Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cycling Under Attack! Things Are Tough All Over

So how much would you pay to run a cyclist down with your SUV in the Most Bike-Friendly City In America?  $1,500?  $1,000?  $500?  Well, if you act now, you can run down the annoying cyclist of your choice in New York City for the low, low price of $250.  That's only 5,306,250 Vietnamese Dong!

Of course, the cyclist did give the flat-brimmed fucktard the finger, so obviously he deserved to die:

According to Vaccaro and a witness affidavit [PDF], at around 5:00 p.m. on July 13, 2013, Michael (not his actual name) was riding his bike on Avenue B on the Lower East Side. Avenue B is a narrow two-way street with no bike lanes and parking on both sides. To avoid being doored, Michael was riding in the center of his lane. When a motorist approached Michael from behind, tailgating and honking, he responded by flipping the driver off.

Approaching the intersection of Avenue B and E. 13th Street, Michael slowed for a red light. According to the affidavit, the driver, still behind him, accelerated, striking the back of Michael’s bike and flipping him over the handlebars, causing him to hit his head on the ground. With Michael in the street bleeding from his face and head, the motorist swerved around him and attempted to drive off. A second motorist on the opposite side of the intersection tried to block the way, but the SUV driver went around the vehicle and left the scene.

Witnesses noted the SUV’s plate number, and the driver was identified by NYPD as 33-year-old Jose Henriquez, of Queens.

I'm not sure why the SUV driver attempted to escape, given the fact it's perfectly legal to mow down cyclists here in New York City.  Indeed, this turned out to be his fatal mistake, for the New York County District Attorney meted out justice in typical fashion and now he'll have to dip into his gold chain and body spray fund:

But on Monday afternoon, the assistant district attorney assigned to the case notified Vaccaro and Michael that, after consulting with her supervisor, Vance’s office offered to allow Henriquez to plead to leaving the scene of an accident with property damage. Henriquez accepted and was sentenced to a fine of $250.

Yep, $250 for what basically amounts to attempted murder.  That's not even a slap on the wrist--basically they just tickled his balls.  Then again, prosecutors are in a bind, since they have to make sure there's enough room in the prisons for all those low-level drug offenders.

This city should not be receiving accolades from cycling magazines.  We should be receiving sanctions from the United Nations.  Unfortunately that will never happen, since nobody benefits more from our motor-vehicular free-for-all than diplomats:

If you're ever riding in New York City and encounter a motor vehicle with diplomatic plates, my advice to you is to immediately take cover under the nearest parked car or subway grate until it passes, because a diplomat driver makes even the most maniacal cabbie look like a senior citizen on a Hoveround.

Meanwhile, down in the Land Frumunda, a reader informs me the guy running for Lord Mayor of Adelaide hates bikes with almost Rob Fordian passion, and to that end he proposed a 13 point "Car Friendly City Action Plan:"

First, he's going to get rid of the bike lanes:


“It’s insane giving a staggeringly small 0.8% of people 
20% of the road space.”

The proliferation of cycling lanes is out of control.

Everyday 130,000 workers commute into the city, predominantly by car (91%), by public 
transport (8%), and by bicycle, (a staggeringly small 0.8%).

Cycling lanes take up around 20% of effective roadway and numerous on-street car parks have 
been removed to make them. How did we end up with so many cycling lanes in Adelaide where 
there is clearly not the demand. The current Lord Mayor is driving this agenda at the expense of 
easy car access to the city.

Wow, 20% of the roadway in Adelaide is set aside for bikes?  That has to be an exaggeration.  I don't think even Amsterdam has that many bike lanes.  Either way, for good measure he's also going to make sure you have to wear your helment at all times, because he knows this is the absolute best way to prevent the growth of cycling while simultaneously pretending to care about cyclists:

Finally, Mark Hamilton supports the helmet law and won’t allow it to be rolled back in the 
future if he’s Lord Mayor.

Then, just in case you you decide "Fuck it, I'll just take the bus," he wants to get rid of bus lanes too:

“Just 8% of people use public transport. 
This will not change for generations. 
The rest must suffer inconvenience.”

