Friday, September 19, 2014

Sorry, we have important things to discuss. #nostrava

So I'm flipping through my Twitter yesterday evening when I see this:

And it was only after having a brief exchange with the "tweeter" that I realized he's an NYPD detective:

So basically, someone's on death's door and this guy's first reaction is to take to Twitter and goad a wiseass bike blogger and a safe streets advocate.


This is why we're the Number One Bike City in America.

As for the article Detective Mennen was kind enough to send me, it was the first I'd heard of the incident, and predictably it was up to the New York Post's usual high levels of journalistic excellence.  For example, it goes out of its way to specify how much the bicycle costs:

A cyclist pedaling a $4,000 racing bike at high speed through Central Park slammed into a suburban mom in town shopping for her daughter’s birthday present — leaving the woman brain-dead, sources said.

You know, just like they do when a car hits somebody.

It also makes it sound like the cyclist was riding without brakes;

Fenton’s pal Tom Longman said Marshall was hunched over the brakeless, triathlon-style “aerobars” attached to the handlebars of his high-performance, yellow and black ride.

The article's been edited by the Post's keen editorial staff since I first read it, but the original version also included their usual misspelling of "brakes" as "breaks," and was generally more cringeworthy.

So if you want to read a summary of what happened, I'd recommend this instead:

As for the incident itself, naturally I'm disgusted, so learning about it first from an NYPD detective who felt like breaking my balls was particularly vexing.  Sure, motorists do this and worse pretty much every single day, but that that doesn't diminish my disgust one bit.  The very worst Freds and Tridorks--in fact the very worsts cyclists period--are the ones using the parks to launch their personal hour record attempts, and if this is the same Jason Marshall's Strava account (which I'm fairly sure it is) then it looks like he makes a habit of it:

In fact he appears to have set the above "achievements" yesterday, perhaps with visions of Jens Voigt dancing in his head, which is the same day he plowed into that poor woman.

That is seriously fucked up.

I'm loath to implicate Strava in any of this.  Yes, I have a strong dislike for Strava and all it represents (in particular this sort of riding) that goes past simple annoyance and borders on a moral objection.   But it certainly did not invent the sort of selfish, moronic, abjectly fuck-tarted weenie-ism that compels cyclists to speed through the city's most heavily-used neighborhood green spaces and tourist attractions in the middle of the day, in beautiful weather, at exactly the time people head to the park.  Instead, it simply capitalizes on it, and fairly shamelessly.

To blame Strava at all is to take responsibility from the riders.  There's no reason to be doing hot laps in the middle of the goddamn city.  There are miles of open road just over the George Washington Bridge.   There are also actual races in either Central or Prospect Parks pretty much every weekend--sanctioned ones, with marshals and everything.  Even then, people have died.  Remember "Tiger Williams," famous backer of Tailwind Sports and US Postal?

In a race in August, Williams accidentally hit a pedestrian who ignored marshals' whistles and walked onto the Central Park course. The man, who police say was homeless and hasn't been identified, died later that day in the hospital. Williams says he suffered two compression fractures in his back and doesn't expect to be riding outdoors again until next year.

I'm fairly certain that race was an ITT, too, so both of these instances share aerobars in common.

In fact, it's exceedingly rare that anybody is killed by a bicycle in New York City, but when it does happen it seems to happen in Central Park:

This is not the Central Park of 20 years ago.  It is full of people pretty much all the time.  If you need to get a workout on a bike while you'e in there, go hard up the hill where you can make a maximum effort without gathering much speed.  And if you have time to ride your bike in the middle of a weekday afternoon you have time to head out for a "real" ride in an appropriate setting.

There seems to be some disagreement as to whether this latest cyclist had the light.  However, that doesn't matter.  It's a park.  You know people are going to cross against the light, and if you choose to ignore that inevitability the blame should fall on you.  The worst kind of cycling arrogance is the notion that the world is going to conform to your sense of what it should and shouldn't do, and then to base your decisions and behavior on that assumption.  Forget pedestrians--I know someone who shattered a hip in Central Park when a raccoon ran out in front of him, and this is someone I wouldn't hesitate to call an expert cyclist.  Shit happens, especially in parks, where there are all kinds of variables.  So why would someone riding a bike with aerobars--specifically designed to ride in a straight line with your head down--expect a more favorable outcome?

