersey. None of them say "to wishiwasmerckx."

wishiwasmerckx said...

...also, not to brag or anything, but I'm getting pretty, pretty good at identifying pictures of various foods.

benDE said...

DB- All you assholes are coming to Europe? Do us a favor here and leave your 'freedom' at home.

Oh, don't bring Kevin Fasic, Shawn Cohen, Frank Rosario or Danika Fears either. That type bullshit journalism was practiced here during the Weimarer and led to an eventual shitshow where 'the people' found journalists so ridiculous it was easy for assholes in paramilitary uniform to shut them down. But rest assured, for the time being all four of them are getting pigsweaty drunk on the tab from their chief editor as the clicks roll in....

This Jason Marshall chap was sold as a real asshat since he became world famous. However, his reaction to being baited by aforementioned journalists of “I don’t know. I had nothing to do with any of that. I’m sorry.” is a level of cool composure I would have never mustered.



Anonymous said...

Okay, WIWM, I'll look for it this weekend and get back to you Monday.
If you're lucky, I'll also find the bonus Roberto Heras signed poster.

Anonymous said...

Dave at 12:06

Where a cotton cycling cap under the helmet -- No drips, comfy in cool weather. When hot, you can pre-wet it (and your hair) for the evapo-cooling. Brim helps with sun. When it rains, put the full baseball cap brim under there, and the rain won't get in your eyes.

I have a snobby cap, but unfortunately my head is too big/it's a bit too small. One of these days I'll special order an XXL.

JB said...

Idea to keep the Olympics out of Qatar: get extra-marital sex approved as an Olympic sport.

Just spitballing here...

benDE said...

Dave @ 12:06-

I first put on one of those silly cycling beanies under my helment because I thought it would bring me to an even higher level of cool (I know, impossible, right?) It worked but as an added benefit it absorbs the sweat and lets it evaporate away from my previously dripping face.

That was back in the day when I was still a slave in Oman so today being cool harder to pull off with the hair coming out of my ears and all.... anyway, the hat still works as it ever did.

Damn I was a good lookin slave....

Anonymous said...

annon @ SAME FUCKING TIME!!! That advice about the hat was some transoceanic channeling greatness. Well done.

babble on said...

Leroy - dem dere papers look like something a person might submit to the courts, say, to insist that in fact, despite the transit union's claims, running people over in the crosswalk when they have the right of way IS, in fact, a criminal act, one deserving of more consequence than just a ridiculously small fine.

I like the Marcel in Gramercy, too! Stayed there a few times...

:'( Sniff. Oh Snobi Wan, it's too true... it's hopeless. I will never be a proper racer if the only place I stand a chance of winning a road race is in hotter'n'balls Quatar.

What a bleak day. Everywhere that there's money, there's undue influence and absolute corruption. Our governments don't give a damned about us, or the health of this planet, and they never will. All they care about are their corporate sponsors. Profit Above All: money matters more than anything else. That's why pro sports will always be a hotbed of scandal and criminal activity, and in a convoluted way, it's also the reason why it will never be a serious criminal offense to use your car to kill people.

Sigh. I need a good ride. Even if I'll never move fast up a hill, I can still feel better for trying.

Anonymous said...

annon @2:05

A 'slow news day' does not lead 4 (!) journalists to stumble upon this idea. This was a methodical, vindictive, paparazzi take-down. And to be quite honest, having said that, they executed an incredibly shitty job at even that!

What a bunch of scumbags.

wishiwasmerckx said...

DB, great, the Heras poster would look nice next to my (pre-Davis Phinney) Connie Carpenter autographed poster.

BTW, isn't Heras the poor shmo who had to ride a bike set up to Lance's exact specifications throughout the TdF in case Lance had an equipment failure and he was called upon to switch out bikes? Can you imagine how much harder the climbs of the tour must be if you had to ride them on a bike that didn't quite fit you?

wishiwasmerckx said...

...although I am sure that all the dope went a long way towards overcoming that obstacle.

JB said...

wishiwasmerckx: Do the plebes in the TdF really have custom frames?

Anominious said...

That's inspiring! If they were able to abolish slavery there in 1970, that means it's only a matter of time before they abolish it here in Canada's unwelcome next-door Airbnb rental!

PotbellyJoe said...


My favorite thing about staying at the Marcel is that since I have stayed there before and have a customer #, my room settings are recorded and when I went to stay again as soon as I put the card in the "occupied" slot when I entered the room, the A/C and lighting went to where I had them last set.

That's just good business.

I couldn't imagine having to ride a bike fit for someone else and then have to try to keep up, or at least close to, that rider so that he could steal my bike.

I'd probably hate him and spill the beans about his doping.

Anonymous said...

Babble on - You want ride? I give you ride of you life. Just grab tight of handle bar ... I push you right up hill to top, or as say climax

leroy said...