He'll make a great Lord Vader.  I mean Lord Mayor.  If he fails to get elected, he should definitely move to Staten Island where residents would gladly make him their king.

Even in Portland, sub-Canada's erstwhile cycling nirvana, the situation continues to devolve, and recently some kind of AED (Artisanal Explosive Device) was discovered near Forest Park:

The Portland Police called in the bomb squad Saturday night to disarm an explosive device connected to a tripwire strung across a trail that leads into Forest Park.

According to a statement released this morning by the PPB, the tripwire was strung across Firelane 3, a wooded and overgrown old fire access road located east of NW Thompson Rd and accessible via Skyline Road from Thunder Crest Drive. Firelane 3 is open to bicycling and walking.

Here's the original report from The Oregonian, which tells the story of how the device was discovered:

But last Thursday the carefree walk from their Forest Heights home took a bizarre turn.

As they headed down toward the main trail, two men passed them. One was on a cellphone. Both men were sketchy and "were definitely not hikers,'' Colbach said. "It set off the hair on the back of my neck. They stuck out like a sore thumb."

Just before the couple entered the park with their Plott hound, Rhoda, Jennifer Colbach noticed a length of parachute cord stretched across the trail. They were headed toward Firelane No. 3 from the 4000 block of Northwest Thunder Crest Road off Northwest Skyline Boulevard.

"My wife said, 'Be careful here,' and she stepped over the cord," Mike Colbach said. "The dog stepped on it."

The line went slack and Jennifer Colbach noticed something move in the woods off to their right.

They continued on their walk and then went home. But the more Mike Colbach pondered the incident, the more it bugged him. So he went back Saturday.

What he found was chilling: The parachute cord was rigged to a three-quarter-inch-diameter pipe — open at one end, closed at the other — attached to a tree. There appeared to be a firing pin at the closed end. The cord was attached to a beer bottle that was supposed to swing down and strike the firing pin at the back of the device when the cord was tripped.

So they discovered the device on Thursday and didn't do anything about it Saturday?

The police might wanna take a look at these two is all I'm saying.

Lastly, Lance Armstrong may not be able to ride in George Hincapie's Gran Fondo after all:

Lance Armstrong may not, as previously reported, participate at the Gran Fondo Hincapie this weekend in South Carolina, due to the event’s sanctioning through USA Cycling.

Because of his lifetime ban, Armstrong is prohibited from participating in any event sanctioned by any signatory to the World Anti-Doping [WADA] Code.

What is at question is the status of the gran fondo, and how that lifetime ban applies.

Seems like time and money well spent on the part of USA Cycling.


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Unknown said...

Third. Really!

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dancesonpedals said...

Scranus today, Scranus tomorrow, SCRANUS FOREVER!!

JB said...

Guten morgen, Herr Rock Machine.

Top said...

Hey there

herzogone said...

Top ten.

crosspalms said...

Next we'll be game fodder in carnivals: "Knock over the cyclist, win a prize -- three shots for a dollar."

JB said...

The Bike Portland photographer guy still has a front derailleur? Get with the 1x revolution, bro-dog!

McFly said...

JB, Rode with a friend that has the 1 x 10 SCHRAMM yesterday.......and I quote him......."I really miss my granny gear!"

luiginine said...


samh said...

How do you do it, Snob? Day in and day incessantly hearing about the travesties of human transportation worldwide. Thank Lob you're so humorous because your subject matter is enough to make any rational person sick. Thanks for keeping your head up!

JB said...

McFly, I'm in Missurra (certainly no Colorado) and have a triple. I'm in the middle ring in downhill situations and in granny for the climbs. My big ring is essentially a bash guard.

If you've got the legs for it, though, good for you. You can shave an LB or so.

mikeweb said...

Anyone have Cy Vance's number? I want to see if I can pay $250 to take a giant shit on Jose's driver seat.

mikeweb said...

And on a related note, the only artisanal explosive device (AED) I've ever encountered was an Epic Burrito. It was on a time delay.