Anyway, the upshot of all of this is bound to involve the police coming down hard on cyclists, in a way that is simultaneously justified and infuriating.  There's long been a movement to ban cars from Central Park, but I'm willing to bet that before that ever happens they'll ban bikes first.

So please fellow Freds of New York City and beyond, let's get our shit together and keep it that way, OK?

Lastly, I'd like to make a sincere plea.  I do not use Strava, but I know many of you do.  I also know I'll never, ever convince you to stop being the gigantic dorks you all are.  However, as a way to show the world that we're not all just a bunch of Lycra-clad weenies with our heads up our asses, I'd like you to join me in a pledge to turn off Strava for the entire weekend.  Yes, I don't know what "turn it off" means because I don't use it, but log out, shut it down, whatever, starting RIGHT NOW until this coming Monday.  You can do all your normal "epics," all your cyclocross races, all your Sunday group rides.  Just (gasp) do it without gathering data which Strava then sells to regional transportation departments.

I'm totally serious, just this weekend, as a gesture of respect to the victim's family.

(Come on.  One fucking weekend.  You can do it!)

Thanks very much for reading.  I love you.  Ride safe this weekend.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

PS: Next week, the best 200 word essay about what you learned from switching off your Strava for the weekend wins a BSNYC hat.  Strava junkies preferred, email to "bikesnobnyc [at] yahoo [dot] com."  Use subject line #NOSTRAVA.  All other entries will be discarded.


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life, liberty & the pursuit of strava said...


dancesonpedals said...

does it really say'amp' when I hit the &

September 18th, 2014. A date which will live in strava said...


Spokey said...

and congrats to DoP for ignoring boobies and going centurion deux

Spokey said...

i guess i'm a luddite. I plan routes with RidewGPS but don't upload anything. Never been to Strava. Might have an account with MapMyRide as I seem to recall going there some years ago but never did anything there.

I do keep track of rides though. I use Excel. I put in miles, avg speed. I have a list of regular routes. I accumulate total miles, avg m/day and can handle some goals.

BamaPhred said...

With apologies to the Ramones "I wanna be sedated"
A stravidiot's withdrawal

Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go, how I want my Strava
Nothin' to record and no segments to show-o-oh, how I want my Strava
Strap on my monitor, sprint into the lane
Hurry hurry hurry before I go insane
I can't control my brakes my a'bars just fell off
Oh no no no no no
Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go....
Just put me on my bike, click into my clips
Hurry hurry hurry grease my ass with a Chapstick
I can't control my brakes, I can't see further than my stem
Oh no no no no no
Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go I gotta have my Strava
Got no results and lost my position also I gotta have my Strava
Just give me a KOM and a shiny badge too-o-oh
Hurry hurry hurry my spandex is so new
I can't control my bike, those salmon gotta go
Oh no no no no no
Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go...
Where is that tri-bike and off to Central Park I go-o-oh
I gotta have my Strava
I gotta have my Strava

Humanum Est Errare said...

Damnant quod non intelligunt, [L.] They condemn what they do not understand.

Jeb said...

Well I can ride me from the front porch of my shack right down to th' recylin' place with a big ol' garbage bag of empty beer cans real fast like. I gotta go fast 'cause my brake cables are all busted an I ain't got round to mending them yet. But I got me on that newfangled Strava thing, so if I run down some ol' fool who ain't got the common sense to get outta my way then I be guessin' it's that Strava's fault.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Well today I rode 120 miles on my Triumph motorcycling biek. It was nice. No strava, no inconsiderate motorists or other road users. I did see some vultures feasting on a dead deer carcuss. Tomorrow maybe I'll go pedal.

Anonymous said...

Another tragic outcome of abusing the Italian erectile dysfunction drug Strava… meanwhile, here's Trini Lopez deftly melding show business and a message of social responsibility.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Next BikeSnob will be lecturing women on not going out in short skirts because there is a higher chance of being raped. You'r goddamn irresponsible for attacking the cyclist here. You don't have any of the facts but you're happy to throw fuel on the situation.