Babs --

I took a look at the papers my dog gave me. That's the complaint the TWULocal 100 filed that says that folks of ordinary intelligence don't know what the law about not running people over in crosswalks prohibits.

Wonder why my dog asked me to go play in traffic with that.

Oh well, there is much about the social sciences I don't understand.

JLRB said...

So a blow up of Bib-Short Guy could sell for $90,000?

BamaPhred said...

Did someone say old? I abandoned my COTS (crappy old three speed) in 1970 for a crappy old car that I could actually buy. It and a Paramount cost about the same.

RoadQueen said...

Let'see.......what was I doing in 1970?

Oh right, nothing. I didn't exist until 1982. That's when the world started to ROCK! B-)

That Volvo video was the funniest damn thing I've seen all day (although I hope the gents that got run the fuck over didn't get seriously injured). Idiots.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the whole unusual sex thing keep a majority of the IOC out of the country on fear of incarceration/execution? My guess is that Sheikh Khalid holds a few secrets of some freaky shit going down after sireing 24 children from three wives that would put him in violation of something.

Spokey said...

jeezy louweezee queenie

all buts one of my urchins (who btw had drum brakes) bees older than youse.

Pathetic Old Cyclist said...

Scranus Maximus, There seems to be a black cloud over the commentariat this evening! Even Leroy's Dog is a bit out of phase. Just gonna go to bed and hope for a better tomorrow.

wishiwasmerckx said...

JB, the manufacturers proudly brag that the tour frames are "off the shelf," and indeed it is quite expensive to make a one-off full carbon fiber frame. The difference comes in saddle height and fore/aft position, stem length, bar width, crankarm length, and the other things that transform the frame into your personalized dork chariot.

Heras's bike was set up to fit lance, not Heras.

Unknown said...

How will FIFA and Qatar resolve the beer thingy?

Anonymous said...

Snob, let's have a 45th anniversary ride in honor of Eddy and civil rights. Only plastic bikes made in China will be allowed.

wishiwasmerckx said...

Well, they may be made in China, but they are made by Taiwanese companies. Big difference.

Federico F. Fredriksen said...

Absolutely, Ryder - I can't imagine why in the world the UCI would check bicycles for hidden motors...

Holy Roller said...

In the days of the old testament, shit use to fly in those desert lands. God would let his chosen people lay waste to the people that were not into worshipping Him, and take them as slaves. Then He would get pissed at those self same chosen people because they started to worship a golden calf or something and He'd have them be layed to waste and taken in as slaves by the others that had once been wasted. There was always a lot of peoples getting layed waste to back then, good to see times have changed. Amen.

BamaPhred said...

Is being layed waste the same as getting laid and wasted?

Meanwhile, in the Dept of Babes said...

Road Queen "33" to you, as the Rolling Rock Bottles say. You the new Babble profile pic. Nice shot.

Dept of Babes said...

No No. Should read "Love the new Babble profile pic".

Move On, Nothing to See said...

Qatar & Oman + Cycling & FIFA. Sounds like a four way made in heaven.

David Pearce said...

Dear Snob,

You seem a skosh perturbed about the sharia law in Qatar and Oman.

I, for one, welcome our Sharia Overlords.

Also, the color of Eddie Merckx's teeth is not just out of bounds, but in fact, completely beyond the pale!

Eddie, as Cannibal, has eaten many kinds of flesh, and it is well known that some flesh can turn teeth into various wonderful & terrible colors.

McFly said...

My kiddo made the local HS Soccer team.

So I can relate to the FIFA debacle on a grass roots level.


JB said...

McFly, if you your kid made the team based upon how much $$$ you gave to the coach and/or school athletic director, then you are right on track.

McFly said...

What's this $$$ of which you speak? We only have the $ version.

JLRB said...

Fake Plastic Trees
Make Plastic Bikes

JLRB said...

A mile or so from worke this morning I saw a duder on a fake plastic Cervello, wearing the soup bowl of shame Giro Air Attack helment, riding through a crosswalk against the light while dinging his little bell. I felt shame .

JB said...

You have have color copiers, don't you McFly?

JLRB, a Slap Shot reference is always welcome.

babble on said...

Re: the new pic: Thank you! We aim to please!

Leroy - I am glad that you n'yer dog are on our side, cause I wouldn't want to mess with him.

Road Queen - yer just a tender young thang! In 1982 I fell in love with touring when the summer camp I attended took us on an outtrip cycling across Rogers Pass in Banff.

Snobbydoobydoo... even doctors and lawyers can't afford to buy a house in Vancouver. Twenty years from now, it will be a ghost town consisting of empty houses and condos, endless neighbourhoods of vacant investment properties belonging to Quataries and Wall St investment bankers.

Unknown said...

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emwe99 said...

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