Bryan said...

Read everything, links included and still in the top 20? Cool! I thought about doing the Hincapie Fondo, but opted on an actual charity ride instead for a much lesser cost (still south cackalacky, though).

Anonymous said...

Samh said it best but I read this and get so depressed. Scranus.

Olle Nilsson said...

What's a Plott hound? I guess in Portlandia the media have to infer the cost of your dog instead of listing the cost of your bike and/or your lack of helment. Well, Rhoda, glad you're okay, whatever you are. Guess I'll go Google it now.

Anonymous said...

Mikeweb 10:42, early COD.

Snob, I was sure today's rant was going to be Thursday Styles Section of the NYT.

Freddy Murcks said...

Why is a grand fundo even sanctioned by USAC? That makes about as much sense as seeking official sanctioning for my morning masturbation ritual.

streepo said...

wouldn't that be " RobS FordSian passion"?


usac_loves_dopers said...

What is at question is the status of the gran fondo, and how that lifetime ban applies.

The only question for USA Cycling is, "how do we re-write the gran fondo release so it does not include the clause where the rider agrees to abide by the WADA rules and pretend it was that way all along?"

What a wretched lot of dopers running USAC. VeloNews is just playing along too. Sick, sick, sick.

ken e. said...

way too much articulation going on for this hour...

usac_loves_dopers said...


The UCI is trying to expand their worldwide dominance to all aspects of road bikeen Fredly activities.

Gran Fondos are a new thing in Canada's scranus, but bigger business in eye-taly and France.

The UCI wants their cut of the action that they have been missing and they are trying to get it through national federations like USAC.

Anonymous said...

I can understand the lack of criminal prosecution and convictions in some of these cyclist, pedestrian, vehicle incidents. What I don't understand is the lack of reporting on the personal injury and property loss judgements that just have to be resulting from some of the more egregious accidents. Because confidentiality agreements?

JB said...

Lance Armstrong can't legally purchase bikecycle parts. My source says that he has resorted to buying from craigslist and wearing a fat suit or having Matthew McConaughey make the purchases.

Anonymous said...

Adelaide is so small that a few bike lanes probably do make up 20 percent of it's road use, that being said it's pretty dumb or decadent to be driving in a city that is so small you can cross it from end to end at a medium walking pace in under fifteen minutes.

Joe K. said...

Snobi Wan,

Whats the fine if a bicyclist runs over a car? I promise you it's more than $250.

I think the key item missed in the NYPD's plea bargain is that cyclists are property according to them. I thought we had a war about people being property, but I was edumacated in the US, so i know nothing about history that doesn't include actors.

Unless of course he damaged other property in the act of fleeing and then he's only paying for that and the cyclist-murder is then free.

Vision Zero is awesome. Can't wait for Vision Negative 2 when they start to reanimate drivers who died the year before in accidents.

The nob from Aussie (the specific one in this article, as there are many who could fit this title) clearly missed the boat on distributive justice, i mean tax breaks only help corporations, but the rest of us still have to live with the government they buy for us.

Comment deleted said...

NYC cyclists are being advised by the NYPD to detach cleanly from their bicycles when hit from behind and to vault a safe distance away from said vehicle. This will avoid unnecessary property damage and inconvenience to the striking motorist.

Bicyclists are also warned not to get fleshy bits on motor vehicles which lawfully strike them.

Anonymous said...

The web.. pedia says "The Plott Hound is a large scent hound, originally bred for hunting boar."

What's in Lob's name is going on in the woods of Portland? Hunting down bores? I suppose in that case, the whole town should be on their toes.

Bryan said...

Snobi Won,
Someone posted this article on a bikecycle forum, and if you needed some good kickstarters to make fun of in the future, well, here ya go!

broken_computer_974597 said...

NYT really bolting those buzzwords together for that PR-disguised-as-news story.

a maker of samurai-inspired reflective capes that is run by a former Wallpaper editor.

In other words, a trust fund baby.