Ride slower and this wouldn said...

What I find disappointing about many comments here is the lack of acknowledgement that this is a PARK, remember, CENTRAL PARK, not a raceway.

Children will sometimes run around in the park, do we now have to guard them 24/7 against being mowed down by a bike who can't stop?

Ride slower and this wouldn't happen said...

What I find disappointing about many comments here is the lack of acknowledgement that this is a PARK, remember, CENTRAL PARK, not a raceway.

Children will sometimes run around in the park, do we now have to guard them 24/7 against being mowed down by a bike who can't stop?

ce said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
babble on said...

I haven't ridden there, but here in Vancouver, our park has a road. That cars drive on. Fast. And when I ride in the park the biggest threat to both cyclists and pedestrians alike is the speeding motor vehicles.

And speed they do. Nearly all of em.

Anonymous said...

This morning there is an NYTri duathlon in the park. Lazy triathletes can't start at a respectful 6am hour like the road racers, so 8:45 am you had a ton of aerobar amateurs zooming around the loop. Just great.

damcesonpedals said...

What a wonderful NY Post Headline: bloggers trash cyclist

Thank you so much Eben.

I hope the rider's Strava was
2)that it shows he was under the speed limit
3)that forensic evaluation of the gps data exonerates him.

You only have to hit your head at 12 mph to crack your skull.

dop said...

I live in a fantasy world

Anonymous said...

I use strava just to log the miles, no stats. Not all Fred's are jerk riders. Sadly I've seen more than a few.

Elissa said...

Well said - thanks for writing this. I went #nostrava

Anonymous said...

This was not a typical cyclist-pedestrian accident and shouldn't be treated as such. It was a subtle but escalated version of the knockout game out-of-control but nonetheless the knockout game. Tiny could have braked, bailed, or ballasted himself on the pavement but chose instead to shout commands, swerve and chose his victim. If she had been blind or deaf the strategy would certainly have failed but more troubling is if she had been black would we have seen the same unleveled empathy and lack of the inherent chivalry of man.

Anonymous said...


what a butt biting disgrace you are to anonymous posters

Captain Oblivious said...

what's a strava

is it free market columbian? I could give that up for the rest of the weekend. arabica is fine with me

Anonymous said...

ban aerobars

Anonymous said...

This is a delicate and dangerous world with no guaranty of safety anywhere including central perk - not sure why duder was biking in a coffee shop but it proves the point.

#NOSTARVA said...


Comment deleted said...

Reactions here blaming the cyclist (no matter how they are spun by the execrable Post) are entirely appropriate, if the circumstances of this crash have been reported accurately.

Whether you agree that the Strava moratorium was an appropriate response (sheesh, two fricken' days of reflection, why is that such a big thing to ask? Unplug and enjoy the ride!), please don't go all tribal about it. When we fuck up, we have to own it.

Then we can go back to trying to raise the consciousness of car drivers so that they will do the same.

The Ketsodr said...

Went on an easy ride yesteray, I enjoyed it a lot and my Garmin was on the bars, the activity was promptly uploaded to Strava and titled accordingly. I still have some leftovers of a working brain and can decide how fast to go and whether to pay attention to my performance metrics.

From that Post post:

"Marshall spoke to cops and an assistant district attorney in the hours after Thursday’s bloody crash, telling cops he was only going around 8 or 9 mph when he struck Tarlov, sources said Saturday."

Since he likely had a GPS bike computer with him, the track will easily prove this statement true or false.

Spokey said...


I don't know how accurate or not the article is. But in my experience the more you know / have personal knowledge about a particular incident / event, the more you see glaring inaccuracies, omissions, etc. so i wouldn't assume that it was reported accurately

Comment deleted said...

For sure, Spokey.

Rush to Judgement said...

Incomplete facts make a bad blog

Angry Beaver in Miramichi said...

CC it's Florida, you were expecting she'd do it in a bedroom?

Lumpen Fredetariat said...

I happened to take one of my occasional trips down the Peninsula today, and took a first crack at the Old La Honda climb out of Woodside. There were a few older fredizens at the bottom, one of whom who was kind enough to give me a little description of what was in store, adding unprompted that it was the most popular section on Strava. My stats: probably went a bit too hard at the bottom, not knowing how to pace my effort, passed a few people, nobody passed me. That's good enough for my ego.

Nacnud said...

@Anonymous Anonymous 2September 19, 2014 at 9:26 PM.

"No Strava is silly."

You left out a full stop.

No. Strava is silly.

There, fixed it.

semi serious cyclist said...

My bicycling has gotten to such an advanced dottage, i studiously AVOID any and all cycling computers. My "get up and go" has got up and went, and looking at a computer while a guy on a folding bike passes me on a 2% incline is a bit much. I embarrass easily. Single digit averages on the computer are downright demoralizing.

So, for me, it's easier to leave the cyclocomputer and associated devices off the bikes completely.

If i can't figure out a) about how far I rode; and b) about how long it took me, time for me to take up birdwatching - which, incidentally, i wind up doing from my biek already.

It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to find myself by the side of a road someday, addled with alzheimer's, looking at the pretty tweety birds and forgetting which shrubbery I parked my biek against. Or even that i had ridden a biek to get there.

Oh, I pray I get to such advanced dottage while still being able to ride! For now until then, no strava. Never even took the first lap.


Actually, a cyclecomputer comes in handy to keep from getting lost in the deep woods, so one of my bieks still has a cycloputer. The one i get loose in the woods with. It pairs up with a paper map to help me tell how lost i am.

McFly said...

Is lacrosse the one with the horses? I was in Dick's yesterday (go ahead...get it out of your system) and me and Jr. saw one of those little ball catching minnow nets and that fucker was $139.99.

benDE said...

Replace 'bike' with 'car' and the color of the light will matter a great deal in court and with the press.

Yeah, the dude fucked up. Sucks to be in the minority when you do. I'm not talking about his skin color! Turn it around and tag a biker with a car and we hear a collective yawn.

babble on said...

You've probably already figured out where I stand, but heres my take on it, anyway: The run down on the run down

dop said...

I tried to impress a young lady at a college mixer by saying, "I was a little stiff from Lacrosse".
She replied, "Wisconsin?"

ce said...

A well put perspective Babble on. Not quite as deft as Roilly Figners at 7:19 though.

jodphoto said...

I could bang on about the selfish bikers on the path who annoy and endanger all the other users but this issue transcends the petty bullshit, even mine. Jill Tarlov has died and we all need to examine our responsibilities, not just argue our rights. Bicyclists need to be the good citizens of the streets, not the bad boys (and girls.) It's hip to be square, kids.

alpaca lips said...

David Pearce, in case you're still reading:

open bracket a href="url goes here" close bracket
highlighted text goes here
open bracket backslash a close bracket.

Bracket in all cases being angle brackets.

Spokey said...


you can still handle those 2%ers? my hats off. i'm riding more and more flats these days. i'm pretty sure i won't buy a bike without a triple and am nearly adamant it having 20" or below gearing. There is a short 10% hill near me that i'm pretty far down in the granny gear and not liking it much at that.

Spokey said...


good post but one nit to pick

So when you take off your satirists's cap to play the serious journalist, you ought to do so with integrity.

i'd say it was probably done with integrity. snobbie is just wrong.

oh and the 2nd of one nit
is the change in font intentional? frankly the second larger one was easier to read.

JB said...

I once crashed with a roller-blader on a mixed use path. We were coming at each other and each tried to pass pedestrians at the same time. I went OTB, did a 1/2 twist, landed on my ass and smacked the back of my noggin on the asphalt (sans helmet!).

A couple stitches for me and road rash for him; bruises for both. He visited me at the hospital and shortly thereafter became my dentist (he was a dentist to others as well).

He was a great fvcking dentist (and also had a Serotta)! Then, he got cancer and died at about 45 yo. Sucked. Now I have a mediocre dentist.


JB said...