Bryan said...

the company selling reflective ballet slippers is also trying to make you walk in shit
Literally. Not even joking. And they are tryign to crowdsource the funding for it.

Anonymous said...

enough already, let the fucking guy do a fucking charity ride. he was doing what 99% of all pros were doing at the time, he was just better and more successful at it. If he were a pro football player he could beat his wife, his kid, take steroids, take other drugs, steal, make anti gay and racist comments, etc and maybe all of that together would result in a one year suspension or maybe not.

babble on said...

What. A. Day.

When I went to head out for my stoopid o'clock spin, there was a skunk on the welcome mat outside my door at five am, standing off against the cat, who was tethered there, hackles up like never before.

There was lightening and cold, cold rain as I spun my way through the park, though it did allow me to see the biggest coyote ever.

My yogurx exploded in my bag on the way to work and damaged one of my favourite pair of heels...

and now this. It's true. I don't want to believe it, but the evidence is clear. The whole world hates us cyclists, and why?! Because we have nicer bums than they do? Or is it because we don't have to mortgage our children's future for the price of a trip to the supermarket? Or is it because we are actually happy as we commute, instead of stressed, fat, and ugly?

sigh... well, at least I can turn to yesterday's post, and ponder ms Peta's lovely, ample attributes. Thank you for that, oh Snobi Wan. xo xo

ps. podium kisses, mr trapezoid. XX

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Travis Tygart just jizzed his Dockers over that news.

Anonymous said...

Way to encourage bad behavior there cy vance. So no fine or anything for intentionally hitting the guy, only for leaving the scene? I guess he could sue the little prick. Hopefully lady karma will dole out the appropriate punishment since our DA is too much of a little bitch to do so.

Anonymous said...

Did your pussy get stinky Babs?

babble on said...

Lol!! No, by the grace of God, whe still smells sweet, blessed be. :D

Anonymous said...

Your cat is actually tied to the porch, like with a leash? I try to get mine to walk with a leash, it never ends well for anyone. And then it just sits down licking its paws as if to say, "You want some more of this?"

bad boy of the north said...

I guess USA Cycling will saction my daily rides.

Angry Beaver in Miramichi said...

Babs: The cat is "tethered" on the porch? Yikes; I hope Rob Ford doesn't find out, he loves a free meal.

bad boy from the north said...

oops!i meant"sanction".

Anonymous said...

vsk said ...
Dear Anonymous from the hour of 1:17,
I know Lady Karma, she carries an ice pick which she tells me is awesome easy for installing holes in steel belted radials (Sears Craftsman). She also works her upper body and forearms because then she can cause abrupt rear axle contact with windscreens when the time requires. She enlightened me about rebar.

I also know of Ms. Babble, who is just awesome at any speed.

Better days me hopes!!


All Gods People Gotta Have Guns said...

Gunfire in Canada? Sacrebleu! Hardly even a news story south of the border where the Glocks blaze away non stop.

babble on said...

Thanks, VSK! xx

Two things:
Cats murder songbirds at an alarming rate, and while she can still catch moths on a tether, she can't get the pretty birds.

Also, we lost a couple of furry pussies to cars (sound familiar?) and the boy couldn't take the loss of another. So she is tethered. Her lead is about fifteen feet long, and every day she begs for the harness because it is her only hope of freedom. Prolly helps that we put her in it right off the bat. She isn't a big fan of going for walks on it, but she does like the basket that attaches to the front of my bike, and she loves the cat specific backpack we have, too.

Last summer we took her with us to Hornby Island, and she figured that was just the cat's meow. Specially the couple of nights we spent in a tent - it was like the biggest box ever!

leroy said...

Well this is odd.

My dog sometimes introduces me as a plotz hound.

Weird, right?

LOLCAT said...

I can haz free time?

The Bitch You Call Life said...


babble on said...

Ha! So there is a partial solar eclipse starting in twelve minutes. Unfortunately, anyone looking up to see it from Vancouver will probably drown.

Anonymous said...

My cat has never tasted songbird. Though he dreams of it. And is dead excellent at taking skinks and bloodying them before I am on him. He is only allowed out when I am out. Presently the continuous fall of hickory nuts the size of bull testes has him nervous and skittish.

He has never met a skunk but a skunk on the porch is more likely trying to find the 'heavenly entry portal' of the kitty and not defensively spray it at this time of year. Guard your portals!

Comment deleted said...

If you run down an entire peloton, do you get a bulk discount, or is it $250 for *every* cyclist? If so, that hardly seems fair.

Neophyte said...

"If you run down an entire peloton, do you get a bulk discount, or is it $250 for *every* cyclist?"

OK a chance to test new skills. Here is a picture, a video and another video

Olle Nilsson said...

So, is the $250 fine this d-bag got more or less lenient than a hit & run charge? Because what he got charged with implies guilt of the latter. Or is it only hit and run in NYC when there's property damage so it's the same charge?

Spokey said...

Comment deleted @ 17:00


If you run down an entire peloton, do you get a bulk discount, or is it $250 for *every* cyclist? If so, that hardly seems fair.

and do you count axles? Unicycles at 1/2 price? recumbent trikes a 50% surcharge?

Dooth said...

Smiley Cyrus established a pretty shitty precedent. His dad worked for a pretty shitty president.

Fredder said...

That story is truly shocking! The DAs office web site has no way of leaving them a note so I posted a poor review on their FB page. Judging from the loud laughter I hear from the police car that just pulled up outside I can tell they were shaken.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Wow! Ebola scare in NYC. NYPD guns down madman with a hatchet who attack officers. More of the usual drivers run down cyclists with no repercussions. Man I should shut off CNN and go reload some ammo or something.

Babble, please pet your kitty for me.

Anonymous said...

There WAS a civil case, settled for the usual "undisclosed sum".

But if I were pressing for criminal charges, and I sure as fuck would, I might pick a lawyer who's not a well publicized antagonist of the local law enforcement authorities, 'cause you know...

Anonymous said...

Mike web - I like the time delayed AED!

Dave said...

Babble - I've no objection to your cat management, but I must object to the misuse of the word murder for rhetorical purposes. Projecting human morality into animals is nonsensical. Example: a cowbird chick throws other eggs and chicks out of their nest to die. Hanging offense?

Predation is an essential component of the natural order, one of many which we have badly screwed up. Remember - only man is vile. Women, not so much, but still not exactly innocent. Cats? Innocent. Raging savages though they be.

Now let us bow our heads over these lovely bowls of spaghetti and apply the sacrament of the Parmesan.

Anonymous said...

Like your mother always told me - there is no such thing as a free blow job

Spokey said...


But cats kill for sport in addition to killing for food.

so Cats? Innocent.

I think not.

Spokey said...

The cat (that I do not own) that has lived here for over 20 years now (how long do these fuckers live anyway?) goes out all the time. Unfortunately he continues to come back despite the foxes, coyotes, and bears around here.

Anonymous said...

The previous iteration of cat was a large orange tomcat. It's idea of fun was to catch whatever, wad it up in his mouth, run inside, and spit it out, very much alive and apparently uninjured. Then watch and participate in the hilarity as the large hairless food bringers tried to chase the whatever out of the house. Chipmunks, skinks, lizards, huge bugs, sparrows, robins, I can't remember it all. The coyotes got him, and I can feel for the boy. I still miss Steve the Cat like Lewis Grizzard missed Catfish the Lab. After losing so many to the coyotes, mine only go out when I do, and only in the middle of the day.

David Pearce said...

Dear Snob, and Snob-Hangers-On,

I, for one, am GLAD to see the guy running for Lord Mayor of Adelaide making a fist and walking on one of his planks to close all the dedicated bus lanes into Adelaide!

This is a very gutsy move, and it should be applauded by all, car-commuters and bus-commuters, and those sorry-ass 0.8% bicycle-commuters too.