Also, I was going to way too fast on a mtn bike.

Anonymous said...

Spokey + Semi Serious...

Yes, triples are 'sexy' equipment. Nothing better than an honest to God Stronglight 49d with triple rings (Not the TA rings but the pentagraph ones).

Birdwatching, senility, and picture taking are all taking their toll ! If I left the camera at home I would save time and weight but I would miss the picture of the century, or metric century (60 years?).

I think how I feel during the ride / workout means more at this stage of the game. Fatigued or not, distance covered, weight loss, etc.


epimer2 said...

Your Monday (9/22/14) post is truly excellent....Well said BSNYC,,,from an ex New Yorker bike enthusiast now living in South Florida.....

JLRB said...

there's a new post? Does it address tyre irons?

Spokey said...


I pretty much use the camera on the cell phone these days. i'm not going to lug around the real camera. i did that last week wandering around monticello with a couple lens and the usual spare batteries, filters etc. i couldn't believe how heavy that got after an hour or two.

it would be nice if i could find an app that let me control shutter etc. on the phone camera. still looking for that

JLRB said...

Spokey - I've been meaning to visit Monticello - how was it? Did you beikcycle in the area?

Spokey said...

it was interesting

no bieksicles allowed as it was really spousy's trip.

we went down thursday, stayed overnight, then to monticello on friday. signed up for a 9:30 whole house tour (~ 1.5 hours) and finally left a little after 1pm. i hadn't realized it was on the top of a mountain that jefferson owned. it was a bit hazy but the view was pretty good anyway. i'd guess that on a clear day there would be oohs and ahs. also didn't know jefferson died in debt and the house was sold to pay the debt.

anyway, the house was interesting. he had double pane windows in some place. Presumably for energy savings tax deductions.

there are two outside tours for no extra charge. one is around the flower and vegetable garden. the other one has something to with slave life that we didn't go on. you can walk down to the graveyard and see his tomb. apparently the graveyard is still in use by the jefferson family.

all in all i'd recommend it for a 1/2 to 3/4 day. as i said we left a little after one and got back to snobbie's hemorrhoids before 8pm

i think basic entrance was $25 and the whole house tour another $20. they only have four whole house tours a day and they fill up so best to reserve in advance.

1904 Cadardi said...

Hey McFly,

Why do lesbians shop at Sports Authority?

Because they don't like Dick's!

(Dumb joke, you'll tell it later too.)

BamaPhred said...

I happened to agree with Snob on the #NOSTRAVA weekend. My random thoughts.
It's not Strava's fault
It was just a weekend, not a ban.
But a certain element of "If it didn't happen on Strava or Go-Pro, it didn't happen" has gripped the community.
The Strava development team ought to give some thought to reducing risk taking behavior. I mean, Central Park and Prospect Park are pretty high profile, and they could beta those areas and leave everyone else alone.
I'm not convinced it hasn't contributed to risk taking.
I like it for a lot of reasons
I am only MPF on most segments
Why are there so many segments on nearly the same segments?

Anonymous said...


I use a Canon ELPH point and shoot most times. I keep in in a case on my messenger bag strap so I can deploy quickly. I have a stupid phone (Kirk to Enterprise). Smart phones look too hard to grip on the fly and set up for the picture etc. A nice medium for ease of use and quality of picture is a Panasonic Lumix with a 16x optical zoom.
I am not savy enough for a real DSLR. I leave that for Constance / Veloria of Lovely Bicycle Blog fame.


Spokey said...


I have an older canon sd200 that i will occasionally take but it's not really any better than the phone although it is quite a bit smaller (but thicker). it's one advantage is that it has an optical viewfinder in addition to the lcd so i can pretend to compose a shot in the bright sun rather than taking a wild guess.

I keep the phone in my handlebar bag. It's on and i just have to click once to bring up the camera. The camera defaults to dumb so basically hit the shutter at that point. But the sd200 would be there too and i'd have to pull it out of its case, turn it on, then take a pic. probably about the same effort but as the camera would not be on, it would take longer. i guess if i started missing shots with that i'd leave it on as well.