I know that just published an online story, "A Look Back At The Brief Glory Days Of Port Authority Bus Terminal", and that the related link to the Port Authority,

Port Authority Bus Terminal History,

mentions how helpful the XBL, Exclusive Bus Lanes, were to speeding commuters from the New Jersey side into Manhattan, but this is obviously some terrible John Birch Communist Plot to fool us normals into believing that dedicated bus lanes help get to our destinations sooner.

Thank God, I, your humble guy running for Lord Mayor of Adelaide, knows what's going on here, and can put the kibosh on this commuter fiddle-fiddle before we achieve nirvana.

Anonymous said...

Adelaide woo. I live in that town and that guys is a fool. unfortunately alot of residents here are also fools and that type of stupidity is much loved around here. oh yeah and his figures couldn't be more wrong. vote yarwood. biek.

The fair to middling said...

Women, not so much, but still not exactly innocent.???

Well, batshit crazy counts as an innocence defence, so there's that.

semi serious cyclist said...

Sounds like Lance is going to have to pirate that Gran Fondo, scorch into the food stops and grap a few GU packets on the fly using his blazing speed to bedazzle them like the lone wolf on a downhill.

Shouldn't he be changing tires or something?

Adelbrainian expat said...

Live in Adelaide? Now that's an oxymoron.

There is ONE dedicated bike lane in Adelaide that doesn't actually go anywhere. It was built for Velo-City and opened in May 2014 - why the fuck they held a bike conference in helment law Australia is beyond me. I got a fucking $153 fine in fucking Adelaide for not wearing a foam hat and the fucking uppity turd in a uniform said the fine was for my own safety and threatened to let down my tyres. Luckily I don't live in Australia - oh excuse me - exist in Australia.

For comparison, the Lord Mayor of Sydney - Clover Moore - has built lots of bike lanes and Sydney is a real city - not like hicksville Adelaide where being a bogan in a V8 ute is something the general population aspire to.

benDE said...

Hate to kill it with the seriocity here but. . . Lets set up this fuckyou-finger-guy-gets-run-over-by-the-O.G. without the modes of transportation: Fuckyou finger guy fuckyou's the O.G. as they are both walking down the sidewalk. O.G. takes out a pipe and breaks fuckyou guy's face. What is the charge and sentence?

From here in peaceful Europe I have always heard the prosecution is tough on this in NYC (broken windows and all).

Anonymous said...

If you want to wear your jeans loose, then

Anonymous said...

So if brim-hat boy gets convicted it might cut off the financial means to collect on fuck-you-finger-biker guy's claims for injuries

As an example - a Texas law firm explains:

"Does Automobile Liability Insurance Cover Intentional Acts?

Scenario: A man gets angry because he believe you cut him off or wouldn’t let him in etc. He gets mad and intentionally rams your car. No worries, he has liability insurance, this is an auto collision and this is why we all are required to carry liability insurance right? Wrong.

Under the typical Texas automobile insurance policy, you lose the right to make a claim against a driver who intentionally hits you. There is a specific exclusion that says the insurance company is not obligated to pay a single dime if the insured intentionally causes the collision. It does not matter how much damage he does or who he hurts."

If I were FYFB I'd still want BHB to go to jail, but it does present an interesting financial problem.

Maybe he'll fall off a roof - karma

benDE said...

Adelaide . . .Adelaide . . . Adelaide.
Wasn't that a SecofState or VP or something under Nixon?

Anyway. Since my time here in Germany I have become obsessed with fact and accuracy to the point of being as fucking annoying as all the rest of 'em here. FACTS after my last hour on Google Earth following bike lanes around that unfair city.
--20% of the roads where bike lanes exist would be a stretch. Lets call it 10%.
-- bike lanes exist on no more than 8% of the roads.
--Therefore bike lanes take up a staggeringly small .8% of the city's roads.
-- lastly, how much room do you need man? If Hamilton ever visited Europe he was fall over dead from the injustice and misallocations. Grab some streetview and have a look for yourself

By his own calculations, Hamilton=idiot

benDE said...

Anon 4:07,

I will either charge you for plagiarism or congratulate both of us on some excellent interstellar thought channeling and ask in what hospital you were born to discover if we were separated at birth .