I first got a smarty phone for a key west trip. it was late september and i wanted to be able to get weather reports figuring i needed a big headstart to outrun any developing hurricanes. of course with that kind of prep, my brother hurt his back and we abandoned after only a couple days.

why do i need cenenti escrow? i don't have any stinking mortgage

McFly said...

Babble you need'nt worry about moving objects in your path while hammering. The ground seems to be your arch nemisis.

1904, I was with the boy (13) and he says "Is Dick's in the mall?" and as I am saying yes I see this smoking hot thing in a white cotton mini-skirt almost running towards it. I was very professional and kept it clean.

Anonymous said...


Now see, you went and pissed Rollie off. Say "I SAH-WEE."

Anonymous said...

Great post. The spandex/helmet Star Trek losers ruin it for everybody. So sad for that woman who was hit.

Anonymous said...

i loves this post,i use strava and garmin connect,but mainly for keeping record/files of all my rides and races.i rode thru central park countless time during my commute back to jersey.i'm fairly courteous biker and i like to stay out of trouble at all time.PRIDE is the evil that most of us can't refrain from.
ps:i just log out my strava.

Anonymous said...

Late to the party, but I wanted to say great post Snob.

To add fuel to the Mennen fire, I don't think he's a real NYPD Detective. The fact that he claims to be both a Ranger and an NYPD Detective is a red flag. There are no Ranger units in the Reserves or National Guard. As someone who actually spent four years of my youth in 1/75th I get unreasonably ticked at this kind of shit. So since he's definitely lying about his service, he's probably lying about what he does for a living too. He's just a self-aggrandizing schmendrick, and my bet is that he's actually a parking valet.

Anyway, if he really is in the NYPD, he would probably get in more trouble for lying about his military service than he would for, oh I don't know, failing to investigate a hit-and-run on a cyclist. So there's that...

Bryan said...

@Bryan et al.

"I like strava as a good backup of miles recorded. "

when are you going to publish your data?

-Can't Wait

Well, data are automatically "published" after each ride. The mileage count is for me, in case my bike computer goes down I still have an idea of where I am for resetting the total miles on my computer.

I went strava free for my grueling 10.5 miles of riding to/from the bike shop this weekend.

Noun v. Adverb said...

... choose to ignore that inevitability the blame should fall on you.

Add a comma to your Friday post or change it to INEVITABLY with the comma where they -The New York Post misquoted it by adding a comma in the wrong place (after "that").
What?! Cut and paste is too hard?

I guess confusing readers doesn't mean much to them. Or they wanted to make you look stupid! What a pointless exercise!

Ralph said...

I use Strava on most all of my rides. 1 I don't have to deal with the cyclometer which died a couple of years ago. I don't plan at my age, over 60, of getting any KOM pooints.

The biggest reason I use Strava is to lay down use data. This shows where at least a subset of riders go and potentially when they are on the roads. Cities/counties can get the data and use it for planning infrastructure. You can get some data to confront officials that there are in fact riders on that road. I've gone and set up some long commute segments, 4-8 miles, to show there are long riders out there using busy roadways.

This is needed because when traffic surveys are done they don't count cyclists or pedestrians. There are too few, but how do they know when they don't count. Here you can get some data. I suggest more commuters use the program just for this reason.

sabina moon said...

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Anonymous said...

I won't have some blogger clown telling me what apps i can use!!! This is America and you are imposing on my Strava freedom!!! Go try to control other sheep, not me!!!

funny how the liberals love to act all conservative.

Anonymous said...

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Haleema Zaheer said...

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Exercise Bike For Seniors said...

For example, it goes out of its way to specify how much the bicycle costs: ...

Air Max WeiƟ said...

before there was strava, there were cyclometers with max speed & avg ...

UnfilteredDregs said...

Any other info come about on this? Guy was cleared of any wrongdoing...

I figured I'd ask here since it seems you have your ear to the ground.

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Anonymous said...

And the jack ass gets caught breaking the law with his child in tow...

chickenunderwear said...

Do we have to wait for someone to die to keep rush hour traffic out of Prospect and Central Parks?

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