Please advise on how to proceed.

benDE said...

In the spirit of factual accuracy:

I had not zoomed in enough on the fair city I was only seeing the major roads. I was missing about 90% of the city streets.

New revised statistic bike lanes exist on a staggeringly small .08% of the city's streets.

This revision does show that the bicyclists are statistically underserved but does not change the overall annalysis:


Here is one of the 20% bike lanes totally fucking up the flow of that 6 lane thouroughfare.

Anonymous said...

Here is one of the 20% bike lanes where you will be totally fucked up if you ride in it. It's the bit of road in between the truck and the parked cars - yep right where car doors open - and if you cross the solid white line on your bike, Adelaide coppers will give you a ticket, but if you drive over the line in your car - then no problem.

Yep Hamilton = IDIOT.

ce said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ce said...

Adelaide. Could be the name of an energy drink. One that sucks all the energy out of you and leaves you empty and lifeless.

The only rush hour they get in Adelaide is on Sunday morning, when all the old ladies are on their way to church.

ce said...

One more boring night in Adelaide

ce said...

The last time in Adelaide that a motorist and a cyclist where caught on film in close proximity to each other was back in 1966.

ce said...

I think I've found the perfect marketing slogan for the Adelaide energy removal drink: It's got that feeling!

ce said...

This is one of those games where you have to try and see if you can spot the difference

ce said...

What am saying? I've never been to Adelaide, I shouldn't be so critical.

No. Wait a minute! I think I did visit Adelaide once.

Or, did I? Ah, I don't know, I just can't remember.

Anonymous said...

Is South Australia Down Unders' answer for Alabama? Alcohol, Ute driving Bogans, and football. All sounds familiar. And I'm guilty of all three.

On a bikeen note, I know, a real downer, I got my Dreck back yesterday after a warranty BB90 beefy bottom bracket issue. This is going to be kinda long.

BB90 shells have been known, for a long time, to not meet design specs in some instances due to manufacting issues with tolerance issues. I have one of those bikes. Mine is a Taiwan frame, I don't know if the Wisconsin frames had the same issue.

They reamed out the old bearing cup inserts. Laid down new carbon fiber to bring the shell to spec (that was the root cause of out of round condition) and bonded in new bearing cup inserts. It runs really smooth now, and it rides great. No complaints. Not making any promises on how long it will last, or something else goes wrong.

Dreck must have run out of warranty replacement frames, cause that's a lot of work for a mass produced frame that probably didn't cost $200 to produce. Even though they charge a lot more for a new frame.

Back to vehicular mayhem and scranus.

dancesonpedals said...

I'd a laid Adelaide, but too many people were watching

adelaide's lament

babble on said...

RCT - Done. Every day!
Dave - yes, it's true, but I am sure that the songbirds that don't get eaten because there's so much tasty catfood in the bowl don't see it the same way... and because of said food, I feel good restricting her right to kill with abandon.
Spokey - right?! The cat undoubtedly owns you.
BamaPhred - and after the skunk incident, I saw the biggest coyote I have EVER laid eyes on. I've seen a fair few of them over the years, but this one takes the cake. Lives by Lost Lagoon, and seems to take pleasure watching the cyclists sweat of a morning, cause I've seen him a few times now. First time I thought it was a wolf, it's so big, but that's impossible. And like the skunks and raccoons in this town, this coyote has absolutely no fear of humans.

meltyman said...

Damn. The Dulcie fund is stuck on $3,752 after one month, while the "Help James get to work safe" (suspected killer lookalike) GoFundMe campaign has raised $14,195 in just two days. Come on you stingy bastards, cough up some dough, you can manage ten bucks can'tya?

babble on said...

Wow. The US medical system can't seem to get this ebola thing right. It isn't rocket science. You would think that a DOCTOR who had spent time working in the hot zone and knew he ought to be quarantined until the risk was over would have known better than to go on public transit. Or bowling, fer fucksake.

And I'm sorry, but why the fuck did the CDC clear that second diagnosed nurse to fly on a commercial flight when she had a fever?!

It is hard to have conficence in the American medical system when such stupid stories keep coming out. I am so sorry, New York peeps. You should maybe come and visit Vancouver until this nonsense is over and done.

McFly said...

Bama, put Blue Loctite (242) on all mating surfaces. I.D. and O.D. of the bearings. The bearing journals and the crank spindle. Clean it with a powerful agent like Brakeleen prior to this sacrileious act.

Stealing that other guy's concept said...

If you like your fancy costume division you can keep your fancy costume devision.

YourRightItIsNotRocketScience said...

"Wow. The US medical system can't seem to get this ebola thing right. It isn't rocket science. You would think that a DOCTOR who had spent time working in the hot zone and knew he ought to be quarantined until the risk was over would have known better than to go on public transit. Or bowling,..."

People with Ebola are not infectious until 12+/- hours AFTER they develop a low grade fever. The doctor had been monitoring his temperature since leaving Africa and checked into the hospital as soon as he had a fever. He was NOT repeat NOT infectious at the bowling ally nor on public transport.

"...ought to be quarantined until the risk was over..."

People need to monitor their temperature after leaving the hot zone. They do not need to be quarantined until 12 hours+/- after they develop a fever.

"And I'm sorry, but why the fuck did the CDC clear that second diagnosed nurse to fly on a commercial flight when she had a fever?!

In America free citizens to not need to be cleared by the government before getting on an air plane.

The nurse in question flew to Cleveland and when she developed a fever their flew back to Dallas. Not no on on the plan caught anything from her.

"It is hard to have conficence (sp) in the American medical system..."

In American we have private doctors, nurses, hospitals, etc, and a few branches of various governments that deal with health. We do not have a monolithic "medical system" that is run as a single organization.

someotherkunt said...

Who knew Babblingons were such experts in world health - please go solve the crises with your brilliance.

Anonymous said...

Snob, this snob blog is about the sketchiest of the sketchy. I feel itchy.

dop said...

yourRightitsnot etc..

Yup. It's hard to catch. None of the family of that guy who died in Texas became infected. The 2 nurses who got sick taking care of him were literally knee-deep in his shit. galls me that the first (uninsured) patient in dallas was sent home with such a high fever.That aspect of our health care would benefit from the canadian experienced.

Comment deleted said...

I'm no cooler about FlatBrimDoucheBag's scot-free status after sleeping on it. Was this NOT assault with a deadly weapon?

This is like the perpetrators of the Valentine's Day Massacre getting off with 400 counts of lead pollution.

Spokey said...

trying to sneak in

Spokey said...

for a nice

Spokey said...

centurion podi

Anonymous said...

I don't know but I've been told SCRANUS

Anonymous said...

if you like your scranus

dop said...

Him: scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon and scranus..there's not much scranus with that


Vikings: Scranus-scranus-scranus-scranus-scranus-scranus-scranus-scranus.SCRAAANUSSSSS!!!WONDERFUL SCRANUS!!

(by sure to clean and update your scranus filter)

dop said...

how do you like your scranus in the morning?

with a kiss

sorry...too many earworms today

Anonymous said...

Damn, you're right McFly. I forgot about that. I will next time I take it apart. But there is like 0 wobble at the clock positions I checked and it turns like butter. Gee, like it was supposed to right out of the box. Nothing that a $1,000 worth of machining didn't cure. I hate CF now, but I'm kinda stuck with it.
Ms Babble, it's like we are in some kind of parallel universe thing. I rode up on a coyote on the road behind my house at 9:00 this morning. I saved my neighbors oblivious housecat from being breakfast. Wiley was not happy, the fucker. See, I told ya'll my bike was quiet now.

Anonymous said...

I thought bike commuting in the US was tough. WOW. At least our Mayor's here hide their hatred for bicycles, knowing full well it would make bad headlines given that mother's with young children might be upset (the mother's that don't ride bikes themselves).

Australia- the only place in the world I would wish to cycle less in than America. New Zealand as well.

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